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The Magdalene Mystery.

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posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 07:50 PM

Originally posted by boymonkey74
reply to post by aethertek

Before all the male type Gods (Roman Greek Norse Christianity etc ) peoples Gods were mainly female, but the men must not have liked that so changed the gods they worshipped to manly ones.

The primary female goddess type came to the fore after the killing or Nimrod, gilgamesh, osiris by his uncle seth/set. Before that female gods of power were well established in the oldest of the pantheons out of Sumer. One of the oldest and primary gods of war was a female type.

By the way some Roman units used a type of the old female war god emblem on their shields as did the greeks.

Crack the books son....dont drink the cool aid.

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 08:18 PM
If you worship anyone but Christ then you are in error. If anyone calling themselves Christian puts anyone above him, or has idols in their house (like most Catholics) they are not Christian according to Christ. You might be a god catholic but if you cannot read what your own Bible says about idols and putting others above in in place of Christ .... well.. not my problem really.

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 08:25 PM
This information can be found on wiki

Rare sample of Egyptian terra cotta sculpture, could be Isis mourning Osiris, (raising her right arm over her head, a typical mourning sign). Musée du Louvre, Paris.

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 09:29 PM
Some interesting theories here.

My research reveals that when the patriarchal fathers reversed the symbols of the pagan religion, the Mistress of Speech, who was the saviour in the Dogon religion, was turned into the prostitute Mary Magdalene. Like the Mistress of Speech, who was also known as the Seventh Ancestor, Mary Magdalene was identified with the number seven. In The Gospel According to Mark, Jesus expelled seven demons from her.1 The Mistress of Speech was symbolized by the colour red whereas the male Jackal, the evil in the Dogon religion, was symbolized by the colour white. Mary Magdalene is often shown dressed in red in early works. The skull is an important symbol that is associated with the Mistress of Speech in the Dogon religion. The skull also appears in association with Mary Magdalene. This is especially prevalent in church's that appear in the south of France in what is known as Cathar country.

Margaret Starbird points out that the Christian theologian Origen (CE 185-254) equated Mary Magdalene with the bride in the Song of Songs and that these associations were widely accepted and cherished in the Middle Ages. On Mary's feast day, July 22, the Catholic Church traditionally read from the Canticles (Song of Songs 3:2-4), the story of the Bride searching for the Bridegroom/Beloved, from whom she has become separated. I believe these myths have to do with our lost immortality and androgyny. The Mistress of Speech gave birth to Lébé, who was immortal and born as an hermaphrodite. Five generations after Lébé's birth humans lost their androgyny and immortality. It was hoped that over time humans would evolve back into androgynous and immortal beings.15 The Rosicrucian manifestos promised a transformation of the world and of human knowledge in relation to esoteric, heremetic principles. One of the tracts was the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz written in 1616 by German theologian Johann Valentin Andrea, an alleged Grand Master of the secret organization known as the Prieur‚ de Sion.16 I believe that the Chemical Wedding symbolizes a return to immortality and androgyny. It may even suggest genetic engineering as a means to accomplish it.

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

Another poem i wrote:

time by goes
but this girl
she will never cry
shes a secular, engima, warrior!

We could last forever
as we sat through the night
drinking over glory days
like they didnt end

I went up to her and
asked what is your name
she said people called her "Magdalena"

I asked her what she does
during the time of day
she looked at me with an illusive grin
then she turned away

Causes shes the
secular, engima, warrior!

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by Kantzveldt
It's a remarkable cult...

What is remarkable is that so many actually BELIEVE them...

Study the TRUE origins of all cults and false religions and learn who is actually behind the facade.

Religion is being used as a major tool of the Illuminati agenda.

This is the real reason that Religion is one MASSIVE lie.

The true agenda behind Religion is to HIDE the truth.

Proof of this is the fact that it does exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to do

The elite created religion as a Mind Control tool with a hidden agenda that revolves around permanently separating us from God.

This is WHY Religion is one MASSIVE lie.

All religion does is drive people AWAY from God, this is Satan's real agenda.

"Every major religion in the world has been manufactured or infiltrated by the Illuminati to enslave and brainwash society. In essence, religion was the first form of mind control." Link

"Today the religions of the world remain a major tool of the Illuminati agenda." Link

"What if there were people within the various Churches of God who covertly were guiding the members to slowly accept new ideas which are alien to the true faith and who were dedicated to destroying that faith at all costs?"


posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 11:35 PM

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posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 11:48 PM
Anyone heard of the cult of the Black Spider?

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 02:06 AM
And on the BBC is Melvyn Bragg telling us about this woman's life, with a short intro video.

and a longer video.

Helps put things in perspective. Enjoy.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 03:18 AM
Sumerian Law of Inanna, Queen of the Annunaki Moloch, passed into Hebrew Law. "All Priest Kings must have a Titled Name; A Common Name; A Name for Each Coven they Created; and when Promoted their Name was changed to reflect the Promotion" i.e. "Saul" became "Paul"; Enlil deified as god "Jupiter" also became "St. Peter" the first Roman Pontiff. Coven Custom is the Diarachy which is a Coven Rule of Bloodline only, and it must be immediate bloodline i.e. mother, father, son, daughter.

These two were the Fraternal "Incestuous Twins"; also called "the Ptolemy's." In Egypt they were "Isis & Osiris"; In Rome they were "Cleopatra & Caesar"; in Babylon they were "Selene & Syn"; the Hebrew called them "Lilith & Ba-El, King of Hell". Her saxon name was Elizabeth. She was first married to Alexander & their conquest went through the European continent. He is the origin of Alexander 'the first Tzar' which is 'ca-sar' and Elizabeth was his wife. His coven names are (Azazel-wicca, Baphomet-caesar, Massawa-freemason). Elizabeth was also called "Bloody Mary" by the Scotts; she used the names "Glorianna"; "Mary"; "Elizabeth"; "Arsinoe"...depending on the land and language. This was 'divine right to rule and reign as granted by GOD El(ohiem) with whom "Man is at war with in the war in Heaven". When the slave uprising occurred in Babylon he was killed and Ptolemy was called in with his troops. She then married her fraternal twin and had a son.

"The Babylonian Slave Queen Selene, created Commerce, Corporations and the 5 day work week where all fruits of Labor were seized as tribute to god (Artificial Entity - ie. AT&T is An Tiamatt & Tamil (Enlil)) Taxation on Man; Monetary system and Banking; all as a specific form of Slavery of Mankind" And this was taught in schools as history of the Coven Age which was NOT a thousand years ago.

It went on "And for this Selene was Promoted to "Most High" which is "Magda"-Lene". Ba-el was promoted to "St. Peter" but he was quite mad. Their Son's Egyptian Coven name was "Horus" and in saxon he was Lord Melchizedek (Melchizedek Order of Lilith). In Babylon he was "Nannar, the Shining one" and in Rome he was "Caesarian" son of "Caesar Ptolemy & Cleopatra." They called him "whore us" because he was a very good pedophile liar, using words stating he was the right hand path, while getting all the people to preform all the pagan rituals for the left hand path. The other Covens complained he caused 'all the people to whore after him" with his lies and false promises. In other words he was cheating.

The story went, that he killed his mad father - I'll let you guess who. Then Magdalene to keep the Coven Diarchy, married her son. His name changed to reflect the promotion in the Coven from "(w)Hor-us" to "Jes-us".

This caused an even greater scandal than the Incest marriage to her fraternal twin. All the pedophilia and mass murder of slaves for human sacrifice couldn't top this. This is when the whole place went up in flames and the people realized that their 'gods' were lying. Remember they deified the pharaohs. Some of her deified names are Athena and when she stole the ME's it was also Venus; Hecate, Selene, Ishtar, Ashtar, Shiva, these are all names for "Lilith" who is Elizabeth. "Arsinoe's" nose is cut off on all her statues. The Double Eagle head sigils of the Incestuous twins in S.America are broken up. Caesarian's statues are broken and completely removed.

The "Covens of Azazel" are the "Papal, Royal & Federal". "AL, IL, EL are Latin Suffixes for GOD El(oheim)"
These are bona fide combatants in an actual war, listed in the 1917 Geneva Convention. And what they have done is alter our books, definitions, and removed the information of the Coven Age which CREATED our Constitution. Almost all of it, was due to the slavery system imposed by this group and to stop them. "Right to Life" was actually 'right to all goods, commodities, fuel, wages, food, water, housing necessary to live life well within a free society of man'. By removing bits and pieces, they have deliberately altered the general public's comprehension of terms, laws, latin, etc. This allowed them to alter and separate and create complete works of fiction to hide their identities and past crimes against humanity. Their original intent was to get people to choose one of the covens of SET. Which 'religion' snake worship do you prefer? Don't like Religion? How about a Coven Corporation? Freemason, Bilderberg "Club"? Their intent was to create something to lure each sect. Then seal you for their own service, while not informing you that you had just chosen a branch of SET. The Left hand path. Not the All Father, the Right hand path and the divine.

So the all father created a new law "No oaths or vows given without knowledgeable consent will bind you".

And that is the history that was in books, up until around 1960's as far as I can tell. I do know that JFK had that history, he referenced it.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 03:50 AM
In Platonic and Hermetic teaching, it is through the mind that one has the blessed Vision. Through mind one sees themself and God. In the Corpus Hermeticum, IV. 'Cup of Monad', one is called to be baptised in Mind, become partakers of Gnosis and be Perfected: "Hermes: He filled a mighty Cup with it, and sent it down, joining a Herald to it, to whom He gave command to make this proclamation to the hearts of men: Baptize yourself with this Cup's Baptism, what heart can do so, you that have faith you can ascend to him that has sent down the Cup, you that do know for what you came into being! As many then as understood the Herald's Tidings and doused themselves in Mind, became partakers in the Gnosis; and when they had "recieved Mind" they were made "perfect men". But they who do not understand the Tidings, these, since they possess the aid of Reason only and not Mind, are ignorant wherefore they have come into being and whereby."

Hermes: "O Tat, the Gnosis of the Mind, Vision of Things Divine, God-Knowledge is it, for the Cup is God's"
In Psalm 116:13 of the KJV Holy Bible : "13. I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD."
In Chapter V. Hermes says, "For thought alone "sees" the unmanifest, in that itself is unmanifest. If, then, you have the power, He will, Tat, manifest to your mind's eye."

In Phaedrus, from the dialogues of Plato, it says, "There abides the very being with which true knowledge is concerned; the colourless, formless, intangible essence, visible only to mind, the pilot of the soul."

I wouldn't be surprised if the skull was similar in meaning to the cult of the severed head, which represents the Grail, and in a Christian context, the Christos...I don't doubt that Mary Magdalana would have represented the Bride of the Christos who joins him in the Bridal Chamber, she would represent the perfect Initiate. Most Christian Gnostics I know, don't take that literal in the context that she was the flesh and blood wife of Jesus and bore his flesh and blood child.

Edit to add: Corpus Hermeticum qoutes from G.R.S. Mead's translation, qoute from the Dialogues of Platos, 'Phaedrus', translated by Benjamin Jowitt, and Psalm from the KJV Holy Bible.
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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Kantzveldt
reply to post by boymonkey74

Mary's possesion of the actual skull of Jesus does of course contradict the resurrection passage, thought to be a later addition, and the doctrine of the re-constitution of the physical body and Heavenly would suggest a rebirth in spiritual form of more importance, after Gnostic doctrine.

It would suggest that the resurrection never happened. Especially since the "spiritual resurrection" was only conceived to explain how Jesus could have been resurrected without his skull. But I suppose any half-thought explanation is suitable as long as it allows the fairy tale's ending to remain the same.

Also, regardless of whether or not this alleged resurrection happened in body or in spirit would not affect it's overall "importance." What happened before and after the alleged resurrection still remain the same. If you're talking about symbolic importance, perhaps, but that's only important in an obscurely artistic way. Like "Oooo, see what Jesus can do? So much cooler than having a REAL body. He's got a shiny magical one with a +8 constitution modifier." No real importance.
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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:13 AM
While it is possible that Mary Magdalene was not the bride of Jesus, it is nearly inconceivable that he did not have a wife.

The reason I give it is that men of that period were not accepted into society unless married. He would have achieved proper marrying age and then gotten hitched. Everyone seems to ignore this important fact.

If Jesus was 'the son of god' he also would have wanted to experience everything first hand. Getting married and having children would be included in such an experience.

I remember the story of some Medieval monastery in which the monks argued, seemingly forever, about the possibility that Jesus might have laughed. Yes such a trivial item, but this highlights the nonsense that surrounds the life of Jesus. Again, logic says, he would have wanted to experience everything that all humans experience.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by HairlessApe

D&D player?

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by adjensen

Yes Mark had the tradition of the resurrection in terms of the empty tomb before the added verses, and the need to include such carried through into the other Gospels.

reply to post by Spectral Norm

There isn't anything to connect Mary Magdalene to an actual skull of Adam, but in a sense Jesus was a new type of Adam, and hence the symbolic association.

That would of course also make Mary Magdalene a new type of Eve in the same symbolic sense...a first couple.

Information on any of the disciples of Jesus is sketchy for the Post resurrection period, one presumes there were oral traditions across the early Christian communities, but it's not until later centuries vitae legends emerge.

reply to post by Murgatroid

Some people sell bottled water and some people buy it, but they don't own the rain...

reply to post by Arles Morningside

Those are interesting considerations, ta key point i tried to make in the OP was that in the Golden Legend they find abode in the portico of a Marseilles Temple, probably the sister Temple of Artemis of Ephesus, but there was also the Temple of Apollo Delphinius...the point being the correspondences that would be made with Greek thought and learning tradition.
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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:40 AM

Originally posted by Benchkey
While it is possible that Mary Magdalene was not the bride of Jesus, it is nearly inconceivable that he did not have a wife.

The reason I give it is that men of that period were not accepted into society unless married. He would have achieved proper marrying age and then gotten hitched. Everyone seems to ignore this important fact.

If Jesus was 'the son of god' he also would have wanted to experience everything first hand. Getting married and having children would be included in such an experience.

Jesus didnt seem to be concerned with fitting into any traditional ideas. And no he never wanted and couldnt experience everything first hand. Just stay tunned to the fact that jesus died and did suffer death and dont get to worked up about if he may or may not have had sex with a woman.

Plus think about him having children. They would have been immortal seeing he had no sin nature to pass death along by way of a biological gateway.

Nope, like so many other things Jesus didnt and could not do.....and no he didnt do everything, he didnt have kids or have a wife.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:40 AM

Originally posted by Aleister

Originally posted by resoe26

Originally posted by Aleister
reply to post by Kantzveldt

You found some pretty hot Mary Magdalene's there. S&F for that alone - but you've made a very good OP and brought up some interesting points (pun intended). I think the Dan Brown book and all the publicity for Mary Mag. that came with and after that have propelled her into the top tier of feminist icons, and she'll be a new meme for awhile. I like the skull emphasis, interesting connections, and it's a symbol of Mary M I've not noticed or remember reading about before. Probably have come across it, but all the pics of the artwork in one place make the symbol of the skull and its connection to her clear, thanks for collecting these.

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eeek feminists....

Lets not forget that Mary Magdalene was a harlot to begin with.
I wonder how much harlots cost back in those days......?

No, not a harolot or prostitute, you've bought into the catholic myth which was an attempt to marginalize her and her time with Jesus and major role as a female apostle afterwards. At least according to biblical expert Dan Brown.

Did you just say "Biblical Expert"? His book has been attacked as not only ignorant of history, but in many places outright fabrication of it. He gets a "pass" sorta because it's a work of fiction. However, his "fact sheet" in the beginning is a laughable distortion of reality and the historical record.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:42 AM

Originally posted by Kantzveldt
reply to post by adjensen

Yes Mark had the tradition of the resurrection in terms of the empty tomb before the added verses, and the need to include such carried through into the other Gospels.

Save for Johns. You will find it written without the infulence of the others so much if at all.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:43 AM
Let me point out to people that THE GOLDEN LEGEND is the same book that made fanciful stories about other saints which were written by one man, and include the story of St.George killing a dragon. Now who knows, possible dragons did exist etc as the book says so, but historically St.George does exist and has his remains in the hanging church in Egypt, but he, I am sure, didn't kill a dragon, but did help the crusaders and was originally a Muslim who converted, if that is correct.

In anycase, the symbolism in the paintings is not of Mary Magdalen holding Jesus' skull, and so doens't dismiss the resurrection, and no the Church did not 'cover-up' any relationship between Jesus and Mary, or him dying and not ressurecting....

For some logic, let me first say that if the story of Jesus ressurecting, was a fabrication, as some suggest may ahve been added as a fabrication to the Bible, and that the church tried to discredit Mary as a harlot in order to discredit her telling the truth, etc, then let me just point out a few things.

If the church really was covering things up, then they wouldn't allow all these paintings to have remained in full view, or in holy places, and would have burned them and the painters would have been punished for heresy. They were not, because the skull in the paintings is nothing to do with Jesus or 'his skull' as has been wrongly suggested. i will elaborate on the symbolism later.

The other point is also that if the church wanted to fabricate the ressurection adding this in the Bible, and tried to discredit Mary Magdalen, then why didn't they delete the passages in the Bible, New testament, which say she was the first to witness Jesus ressurected from the grave. It seems preposterous that people suggest the ressurction accounts were maybe added later, and Mary discredited, yet at the same time Mary Magdalen being the very witness who saw Jesus first ! If the ressurection was a fabrication, and Mary was erased from the Bible as some suggest, and discredited to discredit her 'Jesus skull holding' theory, then it seems madness on the part of the alleged fabricators to give her the credit of witnessing the ressurected Jesus, first !
If indeed the fabrictors/disceditors really were doing such a thing, they would have written that St.John or another Apostle would have witnessed Jesus' resurrected self, instead.

One other thing, in those days and culture, women were not considered credible worthy witnesses, but more than one man was considered as credible. So knowing this, if the Biblical accounts of Jesus' ressurrection were fabricated and added to later by the 'conspiritors', then wouldn't you think they'd have made their story a very credible one by having several male witnesses, like possibly some Roman centurion, or several male apostles?
For them to have chosen a single woman as a witness (deemed uncredible in those times) who had been possessed of 7 evil spirits, would have been madness, unless it was the truth. Added to this, the business of people in the faith believing Mary Magdalen was possibly a harlot too, makes it even worse as a credible witness, so if there was such a big church conspiracy, they'd have certainly not had her as a witness, out of the women they could have chosen, and well, as I said, no women was a credible witness by law or in any matter back then.

One other thing....though some church fathers and even painters themselves have made the error of assuming Mary Magdalen may have been a harlot who repented, shows that if painters can make such mistakes, then this business about a skull in the painting, could by the same logic be a mistake, because painters, paint, and are not theologians. If they heard the same false hearsay about Mary being a 'harlot' then they would also have heard such tales about skulls and so on....but I will get to that later..
In anycase, as for accusations of possible fabrications about the ressurrection, well, if this was true, then don't you think that the same alleged church conspirators would also fabricate accounts of Mary being a harlot in the Bible too, to bolster up their views ? Well i already debunked this nonsense about possible fabrications, as such conspirators wouldn't have used Mary as a witness, as I explained, but also if they had fabricated things to discredit Mary, they'd have added that she was a harlot, in the Bible aswell. But instead the Bible does not say she was a harlot. Just a woman who had evil spirits and came to Jesus to be freed. Now it has been assumed that she may have been sexually immoral, and could have been, if having such evil spirits, but we have no evidence, and it is not in the Bible, but we can understand why such assumptions were made, but not to discredit her or play her role in the Bible down. As I said, what bigger role could be played down than that of her being an example of being freed by Jesus, and the first to witness his ressurrection, a great responsibility, and she is a Saint too.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:43 AM
So basically if it was true she was being deliberately discredited, or edited out, as some assume, then she wouldn't have been mentioned in the scripture, let alone be that witness to Jesus' ressurection, or the greatest example of repentance and being freed of evil spirits and following Jesus, which the church uses not to tarnish her, but to show how all can be freed of their problems, sins, and evil spirits. She was not therefore 'tarnished' as she was free and new through Jesus....also as I said, she was along with St.John and Mary mother of Jesus, the only of the apostles who watched as Jesus was crucified, another account which shows her in great esteem, whereas all the others had ran off. So yet again, if the Bible had been tampered with, wouldn't she have been erased and all the male apostles been cast in a good light standing by their leader Jesus ? Instead the very gospel accounts written by the apostles, all tell how they ran away petrified... only St.John was the sole male there...

Ok, now to explain this business about the SKULL.... well in art, there are certain things used as symbolism.
The skull is used to symbolise certain things, and is thought in art, and religion, to represent penitence, or the death of one's ego, or sin, and to rise above it.
This is also why another Saint, St.Jerome, is also posing with precisely the same things Mary Magdalene is in art, that is, the Cross, and the skull. He was a penitent, and became a saint, and so it is safe to say that this is the mystery solved.... Therefore, Mary Magdalene is holding the skull as a symbol of her penitence, and the cross as a symbol of Jesus whose sacrifice on the cross, and ressurection, has destroyed eternal death, and given her eternal life. This is the meaning, and is the same in the St.Jerome paintings. Solved.....

St.Jerome paintings:

There is even a Skull of Penitence, 'portrait' of Mary Magdalene to push the point

One last note. I know many people like to see fanciful things in symbolism and accuse the church of this and that or that the Bible may have been fabricated, because Dan Brown, said so, or some other new age author has come across 'never seen before evidence' which doesn't exist and cannot be backed up. We must really remember to put aside our fantastical imaginations, or any axes we may have to grind, or any perosonal beliefs and merely do some real research and uncover the truth, and let that speak. We must use also logic, and think about things and look into what the symbology really means, rather than invent things we wish to 'see'.
Dan Brown writes fiction, and new agers have their own beliefs and agendas to push, as does illuminati, whose core beliefs stem from Gnosticism, paganism, and occult magick. Rememeber that their aim is to propogate a Luciferian one world government under anti-christ, and so they need to destroy their one true opposition and one who will defeat them. They cannot defeat anyone who has this threat to them in their heart and soul, and so they will try and make up lies, spread disinformation, and put about as many deceptions as posssible to deceive and convince people into believing anything but the truth. The great thing about the truth, is that it really does come to the surface but just like anyone who may be investigating it, it needs to be done honestly and without any bias or agenda.

i merely looked at this thread and without an opinion or care, chose to investigate it and uncover whatever may be uncovered.....

Good day to you all....

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