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Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 02:40 AM
Any brave french speaking person to split the translating job with me?

Well if yes, I'll start to translate the first 7 minutes today.

See you later


posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 05:28 AM

Thank you mister President (of the Parliament), Ministers, dear colleagues, Belgium is indeed a surrealistic country. This morning we could learn through the press that that the Belgian army couldn’t take any action against the few islamists extremists soldiers within its own ranks; and that thay can’t be fired due to the lack of legal existing means.

But, on the other hand we decide to support France fighting against (gestual brackets) terrorism by giving it logistic assistance for its Malian military operation.
What would’nt we do to fight against terrorism OUTSIDE our boudaries! All I hope is that we won’t send, for this military operation in Mali, these (ironic tone) outstanding... islamists soldiers.
I’m saying it with humour of course...but what’s going in the world nowadays doesn’t make me laugh at all. (time frame 1:00)

It doesn’t make me laugh because without a doubt, our Western governments elites are taking the people for imbeciles with the help and support of the press, which is today no more than a propaganda organ of the reigning powers.

Almost everywhere on the globe, military interventions and regime destabilizations happen more and more often. Preventive wars have become the rule; and today in the name of Democracy or the fight against terrorism, our states grant themselves the right to violate the sovereignty of independant countries and overthrow legitimate leaders.

It happened in Irak, in Afghanistan. These wars issued from the american lies. Then the same with Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia; where thanks to YOUR decisions (members of the assembly) Belgium was one of the first-hand actors to perform crimes against humanity and overthrow everytime, everytime, progressists and moderate regimes and replace them by islamists regimes (2:00) taking as first decision, and that’s oh so surprising, to impose the Sharia Law.

That’s pretty much the same situation today in Syria where Belgium’s shamefully financing islamists rebels attempting to overthrow Bachaar Al Assad. So, in the middle of an economic crisis in which belgian people get more and more trouble to find housing and pay for food, heating or healthcare bills; yes I can hear already the nasty populist I am; well the Foreign Minister, him, decided to give the rebels about 9 milions euros.

Of course they’ll try to make us believe this money will be used for humanitary purposes which is just another lie. So as you can see our country do nothing but participate to implement islamists regimes in the north of Africa and in the Middle East.

Thus when one pretends going to war to Mali to prevent terrorism, well this just makes me laugh. That’s not true. (3:00) Behind our saviors image, we just step in to protect financial interests following a total neo-colonialist pattern. It doesn’t make sense at all to help out France in Mali in the name of the fight against islamist terrorism when meanwhile we support the overthrow of Bachaar Al Assad by islamists rebels who wish to impose Sharia just like in Tunisia or Lybia.

We really need to stop being lied to and taken for imbeciles. The time has come to speak out the truth. By arming the islamists rebels like the West did before with Ossama Ben Laden, this former friend of America before it turns its back against him; well the Western countries are taking an opportunity to settle in military bases in these newly conquered countries, and giving advantage to their own national companies. Everything is thus about strategy. In Irak, our amercian allies laid their hands on iraqi oil resources. (4:00) In Afghanistan, they got opium and drug resources — which is always useful to make a lot of money pretty quickly. In Lybia, Tunisia, Egypt or in Syria, the goal was and still is to overthrow moderate regimes and replace them by islamists powers that will become a nuisance very quickly and that we will attack shamelessly on the pretext to fight, once again, islamist terrorism or to defend Israel.

Thus, the next targets are already known. In a few months I bet we’ll start looking at Algeria and finally towards Iran. Go to war to free people from an outside threath is noble. But go to war in order to defend american interests, go to war to protect financial interests of large companies like Areva (nuclear industry — 5:00), go to war to lay hands on golds mines isn’t noble at all. And this makes us agressor countries and thugs/yobs (?) Nobody dares to speak but whatever, I won’t shut up and too bad if my struggle makes me an enemy of this system that tramples on human rights in the name of financial, geostrategic and neo-colonialists interests.

Exposing such a system is a pride for me and honestly, sorry about the rude words I’m about to use, PISS OFF WITH ALL THE SO CALLED RIGHT-MINDED PEOPLE be they from left right or center parties, who lick the arses (could find any better translation but pretty rude anyway) of our corrupted powers and who will take pleasure to ridicule me.
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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 05:37 AM

PISS OFF WITH OUR LEADERS playing with their bombs like toddlers in a playground, PISS OFF WITH THE ALLEDGED democrats while they’re just second-rate criminals. (6:00)
I don’t have much respect either for journalists who have the cheek to turn opposition (to the system) into retarded people (in their articles) even though they know very well these opponents are perfectly right. Finally, I highly despise (he says “to the highest level”) those who take themselves for the kings of the world and dictate us their laws; because I’m on the side of truth, justice and on the side of these innocent victims of the dough (slang for money) at all costs.
And this is why I decided to oppose myself strongly to this resolution which sends our country back up the french neo-colonialist operation. Since the beginning of this operation, organized lies are all over the place. We’re told France only responds to a cry for help from the Malian president. One would almost forget that this guy has no, and I mean NONE, legitimacy; and that he was put on the trone after the coup of March 2012 (7:00).

There you go. If someone could embed this in a video that would be awesome. It's not part of my skills.
Export him please and make him viral, he deserves a mic.

Will translate the rest later.

Sorry about possible mistakes. I made my best.

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 05:37 AM
yeh great message I loved his speech

I posted this exact video on the 23rd Jan , it got 4 replies at the time
But im glad that it is now getting the flags it deserves ! and that its on the front page !


posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 08:37 AM

Who supported this coup d’etat? Who’s at the root of it? Who’s this temporary president working for? Here’s the first lie. French president F. Hollande dares to pretend leading this war to fight against jihadists threathening — oooh they threathen imagine that — the french and european territory. What a nasty lie! By using this official argument and meanwhile scaring the population, rising the terrorist alert level and putting in place the Vigipirate plan (stands for vigilance and pirate — since 9/11), our leaders and media show off such an incredible cheek. How can one dare using such an argument when Belgium and France shamelessly armed and support Lybian jihaddists when these same countries keep supporting Syrian jihaddists. This pretext only serves to hide some strategic and economic intentions.

Our countries don’t even fear nonsense anymore because everything is set up to hide it (the nonsense). Nevertheless this nonsense still exists. Tomorrow is not gonna be the day you’ll see a Malian commiting a terrorist attack in Europe! No...unless he’s created out of nowhere to better justify this military intervention. 9/11 attacks were staged to justify the invasion, arbitrary arrests, torture and assassinations of innocents creating a malian terrorist, bah, that shouldn’t be too complicated for our bloodthirsty leaders.
Another argument lastly used to justify military intervention is the human rights defense. Ahhh, this argument is still used today to justify the Malian war. (ironic) Yes, we have to react. Otherwise the miserable (gestual brackets) radical islamists are going to impose sharia to malians, throw rocks at women and cut off thugs hands. (9:00)

Ooh, that’s trues it’s a noble intention. Noble and saving indeed. But then why did our countries help islamists accessing power in Tunisia and Lybia, islamists who have decided to apply the sharia law in those countries that were moderns and progressists not such a long time ago?
I invite you to ask young tunisians who were at the roots of the tunisian revolution if they’re happy with their situation today. This is all hypocrisy. The war objectives in Mali are very clear and as nobody talks about it I will. The main objective is to fight against China and allow our american ally to maintain its presence in Africa and Middle-East. This is the driving force of these neo-colonialist operations.

And you’ll see, when this operation is over, France will keep military bases in Mali.These bases will be used also by american forces; and meanwhile, because it always happen like that Western companies will lay their hands on juicy contracts that will deprive again these re-colonized countries of their wealth and raw materials. Let it be crystal clear. The firsts to get benefits from this military venture will be the managers and share-holders of the french group Areva that’s attempting for years to get a license to run an uranium mine in Falea, a 17.000 inhabitants district about 350 km from Bamako.

And I don’t know why but a little bird told me that it won’t take long for Areva to get its license to operate the mine. Don’t know. Just I feeling I’ve got. Thus it’s out of question that I join in this mining colonization, this moder time colonization. For those who doubt about my arguments I invite them to get informations about the wealths of Mali. This country is a great gold producer but recently, recently I insist, it was pointed out as a global first class environment for uranium harvesting. Oh surprising! Just one more step towards a war against Iran it’s so obvious. For all these reasons, and to avoid falling in this well of lies, I decided not to support this intervention in Mali and therefore I’ll vote against it.

By doing this I’m sticking to my positions as I never supported in the past our criminal interventions in Lybia or in Syria and it looks like I might be the only MP of this country to defend the non-interference principle and the fight against dark interests.
I really think it’s time to resign from ONU or NATO and to leave the european union if this Europe, instead of granting peace, becomes a weapon that attack and destabilizes sovereign countries, controlled by financial interests and not humanists ones.

Finally I’d like to push our government to remind Mr. Hollande his obligations resulting from the Geneva convention about the respect of the war prisoners. I was indeed outraged to hear on television from french President’s mouth that his intentions were to DESTROY, I insist DESTROY, every islamist terrorist. Thus it would be inconvenient that the word used to describe the opposition to the malian regime, it’s always handy to talk about Islamists Terrorists, is used to avoid fulfilling these democratic obligations for what concerns the respect of war prisoners. One is waiting such respect from the country of the human rights.

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 08:39 AM

To close my speech, please allow me to highlight the easiness with which we decide to go to war. First of all, the government takes decision without the consent of the Parliament; apparently it’s allowed. It sends material and soldiers to Mali; the Parliament then reacts and when it reacts like today, only a third of its members attends the session. Way less than that if we look at the french speaking members.
It’s therefore a guilty easiness (with which we decide to go to war) about which I’m not really surpised, coming from an arse-licking parliament (he says toutou which is slang for dogs) subject to political parties.

That is it. I hope I didn't spend my day on this for # and that it'll get some views

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by CityFarmer

Thanks so much for the translation! Star for you and yea i'll be spreading this vid for sure

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 02:58 AM

Originally posted by AutOmatIc
reply to post by CityFarmer

Thanks so much for the translation! Star for you and yea i'll be spreading this vid for sure

Thx at least one person has read it
It wasn't a total waste of time

A new website was started over here: actiopopuli

It promotes a total change in the way decisions are taken. With that system we would vote by referendum more often for what concerns big questions like going to war. There still would be a "normal" administration for the daily concerns. But when comes the time to take big decisions the people would be asked to vote. It would also use the internet.

But in order to avoid to have a vote every two days, the referendum proposal would have to gather twice a certain number of signatures to show it's a matter of (inter)national interest.

I find this intersting and way more democratic.

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by whatsup86
Thank you for clearing that up, I didnt have much of an idea about the different tribes and their roles in that area. But you havent given me a reason why they shouldnt push the extremists back.. You cant deny that theyre destroying Mali can you?

Sorry for taking so long to respond... real life got in the way.

Short answer... from my point of view, violent extremism should not exist, and the schism between religion on politics MUST exist in order to have a proper "democracy" (whatever that means).

HOWEVER, as representative Louis very eloquently points out, these are never the real reason our countries invade (um... liberate?) another. Private corporate interests (often linked to state interests) are the driving forces behind these decisions.

Otherwise, there are many states that would fall under these categories which would warrant "liberation".

Remember how many times the Afghanistan story changed, until the "we went in to protect the rights of women and to promote democracy" became the favored talking point.

It is a classic tool of propaganda.

Against the intervention: "what, do you hate women?", "what, do you hate freedom?", "what, do you support the extremists?"...
"what, do you not want the uranium mining conglomerate to increase its profit margin?".


the Billmeister

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 09:05 AM
Finally! I'm so glad to see for once really story's of my country. I watch villa politica as much as I can ( for those who aren't belg, its a camera placed in the Parliament to watch whats being disccused, sharade really ) None the less, i feel i'm obligated to watch and show interest in this sharade.

I see this guy quite often, his a real person, he shouts, his angry, he has emotions, all of those politianse show no emotion when discussing our future lives.

Sadly because of the whole separation of our beautiful and rich country i speak no french, so I had to wait for the translation.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I find it so sad to see so little information here on ATS that leaves the US. If you know what i mean.

So Again thank you!

Also do u have some sites that dig in to the whole dutruoux case? try finding Belgian conspiracy on the internet lol.

I signed up for the class action suite, although i didnt really like that fact they asked for a donation right after i signed up lol.

Best of regards


posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by Senduko

Sorry I don't have any english material about the dutroux case. But in case you know a french speaking person, I posted a pdf link of a letter that explains who were the major actors in that case.

About actiopopuli, it's true it's quite disappointing they're asking for money but man, think about it, you can do # without it nowadays! And basically their ideas are awesome IMO.


posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 03:11 AM
Aha, got the pdf.

I'l see what I can find. again thx for thread

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by Billmeister

It is an interesting moral debate, one must admit. If we know that the military intervention is intended for nefarious goals, is it still unacceptable to support it when a genuinely positive outcome is guaranteed?

And to add a bit of context - this military intervention is only being considered because of unintended consequences of earlier actions by that very same military. That supports the notion of a moral obligation - essentially the mess has our name stamped on it.

Is it *still* unacceptable to support the intervention? I am genuinely asking, without pretext - I find the question fascinating.

Personally - I think military intervention is acceptable, but *only* because of the added context - this is, after all, our fault. Otherwise, we have no business messing with the internal affairs of other sovereign nations.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by Son of Will

Good point.

It sure does boil down to the old "ends vs. means" argument.

If the majority of the Malian people come out of this with little suffering, a role in the decision-making concerning the exploitation of its natural resources, and some sort of democracy, well, the ends just might justify the means.

However, if we are to look at history, I would not hold my breath. (Cross my fingers though!)

the Billmeister

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