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Oh Shiny Rectangles

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 01:46 PM
Oh shiny rectangles, as I stare into thee
I am drawn to what you offer, so unnaturally
Flashing images, hypnotically sequenced
Information overload, exploiting my senses
On my phone, my watch, my computers and TV
I see more of you than I do blue, as in the sky and sea
You have robbed my attention, enslaved my ambition
And still I feed the faltered decisions

Oh shiny rectangles, you decorate my life
Ornaments throughout, to maintain the strife
Do you frame my perspective, both figuratively and literally
Both subject and form, are part of your artillery
As I lose myself in you, I see my reflection
A droned out zombie, wide open for inflection
Syncopated light, less than 3 seconds per scene
My thoughts sometimes spun, to keep up with the scheme

Oh shiny rectangles, misgiven infatuation with you
Wherever my eyes rest, you steal my view
Bloodshot eyes, mouth cracked and dried, steady as she goes
My breathing deepens, a meditative state I enter, surrendering to you my woes
A great escape, in itself is okay, but think about how many
Information and image have dazzled, enticing and aplenty

Oh shiny rectangles, you have entrapped
My spare time, entangled and wrapped
Are you supposed to steer me, and etch in my brain
So that you and reality are one in the same
Do I see you in all things, are my eyes imprinted
Successful programming, intuition lamented

Oh shiny rectangle, you have become
A surrogate family member for some
To comfort and fill with a dulling grace
Sometimes I struggle to keep up with your pace
Forget the day, forget the way
Just give me the answers so I'll be okay
Seed my imagination, so that my garden may grow
Superficial fruit and a consumers show

Oh shiny rectangles, you are a badge of persuasion
But I will see past you and without altercation
Badges worn, intended connectivity
Application determined by monied synchronicity
The day will come soon when I say goodbye, and allow
My gaze to fly elsewhere, and relinquish the bow
My attention set free to breath and roam
Unfettered unfolding, outside of my home

~ speculativeoptimist

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 01:51 PM
I guess this could be considered a rant of sorts, in the form of a poem. Just thought I'd post a little piece about info screens, and how much they influence our lives. I caught my reflection on the computer screen the other night, and did not like what I saw. A droned out dude, open to suggestion, and detached from reality. I think I spend too much time staring at them, and it is summer danggit, I should be outside more!

I just find it a little surreal sometimes how much influence a screen can have on us all. Yes, I will admit, I do derive pleasure and education from them too, but are we transferring our attention from one world to another?
Are we moving towards a day of sedentary bliss, consumed with other's intentions and whims? Will we become placid skinbags, getting all that we need from a screen? Is this our natural path, or has our evolution been shanghaied?

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Believe not in those shiny rectangles,for they are the harbingers of a false form of doom.
They tell you what others wish you to believe,
when you already have the tools of truth up your own sleeve.

Awesome rap you made there though Spec.Op.
Like a modern day version of "TV the drug of a nation".
Which is a classic IMO.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by Silcone Synapse

Thanks SS, I appreciate the reply, and yea the word moderation comes to mind, like with so many other indulges. But is the choice fleeting, as our lives become more 'decorated' with screens? It was bizarre seeing myself in the reflection, and then thinking about image screens everywhere. In an imaginative leap, it makes me wonder if we will really create surrogates one day, to live our lives for us?
A rap eh? I had not considered that. Let me find a beat yo!

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 01:12 PM
Can somebody help me get this link into my signature? I know how but have tried with no success. I even had a moderator help, but to no avail. I tried taking away the other sig links and leaving just this one, but still nada.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Well Done Spec !!!

I enjoyed reading that and just wanted to say thanks for sharing it with the community


posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Mike Stivic

Hey hey friend!

Nice to see ya on the boards! Same ole same ole,but fun nevertheless.
Glad ya duggit. I am in the processing of moving from Oregon back down to the deep south with family. They are turning 70 soon and I have done my thing for 20 years now, so it is time. It will be a big change, but I am embracing it. I am not online so much right now, but will return soon. Take care meathead...


ETA: Plus I gotta get them ready for the big pockylipto ya know, they don't even know what a BOB bag is!

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