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Epstein: Spy or Just a Bad Guy?

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posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 02:36 AM
Hi everyone... first thread, so be kind. I saw there was an earlier thread on Epstein's intelligence connections, but I wanted to research it a bit deeper and hope a few others of you can follow some rabbit trails. FWIW, I am totally up in the air as to what happened to Epstein, but my wife is pissed with his suicide (or... whatever), so I'm doing this research mostly for her. So here goes...

Was Jeffrey Epstein a Spy?

He certainly had some indirect connections, based on people closely associated with him: lls-mossad-spy-story-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/261172/

One of those businessmen working for the Mossad, Robert Maxwell, will be discussed at length in this report. Maxwell, who was a business partner of Mega Group co-founder Charles Bronfman, aided the successful Mossad plot to plant a trapdoor in U.S.-created software that was then sold to governments and companies throughout the world. That plot’s success was largely due to the role of a close associate of then-President Ronald Reagan and an American politician close to Maxwell, who later helped aid Reagan in the cover-up of the Iran Contra scandal. Years later, Maxwell’s daughter — Ghislaine Maxwell — would join Jeffrey Epstein’s “inner circle” at the same time Epstein was bankrolling a similar software program now being marketed for critical electronic infrastructure in the U.S. and abroad. That company has deep and troubling connections to Israeli military intelligence, associates of the Trump administration, and the Mega Group. Epstein appears to have ties to Israeli intelligence and has well-documented ties to influential Israeli politicians and the Mega Group. Yet, those entities are not isolated in and of themselves, as many also connect to the organized crime network and powerful alleged pedophiles discussed in previous installments of this series.

Before we go further, remember there were spy ties to the Robert Kraft arrest, as well.

Further, this is where Acosta mentioned that he cut Epstein a deal because he was told to back off. By whom? I haven't found that answer specifically anywhere... steins-sick-story-played-out-for-years-in-plain-sight?ref=scroll

Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking. “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.) And so, it seemed—until the news of Epstein’s arrest on Saturday for allegedly trafficking minors—thus continuing a pattern of blatant exceptionalism that surrounded him, and his social and business nexus. For almost two decades, for some nebulous reason, whether to do with ties to foreign intelligence, his billions of dollars, or his social connections, Epstein, whose alleged sexual sickness and horrific assaults on women without means or ability to protect themselves is well-known in his circle, remained untouchable.

After the one meeting with then-U.S. Attorney Acosta, where presumably “intelligence” was mentioned, the indictment was shelved and, instead, Epstein signed a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors, pleading guilty to one count of solicitation of prostitution and one count of procurement of minors for prostitution, which earned him a cushy 13 months in county jail, from where he was allowed to leave to work at his office and go for walks.

When asked about this directly, Acosta gives a seeming non-denial, denial. Click to 45:14 here:

Transcript from that dialogue is found here:

One more question.

QUESTION: Richard Lardner from the Associated Press. Mr. Secretary were you ever made aware at any point in your handling of this case that Mr. Epstein was an intelligence asset of some sort? [15:20:00]

ACOSTA: So, there has been reporting to that effect. And let me say, there's been reporting to a lot of effects in this case, not just now, but over the years. And, again, I would -- you know, I would hesitate to take this reporting as fact. This was a case that was brought by our office. It was brought based on the facts. And I look at that reporting and others. I can't address it directly because of our guidelines. But I can tell you that a lot of reporting is just going down rabbit holes.

It should be noted in the video, he does a very noticeable lip lick. It seemed out of character for a serious press conference, so I researched a bit on body language. It turns out, taking away "romantic" reasons for licking,

Now the second type of lip licking is caused by nervousness, so it's a self-comforting signal. We want to touch (pull the lip) or lick it to release some inner tension by stimulating the nerves in our lips. This sort of licking would be quick and partial. We automatically understand that licking the lips or pulling them would give away our insecurities, so we try to contain it. But if the tension is high enough we accidently leak it out - literally by sticking out the tongue. Like all tension signals, it's often associated with telling a lie, but it's not always the case. It means that whatever the person is saying - he's not quite sure about it, or he's uncomfortable in his situation. To be more accurate, you need to watch carefully if the lick appears especially in regards to specific issue or detail.


Not saying he is lying here, but that seems to be a very low-tension question if the answer is no. But instead of giving a clear “no” he instead deflects to all sorts of reporting mistakes. “I would hesitate to take this as fact” is very from “no”.


posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 02:45 AM
Others, including some on ATS jumped all over this. One of the better synopses I found was posted here: ing-jolt/the-jeffrey-epstein-scandal-is-likely-worse-than-we-know/

Could Epstein really have been connected to some sort of intelligence service? In yesterday’s press conference, labor secretary Alex Acosta offered a weird, vague, contradictory, meandering answer when asked about this. If Epstein was working for some sort of spy agency, which one? What was the aim, to collect blackmail on prominent figures? Who was being blackmailed, and what did they do?”

This article links back to a different one, which also quotes Vicky Ward and comments on Acosta’s meandering response:

To anyone acquainted with our nation’s capital, that’s a non-denial denial of an epic kind. Given the chance to refute Ward’s report, specifically that the Epstein case involved intelligence matters, Acosta did nothing of the sort. Indeed, he functionally admitted that it’s true.

What then can we conclude at this point? It appears that Jeffrey Epstein was involved in intelligence work, of some kind, for someone—and it probably wasn’t American intelligence either. The U.S. Intelligence Community is lenient about the private habits of high-value agents or informants, but they won’t countenance running sex trafficking rings for minors on American soil, for years. While it’s plausible that Epstein was sharing some information with the FBI—many criminals do so to buy themselves some insurance—it’s implausible that he was mainly working for the Americans.

Who are the suspects then? It seems awfully coincidental that Epstein’s best pal and business partner for decades has been Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, the media mogul who died under mysterious circumstances in 1991. Something of a Bond villain turned real life, Maxwell loved the limelight, despite being a swindler and a spy. British counterintelligence assessed that Maxwell was working for the KGB, while pervasive allegations that he was working for Mossad too are equally plausible.

Since the lines between Russian intelligence, Israeli intelligence and organized crime can get remarkably blurry in practice, as I’ve explained previously, assessing whom Epstein’s been working for may prove difficult to answer with any precision. But we have a suspect list to start asking questions.

What’s not in doubt is that a sex trafficking ring centered on minors, which involved numerous global VIPs in compromising situations, would be of high interest to quite a few intelligence services. The Epstein saga seems certain to get even more unpleasant and interesting.

More on Robert Maxwell's history can be found here: igence-agency.html

In 2002, the book Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy was released by researchers Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon. The book claimed that Maxwell worked as a double agent for the Israeli Mossad and Britain’s MI6, and also had connections to organized crime in Eastern Europe. The authors also wrote that Maxwell had been murdered by the Israeli Mossad because he was apparently threatening to expose Israeli secrets.

Now, to be clear, just because it appears Robert Maxwell was involved in clandestine intelligence activities does not automatically indicate that his daughter, Ghislaine, was or is involved in similar action. However, based on what we know from the testimony of Epstein’s victims, Ghislaine was in fact a part of the sex ring operation which reportedly involved filming sexual encounters between young girls and Epstein’s high-profile circle. In court documents the victims describe being “debriefed” by Epstein after performing sexual acts. The victims claim that Epstein wanted to know everything he could about the fetishes and desires of the men. This is reminiscent of the concept of a “honeypot” where a law enforcement or intelligence agency will set a trap for would-be criminals. If Epstein is working for an intelligence agency under the direction of Ghislaine, the reports of sex rings, rape, and trafficking could be an effort to blackmail powerful people in all sectors and industries.

I also discovered Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t just travel the world as himself, with his American passport, he has another one from Saudi Arabia, with an entirely different name, stashed in a safe deposit box with piles of cash and diamonds. Side note:
If anyone can find the name he uses, I would love to know what it is. From NBC News: /news/us-news/jeffrey-epstein-had-cash-diamonds-foreign-passport-stashed-safe-prosecutors-n1029851

Just this morning, the government became aware of a safe that contained a pile of cash, diamonds, a passport from a foreign country with a picture of the defendant under another name,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller told U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman.

The judge seemed surprised by the passport revelation and asked Rossmiller: “Say that again?” “The passport was issued in the name of a foreign country, it was issued in the 1980s, it is expired, it shows a picture of Jeffrey Epstein, and another name,” Rossmiller said, adding the passport showed Epstein’s residence as Saudi Arabia.

This article (and many commenters) make the claim of a Mossad link here. ossad/

This article, meanwhile, suggests Epstein was offed for stealing nuclear secrets and some of his financial bounty came through Les Wexner. It appears that the Les Wexner rabbit hole might be worth going down some more, as well. red-over-nuclear-thefts/


posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 02:54 AM
In the book “Pawns in the game”, William Guy Carr writes that part of the Illuminati plot is to:

Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of people already occupying positions in high places in the various levels of ALL governments and other fields of human endeavour. Once an influential person had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail and threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and physical harm and even death to themselves and their loved ones.

In Chapter 9, he talks about the “Glass Club”

Shortly after the outbreak of the war in August 1914 a small group of wealthy men authorized an agent to turn an old, but very spacious mansion, into a fabulous private club. Those who made it possible to finance such a costly undertaking insisted that their identity remain secret. They explained that they simply wished to show their deep appreciation to officers in the Armed Forces who were risking their lives for King and Country. The club provided every kind of luxury, entertainment, and facilities for pleasure. The use of the club was usually restricted to commissioned officers on leave in London from active service. A new member had to be introduced by a brother officer. My companion referred to it as the “Glass Club”

And notably, relevant to this case...

Every employee in the club, both male and female, was a spy. They reported everything that happened at the club to their masters. The identity of those involved became known. The information thus obtained was printed for the record in what became known as “The Black Book”. “The Black Book” recorded their sins of omission and commission, their peculiar vices, their special weaknesses, their financial status, the condition of their domestic relations, and the degree of affection they had for relatives and friends. Their connection with, and their influence over, influential men in politics, industry, and religion was carefully noted. In November 1916, a member of Parliament tried to expose the real character

There is a whole lot more to discover (I only had time to skim and find a few interesting parts), and the book can be found here: df

This reddit thread, though, makes a blackmail connection, but not so much for spying/intelligence, but pure Satanism.

A psychopathic, pedophile, Satanist sex cult runs the world and uses blackmail as the glue to keep things togetherIt's their command & control structure. Pedophiles/Satanists can be controlled by blackmail. Get each of your minions on video raping and/or murdering a child, and it ensures that when you give an order, it will be carried out... OR ELSE. As a prerequisite initiation, it ensures your minions have no moral qualms about carrying out your orders. Kill a family? No problem. Start a war? You got it, boss. As an initiation, it ensures that no Good Guys will infiltrate your ranks and expose or disrupt the operation. A good person simply cannot rape and murder a child. Many who abuse children were themselves abused as children. They were made to feel powerless and small. People crave what they lack. People in power are those who crave power. And their sexual preferences reflect this. Again, what greater expression of power over another than to rape, torture, and murder a child? It's so over-the-top evil that even if it's exposed, nobody in the mainstream will believe it. You might as well try to tell people that zombie dolphins from the planet Zoltar have infiltrated the government. Kills compassion for their fellow humans. If the rapist/torturer had some spark of goodness that might hold them back from executing tasks that most would consider to be pure evil, these rituals help destroy it. It's a major perk for psychopaths. Great recruiting material. Just do what you're told, without question, and you can rape, torture, and kill all the children you want with zero repercussions.

Granted one can be both a spy and a bad guy. But it appears to me, if Epstein is just a bad guy, he is pretty much just a liability. But if he were a spy, that would make him an asset to whomever is handling him.

Which led me to my next obvious question:

What happens to spies who get caught?

Once a spy does something their hosts don't much like, it's game on. If it's an ally who's just trying to get the lowdown on you, but has really compromised your defenses - say if MI6 or the Mossad tried stealing our nuclear secrets (Mossad actually did) - a lengthy jail term is likely in store for the spy. The ally sometimes complains, but they're usually too embarrassed about getting caught that they just shut up to save face. Allied spies generally only get executed if they've gone rogue. And you won't hear about those, because: 1) it's probably pretty damned rare (conjecture, since no one's exactly gathering statistics on it, because...), 2) when it does happen, no one wants to cause an international incident over # they were trying to keep hush-hush in the first place.

Now granted, it's just one self-proclaimed expert on the internet, but it's still vastly more knowledge on spies than what I personally have, so I'll roll with it unless there is better information somewhere else.

So if Epstein were a spy, as so many believe, why is his death being made so publicly known? Is it perhaps that a “dead” Epstein is the only way for a “live” Epstein to make it back to his handler and his intelligence not to make it see the light of day…?

Like I said, I'm not fighting for him being or not being a spy. But I feel like we are being massively misdirected for some major reason. Not sure what. Not sure why. Just digging and asking questions...

Some other finds of note:

A list of every politician to whom Epstein donated and who returned some or all of said donations: inority-leader-chuck-schumer-7

And because I got bored mid-research, some anagrams of Lolita Express that are in the very least, mildly entertaining, at least to me.

Sex Isle Patrol
Patrol Sex Lies

Real Sex Pilots

Relaxes Pistol

Lass Exploiter

Allies Sex Port

Export Allies

El Sex Spot Lair

Thanks for your time. Would love to hear any other research others have come up with or rabbit trails from the above.

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 03:48 AM
Lots of research - got the flag .

If you're talking about MOSSAD don't you mention Ehud Bharak ? Times of Israel has many reports about his links with Epstein , so obviously he is out of favour with the current Israeli regime . Might be to do with keeping Netanyahu in control of the opposition which he has had to form a coalition with .

I think the blackmail thing has something in it , but you're calling what's been happening by the wrong word .
It was more about a group of elite people into seeing Epstein either at home abroad for massages , entirely legit massages - he had 50-100 of them working at his houses .

The trouble comes for him when there's been extras delivered . It's a small step from massage to massage extras , and there's the extra steps that involve the complainants - underaged at the time . Some of Epstein and Maxwell's clients had that persuasion , and probably Epstein made a lot of money off elite peoples into massages - like Prince Andrew - given a 17 year old , even pictured with him .
But on the blackmail front - whose camera ? Virginia Giuffre , the trafficked ' sex slave's camera , that's whose . Money was changing hands for her services , which some might say she freely gave . Being that age she can remember and conceive of who some of these people were , and she exchanged a paid for lifestyle with Epstein and Maxwell , with some payments for her to spend too , for working as a massage 'girl' . Who and what else Epstein and friends delivered to themselves is what is on the cards ... a thicker plot than that , not so much imo .

Who you call 'illuminati' or the controllers of high profile compromised pedos , are not that . Try calling them 'German intelligence officers ' or similar (applies to the UK at least) and you may find a bit more grip on definitions of who does what , and crucially , why . Spell out who their organisations are called and what they exist for and you should be looking at epp , ndi and esp. cdi on wiki . They're into global governance , gives them a _ reason to be fronting very dodgy folk posing as national politicians .

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: SuperStudChuck

Considering Epstein has close associates all across the political spectrum and across countless other fields..

So I’m thinking you could make that argument about anything..

“Was Epstein connected to silicone valley??”


“Big oil??0


“Fill in the blank”


posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 05:45 AM
a reply to: SuperStudChuck

Great post and excellent research!!!

I wasn't aware of the Maxwell/Bronfman connection. That's new information to me.

The only thing I can add is the association with Ehud Barak, but I see someone else already has. I read yesterday that Ehud Barak was also associated with Harvey Weinstein.

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 05:54 AM
a reply to: SuperStudChuck

Double post -- deleted

So I'll use this opportunity to comment that this connects three of the biggest known pedo operations in NY: NXIVM, Weinstein and Epstein. I'll bet it wouldn't be too difficult to find Weiner associated as well... Although it seems that only Epstein and Weiner focused only on underage girls.
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posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 06:02 AM
a reply to: Boadicea

It could be that all these know each other...

It wouldn’t surprise me if he also knows trump, Clinton, McConnel and Biden..

They all fequent the same circles

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 06:41 AM

originally posted by: JustJohnny
a reply to: Boadicea

It could be that all these know each other...

It wouldn’t surprise me if he also knows trump, Clinton, McConnel and Biden..

They all fequent the same circles

Fair enough. But everyone knows lots of people. Especially those in the same social circles and business circles and religious circles, etc., and so on and so forth. This wasn't an exercise in guessing who's in his address book... not even his black book.

You can rule out whatever you want for your own purposes.

But in terms of the official purposes, and given the "conspiracy" nature of the charges being investigated -- the investigators' word, not mine -- it is quite relevant to consider known associations with similar criminals.

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 09:01 AM
Nobody can uncover how he acquired his fortune or how he was teaching college classes with no college degree of his own. It's truly remarkable. All these news agencies, beat reporters and they are all shrugging their shoulders. All we know is he was heavily insulated during his first conviction to the point it was a joke.

Why was he protected and by who. That person needs to charged and locked up. Probably the only way to get to the bottom of it.

posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 09:20 AM
I feel the need to share the dirt Amazing Polly found on Vicky Ward, the “hero Epstein Journalist.”

She dug into Wards background and found pictures of her with Ghislaine Maxwell in 2009, with her first Epstein article in 2003. Her parents may or may not be this couple from England (she’s from England) who sold this Palm Beach property to an LLC right before the housing crisis, was then sold to another LLC named after property address, then sold again back to them in 2016. Same lawyer Epstein used in the past. Link

Watch this. 19 min of your life but worth it to grasp the ties this reporter has, all while she’s interviewing Epstein victims for articles and talking to authorizes getting case details on and off the record. It’s truly unbelievable.
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posted on Aug, 12 2019 @ 09:20 AM

originally posted by: Stupidsecrets
Nobody can uncover how he acquired his fortune or how he was teaching college classes with no college degree of his own. It's truly remarkable. All these news agencies, beat reporters and they are all shrugging their shoulders. All we know is he was heavily insulated during his first conviction to the point it was a joke.

Why was he protected and by who. That person needs to charged and locked up. Probably the only way to get to the bottom of it.


It just popped into my head...

It is likely that J Epstein was a CIA asset just as Jim Jones of the People's Temple Cult once was...

just a thought that might need to be researched... but since Epstein was mostly domestic activity with offshore excursions --> a cadre of deep-state within the FBI might be the power & money behind the curious and unstoppable rise of the Epstein persona in power circles
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posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 03:14 AM
a reply to: Stupidsecrets

And just to muddy the waters further, his teaching job in 1974(for which he had zero qualifications)was at a school whose Headmaster was none other than Donald Barr....William Barr's father. Then suddenly after only 2yrs teaching he landed a prestigous job with a financial institution Bear Sterns after getting to know the parents of the son & daughter of the CEO of that company, and it appears he left there under shady circumstances and started his own business. No-one seems to know how or where he got the funding from, no-one can recall dealing with him on Wall street or any other financial institution and yet he managed to become one of the elite ultra rich with a black book of names that reads like the who's who of the rich & famous.

Robert Maxwell was a Czechoslovakian Jew and a known Israeli asset. I speculate that Ghislaine continued the family "business" for Israel and Epstein was part of it.

In only 4 years he moved up so swiftly that in in 1980 he became a partner dealing with ultra high profile clients such as Edgar Bronfman then head of Seagram, after which his rise was pretty meteoric but quite why and how no-one knows but its clear that somehow he developed relationships with some very high up people including Adnan Khashoggi the defence contractor and part of the old Iran/Contra affair.

On Wiki it states that Epstein had an fake Austrian passport and a stated place of residence as being Saudi Arabia strange for someone born in New York.

Alex Acosta was warned off it is said, and told Epstein was above his pay grade

My opinion? This guy was an asset whether Mossad or CIA doubt we'll ever know but blackmail & honey traps is the modus operandi of both intelligence agencies and it appears Epstein was very very good and getting the dirt. I would expect someone of Epstein's calibre to have a dead man's handle somewhere in case of his murder/death/suicide

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