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So you want to practice magic..

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posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by BDBinc

just for you a one-time special of only 10 million dollars an hour.


posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

please also note that guest on above top secret. Autocorrect on phone supposed to read note that we are guest on above top secret. Part of the t and c also means not posting personal peoples information. So when I did mention the girlfriends name in any of the other related materials at my cross over that line we are still down by terms and conditions. So I better way to have worded the whats the girls something or other is better said more last general details on what type of person she was and for your own personal reasons you she wants you just can't post who she was. Unless it's all in general details.
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summary... Stick to only general details. The letter T and C are important here. We are guest on the site. I hope this makes better sense.
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posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 10:58 PM
Perhaps this is off topic, but I would like to know if anyone knows anything about dragon magic and forbidden magic.More specifically, contact with dragons and warnings from such creatures about sharing knowledge.
As weird as that sounds.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by ripcontrol
reply to post by BDBinc

just for you a one-time special of only 10 million dollars an hour.


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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 09:59 AM

The United States of America's Magical energy

A topic as large as this deserves several long threads and may be enough to justify a whole separate thread. The reason it is so huge is various interacting parts that human endeavors generate are so numerous you can get lost on just where to begin. In an effort to play some what fair with those who are attempting to cover this subject, I will cover some ground. The beginning sets I mention are just my opinion, I hope some of you have no problem not accepting ground assumptions.

Of magical influences on the USA, you have to look what goes into the formation of the United States.. Then once you get the best picture you can you move your model forward. Cover what you can to create the base model and then as you move forward do not be afraid to be wrong. Later knowledge may change an earlier assumption and as a practitioner this is where skeptics are your best friends. The scientific method gives you CYA and fights analytical overlay if you do not alter your results ..

The formation of the United States does have a point you can point to and say, "Here on this day and this time our fore fathers formally formed the United states.." Of note everyone likes to say it was here. The best example is ask the Marines when the Marine Corps was first founded.. The starting point is like the color spectrum, there is a point you can say this is red, but you lose the fact of the points both ahead of it and behind it. A basic outline of the beginning points flows like this.

*Universe comes into existence
*Milky way Galaxy
*Sol born
*earth born

Notice we skip a lot of things here.. however remember what was said earlier

Formation of various crapola
water land masses (this is an application of your knowledge applied to the past.. Process described is much more complex and you can look at it on your own time)

We run into an issue here and it is a big one.. Life

So for the purposes of this discussion
Biologics take hold

Theory is it started in the ocean
note no proof that separate did not begin on land and like later issues invasive species absorb and conquer

So the classic theory goes..
I am lost at this point.. they cant get their lies straight

So I will go with my understanding
land hit with biologic that begins changing atmosphere
Over time new organisms emerge

Of note they go with
Dna proteins lead to single cells
Single cells lead to colonies
Colonies lead to organisms

Each is a specific idea

DNA proofs
Viruses and Viroids

Single cells

some huge bacteria colonies that operate to this day

Different way of organizing the colony
centralization of various functions

Key things here
Natural Selection
Dealing with

for your brain.. When was Sex evolved?

Now as the environment changed.. competition kept getting intense

species changed, died, and survived

Then again the rules would change from time to time

Extinction Level Events

A little mammal who was the prey hid and did its best to survive
(see the idea of to keep silent goes WAY back)

Well these little mammals kept up playing the numbers

reply to post by ripcontrol

Of note, Ma nature as she is lovingly referred to played several interesting cards
Weather and climate
Greenhouse effect
ice ages

Solar storms
Sun Spots
Black holes
Galaxies crash together

Well we continued the above patterns of competition and adaptation

This is point everything gets hairy.. Do brain cells and autonomic functions communicate with the other cells what they intend to do or do they just send signals.. which obeying is expected

I will start this in the next point

However a consideration here
The Soul.. We have not discussed this one bit..

Did it evolve from those tiny little sparks
Did it keep getting absorbed and grow

If this energy that has supposedly been absorbed this way, has the human race evolved because the souls energy been affected by continued input..

After all the bright boys like to conjecture the radiation reach earth accelerate evolution..

Testing of this is easier then expected..

Created a model of said explanation and run the numbers to see if it applies.. model works theory solid.. model does not work back to drawing board

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by ripcontrol

A missed note from earlier that still burns me. Definition you need to have

Remember life only needs three things
the lifeform, an environment to exist in, and fuel

So with this definition science has not eliminated a single thing
Ghost, demons, angels, shadow demons, reptile bipeds, aliens


So far all this crap and we have not reached crapola.. but we have learned some basics that can be tested..

So the human tribe

key points
we may not know how it all went

we do know the results

The human tribe developed some interesting issues

The mind grew
environments changed

Birth rates versus death rates

However what do we need to continue on

So far we have observed in the past

Competition over resources
new things came about
Organizational structures developed

a key point in development
Prey to predator

couldnt overcome some advantages other species had

Somehow tool use enters this.. (

Finding a way to overcome obstacles..

Note your ancestors did NOT worry about the tools
what was the motivation

This is a very large subject in and of itself
so I am going to KISS it

Family units gave huge advantage
Family units to tribes to cities to nations

form your own maps here

Where do you think the idea of reading people is going to go

So as the animal grew and changed

Competition over resources
those in the packs begin to replicate biological functions
Brain cells
control of resources

Insured the survival of there way of doin business


Can you see why religion might have nothing to do with individual survival or spiritual growth

It begins to reach into the tribes survival

We have some major growths occur
Humans raises the stakes

Large groups formed (copying original plans.. group survival.. herds..)
Large groups then face internal competition
break into smaller groups

Now this is where you begin some fun issues

The internal competition has to deal with the external competition.. big mess

of note tactics change
successful small groups in internal competition use earlier methods
quiet secrecy..

The origin of secret societies goes way back to pack days
competition cant survive if it cant see you

Of course you have to remember the external predators changed (keep note they do still go boo from time to time)

Ma Nature of course, the raining champ, is still in the fight.. we took the obvious predators
she however had nowhere exhausted her training techniques

She had her small predators
Simplest explanation is plague

she also had all her other externals..

With mother nature considered with the External and internal competitions we can finally take a step forward..

Issues of note


those parts were evidence of decision show themselves

Important parts of those nations

Resource management
Defensive capabilities
Growth potential
Ability to adapt to environments

All the old classics
and you want to know how it applies to magic...

wash, rinse, repeat....

Now during this time period some interesting things did developed

Remember these things are very important- you do not believe me.. Go ask the Mayan ambassador to the United Nations

Think money is not important
Money in all its forms is an easy medium of exchange of goods and services. It supposed to represent a unified value of measurement

Again certain ones realized allows medium of control.. they are resources

You see during this time period those running things become interesting
control measures
the easiest is control of how they all behave

Goes back to establishment of neural networks.. Control


I hope this hot mess makes sense but we are trying to form basic ideas and definitions that will need to be cleaned up later.. for now I want free form of thought..

Remember the accusation of Attrition
Define attrition

seems ma natures favorite trick to me..

I do love her, she is the best teacher in the universe and some of the best things in life come from the impeccability as one of her students

to be continued

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by ripcontrol

So far we are up to nations..

the Popular areas

Indo valley

Africa is of special note

Yes I am skipping steps but you need to try and go back. Start with known tribes to cities to nations

groups developments

We are reaching a key point here

Supposed Asiatic migration to NA
again question if preexisting groups were here

Egypts rise and fall

Asia's evolution

Then we get europe
We are the descendants of the winners

Rome started as a city state
It absorbed a lot

of note if your interested ask the Etruscan Ambassador to the UN

I will pause to mention a few things

Lost civilizations

They do affect the numbers but remember they are important in what the winners got from them..


to just name a few

Of importance
cultural memes

think the flood

Romes rise
Romes fall

Island outpost United kingdom

A lot of numbers but overall we have historical overtones that become common and repeatable..

Could you consider European history to date to be nothing more then the left overs of roman infighting
Dominance by a group all still vying for that control
Various small groups trying to re-establish niche of Pax Romana in human tribe

Now the last little part to add in here is the Dominance of Romes ghost

The internal competition of rome lead to the world we have today.. The use and manipulation of internal and external have walked us here..

You can cheat and start your numbers with rome.. However those that do not learn from the past are due to repeat it

Note we have the same crap in the human tribe

Dominance issues

Control over resources
and all the old issues

If you want to have fun.. really have fun
thing over the reasons for the various issues


What could be the reasons and were do they come from

Look for the double think.. it is quite present

So for those who have had an issue with this so far.. I see the cards being palmed.. just I have learned a little from history...

I want you to consider the implications with in the biological imperative and old programming with magic as energy manipulation...

How would magics have affected this process

Seems game theory is a very key part of magic

Science does not like to admit it but it has given those who PRACTICE some very awesome and powerful tools...

So Next part we have almost reached magic and the United states...

Cycles of herstory

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

Yes we have skipped a lot but a lot was repeating and some self study is required

of interest

Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground classic, with over 200,000 copies sold and translations in more than 13 languages. This massive work spawned waves of resistance and wonder amongst the scientific community, with over 900 pages of well-documented evidence suggesting that modern man did not evolve from ape man, but instead has co-existed with apes for millions of years!

The only advice to give is to think for yourself
Remember Remote viewing

Think details
not conclusions

The wind up

The natives here had several civilizations

We will skip it- followed the same patterns

We come to the contact between European and Natives

You need to keep in mind the contact between the Asiatics that DID occur.. seems history glosses over it a little bit


the first contacts

but increased contact
supposedly lead to several things
New competitors in the niche

Fight over resources
Disease supposedly being introduced to native populations
cross breeding of species variants

The fight over resources
metals considered precious

The disease vector however hits a fault
Why did the earlier episodes of contact not lead to disease decimation

This is where your book list comes in handy
tipping point

It means that
a)the new species variants had brought disease with them that was new
odd note is again asiatics not mentioned in decimation
nor where vikings mentioned in decimation

Besides newness is possible life spans not long enough for emergence of disease

b)disease mutated with new host
was new predator in new niche


Of note is the magics of the Natives

New definitions-
Alternative medicines

Consciousness altering
Spirit Guides

Suffice it to say it might be worth it to consider native american magical practices to be the equivalent of Galapagos Islands or say austrailia

New definition

Speciation is the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise. The biologist Orator F. Cook seems to have been the first to coin the term 'speciation' for the splitting of lineages or "cladogenesis," as opposed to "anagenesis" or "phyletic evolution" occurring within lineages.[1][2] Whether genetic drift is a minor or major contributor to speciation is the subject matter of much ongoing discussion.

With the idea of the magical practitioner being separated from the rest..

Now as we step forward

The former parts of the Roman empire where in competition with each other, natives, and others

Key note influences

Italian (church)
United Kingdom

Specific native tribes

Key incidents history officially states
Spanish greed
The Church

This created an interesting cauldron.. You need to keep in mind all the earlier biologic imperatives are running full speed

Natives faced an invasive species
natives lost

Old strategy - colonies

Where did a clear solution begin to emerge

French Indian wars

British won the round
It is important because because the officers in this round advanced to the next round

So we are at the threshold of a very important point

So far Natives magic does not carry the day.. (of note history also considers the Natives an invasive species themselves)

They migrated and displaced the other species present as they moved into other niches

Invasive Species

Conditions that lead to invasion
Scientists include species- and ecosystem factors among the mechanisms, that when combined establish invasiveness in a newly introduced species.

Keep in mind

Speciation of magical practices

I will add in a note I also skipped
The pursuit of knowledge has been tagged at time as magic
As has magic been tagged as knowledge
perhaps the two are not separatable

I however covered this partially in an earlier post

to be continued

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:59 PM

reply to post by ripcontrol

So is there any other factors we need to have in mind

The Christians
Suppression of knowledge along the power and control lines

We have a very interesting set of factors

The Church

Internal factors of the British Empire
-resources strained from competition
-the church
-Secret societies

This is of very important note

Free Masons

Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that traces its origins to the loose organization of medieval Stonemasonry.[1] Early organizational forms included "lodges," incorporations, and craft guilds.[2] Early Freemasonry based on craft labour is known as Operative Freemasonry, while the modern, more philosophical form of Freemasonry is known as Speculative Freemasonry.

Now we have the setting..

An argued factor
-food was also considered to have had an impact
rumor crops had fungus with chemicals similar to '___'

Also keep note
-Fresh water rare

-Alcohol drank a lot


The larger group had to manage the resources

the competition did cost resources

As did other competition it was engaged in

The UK increased its drain on the resources those in the area..

the smaller group also was having perceived differences in treatment from control group

A stickiness factor emerges

adds to Authority being challenged.. Command per tribal rules consider any questions to be challenges to authority

Colony wants to know why treatment is different..

The thing is the colony has several necessary prereq's for independent command control..
meeting places
communication lines
Organizational structures
Light oversight

This starts to mesh into a very interesting point

Other command and control issues from competitors act like viral infections

Seems other Commands have used same behavior
Responses varied but they do reach US shore


This takes a few times but those maverics, mavens, and salesmen grow

They claim they behave this way... because of X
When command does behave this way

Meme is ruled true


Ideas formed, percieved abuses magnify, Command breaks down

The fight does start..
So called leaders emerged

The rallying cries used

No taxation without representation

Common sense

Tons of others.. research

Of note the group organised totaled fifty five at one point
Each representing their own little areas and subcultures

Documents that are important

Declaration of independance

The Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, which announced that the 13 American colonies, then at war with Great Britain, regarded themselves as independent states, and no longer a part of the British Empire. Instead they formed a union that would become a new nation—the United States of America. John Adams was a leader in pushing for independence, which was unanimously approved on July 2. A committee had already drafted the formal declaration, to be ready when congress voted on independence.

Common Sense

Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. It was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution. Common Sense was signed "Written by an Englishman", and it became an immediate success.[2] In relative proportion to the population of the colonies at that time, 2.5 million Americans,[3] it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[4] Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of seeking independence was still undecided. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[5] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[6] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as "the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era".[3]

Two of the most key.. magically it is very key..
This passed the tipping point energy wise

one lead to the others


posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

The conclusion a summary

what ghost of the past haunt america

First of note

The ideals espoused did not match the realities

Freedom yeah
Reality what do we get

Choices were made

The issue of slavery

subtract the emotions
hell subtract slavery

We are left with a little gem
A choice was made

This choice acted like AOL and has colored the decisions

The ideas of freedom were compromised
-the necessity of the situation allowed exceptions to freedom to be acceptable

the first out pourings of it

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was an agreement among the 13 founding states that established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution.[1] Its drafting by the Continental Congress began in mid-1776, and an approved version was sent to the states for ratification in late 1777. The formal ratification by all 13 states was completed in early 1781. Even when not yet ratified, the Articles provided domestic and international legitimacy for the Continental Congress to direct the American Revolutionary War, conduct diplomacy with Europe and deal with territorial issues and Native American relations.

Lead to the formation of the Constitution..Of note was the whole set of arguments leading to it

The want of disagreement that the states were pursuing their own interest over the wholes better interest. It was decided to create a command and control system to better alocate those resources..

Please note the issue was not put to a vote of the people as a whole.. It was given to subdivided groups

Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion, or Whiskey Insurrection, was a tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791, during the presidency of George Washington. Farmers who used their leftover grain and corn in the form of whiskey as a medium of exchange were forced to pay a new tax. The tax was a part of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton's program to increase central government power, in particular to fund his policy of assuming the war debt of those states which had failed to pay. The farmers who resisted, many war veterans, contended that they were fighting for the principles of the American Revolution, in particular against taxation without local representation, while the Federal government maintained the taxes were the legal expression of the taxation powers of Congress.

You may not like how this is worded but keep in mind..

This affects the energy of the nation and the meme's that are behind the ffounding
it affect the national concious

and affects how command behaves to a degree..

this truly affects you magic to a degree you do not realize..
How many of these decisions affect the choices available to you

The power of the country is built on the idea of temporary necessity to buy time as the meme's of liberty and freedom are suppressed for that said security

Remember the man who said
Those who give up security for freedom deserve neither

Also accepted a compromise that set the tone for it being ok to make aforementioned trade...

Magically it set the tone in the background
Compromise ideals for perceived gains...

Doublethink versus Impeccability

I still want see what yall write on this.. it has some very interesting applications to say the least..

My advice is to pick a section of US history and run the numbers.. then with the increased focus narrow in on behaviors.. with your model you can at your leisure turn around and apply it other situations

either the model was missing details or it works..

Becomes interesting when you start focusing in on city and state histories.. then get down to actual locales where you are practicing...

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

sorry about the bother with chamberf
due to my misunderstanding an extremely abstruse reference/allusion on another thread, and taking it literally
don't know what crawled up his bum, he's normally a pretty nice fellow for a skeptic [not into ad homs or sophistry ]

pity he failed to be scientific about the whole matter, i had thought he was better than that, perhaps it's a case of "once bit, twice shy", with a heaping portion of denial/repression
or perhaps his Psychic Censor kicked in

nice to see other Mantics contributing
[though i think we could've left blood magic for a more advanced workshop, Lol, whats next? Mutu?]

couple of essential things/subjects i've noticed missing


Magical Resistance
It's often the case that when one sets out to practice Meditation, or any other form of self/spiritual empowerment; obstacles, distractions, and outright interference to ones efforts multiply exponentially[set up by the Matrix and it's controllers ]. In Magic, this is a constant and must always be factored in. Magical Resistance comes in many forms ranging from a suddenly inexplicable appreciation by your neighbors of VERY LOUD rap music just when you've finally managed to set aside some time to practice...

AT 2 A.M.!
to actual Matrix Agents, the most insidious being The Psychic Censor*

[excerpted from Peter Carroll's - Liber Null & Psychonaut]

Magical will may exert its effects directly on the universe, or it may use symbols or sigils as intermediaries. The creation of direct effects, like prescience in divination, represents a high point in the art and is just as elusive. Making things happen by either method is referred to as the art of enchanting or the casting of enchantments.

From a magical point of view, it is axiomatic that we have created the world in which we exist. Looking about himself, the magician can say "thus have I willed," or "thus do I perceive," or more accurately, "thus does my Kia manifest." It may seen strange to have willed such limiting circumstances, but any form of dualistic manifestation or existence implies limits. If the Kia had willed a different set of limitations, it would have incarnated elsewhere.
The tendency of things to continue to exist, even when unobserved, is due to their having their being in Chaos. The magician can only change something if he can "match" the Chaos which is upholding the normal event.

This is the same as becoming one with the source of the event. His will becomes the will of the universe in some particular aspect. It is for this reason that people who witness real magical happenings at close range are sometimes overcome with nausea and may even die. The part of their Kia or life force which was upholding the normal reality is forcibly altered when the abnormal occurs. If this type of magic is attempted with a number of people working in perfect synchronization, it works much better. Conversely, it is even more difficult to perform in front of many persons, all of whom are upholding the ordinary course of events.

In trying to develop the will, the most fatal pitfall is to confuse will with the chauvinism of the ego. Will is not will-power, virility, obstinancy, or hardness. Will is unity of desire. Will expresses itself best against no resistance when its action passes unnoticed. Only when the mind is in a state of multiple desire do we witness the idiot agonizations of will-power. Pitting oneself against various oaths, abstentions, and tests is merely to set up conflicts in the mind. The will always manifests as the victory of the strongest desire, yet the ego reacts with disgust if its chosen desire fails.

The Psychic Censor

The physical part of ourselves is very touchy about Chaos and Magic; in fact, our mind abhors these things and there is a very powerful censor mechanism that prevents us from using or noticing all but a small fraction of it. When people are presented with real magical events they somehow manage not to notice. If they are forced to notice something incontrovertibly magical they may become terrified, nauseated, and ill. The Psychic Censor shields us from intrusions from other realities. It edits out most telepathic communication, blinds us to prescience, and reduces our ability to register significant coincidences, or recall dreams. The psychic censor is not just
put there out of divine malice; ordinary physical life would be impossible without it. It would be like living permanently under the influence of hallucinogens.

The consciousness-force in us that appears as the root of will and perception can be called Kia. This Kia has no form. Any form of innate or divinely sanctioned motive that one may seem to have found in it is an illusion. It is this void at the center of one's being which is the real Holy Guardian Angel. The psychic censor, on
the other hand, is a material thing which protects the mind from magic and from being overwhelmed by the awesome strangeness of the psychic dimension which appears to us as chaos. Magicians have a number of tricks up their sleeves for selectively bypassing the psychic censor. The censor is more active on some levels of consciousness than others. On the dream level, the perception, and sometimes the will, has more freedom to act magically, but the censor will often succeed in preventing either the command to do this from penetrating the dream level, or prevent the memory of it being available on the awareness level. The awareness level — on which we are conscious of thinking and being emotional — is given the greatest degree of protection by the censor, and many magical techniques are designed to draw consciousness away from this level. The robotic level on which we perform automatic tasks is less well-protected. In a state of absent-minded preoccupation, strange flashes of almost subliminal perception may occur, but the censor often acts to prevent these from fully entering awareness. If this barrier can be overcome, an almost maddening volume of telepathy, short-term precognition, and improbable coincidence can be perceived. The gnostic level of quiescent concentration or ecstatic excitement is the least protected by the censor, because in this level much of the mind is silenced. Consequently, most effective magical systems have developed one or more methods of entering this level deliberately.

All humans dream each night of their lives, but few can regularly recount their experiences even a few minutes after waking. Dream experiences are so incongruous that the brain learns to prevent them interfering with waking consciousness. The magician aims to gain full access to the dream plane and to assume control of it. The attempt to do this invariably involves the magician in a deadly and bizarre battle with his own psychic censor, which will use almost any tactics to deny him these experiences.
The only method of gaining full access to the dream plane is to keep a book and writing instrument next to the place of sleeping at all times. In this, record the details of all dreams as soon as possible after waking.

To assume conscious control over the dream state, it is necessary to select a topic for dreaming. The magician should start with simple experiences, such as the desire to see a particular object (real or imaginary) and master this before attempting divination or exteriorization. The dream is set up by strongly visualizing the desired topic in an otherwise silenced mind, immediately before sleep. For more complex experiences the method of sigils may be employed. A record of dreams is best kept separate from the magical record as it tends to become voluminous. However any significant success should be transferred into the magical diary.

in short perseverance is required
lots of perseverance

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:41 PM
You are trying to plant untrue memes ignoring the ascent of money and how it is used as control when you say :
"Think money is not important .
Money in all its forms is an easy medium of exchange of goods and services. It supposed to represent a unified value of measurement."

Rothschild thinks control of the money is important.
Money controls resourses and money controls govts.
TJ "If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money,
first by inflation and then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will
grow up around them (around the banks),
will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered."
What about the history of Col House(Rothschild agent ) who started the registration of Americans biological property at birth. “They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever by the operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.Americans unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bunkrupt and insolvent forever to remain economic slaves through taxation” .
When you talk of control you seem to miss the elephant meme in the room by saying its not who controls your govt,decides which side to support more in wars (and hedges bets accordingly)and feeds the people ideas in media through a private banking and financial system .
Without control of money the NWO would not have been able to spread memes like survival of the fittest, competition not cooperation darwinian and other greed is good slogans.

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:42 PM
Migration/colonization If as in some places 70% of home buyers are Chinese cash buyers, you can trace the misfortune of the Americans that lost their homes to the greed of the money lenders and the finacial institutions. All these movements are controlled and have to do with money .
I don’t mean to sound rude but can we be honest here at ATS about control or not?

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 06:43 PM
Well. Toady has been a long day. I upgraded my internet speed today. Everything is so much faster and watching streaming video is a snap.

In response to my methods in response to LostnEmpty. I felt easy visualization would easily undo the 'metaphysical restraints' of the magick he described. If the circumstances are true, then my gut tells me that these "witches" were hoping to cast about dramatic lure, in hoping he'd take the bait. Instead of being hooked in, he fled the net just in time.

I highly doubt they put much energy or ritual into this working. I gave him simple visualization techniques to work with that he record his journal, and thus can the report back. Maybe something interesting will unfold? Perhaps it will help, or do nothing at all. Or perhaps he will need further techniques that use higher magicks that are more ceremonial and ritual in nature. I like to keep it simple. I only bring out the wand, when it's an emergency situation! My initial instinct is that the show these women put on for him, was mainly that, a drama. That blew up their faces.

In response to Magus, in bringing up blood magick in the definitions....
What are we in grade school? I have several books that call upon (optional) drops of blood with no good follow-up on the actual topic of "blood magic" in many books and texts. Most people don't realize - it's magical ingredient to represent binding. It was up for definitions and it's one of the few definitions I don't know much about. I felt compelled to the post. I've books (yeah some of them are older) that include it in their ritual and spell formats. So, even if I'm at an advanced level in my solitary leanings, the student in me will still take a hold of the definition they don't know much about, before tackling one's that are familiar. But even with my defense, I will take your constructive criticism and apply it TheMagus. I will carefully regard what I share in the thread, and word certain areas carefully with more advanced subjects arise.

As to what is missing - some of the basics I think we've glossed over, and would be nice to see some of these area's seized upon and explored.

The Magick Circle - What is it?
The Pentagram and Pentacle - What are they?
Protection Magick
Releasing and Manifestation

The Altar/Tools (disc, athame, wand, etc.)
Deciding how to connect to Deity. What tradition type is right for you?
Wheel of the Year
Exploration of pantheon's that interest you. i.e. Celtic, Druid, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, Native American
Understanding the Elements
Consecrating Your Tools

This is a lot of fun, and even my 15 year old daughter has taken an interest. She'll come in and plop a chair right down next to me to read and talk about the thread!
She started her own studies earlier this year. She feels it is the Circle and Pentagram - those things not yet mentioned.


posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by ripcontrol
reply to post by vethumanbeing

I have a special assignment I ask of you.
for everyone reading this thread would you be so kind as to go back for all your post on this thread and condense it into one or two or three post. Organize it as you see fit.
this way everyone can see your point of view. You have made some interesting points however you have not organize them and a semi coherent way.
if you would be so kind of the ones that are following this thread want to see what you're saying. I can kinda see some of your points, however I get lost in part of the ramblings myself.please if you would be so kind sir, would you organize that into one or two post

I rill if yu rill, in your kindness asked pleased and thanking you in advance. No one wants to rehash off the top spontanious comments that are heartfelt and lirical. To have been graded an "F" by a substitute teacher is novel. When are you starting class, you havent given out the first 'spell' to master yet. Im certain that those that bother to read my posts are in understanding of thought/intent and dont need any dumbing down.
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

Playing with ceremonial magik, can be very dangerous. Alot of people who search through to learn about this stuff , often open doorways to other places, or attract the presences of unwelcome entities, or just don't know how to protect themselves and they incur the wraith of whatever it is they tried to summon or make a pact with.

I watched a interview with a high level ceremonial magician who was trying to summon some deity/demon. He did it in his garage, and when the thing appeared he had himself in a protective circle. For hours, the thing had him trapped in the circle. The thing finally tricked him into thinking his house phone was ringing and when he stuck his hand out of his protective circle to grab it, the thing took him.

You all may not know this, but religion itself is a form of magic practice. Millions of people on earth practice a form of magic everyday and they don't know it.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by Nemox42
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

Playing with ceremonial magik, can be very dangerous. Alot of people who search through to learn about this stuff , often open doorways to other places, or attract the presences of unwelcome entities, or just don't know how to protect themselves and they incur the wraith of whatever it is they tried to summon or make a pact with.

I watched a interview with a high level ceremonial magician who was trying to summon some deity/demon. He did it in his garage, and when the thing appeared he had himself in a protective circle. For hours, the thing had him trapped in the circle. The thing finally tricked him into thinking his house phone was ringing and when he stuck his hand out of his protective circle to grab it, the thing took him.

You all may not know this, but religion itself is a form of magic practice. Millions of people on earth practice a form of magic everyday and they don't know it.

Thank you for your response. I put away ceremonial magick when I moved out of my maiden phase (only myself to be responsible for) when I became a mother. I won't continue on with my practices in working 'actively' with High Ceremonial Magick (I follow OTO style) until after my last child has flew from the nest. I'm solitary. I don't belong to a circle or coven.

But yes. It can be very dangerous.


posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

Rip, I sent you three private apologizes for the pm you posted on the thread. I understand your need not to respond to my apologizes in a pm so here is my apology in public! Rip, I threatened you with sending you to the deepest pits of he'll for not responding to your students if they found they had inquiries to that which you were teaching them. I am paraphrasing. It was a written threat which I had no business making. I repeat, Ripcontrol was in no way responsible for for the perceived threat I experienced at the time.e I sent him this pm. I was reacting to a thirty year old perceived threat from abandonment issues that lead me into pursuing"real majic to begin with.

RIP, I sincerely, sincerely apologize, May peace be with you!

I am often blessed with dream time lessons that bring me back to reality. One of which is the Wolf pack. This morning when I was in an alpha state I was cornered by a wolf pack that was forgiving but at the same time foreboding. They let me pass as is karmicly customary when a perceived threat is not an actual threat, only one to be assessed. I submitted as I should have, and the threat disappeared. I purged my karmic reticence and now wish to dialogue freely. Your choice.
I hope I can offer something to those that would touch the flame. For this, I have great first hand knowledge.!

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by ripcontrol
For all of you who have asked me both recently and a long time ago

So you want to practice magic.. Well I usually charge a million dollars an hour.. But I tell you what, for you.. just for you I will give you a free sample..

(please note these views do not represent ATS or its members or me

I am a cruel teacher
You do not pick something up, later on spell go boom in your face, I take no responsibility

You do magic and do not like the results.. tough luck buddy you do not properly preplan it is on your head

First choice you have to make:

Of which I suffer no consequences

Do you want the American method or the Russian method?

American method-
understand the theory and intensive training
billion dollar pen writes in space

Russian method
it works
number two pencil- still works after half a bottle of vodka

So cherry pick at your expense (enjoy)

This is going to be simple..

Your first assignment is this
Keep a diary entry of your days event
we will use this to build on... and you will need it

No excuses.. EVERY day I want you to make an entry of your days events and the details of them..

You go back and do two in one day.. You fail
oh its worthless and you do not do it.. You fail

Please note I am being a hypocrite but your the one wanting to practice

The first two weeks will be the hardest as you try to discipline yourself to make those entries every day..
If you fail.. no respawn point.. start two weeks over

Now with our assignment out of the way Lets start the conversation out the same way I got it


Well what is it

To know
To will
To dare
To keep silent

the universe is magic

what a mage practices?

I cheated and just nodded my head...

The truth is I did not know what the answer was..

What I have found
everything is interconnected
Practioner affects the experiment
energy manipulation is different then classical magic
Psychic is different then classical magic
Science is the scientific method everything else is button sorting
Past science experiments have magical side effects..

Yall ready for this ride...

Okay definitions
Blood Magic
Remote viewing
Angelic magics
Dianieic - (check spelling)

This week you can respond with any types of magic you know of

The key to this is several things
You have to hand write all your diary /journal entries- typing does not count

Same for definitions-
you have to hand write them...

I will not defend the reasons for last two statements it is do nor do not

Here is the first key so to speak.. the definitions are how your mind structures reality.. feel free to disagree with my interpretations on defs.. the 7 p's are on your head

By writing the journal you..

You almost got it for free..

You have one other assignment separate but equal to the above one..

You have to find a hobby completely separate from practicing magic.. and the amount of energy you put into practicing magic has to equally go into practicing hobby X

Hour for hour second for second..

Lets say your learning to play guitar and spend two hours with it..

Well your practicing guitar means two hours of magic practicing..

One day you will understand. You can change hobbies if you become bored with it.. (your weaknesses will expose themselves to you...) but it has to have equal time

So journals
-any you think of that are not on the list yet post

Welcome to the world of being a mage..

If your real good we will cover money magics.. it will be your favorite and least favorite parts... For now

Wax On / Wax Off

Jacket on/ Jacket off

Just so you know... small print you can skip reading..

This is called a year and a day most of the time for a reason.. You have things change for you.. it will change quickly.. You have to have the mental toughness or well.. enjoy.. the SHTF warning has been given..

New christian go through the same thing as do all practitioners of religions...

We can discuss this as well if you want.. I have my own theories...

We are energy
change thought process change the energy
Environment responds differently

Proceed at own risk


To keep silent!

Ok This is the one premise I do not agree with. I do not believing that keeping silent is necessary.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:02 PM

Originally posted by twohawks
reply to post by ripcontrol

Rip, I sent you three private apologizes for the pm you posted on the thread. I understand your need not to respond to my apologizes in a pm so here is my apology in public! Rip, I threatened you with sending you to the deepest pits of he'll for not responding to your students if they found they had inquiries to that which you were teaching them. I am paraphrasing. It was a written threat which I had no business making. I repeat, Ripcontrol was in no way responsible for for the perceived threat I experienced at the time.e I sent him this pm. I was reacting to a thirty year old perceived threat from abandonment issues that lead me into pursuing"real majic to begin with.

RIP, I sincerely, sincerely apologize, May peace be with you!

You have not seen how he debases and derides posters to his/its thread. You take this serously? No teacher with authority would treat potencial students with such distaine. Have you not seen the blatant mocking? People such as you frighten me as in you have so little self will/awareness. This person is a fraud that feeds upon those that have slightly less knowedge than it has and thats not saying much about its own abilities; other than mumbo jumbo pick this and post. NO BONES TO IT.

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