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Unconscious Sleep vs. Reality on Earth

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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 02:44 AM
I think this world is really a dream, an experience, somewhat like in the movie "Avatar"... When we go to sleep perhaps we are living our real selves (Spiritually and/or physically), meeting with our guides, "going over" our mission, what we wish to accomplish or experience in the illusion, remembering important things, etc.. There are so many mysteries surrounding our night sleep, and there are countless reports of people experiencing OBE's (Out of Body Experience), astral projection, and all the other spiritually, physically, unexplained phenomena that is occurring during our sleep (Disclaimer: Not talking about dreams here at all, but what is happening beyond conscious dreaming)
And then we return to the world of illusions and living dreams which is our so called Earth, remembering nothing which has happened during our night travelling (sleeping). It can also explain why mornings often comes with inspiration to many... Have you ever woke up and all of a sudden an old friend has popped up in your active memory? Or a song that you haven't listened to for ages has started to be played in your head? Or remembering an important thing that you have wished to explore and forgot all about it? This can be served as hints from the "unconscious sleep", something that is going on while we are "recharging". There might be a whole world 'out there' that we are exploring while we're sleeping, but have no access to within this dream we call reality. If people do concern with what happened during the night, they are usually focusing merely on the conscious, remembered parts of it (conscious dreams). Most people starts very quickly to wonder off their everyday tasks on auto mode once again, and living this world which after all might be the illusive one. The real dream within the real reality. These mornings can be a turning point of inspiration and guidance from a lost night travel. That is also the reason why many masters have emphasized that the best time to meditate is in the morning, even before getting out of bed. These mornings after waking up are a real mystery, we might be living a dream, a real lucid dream which is full of abundance and opportunities to experience and explore, but we're usually waking up miserably and tired, and need to pick ourselves up to go to work... And miss the entire picture of our existence here while at it lol... Which is a real shame.

I'm not suggesting any theory here of course, I just had this in mind this morning and started writing, and found this idea interesting for a discussion.

Thanks for reading, your thoughts please.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 03:14 AM
I believe our consciousness can travel back to the astral plane while we sleep. I've read that if we ask for help about a life problem before we go to sleep we can get the answer in our dreams. The problem for many is not remembering their dreams at all or forgetting them shortly after they wake. One way to overcome this is to keep a dream journal by your bed and as soon as you wake up write down anything you can remember about your dreams, be sure to include as many details as possible. Doing this supposedly helps open up the many mysteries of our dreams.

I've tried it but I only was disciplined enough to do it for a few nights. I really need to start trying this again.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by Shuye

Wow this is cool. I'm reading this thinking if you are real or not or a program in the matrix. I'm sure you are real Shuye, it's just some kind of freaky coincidence.

24 hours ago I was writing basically this same thing on the GLP forum, but couldn't post it because I was banned from the site for 'spamming' believe it or not. All I did was write a post previously about SNOG the Anarchist musician and said how good his music is.

Anyway I digress.

My theory is that this Avatar we have during Earth time is our spirit's play body. When we sleep, we go back to the source or to the higher planes/realms to re-charge. This is who we 'really' are - not this dense low vibrational fleshy blob. Scientists think we sleep to re-energise our bodies and mind. this is not true. It is our spirit self that needs this. Being weighted down all day in the human form is difficult. The only issue is that we don't automatically recall these adventures when the body is asleep. If we're lucky it's only fleeting moments. I believe that most dreams are not astral or soul adventures, just trivial human mind projections, like clothes going around in a washing machine.

I have a story that kind of backs up this hypothesis. I was in India having a 'spriritual' holiday and I decided to stay in Pushkar a few nights. I was in a motel room overlooking the holy lake, a really spectacular sight at dusk.
I went to bed and was awoken in the middle of the night by the staff because I had a phone call from a friend in Delhi. It took me forever to even register that soemone was banging on the door. I tried to get up and I could hardly find my feet. My head was extremely groggy. I felt nauseas. I couldn't talk or even have simple thoughts. It was like "I" wasn't there. My "proxy' self was trying to operate without the master. It was such a spin-out, I've never really felt anything like this again, not straight anyway.

Have you had any similar experiences ?

Peace Out

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by nimbinned

I never had a similar experience to the one you had, but it sure reminds me every time I get up by some external loud noise like a phone ring lol... It's like, "my" body is totally not ready to get up yet... Like it's being FORCED to start moving... It's really fascinating to research what is happening in these moments, in deep sleep or at the moment we wake up...

I do have a different unique experience however, still not sure whether it is legit or not but a couple of years ago I was meditating quite often (about 3 times a day) and one meditation I was in such a deep state that all of a sudden I felt I was sitting at a beach on a foreign planet... Colors all look different, atmosphere was different and it felt really lucid. I know how it sounds lol, I don't know what it was as well or if to believe my own story, it could be some mind garbage inventing experiences and seemingly becoming real but I remember I woke up from that deep meditation shaking and quite in shock.

Thanks for sharing, pretty amazing you had this idea by yourself
I thought that no one will be able to resonate with this... Definitely worthy to do some research on that, i'm planning on doing some introspection about it in the morning... instead of wondering off quickly in the illusion
Will update if i'll find something interesting!

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 01:50 PM
I have thought the exact same thing for a very long time. I'm lucky enough to recall every single detail in my dream and what I have noticed is that the places I usually go to are very similar to real life but there is different details. For example, there is a park near my house and there is one lake. In my dreams, there is always two lakes and the stores are very different than what they are. They never change in my dreams and its always the same structure. At first I disregarded everything, but then I thought its too much of a coincidence that everything remains the same every single time. The other day, I actually decided to just walk in the streets and take note of all the stores around me and structures and when I wake up, I compare them to reality.

I, too, want to believe we are travelling to some real world when we sleep.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by Shuye

Quite interesting friend.

I also believe that we are on a lower frequency of conciousness and that one day, we will meld together with that other string that you define as "real life".

Its nice to believe, and with no meaning on bashing your thread but...

Do you really think that is THE actual life of consciousness? Like its the real deal huh? Honest question.

Very Interesting

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by blackmetalmist

Wow, really nice that you can simply roam around in your dream consciously, that is one great tool for discovering.

reply to post by PsyMike91

Thanks, I seriously don't know what is real... I think that people at some stage of awakening are beginning to ask themselves essential questions such as "what is real?" "who am I?" "what is the purpose in all that?". I think that when globally people that are waking up and while at it asking the same questions, I think that there is a very strange mystery surrounding this "real life". It could be one extremely complex and lucid dream within a much greater reality, as far as I concern... I don't think we can define this experience as reality without understanding our other realms of existence first... We cannot find a purpose for all this perhaps because there is no purpose, just like in our night conscious dreams - there is no real purpose to what happens in our dreams, it is simply a dream within a dream.

It reminds of a Bill Hicks clip, very interesting:

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by Shuye

Shuye, I hope you read my signature before you posted the Bill Hicks vid, otherwise I'm starting to really freak out now. Are you a ghost in the machine that's taunting me. Ha Ha Ha

I am not just a fanatic of Bill Hicks but in some ways feel like he was my soul brother that I never got to meet. I still get weepy when I think of his untimely death. If only he was still alive today, he would be literally blowing people's minds with his superior intellect, reason and ability to shine the Truth where there is only BS darkness.
Have done some reading in to the likely-hood of a CIA plot to wipe him out with a controlled cancer, but maybe I'm getting too paranoid these days.

Getting back to your post about your meditation practice. I really enjoyed reading that alternative universe experience you had. If I had to hazard a guess to explain that event I would posit that the vision you had was a snapshot of a previous incarnation, where maybe you where meditating in that same location. See I think the Hindus have got it wrong on that one about the repeated Earthly incarnations. I think many of us haven't had Earth lives before but have arrived from other 'places' be it physical or non-physical worlds. That would explain why we are destroying this beautiful living thing that sustains us. It would be unlikely that we would be poisoning it (and ourselves) like we are if we had a deep-seated connection with it.

Anyway I'm starting to rant and have to get back to working for the man.

Peace Out - Remember It's just a Ride

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 11:00 AM

Quote by Fats in another thread

"I wonder what would life be like if we all had dream hubs throughout every country -- and this hub, could paint together a picture or movie of a series of sub-conscience events."

I said this the other day... I don't know if it will be of any use to the discussion. It just seems relevant.

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