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Tell your creepy Forest Story

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posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by ecapsretuo

oh come on seriously? your gonna tell us that story and not tell us the poem? talk about leaving us hanging,

did he never wright it down? you dont remember it at all? not even enough to paraphrase?

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 11:02 PM
I've done and still currently do extended wilderness trekking as far away from other people and civilization as I can find; different places around the U.S.

Finding caves, and old abandoned mines, or the remnants of long gone and past human habitation is an especial treat since typically these things things, when found, are lost to history.

My first couple caves/mines were scary, just from anticipation of unknown, close quarters, dead air, animal bones, bugs, bats, and other such, but, that's really it.

A hundred or more miles from the nearest known human habitation usually, and I've never really gotten spooked, or seen any indication of anything spooky or strange.

Not my story, but, the old Oak Island "money pit", though not really wilderness has always fascinated me:
Mystery of the Oak Island Money Pit - A beginner's Guide

I suppose, when found, such is why I'm always sticking my nose into caves, mines and such; hoping to find something noteworthy of remark. Perhaps one day when time, circumstance, and planning permit, I'll sneak into those closed off areas of the Grand Canyon for a poke at finding the mythical lost cave of Egyptians or whatever.

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posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 11:07 PM
My friend, let's call him Moron, was alone for a weekend - well, his older brother was around, but his Mom and Dad were elsewhere. There were woods bordering Moron's home. I'd never thought anything of them, I grew up in the middle of some other woods.

We're the same age, we were about 13 at that time. My Mom dropped me off at Moron's, we were going to hang out there for a bit until my Mom came back to take us out for pizza! woo hoo!!

I got out of the car, started toward the front door. Moron was sitting outside on his front steps waiting for me. Well, that's a first. Also, Moron is dark complected, he actually looked pale, and the kicker was he actually had a shotgun in his lap. I couldn't believe it. I was around guns all the time, but I didn't even know Moron's family had any, so it was a shock to see him with one.

I got up there and said "Hey Mor-" he got up and went inside before I could even finish. Of course I followed him inside, he was moving fast, headed right for his parents's bedroom. I followed him, I was just waiting for the punchline or whatever the joker had in store for me.

Instead I see him gripping this shotgun, kind of hunkered down peering out the back window. I said
"What the f... are you doing? What's going on?".
"They're still out there, Jack, I know it!".
Again I asked "What the hell???"
"Jack I've been up all night it started when it got dark there was all this pounding and rustling in the woods. Trees started breaking and they were throwing stuff against the polebarn"
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm not around! Something is out there and I am so scared I know they're still there!"

At that point, I was mentally giving him credit for doing such an awesome job acting, doing his best to set me up for whatever he had in store for me.
I said "Bulls... bring yer gun and I'll go take a look at the polebarn, see if there are any dents or stuff laying around--"
"Come on, are you really serious?"

So we go outside, he calls for one of their dogs, the only one in sight. We have her follow us to one side of the house, I go to move around to the back side, call her, not gonna happen. I really do start to think, what in the hell...

So I actually grab her ruff and walk her to the corner, she digs in I try to drag her she shakes vigorously and is gone! Took off like a shot across the road in the opposite direction.

Now I'm starting to feel spooked. Upon continued observation, Moron really is looking messed up. He won't let go of that shotgun. I tell him let's go, give me the gun, I have to see what's going on. He gives it to me, we start walking, I'm actually getting nervous. I tell him, besides, my Mom's gonna be back here soon so we gotta go.

We don't even get to the edge of the woods. We start hearing an enormous crashing in the brush, the sound of huge and I do mean huge branches being cracked. And then stuff started banging off the poleshed. That shotgun was an old double barrel. I decided quick that I would shoot one barrel into the ground toward the woods as a "warning" shot. As soon as I did that, all hell broke loose.

It felt like all the blood was draining from my head down to the soles of my feet, and like my bones were turning to jelly.

I have never, ever seen anything like it before or since. I swear it looked as if the WHOLE side of that forest suddenly broke out into a commotion -- all the trees started shaking, branches waving, things banging, cracking, but it was like seeing it all in slow motion -- we didn't even know we were running until we were already in the field across the road.

I have to finish this up, so --

What the hell happened? The next day we saw that the poleshed was impressively dented, but there was nothing laying around to indicate what did it. There was never another incident like it, there or anywhere else around.

I wonder if there was some weird aerosol '___' in the air or what... it was so freaking weird. But there has got to be an explanation. Wish I knew what the answer is. Something possibly geologic? Maybe set off even more with the blast from the shotgun as a catalyst? I really wish I knew what happened.

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 11:33 PM
i never experienced anything truly significant in the woods, but i have spent lots of time in them, me and my family go camping in the deep woods of the PNW at least once a year usualy more, we try to make the trips last 2 weeks more if possible but often a week is all we can manage away from work and the like, almost everytime i take the chance to leave my campsite on foot at 2 or 3 am or so, and walk the woods in the pitch black, sure i bring a flash light but only turn it on if rly needed, usualy i try to let my eyes adjust and strain to see without the light, full moons make it easy, occasionaly id hear things nearby twigs break or the like, or id see movement only to find nothing when id turn the flashlight on and shine at it.

once i had walked down to a nearby creek, fairly large one and was sitting by it staring at the stars when i heard a sudden and loud crashing in the water, scarred outta my wits i hit the flashlight on it, it was on the other side of the river from me, a VERY large buck, an elk, 4 pointer if i recall right, it was very large clearly well matured, and was crossing right toward me, well till i hit the flashlight on it, then it saw me and veered to my side, and just kept on walking into the woods behind me,

that was realy the only startling experience ive had in the woods, but my family has better stories they could tell

my aunt and her husband were camping once deep in the woods i think somewhere in western canada, not at an official campsight but somewhere miles from any people, they had a large RV somewhat like this one

as they went to sleep they were near dosing off when they heard russling outside like something had knocked over their cooler (sodas and beer on ice) they got out and sure enough it was on its side, they looked all around and saw no wildlife or anything so back to bed, an hr or so later they were awoken by a very loud BANG on the side of their RV, my uncle says it could not have simply been a bear wacking the side cause it was just too loud and caused the entire RV to shake, they immediatly drove off without so much as peeking outside, abandoning all their camp gear that was outside never to turn back,

there was of course a huge dent in the side of the RV

another story this time about my dad,

even when young he would often go hunting with his dad in the forests of california, one night he had been off hunting alone while his dad remained back at camp, he was walking a clearly discernable foot trail / deer trail when he realised he had walked to far and it would be dark before he got back, so he turns and heads back but before long he realizes he is being followed, he can hear twigs and sticks breaking behind him but doesnt see anything when he turns and looks, at this point its getting dark fast and feeling followed he begins to pick up his pace, as he moves faster so must whatever is following him as each sound it makes only gets closer, he eventualy is in a full out run when BAM he trips over something that was in the path, something large that couldnt have been there when he walked it in, he looks and its a dead cow slaughtered with guts hanging out so of course having tripped over it he is now covered in its blood. needless to say he ran his fastest then, he did make it back to camp where his dad could clearly tell he'd been running, to proud to admit to fear he wouldnt admit to feeling followed but does tell of the dead cow,

all night as they sat by the fire they'd hear an occasional twig snap just beyond the darkness in the woods, that night they slept in the open flat bed of a pickup truck staring at the stars, in the morning they found bear tracks surrounding the truck, as the bear had clearly circled the truck many many times, the tracks were only a foot from the truck, easily within reaching distance

there was another story about an uncle of mine who arrived many hours late to meet us to begin a camping trip, we expected him to arrive around noon at the campsite, he didnt arrive until near midnight, and he told us he had lost time, it was an abduction story, much like one many of us have heard before,

he was driving along the rural roads out into the woods when he saw a light in the sky that seemed to be keeping pace with him, last thing he remembers was his truck died as if all the power had gone out of it and then suddenly he awoke many hours later in his truck parked on the side of the road, he has no memory of what happened in between

he has always been a skeptic of ufos and aliens and still is, while he has no explanation for what happened he doesnt want to believe it was a ufo or that it had anything to do with the oddity of his truck dying and him waking up with it parked on the side of the road hours later with no memory of any of it.

to some people. pre concieved notions or ardent beliefs, are more important then the truth and worth defending.

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 11:45 PM
Hey there Misskat,glad you made this thread,im South African but am extremely interested in this American National park mystery-i have a feeling that if this can be solved,we will have the answer to so many questions.It is highly prudent to investigate this matter,i would say imperative really.Threads like these help to make people aware,and you may even have saved a life or 2, if people can find out the most high-risk places and avoid them,especially those with children.As it is,a great mystery,and a helluva scary one.There are mentally disturbed/evil folks and criminals of all types,who surely are responsible for a percentage of the missing and dead,but i'd wager,not in more than 10-maybe 20%.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 12:10 AM
Fellow ATS member whoisogre requested in misskat's thread that his experience be posted in this new topic, as he is posting from mobile and having some trouble. I hope this is okay. His original post:

Originally posted by whoisogre
Wow, This is a very emotional and compelling story. I'm extremely glad your grandson is safe and with you. Before anyone reads my post any farther I would like to warn you that the only thing my post has to do with the thread is it's a creepy experience I had in the woods and was able to relate to somethings people said throughout this thread regarding stories of people "seeing someone noticing something off of the trail, then walking into the woods and weird things happening".

I live in north east Ohio and have been trying to incorporate nature into my life more often. A couple of weeks ago three of my friends and myself visited a local metropark It was the best day of my summer, we did outlandish exploring, and quickly it turned from 2pm to 5pm. As we noticed daylight was running out, we started heading back to our car. We had roughly an hour and a half of sunlight left and a little over a mile to walk out of the woods.

As our group started to head back I took my friend Jeff aside to take some pictures of myself infront of a beautiful giant rock formation. When we started to follow my other two friends again they were already a good three hundred yards ahead of us on the trail. As we were walking it was slowly getting darker and darker, and out of no where a extremely foul odor of burning hair hit me. My friends smoke, so I figured someone accidentally burnt some arm or facial hair or something silly, but as I caught up to my other two friends they were talking about the same random pungent smell. Roughly five hundred yards farther down the path there is a nearby pavilion with a couple picknick tables and camp fire set ups. Well there were a couple people there having a cookout. (I didn't pay alot of attention to them so I cannot remember alot of detail, But I do recall they were wearing black.) As we walked past them it was clear the smell of burning hair was coming from whatever they were cooking. I shrugged it off as nothing. We walked for another good half mile before the REALLY weird # happens.

Something I have always been to pride myself on is my amazing judge of character and I have incredibly accurate gut feelings about people and scenarios. It's hard to explain, like I pick up good and bad vibes very well......anyways, As we approached a bend in the trail I could make out three figures, all dressed similar, all within the same height and all female within the same age. Before we were even within distance of them to make out their faces, I was crawling out of my skin. It was like without even meeting them I could tell we were not the same. They were cut from a different fabric. The three of them stood on the trail and talked as we past. I could not make out a single word they said, and for whatever reason ( I was scared #less) I almost remember as if they were talking in a foreign language. The second we walked past them the world witch was all I could think about. As soon as I turned to my friends to say something about how weird the women were, I noticed a girl off of the trail to the left of us, about five to ten feet in the woods just standing there. She also wore black. Less than ten yards down the trail were a couple more people, also off of the trail standing in the woods just staring across the trail. None of these people acknowledged my group of friends, each-other, the three females or anything. Just stood there in silence. On the opposite side of the trail of these people I could see an opening separated from the trail by roughly 10 yards of trees. In the middle of this opening was a blanket with candles on it burning in the shape of a pentagram. I saw this and started freaking out. I grabbed a huge rock and started jogging down the trail. Every ten yards there were people standing and staring at the pentagram speechless and non interacting. The trail veers left and there is about 200 yards before exiting the woods, and as we pass the bend in the trail we pass someone walking the opposite way on the path....into the woods. He made no eye contact and walked right by. wearing black. I watched him walk by, ready to defend myself, and as soon as he passed the last person in our group he stopped dead in his tracks. Stood still for 10 seconds. Turned directly left, walked brutishly through some thicket off of the trail into the woods and stared at the pentagram.

I have no idea what I walked through that day. It was probably nothing more than a couple people and a huge misunderstanding. But the way they walked into the woods off of the trail like seemed like they were possessed. And It reminded me of the other stories in this thread of people walking off trails and getting abducted.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 01:32 AM
Just wanted to say thanks for this interesting thread! I don´t know if my story is good enough for this thread but i´ll be back here later, after work. S+F

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 04:31 AM
reply to post by pryingopen3rdeye

It must have been 17 years ago and I have hardly seen him since. Yes, though not a poet he was a journalist and he immediately wrote the poems down. So I remember the poem as profound and powerful, and though my friend was very open spiritually, it could not have stemmed from his mind. It was strange like a koan, and beautiful like a Rumi. When he spoke it, it carried energy, like it gave you the shivers and at once created silence around itself. The experience is alive in my memory today, although the words have faded.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by ecapsretuo

Whats the POEM man THE POEM!

second line

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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:20 AM
This isn't my story, but the story of one of my dearest friends. I trust this person implicitly, and would put my life in his hands if it came down to that. He is completely trustworthy and one of those people who is completely open with everyone, and wouldn't even think of confabulating intentionally. He is very sane and mentally stable, has a family, etc.

This took place in South Dakota. SD is a pretty large area, so by not being more specific than that, I feel I am adequately protecting his identity. Anyway, this is the story he told me.

This happened in an extremely remote area. He was out walking with a shot gun for protection, because the area was remote enough that wild animal attacks were not unheard of. There was a very large field behind a thick, forested area, behind which was a fence high enough that it would be at least marginally difficult for an athletic adult human to scale.

As he headed toward the tree line, he suddenly had an overwhelming sense, and even a mental picture, of a terrifying creature slinking around behind the fence. He felt like he shouldn't go over there, but he's the kind of person who can be sort of defiant toward his own fear, and basically made himself go and look regardless of his intuition. Suddenly, the exact creature he had seen in his mind's eye leaped over the fence to stand in the field before him, standing on two legs like a person, and stared him down.

He described the creature as being black and hairy, with a solid abdomen (i.e. no tapering like a person, just straight down the trunk to the hips) and long arms with what appeared to be claws. The head was somewhat like a wolf or a dog with an elongated snout and ears like a bear. It stood on its hind legs for several minutes, staring at him, and its eyes held a human-like intelligence and acknowledgement. It was roughly four and a half feet in height.

He felt very afraid and thought to himself that he would shoot it if it approached, but as soon as he had this thought, his mind was flooded with imagery and information that essentially boiled down to, "Your gun is meaningless, you won't even get off one shot. If I want to kill you, you will die, there is nothing you can do about it, and no one will ever find out what happened to you." This terrified him, and he remembers being incredibly disturbed by this because he was a human being with a gun and this was what surely had to simply be some sort of animal. Except that it didn't look or act like an animal.

After a minute or two more, it vaulted - like a human going over a pole-vault beam - back over the fence (using one hand to propel itself like a person might,) seemed to land on its two feet, and run away at high speed in a bipedal fashion.

He has, for a decade or more now, looked at every photo of every animal anyone could think of that could describe this, including diseased and sick animals, and none of them even came close to looking like what he saw.

No one else in the area ever saw it, and he has never returned to the location citing an overwhelming fear that he "was not wanted there."

I do not assert that this really happened as he recalls it, or make any claims or suggestions as to what might have happened. But that was the story as he told it to me.


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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by misskat1

My forest story isn't really that creepy,its more a case of strange synchronicity...
Me and a buddy were exploring some woods in Wales when we were teenagers,when on the path in front of us we spotted what we thought was a snake-We both jumped out of our skin,but then realized it was not a snake at all,but a length of black hose left on the path.

So we walk on,laughing that we both thought it was a snake-then,a matter of 7 or 8 paces down the track we see another bit of black hose-except this one WAS a snake-and a rare one for Wales-It was a black adder!!!And the blighter rose its head at us,and hissed aggresively,before slithering of into the undergrowth.
We both jumped again,worse than before.

We were properly freaked out by the event,especially as we had just laughed off the first event when we found it to be a hose.

Very odd indeed,but true I swear.
Never seen another black adder since,more than 25years later.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by misskat1

I'm an older woman but have not camped a lot but back in around 1971 some school kids ( tech training school )
relayed a you know I don't trust some 19 year old's story but then again you never know..the group
was talking about how they were camping with some folks and put some beer cans in a stream to cool down.
Well as the story goes the tent suddenly came down on top of them I think???, the beer cans were empty
without having tabs removed and there was a path through the field grass as though a giant ball had rolled
it out flat. He said they got the h e double toothpicks out of there ( so to speak ). There must be tons of personal stories out there lying dormant in peoples' minds..stories to tell and as usual with no proof of anything out of the ordinary happening much less how and why..well it just adds to the already high stack of personal tales of intriguing moments in time.
Well somehow this tale told by a young man stuck with me or most of it. My apologies for any doubtful comments and to young folks who like to tell it like it really is. A young woman who was a student also
related a story of how a ball of light circled a building where she and other "girls" were staying and they
all came running to her in great distress and fear. She was calm about it..maybe it was ball lightning.
Ok, sorry that is not a forest story.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by njl51

Wow, alien technology that allows them to steal your beer without opening the cans. I bet that was depressing, tent blows down and the beer mysteriously disappears. Bet they decided to go to the Bar after that, at least you can catch people walking off with your beer

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by Sublimecraft

I would hate to see the gopher that goes with those holes!!! But, seriously, these are very "creepy". I have often thought that maybe what we think are outer space aliens is actually an underground civilization. (Eloi and Moliks) These holes look like they were maybe created with the "tunnel machines". Great find! I am going to make a file folder with the most bizarre postings. I will definately include these. Im not a writer, so I wont be putting these in a "book" just for my own use. Thanks again, great find!

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by njl51

Could have been a rougue "zorber" who "shotgunned"the beers(made a small hole near the base to drink through).
Here is a zorber in case you don't know of them:

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:30 AM
Well, I've told the ball-lightning one, that happened in the woods.

Mostly I LIKE the woods. Rarely get lost for long, and there's nothing really there that will hurt you.

I did once see what looked like human figures coalescing out of fog in an old graveyard in the woods. There was a place near the house when I was a kid that people used to swear they saw odd things, have seen them myself, although they didn't match what the others saw - namely, I saw (with two other people) what looked like a big luminous green cats-eye open up about 30 feet over the ground and turn to follow us as we ran, another time I saw with one other person what looked like oddly misshapen chimps running through the brush. Oh, and driving through there over the bridge one night there were what looked like a dozen black dogs, half on one side of the road and half on the other. It wouldn't have been unusual, except the dogs were sitting facing the road in ranks and didn't move as I drove by. Six dogs on one side of the road sitting motionless, facing the road, spaced out regularly. Six on the other, across from each other, like little Anubis dogs. Didn't turn to follow the car. Just frozen there.

Never saw that sort of thing anywhere else.

Not far from there my eldest bro was out hunting alone one day, didn't come home on time. When he got back, he made up some bs story for the folks. That night he told us that he had seen a huge owl in a tree - REALLY large, maybe four feet tall. He had pointed the rifle at it, there was a flash of light and he woke up on his ass in the dark, with the dew falling on him. Could have been another bs story. Was certainly original.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 08:38 AM
Oh,I nearly forgot,I recently took some pics which turned out to look like forest spirits(I thought anyway).
They are in the thread in my sig,down below.

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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 09:16 AM
This occurrence didn't happen to me, but to my grandmother. It would have taken place in the 1930's. My grandmother was a young teen at the time and she lived with her mother and five siblings in an old house in the middle of the woods. The area was the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri. I had heard bits and pieces of stories from when they lived in the Ozarks, but it was always kept hush hush.

When I got to be about 12 or 13 I pestered my grandmother enough that she finally told me one thing that happened to her while living in the Ozark Mountains.

My grandmother had got into a fight with her mother. She took off into the woods all day to get away from her for a while. When it got dark she decided to come home. When she got home, the doors were locked and everyone was in bed. There was an old cot sitting outside the house and she decided to just sleep on the cot until morning.

In the morning when she woke up, there was some creature sitting at the end of the cot. It has been 15 years since I have heard this story, and she only told me once, so my memory is a little fuzzy. I remember she said it was really ugly and had a full set of sharp teeth. It was shaped like a person but didn't look like a person. She said that it just sat there and smiled at her with its abnormally large mouth of sharp teeth. When she started to get up from the cot to get away, it would start to get up and move towards her. When she would sit back down, it would sit back down. She sat there staring at it for a few seconds and it continued to sit and smile at her. The creature was sitting between her and the front door. She finally jumped up and made a run for the back door.

When she got to the back door it was locked but her mother was in the kitchen making biscuits. She was banging on the door screaming to be let in and her mother told her to go around to the front because her hands were covered in dough. My grandmother screamed she couldn't and was frantic enough that her mother ran to let her in.

She told her mother what she had seen. She had my grandmother's two brothers take the cot out to the woods and chop it up and burn it.

My grandmother died in 2001 and took a lot of the stories with her. None of them ever wanted to talk about the things that happened out there. A few stories from her brothers have been told but they took place inside of the house.

This story has always scared the heck out of me. I don't know if this creature was actually connected to the cot or if it was something from the woods. My grandmother was such a serious person and she was visibly scared when she told me. I have never heard of anything like it.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 09:17 AM
Really good thread.
Here is what happened to us in Clapham Wood.
First of all, this is a place that is already famous for its eeriness. See:

and a good video with pictures of the place:

This was back in 1996. We lived in London and decided to go to Clapham Woods because of its notoriety. The first time we went, we made sure it was dark [eejits]. We parked in the village and went down a footpath. Still in woods but not the large woods in the video. Not having brought a torch, we could hardly see where we were going [duh] but the path was just about discernible.
The feeling of dread was obviously from the fact that we knew about the woods. However about 500 meters in, we saw a big black blob on the path. No eyes, just a blob. It could have been a large boulder, the size of a dog. we stopped and decided that it was a stone or a piece of bush or something, when it started moving.

Not as in an animal getting up but as in a blob staying blob shaped but moving towards us. No legs, no eyes, no ears...
Needless to say, we cheesed it!

A while later [ a few months?] we decided that it would be 'fun' to go to Clapham W. again [as you do]. This time we were going into the actual forest, which is first up a hill and then through one of the most weird looking woods you have ever seen. It was autumn or winter and the trees had no leaves. Yet they were so thin, crooked and silvery looking, just like out of this world. It was in this part that a priest got missing with his dog.
That day nothing more happened than a strange feeling.

We went back someday later [yet again]. It was summer and sunny. This time we went the way where you get to a church and eventually come to a large field [the second image on the video as far as I remember].
In order to get there you walk past a lonely private property.
It was here that we suddenly smelled sulfur. It was so strong that all of us [husband and a friend of ours] not only noticed but we could pinpoint a sort of area where it started and stopped. You could literally walk into the smell and out of the smell.
Of course we were really excited about this [as in: "yeah something weird is happening"]. Then we went on. Our mate needed a wee and went into the bushes, where he called us because he had just seen an indentation in the middle of the woods. I think this indentation is also known but we didn't know about it at the time. It is as if a bomb had exploded here and left a crater. I'd say it is about 5m in diameter and about 2m deep [this is roughly estimated]. Of course it also looks as if a spaceship may have landed there [which is far more interesting

I seem to remember that I have read somewhere that no bombs had ever been exploded anywhere near there [but I would have to double check this]. Which would make it very intriguing indeed.

So on we went, reached that field I was talking about. It was about 16:00h at the time. The sun was still shining brightly as it would in high summer and we sat down for a short while. I think there were sheep on the field, so all was normal and bright.
However when we went back on the footpath which leads back, we felt uneasy and after a few moments we noticed that it was far too dark for a summers afternoon. Looking up you could see that it was still as bright as before but the trees were so dense that none of that light seemed to reach the bottom.
It got so bad that I started to fear in all seriousness that we would need a torch to get out as moment by moment it was getting darker. It became so dark that we had difficulty seeing where we were going.

We hurried along as fast as we could and all three of us were actually really scared. We made it back into daylight somehow [sun as right as it should be], can't remember if the smell was still there. Rushed to the car and drove home.

I forgot to say that there is also a caravan in the forest [near the crater], which is camouflaged, apparently someone who looks after the forest lives there [unofficially] but it is unnerving as in England you can only live or camp in designated spots, of which the middle of a forest isn't one.

Unfortunately that isn't really scary but it sure was odd. You can explain it all with rational arguments if you wanted to but believe me if you are there there is something odd about that place. Something not quite right and you can only understand if you have been there.

Edited to add: I completely forgot the time we went there on Halloween
. This time we didn't go to the woods but parked in a large field opposite [other side of the road]. We just parked and sat there in the dark, trying to get in a scared mood, when suddenly we hear a bump on the back of the car. It sounded violent and deliberate but there was nobody around [you could not hide anywhere, it is just a field]. We locked the doors and drove off...mission of getting scared totally accomplished. It wasn't an animal, unless it deliberately attacked the car but it certainly was something....
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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 10:53 AM
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Here is one...

I lived in Rye, Colorado most of my life. In high school we would frequently go up to Rye park forested area and hang out late at night. There are a few pavilions that were known for having satanic rituals or something weird going on. We found animal bones, old candles dried blood a few chalk pentagrams and occasionally a pentagram made of "ash"...we never knew who was behind it but it did kinda creep us all out, but considering there was nothing else to do in our small country town, we still went to hang out there.

Anyway, one night a buddy and I are heading through Rye park on our way to another friends house to watch movies. It had just snowed a good 3 inches or so (he had 4x4) and were making fresh tracks on a very narrow dirt road that winded around about 360 degrees. There were no houses near by, it was pitch dark (no moonlight) and 20-50 foot pine trees all around. As we were driving we saw someone walking on the shoulder of the road in what appeared to be a an old catholic monk type robe with no flashlight or anything. As we drove past him my buddy and I looked at each-other and said..."wtf???" We drove a little bit further before one of us had the logical thought that someone probably broke down or slid off the road into the a ditch and is in trouble...we decided to turn around and see if they needed help even though the person didn't seem interested in us at all...they just kept walking normally.

Anyway we turned around to head back and see if they needed help or a ride or whatever. As we saw him in our headlights my buddy rolls down his window to ask if the person needs help but as hes slowing down the truck the person literally turned to his right and walked right into the dead of buddy yelled at him a couple times but this person just kept walking into the forest in the snow with no flashlight in the middle of night...

creepiest damned thing I have ever seen really...still gives me shivers thinking about it honestly. Anyway we drove up the road and turned around and pretty much drove to our original destination in complete awe and silence...

still one of the creepiest experiences I have ever had.
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