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-@TH3WH17ERABB17-Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings- PART -sIx-

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posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:29 AM
-PART- S|X -

I Chronicles 29:11,

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

LOL, you thought we were done?....

HI AGAIN (again)(again) Y'ALL!!!

If youve been following since the beginning or if youre just joining us....


THE MAIN Q THREAD IS BIGLY HUGE so i made these indexes as to make it somewhat navigable and searchable.

HERE WE GO!(again!)+++!!!

-for the children-






PART -V- index:

Page ONE through TEN APRIL, 4 2018

PART -V- ENGAGE!, early attacks, Q DROPPIN BOMBS,

Apr 4 2018 18:09:08 (EDT) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 73f652 896069
Gateway Bridge Project.
$1.8mm Cory Booker - Singapore.
$3.5mm Chuck Schumer - Israel.
$400k Chris Christie - Mary Pat US.
Omnibus Bill.
The gift that keeps on giving.
, Q has shared enough information over the past 8 days to make this thread EPIC,, Bye McCain. Enjoy your retirement you sick #.
, Senior Saudi royal ousted, princes reportedly arrested, If the truth of 911 doesn't come out then we got a huge problem., determine what "Operation Q-T2810C" is? , Aallanon takes us back to NOV, remember November, tigertatzen and POPE PAUL VI, CoramDeo and OODA LOOP?,
, LurkNoMore finds obama USAID and soros cash in ALBANIA, Q # 1010

, Skyfloating calls out the cabal at the border, Skyfloating and the ROTHSCHILD 1832 LOAD TO THE VATICAN,

Apr 4 2018 20:57:38 (EDT) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 3c2872 898668 NEW
Jared Cohen.
Coming soon to a theater near you.

, JARED COHEN, The Analysis Corporation is in McLean Virginia., 2018 will be glorious!! , Facebook using Wikipedia pop up to discredit all Breitbart stories as conspiracy theories, Trump to send National Guard to U.S. Border, Unanswered Q V2.96 incl. Magic Square tool, CNN now only reaches 1 Million people on average, What You Need to Know About the President’s Authorization for the National Guard to Deploy to the Southern Border, tigertatzen and Jared Cohen, RelSciHistItSufi and mirror dates, obama opened the border to madness, A NATION CHALLENGED: THE FAMILY; Fearing Harm, Bin Laden Kin Fled From U.S., "Jared cohen is a friend of Eric Schmidt" , people at international airports around the globe, wearing Q T-shirts. , BIN LADEN'S ROOTS IN SOUTH AFRICA, vaccines, Jared Cohen
Founder of Google Ideas; Chief Advisor to Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt; CEO of Jigsaw ,


originally posted by: Skyfloating

It looks funny at first sight. But hang around and you might start liking it.
, Palantir intelligence, The GUT and data collection,

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posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:30 AM
Page TWENTY through THIRTY APRIL, 5 2018

5 by 5.
Get ready, Cutepants find more GOOG shenanigans, Nicamera cult of koobecaf., He sold loads of his stock well in advance of the Facebook crash. He knew this was coming and that it would be the end of him. , Check out China's credit blacklist; Australians will be among the first to get their hands on the next generation of mobile technology, with Telstra allowing public use of its 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotspots , jigsaw
"Cannibal Witch.", effects of 5g, IAMA.I., NOVA CORP BLUE, "KUDESK", Definition: Counter Intelligence (CI) division of CIA. Marina Abramovic to be charged with 1 Million Volt and to have the electricity run out of her fingers,
, Marina Abramovic is selling cookies that taste like her body, JFK Assassination Records - 2017 Additional Documents Release,

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork

So Hillary Clinton visited a literal witch's coven -- this is how they describe themselves -- called The Wing last night. The company is run by the ex-girlfriend of pedophile Satanist Terry Richardson!

Google Richardson -- he's an absolute demonic monster!

You just can't make this stuff up. How much more evidence do we need to understand that Hillary & her elite friends are full blown Satanists?!

I've had enough of this garbage today, headed for a run!

#QAnon #Pedogate #Pizzagate #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm #followthewhiterabbit #WeThePeople

Note: There are numerous photos take of Barack Obama by Satanist Terry Richardson
. Justice Department misses deadline to hand over FBI documents on FISA, Clinton Foundation, Skyfloating says cannibalism is whats for dinner, Skyfloating finds cannibalism networking, Skyfloating
The Causual Cannabilism of North Korea, Source, Mexican Drug Cartels eating human hearts in initiation rituals
, Culinary and Medical Cannibalism in China,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
For those interested: An Introduction to elite pedophile and child torture Paradise Jersey Island, which is not ruled by the U.K. but "The Crown":abago71

, 5 g RFID HRC ATT So much more, AnkhMorpork run in with black hats, Has anyone looked into the earthquake that happened today off the coast of California?
Santa Cruz island. 5.3 magnitude. Yet smoke is billowing out from the island:
Underground bunker destroyed??

, The Meadows: What it's like where Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein reportedly are being treated for sex addiction,

, Trillium finds a leak,

, fresh crumbs, ,

We are under attack.
, Aren't military aircraft crashes used to explain casualties suffered in covert operations?, Exercise Alligator Dagger Cancelled, tiredoflooking for wild speculation, with CNNs 1 Million average viewership, vs. our 20-40 Million viewership, its actually CNN that is a fringe news site., , greenanon you salty bastard,

BOOMs en route.

, tiredoflooking for nightmare fuel, HRC and 9/11, W? JW? Greenfag?, MindBodySpiritComplex malaysia flight, Watched the 2018 Hollywood Movie Adrenochrome., NOP, QRS, TUV?, abago71 has an interesting experience,

originally posted by: IAMTAT

originally posted by: carewemust
a reply to: MindBodySpiritComplex

I was hoping nobody in this thread would bring that up. Bruce Wayne didn't want people to know that he was Batman. Not too late to edit. (hint)

Lest we forget:








Facebook: Most users may have had public data 'scraped', KURU, Video shows the earthquake-style impact of Trump’s MOAB missile, new Q drops on /qr , The Conspiracy Theory That Says Trump Is a Genius ,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:30 AM
Page THIRTY through FORTY APRIL, 6 2018

Systron and sats, MindBodySpiritComplex's really strange cases, With regards to the M5.4 near Catalina island:

Video by IRIS,

He says, "Would you believe the NYT called the White House prior to publishing"? ,Just a reminder: The CEO of New York Times, Mark Thompson, is the former head of BBC who helped cover up for the pedophile and necrophile Jimmy Savile.

Mark Thompson and Jimmy Savile, Feds Say That Banned Researcher Commandeered a Plane - Wired from 2015, Zuckerberg announces new Facebook measures to improve political ad transparency, QT2810C

, Fugitive 'Facebook founder' says he's alive and well but 'running for his life' from CIA because of its secret involvement in the social media site, elite pervs,
, tiredoflooking at the big picture,
, jadedANDcynical makes obama muslim connections, just got seized by the Feds. They were a notorious sex trafficking site.,

, Stabenow can't use an elevator?,

Page FORTY through FIddY APRIL, 6 2018

"Victims sue federal government over 'sweet deal' given to elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein." She must be the tie between this Ray Chandler and she's one of the victims? Link to stry with the picture in it., Prince andrew,
, tiredoflooking for this chick, Ray "The child handler" Chandler.,
, John McCain's wife Cindy is taking credit for the Backpage busts, "TheMagikBOT" strikes again?, Rachel Chandler checked into the Standard Hotel! It's all coming full circle. This is not a drill. We are now on Defcon Q. , Revealed: Brittany Murphy 'was poisoned by government spooks in revenge for star's support of whistleblower', claims her grief-striken father
, AnkhMorpork finds an unsealed indictment,
, Earthquake near the British Virgin Islands, also felt in Puerto Rico - April 6, 2018, supercomputer thread, jadedANDcynical 40/60, Law protecting sexual expressionism rather than children.[/url, Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And 'Media Influencers'
ATS Thread: , [url=]This Roseanne thing really got the Q media ball rolling.,
, It's a Green Door if people are wondering. , will see another @Jack push of bots on monday., BREAKING: Dept of Justice Grants House and Senate Intel Committee Full Access To Review FISA Application…, Re: RC: ,

Page FIFTY through S|XTY APRIL, 6 2018

, Source
Skyfloating the unstoppable, Skyfloating on fire, EVERYBODY KNEW, , posting weird videos of buildings in reference to green and red castles
, Nova Corps Blue Videos,

Apr 7 2018 01:43:53 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d5a7f5 932518 NEW
The island.
Night [3]
, the strangeness at 666 5th Ave., MindBodySpiritComplex goes to china, a room jam packed full of children or emaciated adults, Celeb Breakdowns, Wicked Disney, Roger Rodas, Paul Walker, Clowns are freaking out., Joint Statement by Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen , Does any one else think the Military at the border isn't to keep illegals out but maybe to prevent indicted people from fleeing? ,

, abago71 finds HRC emails, Vatican arrests former diplomat after child pornography probe, Heretics of Dune: , true Babylonian/Ophidian history, The Tunnels of Set are "collapsing,", One is an accident. Two is a coincidence. Three and more is showing a pattern. 2 soldiers killed in helicopter crash at Fort Campbell,
, A Route through Chongqing

The Coordinates:

26.387675,106.641561 Iden +1




, One dead in Italian navy helicopter crash ,
, Eric Holder Hired by California for Legal Battles Against Trump ,

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posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:31 AM
Page FIFTY through S|XTY APRIL, 6 2018 cont...

Apr 7 2018 11:38:47 (EST)

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 383caa 936660 >>936517

Border states are VERY key.
Bigger than you can imagine.
The pipeline.
Not R vs D.
CA is special.
Public will learn.

Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican:
, CA, central america,

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
Bejeezus Christ. How hard would it be for Q type type out California / Canada / Cambridge Analytica / Cuck Alliance in the first line, and then do the initials the second line (if used twice in one "drop")????????

How doesnt this lazy snip drive everyone up a wall?

The Q Thread: 30% trolling and bickering. 30% people trying to guess what the initials etc mean. 30% motivational speech and slogans. 10% data.

And THAT is why I keep insisting on "cliffnotes versions" (category) threads, because 90% riff raff and shooting the snip doesnt do a researcher much good at all.

, Exclusive: Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election,

Apr 7 2018 13:16:30 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: bfcbf7 938177 NEW

Read between the lines.
Front page.
Fake News.
, CoramDeo finds InQTel and a word of caution,

Apr 7 2018 13:26:00 (EST) Anonymous ID: 324c57 938332 NEW


Apr 7 2018 13:33:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d1eeb8 938439 NEW
New tactic.
Buckle up.
MediaMatters 4ch.
Narrative + anything Q.
Clowns + Twitter push.
MSM overdrive.
All 4 a LARP?
, msm got too cocky. tick tock, They killed every discussion of Q on /Pol/ and Reddit. The same happened to PG. , AnkhMorpork shines light on the coven,

Page S|XTY through SEVENTY APRIL, 7 2018

ketsuko helps uncover the scheme, Jeffrey Epstein claims he was a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation
, I'm seeing a copy of the letter from Lefcourt and Dershowitz that claimed Epstein was part of the founding in the Daily Mail article., proximo tell some truths,

originally posted by: RelSciHistItSufi
Spreadsheet update including up to Q Post #1076:
Unaswered Q V2.98 2018 04 07 incl.Magic Square tool
, tiredoflooking for epstien, Fire 50th floor TRUMP TOWER, We make child sex robots., tiredoflooking for all these pervs, GM Jeff Pedostein, Men asked to step up to end sex trafficking. Hundreds in Modesto did just that

Read more here:, abago71 finds the traffickers, thread is being carpet bombed, Rapper/Producer John Forte Pardoned By George W. Bush, MostlyReading GM, eterans on Infinity posted they got a call to return to active duty as of late. , "Project Littlefoot", Perfectenemy links
, 1 man dead after apartment fire at Trump Tower in New York, tiredoflooking for purple MA "art",

originally posted by: pavil
a reply to: Perfectenemy

If this part is true and gets made public, it's game over.

The tapes also reveal that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISA), Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, members of Congress, and Donald J. Trump were targeted by the HAMMER.

That would be bigger than I knew.
, pavil and MKFullbright, eisegesis gets fresh with the goddesses, RelSciHistItSufi storming castles, CoramDeo has coordinates,
, CoramDeo wordsmith, CoramDeo find ray chandler, Had to post this as it's so incredible... Queen Elizabeth, head of the Church of England is related to the prophet Mohammed,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:31 AM
Page SEVENTY through EIGHTY APRIL, 7 2018

The release of OIG Report on Obama Admin crimes and corruption was delayed twice (so far),,
, WHERE DOES THE MONEY FROM THESE ANNUAL SEIZURES GO? , jennyxgenius powerful exec orders

Apr 7 2018 13:33:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d1eeb8 938439 NEW
New tactic.
Buckle up.
MediaMatters 4ch.
Narrative + anything Q.
Clowns + Twitter push.
MSM overdrive.
All 4 a LARP?

Skyfloating dont give AF, posting bombs,

, NAFTA, IgnoranceIsntBlisss links many many links, tiredoflooking for marina abramovic the dirty witch, indictments unsealing, State Dept. and Hillary's lawyer each had the "missing" emails all along. On flash drives. It was right in the Podesta emails. ,

Would POTUS make a serious accusation if the TRUTH wasn’t about to come to LIGHT?
Black Forest.
FIRE sale days after post?
What went on there?
You have more than you know.

RelSciHistItSufi asks who killed cock robin lulz,
tiredoflooking for the pope to have a bad may,

originally posted by: nikkib0421
Well, I tried to restrain myself, but David Roth decided to tweet about corruption, banks and pedo within Trump administration. My tweet is getting retweeted.

If I disappear....its been a fun ride!
, QANTAS, Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week , is kill.
, RelSciHistItSufi is a square, Inifinity is getting hit by another Shillwave. They are very worried.
, This is not a game. ,

Page EIGHTY through NINETY APRIL, 8 2018

Pelosi leads delegation to Israel, Jordan, Skyfloating gives a LDR recap, crankyoldman finds enlightenment, "Chem attack" is an obvious red flag here. It seems that Q is blaming the deep state..,
, More Evidence of Police complicity in child abuse cover up, Perfectenemy prefers revenge served cold, Is this what post #1083 is insinuating in the CIA PDFf?

Executive Order 13526, Todd Brassner,
, Lumimies digs into brassner, IgnoranceIsntBlisss finds the clinton bodies,

, Oh look a traitor has no name is at it again. McCain on chemical attack: Syria 'emboldened' by Trump talk of withdrawing, What a coincidence. Every time John McCain makes secret trips to Syria, chemical weapon attacks follow, The True Clinton Body Count: 1,106,736+ DEAD, eisegesis finds the club,


, Blackwater ’s Erik Prince Is the Brother of Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince is Jason Bourne. Mind blown., "The New Syria Hospitality and reception Hall"., ,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Yet another pic of Al Waleed surrounded by little girls.

Now he's surrounded by guards and all his transactions are subject to Government inspection.

Pic Source

Source: Eaters of Children - The Pedocracy Exposed, Is Soros running out of money? Well good for Hungary. Orban hates Soros with a passion.
In Latest Humiliation For Brussels, Viktor Orban Wins Hungary Elections In Landslide Victory,WSJ: North Korea ready to discuss Denuclearization

What a coincidence.,

Source, JFK Predicted Trumps run for President 20 years ago, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter censor black Trump supporters. Diamond and Silk suspeneded from Facebook and Demonitized on Youtube, Russian claims that US is planning a false-flag chemical weapons attack is a distraction, Pentagon says,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:32 AM
Page NINETY through ONE HUNDO APRIL, 8 2018

originally posted by: Skyfloating
ATSer compares going after sex-traffickers to going after Jews in the Holocaust
, KimDotCom joins rescue bid for captive UAE Royal,

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
We are going in for the kill.
I told you what will happen.
Now watch closely and enjoy the show.
The storm is finally upon us.

Apr 8 2018 19:39:12 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 2706bb 958655 NEW >>958580
Social media contacts?
Worked for WHO?
ACCESS level?
Find ALL pics.
Bigger than you know.
One example of many.
, epstein and pope,

Apr 8 2018 19:50:07 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 2706bb 958888 NEW >>958655
POTUS ISIS focus and destroy 1 year?
vs HUSSEIN 8 years?
vs GWB?
DC access.
Sold out.
Bring back the gallows!

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Ray Chandlers Instagram account disappeared fairly quickly. But too late. People took loads of screenshots from her account and that of her friends. One of her friends had this gem:

Not subtle enough imo.

, Skyfloating thinks the pope has a lovely chair, First the Cancer was on his left lobe and then poof, it was on his right lobe then it just vanished? Praise Molach.

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
a reply to: crankyoldman

I remember that ISIS commercial with the brand new white trucks.

This is my favorite:

How a Texas plumber's truck wound up in ISIS' hands
, BBC - Deutsche Bank CEO to step down, Perfectenemy fuind more clinton shenanigans,

Trump always knew what they were up to., Outlier13 get some lulz, Yeah a 4chan troll has access to Airforce One and Camp David. *facepalm* ,
, 23 Q Posts today; the pace is definitely doubling up.
, Skyfloating gettin pretty pissed at these peds,

RelSciHistItSufi tracks this sick bastard mouaz, , Giddy Up ! U.S. Attorney John Lausch Assigned To Document Production…, Kimmel apologized to Hannity today.


originally posted by: Skyfloating
ThanQ for teaching us about...

Operation Mockingbird

Seth Rich

Julian Assange

Saudi Royalty


Sealed Indictments



George Soros


The Nunes Memo


The Pope

FBI Corruption

CIA Corruption

North Korea and CIA

McCain and Syria

Obama and Al Waleed

Liddle Adam Schiff

Hugh Hefner

Human Trafficking

Jeffrey Epstein

False Flag Shootings

Crisis Actors

The Clinton Foundation

Uranium 1

and so much more. Even if shills take over, we've archived it all offline, as you told us to. We won't forget.


posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:32 AM
Page ONE HUNDO through 110 APRIL, 9 2018

100 pages in V days.
I could just hug/dropkick all of you.
, MountainLaurel and McStains buddies, IgnoranceIsntBlisss and more McStain Buddies, mcstain nazi buddies, Justice Department tells prosecutor to speed up, It's all about the "tipping point", or reaching a critical mass.
, Simpson Intro, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he's left Facebook over data collection, Think Sun Tzu. Think poker., Every f#cking time! USAID, Hillary Clinton launch Global Development Lab for game-changing innovations, HRC really knew how to abuse the desastrous Haiti earthquake to her advantage. Hillary Clinton’s Power Grab for USAID
, Tiamat = IAMTAT , How deep did we get into Hillary speaking at that coven earlier this month? , what other covens she may have spoken with over the years. If any of them are connected to Blackrock Saturn cults black mood rings or anything else Q,
, Trillium busts mcStain,

Apr 9 2018 11:16:28 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 7ec299 966637
Who is arranging the PRIVATE meetings?
MZ campaign contribution promises.
FB donations since 4.2.18?
Fresh round.
R's targeted (censorship/anti R = more $).
How to mask?
MZ personal donations?
Shell Co?
Recent stock dump?
Avoid FB public disclosure?
Track congressional intake (reported).
Keep open (+6 mo).
Loud w/ findings.
RT - how DC/swamp works.
Money talks.
Drain the swamp.
How do politicians access campaign contributions for personal use?
The "Con."
, Trillium finds the syrian flag in dc, Listen to Southern California Earthquake 3 days ago and tell me this doesn't sound like a bomb(MOAB?) hitting a target, article from Hal Turner stating that there is proof the gas attack in Syria was a false flag.
, Did German Companies Aid Syrian Chemical Weapons Program?,
Q confirmed what we already talked about. Facebook and other Social Media can track you without you having an account. Well that's great.



, The Federal Bridge Certification Authority seems to be awfully significant , The NSA Revelations All in One Chart, For those not familiar, and even those whom are, this older thread by Hefficide, "PRISM - The Mirror That Betrays You," is an excellent resource for some background to what is being discussed today., Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week, Loretta Lynch still insists she DIDN'T talk with Bill Clinton about Hillary's email case during secret airport tarmac meeting, FBCA and FPKI. , FBI raids office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen , Panic Mode,

Page 110 through 120 APRIL, 9 2018

. Somebody else broke in to plant "evidence" during the TT fire !! ,Jared Cohen + Tribeca Film Festival + L.A. Noir, F#ck i feel stupid. [CANCER][BABY ON FLOOR-HANDS IN MOUTH - THE START]. That was a warning that a chemical attack FF was imminent.,

RR problems.

This just after it was revealed that RR signed off on the Cohan raid., FBCA = Federal Bridge Certification Authority


Apr 9 2018 18:34:18 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 675dd2 973608 >>973183
Did anons ever figure out what Q meant with the "BABY ON FLOOR-HANDS IN MOUTH - THE START"
Was this Syria FF?

Apr 9 2018 18:36:08 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d9b428 973651 >>973608

Learn our comms.

The HB Gary Email That Should Concern Us All , Government Seeking Persona Management Software (Fake Web Users) to manufacture consent

Michael Cohen is Trumps lawyer. The FBI raiding his office is akin to the FBI raiding the Presidents office. It merely shows what we all already know: The FBI (and probably the CIA) are not on the same page as the President. There is a Government and a parallel Shadow Government and the two are currently at war. , Edward Snowden retweeted👇
, What is "YOUR" Q like?, AgarthaSeed finds the MSM 4am script,

originally posted by: Perfectenemy


Well some people have egg on their face now. Damn Trump is good.

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Buying and Selling now requires fingerprints and eyescans in India

They are rolling IT out in poorer countries first.

ETA: Posted a thread on it.

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:32 AM
Page ONE HUNDRED TWENTY through 130 APRIL, 9 2018

Apr 10 2018 00:15:56 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: bbd970 978771

Confirm tariff reduction.
Tuesday (China).
Article provides foundation.
Major import.

HHS Official Placed On Leave After Media Matters Complains About Pizzagate Comments

Apr 10 2018 00:48:24 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 466abe 979213 NEW



originally posted by: Iseedeadppl
a reply to: Skyfloating

I joined just to make this observation. On IMDB Quinton Tarentino profile says his Nickname is "Q"
, ,

originally posted by: FlyingFox
Seized assets, banned persons / entities
, ########### RelSciHistItSufi Q RESOURCE CENTER, ########### , ecole = school in French , MindBodySpiritComplex en France,

originally posted by: FauxMulder

From PE's link:

, Perfectenemy follows the pattern, Timezones they are magical., Seeking to avert U.S. response, Russia proposes inspection of Syria attack site, In other news
CBS executives 'warn employees about violating NDAs ahead of Charlie Rose sexual misconduct expose, 6 killed in fiery plane crash on golf course, TheConstruKctionofLight exposes these SICK F@#KS, "RUSSIA DELIVERED 40 PANTSIR-S1 AIR DEFENSE SYSTEMS TO SYRIA – STATE MEDIA", [post=23305333]LurkNoMore find the Cannibal Clvb, THESE PPL ARE SICK/post], Ex-Best Buy CEO quits Mayo board; donated to group that placed anti-Islam ads, trumpets, signs of the end,

9 people on the left.
11 people on the right.
9/11. , Schumer: It's time to vote on legislation protecting Mueller, Get ready for the Tidal Wave. President Donald J. Trump Announces Twelfth Wave of Judicial Nominees, Twelfth Wave of United States Attorneys, and Sixth Wave of United States Marshals, LurkNoMore and those bloodlines, homeland security adviser named Tom Bossert is resigning. , CARROLL FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST.

It appears to be part of a $1bn fraud investigation involving the Church of England, PWC US chairman and loads of others. Lots of links to match against known cabal orgs and many to NSA, FBI, Fort Meade etc.
, Flexin
Spring cleaning y'all! A clean house is important? Love this new photo of ¡El Presidente y La Junta!How many members of Q team do you think we're looking at?,
Wasserman resisted sacking Awan stating, Awan target of anti Muslim witchhunt, Pompeo asks HC for advice ahead of secretary of state confirmation, MZ NOT even under oath.,
, Re: MZ at Senate Committee:

His body language started changing when he was asked about Palantir and about whether FB employees worked with Cambridge Analytica ,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:33 AM
Page ONE HUNDRED THIRTY through 140 APRIL, 10 2018

originally posted by: carewemust

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
How is the Z testimony? I'm skipping it because i already exactly know all his answers.

I'm listening on the radio in the car. A senator just asked Zuckerberg what hotel he stayed at last night and who he sent his last email to.

Zuckerberg said that is private I do not care to disclose it. The senator said you have been disclosing millions of people's information like that for years.

Zuckerberg is now stuttering and stammering to respond. His voice grates on you after a while. But CNN Fox and MSNBC are all carrying it live.

.Apparently Zuckerberg even removed a Chick FilA event page! , Facebook working with special counsel's office, Mork Stutterborg=Error 404 ,
, there's always this:
Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week, I'm suprised Jordy didn't remove the emotion chip before the hearing.

These borgs are stupid. , Oh zuckyBorg.
I think you assimilated a little more than you can handle.
, , , I have no idea how these Fascists could ever have come to be viewed as "liberals". , Skyfloating likes it here, T.J. Miller arrested for alleged fake bomb threat, tiredoflooking for McStain's ISIS PIGFU#KERS, UN unable to verify chemical attack, according to Putins RT Newspaper, Hamilton 68 says that the "Russian Bots narrative is inaccurate",

originally posted by: eisegesis,
Just Saying...



, Who TF is Sovereign Drand Duchy of Drakensberg?,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Trending on Goog-News:

, Rod Rose-Stone PERSONALLY approved the raid on Trump lawyers office

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Interesting how Alan Dershowitz keeps supporting Trump:

D OJ raid violated Michael Cohens constitutional rights

Considering he was in Pedo Epsteins Lolita flight logs:

I guess this one cut a deal.

Page ONE HUNDRED FORTY through 150 APRIL, 10 2018

Mueller was knee deep in the U1 and 9/11 coverup. Without any protection after that comes to light he is toast., GA is saying Rogers is Q and Mattis is Q+, Monsanto style democracy

originally posted by: FlyingFox
A big shot like Zukerburg deserves a booster seat.

, Merck-schuchardt, NBC: Russia-linked account pushed fake Hillary Clinton sex video,
, U.N. inspectors are on their way to the Syrian town that was attacked with a Chemical weapon. , the man behind Jigsaw and on CFR!!! , Jared Cohen (born November 24, 1981, tiredoflooking FOR FRIKKIN MOUAZZZ!!!, Algeria military plane crash ‘kills 200 people’, Paul Ryan Retiring from Congress; Report , House to move to impeach Rosenstein and Wray?,

5G will use pulsed millimeter waves to carry information. But as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading because they do not pulse the waves. This is important because research on microwaves already tells us how pulsed waves have more profound biological effects on our body compared to non-pulsed waves. Previous studies, for instance, show how pulse rates of the frequencies led to gene toxicity and DNA strand breaks.
, Well this is awkward. INSPECTOR GENERAL: McCabe & Wife Were Neighbors for Years With Bill & Hillary Clinton; Friendship Spans Decades Before McCabe Cleared Hillary in Email Probe , Placing Obama friendly people in key positions inside Facebook and other related companies? Nah nothing to see. Sure looks like a spider web. Facebook Has Dozens of Ex-Obama and Ex-Hillary Staffers in Senior Positions, abago71 has computer porblems,

originally posted by: dashen

I would just like to say this Cambridge analytica stuff is nothing compared to what Zuck the cuck is going to have to answer for when his insider-trading investigation comes out. I mean seriously how Daft do you have to be to not realize you can't just dump Millions of dollars of your own stock before it goes belly-up. Expect a letter from the SEC real soon
, jadedANDcynical on John Huber, Q t-shirt. A movement ain't a movement till it becomes commercialized. ,
, The clowns have turned their cult founding business model into a very profitable network over the decades. These techno vultures are no different , This company InQTel is backed by the CIA and they invest in nothing but tech companies:

219 companies so far., tiredoflooking for richard branson, tiredoflooking DGAF,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:33 AM
Page ONE HUNDRED FIFTY through 160 APRIL, 11 2018

, Pope caught up in sex abuse scandal.,

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical,
I just connected the raid on Cohen to Strzok's wife, Melissa Hodgman.

Tangled webs, anyone?
, California governor approves limited National Guard deployment to Mexico border, A rumor is floating around that the HRC video hit the dark web.,
, Pseudosyntax finds ousted aides,
, Popcorn time
#Down she goes..., News Flash: After personally visiting with Rod Rosenstein this evening, Devin Nunes, along with Trey Gowdy, FINALLY obtained the 2 page document...after 16 months of trying!,

originally posted by: liveandlearn
Interesting post on twitter showing that the Pentagon stopped their "Lifelog" database (which was an attempt to capture the entire existence of everyone) on the same day Facebook was born. This was 02/02/04 link
, Florida judge resigns after husband charged with securities fraud, grand theft That's Noodles district btw.

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Eric Trumps tweet today:

Pretty obvious to me.

originally posted by: isoTruth
Apparently the Pentagon stopped their LIFELOG project the exact day Facebook is formed.
Pentagon cancels LIFELOG project from

FAcebook on Business Insider

Do you think this was a coincidence...or did the Pentagon find a willing partner to take over in their search for data on everyone?
, According to was Snowden who posted it on 8.
Hence, Q's joke about working for NSA. ,
, Alan Dershowitz joining Q is very bad news for all the people who visited Island E. , "Any sex tape featuring Hillary is a Russian Fake".

The MSM has become easy to read these days. , Skyfloating asks why marina is EVERYWHERE,

Apr 11 2018 21:09:57 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: e8e4fc 1005902

, Skyfloating gettin middle eastern,

Page ONE HUNDRED S|XTY through 170 APRIL, 11 2018

originally posted by: Skyfloating

originally posted by: fiverx313
i think the problem is it doesn't exist and y'all have gone down a twisted rabbit hole of 4chan fantasies...

i wouldn't wonder if y'all had nightmares when you spend your time pondering this stuff.

that's not a concern troll, btw. i know you'll keep on keeping on. i'm just sayin'.

This poster is a good example of the current mind-state of the majority. Denial of reality in order to shield themselves from Trauma. In their minds none of this Jeffrey Epstein-Clinton-Podesta-David Brock-Catholic Pedos-Rothschild Pedo stuff actually exists. It would be way too overwhelming to view the piles of evidence we have collected.

We'd prefer protecting our children from that kind of heartbreak. So as long as the majority do not become psychological adults, there will be no disclosure.

Apr 12 2018 00:21:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: f666d7 1008463

Night [5]

Apr 12 2018 00:23:59 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: f666d7 1008491

Building 8.

, We read you 5x5 friend Q sees us and we see you never give up the ship much obliged , PROJECTLITTLEFOOT2UNDERSTATE35-19OPENTRACK77-CONDITION3OLHNEWCOPYNEWCOPYOVERWATCH99, FDO-135 OPERATION EGGNIP CHINA 61.049059,97.741991, ENTIRE BOARD of Organization resigns over "sexual misconduct",
Futurism - Inside Building 8, Facebook’s Secret Innovation Weapon

##########Skyfloating, LOL, Holy crap, makes sense############, NXIVM
The Standard hotel(s)
Loop capital, Ronald Bernard? He was elite banker turned whistleblower who gives detailed explanations of the Luciferian-elite-pedo-rings you're inquiring about. , MindBodySpiritComplex and FB SHENANIGANS, "the company’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has spent the past three years giving speeches at one of the country’s top universities in Mandarin" ,
After my last posts my satellite modem was zapped. Have not been able to follow. ,

originally posted by: MindBodySpiritComplex
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Article from 2014
Meet the Two Scientists Who Implanted a False Memory Into a Mouse

Scientists Discover How to Implant False Memories

Now consider this is public - how far are the black projects?
, , How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring, Dardboard cut-out of Francis shows up at John Podesta’s “pizza party”

This is the pic with the full figure cardboard figure of the Pope.

Apr 12 2018 00:21:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: f666d7 1008463
Night [5]

, Nixon letter to Trump to run for office kept in Oval Office,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:34 AM
Page ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY through 180 APRIL, 12 2018

originally posted by: Skyfloating
What we learned in the last few days:

1. Facebook was created by DARPA

2. China has gone Orwellian with "Social Credit System"

3. India has gone Orwellian with its Fingerprint/Eyescan System

News items like these need to reach mass awareness so that people understand they are in the process of being even further enslaved.

Facebook was created by DARPA and also written by a Rothschild? , Rod Rosenstein Skips Speaking Engagement After Unexpected White House Meeting,

originally posted by: surfinguru
Our company (world wide presence) is getting hit with a lot of internet circuit outages this afternoon. Yeah for back up circuits and carrier diversity. Something's afoot though....
, Pleads Guilty to Human Trafficking in Texas
, RR was given an "option" to resign for "personal" reasons, I also heard from sources RR's name came up in some documents taken from the Cohen raids., #QAnon JUST UNLOCKED ALL OF THE DEEP STATE SOCK ACCOUNTS INCLUDING @JACK!!! ---> @jayhawkjack Obama and Cory Booker BOTH follow this account! Dive into this while u can , Looks like the Twitter censorship algorithm is no longer working. Q injected Twitter. All Out War, Infinity is exposing pedo Twitter accounts now. It's on /QR/ #1268., Lots of mass graves throughout Ukraine Poland and western Russia. , Comey is desperately trying to garner some sympathy and he is throwing LL under the bus too. The fire rises. He is freaking out., eisegesis want to know what theyre doing with al these baby foreskins,
, Putins Newspaper using interesting symbols in their images:


originally posted by: Skyfloating CEO pleads GUILTY to Human Trafficking charges

Meanwhile, Womans March protests closure of
, Skyfloating is loving the WINNING

originally posted by: Elostone
Lol This thread is like an opera

Thought Provoking

Oh look. Another pedo arrested. This one's a Canadian UN worker. How humanitarian! 60-year-old Canadian humanitarian worker Peter John Dalgish, GIVE ME THE POWER LOL!,
, Mueller prepares to end Russia probe WITHOUT interviewing Trump after president's lawyers say sit-down can't happen in wake of Cohen raid,

Page ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY through 190 APRIL, 13 2018

originally posted by: IAMTAT
WTF is going on with this site?
Couldn't star, flag or reply...had to reapply for my account.
, There is possibility somebody tried to hack the code, but it can be also bad coding., 4 and 8 got hit as well. They are still experiencing problems., It's intriguing to say the least that ATS was disabled on Friday 13th... the same date the Knights Templar were disabled in apurge in 1307 (or was it 1308), Founder & CEO of Sex-Trafficking Site Worked For FBI; Robert Mueller Honored Convicted Human Trafficker With FBI Award,
, 'Alice Trough The Looking Glass',

originally posted by: FlyingFox
The idea of Trump running for prez is as old as the hills...


originally posted by: Perfectenemy
Hmm. Russia claims UK and other countries are repsonsible for staging the recent chemical attack in Syria. UK warned Cambridge Analytica prior to the raid. Steele Dossier came from the UK. Skripal poisoning happened in the UK. Someone is getting pretty nervous and it's not Trump. This pattern is getting pretty easy to follow.
, crankyoldman and some silly graphs LOL, Comey hints at damaging material involving ex-AG Lynch 'still unknown to the American public', MindBodySpiritComplex and the sealed indictments, the Russian defense ministry is specifically accusing Britain of ordering the White Helmets to stage the phony chemical attack. , Pseudosyntax thinks john brennan is losing it, The pardon of Scooter LIbby looks like a precursor to do the same with Flynn, IAMTAT QQQ,

originally posted by: IAMTAT
IG Report on McCabe released.
, McCABE IS TOTALLY F'd!, McCabe lied to the OIG three times under oath, Comey lied under oath too. His book proceeds will be needed for defense fees.

Almost forgot:, The tides are turning this press conference the reporters are acting like kindergarten kids listening to all of the bad info about McCabe and Comey. , The leakers in sneakers running fast !!

An avalanche is starting.,

originally posted by: eisegesis
a reply to: Perfectenemy

, Norway was the third largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation after Saudi Arabia and Australia,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:34 AM

Articles Of Impeachment Drafted For Rosenstein, Report Says

Which is it going to be:


Spin the wheel,

Skyfloating has his mind friggin BLOWN,

originally posted by: IAMTAT

Press traveling with @VP say they've now been rushed unexpectedly back to the motorcade, heading back to hotel. Not planned.
, Memo to anyone who voted for Trump or Brexit - pedophile loving hypocrite Ewan McGregor holds you in utter contempt, Strike already underway against chem weapon facilities. , stosh64 gets woke, dont like what he sees, Wow, what a bunch of snowflakes in here. LOL, Wow...the whole lot here turns angry quickly. , It's transpiring all over Damascus in the form of million dollar bombs aplenty right this moment. , B1 bombers used out of Qatar.
Explosions in Homs. , Report: Damascus airport completely destroyed., Sirens? going on in downtown Mclean, Va. ,

originally posted by: Skyfloating

In Q-research , you'll find that all roads lead not to Rome but to McLean VA.

Interesting if true.

This Anon claims that Russians are performing strikes on Rebels (not on U.S.) all over Syria simultaneously, includes maps., 3 targets.
Scientific Research Center
2 chem weapons storage facilities., Mattis: "This is a one time shot to send a message" that chem/bio weapon production and use must cease. ,

originally posted by: crankyoldman
Far be it from me to interrupt the hate fest but it is a Q thread still and it is fun to see what connects. The least examined, most ignored Q post to date is 1143.


This is the image title. Notice anything odd?

From this and the text included in the "alleged" missing drop, something is missing from the narrative of Syria. Does this drop relate to Syria?

Now, again, far be it from me to stop the hate fest, but there is no reason for a screen cap, just simply a new drop will suffice - nothing in this needs a "oops." Everything matters. So we go back, to the reference point this drop was allegedly meant to fit and we find NK: clones, slaves, matrix, and, according to Q, the CIA.

Lastly, we have the well curious drop included, "incarnated extraterrestrials".

Tells an interesting story.

Back to hate fest.
, Sparrow guided missile: , BREAKING: The Syrian Army is now repelling an attack of ISIS around al-Yarmuk camp south of Damascus
, They probably bombed McStain's building and his goons. ,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:36 AM

What if we are actually working with Russia take out the remnants of the Clown/Deep State/ISIS forces? , Iseedeadppl has SAT problems,
, Obama Announces Bid To Become UN Secretary General, Opportunistic offensive by ISIS is derailed by Syrian Army troops in southern Damascus,
Expand your thinking.
, North Korea sent Syria missile and chemical weapon items, says UN report


IRAN IS NEXT, Mainstream news reports ZERO fatalities reported in Syria Strike. , Dismantling the US military was Obama's job. ,

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

March 29, 2018: Trump wants 'out' of Syria 'very soon'.

April 7, 2018: 2018 Douma chemical attack. Most call it a false flag farce.

April 9, 2018: Neocon John R. Bolton began his tenure as National Security Advisor.

April 13, 2018: Trump orders attack on Syria.


originally posted by: Skyfloating
@q-haters: You wont see Russia fighting back in earnest because we never attacked Assad. We attacked the cult.
, The billionaire who built on chaos: Gail Counsell charts the rise of a speculator who considers himself 'some kind of god'
, We may have miss something
Something HUGE in JFK files?????

, Why did Fox news run a story about the end of the world on April 24th? , "Trump April 26" , 'Frazzledrip'. 'Frazzledrip'. 'Frazzledrip'. ,

originally posted by: carewemust

Asst FBI Director Andy McCabe leaked info to the MSM. The next day when the MSM reported the leaked-story, and credited "Anonymous Sources" at the FBI, McCabe called top FBI managers to his office and chewed them out for not stopping the leaks.

Asst A.G. Rod Rosenstein recommended to Donald Trump that FBI Director James Comey be fired. Trump fired Comey.
Two weeks later, Rod Rosenstein recommended that Bob Mueller add "Obstruction of Justice" to his Trump-Russia Collusion investigation. Why? Because President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey!

These people are SICK! Rosenstein MUST follow Comey and McCabe OUT THE DOOR!
, i mean who hasnt worn someone elses face on their face while violating an innocent? , Proof of the last Administration's efforts to create their own little private "Operation Gladio".,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Police find boxes full of gold plated dead babies to be sold to the wealthy for their rituals
, Anyone work for Palantir?,


originally posted by: IAMTAT
With Q beginning to refer to IRAN more and more...I've been wondering if Q's "April Showers", "Make it RAIN" statements are obscured references to IRAN.
, @Jack hidden account. Obama is one of the followers. , 'REBEL SCUM' account, Nunes,Gowdy and Goodlatte demand Comeys memos by monday. Official memo request, jayhawk , Check into a recent Iran/Russia agreement about a gas pipeline to India.

See if any U.S. interests will get financially injured. ,
, Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America.

I think this falls in the "future proves past" slot,

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: neomaximus10

That's what they want you to feel. Troll and post garbage until you are exhausted.
Wade through the garbage you'll find the good nuggets and it will be worth it. Or just throw your hands up in the air wave them like you just don't care and let them win. Your choice
, New report on Samantha Power: , READ NOW, Keep reading...there's a much higher quality of crap in the NEXT 30 pages. , our Independence from Britain was a PSYOP!? , Sparrows are also ship-launched.
, PATRIOTS DAY. , AgarthaSeed asks what planes were used in syria,
, Facebook
Building 8

, April showers= SPRING.

Friggin Arab SPRING., tiredoflooking for patraeus, John of Gaunt, a royal in the 14th century, was the son of King Edward III and featured in the Shakespearean play Richard II, named after his nephew , I for one, am happy to see so many Tool fans in this thread. ,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:37 AM

originally posted by: diggindirt

originally posted by: fiverx313

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
Note it sounds like child porn.

Could be a troll move to get people busted.

there is no way in hell it's not a troll.

4chan is messing with y'all because they know you want to have it proved that bad.

how does this sound credible to any of you? :/

It sounds credible because I've talked with an FBI agent who has seen such films that were made in the days of the Franklin Scandal. Stuff that made grown men cry and vomit----and quit their jobs when nothing was done to those who committed the crimes but the people who reported the crimes were put on trial. Some of those people died after talking about what they had seen. "Accidents" and "robberies" and such happen to FBI and DEA agents all the time,eh?

Are you really so naive as to believe that these things don't happen? And that the perps aren't so conceited that they believe they are above the laws to which mere citizens are subject?

I sincerely hope that neither you nor your love ones ever encounter this particular type of evil.
, Bombshellz comink szoon., MORE NEW Q's---LL Bonanza, Latest Q drop sez LL was promised RBG's SC seat @ tarmac meeting.
Comey to take over as AG., There is a post, back in part three I think, that contains a drop from a lawsuit containing information from the lawsuit. Someone sued the NSA over their mind being controlled, through reading it and then steering it and their life's actions - the NSA had the capabilities in the 1940's. Mind Control marches on, or so I'm told. , Q has also said Scalia was 187'd.
I wonder if HRC was going to give BHO Scalia's SC seat. , LL is not amused. Comey vs Lynch round one. Fight.
BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Releases Statement Slamming Comey Before Interview, Trump tweets back of the plane and LL goes balistic. Interesting. ,

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
Now you know why the 27 is so important. The Tarmac meeting was you guessed it on the June 27. 2016.
, Skyfloating regrets not making an ignore button, Skyfloating says DEEP STATE alive and well,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
This stuff is so common in politics, I could drop a news link about it ever day for the next 10 years.

The Mayor of New York Citys aide arrested on child pornography charges - kids as young as 6 years old

, The fact that we now have to rely on anonymous hackers to provide a few crumbs of truth is sad and points to the situation that the world is already almost entirely under their control., They're going for their own throats now !! , White House contradicts Macron claim that he convinced Trump to stay in Syria, jadedANDcynical RBG, The building is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange HQ / OMA Anons on Infinity work incredibly fast., Interesting that the #1 Q-Country would be Armenia...the earliest Christian civilization. ,

originally posted by: dashen

, Q is saying "We made sure a reporter was there to catch it" [Tarmac Meeting].
, ELO, Page 521 of the .gov drop....RBG said that age of consent should be dropped to 12 years. ,

, proximo and podesta ,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:37 AM

"Where are the autists?"

AnkhMorpork proves again, THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!, "Where are the autists?" Anagram: "Hi, We Treasure The ATS" ,

Apr 15 2018 23:37:31 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 32a824 1061084 NEW

Re_read Five Eyes.
Avoid US data collection laws.
Public: Dossier FISA.
Not Public: Five Eyes UK/AUS POTUS targeting using pushed RUS decoy meetings / campaign insertions.
Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS assist/set up.


, Genie Energy - Rupert Murdoch, The U.S. using the Five Eyes to spy on the U.S. is a prime example of "Shadow Government" in action. This is just as outrageous as the Pentagon creating Facebook and the CIA creating Google.

Apr 15 2018 23:37:31 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 32a824 1061084

Re_read Five Eyes.
Avoid US data collection laws.
Public: Dossier FISA.
Not Public: Five Eyes UK/AUS POTUS targeting using pushed
RUS decoy meetings / campaign insertions.
Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP
UK AUS assist/set up.
, Don't forget about The Heathen Group., Pics like this really aren't helping his cause

Apr 16 2018 09:36:05 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 868799 1064365 >>1064287

Anne Wojcicki.
Why is this relevant?

originally posted by: xuenchen

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: xuenchen


23+me gets paid mostly from online payment transactions.

They've got ya.

And they also know who has the most Neanderthal bloodlines !!

Big database. 😎

forgot to.add >

When purchasing through the 23andMe online store, it is important to remember that only one payment source can be used per order; the entire amount of your purchase must be covered by a single card or PayPal account. Additionally, the billing address you provide in the cart must match the address associated with your purchasing card.

, Doesn't sound suspicious in the slightest. Well they can't have my caveman blood that's for sure. , jadedANDcynical and 23 and me, HUGE! MAJOR SCANDAL UNCOVERED=> Internet Sleuths Put Together Bombshell Hidden in Friday’s DOJ IG Report – Involving Weiner Emails, wojcicki rabbit hole!!! ,

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

Sergei Brin's wife. That put her on my radar screen soon after 23andMe was rolled out.

Here you can see them targeting the Girl Scouts: (paste both links as one into your browser url bar)
Get em when they're young and you've got them for life!

, jadedANDcynical shakes the 23 and me tree,
, MountainLaurel MAKES THE GOOG 23 and ME LINKS!,
, Trillium goes back to InQTel, Federal Judge Kimba Wood...overseeing the Cohen/Trump investigation...married George Soros and his bride. ,

originally posted by: WhatTheory
Has anyone seen this video of Obama saying he was NOT born in Hawaii?

This can't be real right?
I mean, why would he admit that?
, Erik Prince: DOJ obstructing NYPDs desire to make arrests in Anthony Weiner case
,Trey Gowdy has asked I.G. Michael Horowitz to appear before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee on May 8th, Special Order on the House Floor calling for a 2nd Special Counsel
, Catherine Herridge is reporting that the IG report will
be out in May., jadedANDcynical wants to know is this seal looks raised to you? Crazy World:
Federal Judge, Kimba Wood, overseeing the Cohen investigation...worked for Hugh Hefner., First. I give and bequeath unto my namesakes, E. Bernice Bishop Dunham, niece of my husband, now residing in San Joaquim County, California...[/exn, ews]
Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the great-granddaughter of Kamehameha the Great, Forbes: Thought Cambridge Analytica was creepy? You aint seen nothin yet, WTF are CIA and FBI Heads doing meeting in New Zealand?,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:38 AM

IgnoranceIsntBlisss POSTS SOOOOO MANY LINKS, Today: White House backs off of imposing new sanctions against Russia
, Just the LATEST were the and NXVIM events. , ICE arrests nearly 2,000 human traffickers in 2016, Perkins Coie re-emerges again in connection with, 4 a.m. talking points...not only in MSM.

, The Art of Zhang Peng. The cult is active in China too.
, MindBodySpiritComplex talkns about BIG MEETINGS, DNA as UV light–harvesting antenna, DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields

Apr 17 2018 05:48:15 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 551e62 1074761

Apr 17 2018 05:53:02 (EST)
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 551e62 1074782
, Qanon-all COMMS routed through Armenia. , Bill everyone is talking. , MindBodySpiritComplex re 23andme/5G, Southwest Airlines plane's engine explodes; passenger reportedly hit with shrapnel , FEDS DROP BOMBSHELL: Comey & Lynch Colluded with Clinton Campaign to Entrap, Wiretap Trump; Illegal Scheme Involved Entire U.S. Intel Community, 4 Booms (6:53) and 4 tweets by DJT on the exact same minute (7:24). Isn't that the connection?
, Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian 'Chemical Attack' Site, Concludes "They Were Not Gassed", North and South Korea to end War

Q was right. NK was Clown operation, Mother arrested for trying to audit a PP Sex Ed Class for teens. What are they teaching the kids that they don't want parents to know about?

It's detailed in here. They are grooming our children., Nobel Peace Prize DJT! ,

, Former FBI agent Terry J. Albury has pleaded guilty to leaking classified documents to the media and faces a likely sentence of approximately 3-5 years in prison.
, eisegesis rides the dragon, Guantánamo installs former USS Nimitz commander as 18th prison boss in stealth ceremony, No coincidence that the George Soros crew have now singled out Sean Hannity for attack.,

originally posted by: Skyfloating

Regularly Updated Human Trafficking Global Incident and Arrests Map and Timeline
, Their freak show has come to an end. Mockingbird no longer works. ,


Why is everyone still sleeping?, Democrats fielding an unprecendented number of Ex-CIA Agents , jadedANDcynical uncovers more tidbits, Washington Post reports Mike Pompeo met with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend., Antonia C. Novello, a former U.S. surgeon general
The Dalai Lama
Allison Mack , World Ethical Foundations Consortium:,

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
For those following the 23andme line of inquiry, you might want to take a look at this post I just made over in TinfoilTP's thread, "Anti Trump Judge on Cohen case officiated Soros wedding, was Clinton AG pick ."
, Olivia Rothschild, The Owls are not what they seem, Brennan, Comey and other Spooks met near Invercargill, New Zealand. Maybe its just a coincidence, but that town is "the last stop before Antarctica", Demons in Hollywood ,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
More details on the Five Eyes Meeting in one of the most remote places in the world
Kubric, Glendon Crain, George Dubya Bush obstructed pedophile probe
Sorry....ATS wont allow Wikileaks links here. Had to remove it. Just fill in the blanks with wikileaks . org
https://__._/gifiles/docs/47/475107_agents-bush-firings-obstructed-sex-spy-probe-.html ,
, ,
, , Phoenix points out anomalies, , Pulitzers?? WTF LOL?, Skyfloating is reporting, MSM is months behind,
, AgarthaSeed shows how CNN is still going full retard, NY Times: Kim Jong Un plans formal nod to denuclearization

Even NYTimes has to confess, as much as they hate it., Nancy Pelosi claims Mueller was fired in bizarre email to donors, New padded cells in Gitmo.

, Olivia Rothschild is Paris Hilton's sister and is married to James Rothschild of Rothschild, Package Q Airstrike, Dennis Rodman CIA?, HERE is one thing you can be certain is true about what we hear about NK:
, Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale dismissed without notice ,

Mr Beale left several classified documents in the boot of his car on 10 May 2017 and only realised they were missing five days later.
edit on 4 22 2018 by dashen because:

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:41 AM
jadedANDcynical and more post hurricane PR shenanigans, Adrian Lamo was a notorious hacker (Gained access to NYTimes and others, and hes the one that turned in Chelsea Manning. He died in March ,
Cri minal Referrals for Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Strzok, Page, etc sent to AG Sessions on April 18, Fox news is reporting over 640 lbs explosives were stolen from a Pennsylvania work site over the weekend.

, "The Feast of Moloch"
, All happened during the Feast of Moloch ,


Criminal Referral Issued For Comey, Clinton, Lynch And McCabe; Rosenstein Recusal Demanded, carewemust enjoying CNNS nervous breakdown, , Rush was in hysterics at the fact that the Dems have pinned all their hopes on a pornstar
, If you've noticed, the Dims have stopped talking about that "Blue Wave" in November they had hoped for. Now, they're trying to avoid a bloodbath.,
, Fire breaks out on Delta plane at Atlanta airport, How Tony Podesta , a Washington Power Broker, Lost It All TOO F**KN BAD TONY, Obamas uninvited to royal wedding.

Scoop - Miami Herald Sues for Court Records Involving Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Sex Trafficking Ring , eisegesis and OOPS, MIND CONTROL, ,
, The lady who died on Southwest Airlines yesterday was Jenifer Riordan a Wells Fargo Executive. Hmmmm. , possible that GA was SENT by Q-Team to ATS for help, YOU WISH JW lol, YOU WISH!, The Hill: McMaster Fathers death being investigated as suspicious, Laura Loomer going off on Comey at a book signing of his thread
,, VOAT was just taken down as bloodhounds were combing the dark web in search of a certain leaked video.. ,
, 42d chess, The Largest Pyramid on Earth is in North Korea! Plus More.,
, Damascus – OREGON Temple of Oculus Anubis, House Hacking Suspects’ Father Transferred Data To Pakistani Government, Ex-Partner Claims, Comey friend hints forthcoming report could be damning for Loretta Lynch,


Perfectenemy wonders How does a moron like Comey become FBI director in the first place, Queen wants Prince Charles to succeed her as Head of the Commonwealth.
, Loretta Lynch was an old friend, Harvard classmate and sorority sister to Eric Holder's wife, Sharon Malone, "FOLLOW THE WIVES" , Eric Holder’s wife wins ‘executive privilege’ for ‘Fast and Furious,’ watchdog says
, Comey is trying to put a smiley face on the Deep State. , Wikipedia page for Peter Dalglish., The IG has recommended a criminal indictment for McCabe. It's starting.. , SES update for those
, High Holy Day: Lexington and Concord 1775 by Bill Buppert, Rosenstein Told Trump He’s Not a Target in Mueller Probe, Sources Say, Soros to be banned from Hungary?, Anons on Infinity are currently complaining that Apple no longer lets them post to the board since the recent update. , AgarthaSeed shares a list of possible charges, Voat is still gone. It was the LARGEST and most COMPREHENSIVE source of pgate materials on the Internet. Not a good sign., Giuliani says he is joining Trump’s legal team to ‘negotiate an end’ to Mueller probe, New emails bolster GOP claims of FBI, DOJ 'coordination' on Clinton case response, if PG is Fake WTF is AgarthaSeed gonna do with ALL THESE MEMES?Grand Jury Investigation into Catholic Church in Pennsylvania reveals child sex abuse worse than previously thought, Why is there no further research into Anne Wojcicki,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
So let's see:

1. Reddit pgate forums removed

2. Voat (biggest pgate resource) removed

3. Julian Assange (pgate source) removed

4. Pgate removed from main board ATS

5. Flynn (pgate source) silenced

6. Seth Rich and Breitbart (pgate sources) killed

7. Mass-spamming of "pgate debunked" across Intenet.

The greatest war is the war on pgate related information. Thats what they are most worried about.

So far, they are winning this war. @Voat: Im counting on you to have saved all your data.
, Sky Events Team Building., Skyfloating Trusts THE PLAN, 'BLACK SKY EVENT', Michael Avenatti,, MountainLaurel wants to know more about SD
, All I know is that soon, CNN is going to need a bigger hooker. ,

TICK TOCK LOL, SKY Harbor Airport,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:41 AM

Apr 19 2018 18:53:11 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 549b47 1106719

Pelosi admits travel to North Korea [past].
Archive immediately.
They have tried to ‘cover’ this.
Why is this relevant?
These people will lose everything.

, DOJ Inspector General Refers McCabe For Criminal Charges,
, Pelosis networth in 2008 was around $31 million and reached around $100 million in 2010. Yeah that's not suspicious at all. , ABC: North Korea will accept denuclearization without conditions,


Bloombeg: Investors are losing patience with Elon Musk , Vanity Fair: Elon Musks week from hell keeps getting worse,
, Interesting. Man linked to 9/11 attacks on U.S. captured in Syria: Pentagon ,
, Top 100 most damaging Wikileaks on Hillary Clinton, Government accidentally sends file on "remote mind control" methods to journalist
, Trump did mention that Comey better hope there are no tapes. If they are real then Comey just nuked himself. , Well that sounds like Comey is toast. Nunes, Gowdy, Goodlatte Statement on Comey Memos,
, the Warehouses? ,
, I don't see people connecting the inventory of the Cohen raid with the NYPD tape. , Federal Reserve ending?
, Satanists and followers of Lucifer prepare for April 19th, crankyoldman finds an interesting memo, Comey can't even handle Laura Loomer's questions. Imagine being called for an interview in the McCabe case. Comey will first hide behind a curtain, then wet himself, The father of Hip Hop and Rothschild friend Russel Simmons raped or sexually assaulted at least 14 women according to this Rolling Stone article[/url, [url=]CNN: Kim Jong Un says US Troops can stay in South Korea,

originally posted by: Skyfloating

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

TRUST him. That's The Plan.

Awaken us from the cult of Q, where we have been brainwashed into becoming useful idiots of an attempted military dictatorship that intends to mass murder all opposition under the guise of cracking down on alleged pedophile satanists.

As the months pass, the world blossoms in peace and prosperity. "Unsolvable conflicts" seem to melt away. Where once there was Fire and Fury from North Korea, there is now a friend. Where once there were ruthless terrorists calling themselves ISIS, there is now silence. Where once there was an MSM creating divisive narratives between black and white, there is calm. Where once Hollywood was overrun with rapists and extortionists, there is now freedom.

Its been happening. It is happening. It will continue to happen.

, IgnoranceIsntBlisss because i felt bad he types so much, , LurkNoMore w DANK MEMES & BANTZ & LINKS, Alexa... "What's the price of Bitcoin?" , RelSciHistItSufi digs into Pelosi $$$,

It is significant former Director Comey made no effort to memorialize conversations with former Attorney General Lynch despite concerns apparently significant enough to warrant his unprecedented appropriation of the charging decision away from her and the Department of Justice in July of 2016.
, LurkNoMore plays MAGA the GATHERING
, So Amazon filed a patent in 2014 to create a database of all subscribers that are Bitcoin users...for Law enforcement.
THIS is Bezos...So why would the Clowns want to know who uses Bitcoin? , HALF of the US B-2 Bomber force is active above the US today, SKY event?, LurkNoMore follows the PEN,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:43 AM

originally posted by: dashen
Good morning Q continuum.
Ignorance isn't Bliss finally got through to me with the incessant whining.
I have a plan . which is really his plan that I'm taking credit for from here on in. With the release of Q thread a number 6 I would like for every willing and able sh!tposter to pick two to four topics that Q has dropped and we have researched and make a thread.
I think the greatest effect would be had if we had the same heading to all of the threads such as # Loop capital - A Q thread. #
we should coordinate and make sure we don't repost the same topic twice.
I'm talking Mass saturation red pilling here.
Who's with me?

eisegesis says "Gold In Peace, iron in WAR,

Well if it isn’t our favorite Speaker of the House—or was she a pizza parlor owner, RelSciHistItSufi
Unanswered Q V3.6 208 04 20 incl. Magic Square Tool
Q Posts PICS V3.6 upto 20180420,
, McCabe: The Inspector General is a Joke and There’s No Way I’m Getting Prosecuted, Democratic Party files suit alleging conspiracy by Trump campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks to sway 2016 election

originally posted by: IAMTAT

That's all I was asking for. We definitely should not abandon the mega threads

Just put one up as test:

Let's see how this one goes!, LOL, not well
, The DOJ is now investigating Comey. ,

originally posted by: Lilroanie
The only way I see that idea working is doing like you all have been only more often maybe? In other words don't make a post saying anything about Q, instead make one regarding the INFO you've uncovered, like LOOP for instance. Detail the connections made, instead of who the guide was.

That's the most important thing to me in this whole ride. The connections revealed and the people involved and how they are connected. Let that info out into other threads, the connections, the hinky sh*t everyone has found. To me Q has been a guide to where to look and what to look at to answer questions I have had for 30+ years about HOW it was all connected and how 'they' were pulling off destroying the world.

Either way though, I still think these threads need to be our main focus, cause the whole stream of consciousness, throwing ideas off each other is how it works so well to find the answers.
, ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack arrested for role in alleged sex cult,
, Greetings from gitmo?, Mar-A-Lago?, LurkNoMoreis a MAGA the Gathering master, BREAKING: Inspector General Investigating James Comey Over Classified Information, Developing: Obama CIA Chief John Brennan Made Secret Visit to Russia Around Same Time as Fusion GPS Produced anti-Trump Memos, BUG ZAPPER THREADS, LurkNoMore and i am because we are?, jadedANDcynical GIVES AN AMAZING SYNOPSIS OF THIS CRAZY TRIP, , PA YBACK: Broward Deputies Turn on ‘Corrupt’ Sheriff Israel; Vote Looms to Remove Entrenched Sheriff After School Shooting Debacles, North Korea: No need for more missile tests,

originally posted by: MountainLaurel
Awesome....Jan and Tiger are back, we have Mama J far the World is still in turning....Life is Good !!
Gonna catch up on today's posts , Happy to be Home !

MSNBC and CNN are having a Hooker/golden shower/pee contest.,
,Wendy wasserman Schultz?, "Misspellings matter" - Q ,

originally posted by: Perfectenemy

Trump would make my entire year if he managed to snuck in a Noodles.
, Sessions told White House that Rosenstein’s firing could prompt his departure, too, Nobel Prize Judges Face Crisis 'Worse Than One Can Imagine' After Resignations
, WTF is xuenchen even talking about bro?, Understand the Strategy , HOW MANY HAVE MORE POSTS THAN STARS? LOL!
, 'Wendingo'., xuenchen knows, crankyoldman
I_Am_Q, BAD TAT! VERY BAD!, maybe more subtle next time. , debunkers often come in pairs. , This radical departure from decades of warmongering is miraculous , Wendy Traurig Perlin. (Greenberg Traurig), Wendy Sherman, They killed threads on Reddit,4chan,8chan and now a whole platform like VOAT. , nteresting that the 'QANON Is Full Of Crap' thread is still up and running. , June 'ETA,', MotherMayEye consoles tat,

posted on Apr, 22 2018 @ 02:43 AM

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 1121272 NEW
Mack is naming names.
Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal).
The ‘Standard’ Hotel.
Helicopter crash.
All related.
Future will prove past.
Feeling ok today?
Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?
Tick TOCK (LLC).
, Seth RICH RIP, Nicholas Kokonas , TOCK LLC., tiredoflooking for places to back up info,

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 948590 1121353 NEW
Canary palm tree?
, The band aid on the middle finger is a huge red flag. Spirit cooking bastards..., erikthegreen finds similar hiring practices,

originally posted by: tigertatzen

There's an awful lot of emails in the Wikileaks archives referencing "Wendy Sherman". Lots and Lots.


Ha, the worm is turning. CNN forced to start reporting the new narrative! Amazing!

Eat the pain ritual, IAMTAT catches the Canary Palm Tree,
maggie nixon,

, Good Lord, these people are sick! ,

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