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Two Nights: A Home Invasion and UFO's ( Part 1 )

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by JackofBlades
Thank you for your story as well. That is an odd name aye? I had an imaginary friend when I was little. Her name was Elizibeth. Its weird because till this day I can still picture exactly what she looked like. I was around four I think and I don't have many memories from that time except what she looked liked. Like she was real or something.
My daughter was about three when our ordeal took place shes nearly seven now. I think she was just to young to be able to give us good detail. I might ask her about it tonight. Just to see if she remembers anything. She might not though, it was a while ago and she, very young.
As for our sleep patterns. I've always had a rather hard time getting good sleep. During that particular time thought I can't recall anything too abnormal. I did have a weird dream while living in that house. Only part of it had to do with a UFO and the rest was of my grandfather, who is dead now, telling me to always believe in God and never give up. All of that while He and I sat and stared out of the window at a huge black egg shaped UFO on a hill. After that, in my dream, my boss went missing. I don't know if his disappearance had to do with the UFO in the first part of my dream but maybe. I know my grandfather was referencing it when he told me to always believe in god. Like he didn't want me to panic if something ever happened? My wife on the other hand has had many dreams of aliens (most of which were scary) in that very house. I'll have to get detail from here on those.
And I have felt a feeling of unease. Alot during my childhood which I can't really place my finger on the cause, but I do remember feeling despair. I guess thats what I would call it.
Thank you for posting.
Maybe part 2 will explain a bit more. It will have some odd instances from my child hood that I've only recently began digging on.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by Destinyone
Thank you Des. I do appreciate your input and interest. And I will keep it all here I suppose. Why split up a good story, right?


posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:03 PM
Ok, we're done with the appetizer.

Post the main course already!!

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:42 PM
Part 2
as a continuation of Part 1:
This one is a bit harder for me to describe. I hope you all can get the gist of what I'm trying to say:

On the evening of December 21, 2011, I observed my first, truly unidentifiable, flying object(s).
It was after midnight. I'm not sure of the exact time because I didn't have my phone. My wife had to make a flying trip to Abilene that night and it was pretty late when she left. I was waiting up for her, just messing around the house. I decided it was time for a smoke so I grabbed a cigarette and made my way out to the back yard. I stood next to the porch for a minute, facing east. It was a dark night. Partly cloud with a crescent moon only visible from time to time, if memory serves correct. As I stood there, I notice a couple of dogs barking in the distance. For a dark and cloudy night, that was kind of odd, especially at that time of night. In all my time there I can say its always pretty quiet. Only distant highway noise if any at all. But the dogs barking, for some reason made me want to turn to the north. As I did so, an extremely bright light caught my attention. It was just north west of where I stood. I had to look up at it, I would say at a 60 - 65 degree angle from the horizon. It was so bright and glowing a white to pale orange color, but mostly white. I stared at it wondering what it was. As I stared, it began to ascend. I think it stayed in relatively the same location other than climbing in altitude. As it rouse higher into the sky, the light got smaller. I ended up looking almost straight up to see it as it climbed high in the air. After it reached a certain height it began to descend. It came back down to around the first altitude I observed it at. And continued to do this maneuver three times. Rising and falling in a smooth, stop free flight. Even when it would change direction and begin coming down it wouldn't slow down or stop first. It would rise pretty quickly and suddenly switch to a fall with no delay.
After the third time I observed this, it smoothly changed direction and moved off towards the west, but only slightly. I would say it moved about 1000 feet (my measurements may be off a bit) to the west from its original position, where it went into the same ascending and descending maneuvers as before. It again, pulled this stunt three times before moving westward even more.
By this time I realized it was something odd, never witness before by me, in the sky. I started walking down my driveway towards the west because I didn't want to loose sight of it. It continued to ascend and descend rapidly, this time, however, at the top of its ascent, it moved towards the north for a short distance and then back to its original area of descending. All with the smoothest of motions. It never slowed down any from one direction change to the next. In this new location it pulled the same northward movement at the top of its ascent and returned back so it could descend. This is were I officially new it was unidentifiable.
Now, as I watched it towards the west, Instead of ascending again after it reached the bottom of its descent, it just continued on its way all the way down to the ground and out of sight behind a distant treeline. I could barley see the horizon past the treeline so I know it landed, or at least went below the tree canopies. I was astonished at this sight. I asked my self aloud, "Did it really, really, just land?" I stood in the middle of the driveway, with my eyes glued to its location, for about a minute to a minute and a half. I couldn't see the light anymore but I knew it had to be there still. As I continued to watch for its return, it suddenly shot up from behind the dark tree line. It rouse at about the same pace as it moved before. This time was different though. As it climbed, another, identical light appeared from the exact same location behind the trees. It to rouse up, following the same trajectory as the first. I'm sure my mouth was hanging wide open like a zombie's, by that time.
So, these two 'orbs' as I've come to call them, ascended to about forty, forty five degrees from the horizon. One below the other. When the first one reached a certain point (40-45 *) it made a sudden turn to turn to the east. The second light, right behind it, made the same turn at the same location and after it followed for about a second, it made a straight line, right back down to where they had lifted off from. At that time I was torn between watching for its return and keeping my eye on the first which was now accelerating past me and continued to accelerate(i think) until it could no longer be seen. It just kept going faster and faster. I would look back in the direction of the landed one, and then right back towards the east to see the back side of the light getting further away. Every time I looked back to it, it was exponentially further away. It was out of sight in about a minute.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:42 PM
You can see for a long ways where I live. You can see lights of neighboring towns just at the horizon. This light stayed under the clouds and disappeared over the horizon in a matter of one minute. There have been times when I've watched an airplane for six or seven minutes until it finally gets out of sight. After it was no longer visible, I turned my full attention to the other light which to my knowledge never returned to the air in a visible form. I watched the area for the next hour. Nothing ever showed back up.
It was all too crazy.
Below: The general layout and directions of sight and object movement

What I saw when I first noticed it.

View of maneuver as the object was west of my location

The final maneuvers I witnessed, involving both lights

As I watched the first object accelerate past me I notice that it was a single light no matter what direction it was view from. When it was over me and I could see its underside. When it accelerated past and I could see the side. And as I watched it leaving the area. I could see the back of it. It was always just a single light. The smooth direction changes without deceleration. The dogs barking and carrying on in the distance. I have studied the area on google earth and the only thing in the near is cattle pastures. The end of our tiny airport runway is some what in the direction as the landing but not entirely. I've never witness anything like it before. I couldn't put my head around what they could have been.
Since that night, I've observed two orbs on two more occasions although neither were as interesting as this first sighting. My wife also saw her first UFO and she had witnesses with here. It was a silver disc in broad daylight.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:42 PM
A year before my above sighting, on Christmas of 2010, my mother in law, down for a visit, saw what she described as:
A light that 'opened' up into six or seven lights, then all of the lights shot off into the distance, together, and in an instant returned, all together still, then 'closed' back into one single light. That light eventually disappeared. She began shouting for us from the back door. We rushed there and she was pointing to the last star in the handle of the big dipper. Saying there it is son, don't you see, its disguised as that star. She said it seemed to shrink down to that single point of star light right before we came outside to check on her. She had a hard time describing it because she was very shaken up by it. She's not the kind to believe in aliens or UFO. Period. So I know she had to of seen something strange. And here description is pretty wild sounding.

Now the more I look the more I seem to see. And I think my mind is really beginning to open up to whats really going on. The past few weeks searching around this site, have really started me thinking of my child hood. I've always had weird feelings and memories that seemed clouded as to hind something. The more I meditate on my past, the more instances seem to arise that tell me I've been ignoring obvious signs. They were right in front of me my whole life.
Here are a few of those oddities that have come to my mind recently.
-when I was a kid I was obsessed with carving the biggest rocks I could find. My carvings are scattered all over the county I grew up in. On various properties. One of the most significant of those is the farm I grew up on. Its about two miles north east of my dad house. I just discovered why my carvings at the farm are so rare. I was looking at various claims for megalithic site alignments all over the world, and I wondered in any might align with my house now or when I was a child. I searched various ancient sites with no real luck. One day I was looking at my dads land on google earth and I noticed a line of latitude made an intersection with a line of longitude. I thought that the intersection held some relevance because near that location, my brother and I found what we thought were three unmarked graves. We found them as kids and only by the appearance of the three mounds and a blank slate of granite did we assume they were graves. But anyway, the graves where right near this intersection, so from there I drew a line all the way to stone henge in England. To my surprise the farm I carved the rocks at, fell right on the line, in fact, the very largest of the rocks I had carved on there were almost exactly on the line. I thought of this as maybe some kind of Ley Line, just not an obvious one. After that discovery, I noticed another alignment to the graves site. The pyramid of the Sun and the pyramid of the Moon in Mexico also align to that point. I found those coincidences odd. My wife says its because I have always been under an extraterrestrial influence. I don't know for sure.
-Another strange thing that has happened to me in certain locations may be explainable, I just haven't found a good one yet. Sometimes at night, if I'm looking at the stars or just outside in general, I see random flashes of light. Its hard to describe. It look just like a star or an orb and I see it not in front of me or in my peripheral vision. kind of inbetween. Its just one flash of light. I feel like it may be to get my attention, but I don't know what for. To see if I open to receiving it? I guess it could be an optical illusion or some thing with my eye. I only see it when Im in my back yard. I do remember seeing them sometimes at my dads when I was a kid. I asked him once about them and he said it was from getting hit in the head. LOL.
-I've seen owls my whole life. My dad had a pet owl he was nursing back to health when I was about five. Sometimes at odd times, sometimes under normal circumstances. Recently, a big barn owl has been perched on top of the light pole in our back yard. It startles me sometimes because it sits so quiet for so long them lets out some kind of screech. Not really a hoot. I've seen him around five or six times since the above sighting.
-Once when I was a kid. I think I was around fourteen. It was during one of my mom and dads fights when they split up. Trust me, one of many. So it was late at night and I could hear them in their room fighting and arguing. At one point I turned my head towards the wall on my left side. I had been facing my closed door. About that time the fighting stopped and I thought , finally, peace and quiet. I lay there with my face towards the wall, for a minute or two, when I heard my door suddenly swing open. It drug across the carpet and made a sweeping noise. Well I assumed it was my mom, coming in to see if I had heard the fight. I just continued to lay there, turned away from the room, hoping she would think I was asleep and would leave me alone. I laid there for a good while, waiting. And I almost decided to turn around when I felt someone sit on the edge of the bed. About even with my hips. I felt it because the weight made me move. As soon as I felt that, opened my eyes and turned to face......No one was there. My door stood wide open and I was alone in my room. It freaked me out. I thought it might have been a ghost but now days, I'm thinking different.

Well I know I have much more. I will start a list and post again if I need to.
And in some cases your questions may provide a way for more to come out. Its always good to have your memory jogged.
Thanks for reading.


posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:49 PM
Thanks for the thread and sharing your experiences, I was waiting on part 2 before replying but after reading the OP again would just like to say that this experience does sound similar to some of my experiences.

I wondered if there's anything you think, like maybe even intuitively, could have happened or maybe something you seen that day or recently before that could be a precursor to this event? There obviously doesn't need to be and not trying to put words in to your mouth though my experiences tend to have some sort of omen before, like a weird animal encounter, where they are somewhere you wouldn't expect them to be and they catch your eye with a sort of supernatural gaze feeling. An example of mine is owls, most recently, in a vehicle, caught sight of a very large eagle owl or variation of eagle owl in rural Oxfordshire, just sitting on a roadside verge, about 12 feet from the road, in daylight, it's head above the tall grass, huge bright yellow eyes caught mine and for the moment locking gaze, it even moved it's head to look round as the vehicle was moving forward. I knew it was one of those precursor moments from other experiences, had a major headache and felt very ill the next day then a few days after had a very lucid 'portal' experience whilst trying to sleep. Anyhow, just an example. I have heard of other people having similar animal, especially owl encounters prior to abduction / intruder type experience. Just wondered if you recalled anything like this.

Great work though, waiting on the next part....

haha wrote this as you were posting the second part, will post response to part 2 soon....
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wow, just got to the owl part of your post, which is weird seeing as I just wrote about my owl experience within seconds of you posting this.

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth
Dang I was a little too slow. Yeah I don't recall specifically but a huge owl has been lurking around my property for a while now. He always stares me down when I see him. Like he's looking into me to see who I am. I always notice him too because he doesn't try to hide. He wants to be noticed, I get the feeling. I do not recall seeing him around the time of the intruder. And Maybe not with the orb sighting either. Nothing comes to mind.
Well I'm sure you're reading part two by now. Glad you found my thread. I want your input.


posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:57 PM
I didn't want to delve too deep into this story without further investigating your second post because I feel there might be so much more to this than what we all see on the surface. It's like watching a Tarantino flick, thinking we have all the information to formulate a good hypothesis but we secretly all know that there is going to be a hell of a twist to throw us all off.

First, I'd like to start by thanking you for sharing more details. You've been exceptionally cooperative with us, which I might add, takes a lot of guts. I suppose this sort of forum allows you to be a bit more open with the subject considering a lot of cockamamie stories one might find... but the truth is that you were just as likely to receive the same in return. I'm glad it's been all support on the front, rather than the usual crowd rushing in to tell you lies and pulling the wool over your eyes.

Secondly, not that I need to say it because you've already expressed your devotion to the LORD, but keep the faith.
Regardless of who/what/why, the most important thing is your trust in Him.
The shield of faith will extinguish all of evil's flaming arrows.

Third, I'm not entirely sure what we're dealing with here was "extraterrestrial".

I suppose I'll have to wait a bit longer to get the full details.


That'll teach me to take my time.
I'll post more in a few, need to prepare myself for what I need to say.
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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 06:51 PM
Okay. Wow. Lot of data there and too much on my mind to get through it all.

Let's start with your "bed intruder".

My sister-in-law has had a very similar experience. Awake, lying in bed, hears someone coming up the stairs and into the room, thinking it was her husband, feels someone sit down in the bed, turns over and finds no one there.
This was one of a few instances where some unseen force has interacted with her... once, something put heavy pressure on her chest, pinning her to the couch, until she yelled at it to go away.

In my experience (and though I'm neither accredited nor refutable) this is a common occurrence among "haunting" victims. Although, I'll admit I do not believe in ghosts, I believe that something exists. What that is, I am not at liberty to say, it would only be opinion at this point... speculation.

This does, however, corroborate with your "imaginary friend".


Owls are said to be the "familiars of wizards". Although they are often seen as symbols of wisdom, they are rooted deep within the halls of the occult. There are many stories passed down from ancient civilizations of Owls being omens of sickness and death, though there are just as many myths that suggest that they are symbols of knowledge and vision.

I cannot say for certain what this means for you, as you've seen them your entire life.
Perhaps your wife was correct to suggest that you are "attuned" to this world.

A question: Was your father involved with any fraternal brotherhoods?
Take that with a grain of salt.


The big one. Your orbs.

The most important sign I can see, beyond even that of your continued sightings, is the DATE.

December 21st is an extremely important date in the occult.
The Winter Sabbat, season of Yule, the festival of Saturnalia, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti.
On this date, the pagan Romans would celebrate the god Saturn and the birthday of the Invincible Sun.
This is also said to be one of the most important dates where the veil between life and death is thinnest.

And we celebrate Christmas on the 25th, which we both know was not the date of Christ's true birth... it's kinda like a slap in the face to put the celebration of his birth so near to the idolatry of Yule.

Understand also that there was a Lunar Eclipse (and thusly a full moon) on Dec. 20-21 in 2010, just one year before your sighting.


Take from it what you will... I cannot claim to know the answers but I don't like to see good people lead in the wrong direction. These are things that I've learned, I can only hope to display them in a format that we can understand. I don't want to formulate a conclusion because it's not my place...

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by amnislupus
I know I won't get all the answers. I hope for some at least but its unlikely. We are dealing with things that are totally unknown to most everyone.
Your insight is appreciated though. I agree with a lot of what you said. And the story about your sister in law does sound exactly like what I experienced when I was a kid. I would have swore that was my mom coming in to check on me. It totally blew my mind when no one was there. I did think it was a ghost for a long time but now I'm not sure it wasn't something from, maybe, from another dimension. Oh man, I can't believe I actually said the D work.
I told an old man, that I used to work with, about the owl at my house a few times. Every time I mentioned it he would say, its bad luck for one to be hanging around you. I never really got a bad feeling from the owl, just startled a few times by his scream. I always got the feeling he stared at me out of curiosity. Apparently others are curious of me too.
I don't think my dad was a member of any kind of brotherhood. I know he had some older friends that were in the freemasons. Other than that I can't think of any connections to any. I could be wrong though.
When I told my wife about the alignment that I discovered, and I showed her on google earth, she was intrigued. She studied it very closely. The grave site, the rocks on the side of the hill at the farm, and stone henge. She then said to me, "So you didn't move these rocks here? On the side of the hill?" and I replied with "No, they were already there. I just searched and found the biggest rocks I could see." And she said, "Well the way I see it is, some one or thing moved them there, knowing the rocks would be in alignment and also knowing you would find them one day and want to carve on them. And, they also knew you would realize the alignment one day too." And she didn't know why she felt that way but she did. And then she said "You're an ancient alien." I thought jokingly but she acted and appeared to be serious.
I hear what she is saying and I'm trying to search myself to see if I can see anything I'm missing. I just have a feeling that hasn't gone away for several years. It must be for something. I just can't get the meaning out of what I see, if there is a meaning to be found.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 10:05 PM
my problem with these kinds of things. i see a lot of people saying(not necessarily in this thread) "don't be afraid" or something to that effect. if these things are benevolent, why do they come in the dark? the dark is the epitome of all things humanity fears. they come like thieves in the night, taking people, causing them to forget, these are not the things honest benevolent beings do.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by optimus primal
I see your point. It does seem shady to sneak around in the dark. Taking people against their will. Yeah, that crossed my mind and made me wonder if I had been and just didn't remember. I've tried to tell myself, if it's intentions were to hurt us, it could have, but didn't. (to our knowledge anyway) I still wonder.

Also, what makes me wonder is, this lump in the back of my hand. It just popped up one day when I was a teenager. It moves with the bone as I wiggle my finger. A member in another thread described the same thing on the back of his hand. He thought his might be an implant too.

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by optimus primal
my problem with these kinds of things. i see a lot of people saying(not necessarily in this thread) "don't be afraid" or something to that effect. if these things are benevolent, why do they come in the dark? the dark is the epitome of all things humanity fears. they come like thieves in the night, taking people, causing them to forget, these are not the things honest benevolent beings do.

That's the thing I wanted to get at earlier but my mind was too frazzled to fit all the info into a single reply.

The hours between midnight and 3am are referred to as the "witching hours". These are the times when evil spirits, demons and sorcerers have the greatest strength. This is often when most paranormal activity will take place, perhaps because our fear is greater during the darkest hours.

3pm is said to be the hour of Christ. Which is directly opposite of these witching hours.
It's another aberration played upon by His enemies... they will do everything they can to slander His name and mock His mercy.

Benevolent creatures don't break into your house in the middle of the night and rummage through your things without your express permission. And innocent people don't run.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by amnislupus
I agree 100 % with your last post. Its those late night hours.
When I really started entertaining the alien idea, as proposed by my wife, I began to reason with self. I tried to justify it breaking in and sneaking about. I tried to put myself in its shoes. At first I only thought negative. Like they were learning us so they could get us. I also imagined that it had been going on for a while and we were being made to forget. Almost like they were just messing with us because they could. They let my wife wake up to almost catch the one inside with us. There were no foot prints in the yard! That to me says maybe they were just "F"ing with us to see if we would react. After I thought up a million negative scenarios, I found myself try, like I said, to justify it. Make it okay with myself. Like when a sick child is acting bad. Makes you feel bad if you had to discipline that sick child. You want to let them get away with the behavior to avoid doing anything about it. Thats kind of how I felt after my mind produced the negativity. I still felt violated and unsecure and like it could happen again, on any night, even if the doors are locked. I guess I just lost hope that I could understand it and do anything about it. But I honestly feel like I can't do either.
Does any of that make sense?

Don't get me wrong. I would love for them to have good intentions. If thats the case our reaction was out of order and we probably scared them off for good. If they are coming into my house, I would rather them be good aliens. I don't get that feeling but I would rather it be that way. If they are good they could feel free to just come rite out and say what they mean. They don't have to hide or sneak. I've tried communicating that thinking they might be able to sense it. Now I'm waiting for a response. If they come back and skip all the hiding and sneaking part, I'll flip. Yall will be the first to hear about it. Haha, wouldn't that get all the creepers on this site rialed up. Speaking of creepers. I'm surprised not one has come here to tear this story down. If they don't skip the hiding and sneaking I'll take that as them being up to know good. Kind of like an ultimatum.

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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by txMEGAlithic

Well, I had a long response that I had typed and my computer went down. I have seen these beings as either Lights, Shadows, Orbs, Large Grey Creatures that can appear and disappear and a full size being the color of the Sun. These beings may appear as invisible and touch or poke you or even sexually attack you. My best advise is get a full size male dog and let him run freely. If you can get some for outside and inside,,just make sure you let them run freely..they will not be able to defend you or themselves if they are tied up.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 02:06 AM
Hallo my friends, this is my first and I hope not my last post in ATS.
Forget my bad English i live in Europe.
Very interesting stories, reality is very strange sometimes.
Have you seen the film “The Fourth Kind”

It claims to be a real story, and it even has parallel scenes from the actual person who had the experience along with the scenes by the actors.
The story is about the experiences people had in a town in Alaska, whitch of course is all about abductions. I note again that it is based in true story. Guess what? The abductees the thing they remember more from the experience is a …. white owl !!
Taken from Wikipedia:
“Tyler tapes hypnotherapy sessions with three different patients, all of whom have the same experience: every night they see a white owl staring at them through their windows.”

So it seems to be a common “screen memory’ in such cases…..
The other thing I want to add is about the “invisible bed intruders “
You know of course that our senses are very very limited. Our eyes specially “catch” a small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum. You can do a small experiment. Take any infrarent remote control (from your TV) and point it to your eyes. Press a button, do you see anything to happen? No! Now take a digital camera or better the camera of your cellphone and point it to the infrared window of the remote. Press a key on the remote and YES you can see the infrared light which the remote emits in the screen of your camera or phone. And this happens despite the fact that digital camera have filters to block infrared light.
(That’s why its better to use cellphone because usually they don’t have so good filters)

So for are eyes not to see something, the only thing necessary is, this light to be in different frequency than “visible” light. So what if some beings, with the use of technology or something else can semilock to our reality without letting visible light frequencies to reflect on them.
I remember a scene in BABYLON 5 where the captain is in a control room and he watch a room with advanced invisible beings (the Shadows) via cameras. He tells to his officer to scan in different frequencies and at some time (not in the visible spectrum) he actually sees them…

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 05:49 AM

Originally posted by stolisGreece
Hallo my friends, this is my first and I hope not my last post in ATS.
Forget my bad English i live in Europe.
Very interesting stories, reality is very strange sometimes.
Have you seen the film “The Fourth Kind”

It claims to be a real story, and it even has parallel scenes from the actual person who had the experience along with the scenes by the actors.
The story is about the experiences people had in a town in Alaska, whitch of course is all about abductions. I note again that it is based in true story. Guess what? The abductees the thing they remember more from the experience is a …. white owl !!
Taken from Wikipedia:
“Tyler tapes hypnotherapy sessions with three different patients, all of whom have the same experience: every night they see a white owl staring at them through their windows.”

I made a thread about this movie before,

Most of my owl experiences happened BEFORE the movie was made, in the 80's and 90's and the movie was made in 2009. I didn't even know about the movie until watching it in October 2010. There are probably many dimensions to the universe.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 07:20 AM
Hi there. Hats off to you for your thorough descriptions etc. Just wanted to add, that I had a similar occurance once.
I was asleep at my girlfreinds ( now ex ) place when her alarm went off. I opened my eyes, it was really dark. As I turned towards her to reach over her to turn her alarm off, I saw a figure, slightly lighter than the darkness. It was bent over, with its face right next to my girlfreinds, studying her intently.

As I saw it, its head raised up to look straight at me, then it turned and took off with incredible speed and sort of disappeared in jolting stages as it went towards and through a solid wall. The thing was wearing a hooded cape type thing, with the hood up, so I didn't see any face, but it definately wore 3 distinct weights of cloth in layers, that moved differently as it pelted off.

It knew I had seen it and by its actions I assume this wasn't cool. It looked up at me, turned 90 degrees and covered a meter and a half all in fractions of a second. It was definately studying my ex as she slept too, quite intently, very close, pretty much nose to nose.

I have always assumed it was a ghost, but it could have been anything. It certainly was there though.

I think you're right to beleive your wife.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by Apollo7
Thabk you for the reply. I have thought of getting at least a big outside dog. It would b hard for us to have one inside due to my two year old having bad allergies. Wouldnt hurt to have one outside though. Good point.

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