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The Apollo Missions Are Prerecorded And The Quindar Tones Mark Where The CapComs Edit In

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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by choos


that is correct the people on the ground and the astronauts believe to know in a general sense and very accurately in fact what the orientation of the platform is they assume that the adjustment will be just a tiny bit and so they say the star that the computer offers up must be the correct one and my idea is that this is a dangerous assumption that real navigators would never in a million million million years make

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by DJW001

Dear DJW001,

Here is a little from H. David Reed's chapter in the book "from the trench of mission control to the craters of the moon"

"I remember asking SELECT what he had for landing sitecoordinates. I’ll never forget his answer when he said, “take your pick FIDO!” I also remember not reacting too positively to his offer. He explained that we had five different sites. He said “we have MSFN(tracking radars), PNGS (primary LM guidance computer), AGS(backup LM guidance computer), the targeted landing site and, ohyes, the geologist have determined yet another site based upon thecrew’s description of the landscape and correlating that with orbiter photos”. No two of these were even close to each other"

and here is some more DJW001 from the same book chapter by David Reed

"I remember taking my headset off and walking up to the Flight Direc- tor, Milt Windler to explain the situation. We only used that kind of face to face communication when we had a serious problem such as this."

and one last part i will give to you that is important

"Now we had the data we needed to run the problem (a rendezvous problem in reverse) and get the correct liftoff time*. And that’s what we used. Later we would find out just where were we on the surface. We were actually over 25,000 feet from the nearest of the other five choices we had! At 5,000-fps orbital velocity of the CSM that could have been up to a ten second error in liftoff. That would have meant we’d need a LOT of RCS (reaction control system fuel) to play catch up or slow down in a rather abnormal (I don’t recall train- ing for this one) rendezvous situation."

So there you go DJW001 it is very clear when you read this that in mission controls that day they had no idea where the eagle really landed off by 25,000 feet is 4.73 miles and so imagine if they were that much 5 miles out of plane it could have been a disaster if it was a real moon landing and than God it was only pretended

then you can go to the mission report and see that they published very good coordinates not at all like david reed says here and so you have to conclude that the mission report is fony because there is no reason for h. david reed to be a liar he is honest i think

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by DJW001

Dear DJW001,

here is a little bit more about this kind of thing and this one is from neil armstrongs own authorized biography called "first man" by james hansen

"In retrospect, two items may seem curious about Apollo 11’s technical situation immediately following touchdown. First, no one in NASA knew exactly where Eagle had landed. “One would have thought that their radar would have been good enough to pinpoint us more quickly than it did,” remarks Neil. When a spacecraft was in a trajectory or when it was in orbit, with all the optical and radar measurements being taken, both the ground and the crew had a pretty good idea of where the flight vehicle was, but it was a different problem when the object was sitting in one spot and all that anyone was getting was the same single measurement over and over again. “There was an uncertainty in that that was bigger than I would have guessed it would have been.”

and then a little bit more not to over do it but it is an important point with the hoax thing

"The limited information provided by Houston was no help to Mike: “I can’t see a darn thing but craters. Big craters, little craters, rounded ones, sharp ones, but no LM anywhere among them. The sextant is a powerful optical instrument, magnifying everything it sees twenty-eight times, but the price it pays for this magnification is a very narrow field of view, only 1.8 degrees wide (corresponding to 0.6 miles on the ground), so that it is almost like looking down a gun barrel. The LM might be close by, and I swing the sextant back and forth in a frantic search for it, but in the very limited time I have, it is possible to study only a square mile or so of lunar surface, and this time it is the wrong mile.” Collins never did locate Eagle down on the surface, not on any of his passes, which was more of a concern to Mike than it was to anyone else."

so there you have it DJW001 not even in neil armstrongs own book do you read that anyone knew where the eagle landed and they found it they say on august the first 1969 when the LRRR was hit with the laser beam the first time but of course now i know that the LRRR was not put there by neil it is very interesting don't you think so DJW001
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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by Helious

Dear Helious,

this is a repeat of what i already wrote but reading your post again made me see it even more clearly and so maybe this is just an exercise for me but you have to like my dad says indulge me ok

now we know that if apollo is really fake then it cannot be live because even if they rehearsed a lot they would make some mistakes that would show the fony part it is just to long a mission like apollo 11 was 9 days or something long like that

so if a lot of it is not live or most of it is not live then the not live part is a tape and so if apollo is fony then a lot of it must be a tape

now if there is taped parts the one thing that cannot be included in the tap is the mission control part that part must be live in the sense that they really talk in real time as the mission is going on

so if apollo is fony it must be so that a lot of the astronaut part is taped to avoid mistakes and the mission control part is live everything else is not really an issue for this type of thing we are considering

now the mission control part would need a way to break into the tape and also at the same time be sure the break does not interfere with what is recorded already

the idea then is that the quindar tones are related to this system of breaking and entering the prerecording and then letting it run again

so if you think about it a little the only real requirement of the tone system is that the editing occurs in such a way that the astronaut tape is not allowed to speak until the second microphone click or the second tone

so the transmission would only be delayed for the length of time between the two beeps and say that length of time was 4 seconds then the time delay would be four seconds with the visual part slowed or even speeded up a bit to match that and it would be rehearsed so the timing would mostly be known mostly to begin with

i think this theory works pretty good and i can now claim the details whether good or bad as my own but the general quindar editing idea is not mine

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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 10:50 PM
I remember the beeps, but didn’t know what they were for. Now I know.

The story behind the "Beep"

Those fortunate enough to listen to any of the actual mission control air-to-ground audiotapes will notice a high-pitched beep emitted before and after every air-to-ground communication between mission control and the astronauts. This sound is called a Quindar tone. Steve Schindler, an engineer with voice systems engineering at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, offers the following history of its origins.

"Quindar tones, named after the manufacturer of the tone generation and detection equipment, are actually used to turn on and off, or "key," the remote transmitters at the various tracking stations (Merritt Island Launch Area–now Kennedy Space Center, Bermuda, Australia, etc.) that were used to communicate with the Mercury through Apollo spacecraft and, in some cases, are still used with the Space Shuttle. A one-half second tone burst is generated when someone in a control room depresses the push-to-talk (PTT) button of their headset. The decoder at the remote transmitter site detects this tone and keys the transmitter. When the PTT button is released a different frequency tone burst is generated. When the decoder detects this second tone, it unkeys the transmitter. Because the telephone lines between the control rooms and the remote transmitters were originally designed to carry only voice frequencies, the tones had to be in the voice frequency range ("in-band signaling") and thus audible to humans. The tone signaling could have been done on a separate phone line, but to keep costs down, signaling and audio were done on the same line."

"Although it usually worked well, there were a couple of peculiarities with this system. If the transmitter was keyed and the telephone line connection broken, the transmitter would never get the tone to turn off. To prevent this there was a "transmitter on" light at each remote site that would come on when the transmitter was keyed. Someone was supposed to monitor the circuit and if the audio dropped, but the "transmitter on" light was still on, they would have to manually unkey the transmitter. Also, just before communications was handed over to a new tracking station, the key-unkey tone pair was sent 10 times to ensure that everything was functioning correctly. This was done before the audio was patched to the tracking station’s line so it wasn’t heard in the control room or on NASA Select audio.

The Quindar system was actually built from a piece of equipment that was used to put multiple teletype circuits on a single phone line by means of frequency domain multiplexing. Because replacement parts are no longer available, an "out-of-band signaling" system was installed in 1998 for the transmitters located in the U.S. This system uses a continuous tone that is below the normal audio frequency range. When the tone is present, the transmitters are keyed. When the tone is not present, the transmitters are unkeyed. It worked fine, but the Astronaut Office complained about the lack of tones which everyone had become accustomed to as an alert that a transmission was about to start. So, the Quindar tone generator, which was still installed in case it was necessary to key the transmitters at an overseas site, was re-enabled.

Communications Transcripts:
Mercury Through Apollo

The Mission Transcript Collection includes scanned transcripts from recorded air-to-ground transmissions and from tapes recording the words of the astronauts while onboard the Mercury through Apollo missions. The collection contains 80 transcripts (approximately 45,000 pages of text). Some of the transcripts include a detailed explanation of the contents.

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 10:51 PM
This is interesting i am reading now the Project Gemini used quindar and so that would mean that with Gemini also the astronaut part was faked and taped and so with Gemini like apollo they are doing something else entirely during the mission that means they say the mission is to rendezvous but really they plant a satellite in space for the military or something of that type

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by Pauligirl

Dear Pauligirl,

it is very easy to prove this conventional nasa idea about the beeps is wrong

if the nasa idea is true then at some point in all of the apollo missions the cap com would key the mike and you would hear the quindar on top of an astronaut speaking because the cap com has no way to be sure the talking is over it is supposed to be spontaneous talk from the astronauts

but this is not true at all not anywhere in all of the apollo tapes no where at least that i have discovered so far do you find a beep on top of an astronaut speaking

this proves beyond any shadow of any doubt that i am correct and that it is not innocent beeping it is editing so you never hear cross talk or talking on top of one another this is an important discovery and i imagine people at nasa are now worried that so many people know it is true

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 12:37 AM

Originally posted by decisively
reply to post by prevenge

Dear Prevenge,

I will use my spelling and grammar and punctuation checker for you to help you understand even though this takes a lot of time for me to do.

I have a disability and writing is very difficult for me. For many of us we were encouraged to write phonetically and not worry about spelling so that we could actually write something otherwise we get confuse like trying to understand if we want to use "f" or "ph" to make the f sound. So most of the time I just use f and don't go back to look at where the computer shows maybe I should change the spelling or make a capital or put a comma which I almost never do. This way I can write at least something.

When we write for special school or write a paper or do a project we do all of the correcting like I am trying to do here and it takes a very long time so most of the time when I am just writing for a forum like this I will not bother to do that. It is sort of a wasted time.

I kind of know what cointelpro is from reading about the Black Panthers and those things. You are sort of funny to recommend me as one of those people. I think as you read more of my writing and ideas you will see I cannot be that type of person because I am very convinced Apollo is phony and my ideas are very true. Anybody that knows about star sightings knows that Michael Collins cannot sight and mark a star correctly if he cannot put the star in the correct context of the constellation.

Another thing is that even though I have a disability in this one area I am considered one of the best in the United States and maybe even the world. But I know this is not everything and I have limitations.

LAst thing to say about cointelpro is that I believe Jarrah and Patrick are very great and important people writing about Apollo and probably have the correct general ideas that show Apollo phony and no cointelpro would link Jarrah and Patrick here. IF they would do anything they would be working against them as they more than any other Apollo workers seem to be pushing for the truth and helping the whole world see it.

my interpretation was incorrect.

thanks for your humble reprisal.

i apologize for my arrogance.


posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by prevenge

Dear prevenge,

You are a very special and good person we all try our best thank you for posting on my thread and i hope we learn many things here

i am not the smartest person but do have very special talents as we all do in each of our own special ways

some expert sailors died here in our ocean recently maybe you heard about it the boat was called "low speed chase" 5 out of 8 expert sailors died by a freak wave hitting their boat and this is rather symbolic of so many things one never knows you can be an expert and boom

we all must search for the truth each day turn our talents on the world like a bright light that is what i say i made that up

best to you special person prevenge watch out for those waves

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 05:20 AM
reply to post by decisively

so if apollo is fony it must be so that a lot of the astronaut part is taped to avoid mistakes and the mission control part is live everything else is not really an issue for this type of thing we are considering

But you just proved that there were serious mistakes made in tracking, therefore Apollo must be real.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:12 AM
reply to post by DJW001

my sense is there are no "mistakes" made in tracking apollo is tracked to and from the moon but whatever is launched and then tracked does not carry men

the quotes for you DJW001 are just a few of many stories we can find about nasa pretending to not know where the astronauts are i do not know if jarrah studies this but patrick calls it lost bird which means the fact that the eagle is lost proves apollo is not authentic which i believe is a genius insight because if you go to the moon hoax debate section of Rocket and Space Technology website by Robert Braeunig or if you go to Clavius by Jay Windley you will see that they don not even touch this idea because they have no answer to it and that is how i first came to understand it was so powerful and most definitely true

so nasa pretends to track the eagle which nasa then claims they cannot find exactly for to know exactly where it is would be to show the world an image of the moon with the eagle absent

in this way you can see neil armstrongs book itself proves he is lying how can you send a ship to the moon and not know where it has landed unbelievably fony we all can see this now for real so fony

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by decisively

been going through this:

at time 104:17:34 and 104:25:14 there are two instances of LM command and the command module talking over each other cant remember.

also its about the time where they start looking for the LM which begins roughly at 104:42:50 bit sooner but it links tothis which is where they ground calculated where the LM theoretically landed and the circles are where the sextant was pointed to locate the LM.

the reason they lost it was because it was long about 3 miles or so long initially, than about few hundred feet above ground from the proposed landing area neil looked for a different landing spot deciding to go over the crater or something this is how they were "lost". they knew the general vicinity just not the exact pinpoint area.

unfortunately for collins i believe he only had a few minutes to search in each spot as he would pass by and orbit the moon than pass by again, which leads to a few hours of searching. not to mention he is about 60 miles above the surface and has to scan an area of about a 3mile radius i think to find the lunar module which is only a few meters wide.

they did suggest that their were people on earth who were eager to find out where the LM is the transcript ends before they were able to locate it though,

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 01:40 PM

Originally posted by Pauligirl
I remember the beeps, but didn’t know what they were for. Now I know.

The story behind the "Beep"

" The tone signaling could have been done on a separate phone line, but to keep costs down, signaling and audio were done on the same line. "

Whenever I see an Apollo-related quote mentioning " to keep costs down " it does not seem authentic to me.
The cost of second phone line is totally insignificant. "Cost" , in the context of this quote, is a NASA explanation for a pedestrian, non-technical audience.

Jack Schmitt himself stated that "the time on the Moon was about $1,000,000 a man minute. And that got my attention. And those were those year dollars. " Source

Each mission was a single-use mission no penny was sacrificed for a 'signal channel'? Doesn't make sense.

So after rejecting the "cost" explanation the sentence now reads " The tone signaling could have been done on a separate phone line, but signaling and audio were done on the same line. " This is an operational or technical reason, not a cost reason.

The operational reason for using in-band voice frequency Quindar Tones is so the CapCom has control of the uplink transmitter by remote control at all times. But when the A12 crew switched to the "private radio loop". what happens?

The technical reason is for engineering reliability & circuit simplicity. Not cost related.
They needed back up channels anyway. Not cost related.
The back up channels would always be "hot" back up channels for mission success.. Not cost related.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by choos

thank you choos for the good reference i will study that i think the one counter example does not invalidate the hypothesis and there may be more it is probably one of those things where we can learn a lot by studying the counterexample but of course you never know and i can be wrong about adopting this approach to explaining the tones

ps i am also working on other mechanisms for explaining the fake story by way of quindar tones

your posting is so good thank you again

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

Sayonara Jupiter

you touch on several important issues here you are such a high level expert it seems so i will just mention a couple tangential points a little and may say more later if i think it is really worthwhile but i do believe it is important to cross reference ideas as we build on our theories and make them more complete this way

the capcoms are of course insiders they are participants in the scheme to fool the public and the world and place military equipment in space instead of land men on the moon

the voice transcripts are by far the most important of the apollo documents because they are what narrate in detail the fony story and so with only the pretend astronauts and the cap com the whole stupid thing is a fake closed loop with no reality injected i want to die when i think about this and write to obama which i have done 6 times to complain about fony apollo and i wrote my congress person and the senators to

it does not matter what the quindar tones turn out to be the capcoms will definitely be proven to be fony insiders that are running the scheme i might make a mistake about the quindars but there can be no mistake every cap com is a schemer and should be made to speak before congress and apologize or even go to jail if the american people are that upset

harrison schmitt is one of the most interesting insiders because he is a geologist and then became a pilot and astronaut now i arrived at this solution to the harrisson schmitt puzzle independently from 2 others where i have read but aside from them very good researchers this is my idea and i know apollo readers who have determined the same thing harrison schmitt must have been planted inside the apollo program early on to teach the astronauts what to say about rocks and things to help them fool the other real and not schemer not insider geologists

do you see what i mean because most of the geologists are not schemers and they have to be fooled into believing the astronauts like armstrong know what they are talking about or say anything that is believable and so enter schemer insider fony harrison schmitt who became a senator and so he is definitely a schemer that should go to jail for lying to congress and stealing tax payer money especially as a senator himself the nerve of that twerp

did you know harrison schmitt was an apollo 11 cap com and so right there boom boom boom he is a schemer proven fact true right there and he must make up half of these amazing lies for example david scott walking along the Hadley Rille or where ever it was and the genesis rock drops in front of scotts nose like manna from heaven how dumb and obviously fake because scott can be super smart as you please and even then how is he going to know from space this is primordial in some way gene shoemaker himself or even GOD could not tell the rock was primordial 4.5 billion years old ancient without formal chemical testing and this one really makes me mad straight to prison for scmitt the fony senator that lies like a cheap dusty not even moon dusty rug that makes you sneeze when it is beaten and you want to throw it in the garbage for the garbage guys to haul it away Tuesday morning at pick top time in our neighborhood

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by DJW001

Dear DJW001,

Charlie has all of the quotes in his computer book that show how nasa pretended to not have any idea where the eagle was and here are some of them

from the donald beattie "taking science to the moon" book

"In the meantime we were monitoring the signal sent back by the passive seismic experiment and attempting to find the LRRR that the astronauts had left behind. This latter operation was not as easy as we expected, since the exact location of the landing site was not immediately known. Mike Collins had attempted unsuccessfully to locate the LM from orbit using the command module sextant. After analyzing the flight data and the returned photographs, we passed our best estimate to the LRRR PIs, and the LRRR was found on August 1, 1969 by the Lick Observatory in California."

this is from the world famous andrew chaikin he wrote this in "a man on the moon"

"But no one, not Armstrong and Aldrin nor anyone in mission control, knew just where Eagle was. The location would be a helpful, though not essential, piece of information for this computer to have during tomorrow's rendezvous. It fell to Collins to try to find the LM on the surface, using the command modules 28 power sextant."

and then andrew wrote this to in that book

"Each time he(referring to Collins) went around from the far side, mission control had a new set of coordinates for him to try, but on his map, one guess was as much as 10 grid-squares away from the last. It didn't take long to realize no one had a handle on the problem. His search continued fruitlessly for the rest of his 22 solo hours."

michael collins wrote this in "carrying the fire"

"Of course the ground can take its measurements as well, but it really has no way of judging where the LM came down, except by comparing Neil and Buzz's description of their surrounding terrain with the rather crude maps that Houston has."

neils voice transcription

CDR.(TRANQ) "Houston, the guys that said that we wouldn't be able to tell precisely where we are are the winners today.
We were a little busy worrying
about program alarms and things like that in the part of the descent where we would
normally be picking out our landing spot; and aside from a good look at several of the
craters we came over in the final descent, I haven't been able to pick out the things on
the horizon as a reference as yet."

Leon wagner wrote from "neil armstrong's stellar american journey" and it is not american so fony

"While Houston and Eagle prepared for liftoff, feeding coordinates into the computer that would, with luck, achieve a smooth rendezvous with Columbia on its twenty-fifth lunar orbit, there were two nagging worries. One was a slightly embarrassing technical failure: Houston wasn't precisely sure where Tranquility Base was located on the lunar surface. Ever since touchdown, NASA's geological survey team had been scrambling to unravel just how far away from the planned landing site Neil had gone while scrambling to avoid the deadly escarpment.
The United States Geological Survey in Houston and the Center for Astrogeology in Flagstaff, Arizona, desperately studying maps and analyzing information available, had finally come to a consensus. But it was just an educated guess. There had been no provision for an aborted site and a zig-zag, last-second dash to find a safe landing zone. The one hope for a completely accurate fix was the laser retro-reflector experiment Aldrin and Armstrong had assembled a few hours prior. But, thus far Houston hadn't been able to locate the reflector with the laser.
Less than an hour prior to scheduled liftoff, Capsule Communicator Ron Evans apologetically briefed the astronauts on the situation: "We have fairly high confidence that we know the position of the Eagle. However, it is possible that we may have a change of plans. But in the worst case it could be up to 30 feet per second, and of course we don't expect that at all". Meaning: If they were far off Eagle's location, a successful rendezvous would require some quick and accurate throttling up or down to thread the needle properly tricky work at 5,000 miles per hour. Of course, it was for such contingencies that Buzz Aldrin, a man with a genius for astrophysics, who held a Ph.D. in space rendezvous from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Neil Armstrong, one of the coolest hands in the history of aviation, were chosen for the job. NASA believed the Apollo 11 team could do it, and so did they. In the end, NASA's failure to ascertain the exact location of Tranquility Base had no great impact on the docking of Columbia and Eagle, which was fortunate, because it wasn't until 5 days after splash-down on July 29, when film taken by the astronauts was processed and studied, that an official determination was reached."

carlie got these from lost bird i think and emailed to me today

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by DJW001

here is one other point to emphasize about andrew chaikin book "a man on the moon " is that when andrew writes

"Each time he(referring to Collins) went around from the far side, mission control had a new set of coordinates for him to try, but on his map, one guess was as much as 10 grid-squares away from the last. It didn't take long to realize no one had a handle on the problem. His search continued fruitlessly for the rest of his 22 solo hours."

this is exactly what H. David Reed said but even more because each grid square on the collins lunar area number 2 map is about one kilometer on a side or 0.625 miles about and so 10 grid squares is 6.25 miles and H. David Reed wrote in "from the trench of mission control to the craters of the moon" that each solution was 4.5 or or 4.7 or we can say about 5 miles off and so this kind of thing is important when all of the sources write the same thing means the same lie is being told to everyone and remember we know it is a lie because the mission report shows the solutions for the coordinates close to one another and not 5 or 6 miles away from one another

i will leave this point alone for now unless someone wants more details or it becomes a root problem again as DJW001 kind of made it with his claim this is a very critical part of apollo 11 the pretending that they do not know where the eagle pretended to land you have to always always always keep that in mind

my friend charlie keeps the records for us on this and we have many more book quotes on this and we always discuss this on google chat does anyone know if jarrah has a video on this or if it ever was on clavius i kept looking a long time ago but never found it and so gave up and now we just count on charlie to do our research on this because he has a good knack for finding books that have it and also mines the threads of the other writers who like the theme very import one perhaps the most important on in all of apollo number 11

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by DJW001

I said the last one was the last post on this but i realized some people do not know all of the details with this though most of the people here do but if you do not H. David Reed found the eagle by having armstrong and aldrin turn the radar on collins and so this was a reverse solution that gave the relationship between the eagle and collins and the coordinates to within 200 meters or so they say but notice how the problem is solved right at the time of blast off and the coordinates are not confirmed until 08/01/1969 11 days after the landing so this way they hide the landing site so no one like the LRRR scientists or somebody with real smarts would try and actually find the astronauts that are not even there

the whole thing is so obviously fake once you are aware of the contradictions and lying you want to scream and go to an astronaut conference and picket out front with a sign that says


like that or something worse even GOD i hate this sometimes all of the lying don't you

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by decisively

"But no one, not Armstrong and Aldrin nor anyone in mission control, knew just where Eagle was. The location would be a helpful, though not essential, piece of information for this computer to have during tomorrow's rendezvous. It fell to Collins to try to find the LM on the surface, using the command modules 28 power sextant."

That's exactly what I said. Your further quotations also confirm what I said. Buzz Aldrin literally wrote the book on orbital rendezvous. Once the Eagle pinged the CSM by radar, the crew would have no problems. Now to address the other obvious flaw in your argument, if the CAPCOMS were "in on it," why would their comments need to be edited in later? They could all have read the script live, with the astronauts sitting in a sound booth somewhere. Furthermore, why the mystery about where the LM landed? Couldn't they just make up a number and stick with it? If the concern was that a third party would discover the retro-reflector, why say anything at all? It was found on the Sea of Tranquility; thatá where NASA said it was.
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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by DJW001

your are ignoring the contradiction

the AGS PNGS MSFN solutions are real time solutions and so mission control is supposed to have these when the eagle lands almost immediately they go by telemetry to houston

H. David Reed who is the launch FIDO but not until the next day needs these numbers and he says the AGS PNGS MSFN numbers that he was told on the morning of 07/21/1969 turned out to be 5 miles from one another and 5 miles from actual twankility base which in 1969 was 00 41' 15" north and 23 26' 00" east and later merton davies changed these numbers in 1987 but we use the 1969 numbers for now because that is what was used at the time

I am not positive but i think jerry bostick was the landing FIDO i think bostick was the white team FIDO and so was there for the landing and Reed took over for him and that would mean bostick may be a schemer because the landing FIDO would know that this did not make sense the thing touches down and the solutions are all different by 5 miles

i go back to my main point now

the Apollo 11 Mission Report lists the AGS PNGS and MSFN solutions in table 5-IV and these are the real time solutions that should have been available to H. David Reed when he comes on work at 07/21/1969 in the morning at breakfast time and those real time numbers were from the afternoon before so bostick or whoever the landing FIDOS would pass them to Reed it might even go through two shifts to Reed but they should have the AGS MSFN and PNGS solutions just a short while after the touchdown

but the numbers actually listed in the Apollo 11 mission report are not 5 miles from twankility base like Reed said he was told that morning and not 5 miles from one another like Reed said he was told that morning they were one half to one mile from one another or there abouts and one half to one mile from twankility but definitely within the figures one would expect for the equipment if it was a real landing so the mission report figures are pretended numbers as though the mission was real and the equipment worked as it would be anticipated to work for a true authentic landing

DJW001 you are talking about the ultimate rendezvous radar solution which is an obvious cover for the scam there and in the process you are ignoring the contradiction H. David Reed says the real time AGS MSFN and PNGS were no where near twankility 5 miles from one another and 5 miles from twankility the mission report table shows what one would expect if the mission was real all of the numbers agree with one another within the limitations of the equipment and agree with the location of twankility base within the limitations of the equipment

so either H. David Reed is lying or nasa is lying in the Apollo 11 mission report and H. david reed has no reason at all to lie about this and so you can conclude that nasa is lying they pretended like the eagle was lost until H. david reed showed up to work and then they gave him bad numbers to push more even the idea that the eagle was lost

no one sees the point you are addressing as interesting or relevant to the landing site controversy in any way DJW001 other than it is the fony resolution to it what is the relevant and interesting contradiction that proves apollo fony is that they landed the space ship and lied about not knowing where it was

to address this issue and save neil armstrong DJW001 you must explain why H. david reed did not have the Apollo 11 mission report numbers when he came to work on the morning of 07/21/1969 and because you will not be able to do this it is a contradiction in an absolute sense and not resolvable you to must accept the fact that apollo is fony and you can not save neil it is very sad but very true

edit on 29-4-2012 by decisively because: i wrote " that he was told" to make it more clear

edit on 29-4-2012 by decisively because: added this here " twankility but definitely within the figures one would expect for the equipment if it was a real landing so the mission report figures are pretended numbers as though the mission was real and the equipment worked as it would be antiipated to work" to mak it more clear

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