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A brief decoding on the english language

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 03:37 AM
I wanted to make a thread about alternative information. We have been spoon fed LIES upon lies ever since man has been writing and speaking in tongues. There is so much deception and destructive information for ones mind and faith - it has only stunned the overall growth of us all.

Recently I have become very interesting in decoding words in the english language. This language which is not like any other language out there. The re-re-re mix of many languages put into one. I wonder what geniuses were behind the origin of the english language?

So I want to break down some words, and we can see what some words we unconsciously use everyday, really mean. This will become a nagging habit to some, and those indivduals will realize (REAL EYES) that there is more to language then communcation.

Lets start with Spelling (in Cursive). The first things we are taught as young children is to Spell. After we master creating spells with Wor(l)ds we are taught to curse, in cursive writing. I will use google to reference definitions, to convey a point. The English language is the most layered language out there; multiple meanings for the same pronounciation..

Verb- Write or name the letters that form (a word) in correct sequence. 2. Allow (someone) to rest briefly by taking their place in some activity: "I needed her to spell me for a while at the wheel".
Noun- A form of words used as a magical charm or incantation.

We all know in the earlier times, a spell is what "whitches" (which, witch, is wich?) do to 'hex' others.. Wor(l)ds are powerful, and even more so when unconscious. Many of the words we use today are ananograms, or parts of words in ancient literature. Even if we think the oxford version is 'this way' - the word had meaning hundreds of years ago, and its energy is carried out through 'time'.

Curse goes along with Spell, I just wanted to point this out.

The next thing I would like to break down is the word used for highest feeling; L-O-V-E.

LOVE >> LOW VE >> VE = Venus

Love backwards (BACK WORDS) = Evol >> Evil. So here we are tricked again unconsciously. As the word for the highest feeling is backwards for the lowest!

In earlier times - vowel sounds (e,a,o,i,u,y/h/j) were interchangable. We only became spelling nazis since the english language lol. Another thing one can do is play around with switching vowels.

Just because a word like Love is Evil backwards, your mind doesnt care for the arrangment of letters or sounds - as its all the same energy to the mind. Sound = vibration, vibration = powerful stuff in this realm. Thats why earlier times they wrote things down rather spoke. The vibration from the tongue can be profound when the right chords are hit in the vibration of the throat (chakra).

Moving on.

God = dog back-words. Sirius is the DOG STAR, there are many accounts of beings from sirius (serious) coming down and mingling with humanity. If we consider those beings of Sirius were dog-like humaniods - we can see whe reflection of this dominate word.

Here is one people will enjoy Lol!

Jesus. The letter "J" in earlier times was not pronounced with tongue on roof of mouth, teeth close, breath pushed out - sound. It was pronounced much like "Y". Side of tongue clinched between molder teeth, breathing lighting pushed from throat. Like "Yes".

Jesus = Yesus = Yeshua = YHWH. This particular name was not pronounced with a north american accent, obviosuly. There was an accent different in those times.

This is why our english word for accepting (being obedient) is Yes. "Yesus" my "lord". Lol. The SOUND of "YES"; the energy, vibration put into this particular sound is very submissive. Everytime a christian or individual prays their 'Lord' they are doing so with a submissive will - "yesus" or "Jesus".

Moving on.

The letter "D". Which is a circle or the letter "O" (D)ivi(D)e(D) in half. Two D's create a full circle. Now pay attention and watch this:

D = Destroy, Destruct, Decieve, Dominate, Devil, Deteriorate, Demon, Down, Doom, Dumb, Doubt, Damn, Dark, Dim, the prefix "de" which is a negative aspect of the remaining word - DEpart, DEploy, Dismiss, DEbunk. . I threw that last one in there as a joke to the debunkers

BUT! The letter 'D' is the letter that symbolizes the negative aspect of things. When something is split or Divided in half - it is no longer whole, it is no longer at its best or greatest.

WHOLENESS is what the letter 'O' is. The circle is perfect. Its balanced, its complete, its neverending and never starting,, its a powerful symbol.

The lower case of the 'D' is d, which is b or p flipped around. P is the masculine symbol of dominance.

P = prison, pervert., PENIS, phalace, palace, prime, proud, power, poop (lol) and pee, play, point...

The letters of langauges are not just ideas or cool shapes to represent sounds - they are SYMBOLS. And symbols are powerful to the subconscious mind. That is why every company has a logo (or Logos).. Symbols carry energy, so big corperations are very decisive when choosing what energetic symbol will represent them.

Its important to know this stuff because of the frequent and obsessive use we have with langauge. Its "CONvienance" to us within society. Language rules who we are, it gives us ideas, it shapes our thoughts and minds, it allows us to put labels on things... It does alot of things we dont really pay attention to. Which is why we are slaved to it.

It is not native for ANY being to speak or communicate in symbols. Before the so called 'episode' at the tower of Bable - yesus, that good ol' story - humanity communicated just fine! But the events at the tower of Bable (BIBLE, BLABBLE) forced the humans to speak, and they were spread across the lands, with their new (and crappy) ways of communicating.

PRIOR to this event - humanity was like any other being. We communicated through the mind complex. Thoughts and feelings > to < thoughts and feelings. Images, feelings, certain brain patterns, were the common and natural way of communcatiing. But something broke this natural communcation because it obviously didnt want humanity to have it any longer. This made it easier to control people.

The form of communciation I spell of (because im not speaking) is TELEPATHY > TELE = Long distance > PATH = a direct way > Y is random right now. So the meaning of telepathy is to communcate via long distance through a mind-to-mind path. Anyone can tap back into this natural form of expression and communcating - but it takes sacrifice of speaking and more using the mind.

It is obvious that animals communicate with one another, anyone who has a dog or cat knows this. Birds flying in formation, perfectly without messing up the formation. Fish sticking together in a school, tigers hunting in a strategic manner. Birds alerting when danger is nigh... Even plants can communicate ( See here - Secret Life of Plants Doc. 1973 ) via consciousness. One plant can know when another is in danger; being cut, swatted, eating, burned.. Etc.

This is my first thread, I didnt want to be overwhelming but just get some basics pushed aside and maybe influence some other members to start looking at things for what they are, instead of being set to automatic mode. We must be conscious in every aspect of our lives, IF our lives are that inportant to us.

Only 70 characters left now - so Ill end the OP here.

Thank You

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 04:06 AM
A very interesting thread, thanks for sharing op.

Even after the English language came about, more words were introduced to further divide us from our self. Thy, thee, thou etc was to refer to a aspect of our selves. Me, you, they, etc indevidualised us mentally and divided us further more.

I'm interested on where you are going with this, and what you may think the agenda may be (divide and conquer?), and who or what is responsible. Are dark forces manipulating us or do we do this to ourselves in the quest to become god/gods.

SnF for provoking thoughts.

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 04:20 AM
PLANET = Plan - Net

Soul = Sole - One

KING = KANE > CANE - KHAN > COIN (thats why when money started it was in coins, and who were on the coins? Kings and Queens). Do your own reseach on Cane.

Santa Claus = Satan Claws = big red stranger, with green little men/mon (demon)

P = d = b = 6 = 9 (the angles and straight lines dont matter in earlier times, the symbol is still the same thing flipped no matter the angle or angel).

D, C, U, Q = symbols of breaking down the circle or the WHOLE - O = infinte energy.. D = limited, negative energy

S is te most common letter used in the english langauge, it even has a "wannabe" letter in "C" sometimes. What being so. . "Sssssss.." ?? Of course its the snake, the stealthy, sneaky, snake. The most worshipped entity in human history. I wonder why?

Realize = REAL EYES

Sword = Sworn to D or destruction

UR is an ancient temple in modern IRAQ, anicent Sumeria - UR means fire, the temple of fire. What energy or entities breath fire, use fire, are obsessed with fire, and mentally like fire? Dragons, serpants, reptiles..

EARTH = URTH = Fire world - this is not a physical reference obviosuly, its a reference to those who govern this planet in the higher realms.. Ill save that for another thread in the future, im just simply pointing out EARTH is really URTH.

Numbers = NumbURS = Numb UR = numbing fire to the mind

Letters = LettURS = Let UR = Let the fire

Langauge and symbols are tricky stuff.. Makes you think who and what organization was behind this convoluted creation?

PRISON = PRISM > Sacred geometry lesson here... Earth is a Sphereical PRISM > spherical PRISON for Souls to get stuck in karma and reincarnate over and over.

Thats why (as earlier), PLANET = PLAN - NET = a PLAN to NET the SOULS in a PRISM.

Word = World (in the beginning was the 'Word' or 'World'). Sound is what creates and manipulates matter, look into cymatics as a breif (un advanced) lesson on the poower of sound frequency. And you can see how the world was create by the word.

Jesus (Yesus) - promised to make a fisherman, a FISHER OF MEN = Trap and catch human spirits and keep them locked up.. This is why Yesus was the king of fish, he is represented by the fish.. YOU CATCH FISH IN A NET - a PLAN-NET. . The Fish are symbolic for Souls, the ocean is symbolic to creation and the net is symbolic to the PRISM.

:O. .. Yea i know. .

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 04:22 AM
You forget "De"nmark .That is where the mystery begins, it hold's all the answers to everything you have discussed. They are the gate keeper's to all of this ! I wish I could share more, but I can't. English as you call it, is the key to everything including the art's and science's. English is the oldest tongue spoken on earth. It was removed ( Babled , Bibled as you say ) and re-released.
You are 100% correct in your journey, yet have some way to go. I applaud what you have done here and thankyou. I know this because of my family line. England - Englund- Inglund- Kinglund. Takes it's name from mine. I am often crittersized for my grammar.That is because I use a older form. Which coincides with what you are saying. So , yes English is symbols ( heiroglyph's , look to at that word. For I am that heir ) , and yes it is indeed word magic.Let mine be the first Star and Flag.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 04:27 AM

There it goes!..

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 04:29 AM
Interesting to see you mention Cain-Kane, Tubal Cain. If you put that to Denmark , spelt Danmark in their own tongue = Dan-Mark , Mark - Cain you have just about cracked the Genisis of what you seek. Don't ask , research.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by 13th Zodiac

Thank you for your input brother; your lineage is very intriguing to me - if you are from these certain bloodlines, your families have great knowledge - which means you have it too.

I know about Danmark, the basic knowledge - I am not adept in Danmark's TRUE history. Dan is obvously a man who had certain genes, and made his mark in tis land - Denmark. But you would obviously know more depth then I my friend.

The book of Genes
The geneolgy story tied up in trickery rhymes and stories.. Well thats not for this thread, but you can U2U me my friend, and elaborate on the knowledge you know.

Cain is obvious because its synonomous with KING, and COIN, which dominate humanity ever since those times...

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 05:22 AM
Etymology - one of the most amusing past-times on the planet. I love it.

You mention 'CONvienance'

'Con' is a prefix to many words...From Middle English connen, from Old English cunnan (“to know, know how”) And of course the French verb 'to know' is connaitre. I'm in Scotland, and when we say 'I know' we say 'I ken'

'Con' is also an abbreviation of the Latin 'contra' - against

Con-sider this when you con-template the origin of words such as con-spiracy, con-fidant, con-formist, con-vict, con-script, con-science (a particular favourite of mine).

Spelling is just about irrelevant in etymology - the majority of people, until recent times, were illiterate.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 05:28 AM
It is possible to read too much into things
Mark is a unit of land and Dane is the people who live there

consider the word "Angel" they are named after the Sumerian god "AN"
plANet, mAN, plANtation plANt etc
similar to EArth named after the Sumerian EA
brEAth sEA etc

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oh yeah, I almost forgot
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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Wow, I hope the OP is joking with us. In which case, this thread belongs in the Joke Forum. The OP is basically mish mashing words together to form new meanings which doesn't make any logical sense. I do appluade the OP for being very creative, however, the post is one fallacy after another.

Fallacy of Equivocation - Using the same term in an argument in different places but the word has different meanings.
Example: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Therefore, a bird is worth more than President Bush.
Example: Evolution states that one species can change into another. We see that cars have evolved into different styles. Therefore, since evolution is a fact in cars, it is true in species.

Non Sequitur - Comments or information that do not logically follow from a premise or the conclusion.
Example: We know why it rained today: because I washed my car.
Example: I don't care what you say. We don't need any more bookshelves. As long as the carpet is clean, we are fine.

Category Mistake - Attributing a property to something that could not possibly have that property. Attributing facts of one kind are attributed to another kind. Attributing to one category that which can only be properly attributed to another.
Example: Blue sleeps faster than Wednesday.
Example: Saying logic is transcendental is like saying cars would exist if matter didn't.

I know I'm being a wet blanket, but come on...deny ignorance.

I weep for the future.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 05:47 AM
As someone who works professionally as an English language teacher, as well as having extensive training in linguistics, I am going to draw attention to certain things you have said in your post and ask for clarification. I also feel that you have made certain assumptions that are not necessarily correct, and in certain cases quite misleading. Some of your statements delve into an abstraction of the English tongue and I won't spend much time arguing about interpretations of language that can neither be proven nor disproved. In this first post, I only want to deal with a few items - more posts will follow, time permitting.

Let us begin with your first statement

I wanted to make a thread about alternative information. We have been spoon fed LIES upon lies ever since man has been writing and speaking in tongues. There is so much deception and destructive information for ones mind and faith - it has only stunned the overall growth of us all.

I find this statement to be so general as to be virtually useless. What are these lies of which you speak, and how do they tie into your 'decoding' of the English language? To open with such a strong tone of accusation regarding these 'lies' and to refer to our 'stunted growth' requires far more evidence than is provided. I've seen vague references to our 'enslavement', but I feel there are quite a lot of assumptions you are making, with little illumination for those who may not necessarily share the same world view or beliefs that you do.

This language which is not like any other language out there. The re-re-re mix of many languages put into one. I wonder what geniuses were behind the origin of the english language?

How is English not like any other language 'out there'? For starters, prior to the (many) Anglo-Saxon invasions of the British Isles, the primary language(s) spoken were variations of the Celtic tongue. English is commonly accepted as having its origins in the German tongue. Variations of German were spoken across large tracts of northern Europe by tribal groups including the Angles, The Saxons, the Frisians,and the Jutes, hence the term Anglo-Saxon. England was at one point know as Angla-land or Angle-land (land of the Angles).

Come 1066, and the ensuing Norman (Norsemen who were Vikings living in the north of France) invasion, French became the official language of the Court. As a consequence, the English language was expanded with a large influx of Romance words. English itself retains its Germanic parentage however and cannot be classed as a Romance language unlike French or Spanish.

The English conquest of North America and Australia further spread the English language across the globe. This is certainly no unique phenomena, as Spanish and Portuguese claimed Latin America. The dominance of the United States as a military and economic entity has certainly brought English to the fore as a global language, and the internet has also helped propagate English as a global language.

I do not completely disagree with your premise that English is many languages put into one. English does have a flexibility that allows it to incorporate words from other languages into it. This is not unique - there are many other languages which do this, and the only language I'm aware of which tries to resist this is French, which has an Academy to monitor the language and to issue edicts on the use of language. For example they have banned the word ‘hashtag,’ and replaced it with ‘mot-dièse’.

I do not think English is particularly unique. It shares a lot of its grammar and vocabulary with other European tongues like German and French. Yes, it is a recognised world language, but in my opinion, hardly unique.

If you want a unique language, a place like Papua New Guinea, or Irian Jaya would be a good place to investigate, where you can have different tribal groups separated only by a few kilometers, but their language is mutually unintelligible to each other due to them living on high mountains with each of the others terrain being inaccessible. Geographical features like this can cause languages to exist in isolation and develop without being influenced by the others. Comparatively, much of Europe has no such problems of access and therefore the transfer of such varying items including goods, services, diseases, and language, has been with ease.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 06:15 AM
For 'on' read 'of'' I think? A brief decoding of the English language.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 06:22 AM
Its funny England was the land of the ANgles
Our lord Ah Men - Menes - a Sumerian/ Aryan / Goth the first dynastic ruler of upper and lower Egypt was the king...

as I was showing above Sumerian ( goth / aryan is where most of the root words originate )..
not to mention the actual roots of christianity

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 06:42 AM

KING = KANE > CANE - KHAN > COIN (thats why when money started it was in coins, and who were on the coins? Kings and Queens). Do your own reseach on Cane.

The word 'coin' has absolutely nothing to do with either King or Khan which also share no linguistic connection.
the word Khan is a title of central and western Asian origin which includes places like Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, and likely originates i Mongolia.

the word 'King' is a word of German heritage with the Dutch word koning, Old Norse konungr, and old Saxon and High German kuning.

The word is of Latin origin, and German is not a Latin language. It would serve the OP to do a little research rather than to simply look for words that sound similar and then draw connections between them.

Coin comes from the Latin term 'cuneus', which simply means wedge. The term came to apply to the wedge-shaped die that made these small pieces of money. Later, the word coin was applied to the stamped image on the money, but eventually referred to the money itself. (

To do some basic research just involves cross referencing as few different websites, but the OP has failed to even do this.

UR is an ancient temple in modern IRAQ, anicent Sumeria - UR means fire, the temple of fire. What energy or entities breath fire, use fire, are obsessed with fire, and mentally like fire? Dragons, serpants, reptiles..

EARTH = URTH = Fire world - this is not a physical reference obviosuly, its a reference to those who govern this planet in the higher realms.. Ill save that for another thread in the future, im just simply pointing out EARTH is really URTH.

Numbers = NumbURS = Numb UR = numbing fire to the mind

Letters = LettURS = Let UR = Let the fire

From where does one draw connections like this?

It is commonly accepted that the etymology (study of words and their origins) Earth could be derived from the German term term 'erde', the medievil English (which comes from German) 'erthe', and more speculatively the Arabic term 'Aarde' which shares a similar meaning.
In any case it simply means soil, dirt, or land

UR is a Chaldean term (which is where modern day Iraq exists now) which can is similar to the common Hebrew verb or ('or) meaning to be or to become light, shine, give light.

Drawing connections between the sound Ur,fire dragons and reptiles, and Earth as in soil is simply a personal interpretation and I fail to see the relevance of the two, except for the common sound.

NumbURS and lettURS and the OP's defintions, are bording on the completely inane.

To go back to the opening paragraphs of the OP's thread

I wanted to make a thread about alternative information. We have been spoon fed LIES upon lies ever since man has been writing and speaking in tongues. There is so much deception and destructive information for ones mind and faith - it has only stunned the overall growth of us all.

Recently I have become very interesting in decoding words in the english language. This language which is not like any other language out there. The re-re-re mix of many languages put into one. I wonder what geniuses were behind the origin of the english language?

To my mind there is little of worth here. The OP has failed to demonstrate what these lies are, and then parallels are drawn between completely different languages, based on words sounding similar. In amongst this are such gems as God = dog backwards and Sirius is the Dogstar... actually, the OP does it better

God = dog back-words. Sirius is the DOG STAR, there are many accounts of beings from sirius (serious) coming down and mingling with humanity. If we consider those beings of Sirius were dog-like humaniods - we can see whe reflection of this dominate word.

The beings of Sirius are dog-like humanoids and something about reflections of this 'dominate' word?
Are we even speaking English here?

The thing that is frustrating is that there can be interesting connections drawn between words that sound similar or similar looking scripts. For instance the Rongo Rongo script and its similarities with that of a script the Indus Valley is absolutely fascinating, with so many similarities that further study is completely worthwhile.

For a worthwhile thread:

and further research:

In comparison, this Dog-God/Earth/Urth is of extremely poor standard and the OP makes him/herself look ridiculous stating for us to do some more research. Best they follow their own advice

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 07:25 AM
Let's look at the word Fart.
F-art, F is the FFFFFF sound as it comes out your butt followed by art.
So the word 'Fart' is the art of expelling gas from your bum or FFFFF.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Great Thread! Let me give you a present. The past is in front. The future behind. The present is a gift. Get it? Anyway, the reason I say the past is in front is because you are facing it. The future is behind because it has not happened for you yet. The Hebrew mindset sees it this way. The word aharit comes after, later or behind. What is in front has already happened. The wicked have no conception of what is behind them. The righteous are turned and know the future through hope, therefore, we face what is unseen rather than what is seen. Anyway, I give you a present. Since you love linguistics, let me introduce you to morphology.

Go to Amazon and order the book, Ancient Hebrew Lexicon by Jeff Benner. Get a used copy. Trust me, you will thank me later. Next, get a copy of a tiny book called, Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms by Borror. Morphology is the combining of roots to form sequences. One word is a sequence of letter. For instance, Aleph in Hebrew means Strength (OX). The ancient Hebew Pictograph is the shape of an ox head. Bet is the shape of a tent opening and looks like a spiral with squared edges. Put them together and you have your first root, Father, or the strength of the house. The Father sits at the tent opening and guards the family. In Hebrew, the word Truth is Aleph, Mem, Tav. Remember which direction is the end. Tav is the Omega of Greek and Aleph is the alpha of Greek. Beginning and end. Mem is water. In the middle of time, we have the present (Water), which is our gift from Christ of baptism. We are immersed (Involution and Evolution) into the waters (Amni) of life so we can turn from our sin (Past) and repent.

Amni - River of Life (Baptism).
Amnio - Bowl that catches the blood of the lamb (Sacrifice).
Amnion - Sac covering the baby in the womb (Like your body on Earth).
Amniotic Fluid - Waters covering the new life in the Mater / Matrix / Matter / Mother.
Amnesia - Condition of the waters (Can't remember).
Amnesty - Forgiveness in a foreign land.

What you just witnessed is English, made up of Greek and Latin, which tells the same story as that of the gospel message. The reason it works this way is for a reason. When 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet are combined with 24 letters of the Greek, we have English rendered into the East/West combination of both. Again, this is on purpose by God. With DNA, there are 46 chromosomes. 22 pairs of chromosomes and 2 sex chromosomes have a function, just like language. 2 sex chromosomes start the process. 2 proteins stop the process. There are 22 proteins that rendered the sequence of proteins in the body like language. Really, that is 20 proteins and 2 that are programmed to stop the rendering, like periods. Each of us is a story told by God, complete with punctuation. We are the ones reading that story. 46 letters form Eastern (concrete) and Western (Abstract) to form the human that is a reflection of both languages. The WORD is where is starts. At the end, God reads the paragraphs you add. You have a part in this book of life.

John 1

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome[a] it.

We are proteins (Letters) that form in Triplet Codons (Roots). Add proteins between and get new words. Form chains of words and get paragraphs. Form paragraphs and render the tree of life as a human, plant, animal and so on. The acorn has a 75 foot oak tree enfolded. The oak tree supports the life of forest creatures and produces more acorns, producing more trees, supporting the overall environment. All of this is the essence of WORD.

Go back to the Hebrew language and there is a story telling you now it was accomplished. Here are threads I have done on this topic:

Agra Bio Linguistics - Hebrew Story

Linguistics of Word / WorLd

Secret of Two Crossed Sticks TAV

Goat Hair Tents

I discovered all of this with the Benner Lexicon. There is much more. Each branch from the root is formed the the trunk in the middle. All of reality happens in threes. Like a zipper pulling both sides of the zipper together, Greek and Hebrew pull the two sides of the world together. All chemical bonds must have a catalyst. Ours is English. God knew we were not ready 4000 years ago. Today, are we ready? Shortly. First, the enemy is the footstool. I could show you this in another thread:

Glass and Ceramic - The same sun that melts wax hardens clay. Water keeps clay soft. Time is the key to salvation and involution is the mechanism. Look to the future and enjoy the gift of the present.

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by cuckooold

All you did was a google search and copy/pasted something about the word coin..

How did I fail to do anything? The OP was pretty basic, and made much sense. The langauge itself is a conspiring attempt to control the masses.

What you are doing in your mind - is only relating to a version of truth (within the language) that has been taught to your so obedient mind. The real his-story and meaning of the words dont mean exactly what you were taught. As I said - many of the words or sounds which is what words are based on - sounds are vibratorial frequencies from the throat (chakra) - the words come from ancient times.

Those who constructed the language were very adept in the occult knowledge. Modern english is not the same thing as english or the ancient languages that humanity was using in earlier times. A word may mean 'this' in the OXford dictionary - but in ancient times it had a totally different meaning - but which one is getting the energy?

Like Santa Claus - SATANS CLAWS - people are giving energy to soemthing that we know of as Evil/EVOL/LOVE - being the dark lord Satan. As I said; your human mind, does not care of the arrangment of letters, and when spoken its the vibrational chords that are struck, that mean the most. Which are related to an OLDER language.

The updated english langauge (American/Canadian) far differs from the old spoken/written langauges. Basically; what you know of language today is only relevant to the soceity you are slave and obedient too

In the times of old; the kings ruled the world, they were adept in the occult knowledge, in the spiritual knowledge.. They beleived they were BLESSED (BE > LESS) through their genetic bloodline - and that thisi gave them the right to inherit the lands. They made a pact to dominate every region of the world; killing, stealing, raping, burning down churches (knowledge that can never be recovered) ... THEY made their version of HIS-STORY that they wanted the future generations to know only.

And to this day - the history we are taught is non other then HIS STORY - not the truth of the events and things that truly took place, once upon a time..

Knock this off all you want - the bottom line is this; your still a slave, still a trapped soul in a PLAN-NET, still controlled by GOVERNMENT (Govern > Ment = control over the mental or mind), still slaved to the very words you Spell, Curse, Think or speak.

That IS THE TRUTH my friend. You can rip off any website you want - its ALL based on HIS STORY. The kings of the bloodlines; came, conquered, and are still in control today - you use their money (Moon -Y) with their families faces on them. And it controls every aspect of reality you are apart of.

Btw - UR = Light/Fire - which are synonmous with one another in the physical realm. Light and fire are pretty much the same "down here". But "up there" (higher realms/dimensions) fire and light are compeltely different things. This universe is the SHADOW realm - a casted shadow from the realities above - hence "as above so below" ..

@ the brilliant english teacher. . Congradulations

You are a teacher of the new english - and as has been referenced a couple times in this thread already, the english we use today is a rip off of many langauges from old times. What you use and know of TODAY in regards to language and literature - is only relevant to TODAY and the governing society you are obedient too.

The sounds, spells, and curses still have meaning and STILL carry its own energy from earleir times. Because you dont beleive it, doesnt mean its not true. Your english came from somewhere else is the POINT here. Not even knowing that letters are symbols, and where those symbols originate from is your first mistake as a "teacher".

Instead of knocking it off - its more enlightening to an individual to start playing around with words, decoding/decrypting things.. English will start to seem weird, you will see the roots from earleir known cultures and languages (like german and latin as one poster, pointed out).

Theres no need to have that condescending attitude when you dont agree with someone - no where did I say "BELEIVE AND TRUST IN EVERY THING I SAY BECAUSE ITS FACT!" hahah... No. I am typing up these spells, to poke at your mind and make you think beyond the automatic-and-obedient ways you have been trained.

Thats all

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 02:14 PM
Also; you cannot deny the symbol of the letter "D" and "P" and what was said about it in regards to breaking thte circle (whOle) in half (or DiviDe).

As well as telepathy being the native and natural way to communicate.

You wonder why you are told "you only use 8% of your brains>minds". The mind doe much more then photocopy things, behave in obedient manners, have random dreams (are dreams random?) etc... THAT is the less then 10% of active mental work people.


This is why you grow up not understand your potential, not understanding your spirit, not understanding your INNER capabilties.. Because your mind and spirit has and always will be silenced.

Those in control, and who have been since pre-Rome (Roam - because they roamed the lands and conquered) know very well about the power, capabilities, potential and NATURE of the mind/spirit complex of the human.

So it has been a desperate and grueling task to silence humanity and keep them in a lower vibratorial state of BEing, to be obedient and slaves to language, elite, money, and most of all RE-LEGION.

In the BABLE - the dark one was casted to the abyss (earth) and 1/3 of the angels followed.. After events - he was defeated again and again. This is a neverending war - as those dark entities DO NOT GIVE UP. Religion = RE-LEGION = rack up strronger and more numbers, create a more powerful legion for the next "battle".

Those you call kings, queens, presidents, popes...WORSHIP (Or WAR-SHIP, because anyone worshipping something they do not know, are really in the middle of a war) these dark beings!

Worship = WAR-SHIP

Pray = PREY (those innocent people who 'pray' are only PREY to the ones who are taking their prayer.. As I said "Jesus" isnt who you think he is)

When a christian ends Prayer - it ends with "Amen" = AMAN = AMAN-RA = ancient GOD over humanity. So the prayer trribute is going to Aman-RA and not Yesus (lol!)

/everybody has it BACKWORDS because that was the point - like the 'events at the tower of blabble' - confuse humanity, scatter them.

Language = 1st barrier

Religion = 2nd barrier

Kingdom (King-Dome) and countries/borders = 3rd barrier

Then came the brilliant system - the banking system, money = the 4th barrier

These steps are what made it possible to govern over an ENTIRE species! And you think these humans did it all by theirselves? OF COURSE NOT! It was the obsessive "LORD" or one who called itself "GOD" - the snake, the dragon, the reptile - the DARK ONE - who they warship, and get their nasty plans from..

Behind every King is a PRIEST - who advises the Kings.. Behind every high figure is an advisor pulling the strings. The Priests are the ones working the "magic". The kings just take orders, and order the obedient humans to construct their plan-net. Who contructs things? MASONS - free masons.

.. And down the rabbit hole we go

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by cuckooold

Easter Island has nothing to do with what im talking about. . Many many mysterious languages came and gone.. Im confused to why you even referenced Rongorongo jibberish anyways :S

As for the God/Dog/Sirius connection - I ask you personally; have you ever been in contact or seen another intelligent being besides a hu-man?

Im sure I already know the answer to this; which is why you wouldnt understand dog-man talk lol. Beings who came from the stars (where it all STAR-ted), with dog-like appearances. . That is the connection.

I havent perceived or seen these dog-like humaniods; but i have seen other entities who FAR differ from humans. Becuase your mind is shut, your third eye is closed, and you do not care to explore or learn beyond your 5 senses. . Does not make this knowledge irrelevant, only to your ignorance does it become irrelevant.

Before humans could speak or write - beings came down to this planet and started playing a game of "We-are-Gods" now to these indigenious humans. Playing with the DNA (DAN > DANS MARK/Denmark) to accelerate the mental growth of the native people of Urth.

Humankind were doing fine on their development (develop mental) path before these beings and the Moon showed up. After the disasters settled humanity wsa forced to learn language.. SOEMTHING wants to control entire species - before they have a chance to evolved or develop mentally/spiritually on their own. Maybe they fear competition?

But this is where our pasts meet our future. We were toyed with in the past; and a selected few were the "chosen" ones to carry these genetics. They're bloodlines have remained in power over humanity ever since. This is the bigger picture, and language is the secret to decoding the history.

So, back to the God/Dog - Canine, Caanites, Cane, King, Coin. . The knowledge is hidden in the words. Just because you refuse to exmaine things and rather hyperlink someone elses spells/thoughts - doesnt make this knowledge illogical or useless. Humanity is a PRODUCT now; of those who played with our DNA and minds from thousands of years ago, and ever since.
Dog-like beings are not the only ones involved.. As the Serpant steps in and takes a major role in deceiving humanity forever after until present day.

Almost EVERY culture that has existed, had some sort of serpant worship. In their #1 selling book the Bable - the serpant plays an important role for the future of humanity.. Tales, tails, tales... Many stories, many versions and half truths - but we need to digest it all to see the bigger picture. Rather argue who has the best link to the beset references.. ALL the information regardless is versions of HIS STORY
So look into the alternative to find the answers.

Learn to think for yourself; rather photocopy and rip things from what was already written in spells. More so; learn to use your mind more then 10% lol
Langauge is only a chokehold over humans who use it day in and day out. One sees, understands and percieves things much more clear in silence - or meditation.

Talking all day is exhausting ...

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 03:00 PM
A most wonderful thread !!

S&F for you

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