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2014 Predictions by Famous Psychics

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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 05:53 PM
Just for information. Taylor Caldwell wrote of using colored lights, etc, in her novel "Dear and Glorious Physician," to treat illness and disease.
Now, giving benefit of the doubt. I read once, that all physics and seers had to be interpreted from their personal point of view and existence. Nostradamus needing to protect himself from the Church, would see any "anti" church activity as bad. Expectations and prejudgements will color the description. Lastly, as Edgar Cayce and others, lately the Remote Viewers, have reference. What they see, hear, etc, is a possible path of the future. Until the event occurs, the future is indeterminate.

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 06:19 PM
I predict:

-even more crazy weather
-cool tech breakthroughs
-gas prices rise in the spring, and decline in the fall
-more government lies uncovered
-fukushima will emit even more radiation

I make all these predictions because... they're basically common sense. You either are spot-on because you don't really predict anything, else try to sucker in new fools each year with outlandish things that rarely come true.

Seriously, this is the 21st century. You would think we'd be a bit beyond this silly stuff.

posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 04:54 PM
This is fun. I am not one who has the ability to see into the future but I wish I could. Anyway just for fun here are my predictions

1. There will be First Contact at some point in 2014 which will change mankind's viewpoint on life, Universe etc

2. North Korea will conduct another nuclear test and this time the Chinese are pissed and votes in favour of sanctions via the UN and may even agree to a UN led force to go in and implement a justified regieme change

3. USA will lose more freedoms and veers towards a more right wing path. Not good news for the world.

4. There will be a Chinese-Japanese Clash on the high seas which leads to accusations and an economic tic for tac. Worse case scenario war breaks out.

5. Also in China, the new reforms leads to a clash between the Old Guard in the Communist Party and the new breed. Internal political infighting ensues and this could lead to wider implications in Chinese society, and possibly unrest if the reforms are reversed ie, relaxation of one child policy announced December 2013.

6. Mars surprises the world when an underground cavern is stumbled upon and undeniable proof of a past civilisation is revealed, and a drawing is analysed and decoded. The world is stunned to learn it reads Kilroy Was Here Followed by And So was ET!

Ok so number six I could not resist as a fun prediction but I do think Mars does hold secrets of past and possibly current microbacterial life too. My favourite candidate site other than under ice sheets is Olympus Mons.

Happy New Year!

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 05:53 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

Your kidding right? The meteor that was very small as these things go? That's like finding a needle in a haystack. Gosh you act like an asteroid hit the planet. It was a meteorite. No one would have seen it. And it wasn't an earth shaking event either just something very interesting. A light show that made the news nothing more.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

All of the recent comets have been discovered by amatures. No one is dictating where they are allowed to look. The sky is free.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by Rainbowresidue

Of course I've made mistakes but I don't post them on the internet so the whole world can laugh at me.
You call it a mistake I call it a lie. She never contacted a single deceased person she reads body language and fills in the blanks based on what people say to her. Or did. Just another charlatan out to scam folks but fine buy into it. You seem so eager to believe.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 06:20 AM

Judy Hevenly, a Los Angeles psychic, author and international lecturer, has compiled a list of predictions for 2014 Here’s what she sees for 2014:

“*Secret benefactor comes to the aid of San Bernardino County, and donates large sum of money to keep city going.

*With Amazon facility in San Bernardino, other large companies will move in, creating many new jobs for people. New tech companies looking to cut costs also will settle in the county.

*Brazil is expected to win 2014 World Soccer Cup but don’t rule out the brilliant German team.

*Unemployment rate for U.S. to be down around 6.8 to 6.4 percent. Food prices rise, housing will slowly recover. U.S. economy growth recovery of 3.4 percent.

*Supreme Court to re-shape campaign finance laws and cut down total donations to individuals.

*Hillary Clinton to announce her run for the presidency midyear.
*Change of leadership in South Africa, a new president with similar values to the late Nelson Mandela.

*In medical research, break-through for heart failure treatment; also a cure for staph-related skin infections and hepatitis C.

*Alkaline Antioxidant water helps Alzheimer’s symptoms to lessen and gout to go and migraines to vanish.

*Last year of reign for Queen Elizabeth.

*Pope Francis hospitalized for lung infection.

*Academy Awards swept by “12 Years a Slave,” winning Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor/Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Score.

*Chelsea Clinton announces pregnancy and has baby boy.

*Kate Middleton pregnant with second child.

*New minimum wage of $10 per hour.

*FDA gives approval to new quick treatments for lung cancer.

*Democrats retain the Senate in 2014.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 06:30 AM

Judy Hevenly, a Los Angeles psychic, author and international lecturer, has compiled a list of predictions for 2014 Here’s what she sees for 2014:

She is not really much of a psychic, here are her failures for 2012

Here are her "predictions" for 2013, again a very high failure rate, as expected!

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 06:33 AM

25 Psychic Predictions for 2014

The Denver Psychic Development Group is the largest psychic development meetup group in the world. It has become a tradition in the group that they publish their psychic predictions for the New Year. The following are their 25 most powerful predictions for 2014 in no specific order.

1. A device worn on the wrist by women that will be able to inform when pregnancy is more likely – used for birth control and for family planning. A less invasive approach than other forms of birth control.
2. Queen Elizabeth will no longer reign (not sure if that’s attributed to declined health or just time to let the throne go). We will lose Prince Philip in 2014 and this may be the event which motivates her to abdicate.
3. Housing market crashes again just when people thought it was safe to buy. This would be due to layoffs and interest rates going too high for people to keep up.
4. Spring Tornado's hit in places they don't normally hit. The area is will be more North than usual, and destroy a lot, and surprise many.
5. Doctors discover role of energy in body’s health. It will manifest as a health problem affecting many people that at first will not be diagnosed correctly. It is actually a new energy entering our bodies. This will only be cured through natural energetic modalities.
6. Earthquakes in the Midwest, perhaps along the New Madrid fault. The Mississippi River changing course could be a result of such activity.
7. An earthquake in Northern California will occur between the 26th and 31st of May 2014. Centered in, or around, Oakland it will measure almost 8 on the Richter Scale.
8. Vice President Biden plays a larger role in governing in 2014 as though he is head of the government but not necessarily president. Look closely to July 20th to August 10th, Aug 1st and 6th spefically.
9. Massive droughts in the Midwest affect the world world’s food supply.
10. The Pope is in psychical danger. He is speaking the truth and there are those around him that are unhappy.
11. The International Space Station has an emergency that will require immediate evacuation of the vehicle. All hands will be saved but loss of life will be closely averted.
12. There will be physical harm to the Sydney Opera House through some natural disaster.
13. Missiles from North Korea hit a rural part of Japan. There is no damage but again the world comes together against North Korea.
14. A man will emerge in the Mid-East who will consolidate his political power across national boundaries inside the Gulf States. This new presence will be seen by the West as someone with whom they can work with toward peace between the Mid-East and the West.
15. Massive flooding in India will kill many, many people. It will be located in East Central India.
16. Fires will be huge in the Pacific Northwest this summer. Fires will be so large that they will not be able to stop them, only try to manage them.
17. NASA reveals that their data shows that there is currently life on Mars.
18. SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) will receive a loud and clear signal from the heavens.
19. There will be a huge breach of a cloud service provider exposing many millions of people’s personal information.
20. There will be food safety scares again in 2014 surrounding fresh fruits and vegetables.
21. There will be a theft from the Smithsonian with a fake placed in the spot of the genuine.
22. Zahi Hawass will escape to the West. He will publish findings that he was unable to publish while still in Eqypt including secret chambers.
23. Haiti will again be plagued with natural disasters, two in a row that will leave the population decimated.
24. There will be a disaster in Central America caused by panic of those in attendance.
25. It is important to pull our energy inward, to be the brightest lights we can, to show the greatest love we can. We can only wait now, for the end of this draconian empire to crumble, and we have to be ready to replace it with a clear vision of “heaven on earth” for lack of better words. We hope the light we shine will catch others alight, until the draconian vision is gone.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 07:03 AM

25 Psychic Predictions for 2014

The Denver Psychic Development Group is the largest psychic development meetup group in the world. It has become a tradition in the group that they publish their psychic predictions for the New Year. The following are their 25 most powerful predictions for 2014 in no specific order.

I wonder if they will again fail miserably, like they did in 2013!

funny how none of these "psychics" appear to be able to predict anything!
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posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 07:09 AM

Elizabeth Good sees China in the news with "something difficult. "It feels to me like something involving large numbers of people, possibly a large public disaster, such as a train wreck with a significant release of toxic material, affecting many."

Good, who does readings by phone or in person with appointments at her website, can get very specific. She thinks Iceland will be in the news this year (possibly with a big volcano eruption) as will North Korea (which will make a lot of noise but do no damage). She thinks the Netherlands may refuse to remain a part of the European Union.

In the religion field, she foresees a new archeological dig will unearth evidence of Jesus' lineage, and the new Pope will advocate more strongly for gay rights and fulfill his role as a uniter, not a divider.

A new species of fish may be discovered off the coast of Africa; there will be flooding in Asia, and there will be a glamorous world event. Not like a royal wedding, but like a large diamond that has never been seen before. Speaking of discoveries, Russia will discover a new star in the sky.

Santa Cruz will be in the news for something uplifting, fun and wonderful that will occur in the late spring. "It feels to me like a flash mob that gets millions of hits on YouTube or something with amazing community spirit addressing and healing a divisive national (or even worldwide) issue."

"Most people will find the upcoming Year of the Horse to be far gentler personally, climate-wise, and politically than this past Year of the Snake. (Year of the Snake included ...(the) 1989 earthquake , 2001 — known for September 11th of that year — and the 1929 stock market crash."

Psychic Michelle Lea sees the world's economy improving in 2014, she says. "I don't feel any severe natural disasters. It will be changing in a very positive way. I do feel some minor things in California, such as a minor disaster."

Countries already affected by disasters will be picking up and will be supported by worldwide efforts and charities, she says.

As for people struggling without jobs: "Tell them that their jobs are going to be OK. People who have been having a hard time with the medical field, like at the hospital, tell them they don't have to be so concerned or worried because there are new and better and positive things coming for them."

Her family psychic business has been open for 20 years.

Psychic Susie Stevens says that as we leave the pull of Jupiter and enter a phase of Cancer, things will challenge limits. "We have to be judicious," she says. "Cancer can expand the waistline, everything."

Last year was a "nose to the grindstone," she says, but 2014 will be "perky."

"Things are going to start happening. Fearful people are going to take a baby step and then a giant step." A lot of people will create their own jobs, channeling their own creativity, she says.

"If they were an artist and feel they had to compromise their creative work to maybe doing graphic art for a company when their heart of hearts was really to be self-employed, they are going to go back and find that they kind of combine the solid job that they obtained that they were lucky to find and combine it with the co-creation of doing both things.

"They are starting to make the money that they felt they lost, but the good thing that’s coming up is that people have learned from this painful experience that hitting the bottom was losing everything or having family members that came to live with them. It's more. It's more like a high level vibration spirituality where people got to know their neighbors or who came out, who came through for them and who didn’t, so it's almost like the recovery process."

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by hellobruce
Walk carefully. There are more things, etc. Nostradamus saw aircraft in war, flown by men with "pig" faces. He, also, predicted traveling safely by air, sea, and under the sea. An author published a book in the early 20th Century, that was almost a newspaper account of the sinking of the Titanic. Only the book was published before 1912. You could say Jules Verne was just lucky with his descriptions of machinery, in the 19th Century, beyond things of his time. Go read some older Science Fiction, from the fifties and sixties, and consider the ideas and descriptions. Yes, some is just common sense applications of theories and ideals. Yet, some is vastly beyond, supposedly just leaps of imagination. Consider the first computer required a dedicated electrical system for an entire building. Now, a computer gets along with 12 volts, and often less than 5 volts. The lower the power, the greater the ability. What power does the brain use? Once you consider the Quantum existence, and whether the cat in the covered box is dead or alive, only after you open the lid to find out. First rule of the Universe, there is no impossible. It is all probability. Anything and everything your can imagine has, is, or will occur, somewhere in the Universe.

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 10:36 AM
here's the latest on the 4 blood-moons with a solar eclipse precisely in the central point of these 4 Jewish feasts that accompany the 4 blood moons

7 minute video here

(RE: 7 year trib w/4 blood moons)

posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by Varhaard
How is this about Global Warming. When Mother Nature turns on the air conditioning, you get air conditioning, despite your opinions and predictions to the contrary. Global Warming comes under the heading of Egotistical Belief. It took an asteroid, a minor planet to begin the end of the Dinosaurs. It could not destroy all life as any paleontologist can explain the fossil records. Yet, people carried on that the World's arsenal of nuclear devices, a fraction of the power of the K-T Event, could destroy all life on Earth. Humanity is a dot before the Universe, not the maker and shaker.

posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 09:47 AM

reply to post by DJW001

Thanks DJW001

It's interesting to see how many of those came true. That's scary.

Some of them haven't come true yet (I'm thinking about the ones about Tom Cruise and Biden for example) but they can still happen.

Is this humor or serious?

Which of those 2013 predictions came true?

posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 10:25 AM

Deaths: Watch for the sudden death of a former president and the deaths of two top celebrities, and one famous singer.

The death of a former president...Lets see H.W. Bush is now 89 and in poor health, Jimmy Carter is 89 and has had a family history of pancreatic cancer, Bill Clinton is 67 and has had heart by-pass heart surgery, so the possibility of any of these "former" presidents dying has a higher than normal probability.

As far as celebrities dying, "define top celebrities?" It seems like a few celebrities die ever year. This could easily be related to popular aging celebrities.

Maybe if they would give names, they would have more credibility.

posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 06:04 PM
So finally I cave in... I listened to my intuition/6th sense, and here are my predictions for 2014: ( I didn't use Tarot cards, just meditated.)

1. There will be more problems with Fukushima, and finally talks of resolving the issue, which can't be hidden anymore.

2. The new American health care system is going to flop, it wasn't meant to be.

3. Great, unusual storms in South America-lots of unfortunate lives lost. They weren't prepared for this kind of storms.

4. Canada-more political change- that's all I got sorry... but some big changes in politics and how people have a say/can vote.

5. Pope Francis will cause great displeasure amongst conservative Catholics, he wants to change the way we look at religion. Will make even more enemies, I'm even sensing a possible assassination attempt. Around June.

6. More secrets revealed about Switzerland and Nazi gold. They aren't as neutral as they seem to be.

7. Important breakthrough in saving the ocean by someone called Karen... (Didn't get family name.)

8. Another comet discovered by amateurs comes this way unexpectedly, but completely harmless, and just passing by, more comets to come this way next year, and no one knows why the sudden increase. Perhaps something is changing in the universe.

9. More UFO sightings, but not contact. Just more blurry videos.

10. Holograms -getting one more step closer to 'Star wars like' holograms thanks to Apple.

That's it/ now you can laugh all you want.
At least I wasn't ashamed to try.
Wishing everyone a beautiful 2014.

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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by hellobruce

No no you're not allowed to say that. If you do you're considered negative.

posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by AutumnWitch657

Hey there AutumnWitch,

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Why not come share the fun and post your own predictions, I'd be interested to read them.

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posted on Dec, 31 2013 @ 06:25 PM

St Udio

here's the latest on the 4 blood-moons with a solar eclipse precisely in the central point of these 4 Jewish feasts that accompany the 4 blood moons

7 minute video here

(RE: 7 year trib w/4 blood moons)

My mother was asking me over the weekend if I had heard anything about the 4 moons. I told her no.
Apparently, a minister was preaching on it on t.v.
I'm going to e-mail this to her and see if this is what the preacher was talking about.

Thanks for the video link.

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