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The Universe Is Wild,Wilder Than Any Jungle And Why Not.We Are Not Alone, Never Have Been!

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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by Harte

Nothing the imaginary Plejarens "said" was surprising to me, once I'd confirmed that every, single one of Meier's "predictions" was either incorrect or known at a time prior to when he said they told him.

I'm only going to say this once on this thread, as in reality, compared to day by day, overcoming all that is an obstacle to growing our Love, Compassion and Effectiveness if possible, to serve others, overcoming the things that need healing in us, and striving to Live Well with Integrity, the ET issues are less important. Our lives here are temporal.

The pleaidian/ple'o'sha'n are real, some work with greys and yet still wake people, even though someone told me the group I questioned their Love and Integrity, was a splinter group of pleaidians, and they followed the directions of their organization without questioning individually (something humans might face if people allow themselves to be microchipped).

However, I also sensed their Love and remembered them in spirit, cause I keep getting glimpses under the veil in life, and my heart/soul opens up and remember things, so was able to stand up for myself and remind them what Love was during medical and told the man it was time to turn his love up high, for it was time for him (everyone) to go home.

You don't have to believe in the pleiadians however.

They're not our frequency channel/dimension/realm, the Universe is infinite realms. But they operate in our realm and use greys to do so as well.

As to the star system itself. Life isn't what we think it is, to begin with. They're not carbon based meat sacks like we are, around our star. Their system, if its truly in pleaides, is not on our timezone either. What we see looking through Hubble is not what there is. Our Solar System, for example is very populated. And there are many channels, our brain is programmed to see 98.5 FM, so to speak.

Also, protocol could, that throughout history, the native tribes all claiming to have come from pleiades or connected to it, could have been misled by a group that didn't want to give its real location.

Lyra is however a real system and that is where I recall a journey from, that involved humans.

posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 11:21 AM
Its not really important whether one "remembers" or "experiences" anything. What is important is learning to trust ones heart to guide them away from "violent passages in their religions" and "corrupt heartless isms in their politics" and to heal, chose to heal up from the scars of life and childhood, so that ones Love is strong and able to Guide them. So discernment based on healed, whole, loving heart, and a mind that can question everything, think for itself, and overcoming weakenesses in our lives, learning from every difficulty, what it is trying to show us.

Earth is short term testing ground, or its supposed to be. Don't fall into its traps to regress consciousness. We all need to go back home, or reach higher levels.

There is No Place Like Home, There is No Place Like Home, There is No Place Like Home! That is something useful before sleep and meditation, or connected to water and the earth grid.
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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 11:47 AM

37. It will be a work of absolute truth and be written for all coming times. ...

38. All your writings and works could never be replaced by further innovations, because they will contain the final truth. ...

40. If then, however, life forms appear and want to bring changes and alterations into and beyond these works, then they are only of a fraudulent form and are malicious lies.

If this wasn't his own agenda, and an ET actually told someone this, you'd have to seriously question their polarity. This is slavery, and abolishes Free Will, and absolute Tryanny.

ET's work with everyone, and prefer grass roots people, and natives. And are waking people up, to equality, to Love, to Awareness, to the Dangers around them, to the Depopulation plans, and to turning our lives around in our tests so we can go home. Because so many are programmed from the world.

I have continued reading this, and this is in no way referencing pleidians or Lyrans, or Lemurians or any of the ET's, really.

i am reading about 3 different space faring worlds that made it to earth and met with priests/religious personages over 1000 years ago, and got convinced that Christianity was correct, went home, converted their home worlds, of peace and equality, transformed the worlds to earth humans and caused war, murder, disasters, until it was all straightened out.

These are children, not Ets! I'm not sure they'd have permission from Mom and Dad to take the beamship out of the garage for a test drive, they're not old enough to get their learning permit even.

Actually what is put into action within the story of Christ's life is a truth that is Universal and Off planet in origin. If we had a literal person come in, to personify the message, (ie the stage is set, and a Great Soul entered) is not the same thing as the Message itself, about Right Mind, Right Thoughts, Right Actions, Discerment, Deprogramming from the World, and Helping Others, Positive Thought and Service To Others. Peace and Love, and awakening the pineal. The precious pearl is the Light Body and the Kindgom of Heaven within us is a literal look at reality, for this universe is like a reflection and we have to turn the sleeve inside out. Also this is about Astral Projection

There is a great message within Christianity, about waking up, seeing through the Matrix and being Love to all, even your enemy. Become one of the grownups, not the children.
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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 01:32 PM
I've never actually read too much on the Meier writings before, read some of the Talmud and wasn't happy that a religious manipulation was taking place.

However, those links in the OP gave me a chance to look into things including a forum where he apparently answered questions.

Well, aside from things like,: kundalini and chakras don't exist, and mars only has bacteria on it, and NWO is just something to sell books, and only he alone would have Plejaren contact. (maybe so, if he made this group up), BUT, what really clinched it is this:

They can have more than one wife.

The messages are anti Christianity.

And all in all, I see a CIA/Brotherhood, Sharia type of agenda, which considering that the NAZI's fanned up a very small extremist group in Islam, and Banna met with Hitler and this is actually a Fourth Reicht/CIA/NWO tool, I can see certain type of ufology coming out of the NAZI agenda, or PTB agenda really.

While a planet like Sleeper writes of, on uranus, where All the Souls there are grown up more, love each other, so its kind of a hippy free for all. I was shocked myself and will not be visiting that planet, and didn't really consider such a thing progressive or GOOD, exactly. Nonetheless, ETs don't live like he says.

Faithfulness is a Virtue, as far as commitments go, for races that have family as their backbones who are progressed, ie who come from worlds that bear a similarity to ours.

And they tend to Matriarchal. That term isn't referring to a female dominated society, as some just flip patriarchy over to its opposite. It actual means Equality, yet respects the progression from Primitive, Dog Eat Dog, Competition, Warring and Unequal Societies, to Substantive Equality, Compassion, Empowerment means always Working from the Bottom Up, No Forcing, No Slaves, Sharing and the Female Energies, which is actually what progression and passing the tests are, why the Matrix is Called a Womb and why Sophia is the Intercessor and Tree of Life.

Its a natural progression. And equality needs to be wed with freedom.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

G'day Unity_99

Yes i answer questions but i was away for a few days, your mind is opening i can see, the Plejaren are of Lyrian decent, so are we

i will go over your posts asap and respond

i have no affiliation with anyone but am well read in Billy's work and most religions,
religions are falsified teachings of good prophets but changed to pray to a god instead of your spirit

you need to ask your spirit to remember your dreams

proper meditation is vital for humans

Pray to your spirit and Creation not one of the gods

1. My spirit, you are all-mighty.

2. Your name shall be honoured.

3. Your realm shall open (incarnate) in me.

4. Your might (might of the consciousness) shall unfold in me, on earths and in universes.

5. Give me my daily bread (love, wisdom) today so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth.

6. And do not throw me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding.

7. For the realm, the power (power of knowledge) and the knowledge within me are yours (Creation) in eternity.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by Harte

G'day Harte

a prophecy is just a prophecy, the future is not set in stone

if its not for you its of no concern to anyone but yourself
look a little deeper as i can tell you just skimmed the surface from what you say

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

G'day Unity_99

i read your posts and its a healthy open approach, i didnt agree with everything but thats of no consequence, its upto us all to look into things and decide for ourself, its rare these days with tv or even forums where a consensus can be manipulated and believed by those who dont use the philosopher's stone

keep looking into it then you will know for yourself instead of being told, its the only way
ponder things

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by HiGilgamesh
reply to post by Harte

G'day Harte

a prophecy is just a prophecy, the future is not set in stone

if its not for you its of no concern to anyone but yourself
look a little deeper as i can tell you just skimmed the surface from what you say

Tell that to Billy Meier and Michael Horn.


posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 06:17 AM
G'day Harte

Yes I would like to meet Billy mate

My Thoughts

One of Billy's best articles that is hard to find states to have Reverence and Venerability for bad things in the same light as good as we need both to evolve, the universe is about balance, you cant have balance without good and bad

Poor Michael given the task of informing a populace (like any on earth) who are often cheeky children lacking logic, most still affected by religion so i dont think he expects that many to believe yet as from the start its called a Silent Revolution of Truth, its not going to be popular as its hundreds of years early, it cant be done with the current institutions its impossible, but thats Michaels mission eh eh and he has to deal with lame stream media tactics is more the disappointing aspect for him than what % believe, he knows they will just not yet

You know about project mockingbird, media is a farce

The new age is the age of reason, the institutions of faith will fall, its cosmic in nature and beyond human control, even faster evolution will happen after dec21 than we have been having
the main thing was that the information is disseminated prior to the fall of religion, this is the last pope, the next will be an admin, it will be a few hundred years before the last bible basher's are to be found though

Billy and Michael know things most dont a good example is ww3 predictions, the Plejaren do things to stop ww3 since the 60's, if not for that we would have not made it to the 70's let alone 2012, even technical errors have almost started WW3 a few times

I know how the situation looks when you look at the photo's but i also know to look at it as a whole, like read the material to get a feel for whats said. I have read the bad stuff Billys wife and kid said but man you could ask my ex about me and she will tell untruths and you know sometimes kids are made to take a side, his other kids are ok

WW3 is happening, several scenario's and sign's have been given by the Plejaren where nukes are imminent
the ones that concern me are these three
1. Russia invades Iran before Israel/usa
2. some ( 4 or more) world leaders/heads of state are killed in a week
3. natural disaster in or near Italy followed by war

In 1940 they didnt call it WW2 either
now we have nukes/chemical/bio on a wide scale but our compassion and understanding hasn't improved
its just Russia that needs to get involved before ww3 can be called? you think they have not drawn a line in the sand? you think they will give the usa notice when they will only have minutes?

Can you sense there are laws in nature about how humans are meant to be? do you think earth humans know them atm?

Billy's work is deep and extensive, its not about ufos

I would like to point out Billy's work is not a sect as debunkers claim, in Billy's work he mentions how important it is we dont worship anything, if you do you are giving up the powers of your human spirit, i have not even met anyone associated with

Just looking at photo's is not very scientific or many people cant handle the thought of god not existing so are blinkered

Also Billy is deemed by ATS most debunked and history tells me the most debunked is worth looking into

Just reading a few of these will tell you if its your forte or not, its the message not the pics to look into

We are not earth men, we are star men quarantined for the last 2000 years or so, our ancestors do help but The Prime Directive Applies or we can become dependent or worship them like before

Why would they want Mullah's flying around the cosmos or Christians, banksters lol

you know humans like status quo, the last thing any star man civilisation would want is that, they study the madness its quite an attraction you know

You heard about the watchers, the fallen ones? they are just one of the many migrations/mutinies to earth, human migrations happen in the cosmos often too and why not

DNA and spirit age plays a big part so from my angle the debunkers just bring up good questions to say more, it would be boring if everyone was like oh Billy yes i know his work isnt it fantastic, eh eh, I wouldnt know what to do (maybe its the Irish in me)

Harte the Plejaren know the religious folk will have a mental if disclosure happens atm so does the gov, its considered violence by the Plejaren and cosmic civilizations if they freak anyone out, its ok for people born here to do it

The radio show war of the worlds was a psyop

Billy always says a human being shall never attempt to force the truth onto another, because then it would only be worth half its value, He and The Plejaren mention this and other reasons a lot and it makes sense

Put aside the pics for a while and have a read fairdinkum

We need to be neutral with a slight positive slant for evolution,like Kirk mate

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