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Michael Hastings – “Foul Play Or Not” – Do you have a plausible theory?

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posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by ShadellacZumbrum

Great to hear your voice again, ShadellacZumbrum
Thought I’d offended (or bored) you severely… (even though you said you had broad shoulders
Glad to hear of your family reunion.
I miss my brother!

As to the “packed bag” for leaving town – I have questioned the same, before. Thought we’d get some answers from “the inventory” of evidence collected at the scene… But – apparently – we’re out of luck on that hope.

Likewise – I thought there would surely be some “combing through the last calls, emails and texts” on his SIM card…if he had his iPhone or Android with him… But, apparently – that was considered “trash” too.

As to the claims of Doug Hagmann… I have discounted many of the statements, as well…but, only to the degree that I know he is “covering his butt”. But – I’m not discounting it entirely… I’m simply moving it to the “50/50 file”. I know what it is like to offer “findings” that have 99% chance of being entirely true…but also have a 1% chance of being wrong…on account of “there’s a chance that a document or other unrecorded agreement between/among the parties involved” could prove otherwise. And – in said cases – I ALWAYSALWAYS…include the disclaimers “alleged”, “possibly” and “suspected”…etc…in my reports.

As to “the time conflict”… I will agree that…if Michael’ was “asleep”…he could have been awakened by his brother opening/shutting the door… If, on the other hand…he was “passed out”…and only recently passed out…I don’t see that as likely an explanation. (Possible – but not an odds-on-favorite)

I see your theory regarding “attempting to borrow” the neighbor’s car… I don’t, however, think that the evidence (as I believe it now stands) supports him being addicted to meth’. And – without that addiction for motivation…I cannot see the theory proving-out.

There are many possible & plausible explanations for why the/a brother would count this a “tragic accident”…legitimately. There are many other possible & plausible explanations for why the/a brother would call this a “tragic accident”…surreptitiously. I am not going to speculate on the “surreptitious” possibilities…here. So – I don’t think we have an open-n-shut case, either way…and will have to relegate this to…the X-Files… (absolutely Loved that show)

Sadly, Chief (title used with due respect)…you are talking with someone who has dealt with massive delusion intimately… I am more familiar than, perhaps, anyone you will ever know, on this topic ------ experientially.
From what I have witnessed of his last month…or so…combined with the testimony of the friend, brother/s, and Editor… He was not “so far out there” that he could/would have mistaken a speedometer reading of 120 mph…for 40 mph…
As to – always scanning your surroundings… That is precisely what the couple of 3-letter-agency guys I’ve known (in my lifetime)…DID.
It was routine for them.
We might call it paranoia…but…it was also…one of the few touchstones they possessed…that gave them hope that they had some chance at survival. (Want to talk about paranoia?)

Anyway ----- Good to hear from you, again!
Hope all was/is well with you and your brother!

posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by WanDash

That is a hell of a read.

Looks like Mr. Montag frequents ATS. I was surprised to see threads from here listed.

I actually thought between you and I there had been allot of time spent on this and that we were probably the ONLY SOULS on the planet that were interested in getting to the bottom. Guess I was wrong.

Thank you for posting this Wan.

Do you realize that if the rehab, or even drugs were never mentioned that this very well might be still ongoing?

They still have the car. It can be tested.

posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 11:20 PM

Originally posted by ShadellacZumbrum
reply to post by WanDash

...I actually thought between you and I there had been allot of time spent on this and that we were probably the ONLY SOULS on the planet that were interested in getting to the bottom. Guess I was wrong.
...Do you realize that if the rehab, or even drugs were never mentioned that this very well might be still ongoing?
...They still have the car. It can be tested.

Mr. Montag had been investigating General McChrystal's involvement in what he is convinced was a cover-up, regarding the death of Pat Tillman...and, when Michael Hastings' books came out regarding the same man...he struck-up an association with him (Michael').
I think I recall him stating that he had last communicated with Michael' in January...but failed (postponed for too long) following-through with sending the promised materials (his expose on the Pat Tillman story).

I do realize that...if not for the "rehab or drugs" stories, there is a possibility that the investigation might have taken a different turn. On the other hand...their investigation was "complete" before ever meeting or talking with the brother. They simply put 2 & 2 together...and found DRUGS as THE ONLY explanation to consider.

Maybe the car will be tested. I don't know. 'Can only speculate.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 10:10 AM
Sorry to Any & All that I bothered last night with U2U’s regarding the information derived from Guy Montag’s piece…
Maybe it’s old news to you.
I feel like the kid…still waiting for the Easter Bunny…in August. All the/(you) other kids already ate & puked their/(your) Easter eggs and candy…and…I’m crossing fingers and legs & wishing on a lucky star…that he didn’t forget me.

Do I/you/we blame the LAPD?
I don’t know. Still have to realize that the whole situation could have “snuck up on them”, and…once the initial “treatment” of the scene, evidence and interviews were out of the way – they kinda had to play the odds (in hope of saving face).
And – in their mind/s (being – typical? LEO mentality), the odds were stacked strongly in their favor…
They even had a card up their sleeves…being…the medical marijuana card found in his wallet – should they really need to stretch the story in the end.

Buuuutttt – unless InEptiTude has become synonymous with Foul Play…we are no closer to knowing the truth of the matter, than before. (imo – of course)

So – for the moment…I’ll be revisiting the flip flop…and hope to be back soon.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 01:18 PM
I think the evidence has grown enough, now, that we can pretty safely infusion/ingestion of narcotics was not responsible for the early-morning/late-night antics of Michael Hastings…
Unless we’re going to include the possibility of some new, undetectable – or, otherwise, unknown drug/poison, recently developed by the government…and delivered by a mosquito-sized-&-shaped drone…

So – in considering the flip flop we are pretty much left with… … … what?
1. Psychological/Nervous Breakdown/Breakup
2. Intent to put some space between himself and his brothers…to deal with the apparent “intervention” arm’s length
3. Had a Nightmare
4. Paranoid Delusions Gone Wild
5. (If you have another – I’d like to consider it…)

Do any of these look like legitimate possibilities, to you?

Guy Montag added a little more, of interest…in weighing-out the LA Weekly (Gene Maddau) article…that could help us in considering these possibilities.
It would seem that Gene Maddau, in attempt to show Michael Hastings’ last months as growing more paranoid, delusional…and a general emotional/psychological wreck…does not work well with testimony of one or more of his (Michael Hastings') colleagues that spent hours “hanging out” 5 days earlier…after Jeremy Scahill was a guest on the Jay Leno (The Tonight) Show.
Here is a minimal excerpt:

“…He was so warm and effusive and excited, as if we'd just won the Super Bowl … was giddy that someone from our tribe had made it on one of those shows.’ … Scahill recalled Hastings talking excitedly last week about stories he was working on, including ones about the NSA. Hastings also spoke about the property he wanted to buy in Vermont. ‘Totally full of life,’ he said.” …

If one considers this info reliable, acceptable and typical (as opposed to – exceptional)…then, we have really expanded the flip flop question another week (5 days) or so.

…be back.

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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 01:32 PM
Haven't yet had time to reflect on the recent posts above, but will do so at a later date.

I did spot that SSG. Biggs (from his twitter account has some of the car parts in his posession for testing purposes which is good news.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by bowaconstricta
Haven't yet had time to reflect on the recent posts above, but will do so at a later date.

I did spot that SSG. Biggs (from his twitter account has some of the car parts in his posession for testing purposes which is good news.

Thanks bowaconstricta
Hope SSgt Biggs got "the right parts".

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 10:38 PM
He was considered fearless.
He acted fearless, unabashed and willing to stand toe-to-toe with differing points of view, allegiances and agendas.
He attracted the ire and envy of colleagues across the board…

And – he was a risk-taker.
One could not have lived in a ‘fox-hole’…under live fire…for as long as he…without a recognition of the menacing peril…and yet…he was willing to roll the dice.

So – he comes home from “the war”…having experienced as much (if not more) trauma & drama than many in-the-trenches soldiers – with the loss of his fiancée fresh in heart.
Then…after a roll of writing & journalistic successes…with virtually everything looking up… …on a first-name relationship with many of “the hottest names making news”…TOTALLY LOSES IT.

Yep – that’s what we are supposed to accept…

Couldn’t handle his delusions…
Or – couldn’t handle that his family was trying to press him into rehab…AGAIN…
That’s…What…We…Are SUPPOSED…(or – to put it nicely – ASKED)…To…Believe.

You know - - - - - - - - Maybe we aren’t even being asked/told To Believe it… Just - - - - Take it…! Accept it…! --- ‘cause it’s all you’re gonna get!
…you’ll be hashing and rehashing this for years to come… and it’ll keep you busy…while WE continue-on with our RAPERY of what we SWORE to uphold - - - - - The Constitution of the United States of America (for any non-Americans reading this – please substitute the last portion of the last statement with – “The InAlienable Rights Of All Mankind” - - - - - - thank you!)

While this entire diatribe is…an aside…or even – rant… Please note that I am about to digress even further…

One thing that drives me Crazy ----
All of the “3-Letter-Agency” personnel I have known (many years ago --- and I’m well past 200 years old…so – they’re all dead, now)…were constant, consistent & emphatic in their proclamation of – “I Love My Country!”.

Doesn’t that seem…CRAZY…to you?

Maybe…once they were hooked-in…their only choices to “opt-out” were fully tinged with “once you’re in…you can never be…completely…out…unless…you’re dead”. (that was exactly what one said to me)
What a hook…!

I have often wondered…and sometimes continue to wonder…was Michael Hastings like Jason Bourne – and considered – “off the reservation”?

Maybe you’ve considered the same.
Many of his associates (and/or family & friends) had ties to such agencies…
And…unless this is the new norm (that I and everyone I currently unaware of...or party to)… TERRIBLY...troubling.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you… … anyone …?

He did not lay-in with the other “Pentagon” journalists…but, rather, called them out…and…guess what they did --- LITERALLY!!!!!(or - literarily!!!!!) ---- PISSED ON HIS GRAVE – HIS TOMBSTONE – HIS NAME… …


Because…if HIS AGENDA won…their honey-pot would be gone…
Their influence would be...compromised...
They would be like the Russian aristocracy (and their servitudes) of the early 20th Century - - - - They would be KNOWN for THE WHORES that they are.

(No disrespect to legitimate prostitutes intended)

These – though – are illegitimate prostitutes…in that they masquerade as high-brow (F**K*N*) better-than-thou’s…knowing all along…that they are only serving T-H-E-M-S-E-L-V-E-S, and hoping that one day…they’ll be able to get a book deal…or two...or three…JUST LIKE MICHAEL HASTINGS…did…
And...when they die…at ripe old ages…reams and volumes of eloquent eulogies and soliloquies will be penned and poemed and prosed and…propagandized…in their names.

Thank you very much!

“… …but…why male models?”

“You’re kidding… … … …right… …?”

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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 10:48 AM
Yesterday or the previous day...while reading through many bits and pieces...I saw where someone was claiming that the call from Michael Hastings to Jennifer Robinson had been established at or around 11:30 p.m. .

I thought about copying said information (and its source) at the know...

Today - I cannot find it (or - I have not, yet).

If you are familiar with 'where' this information might be derived from -- Or -- if you know where I might be able to read it again... Your assistance will be dearly appreciated.


ETA: I have found the reference...and have requested a pointer to the it is merely a statement (as if - of fact).
Will let you know if it appears valid...if I get a reply.
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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 02:44 PM
Thanks for the alerts on the updates.

The news bits-more recent added, to make a time line, wonder if they add up...

Midnight: Asks to borrow car...

Jordanna Thigpen, a neighbor who had grown close to Hastings, claims he knocked on her door at around midnight one night and asked to borrow her Volvo because he was scared to drive his own vehicle.

Then and/or he was seen passed out?

Hours before the crash, Hastings had last been seen by one witness "passed out" sometime between 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m. The crash occurred just before 5 a.m.


Hastings died in a fiery car crash at 4:20 a.m. on June 18

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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 03:27 PM
Just a brief tidbit to help you with how much weight or credibility to give to Michael Hastings' neighbor's observations &/or testimony.
Of course - you know her name - Jordanna Thigpen
She is an attorney, having become a member of the State Bar of California on Dec. 1, 2004
Former Deputy Director of the Taxi Commission in San Francisco, as well as an owner of Mask Italia, Inc. (cool site)...

My own opinion -- her observations carry a little more weight than I had formerly thought.
--- She's no slouch ---

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 10:15 PM
Started this thread thinking – Hey – An awful lot of people saying “Foul Play”…and a bunch are saying “No Foul Play – YOU FOOLS”
… …maybe…if we all get together (stupid fool that I was/am)…and everyone puts their money where their mouth is…we might actually come up with (vet-out or even develop) some real…workable…theories…here…

Doesn’t appear to be in the works.

What’s the new term? ---- FAIL?

I don’t blame anyone-else… Don’t even really blame myself.
For anyone still listening – I think We (put me at the top of the roster) actually made the case for the MSM and Intelligencia far and wide…with regard to typical Conspiracy Theorists…
Being? (you ask…?)
When it comes time to put money…on what their mouth has been saying…THEY ARE A BUNCH OF… … … … … … …(wait for it)… … … …
…(that’s right)… … … … …fluff… … … …‘pough’ - ‘ting !

Who cares…? Right?
This is all about entertainment…anyway.
Just – find the latest and greatest…most emotionally wrenching or angering or sickening stories…and see how many flags and stars (and perhaps…even…if you are sooooooo lucky to impress a Moderator --- Applause) you can wrack-up…for your Fantasy Conspiracy Theory League standings…and then – wait for the next story to talk sensationally & emotionally about…and…then…rack ‘em up…and…do the hokey pokey…again and again and again.

Once, I worked a case… I’d been working it for four months…with nothing more than a LOT of groundwork covered…but… … …had found a little…loose end…
And – once I found it…I didn’t let go…‘til I had followed it to a line of reasoning…that told me… “If there’s any evidence…it should be ---- RIGHT THERE” (and – it was pointing at a particular place on the map of history)…
I had a financial partner who’d never actually participated in the investigation…but, he was getting excited at my “recent progress” and…wanted to participate…and…I needed to go to a facility (for research) a couple-hundred miles away…and had a lot of ground to cover (a lot of research to do) once there…and…he and I set out one morning at about 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. – arrived before the place opened… I gave him instructions on what information to abstract…and a list of other instructions…and – we both worked…until almost closing time…then, drove the couple-hundred miles home…
On the drive back, we discussed our “findings” -- I had come up with a few possibilities...and so had he.
He dropped me off at my house…and left his “notes” with me… It was probably 8 pm-ish… And…though I was tired (exhausted)…I couldn’t pull myself away from all the notes we’d taken.
So – I went through them…and went through them again and…again…and again…until…they were really – no more than a blur.
Or – I – was no more than a blur…
Doesn’t matter which.
The point is…in this totally exhausted, cross-eyed and blathering state – I saw it.
Yep – worked a full 24-hour day…and…in total exhaustion…saw that he (the non-investigator --- and not me) had found…what we needed.
Won’t take you any further in that story…as…my point was – typically, after working on something for a while…and gathering and arranging and sorting through tons of data…I will come to a point where everything is a blur… and …UsuallY…what follows…is like a hologram (phoenix?) rising through the flames of a fire… but …
…right now – I’m not so optimistic…

I don’t feel a gurgling inside… Can’t feel the undulating tides churning up the ocean floor…in any way.
Is it because we are lacking some critical information…yet?
Have I used up all my wildcards?

What about… … …you?
Any…gurglings … or …churnings?

Maybe – it’s still to come.
Hope so.

posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by WanDash

Just to keep you abreast of any updates, redactions, etc...on former news or info:

After finding the reference of 11:30 p.m. for the Michael Hastings-to-Jennifer Robinson call --- and requesting a source (verification) for said info...the response I got was wanting (really - just an error on someone's part)...

So - do not use that "time" as "fact" in your timelines... ( just want to.)


posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 11:58 AM
Michael Krikorian - the man responsible for getting the security camera footage into the public domain (among other things) - after returning from a trip to Europe (Italy, at least)...remeasured (for the sake of those anal-retentives like myself) follows:
Using a 25' tape measure... from the northern tip of the median-curb to the crash-palm-tree...
193' (as he said - allow for a few inches +/-)

The last numbers I offered for speed, were --
If the first evidence of collision with the tree, is likewise the moment that the headlights expired...
~ 105 mph
If the first the 2nd frame showing the rear-end rising...
~ 136 mph

With the new measurement...they change slightly...
...first evidence...the moment that the headlights expired...
~ 101 mph
...first evidence...the 2nd frame showing the rear-end rising...
~ 129 mph
(...first evidence...the 1st frame showing the rear-end rising...
~ 140 mph

posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 11:28 PM
We’ve addressed the flip flop enough to recognize that it is either a “problem” that significantly changes the flow & momentum of events…or…that flip flop is not what happened.

If Flip Flop…some possible explanations might be (already addressed this – but, just to refresh)…

1. He had not been informed, but suspected his family was trying to get him to go into rehab…upon the surprise of his first brother “showing up”, and subsequent news that a second brother would be arriving the following day… And…being the rebellious character that he was…waited and calculated for the best time/moment…to make his escape… Which did not come about until his attending brother was convinced that he’d passed out (from smoking marijuana)…at which time, he made an extraordinary request of his neighbor – and upon being denied…waited a little longer ‘til confident his brother (staying in another neighbor’s apartment) was asleep (not looking out the window)…and then…hopped in his car…and went for a joy-ride.
- Might want to note that…this could explain an “apparent flip flop”, instead of a REAL flip flop…as it would merely have been a ruse.
- Might also want to note that…if his intent was to “flee” (or, even further – to leave town), he was heading the polar-opposite direction…(south on North Highland Avenue…further into the heart of L.A)…of what would seem likely to accomplish his goal…

2. He was going through a heightening sense of paranoia, concerning an ever-widening list of power-figures, on whom he was gathering many tales of conspicuous &/or illicit behavior…
Was convinced that the FBI, with no honorable intent, had responded to his public outrage regarding the Obama Administration’s “war on investigative journalism”…by stepping out of the shadows enough to let him know that his declaration of war on the Obama Administration had not been taken lightly… And…with his brothers (family) taking none of his growing-suspicions seriously (but rather – blaming his suspicions & growing-apparent-paranoia on a need to get off the drugs)…he chooses to “bolt”…feeling “smothered” by his family, and “stalked” by the Feds… And…waited until his attending brother was convinced that he’d passed out (from smoking marijuana)…made the extraordinary request of his neighbor…and a few hours later…was driving like a maniac toward the heart of L.A. –
- Again…should note – if the intent was to “flee” (or…leave town), he was heading in what would probably be considered the wrong direction…to accomplish said goal…

3. He was indeed going deeper into a delusional-based paranoia (from drugs, Post Traumatic Stress, etc…)…but able to handle the delusions/paranoia in typical social settings… But …when the night-time comes…his fears ignite and unite into waking nightmares… And, finally – with family (real – palpable) pressures adding to fears of being a government target…and his neighbor (whom he’d just seen driving that Volvo?…and whom had acted so friendly, ‘til this night) refuses his request… He launches out in a rage and fury…past the point of no return.

(Will follow-up on this discussion, hopefully, tomorrow.)

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by WanDash

What’s the new term? ---- FAIL?

You are most certainly correct about that. I am disappointed as well.
Everyone wants to take what the media has given them, as far as evidence, and mix in a couple of conspiracies that they either found on this site or another site and call it a day. The work is already done. Now all they have to do is argue with the material they have been fed. Its much easier that way. Though, there is one thing I do find absolutely hilarious .. ... .. .. .. When someone starts arguing facts then everyone with that point of view starts arguing those same facts only to find out that there was a Gross erroneous. That is just so very funny to me and it has happened many times.

I did read Joe Biggs tweet about the parts. He said "engine parts". SO, if that is the case, great. If there were explosives used, there will be residue on everything within the entire engine compartment, Especially the engine and transmission.

Another thing that dawned on me today, was that people think that since the fire burned so hot, that explosives had to be used. (I mention this because so many people still believe it). That left me wondering.. .. . . Do those people, that believe that, actually think that explosives "Splatter" like Napalm? When explosives "Detonate" they "Evaporate". The only 2 things left are residue and smoke, which dissipates in the air. I think it is also important to mention that when explosives detonate, there is an intense heat for less than a fraction of a second. Though it is not enough to set anything on fire, it would definitely ignite gasoline.

I do believe the neighbor, but I also believe the brother. I just think they got their timing hosed.

Maybe there is a chance that he took his car as a "Last Resort" and thought maybe if it had been tampered with that, if drove real fast to get where he was going, it would be less likely to blow up. Someone who thinks irrationally might think like that.

I don't think he was running. He would have stuff with him. He wouldn’t have left his work at home. If he had anything with him like clothes, or computers, laptops, whatever, that would have definitely made the news.

What led his brother to believe that his new drug of choice was D MT? Did Michael tell him? Did he catch him in the act? I honestly believe that the family may have edited out some information. Like being on the wagon for 14 years only to find out that he was sauced for the 2012 campaign. Those are some little things that could be important.

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by ShadellacZumbrum

Saw that another article had been posted in The Wrap today...where, it doesn't appear that the family ( only member actually named was Jeff - the Army Officer ) are standing arm-in-arm with "the media"'s reports "surrounding his demise".
His brother, Jeff, is further quoted as saying...

"...There are plenty of inaccuracies and falsehoods that have been claimed, but it doesn't change anything..."

He was apparently not in the mood to be specific...(having further specified gossip & conspiracy theories as, I'm guessing - sore the wording in his quote seemed to say exactly the opposite)...
--- --- ---
Here's my problem with the intermittent New Threads begun on a topic like this...
They usually pop-in with some sensational claim...derived from some already vetted (and discounted) source...and talk about the subject as if They have been waiting with bated breath for news on the topic...and are SOOO GLAD someone is keeping the flame burning...(referring to the article's author, generally)
THAT is what drives me crazy about it... Or ...maybe not THAT...but the fact that "by the gillions", their claims are starred & the moon. Their threads EVEN MAKE ATS's HOME/LANDING Page...and the Saturday Night live broadcast. I have never listened (or participated) in that show... Have you? Who does the research to determine what information is worth discussing on that show...? ...?
Un - Freaking - BELIEVABLE
--- --- ---
We might typically consider "on" and/or "off" the refer to someone who is an alcohol (or other drug) addict. I haven't seen anything that confirms that he was ever "an addict" of any sort...
A few nights of "getting blitzed"...during holiday party season...then vowing to "not let it happen again"...does not, to/for me, spell "fell off the wagon". Especially when some of his friends & associates say that he did not entirely quit drinking...but did not do it to excess.
--- --- ---
We certainly cannot address the DreamingMindTrip usage or suspected usage with anything more than our own inclinations. It is generally drunk, as a tea...or smoked... But, for lab-quality injectable is supposedly an expensive and delicate process.

I know people who have spoken to me about their interest in the substance...on a number of occasions...and over an extended period of time... And ...they have, to this day...never partaken.
It is the kind of substance that attracts those with a desire to look deeper into life...and the meaning of life (etc...) ...rather than those that want to get high. As bowaconstrica has suggested on this topic -- He was intelligent... Not a bumbler. If he was interested in the substance...there would have been reason (and, he would, likely, have weighed it least, enough to have known that it was not something you do on a spur of the moment).
--- --- ---
I think the most frustrating aspect to trying to discuss the that people will not stay focused long enough (or - are too insecure in their own abilities to take a discussion past two or three statements) deal with questions on their propositions.

I know -- I have made a fool of myself over and over and over again...since the start of this story.
Doesn't matter that a lot of the fool-making was due to the fact that the effort to flesh-out the story, was publicly recorded... (whereas most of my REAL work, is done in private...and no-one gets to see my pre-Report errors...and only gets the polished product, after I have identified & corrected said errors) ...Who's going to read through 17 see "where" the story
Who is going to have or take the time to figure-out which pieces to drop off...and which to keep?
Pretty much --- just You and Me.
So - Thanks again.
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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 07:59 AM
I'd like to start by saying that to me you guys are heroes! and I can understand your frustration at those posting "new" threads on every little media statement concerning this case but in no way does that undermine the hard work you have put in. What with Shadellac even doing his own skidmark tests
m8, now that shows dedication!

You guys have considered just about every possible scenario and I think it's safe to say that without any significant info from family members, neighbour, investigating journo's, LAPD report, SSG Biggs detailing his final hours we have reached a dead end..

the questions that keep niggling me:
1: what was it that woke Michael and sent the hairs on the back of his neck to rise (considering he wasn't one to be frightened easily, it would have to have been significant threat. Important enough to drive his car even though he was concvinced it had been tampered with. Received by text message on his phone? in which case there would have to be a record of it. In light of NSA revelations we can safely assume that FBI knew he intended to go under the radar (@WanDash I think the "t"was slip of key ;-) ) If they wanted to prevent Michael from going under the radar their window of opportunity to do so was limited.
2: what information did Michael have/was he about to procure. There must be someone out there who can confirm this, or are he/she now too scared to come forward?
3: The way the LAPD neglected to properly investigate and stake their conclusion on the assumption that alcohol or drugs were major factor from the onset... It stinks!
probably a lot more but now my mind is just full ( after reading last 3 pages here, again)

I also do not hold high hopes for anything comming from SSG Biggs testing of car parts to be honest. The words of Richard Clarke on the ability of stageing a "Boston Breaks" accident engraved in my memory. The way he casually mentioned that the only people capable of determining if this scenario had taken place being the 3 letter agencies themselves...

anyway, I'm off to read that Guy Montag piece and Project PM report so I´ll see you in a couple of days
(not the fasteste reader)
Again a big thank you from me

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by bowaconstricta

Thanks for the kind words, and your thought s are greatly appreciated, but I don;t feel like a "Hero".

Heroes Produce results and I have done nothing.

Like you, I firmly believe that there may be clues that have not made their way into the public view.

But, if this Was in fact murder, why complicate the damn thing? There are a lot of easier ways to murder someone without having to go through all of the rigmarole. They could have just as easily thrown him out a basement window and left a suicide note, or stuck him with something toxic.

These alphabet agencies are some tricky S.O.B.s and I wouldn't put something like that past them, but, I find it impractical that they would put forth so much effort to accomplish this.

There is just so much that would have been required to orchestrate an event such as this, and unfortunately, the more people who know, the more likely you are to experience a breach or a "Weak Link" if you will.

Let us Never forget the Number One Rule of Assassination . .. .. . . .

Assassinate the Assassins.

Like I said, there is just too much involved for me to believe it was murder.

Thanks for continuing to add to the discussion in a positive manner.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by bowaconstricta

Thanks bowa’
Honestly – I don’t mind “news” coming out as new threads… Don’t even mind if we’ve already been discussing it, in this thread, for days or (at times) weeks…
Just, when someone doesn’t care enough to see what progress has already been made on the topic…and announces “bad” info…as “good”…and everyone-else jumps on the wagon as if they-also have been waiting with bated breath…and then, slinging hog-wash with every comment.
I’d prefer if they were just honest and said – “I don’t really give a crap about this particular story… So, I don’t care if what I say has a chance of holding any water, or not --- Just --- THANK YOU SO MUCH, OP for giving me a chance to say how much I like the phrase – ‘Drone Strike’… I don’t get to use it enough in everyday conversation!

If they did – I’d probably star AND flag them…for the honesty.

As to the “dead end”… I don’t think you’re far from the truth.
On the other hand…every story is a ball of yarn…with the truth wrapped securely inside…
Very seldom is the story wrapped so well that there isn’t a “dangler” somewhere.
I always approach the stories with the belief/optimism that the truth is discoverable…and thus…if it is not obvious (on first, second, third passes)…I start looking for the dangling end.
We may have already found it…(as is often the case)…but didn’t realize/recognize its importance…(which is also often the case)…
Just as Shadellac’ experienced an eye-opener when viewing the screenshots on his 40+ inch tv…I’ve not yielded hope, entirely, that an eye-opening moment still awaits our efforts.

Boston Brakes…or some such (car-hacking) method is one of the only possibilities I consider to hold much weight. (as for Foul Play)

Wish we knew if his i/smartPhone was found/collected at the scene of the accident…

As you – I’m not expecting any findings of “explosive residue” on engine parts secured by SSgt Biggs.
I suppose there is a slight possibility (according to the security camera footage)…but, the odds are not only “slim”…but…“razor slim”.

I like your point regarding – the only ones capable of determining if certain methods/processes were incorporated to pull this off…are also…probably…the only ones capable of pulling it off…

Hope to be back to redress the Flip Flop again…sometime soon…as, at the moment, it feels like the only solid question I’ve found to follow… But…we’ll see.

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