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JP Morgan CEO: " You Don't Need To Know How Banking Works, Just Shut Up and Pay Us."

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by jimmyx

Originally posted by six67seven
reply to post by tothetenthpower

The mood in Davos might be different than the mood... here in the United States.

BS!! I can't believe that female desk correspondent just said she "totally agrees" with Jaime Dixon!! Its just like an airliner jet engine!?!? Since when are we held hostage economically by multiple irresponsible, greedy airliner jet engines?!?! What airliner jet engines bribe and steal and act like victims???.... I've never heard of such a thing

How f---ing stupid do they think people are??

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the wealthy think that the rest of us are all stupid in varying degrees...why?....their thought process is..".if you were smart, you too would be wealthy"...i have heard similar, but highly nuanced language saying just me,... when these people are in a one on one situation, or in very small private groups,
they probably say "if you want to find gold, go where there is gold, if you want to find oil, go to where you will find oil....if you want to make alot of money, go to where there is alot of money, banking and finance...if not, you're too stupid, or, you don't care about being poor"
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and it is precisely this pseudo-elitist "me only" attitude that screws up the world and makes it tough for everyone. we need more collectivism but it should be based on common sense rather than centralised tyranny.
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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 05:41 PM
"Off with his head! Off with his head!"

Chants the angry mob crowded around the makeshift guillotine in the lobby of the Park Avenue skyscraper.

Balance WILL be brought to the Force one way or another. Either they do it by voluntarily toning it down and thereby keeping some of their wealth, status and prestige, or the people do it for them - which may get a bit messy, but will prove that you really CAN'T take it with you.

It is surprising that these people are supposedly the finest specimens our civilisation has to offer - the best and the brightest, if you believe the mainstream media - yet their snouts are buried so far into the trough that they can't see the angry mob with pitchforks and baseball bats just on the horizon.


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