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Planetside 2 LIVE

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posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 01:13 PM
Planetside 2 is now live, it's free to play and you can download it via steam as well.

What is Planetside 2 you ask?

PlanetSide 2 is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) published by Sony Online Entertainment. It is the sequel to PlanetSide which originally released in 2003. Officially announced on July 7, 2011 at the Sony Fan Fair, the second installment uses a brand new game engine and will support hundreds of players in continuous large scale conflict.[2] As in the first PlanetSide, PlanetSide 2 chronicles the efforts of three factions as they fight for territorial control of the planet Auraxis.[3]

HD game play footage

The Enclave is recruting; not for everyone.

Can get it at both these links. The game is Free 2 Play.

Beta Thread:
Planetside 2 Prerelease discussion

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 03:49 PM
This game is the dogs Bollocks, very fun and very addictive and it is free

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 12:20 AM
I hit battlerank 16 last night, been playing casually. Having a blast

got my Carv-S fully modded out it OWNS

posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 09:50 AM
I downloaded this last night.. Just barely found out it went live.. AND ITS FREE!! HOLY CRAP!!

How does Sony Entertainment make their money on what could possibly be their most impressive achievement?!

ATS Clan anyone?

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 01:00 PM
Getting my butt kicked....

However, anyone playing?

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 03:32 PM
I'm still playing, I'm on Matherson.

You need to find a decent outfit to join imo.

Battlerank 21

Tips for new players:

Get a 2x Scope ASAP if you are not being an infiltrator.

Aim for the head.

Tippy tap your gun to cut down on recoil, you can hit b to switch firing modes.

Hit Q to spot an enemy, warning they can hear you spotting them if they are close enough / smart enough to pay attention.

Join an outfit, if don't want to join an outfit or havent found one, hit Insert, puts you in a squad, hit insert again and you will spawn near the squad leader.

Don't worry about buying new guns, they're all fairly balanced it's more about getting certs into the guns, Forward Grip and Compensator are my favs cuts down on vertical recoil.

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 03:41 PM
Follow these steps to improve your frames per second in PlanetSide 2:

1. Navigate to your PlanetsSide 2 installation directory. For Steam it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PlanetSide All others, right click your PS2 icon, go to properties, and click on open file location.

2. Open up your UserOptions.ini file in your PlanetSide 2 directory with notepad.

3. Change ShadowQuality to ShadowQuality=0.

4. Change RenderDistance to RenderDistance=1000

5. Change FloraQuality to FloraQuality=0.

4. Click Save.

5. Launch PlanetSide 2.

Enjoy your FPS gain.

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 02:38 PM

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 08:35 PM
I actually helped make this video

I just blew stuff up.

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