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World Wide Seismic Event...

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posted on Aug, 18 2003 @ 11:42 PM
Significant increase in seismic risk for the Seattle area!

An earthquake would occur if the two plates shifted. Its magnitude on the Richter scale could be up to 9.0, or 1,000 times more energy than what was released in the 6.8 Nisqually earthquake that hit the Seattle area two years ago and caused minimal damage.

posted on Aug, 19 2003 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by Valhall
Just to compare the "weirdness" of the soho pic. Here is the most recent pic posted.

there is a GIGANTIC...NO...HUMONGOUS...NO UNIVERSAL! size blobby thing coming off of the sun from about the 4 o'clock position around to the 10 o'clock position. WTF IS THAT!!! I mean that's like the size of...of...$h|t I don't know what's that big!

Freak me plumb out...

Yea I know check out these mpegs of the images described above. Be sure to pay close attention to the 17-19 of august in the clips. MASSIVE SOLAR FLARES!


check this page out too from 1999
It shows the same "obvious weird line" that Valhall stated earlier just in the opposite direction. But look at that weird circular pattern to the right of it in the 6:30 position very very weird

Check out the date of the 1999 stargate..
sept. 22 which is a month away

Is there going to be a repeat today just like there was 4 years ago?

[Edited on 19-8-2003 by CPYKOmega]

posted on Aug, 19 2003 @ 08:10 AM
Not sure of the signifigance of this but it looks like a strange coincidence to me.

The United States, China, Russia, Japan and the two Koreas have agreed to hold six-party talks in Beijing from August 27-29 to address the nuclear crisis after weeks of wrangling over a dialogue format.

and then this

Mars is coming up, and the Earth is going to be under it's greatest gravitational stress as Mars will be in opposition to Earth (direct opposite line with the sun) on the 27, and the moon will be direct in path of the sun 28, and Mars will be closest to the sun in it's orbit on the 30th. This is a major alinement for the earth for gravitational pull, there will be extra high tides that may cause damage as the earth gets stretch by gravity between the sun, the moon, and mars, all at there highs gravitational pulls. This could even cause earthquakes.

Might they be meeting during this time "just in case" something big happens and they want to avoid a launch?

Or maybe just a coincidence.......

posted on Aug, 19 2003 @ 10:09 AM
2003/08/19 14:24:00.0 37.9N 15.4E M 3.3 M INGV SICILY, ITALY
2003/08/19 14:23:53.8 37.9N 15.4E 10G Ml3.4 A INGV SICILY, ITALY
2003/08/19 14:23:52.3 37.8N 15.4E 10G Ml3.5 A INGV SICILY,ITALY 2003/08/19 14:01:19.7 39.9N 33.1E 6 M KAN TURKEY
2003/08/19 13:51:22.0 17.5S 174.8E 30 mb6.1 A ODC FIJI ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/19 13:51:07.0 20.9S 179.0W A GFZ FIJI ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/19 13:50:59.3 23.7S 178.7E 33G mb5.1 A MIX SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
2003/08/19 13:50:56.2 24.6S 178.6E 33G mb5.5 A NEIA SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
2003/08/19 10:19:00.4 39.6N 20.1E 10 Ms3.5 A INDC GREECE-ALBANIA BORDER REGION
2003/08/19 10:18:48.0 38.8N 20.5E Ml3.8 M THE GREECE
2003/08/19 10:18:43.1 38.6N 20.2E 10G A MIX GREECE
2003/08/19 09:15:30.0 41.7N 14.9E M 3.0 M INGV SOUTHERN ITALY
2003/08/19 09:15:29.4 41.7N 14.9E 10G Ml3.1 A INGV SOUTHERN ITALY
2003/08/19 05:30:47.0 46.0N 2.8E 2 Ml3.0 A LDG FRANCE
2003/08/19 05:00:34.0 42.4N 52.2E Ml3.8 A NNC WESTERN KAZAKHSTAN
2003/08/19 05:00:20.1 41.6N 49.7E 25 mb4.0 A NEWS CASPIAN SEA
2003/08/19 05:00:17.3 41.6N 50.6E 33 Ms3.9 M GSRC CASPIAN SEA
2003/08/19 05:00:17.1 41.6N 50.4E 33G mb3.9 A MIX CASPIAN SEA
2003/08/19 04:26:54.5 29.2N 129.6E 33 Ms5.2 M GSRC RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
2003/08/19 02:57:25.4 46.0N 2.8E 2 Ml2.7 A LDG FRANCE
2003/08/19 02:03:42.9 46.0N 2.8E 10 Ml2.4 A LDG FRANCE
2003/08/19 01:13:30.7 33.4S 178.4E 33 Ms4.9 M GSRC SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS
2003/08/19 01:13:30.7 30.8S 175.6W 33G A MIX KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/19 01:13:27.5 33.2S 179.0W 33 mb5.0 A NOR SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS
2003/08/19 01:13:27.5 33.2S 179.0W 33 mb5.0 A NOR SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS
2003/08/19 01:13:24.0 36.3S 174.2W A GFZ E. OF NORTH IS. NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/19 00:52:58.8 3.2N 121.5E 25 mb4.7 A NEWS CELEBES SEA
2003/08/19 00:52:52.0 3.3N 124.0E mb5.2 A GFZ CELEBES SEA

Seismo Update, looks like today is getting quite active. 30 quakes! With a mag 6 in the turkey region.

WOAH! The HAARP has been really active in the past 24 hours. Why does all the interesting stuff happen when I'm away?

It seems all the HAARP has been in overdrive aswell. The Talkeetna station is still giving off a strange reading though, having lost its D and Z signels.

posted on Aug, 20 2003 @ 11:56 PM
Hmmm... Red Puma hasnt recorded TOO much stuff in the past 24 or so hours...

D a t e Time (UTC) Location Dep Magni. T AGY R e g i o n HHMM

21Aug2003 04:02:11.6 29.1N 59.8E 33 mb=5.7 A*NEI SOUTHERN IRAN 0430
21Aug2003 04:02:41.0 30.0N 56.0E 10 mb=5.0 A*LED NORTHERN IRAN 0418
21Aug2003 04:02:22.0 29.1N 59.6E100 mb=5.4 A*ODC SOUTHERN IRAN 0416
21Aug2003 04:02:04.5 28.8N 60.3E 10 mb=5.6 A*SED SOUTHERN IRAN 0414

21Aug2003 02:17:32.2 25.0N 98.4E 33 MS=4.5 M GSR MYANMAR-CHINA BORDER REGIO0402

20Aug2003 16:57:08.0 28.1N 139.7E486 M =4.1 M NEI BONIN ISLANDS REGION 1941

20Aug2003 16:42:37.0 11.4S 166.1E 33 M =5.1 M*NEI SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS 1941
20Aug2003 16:42:33.0 12.0S 166.9E 33 MS=4.7 M*GSR SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS 1759

20Aug2003 15:02:12.0 59.5S 151.0W 10 M =4.8 M NEI PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE 1601

20Aug2003 13:17:58.0 50.0N 0.9E 10 ML=3.0 A*EMS FRANCE 1909
20Aug2003 13:18:08.1 49.6N 2.0E 0 ML=3.3 A*SED FRANCE 1345
20Aug2003 13:18:08.9 49.6N 2.1E 0 ML=3.2 A*SED FRANCE 1325

20Aug2003 09:14:38.5 38.1N 40.0E 10 mb=4.5 M SED TURKEY 1302

20Aug2003 02:51:03.0 38.2N 38.8E 10 M =4.0 M*NEI TURKEY 1556
20Aug2003 02:51:03.0 38.2N 38.8E 10 M =4.1 M*NEI TURKEY 1416
20Aug2003 02:51:38.7 39.4N 35.1E 10 No Mag M*SED TURKEY

IRIS only showing 3 quakes today...

But, look here...

Now, HAARP has only been moderately active today... but look back 3 days or so... it was going off the scale...
I would expect in the next 12 hours or so to see some SERIOUS seismic activity... those in the NMSZ, west coast, around Yellowstone, and Mt Rainier should keep an extra eye peeled for activity...

Realitively calm day...

SOLAR ACTIVITY: An explosion near sunspot 431 on August 19th (1005 UT) hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. The outskirts of the CME might reach Earth on August 21st. More likely the expanding cloud will miss; it was not squarely Earth-directed.

If HAARP is following former policy of using such activity as a mask, I would expect them to crank up tomorrow...

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 08:38 AM
Oh I'm worried about NC and alien...and all our other fine posters down that way.

Oh my goodness.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 08:40 AM
Hey, did you all notice the corrolation between the time the HAARP activity ramped up on the 18th to the power outage in Georgia? I don't think I have ever seen the magnetometer so active. Here's an article Winston Smith originally posted on the HAARP/Blackout thread.

Also, I was privy to a lecture given yesterday at KY's annual GIS conference from the Public Service Commision on KY's power grids and also on the major grids of the United States. While no specific data could be given due to Homeland Security restrictions, when last week's blackout was discussed...the only answer I got was, "this should not have happened with the safeguards that are in place. Our grid is not third world by a long shot." This from the people managing the GIS for the state and federal interests as well as the companies who own the systems.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 09:00 AM
This stuff is really beginning to scare me. I just checked out Iris' seismic monitor, and I was amazed at all the yellow orange and red circles i saw.

To tell the truth....I'm truly scared.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 10:15 AM
I've just looked at all the stuff thats been posted here and it is really scary. what the hell is going on??

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 10:21 AM
In addition to all hell breaking out seismically on a global scale we have had a 4.4 in Yellowstone.


posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 10:34 AM
i know jack about earthquakes. But from looking at the seismic monitor, i know that is not normal to have that many earthquakes in two weeks.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 10:58 AM
We need to figure out what the hell is going on here. I think that this goes way past some sunspot bull$hit. I'm genuinely scared, and I live in an area that won't exist if yellowstone goes of the way i've heard described.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 04:09 PM
Yes something is going on with this planet we all call home. people like you should be concerned because our world leaders don't seem to give jack chit about us. Please tell others about what is happening and your input is allways welcome.

Why don't you read or see news of all this in the regular news stream? Beacuse it's all being manipulated that's why.

Seek the truth!!!

[Edited on 21-8-2003 by energy_wave]

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 04:55 PM
on sky news aystralia this morning they said that milford souns area in NZ had an earthquake that registered 7.5 or the richter scale. just thought id mention it in this thread.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 06:02 PM
Mag 7.5 is a very serious quake, and is often responsible for very significant damage and destruction in the affected area.

I do hope and pray that out Kiwi members are not affected by this quake.

NC, Alien, MA, everyone else, please report in as soon as you are able!

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 06:10 PM
Well, it appears that very heavy seismic activity did strike as expected today (damn). Also, looking at HAARP, which is currently very active, I would say to expect more of the same in the next few days...

D a t e Time (UTC) Location Dep Magni. T AGY R e g i o n HHMM

21Aug2003 16:14:58.3 10.1N 86.2E 33 mb=4.8 A*EMS BAY OF BENGAL 2019
21Aug2003 16:13:41.0 2.3N 96.5E 33 M =5.2 M*NEI NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONES1821
21Aug2003 16:13:40.1 2.1N 96.4E 33 MS=5.1 M*GSR NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONES1719

21Aug2003 14:20:01.8 0.3S 107.3E 33 No Mag A*EMS JAVA SEA 1738
21Aug2003 14:20:12.0 4.0S 100.0E 10 mb=5.9 A*LED SOUTHWEST OF SUMATERA, IND1441

21Aug2003 14:12:28.9 45.3S 167.0E 33 mb=6.2 M*GSR SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1649
21Aug2003 14:12:27.0 45.2S 167.1E 33 M =5.5 M*NEI SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1611
21Aug2003 14:12:27.7 45.2S 167.1E 33 M =5.5 M*NEI SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1607

21Aug2003 12:53:24.4 4.6S 99.2E 33 mb=5.2 A*EMS SOUTHWEST OF SUMATERA, IND1659
21Aug2003 12:53:04.6 2.8S 108.0E 30 mb=5.8 A*ODC JAVA SEA 1314
21Aug2003 12:52:22.6 13.8S 109.1E 10 mb=6.3 A*SED NORTHWEST OF AUSTRALIA 1312

21Aug2003 12:12:48.3 40.1S 167.4E 10 MS=7.6 M*SED OFF W. COAST OF S. ISLAND,1802
21Aug2003 12:12:50.0 45.2S 167.2E 33 M =7.2 M*NEI SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1646
21Aug2003 12:12:48.3 40.1S 167.4E 10 mb=5.8 M*SED OFF W. COAST OF S. ISLAND,1542
21Aug2003 12:12:51.9 45.3S 167.1E 33 MS=7.3 M*GSR SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1423
21Aug2003 12:12:51.7 45.1S 167.1E 33 mb=7.0 M*EMS SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1341
21Aug2003 12:12:50.0 45.2S 167.1E 33 M =7.0 M*NEI SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1311
21Aug2003 12:12:50.9 45.2S 167.1E 33 M =7.0 M*NEI SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND 1306

21Aug2003 07:46:54.0 44.1N 110.5W 1 M =4.4 M NEI YELLOWSTONE REGION, WYOMIN0856

21Aug2003 05:05:47.0 22.7S 179.7W554 M =4.2 M NEI SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS 1946

21Aug2003 04:53:01.0 14.6N 52.3E 10 M =4.9 M*NEI EASTERN GULF OF ADEN 1856
21Aug2003 04:53:01.9 14.0N 52.3E 33 MS=4.6 M*GSR EASTERN GULF OF ADEN 0601

21Aug2003 04:02:09.0 29.0N 59.8E 20 M =5.9 M*NEI SOUTHERN IRAN 1746
21Aug2003 04:01:49.3 27.5N 61.9E 10 MS=5.6 M*SED SOUTHERN IRAN 1702
21Aug2003 04:01:49.3 27.5N 61.9E 10 mb=5.5 M*SED SOUTHERN IRAN 1553
21Aug2003 04:02:09.0 29.1N 59.8E 21 M =5.7 M*NEI SOUTHERN IRAN 1306
21Aug2003 04:02:11.6 29.1N 59.8E 33 mb=5.6 M*EMS SOUTHERN IRAN 0602
21Aug2003 04:02:09.8 29.0N 60.0E 20 MS=5.9 M*GSR SOUTHERN IRAN 0525
21Aug2003 04:02:09.0 29.1N 59.8E 20 M =5.7 M*NEI SOUTHERN IRAN 0511
21Aug2003 04:02:09.7 29.1N 59.8E 20 M =5.7 M*NEI SOUTHERN IRAN 0505

21Aug2003 03:56:31.0 13.0N 93.0E 33 M =4.6 M NEI ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA 1821

21Aug2003 02:17:53.0 27.4N 101.2E 33 M =4.9 M*NEI SICHUAN, CHINA 1651
21Aug2003 02:18:24.4 31.7N 98.8E 10 mb=4.8 M*SED XIZANG 1232
21Aug2003 02:17:32.2 25.0N 98.4E 33 MS=4.5 M*GSR MYANMAR-CHINA BORDER REGIO0402

Not only was it very active, these were pretty much all very high magnitude quakes... this is not good...

IRIS showing 8 current quakes today...

Most worrying, considering the current buildup of seimic activity in the area, is this one...

21-AUG-2003 07:46:54 44.09 -110.53 4.4 0.5 YELLOWSTONE REGION, WYOMING

Mag 4.4 quake in Yellowstone... this is a "settling quake", IE, the point where geothermal pressure is increasing and the lesser strength rock formations are beginning to give way. The pressure gradient is "settling in", finding the suitably strong rock formation for it to build against until the final BIG eruption...

Current geomagnetic storm...

MAGNETIC STORM: Our planet is inside a high-speed solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. A moderate geomagnetic storm is underway; it began when Earth first encountered the stream around 0100 UT on August 21st. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

I think this weekend and the beginning of next week will be a very bumpy ride...

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 06:55 PM
So, now what do we do, wait for the world to come down around our ears? I'm really curious what is causing this, and since reading this post, I have prayed on and off all day long (Christian) I don't want to sound like a panicky yokel, but I need to know what's happening.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 06:58 PM
Well, I don't particularly believe that there is anything other than wait when you are talking about an impending natural disaster. Of course, please also be preparing. There have been many discussions about survival supplies, planned evacuation routes, and predetermined meeting places (away from large cities). But there is nothing that can be done to prevent this if it is going to happen. I think you are on the right track (prayer)...but while you are praying...remember, as a Christian, you must remember that in the end everything WILL be okay.

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 07:06 PM

Originally posted by Loki
So, now what do we do, wait for the world to come down around our ears? I'm really curious what is causing this, and since reading this post, I have prayed on and off all day long (Christian) I don't want to sound like a panicky yokel, but I need to know what's happening.

I wish there was an easy answer for you, Loki.

We can't be positive what's going on.
There are a lot of earthquakes, we strongly suspect they are being influenced or exaberated by HAARP.
We strongly suspect that HAARP can also influence one's physical and/or mental condition.

As to what you can do...Dragonrider has some very good advice about emergency preparedness. I'll let him expound on it, but to summarize, it's a really good idea to have an emergency kit with food/water for 3 days, emergency supplies, and a "safe" destination away from any big cities that you & your family can agree on.
Beyond that, just keep yourself educated. I think that's all we can do.


posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 07:07 PM

Unfortunately, on a global scale anyway, there isnt much that can be done. It would be great to shut down the HAARP facilities, but since there are litterally hundreds across the globe, both the US and other countries, that is highly unlikely.

On a more local scale, there is something you can do... you can prepare for whatever might come down the pike.

First of all, do a personal risk assessment. Find out how at risk you are locally for a quake or eruption. Are you near any of the known seismic zones? Near any known or suspected volcanic zones?

Second, study your local topography. A set of USGS topo maps goes a long way with this, as well as FEMA flood maps. Are you located in an area prone to flooding? (If so, not only are you at risk for normal flooding, which is obviously a concern, but also for mud/ashflows in seismic/volcanic events)

If you are in a high risk area, find an area that is relatively safer (higher altitude, low risk of flooding, seismically/volcanically stable area, preferably with known shelter and source of food and water, or preplace supplies of such there). Make sure this safe haven is within a reasonable distance of your location, and that you can make it there in a reasonable amount of time (usually 2 hours or less is a good idea).

Always preplan, and make sure you know (by memory) at least 2-3 different routes to this safe haven, in case one or more is blocked by natural or man made obstacles. Drive it a few times and make sure you can get there, and keep in mind the traffic and distractions likely to be present in the event of a large scale emergency.

If you havent already, put together a "72 hour kit", a portable survival kit for yourself and your family. Make sure to include food and water, clothing (normal, hot/cold/wet weather), medications, money (cash!) tools, survival supplies, and anything else you will need to keep you and your family going by yourself with no outside support for at least 3 days.

Always keep at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle (at least enough to make it to your safe haven). Keep it topped up as much as you can.

Make sure to keep atop of current events and the news.

Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings.

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