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WikiLeaks begins publishing 5 million emails from STRATFOR

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by Unknown Soldier
The emails were not "stolen" to begin with the raw data was copied and extracted from the database. The emails still exist in those employees inbox's.

You have very poor understanding of how e-mail systems work. What is "inbox"? It's pretty much a tag attached to a piece of data, that may or may not map onto a location like a file path on the client computer. When using any kind of web mail like Yahoo, people oftentimes do not create a local copy on their own PC, and the inbox is the identical to what you call "database", meaning it's one and the same.

To be stolen, the data does not need to be physically removed from the location that is accessible to, and is controlled by the victim. If one steals my bank account number, this doesn't mean that I don't have the number anymore. It only means that this key piece of data is compromised. If one steals plans for a stealth plane, this doesn't mean that the original copy of the plans was destroyed.

Hope someone does hard time for this hack of Stratfor.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by buddhasystem

i dont think they will ever find the individual or individuals responsible for this. when you do something of this magnitude you do it the right way and cover your tracks. that being said i feel they are doing not to say they did it but for the better of the people. trying to get info to get the corrupt people out if office. you got to start some where and what better place than find some dirt.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by DerepentLEstranger
reply to post by arbiture

No, you don't have to be a crook if you want to employ some very cool math.

many of the folks working on the Manhattan project thought they were employing cool math,
until they saw the final results of their calculations.

Then again someone like Assenge is not likely to use the laws of nature as in math&pattern actualization.

Assange is not selling prognostications. neither was stratfor

he is exposing criminals who habitually use the LAW, corporate structures, connections with major governments and spook agencies as a shield to hide behind.

when those who wield the Law like a club, and have a Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong history of killing people who get in their way,

those who would oppose them are by definition "criminals".

lol you remind me of the 1st bully i stomped in grade school, he thought he was a boxer, and came at me jabbing
i side kicked him in the face and knocked down a flight of stairs.
he then screamed:

"fight fair, mother****er!!!"

you want wikileaks and anon to play in a rigged game, by rules that only benefit
those who make them and remake them as is convenient,
the same rules/laws/yoke/chains you are rattling here.

"all is fair in love and war."

and make no mistake this is a war.
you have simply chosen to be on what you "think" is the winning side.

don't complain when you and your side lose.

Where to begin... As for saying what I call cool math is in any way connected to weapons at all how f****** dare you! You know s*** about about what I do except that you seem to think gross violations of privacy and your post of the Facebook guy speaks volumes. NO I DON't approve of what they do or any site does that intrudes on the privacy of anyone. PERIOD. The only so called "rigged" game" I want to be part of is you don't screw, steal, or pull any such crap and have dupes like you be a mouthpiece for Assange. Perhaps you need a nice hobby...Good stress reliever I have no problem with a different point of view. I do however with those who think they have and convince enough fools to stand up for them, that stealing, hacking is OK. It boggles my tiny little mind that that this ass Assenge can be a friken cult hero for what? He used Corporal Manning, as a simple dupe. Manning will pay a high price to reveal what he did. And you might be surprised what I and others have tried to do on that little idiots behalf. See end of post on this.

Lets forget for the hell of it that revealing order-of-battle, tactical communiqué and whats had me almost pass a kidney stone,diplomatic communications. That can kill people. Believe me, words have great power to stop, start, or prevent war in the first place. I know this from personal experience. Perhaps that means crap to you but what happens as a result of anything I do, or anything else that may endanger troops, civilians, anyone is one reason I often lay awake thinking "what else did I overlook, what else can I say or do"? As a guy who has worked as a free lance operative and in the capacity as an "unofficial" diplomat, I know the pricelessness of having direct no-holds bared back and forth from the field and DC. Ever since that leak about what Manning was passing to Assenge its one more reason for other countries to say: "We can't trust the god damn Americans to keep THEIR OWN secrets, do you think we're stupid enough to confide in them"? Try to guess the answer and feel free to buy a vowel.

You are right about the fact Assenge is not selling prognostications. Why sell anything when you can steal it? Why create anything of value when like lawyers and so many on Wall Street, make money by moving money to those they suck on. You may give a s*** but what I do most of the time with the primary company I own is invent new technologies, application of variations of current ones, bio-medical stuff that makes Star Trek look like the Flintstones. Not to mention cybernetics, neuroquantology or the study/application of quantum mechanics in biological in particular brain function. Also quantum cryptology, but thats a hobby as I don't have the time.

And you seem to know so much about STRATFOR, tell me what we're they doing, and not the spin Assenge gave it I don't trust thieves or liars, so tell me, exactly what we're STRATFOR selling? Why not shock the hell out of me by telling me? As for Manning as I said he was a dupe. He was treated harshly when arrested by the military which no one should be. Being gay lets just say his treatment was undignified. Even if I was not gay myself I believe in treating everyone with dignity and according to common decency not to mention the uniform code of military justice. He was not until many people including me worked to change his situation. Will follow

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 09:58 PM
Ok so where can we
get the e-mails?

Anything good so far...??

No one is posting any real information
and there is 30 some pages...
please a little contributions eh/

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by popsmayhem

I know right. We have to go to wiki leaks to go read the emails ourselves.
It's work. I know.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:02 PM

Originally posted by Manhater
reply to post by popsmayhem

I know right. We have to go to wiki leaks to go read the emails ourselves.
It's work. I know.

I do not go to
terrorist websites.
So if anyone who thinks
this is important (must not be)
could post some information
or anything interesting important
something that is of interest to the people..
Something that sheds some light on this stratfor case.
k thanks.

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by popsmayhem

Search is your friend. I'm not doing the work for you. And how is it a terrorist website?

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by asala
Some others bits that have been highlighted in todays events that you may agree that are a little interesting,

Revealed so far is the following:

—Former Goldman Sachs managing director Shea Morenz to start a hedge fund called StratCap. The idea, which Morenz came up with, was that the company would “trade in a range of geopolitical instruments, particularly government bonds, currencies and the like.” Morenz invested more than $4 million and joined Stratfor’s board of directors. They put together an offshore share structure that went “as far as South Africa” Friedman said the fund will be useful and they would be “working on mock portfolios and trades.” And, the fund was to launch in 2012.

Keep reading:

Did it, or didn't it?

Note, in your own quoted text, "was to start". It appears, as I have been saying, as have some others, things are being taken out of context and the words are not being read. "Was", "I think", "I wonder", I feel", "maybe". A lot of speculation and conjecture. What happened to pics, or it didn't happen?

From: George Friedman

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 11:34:01 -0400

To: Shea Morenz; don
kuykendall; Feldhaus,
Subject: Failure of Stratfor-Stratcap deal


As you know I have stayed out of the negotiations to this point. I
am not entering the negotiations now. I am simply looking back on
the course of the negotiations, the current status, comparing it
to the absolute requirements I expressed to Shea at the beginning,
and pointing out that the agreement, and above all the tone of the
negotiations, have failed to meet my requirements as stated
clearly to Shea, and that therefore, I can't agree to this deal.


From where I sit, this deal is dead. Given the time, effort and
hopes that were devoted to this, I am prepared for a final
discussion confined to Shea, Don and myself. the issue is two


I am leaving for Indonesia tomorrow evening and at that time
moving on with my life. I will have things to explain in the
company where we have proceeded to implement our obligations to
StratCap in good faith. The only thing more painful that aborted
an enterprise that was already underway, would be implementing it
in the current terms and atmosphere. That will not happen.


Yet another of his I resigned but did not resign? Seems a lot like the personality of a certain someone of a website that shall remain nameless, that has a tendency to - shall we say - walk out of the room. A lot.

I wonder how many times, in reality, he has resigned, only to not... resign?

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by buddhasystem

The error in your logic is bind boggling, you are dead wrong it is NOT theft

What you are suffering from is a condition what is called system justification
see here

Your backing the wrong horse or else you are one of them

herp derp on

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:19 PM

Originally posted by Manhater
reply to post by popsmayhem

Search is your friend. I'm not doing the work for you. And how is it a terrorist website?

yeah i second the question, how is that web site a terrorist site? i dont see it. i thought it was a free speech site where you can post new found info

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by arbiture

no need to foam at the mouth

like i said
you picked your side
the one that took a major hit today
suck it in

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by AGWskeptic

Again, Wikileaks didn't steal anything, they only published the data.
If Wikileaks had taken part in the hack I might agree with you.

So if you steal a diamond bracelet...

Then I fence it for you...

I get a free ride

Who paid for the E-mails?

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:02 PM
This thread was great last night what happened?

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:15 PM

Originally posted by onequestion
This thread was great last night what happened?

Trolls came, then more trolls came to troll the trolls, troll bats were flyin everywhere I swear. "and Australia's still like, wtf mate?^^"


posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by arbiture

>continued from Arbiture, in response to posted reply from "DerepentLEstranger" <

...All is fair in love in love and war? As far as love lets leave that alone for now. As for war you obviously know nothing about the pornography that is war, and you certainly have not not experienced it. War is the mass atrocity the human race seems to condone as a matter of things like the weather; hey, you can complain, bitch, and moan about it, but what can you do"? Most would be shocked about the power of one passionate voice. You, me and everyone else has a vested interest in preventing or ending war.

War by its nature IS UNFAIR, brutal, horrible and something to try to work very, very hard to see humans do such filthy a thing as little as possible. Or you can say the hell with it and thats easy to have no faith in mankind after a while. Faith has nothing to do with religion for me. Its belief and the need for the best of the possible. But as Einstein said "man must abolish war or war will abolish mankind" I try to work and pray my own people are never at the mercy of others.

So you call me a bully? I hope your school example was the worse experience you ever had. You may be an a** hole, but I wish ill on no one, ever. Frankly I find you condescending and obviously not one willing to understand a perspective that "smells" like something you latch on to a word a phrase that push's this or that button, and you use that to put me into a category (?) of some dreaded establishment like drone? Now I'm sure you really do not know me. I figure I hit you directly with how I felt, so I'll give you a pass on the mother f***** comment, crude as it is and speaking as a guy who will also use blunt language but the "mf" phrase is just one I find really vile. You feel free to insult me. Don't ever do so as I would never you and use "mom" in the same insult. Some ways I'm just old fashioned, but who knows? Maybe its because I'm gay, I have no idea

Your loss, because after being slammed by someone who makes certain assumptions about on what only can be a less then informed point of a view about me. That's not your fault, and I can rip some one a new, (or old) one if I feel the assumptions they make are bigoted or just clueless. I will assume you are just clueless. I use the word bigot in the same way I refer to anyone who shows a prejudice and you sure as hell labeled me unknowingly and isn't that one definition of "prejudice"? A bigot is one who makes it obvious by actions or words. Hardly easy to know someone from any one post Check out my posts and bio on this site as I will do the same as a courtesy to you. Its also my loss not to check out out other things you have said in other posts&categories. I hope so, but enough of that for now.

Will continue my response as well as offer to provide clarity of why I made this or that statement later as another follow-up. .Are you sure you don't want to buy or hell at least borrow a vowel? You need some way of presentation without being pissed, pigheaded, and the unforgivable; poorly informed. Later.
edit on 27/2/12 by arbiture because: Needed to vent and clarify, as getting really pissed is not something I am, and can get to sleep...

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by Xieon

If you run a program for long enough eventually you will get a copy of the Startfor e-mails, as well as a complete version of the bible, and a lot of other random nonsense. Can you prove that the published Stratfor e-mails were not obtained this way? No, you cannot. Do you have to? Yes, you do, especially if you are the prosecution, which would be the side trying the criminal charges against Wikileaks, if there could be any, and there is not, again because of protection....

There's also things like the First Amendment, but lets just forget about that right?

Well the First Amendment argument is certainly possible, but honestly I can't imagine anyone trying to use an argument suggesting that the published Stratfor E-mails might just have spontaneously formed in the same sense of the suggestion that an infinite monkeys, with an infinite number of typewriters, given an infinite amount of time, would eventually type out the Bible (or Moby Dick, or whatever).

I believe a defense like that would likely be laughed out of court!
Plus you could use that argument for any copyrighted work....Of course no one has suggested this rather implausible defense in this case (or for any other case to my knowledge) so I don't think anyone will ever have to 'prove' that the Stratfor E-mails were spontaneously generated simply through some surreal and implausible accident of randomness.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by DerepentLEstranger
reply to post by arbiture

no need to foam at the mouth

like i said
you picked your side
the one that took a major hit today
suck it in

Or dear, you have never heard or seen me foam at the mouth or anywhere else. My side took a major hit today? Have you considered writing fiction based on interpretive drama? Good money for good works, or so I've heard by writers who do just that. I want to admit I only know one person who actually is such a writer, pretty good, I've seen her work and it's both profitable and very creative. Met at a company party as a friend who was the date for a guy who works for me in marketing . This party was a chance to get people to bring a friend or two, a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.

Of course we do business as well. Paying for about 67 people, plus a date/spouse or hey I don't care but as long as they pass a security check I really DONT care, but those who went could be spared to get away. I made it up for those who had to hold down the shop. They got to frolic in sun or snow as was their pleasure, later... Funny how easy it is to get my associates and their guests to suffer the hardship of 4 days five nights in Hawaii. Couldn't afford first class, not that rich or have THAT poor a sense of economics, but being its my money as being a non-public company, lets me do the right thing when it comes to my associates.

It does pay to indulge the people who make me do very well. Anyone one not appreciating the people who work for them. But they had to suffer through business class, hell first class is not demonstrably enough for anyone to really notice. Not to give people more room then average dresser drawer? Now that's a cheap sob, worse a real idiot. Who needs a blood clot for not moving a bit? Dumb...

And frankly please clue this simple mind in on what you think my so called side is. Just what is that? Please enlighten me. Always willing to learn from anyone who think's they know something I don't. Sometimes many do. I make my living in part (and a good one) doing just that, aside from inventing technologies, predictive and various types of analysis. Much more. As far as sucking anything in? Sorry I don't even know you... Icky, very very icky.. Pass..

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 12:41 AM
ok back on topic. the other day wikileaks had about 160 or so files uploaded and today there is 221 files. how do i go about finding the latest additions to the gifiles?

ok now back to reading...

oh wow there are credit card numbers on here and such. well pizza any one, jk still not good.
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by AlanQaida

omg omg omg
rotfl'ing everywhere- that's my faveeee

"and the meteor's like, well f* that!"

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 12:55 AM
The fact that this thread has been trolled to death shows the obvious attempt at damage control. Some of the arguments made here are so baseless, it is pathetic. This event will have ramifications for a long time to come, but I fully expect the resignations spurred are part of a larger plan we are still unaware of. It seems as if they are in a different mode now. We must be vigilant, for I suspect a "poisoning of the well" may occur soon. The level of spite in this thread alone is very telling.

Again, we are caught in the middle- being forced to choose sides. Perhaps the right choice- is not to choose at all.

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