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The book that inspired the sinking of the Titanic?

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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 02:56 PM
I have noticed that there are quite a few Titanic threads on here and I didn't search them all. Quite frankly because I was tired of looking. My eyes hurt.

Any who!

Before you dismiss this as “conspiracy theory” you might want to read the book “Futility, the Wreck of the Titan” published in 1898, which predicted this event in almost exact detail 14 years before it happened! The novel is about a ship called the Titan, the largest ocean liner in the world that sinks in the North Atlantic after hitting an ice shelf—virtually identical to the Titanic disaster.

There are a lot of conspiracies about whether the ship was sank for personal gain on the ocean liners owners side due to bankruptcy. Or the fact the JP Morgan wanted certain people dead.

Or was the Titanic a death trap designed to murder billionaires like John Jacob Astor who withstood J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller’s plan for the Federal Reserve banking system now robbing the entire world, while financing international wars?

I am leaning towards believing that whoever concocted the idea to sink the ship whether it was Morgan/Rockefeller or White Star Line, OH WAIT WHITE STAR LINE WAS OWNED BY JP MORGAN created the idea from a book! A book called Futility, the Wreck of the Titan. Now do you really think that he wouldn't kill for money?

Similarities between Titanic and Titan:

The Titanic was the world’s largest luxury liner (882 feet, displacing 53,000 long tons), and was once described as being (nearly) "unsinkable".
The Titan was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men (800 feet, displacing 75,000 tons), and was considered "unsinkable".

The Titanic carried only 20 lifeboats, less than half the number required for her passenger capacity of 3000.
The Titan carried "as few as the law allowed", 24 lifeboats, less than half needed for her 3000 capacity.

Struck an iceberg
Moving too fast at 23 knots, the Titanic struck an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912 in the North Atlantic 400 miles away from Terranova.
Also on an April night in North Atlantic 400 miles from Newfoundland (Terranova) , the Titan hit an iceberg while traveling at 25 knots.

The Unsinkable Sank
The unsinkable Titanic sank, and more than half of her 2208 passengers died.
The indestructible Titan also sank, more than half of her 2500 passengers drowning, their "voices raised in agonized screams."

Differences between Titanic and Titan

The Titan does not strike the iceberg a glancing blow on a clear night, as is the case with the Titanic, but drives headlong onto an ice shelf possibly formed by the recent overturning of a berg, rising up and falling on her side.

The Titanic hit the iceberg in perfect sailing conditions, while the Titan hit the iceberg in bad, misty and foggy conditions.

705 people aboard the Titanic were saved, while only 13 of those aboard the Titan survived.

The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage, while the Titan had made several voyages.

Titanic sank while sailing from England to the USA, Titan was traveling in the opposite direction.

The Titan sinks a ship before hitting the ice. The Titanic came close to an accident with the New York but did not actually hit it.

The Titan had sails to improve her speed; Titanic did not.

The Titanic was the second of three nearly identical sister ships; the Titan had no sister ships.

I have always been saddened by this event and never gave it much thought until I saw a youtube video from buzzfeed about strange coincidences. It kind of triggered me digging a little deeper. ENJOY!

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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by VoidWalker

The Circumstances behind the Death of John Jacob Astor aboartd the Titanic as Recorded in the Testimonies of it's Survivors.........

" The Titanic Impacts the Iceberg . After the accident , Astor left his suite to investigate, he quickly returned and reported to his wife that the ship had struck ice. He reassured her that the damage did not appear serious.

Later, when the first class passengers had begun to congregate on the boat deck , the Astors sat on the mechanical horses in the gymnasium. They wore their lifebelts but Colonel Astor had found another and cut the lining with a pen knife to show his wife what it was made of.

Even as the boats were loaded Astor appeared unperturbed, he ridiculed the idea of trading the solid decks of the Titanic for a small lifeboat 'we are safer here than in that little boat' . He had changed his mind by 1:45 when Second Officer Charles Lightoller arrived on A deck to finish loading Lifeboat 4 . Astor helped his wife to climb through the windows of the enclosed promenade and then asked if he might join her, being as she was in 'a delicate condition'. Lightoller told him that no men could enter until all the women had been loaded. Astor stood back and just asked Lightoller which boat it was. After boat 4 was lowered at 1:55 Astor stood alone while others tried to free the remaining collapsible boats. "

The Sinking of the Titanic has always made me wonder why a Wealthy Man such as John Jacob Astor would stay aboard ship facing a Certain Death and try not to at Least Insist getting on a Lifeboat with his dear Pregnant wife and save himself . History records he did it out of Chivalry towards the Women and Children onboard the Titanic , but for some Reason I could never quite Believe that . What do you think Really happened to him ?
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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by Zanti Misfit

WOW! I did not know he did that! It's almost as if he is fearless or knows something nobody else knows. I don't know what to think of this! I will have to look into it! I do know that back in the day the wealthy women were loaded first.
Maybe he wasn't allowed on the boat with his wife?
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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 03:40 PM
More first-class men survived than third-class children. Ismay was the most infamous of that cowardly lot.

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by VoidWalker

I read this story in a book I got at a grade school book fair back in the 90s, come to think of it that book was full of conspiracy, but back then they called them mystery's. I guess i have been a conspiracy theorist since i was a wee tike

I personally don't think that this was a coincidence. Then again that's what any seasoned conspiracy theorist would say

Im gonna try and find that book
thank you for reminding me.

Also whats tptb doing handing out conspiracy literature to grade school students. What is there end game with that move!

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 11:57 PM

Lazarus Short
More first-class men survived than third-class children. Ismay was the most infamous of that cowardly lot.
makes you wonder

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by dobbiedabill

Yes, and did I read it here on ATS, that one theory is that the sinking was an insurance scam involving switching ID's between the Olympic and the Titanic? The Virginian was to take off the passengers, but the two ships did not make the planned contact. That telegram is very suspect - I smell a rat.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by VoidWalker

Thanks for the thread. I've been a big fan of the Titanic ever since I got a book at a 1988 or 1989 school book fair that showed the wreck, subs and technology to explore the Titanic. Since that time, I've watched every documentary I could about the ship.

It was back in the mid 2000's I learned about the book "Titan" and it's similarities. I honestly believe that something "fishy" went on. There's a thread here on ATS somewhere (I suck at using the new search so will leave that for anyone interested in attempting to find) about the switch between the Titanic and her sister ship. In fact, I just remembered I watched a neat little documentary about it on Youtube a while ago. I'll see if I can't find it.

Yep, found it:

Youtube link should the video not embed

The last five minutes of the documentary is extremely interesting as they show the name of the wreck which appears to be "Olympia".
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posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 05:11 AM
"It is a sad day for England when the policy of it's government are dictated by greedy and ruthless businessmen".

It's the first time i've been made aware of this story....and now everything just fall's into place.

We're spoon fed history, so nobody ever questions such a disaster.

This is an insurance scandal of the same measure as WTC lease holder Larry Silverstein..on WTC7 his inversion was an estimated 386,000,000. In 2002 Silverstein won 861,000,000 from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild. A cool 500,000,000 profit.
This is apart from his "double whammy" claim of 3,6 billion for each of the towers..

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 08:43 AM
That is all very interesting as I have never had time to look into Titanic. I always wondered why White Star even built 'Sister Ships' in the first place. Sounds counterproductive to me. Build one Ship then wait to build another one when you can upgrade it with better things.

I know it is impossible for people here to understand but rich people buy a lot of insurance! The value of that insurance is used as a hedge to borrow investment capitol. That is why insurance fraud is practicably impossible to get away with. The last thing you want to happen is to have that policy mature-then the margin will be called on the hedge you used to borrow the capitol!

If my library is insurance for a million dollars and it's only worth less than half that then the difference can be used as a hedge to borrow money to build another rental property. If the library is destroyed-and the policy matures-then I no longer have a hedge to insure the loan for the new rental house. The entire loan margin is due NOW!!!!!!

I know I'm wasting my time but those big payoffs ARE LOSSES!

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by Auricom

I watched the vid, and view of the bow just about clinches it. Case solved!

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 05:31 PM
That video pretty much puts all the pieces together.

In the big movie with Leo, they claimed the ship couldn't turn fast enough, and big media has always made it out like going full speed through icebergs was foolish, and not how the other ships operated, but that is how it was done. The Titanic should have missed the berg, but they conveniently just bumped it.

Empty ship hanging around doing nothing, and the skipper gets blamed for what happened. The only explanation is that he was supposed to rescue the people on the ship, but did not actively search for the Titanic when that is what they should have been doing.

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