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A Secret from Two Crossed Sticks - Hebrew Linguistics of the Cross - Evidence from the Language of G

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posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 05:45 PM
I gave this answer to a thread concerning the Cross of Christ. I think it is deserving of a thread so that discussion can take place from a linguistics standpoint. Specifically, can someone who speaks or reads Hebrew please verify my findings.

From where I stand, my Hebrew Lexicon reveals a bit of a secret with two crossed sticks. TAV is the 21st letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. To know the meaning from the root language, you need to seek the proto Hebrew in the phoenician language. To see clearly, we need to trace the meaning of the cross from the root meaning.

Early Hebrew was contained in an Agra Bio Linguistic language derived from nature. Each letter has meaning from the pictograph representing it. This is comparable to ideograms we use today like men's and women's restroom signs. We can obviously see God's hand at work in this. I'll link some threads at the end.

The pictograph for TAV is two crossed sticks. For a complete lesson in Agro Bio Linguistics, consult this LINK. The meaning of the TAV is a mark, sign or signature. The name of the Lord in Hebrew is YHVH. This is Yud, Hey, Vav, Hey. Each of these contain meaning as well. Yud is the hand. Vav is the nail. Hey means behold a great work. In context, YHVH is read, "Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail." A name is also a signature of a person's character in Hebrew.

In Hebrew, the 22 letters are combined in pairs to form a union. This can be compared to a seed gaining union with the soil or egg. This then forms the branch of the tree from the root. If we take the Tav at it's first root, we get some words that offer a clue to the symbolism of the cross.

There are three words. Gift, Give and Hire

The message of Christ is simply seen. We are slaves to sin and death. Christ came to redeem us by the Jubilee laws. We can only be redeemed by a kinsman. Jesus had to come as a man to claim ownership from the master of sin and death. This is a gift. We are no longer slaves, but hired by Christ for good works. He is giving this freely if we believe in God and love our neighbor. As a security for the promise, we are marked by the Holy Spirit with his signature. The LORD of the Bible from Genesis 2-Revelation 22 is Jesus.

One other hidden bit of information. The 22 letters of Paul are the last 22 letter of the Bible. Hebrew has 22 letters. The Bible ends in 22 letters. Evidence is in every place you consider.

Linguistics of Word and World

Agra Bio Linguistics - Meaning of the 22 Letters of Early Hebrew

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