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Man claims humanoid encounter at his door, Olympia, WA (with pics and vid)

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posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 02:02 AM
It's almost painful for me to read these posts because I cannot unsee the alien face in every picture lol. I really thought posting the smaller thumbnails will help them to see the subject of the photos, but alas....Maybe you guys should just stare at it long enough, like you're looking at an optical illusion. I mean, I even traced out the outlines of what you should be looking at, did you make sure to scroll to the right in the last photo I posted? Maybe your monitors' brightness is insufficient. The face is there in all six pictures. I just cannot understand why you aren't seeing it.

Let me edit this. I am personally highly skeptical that this is a real alien. I'm personally leaning towards a guy with a mask looking through the window. But you guys are frustrating me because you can't even see the mask! It's not even about aliens to me anymore, it's about getting you to see the face behind the glass! lol.
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posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 12:56 PM
I can kind of see something there in the window, but whether it's something real or faked I don't know.
I can see how hard it would be to convince people of that being anything significant and I probably wouldn't have used those as my evidence. I would have tried to collect more. (Damn aliens and their advanced blurring technology)
I've never heard of an alien creature doing what the person is describing. I wish I knew more about that area. Does Olympia Washington have any caves in the area? What is the largest mountain? This sounds more like some type of crypto-terrestrial type of entity.

If it was real why would it allow him to photograph it? Why would it attempt to cloak or morph itself in front of it?
Could this guys eyes and mind have been playing tricks on him?
Is this all he has a sighting through a door? It doesn't sound like much of a typical alien encounter.
It does remind me of the kentucky goblin encounter that's why I ask about the caves.

I think this is a good find, but because it's a second hand account that doesn't help. OP could be in on it but is denying being in on it which is more likely then someone being tricked by bad photos.

That's the way I'd do it to drum up interest in my fake alien encounter. I have a friend pretend to be some anonymous type who finds my account and posts about it and then after the fact gets me involved to answer questions and try to get more information and maybe a mini investigation. Then after a few more blurry photos and a hit youtube video where I stalk the alien through the Washington woods everyone would mysteriously vanish into the internet-nether never to be heard from again.


my faked alien abduction encounter, but that's another post...

posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by crocrock

Ever since the enhanced photo... I am seeing a man or 2 men or rather a reflection of the man if he's next to a mirror which reflection plus the mirror is also seen on the door as a reflection...

Then again why is one of the afro man sitting, the other standing, there should be just one person there and the fact that they look the same must be indeed just ONE guy next to a mirror...

This whole picture makes no sense

And are you saying you see a face on the door besides the afro guy and his reflection or are you seeing the face instead of the afro guy? Because in the beginning, before this got lightened one could see a face but lighting shows the man reflected on the window

Now if you're saying that there is a face apart from the afro guy... is it this - I can barely see a face if I see the afro guy though..

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