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Will be Ukraine Civil War the very last trigger of WWIII? Is this the accomplishment of Garabandal?

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posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 05:33 PM

The angel of light

Apparitions and Discernment

Canon Law and the Obligation of Obedience by the Faithful

As the bishops are entrusted with the responsibilities of discerning and ruling on apparitions as stemming from the nature of their office, so there are fundamental responsibilities on the part of the members of the diocese. First, they are to obey their bishops when the latter act as Christ's representatives (canon 212), that is, when they teach formally or establish binding discipline as pastors of a particular church. This obedience owed to the bishops in their capacity as leaders of particular churches is intended to promote the common good. Canon 753 also speaks of the "religious assent" owed to the bishops' teaching authority, which means a special quality of respect and gratitude, along with critical awareness and good will. Hence, there should be intelligent obedience to ecclesiastical authority in the matter of alleged apparitions.

The Dangers of Pushing False Apparitions

In 1882, Christ revealed to the stigmatist, Marie Julie Jahenny of La Fraudais, France that:

"During the time of the approach of the punishments announced at La Salette, an unlimited amount of FALSE REVELATIONS will arise from hell like a swarm of flies; a last attempt of Satan to choke and destroy the belief in the TRUE REVELATIONS by false ones."

EWTN Library - Apparitions

The first responsibility of the faithful is to remain firmly established in the faith, in the sacraments and in communion with the Pope and bishops. Any Catholic who gives their primary attention to alleged private revelation at the expense of Sacred Scripture, the teaching of the Church (especially the Catechism), sacramental practice, prayer and fidelity to Church authority is off course. The running after spiritual phenomena, such as alleged revelations, is condemned by St. John of the Cross as spiritual avarice. This means that pious souls who would be repulsed by crude materialistic greed think nothing of being greedy to know revelations and prophecies. An exclusive, or even a predominant attention to these matters (especially apocalyptic ones), cannot help but produce an unbalanced spirituality. Should the Church condemn some favorite alleged revelation such a person may find themselves believing more in it than in the supernatural authority of the Church. The devil will have succeeded in what he had set out to do.

The second responsibility is to have regard, in the first place, for those private revelations and apparitions approved by the Church. Within a balanced practice of the faith the edifying content of approved private revelations can be a motive for deeper piety and fidelity to the Gospel. God has chosen to give guidance to the Church in particular eras in this way and we would, as I noted above, be imprudent to disregard altogether what are credibly His prophetic interventions in the life of His Church.

Finally, there are many other private revelations that have not received Church approval. The Second Vatican Council urges us to discern the Spirit in the case of such extraordinary graces [Lumen gentium 12], which means being neither gullible or incredulous, but subjecting them to all relevant theological and human tests of credibility. Clearly, in this the judgment of the local bishop is the key element of such a discernment as I noted above. Often enough, unfortunately, the laity are left to make this determination themselves, relying on the testimony of the events, the judgment of holy and orthodox priests and common sense. It must always be kept in mind that however credible and reasonable such revelations seem to be, God would never ask one to separate oneself from the faith and discipline of the Church to follow it.


By the way, she stole it and hid it in her mouth, showing it at just the right time for the photograph. It's not that hard to do. The girls admitted that it never happened. I gave the names of the priests the girls told that they didnt' have any apparitions.
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posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

OF COURSE, later it was found that HE HAD PROFITED ALOT, IN PERSONAL ECONOMIC ASPECTS, of the collection in the basilica along many years, he built a personal capital stolen donations and so HE WAS GUILTY OF CORRUPTION ACTS IN ADMINISTRATING IT.

In your condemnation discrediting of the acts of the Monsignor (and his declaration that Garabandal was fake) aren't you also condemning acts this authoritative Roman Catholic church has done and discrediting it?

Corruption, building personal capital based on lies (indulgences), administrative corruption (Vatican Bank), shielding pedophile priests and covering facts up??
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posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan
Conchita reportedly admitted to Father J. Pelletier that she herself had stolen the Host from the tabernacle for the so-called mystical communion.

Just before the visions in Garabandal the four seers had stolen apples. The first vision reportedly began when the girls decided to steal some apples from a schoolteacher's tree. An unseen force reportedly forced the girls to their knees. In this first apparition they saw what appeared to be a holy angel.

Conchita was reportedly often caught in contradictions.

Dear Flyersfan,





This only statement lead me TO BE SURE THAT YOU CAN'T BE MEMBER OF ANY RELIGIOUS CATHOLIC ORDER, So you are a complete FAKE.

Sorry, few times I need to be so open, but you have underestimated a lot my ability to see across your claims, again they are an insult of the intelligence of almost anybody that knows the subject.

By the way whoever pretend to be a religious, without actually being, or to say that is in possession of Secret of others' confession is not far from committing blasphemy of the worst kind, that is just to leave you something to think about.

I am not going to pretend to be your professor in Sacred History or in Theology but it is good to recall you that GUADALUPE AND LOURDES AT THEIR TIME AND PLACE WERE MIRACLES THAT WERE NOT ACCEPTED BY THE BISHOPS THAT HAVE TO DEAL THEM IN FIRST INSTANCE, the same happened with Joan the Arc, that by the way was condemned unfairly to die in the fire by the English Catholic Inquisition, although today is venerated as a Saint.

Grave mistakes can occur even in the church hierarchy and H.H John Paul II, as well as HH Benedict XVI accepted this as in many cases:

So it takes A LOT OF TIME AND MULTIPLE INQUIRIES OF THE INQUISITION For a miracle to be ACCEPTED MANY YEARS AFTER it happen as AUTHENTIC, but even that decision is not infallible, and grave mistakes can be committed along the process.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The peace of God to all that belong the light,
Dear Readers,

Father Pio WAS NOT ASKED ON GARABANDAL MIRACLE JUST ONE TIME, but a lot, until he became even irritated of the skepticism given to his own concepts on it, and supposedly he was in direct communion with God in a way few people have experienced along the entire History of The church, he is a Saint of the most high credibility.

Therefore, we can think that he himself asked about the authenticity of Garabandal to God or To St Mary, so this represents an additional element of credibility to discuss on the subject, his statements were not supported in mere human opinions but in actual communion with God, with the Holy spirit at least.

let me also insist, it is good that you don't believe the first thing the people say, but also it is important that you understand that what Fatima says of an Apostasy inside the Catholic church is a very real thing, so divided opinions in the Church are not surprising after all.

Father Pio himself was attacked several times in life by people that believed to be good Catholics and that tried to expose him as a false prophet or that his stigmata was not of supernatural origin, think on that please.

He was banned to say mass and also isolated of the rest of the people, all this by orders of the most high ecclesiastic authorities, that were not convinced of his sanctity.

The risk of Apostasy is so clear that even was predicted or at least projected as a hypothesis to various religious people in history( St Cajetan is a good example) long time ago too, not only through children contacted by the Holy Virgin,

Here a prophecy in a letter of father Pio that is consistent with all the stuff we are discussing here of Garabandal and that shows that the facts were are seeing are not exclusively predicted in just one vision of the past.

Also there is an interesting vision of Sor Faustina Kowalska that points in a similar direction,

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

A house divided against itself will not stand, do not be surprised that there are forces whom would seek to destroy God's servant's on earth or set them against one another as they do so often by setting the different denomination's against each other and of these are the Judas goat's the worst, they whom wear the wool of a lamb but are inwardly wolf's, some are priests whom have commited terrible sin's that have not only harmed there victim's but through the privellage of position were protected by there church, not only catholic but anglican, protestant, and (here is one I do not follow but if they are our lords flock we will leave there false shepherds to his judgement as they whom know they are false must face his wrath but the innocent of faith will probable be there with him) mormon's come to light on this matter.
The church has been wounded but so then was christ, the difference if they whom have wounded the church the greatest where within and did so in hypocrasy and atheism or worse Evil or demonic reason's.
Currently all the church's of the west face another corruption from much closer to home than there old ideological enemy and this is the hidden enemy whom has usurped and corrupted the already excomunicated and outlawed Masonic sects which lost there church support once it was revealed they were using symboloic and magical ceremony by claiming within there secretive and rich order's that christ is lucifer above there 32nd degree in direct controvention to his own word's about being called BallZebub, I do not know if you have heard of this but the origin of this near to home vileness came from an order of darkness called the Hellfire club in england and with other name's in other country's whom secretly worshiped satan and which infiltrated this brotherhood at it's very highest echelon's and perverted it's already mis-guided heart to it's own end's, but like a family once it's memebers are IN at the lower rank's of there club's where they can make business transactions and deal's behind those closed door's they will then defend it tooth and nail and even as it has diseased western society by sheltering corruption and brought about an atheist age which sadly was helped by the wolf's in sheep's clothing many of whom were also member's of these sect's.

I will tell you something and it is the root of my faith in the Holy mother as well as my Anglican mothers faith in her, My mother whom has lived a life of hell and been robbed of a great wealth in this world and of a inherited title (though let's be fair all inherited titles are hypocritical lies) as well as seeing many of my siblings fall to the temptation of pay off's when she tried to gain justice for her children and no herself, was once dying and indeed did die as the Midwife had left the afterbirth in after my sister Jeanette (one of the lost one's whom betrayed her own mother) had been born and my mother's heart stopped, Now my mother heard beautiful singing before this as she was dying with the septicemia (the so called rational's claim it is from blood in the ears as they try to rationalise everything simply because they do not believe), she found herself walking up a mountain then down into a valley and up a taller mountain with mountain's all around, there was a beautiful woman radiant with a golden light and calling her beckoning with her hand to come but My mother suddenly remembered her children and though she wanted to go she turned and ran back shouting No I hate you - which she does not or she would never have told her children or asked the virgin for help, My mother recovered, (Now I will tell you this my Mother truly believes in her, in Jesus and In God but seldom pray's).
One year about 1987 My mother told my sisters lynne and Jeannette that they did no believe but a white rose would bloom at christmas and it was Our lady's rose, on christmas day of that year A white rose, perfect bloomed in the garden in the snow but they still did not believe.
I came home one night feeling very, very ill and My mother prayed for me as she as deeply worried for her 17 year old son, I woke feeling awful and there was a woman in white feintly visible but she felt so Present and real, the image was of a woman whose Face I could not see but she was in the traditional white hooded robe and was making a sign of the cross with a rosary (we where never church goer's and never raised as catholic's), now I would have expected myself to fall on my knee's and pray but instead I felt much as I had when my mother comforted me as a child and held my leg which used to ache and simply in that motherly feeling, comfortable and safe knowing it was all ok now I fell fast asleep to awaken perfectly well the next day.
One thing My mother has never asked for money off god, EVER though as she got older she worried about her children and for all the bad things Jeanette and Lynne and Terry and Franky and Sharon have done she loves them nevertheless, forgiving them but angry with them and my mother was used for experimentation as a child so her body is a map of unnecessary surgery, she is now 81 and has had nine of us (though she only has half a hip and has had two very bad husband's) with me being the youngest. My mother alway's used to tell me to leave god alone he has the whole world to look after and there are people suffering and starving everywhere, his heart must be broken, as though I was very faithful we have never really been church goers though I went through a bad spell from 1993 onward and got mixed up with other christian faith and some alternative belief's but never left my belief in God, his son Jesus our lord whom is both his son and God in human form and his mother our lady, though I feel like many do I must have dissapointed god terribly and am as far from perfect as can be.
We are just ordinary people, not saint's, not special but God and his angel's do not only appear to them they also go to the ordinary, Remember how mosed said he was no good with word's but god allowed him to use Aaron and Mosed had to learn God works through us.
We can not see his plan and sometime's we are angry with him, then we think others are bad but as we get older sometimes we find ourselved drawn into the dark but hold that dear lifeling for it is all we have and no matter how dark as long as we hold on he will not let us go either.
Jesus put it this way, Only God is good.
peace and may god's guidence and protection be with you.

I will probably die a poor man with non to remember me and am angry with myself for being swayed to my own innate corruption's but I truly believe in christ and hope on him (though I am not certain if he will welcome me or not).
All we can do in life is try never to harm or wrong another person and If it is within our power and we are in the place and time to help whom god send's to us for help.

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posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Dear Labtech,

All your post is pretty interesting and I sincerely thank you to bring your personal spiritual experiences into the thread,
since anyway the real miracle that was promised to occur, by the Holy Mother of God, in her apparition of Garabandal is
precisely a spiritual revival of millions of souls, that are going to realize that the eternal salvation is more important than
any temporal achievement and that we need to repent of sins, if we want to protect the world of more terrible crisis that
come as part of the chastisement.

Now, one aspect that has caught my attention, on your post, is the reference to the Masonry, that is so extended and also
so powerful in America. Free masons have had tremendous influence in modeling the American society, through a tremendous
political weight in both Parties, but especially on politicians that are favored a extreme secularism of the state.

Free Masons are also in behind some of the most fierce prosecutions against the Catholic church, and also against the Orthodox
one in eastern Europe before the arrival of the Communism. The regime of Terror in France was carried out precisely by very well
known Masons like Robespierre.

The French revolution since its very beginning showed clearly that was fighting against the existence of an official faith of the State, that was clearly stated by Voltaire and Rousseau. It is also difficult to forget that Napoleon Bonapart, a free mason, kidnapped the Pope HH Pius VII to force him to assist to his crowning ceremony as emperor of the French people. In the long run the Pope became prisioner for six years.

Many of the most aggressive Spanish politicians of the anticlerical republic proclaimed in the 1930s were masons. Under that regime that was absolutely antireligious grave crimes and atrocities were committed against not only the clergy but the civil Christian population.

Also In the western hemisphere horrible prosecutions against not only the clergy but the civil population, with extreme violence, to prevent the continuation
of the religious services, happened in Mexico with massacres, violation of nuns, expropriation of all the ecclesiastic properties, that
happened by Benito Juarez, Mason of the 33th order, and also under Plutarco Elias Calles and Lazaro Cardenas del rio, both high ranked
free masons.

Now, the Catholic church committed the mistake to flexibilize its traditional position condemning the Masonry in the Vatican II council and instead to gain the respect of the free masons, was in filtered, and they performed terrible acts of corruption specially with respect to the finances of the Holy see, even it is said that being discovered by the HH Pope John Paul I, they decided to kill him.

John Paul I was a Pope that ruled the Catholic church for only 33 days in 1978, he looked extremely healthy and also relatively young when was elected but in just one month he suffered a supposed heart attack.

Pls read:

No autopsy was authorized by the Vatican on the body of John Paul I , so that instead to clarify the rumors made them even stronger and more believable.

That might be perhaps the most clear signal of incoming Apostasy in the Church, something that is not only predicted in the third secret of Fatima but even suggested by Nostradamus,


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

For the ones of you that want to go deeply in to the authentication of the miracle of Garabandal, here it is a very interesting article written by Father Joseph Pelletier.

This priest is the same that was falsely referred by the lady that also pretended to be a member of a religious order, as supposedly saying that the seer Conchita "confessed to him" her lies on the subject.

In these articles you can read that he has never said that apparition was a Hoax, instead of that he is one of the most fervent defenders of it. Hence, what this woman has said about him and Conchita Gonzalez is of course a horrendous calumny that only could be manufactured by a real evil mind.

I expect that after this clarification no more impostors dare to come here to bring their very biased arguments against the cause of Garabandal thinking that they can do it without being detected.


Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 04:58 AM
reply to post by The angel of light


The Topic - Will be Ukraine Civil War the very last trigger of WWIII? Is this the accomplishment of Garabandal?

The Answer - NO ... because Garabandal was a hoax, the children themselves admitted it. The FACT that the children admitted to the hoax is something that the Garbandal cult devotees are proud of. To them it somehow confirms the apparition because it was allegedly prophecied by 'Mary' that the children would deny the apparition. So the answer is - NO, the Ukraine Civil War will not be the very last trigger of WWIII in some kind of 'accomplishment of Garbandal' ... because of the bottom line ... that being that the children themselves said that it didn't happen.

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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Dear Labtech767,

I think this is another extremely important point that you mentioned in your post. One of the reasons for which it is interesting to analyze the prophetic experience in connection with this current so inestable political, social and economic situation that is affecting in some many points of the planet, is that many of the seers that have mentioned it in advance were really not outstanding people, not at least before to have the vissions.

The children that got the vissions of Fatima, Garabandal, Lourdes or Medjugorje were all humble people, coming from very average families, living in poverty, were not even related with any religious institution, and were simple persons that however were blessed with paranormal experiences that many mystics might want to have experienced.

Also some of the figures we now consider great Mystics as Father Pio or Sister Kowalska were never among the high Eclesiastic hierarchy, they were not principals of any monastic order, they were certainly persons of a extremely strong faith but they were humble members of religious communities.

The Same can be said of Nancy Fowler, the seer of Conyers Georgia, she was a very average middle class single mother with not too much formal education.

This lack of previous prestige, social status, formal education or position of authority is interesting, since these persons donot match with the kind of people that might have means to manufacture in a relatively easy way stories to impress others, they were no professional fiction authors or lecturers, they were in many cases ileterate persons.

That is a constant along many of the Marian apparitions, that also occured with Guadalupe in which a native american was contacted by the Holy Virgin, in the mountain of Tepejac.

Even if we believe that what Grigori Rasputin had in the middle of the woods of the Russian Taiga, around the same Ural region in which recently an asteroid exploided, was a true Marian apparition , he also match with the same humble profile of other seers.

Rasputin was a very simple Russian Peasant that , however, suddenly thanks to his personal mystic experiences and also extraordinary curative powers became a unique person in the Imperial court just before the collapse of the Russian Empire. He claimed that he was also assigned with a mission by the Holy mother of God, to try to save Russia of a terrible collapse, and prevent to be used by Satan to spread ateism around the world.

I think the fact that these seers were not Bishops or great teologians of any Church makes more believable their spiritual experiences, suggest that they can be after all authentic and not a mere strategy of religious propaganda.

If we refer to cases like Guadalupe, Lourdes, fatima well We are talking about times in which there was no telecommunications technology developed. Even in the most recent cases, as Medjugorje ,there was no internet at all, since it happened in Eastern Europe at the 1980s, and also of peasants living in rural areas where also there was no TV or many other modern facilities that were accessible in big cities.

The apparition in Egypt in 1968, for instance, occurred in a coptic church that was located in a region with also great muslim population and the sanctuary was visited by a lot of people that were not Christians but saw the Virgin Mary, it was a phenomenon with thousands of witnesses, all very common people .

There is even photos taken to the Virgin by the media present in the place,

these images match a lot with the one that was also taken to her in Garabandal and that is one of the best objective evidences of the phenomenon occured in that little peasants village of Spain in the early 1960s.

Thanks again for your very interesting post,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,

While the President of Ukraine is still in a run, and is accused of crimes of brutality and massacres against the population, An increasing trend of separatism is taking the control of Crimea Peninsula, where the civilians went into the streets to express
openly their rejection to the political changes in Kiev and proclaim their right to assume their own political destinity, they are claiming for independence and calling the support of Russia to confront the facto government of Ukraine.;_ylt=AwrBEiTRFQ1TLncAbsnQtDMD

The usurpator Oleksander Turchinov has openly declared to western media his concerns about a possible disintegration of Ukraine, knowing that his really unpopular in regions that are densed populated by ethnical russians and do not want to be part of country entering in military pacts or alliances against Russia.

Where it is right now the constitutional President of Ukraine is still a mystery, but it is likely that he is somewhere in Eastern Ukraine where he still has a lot of supporters.;_ylt=AwrBEiFWGQ1TA2sAxTbQtDMD

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I just want to comment that I have traced the supposed Catholic sources in which you have supported your attacks to the authenticity of the Miracle of Garabandal.

Those links are not official sites at all of the Roman Catholic church and do not belong to any religious order that is
Catholic, neither to the Holy see or the Vatican city Nor to any other authorized media through which the Catholic church use to
post their own comments about different subjects.

They are actually advertising sites of authors that write books about catholic topics, but it is uncertain even if they are really members of the church.

You have used, in your posts here of February 24th 2014, the following references, creating the impression that they are official Catholic ones, that might be condemning or exposing Garabandal as a fraud:


This site belongs to an American author called Richard Salvato that lives in California, his contact information appears at the bottom of the main page of the site you quoted:

Email Richard Salbato at

or slow mail to

Richard Salbato,

PO Box 416, Crestline, CA, CA 92325,

or call



This site belongs to the Author Donal Anthony Foley , who lives in Nottingham England and whose contact information is:

For details, information, etc., e-mail:

Theotokos Books, Nottingham, England

Please note that the PO Box Number previously given as the address of Theotokos Books (PO Box 8570, Nottingham), is no longer in use, and so any orders etc., should not be sent to that address - please contact the email address above for the current postal address of Theotokos Books.

Site Contents Copyright © 2000-2014 Donal Anthony Foley & named authors. All rights reserved.


This site belongs to some other author that even is quite difficult to identify clearly, since he does not dare to post his own name, we only know that possible he is called or nicknamed Maximus Maximus, as it appears in the email address linked to the page.


Email Address:
Location: United States

Those are the supposed Catholic sources in which you base all your argument against The authenticity of Garabandal and a supposed confession of Hoax, and from which you also have posted links to documents that supposedly are available online although they belong to private archives of the Catholic church of Spain.

I don't know how legally in America the persons that were witnesses of Garabandal miracle can act against anybody that pretend to be in possesion of a non existent confession of fraud, that by the way I have already explained couldn't be through a priest since violates the secrecy of confession, but I am sure that to repeat what is posted in non official sites of the Church is certainly so risky.

I have investigated with trully Catholic sources the references you have cited. There is no endorsement of any official Catholic authority or the Vatican city to those sites as belonging to any branch of the Church in America or in England. It is quite surprising that documents, that supposedly belong to a Bishop office, might appear published in private sites of writers that also claim to have exclusivity on all the information posted by them, apparently protected legally and moreover with American Copyrights.

I just want to add a warning: to post publically information that either is false or it is not enough confirmed at all, that might compromise the official position of an international corporation, or a foreign Country, as it is the case of the Roman Catholic church or the Holy See, in aspects that concerns to credibility is something that can be penalized by law, since could enter in what is called public diffamation.

In the same manner, archives of the Church can't be reproduced liberally to support any claim without its consent, as it seems those authors are doing, and to falsify them would be a so serious crime, penalized by Law, since it might be falsification of official documents.

In Spain the Catholic church records have a special status that gives them the right to act or be used in civil matters, like marriages, defunctions or birth certificates in a similar way than the ones of civil authorities.

No more comments from my side.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by The angel of light

I remember Pope paul the 1st, he was a just man whom was too liberal for some in the church and was apparently going to repeal certain edicts against woman in the priesthood, he was incorruptable as well, on his nightstand an empty pill bottle was apparently seen and later removed, HE was definitely murdered but also be aware there are other dark forces such as the Mafia whom used the vatican bank for there own endeavour's and how the former vatican Banker was exectured in a litteral enactment of the Free Mason oath under the london bridge, half of his autopsy was concealed but he was executed following the curse mason's place on themselves if they break there oath.
You know the mason's really went BAD in the 1700's but maybe had bad members for a lot longer, they actually changed there oath following he devil cult's whom infiltrated them such as the hellfire club, They also corrupted the Rosicrution's whom were moderatly better though much less influentian and no less swayed by alchemy and it's mystical sorcery, the Rosictrution's though at that time at least had an oath in which they swore to fight satan in life and if possible in death, this lost oath is one reason I deny so called modern rosicrutions (Which are merely another masonic fringe) are actually rosicrution', Arguable the Rosicrution movement was a heretical movement but it was far better than the masons from a spiritual point of view.
Here is some information on the Hellfire club, look at the rank of it's members and remember these were also high ranking masons, the NAZI party was also a very strongly masonic organization.

The rich, powerful and corrupt elite whom still run the world today.

Here is some information on that dark cult.

Even in that darkness christ can still save them.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 07:20 AM

The angel of light

This only statement lead me TO BE SURE THAT YOU CAN'T BE MEMBER OF ANY RELIGIOUS CATHOLIC ORDER, So you are a complete FAKE.

You on the other hand must be a true Catholic since you are so judgemental and cock-sure as to what religion someone is without never having met them, only from discourse on a conspiracy site. I know because I am a lapsed Catholic and left because of people like you. I got fed up with the hypocricy. I've learned that one can have a relationship with God and be spiritual without a possible pedophile as mediator for forty minutes on a Sunday morning.
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posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by UnBreakable

I think that you too are being judgemental, The church will have to answer priest by priest when they pass over to there judgement as the one's whom will face the harshest judgement will be they whom acted in the Lord's name but not for his name and such priests as peodophile's will I truly believe be cast down, I personally do not believe a priestly confession box can ever wipe away sins but indeed Christ can, What is repentance? and if you Truly pray to god he may hear you, I have seen the power a group of christian's praying together can have and how a very ill person recovered, indeed the hospital were shocked as the tumor had simply vanished and they could not find it.
Have you ever done something so wrong or that you found was so wrong that afterward if you possibly could you would give all you gained from that act and all the same again on top to put it right or you would give up everything to make it right, well that is repentance and for each wrong god will want a measure for a measure of TRUE repentance and not a hypocrit whom think's then can do wrong and simply go into a box and say "Oh I did this" then the priest say's "Say so many Hail mary's" and may him feel clean to he can continue to run his protection racket like the rest of the mafia, so I can understand a part of where you are coming from BUT the poster is under attack in the wrong here and you know it.
One thing christ was not keen on was a priest whom claimed to be whiter than white when his servant's and in particular the one christ called the greatest man ever born John the Baptist walked in sackcloth not purple silk's and palaces but that is not for You or ME to judge and that day will come when the Lord decides but until then know they are his flock , As for peodophile's they are not only in the catholic church but before poking the rod have a look at all religion's were men have a position of respect and people trust them, I have heard of Rabbi's, Immam's and protestant as well whom have commited these offence's, Teachers, police officer's and foster carer's amongst other's, it is not the priesthood but the people whom have joined it and this show's a willfull failure on there part to screen these type of ANTI CHRIST out.
But it was never about the priest so as to place him on such a pedestal is to deify him in blasphemy of God, Catholic's call the priest Father in honour of God but many mistake the meaning and so Deify the priest, the same thing happens with priests in all church but You do correctly say a relationship between yourself and god is the only one that count's, yet did not christ say "Where there are two or more gathered in my name there I shall be also" so if not an organised congregation what did he mean, So forgive the Church even if you can not forgive the priest's as in reality the church is not the priesthood or the pope it is the act of faith and unity in christ, the giving of yourself to christ when ever you take the sacremant, His body in the host, then give your body to him and silently ask him to guide you, his blood in the wine then give your life into his hand's.
If when you take the sacremant of any church you only see it as symbolic and do not have faith you are communing with christ then you are not at a christian communion even if those around you are.
Stop hating the church for a group of anti christ perverts in costume and see it as the billion's of people whom believe in christ then ask yourself what type of world will it be if that is gone as indeed yourself and those like you are in the process of bringing about and consider the morality and code's which restrained the worst of the past even if only a little and how much worse it will be without that moral oversight.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Hi Dear Labtech767,

Although usually Free Masons and Rosucrucians use to be classified both under the label of secret societies, that by the way it is quite ambiguous, since in that same classification somebody could put also the mafias or any other criminal organization, I think they are quite different in many aspects.

First all, I think it is a more correct classification as philosophical societies or fraternities, also I believe Free masons are more Political than anything else, is some kind of society that look for the control of the political power, and to make it the only one ruling nations, suppressing the role of any religious authority, while Rosucrucians are more Mystical fraternity.

As far as I know Rosucrucian never have ambitioned political power, they are more interested into boost alchemy, a kind of mysticism that preexisted to the Christianism since has its roots in the ancient Egyptian civilization. They are recipients of the Hermitic philosophy, so they have had notable men of science along history in their lanes, as for instance Blas Pascal, Rene Descartes, the Count of Cagliostro, as well as the Count of St Germain, or Isaac Newton and possibly also Leonardo Da Vinci.

Free masons have always had a lot of Political figures as members, since that is their principal ambition, although it is also known that they ambition the Economic power, so they also have ties with some of the most important Bankers of Europe and America.

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt were Free masons, as well as Sam Houston and Benjamin Franklyn, in America, and well I have already mentioned a lot of French politicians from Voltaire to Napoleon in France. French and American Revolutions were in great part Free mason movements.

As far as I know Rosucrucians never have intended to take political or economic power, they are more a genuine Esoteric brotherhood, interested just in spiritual evolution. It seems that also Rosucrucians have had a connection with the Teosophical societies that have appeared in XX century in England, France and America, around the teachings of Madame Helena Blavatsky.

It is said that even important members of the Catholic church were at some point Rosicrucians, one of them seems to be HH Pope John XXIII, although that is a claim that was never confirmed or accepted by the Catholic Church.

However, the Italian writer and journalist Pier Carpi in 1976 surprised the world publishing a compilation of a body of prophecies that he attributed to John XXIII and that supposedly were given to him by the Great Master of the Rosacrucian order of Rome.

The only attempt of Masons to enter into Religious affairs possibly is their connection with Mormonism.

Thanks for your posts,

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

I don't think I am being judgemental. I was just calling out a statement of someone being labeled a fraud because they disagreed with that member. Also I wasn't judging about through my pedophile statement. I used the word "possible" and didn't say every one of the clergy was one. I was just saying I don't need a priest and congregation to have a relationship with God. If other people find taking part in a community cannabilistic ritual once a week, where they partake of body and blood (bread and wine) of Christ, that's their perogative. I have plenty of family and friends who are religious in . I just dislike hypocrits where people go to chuch for an hour once a week and think k they're holier than thou, then treat their fellow man like sh#t for the rest of the week.

As Ghandi said: "I like your Christ, I do not like .your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by UnBreakable

I myself am not a church goer (though I truly value the sacrement and the communion of the congregation) but you have fallen into a very wrong interpretation of the sacrement, The host is representative of bringing the vessel of the holy spirit into yourself, The Sacrement is a reenactment of the last supper and the cannabilism is not a part of christianity but a very common misinterpretation, In essence you are unifying your self to the unity of christ and the living TEMPLE of the holy spirit, This is why when you take the host YOU give God your body and when you take the wine YOU give god your life.
I am truly sorry you have fallen under the spell of the fraternity of the anti christian atheists from whom this cannibal slander began and whom seek only to singly out thread's of religious christian discussion and find a release for there own anger and loss of faith, however subtle that release.
Ghandi was not a good man or a bad man but he was a inspirational idealist and a man whom inspired a nation, today hindu extremists persecute the christian indian minority, I like him as a person but he was so wrong about my faith as most so called christians are NOT chrisitians, many are called but few enter and I doubt I am one of them, still we live in hope, I can not prove to you what I know and have had my rant's and rage's with God but usually when letting off steam but after I came to my senses and not out of cowardice or fear of the almight but out of the simple fact I was wrong.
In all the Billion's of supposed christian's it is likely there are only hundred's of thousand's whom can really be called christian but for the rest as long as there shepherd is not blind and that flock is not abandonded by a bad shepherd there is hope for them.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 01:53 PM


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posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 02:07 PM
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You misunderstand me. I have neither anger or loss of faith. Also I'm not an atheist. I consider myself a realist. I believe in a Supreme Being (God, if you will) and the historical Jesus. I like his philosophy, I just doubt the deification myths attributed to him since they were assigned by man, who picked and choosed which books to include in the New Testament to fit their agenda. I know a lot of people who call themselves Christians but very few people who adhere to the teachings of Christ. To me Catholicism is a cafeteria religion where the supposed religious decide which rules to follow and which ones to ignore.

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

Yes and there as a very strong Gnostic tradition and reimagining of that ancient path by the christian inspired Rosi Crucis movement.
The Rose is gold because of the Gold of Ophir which also symbolises wisdom, The Rose also is as you know representative of the house of David and the Virgin Mary, while the Cross is both the Decision and the Crucifix.
There have been many chapter houses and they never originally stood against the church though while there are many honorable members the modern Rosicrutians are more a money makeing game and if the Real order still exist's it remains out of sight and is not to mistook for the AMORC or other 18th and 19th as well as 20th century reimagining's.
Other christian Gnosticism can be found in the story of Father Rosencrantze tomb (not a real person but a gnostic tool), His body was uncorrupted like the saint's, his tomb had seven side's and seven Lamps which burned perpetually like the seven candles of the seven church's.
The Rosicrution mystics were though a mixed bunch but many were great thinkers as unlike the black tower they tried to strive to the light and not power or wealth, though many did seek out the philosophers stone and for the crass that meant turning lead to gold but to the rosicrutions it meant christianized kabalistic mysicism and a search for enlightenment, it is indeed one of the few (because of it's secretive nature) gnostic sects to have survived in the west, were the masons began as a guild of litteral stone mason's whom worked to build the cathedral's but as that gave them status and early royal and church patronage it became a status symbol to be a mason, this meant members of other guild's and even noble's became honorary masons and over time it became more and more corrupt, then it was rumoured that in the 17th century they merged with a fallen rosicrution chapter in baveria whom broke there oath as well as with a merchant's guild, though as an order they have existed for less then 1100 years they claim to have proof they are older by far so this knowledge if true was probably from these other sources or else if fraud to give themselve credence as we have already seen how they corrupt the truth.
There is one Esoteric Text which every mason should read as it would have them soil there pant's if they truly believed in God and that is the Scroll which was found sealed in the monastery on Zion when an earthquake shattered the old stone work which had sealed up a doorway for near over a thousand years, that is called the codex sinaiticus and they would find what god will do with there stones as he choosed his own, A good early transcription was to be found in the 1980's editon of the secret's of mount sinai.

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