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Why don't you believe? (@Non-Believers and Skeptics)

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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by LoveisanArt
Im calling out all the Non-believers and skeptics personally; to understand why they do not believe in Extraterrestrial and other unknown phenomena.

Why dont you believe starships, extraterrestrial life, energy, mind power, and multiple dimensions of reality? What makes you belive these things do not exist in all of creation?

You so called skeptics and debunkers, are trying to falsify something you have not experienced or perceived; this being very intelligent alien races, technology beyond our comprehension. You judge things which you have not experienced, with what you have. If it doesnt make sense its fake.

As a skeptic has not perceived an alien or starship; it must not exist. All this skeptic knows is everything it has; seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted or thought.. Aliens do not mingle in everyday reality with humans, therefore they do not exist ...
The "I haven't seen it, so I cant believe it" mentality.

This is why it confuses me with people who do not belive in extraterrestrial life, multiple universes/dimensions .. you delete an aspect of reality - out of your perception OF reality. Therefore you shall not experience. WHY?

We think we can explain everything, because we think we know everything there is to know. This is why aliens do not exist - we dont know about them..hmm.

You expect extraterrestrials to LAND on our planet and present themselves to humanity..??
we think we are ready for contact; we are "intelligent" and mature enough to meet with these other races..

It doesnt work that way with developing life, hu-man.

The REAL extraterrestrials would know better then that... they do not perceive reality like WE DO. Our perception is fixed based on limited knowledge and falling slave to the mind (money, religion, GOD..etc). We cannot operate on their level yet, until we break free from our mental habits.

To me, it's quite obvious they exist; they are here, they always have been.. the word 'they' in this context is referencing to countless races of extraterrestrials who exist in the unknown universe(s).


I'm interested in why YOU don't believe these things exist. What is it within YOU that believes ETs, UFOs, spirits etc.. DO NOT exist? Do you dis-believe because you fear the unknown? Or because you know for a fact it's 'impossible' they can exist?

I'm sure these so called skeptics and non-believers won't even respond
that says enough for the rest of us

Like I said, I'm just curious as to what exactly it is, you think when it comes to these phenomena? Why it is you do not believe.

Debunkers, why do you debunk? Skeptics, why are you skeptical? Non believers, what is it that you dont belive and why?
Inviting all opinions to the topic. If you are on the fence about these things, you can express that as well.

I hope this thread drags some attention, this does seem like a popular topic on ATS; its interesting to know WHY people do or do NOT believe. So please share!

~ Love is an art

I only believe what they truly are. Demonic All paranormal is demonic.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by stanislav

I think OP the issue is the belief system of many is governed or influenced/controlled by various sense effecting factors like fear of the unknown and doubt of higher powers overseeing/guiding the genetics of EA*RTH as well as other creator energy habitable zones

Hahahahah! WTF DOES IT EVEN MEAN ??? I get it ... So because we are supposedly scared of finding out that extra terrestrials are vising our planet it must be the fear of the unknown which holds us back. If this isn't the epiphany of brilliant logic at hand, I don't know what else is! The whole world must laughing at you right now. One village idiot trying to sound wiser than the last one ... WOw...

Lol it's all good I don't allow external negative energy to interfere any longer 1 has learned to allow you to attract the energies your vibrations resonate upon. However 1 does wish you much learning as your journey within the life and death phases within existence continues.


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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by Mianeye
A lot of story's with no video, a lot of videos with no story, same thing every time.
The proof dosn't exist, the evidence leads nowhere.

Do you believe in Santa?

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That's analogy is...well, ridiculous, and I genuinely hope it is not how you actually rationalize reality.

Let's see....
To believe in Santa would be to believe a man dressed in a red suit with flying reindeer has an entire city of elves working for him in the North Pole and once a year he is able to deliver presents to millions of children all around the year in one night. (Not to mention, once we become parents ourselves we learn rather quickly that no one is going to come down our chimney to supply our children with gifts. That's up to us.)

But to believe in aliens would mean to understand that there are literally TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of planets and solar systems and galaxies and worlds. Just taking the sheer scope of size and numbers into perspective makes the likelihood that humans are the only 'intelligent lifeforms' in the entire universe sound absurd! I think it would make MORE sense to believe in Santa than it would be to NOT believe in Aliens.

Now, think about it this way:
If there is even one other planet within our galaxy (our galaxy has billions of stars) then would would happen if they started their evolution process, say, even...500 years before we did. (Much less the very big possibility that they could have started thousands, even millions of years before us.) Now, when we look at the rate of our technology advancement, wouldn't it make sense that within the next 500 years (given that we don't self destruct before then) we will have learned out to travel out of our solar system and into neighboring celestial bodies?

What is 'proof'? Do you want to shake hands with an alien before you believe? Open your eyes. There is evidence everywhere. And even if they haven't visited, I still 100% guarantee you they exist.

...Santa? Reallllly??

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by LoveisanArt
Im skeptical in nature too; I think every human is at least partially skeptical, its like a defense mechnanism for the mind. Helps us from falling for false faith.

If you do not know anything about the psychic nature; there are psychics in every city, you can go look for them and ask them whatever it is you like. That, OR, you can flex your own mental muscle, and use your mind in more ways then to photocopy information and think randomly..

Have a nice life

Just being skeptical is not enough....

The problem is we all have true limitations to our abilities to perceive the world around us. A good example is how magicians can easily fool us over and over, even when we know what is coming, and then we find out just how freaking simple it was for them to do it.

The reason for this is our brains are extremely good at covering it all up and so the world looks seamlessly in our minds when it truly isn’t. We are also extremely easy to be fooled especially when we want to believe. Our brains, as good as they are, would need to operate 1000 times better for it to process EVERYTHING, and evolution has allowed us already to use 25% of our energy just for our brains alone, which is an incredible amount over any other life form on earth. Even with that huge amount of energy used, evolution has created tricks for our brains to use while only processing a very limited amount of reality. This is why the scientific method and quantifiable results are so important to us to determine more of our true reality than what our brains can do on their own.

Dealing with psychics, we must first come to the understanding that even if it was 100% real we can still be easily fooled under the same situation by someone who is completely fake. Let me repeat that, we can be completely fooled at anytime by a skilled person who has ZERO psychic abilities.

Now if we can only agree on what I wrote above then we are halfway there. Taking all this in how do we figure out who is real and who is fake. Furthermore, since we have never been able to prove the real ones are actually real why can’t it be possible that there are actually no real psychics at all.

A good book to read is called “The Invisible Gorilla” and this book will help one to start to understand just how much of reality can be quite different in our heads.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by LoveisanArt
Im calling out all the Non-believers and skeptics personally; to understand why they do not believe in Extraterrestrial and other unknown phenomena.

Why dont you believe starships, extraterrestrial life, energy, mind power, and multiple dimensions of reality? What makes you belive these things do not exist in all of creation?

I have no problem believing that htey might exist.

But when I look at the "proof" that is offered that they DO exist it is nothign of het sort.

and I also take issue when"believers" get #ty at me for pointing out the patently obvious - that their "proof" is nothing of the sort.

Debunking is what beleivers should be doing with their own "evidence" in the first place - removing the bunk!
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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:01 PM
People don't believe because they've been brainwashed into thinking they don't want to believe. Look around you - the average man in a more economically developed country is ignorant: they take just about everything in life for granted. This should not be - everyone must have the innovation and intuition for greater understanding of the universe, and yet people seem to be restricted to only what goes on in our failure of a planet. It really is depressing thinking about the amount of people who mock the idea of UFOs and inter-dimensional beings
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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:03 PM
For me, it's simply something that I will need to see to believe. And it's not that I don't think there is other life out there somewhere, perhaps even many different types of life, but I just have not seen anything to lead me to believe any of them are visiting Earth.

I just think if there were creatures out there with the technology to travel to Earth, they would make there presence known. I'm not one to go around calling every OP with a UFO thread a bull#ter, but I have not had the personal experience necessary to make me believe we are being visited.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by draknoir2

Whichever kind of thread it is, my post shouldn't have been attacked, nor any of the verbal abuse, nor the presumptions.

I didn't mention you in any of this personally so no need for the personal excusing yourself.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by theabsolutetruth
I personally choose to seek the truth, and statistically the truth is, there are most probably extraterrestrials more advanced than humanity in this galaxy and in the universe.

The problem is that statistics are not the truth, just an approximation that may be close to the truth or not, based on the information used to create them.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:30 PM
What really bothers me are the constant accusations from "believers" such as the OP claiming that skeptics are closed minded, controlled "sheeple" frightened of the unknown and getting all their information from the MSM. It's nothing but a mindless parroting of the Meta Conspiracy Theory company line.

For myself I was once a true believer, deeply immersed in the paranormal and in conspiracy theories. I'm certainly not afraid of the extraordinary. On the contrary I'm wide open to that--I'd love to see something convincing. And I've actually seen and experienced some things I have yet to find adequate explanations for and that I was very excited about at the time. But I realize now that doesn't necessarily mean they were ET craft or messages from disembodied spirits, etc. There are still mundane explanations possible and after a long time on earth I now know how unreliable one's perceptions can be.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:47 PM
Here's something all skeptics should ask themselves.

If just one video... one picture of the countless that have been recorded in the last century isn't just swamp gas reflecting light from venus... then there must be something to this.

People who ask for evidence... the evidence is almost overwhelming to support that there are strange and unidentified objects and happenings going on in our skies. Just look at the 50,000+ cases in the CUFOS files.

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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by DelMarvel

If you don't know how a refrigerator works or even a toaster, please don't explain interstellar Physics nor Biology to me.

An adult does not ask a child why the Sun comes up, or how a tree grows, do you think that the difference between an adult and a child is black and white? Of course not, there are a million levels of gray in between. Some people are simply dumb, this is a fact, they are of a mind between children and educated adults, yet because they are aged they think their opinions should hold as much weight as others. Welcome to the real world this is simply not the case. The internet made what was this local annoyance at the coffee shop or at work or even in bars into a global pathology. That everybody feels the need to share their opinion, usually wrong from a factual standpoint, almost always wrong here from a Physical Sciences standpoint. Because everyone needs to add to the debate right?

I said earlier, SOME Conspiracy theorist are the very same as right wing Christians, they base their beliefs in no facts or evidence whatsoever but upon fear and ignorance. Then they hope you don't point this out to them, their only rallying cry being that if you don't believe then you are closed minded. The sweet IRONY of that statement, the ignorant calling the educated closed minded. I mean Loch Ness, Big Foot type Conspiracy to be clear, not people with data that make logical jumps, so I guess the term is subjective. ATS for the most used to be great in my opinion, as a place to point out recent news, not Big Foot DNA, but who am I to judge.

We need to know what the Barista from Starbucks, high school drop out, 23 years old with 4 kids thinks about Geomagnetic activity increases in relation to planetary alignments, because her voice matters too right? Being the deep thinker that she is. This is why if you cant repair a toaster, or explain how a refrigerator works, I really don't need to consider anything you say about science at all.
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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:51 PM

Originally posted by bottleslingguy
If skepticism is an attitude then it is subjective and that is a sandy foundation for your argument.

Yes, scepticism is subjective, as it depends on the individual's acceptance or not of some or all things around him/her, that's why there are sceptical believers, sceptical unbelievers and just sceptics.

A sceptic should always start by doubting his/her own ability to judge the things he/she witnesses and his/her ability to analyse them.

Even if just for that, a sceptic cannot really be sure of anything. That's why I "classify" things as more or less likely, according to my interpretation, of being the real explanation for something.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Haha ROFLcopter, never seen A REAL ROFLCOPTER! Thank for it! All I've seen is this:

reply to post by randyvs

Originally posted by randyvs
I only believe what they truly are. Demonic All paranormal is demonic.

That claim is actually worse than the claim they are aliens. Firstly because the existence of any of those beings is not proven to be 'They are', secondly because the religion can only create false information, misinterpretation and lies. But like I need to repeat myself for hundreds of times.
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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by ArMaP

I said that the truth is that it is statistically probable, I never said stats=fact.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 03:57 PM

Originally posted by LoveisanArt
Dont have anymore time for the thread, learned enough about human ignorance though

I doubt it, as you don't need evidence.

Thanks for entertaining yourselves skeptics, Life is a WHOLE lot more then you are currently perceiving it to be. That is the truth your missing out, this is what science cant tell you yet.

According to you.

If your intelligence and view on life is based on the progression of science, a human thought processing.. then your entire life is a waste of its own journey.

It's not, how can anyone even think of something like that?

Humans will eventually figure it "all" out; but right now we are in the toddler stage.

I doubt it.

I don't think anyone, here on on other planets/dimensions will ever figure it "all" out.

We just had our FIRST technological development period in our known timeline about 100 years ago.. we havent understood everything within a century, stop acting like we have.

Wrong, terribly wrong. See what happens when you think you don't need evidence? You believe in things like that.

ETs will show themselves when they think WE are ready. Like I know now, the ETs know we are not ready for contact OR high-tech. We would turn it into flying killing machines or bombs anyways...

I am not expecting them, so no problems.

Your race, yourself for that matter, is not as intelligent as you arrogantly perceive you are. BIGGEST mistake one can make is being over confident in the unknown universe..

Our race? What are you?

Love and prosper to all of you on your travels; peace

Good luck, I think you're going to need it.

~ Love is an art (because you love signatures people)

Art is useless.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 04:05 PM

Originally posted by PhoenixOD
reply to post by Imtor

When all you have is stories that have no evidence than its not possible to prove its a lie the same as its not possible to prove they are true. Your logic is flawed.

If your logic was to be followed then all things that anyone imagines must exist until proven otherwise, like fairies , dragons and unicorns. But of course as rational adults we know they dont.

No.. my logic is perfect. Like I gave the example with 'my secret weapon' and that no one but one guy knew about it - you learn about that guy from stories and would say 'It's just stories therefore does not exist'

Well... you are wrong, the UFO data is NOTHING like the stories of faries, dragons and such. Of course I do not follow the logic 'No one showed it doesn't exist, so it exists' ... that would be the opposite wrong of what I told you 'I don't see it therefore it doesnt exist'

The ufo data is huge and huge, the data of aliens is not enough to be certain if they exist, but tehre is probably even more data we do not know about, that's why you cannot be certain whjat is lie.

Do you get my point? It is - you cannot be certain if they exist or not based on the so much information, and the PUBLIC information is full of crap and lies, but what about the things that still remain secret.

See? Accepting the possibility here is the right way, it cannot be put into the 'faeries and dragons' category..

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 04:05 PM
Seriously, the levels of humanity-centric ignorance being displayed by some posters on this thread is beyond absurd. The continual denial in the face of facts, the universe is so much vaster than the human eye can see or it's mind comprehend but still there are those small minded enough that naively believes their own kind the only possible kind of any intelligence in such a vast universe.

Humanity needs a reality check.

A reminder.

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by LoveisanArt
This thread isnt for those who statistically think life CAN exist.. its a straight - "I believe", "I dont believe" thing here.I specifically asked for those who DONT beleive to explain why this is.

But then you made a common mistake, you included sceptics, and as a sceptic I thought I should answer that a sceptic does not (should not) believe or disbelieve in anything.

Skepticism is naturally in ALL beings, even animals and insects. For instance: A cat is skeptical of walking near a pack of dogs. The creature is naturally skeptical in making a move, it might put its body in harms way.

That's not scepticism, if it was the cat would walk near the pack of dogs because it would be sceptical of their bad intentions.

Dont believe anything until we have; visual, audio, kinetic 'evidence.. and this isnt always possible when we are surface beings with limited ways of THINKING (with the mind) and doing things.
Yet we ignorantly express our dis belief towards life in the cosmos, beyond Earth..

Don't believe anything even if you have visual, audio, kinetic evidence (whatever that may be).

Im not as crazy or dumb as you think; just on a different level then you are maybe

Oh, that explains the "surface beings", are you a mole?

posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 04:14 PM
OP threatened me with violence in one of his previous posts. I doubt anyone here noticed. Now what does it tell about people who are supposedly promoting love and serenity and then in a whim change their entire attitude and become aggressive and judgmental.

As much as you New Agers would like to consider yourselves above others, you are no better, if not worse than us normal everyday people. Pretending to be good loving human beings in order to feel superior, special over others isn't going to win you a ticket to heaven. None of you will ever go volunteer to help others in need UNLESS of course you will be guaranteed to meet aliens or see spacecraft whizzing by in the nightly sky. You are disgusting, selfish, self absorbed human beings. You contribute nothing to this society, you hate humanity and you hate yourselves. And you are one of the biggest hypocrites out there.

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