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World Wide Seismic Event...

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posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 09:59 PM
Something like 78 of them...

Updated as of Fri Aug 22 01:19:42 UTC 2003. DATE-(UTC)-TIME Latitude Longitude Depth Magnitude COMMENTS
yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss degrees degrees km
2003/08/21 23:31:54 68.28N 148.13W 10.0 5.4 NORTHERN ALASKA
2003/08/21 16:13:41 2.30N 96.54E 33.0 5.2 SIMEULUE, INDONESIA
2003/08/21 14:12:27 45.22S 167.15E 33.0 5.5 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/21 12:12:50 45.15S 167.18E 33.0 7.2 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/21 07:46:54 44.09N 110.53W 0.5 4.4 WYOMING
2003/08/21 05:05:47 22.66S 179.70W 553.6 4.2 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
2003/08/21 04:53:01 14.64N 52.33E 10.0 4.9 GULF OF ADEN
2003/08/21 04:02:09 29.04N 59.81E 20.0 5.9 SOUTHEASTERN IRAN
2003/08/21 03:56:31 12.96N 93.04E 33.0 4.6 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2003/08/21 02:17:53 27.36N 101.17E 33.0 4.9 WESTERN SICHUAN, CHINA

2003/08/20 23:54:01 22.12S 179.62W 600.0 4.7 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
2003/08/20 16:57:08 28.07N 139.71E 485.8 4.1 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
2003/08/20 16:42:37 11.44S 166.15E 33.0 5.1 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
2003/08/20 15:02:12 59.47S 151.03W 10.0 4.8 PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE
2003/08/20 10:05:52 1.08S 77.73W 10.0 4.5 ECUADOR
2003/08/20 08:28:45 6.47S 129.73E 129.7 4.8 BANDA SEA
2003/08/20 02:51:03 38.24N 38.84E 10.0 4.0 EASTERN TURKEY
2003/08/20 01:58:17 46.01N 74.95W 18.0 3.5 SOUTHERN QUEBEC, CANADA

2003/08/19 23:32:25 20.93S 178.99W 600.0 4.8 FIJI REGION
2003/08/19 22:02:08 36.47N 118.29W 9.8 3.6 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
2003/08/19 20:07:57 32.73N 116.02W 14.5 3.0 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
2003/08/19 17:51:32 63.57N 146.96W 10.0 3.1 CENTRAL ALASKA
2003/08/19 17:31:32 47.38N 145.84E 419.4 4.4 SEA OF OKHOTSK
2003/08/19 13:52:10 21.90S 179.61W 605.2 5.0 FIJI REGION
2003/08/19 06:38:04 60.10N 153.40W 157.0 4.4 SOUTHERN ALASKA
2003/08/19 04:26:55 29.15N 129.29E 33.0 4.9 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
2003/08/19 02:56:58 42.98S 171.33E 5.0 4.2 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/19 02:31:50 39.64S 174.70E 37.0 3.9 NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/19 01:13:40 32.98S 179.40W 134.2 5.0 SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS

2003/08/18 20:28:20 6.70N 126.38E 33.0 4.8 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
2003/08/18 19:35:51 37.47N 118.84W 6.6 3.0 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
2003/08/18 17:41:00 7.85S 68.04E 10.0 4.5 CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO REGION
2003/08/18 14:37:08 38.04S 176.25E 179.0 NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/18 13:39:38 59.76N 153.30W 122.7 SOUTHERN ALASKA
2003/08/18 09:59:41 35.66N 139.93E 87.6 4.7 NEAR THE SOUTH COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
2003/08/18 09:03:03 29.57N 95.61E 33.0 5.6 EASTERN XIZANG-INDIA BORDER REGION
2003/08/18 09:00:27 63.13N 150.82W 151.5 CENTRAL ALASKA
2003/08/18 07:31:52 18.93S 169.22E 400.0 4.4 VANUATU ISLANDS
2003/08/18 05:51:45 21.04N 146.47E 35.5 4.6 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/18 03:41:47 52.80N 168.26W 33.0 4.4 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
2003/08/18 02:42:30 78.40N 7.69E 10.0 4.7 SVALBARD REGION
2003/08/18 00:06:41 62.81N 149.08W 97.5 CENTRAL ALASKA

2003/08/17 20:37:39 38.48S 175.65E 225.0 NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/17 20:05:22 18.96N 108.55W 10.0 4.0 REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/17 15:37:14 38.64N 20.52E 10.0 4.7 GREECE
2003/08/17 14:07:01 62.97N 149.90W 33.0 CENTRAL ALASKA
2003/08/17 08:52:02 38.05S 176.12E 184.0 NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2003/08/17 06:44:40 63.59N 147.60W 10.0 3.4 CENTRAL ALASKA
2003/08/17 06:15:40 51.35N 177.35W 33.0 4.3 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
2003/08/17 02:46:51 20.29N 121.82E 65.8 5.5 BATAN ISLANDS REGION, PHILIPPINES

2003/08/16 22:56:07 13.07N 88.78W 205.9 4.4 EL SALVADOR
2003/08/16 21:08:42 21.20N 146.59E 36.1 4.7 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/16 19:33:10 48.21N 153.32E 101.8 4.7 KURIL ISLANDS
2003/08/16 19:23:43 29.11N 130.43E 77.6 4.3 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
2003/08/16 17:53:29 38.76N 20.38E 10.0 4.3 GREECE
2003/08/16 15:39:42 4.58S 151.76E 156.6 5.3 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
2003/08/16 14:49:11 38.74N 20.53E 10.0 4.8 GREECE
2003/08/16 14:10:39 5.40S 151.10E 59.6 5.4 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
2003/08/16 10:58:42 43.81N 119.57E 24.4 5.4 EASTERN NEI MONGOL, CHINA
2003/08/16 08:29:40 18.00N 67.20W 0.6 2.5 MONA PASSAGE
2003/08/16 08:27:58 18.85N 64.63W 42.6 3.4 VIRGIN ISLANDS
2003/08/16 06:45:25 39.10S 179.61E 56.0 4.9 OFF EAST COAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND, N.Z.
2003/08/16 05:44:21 46.51N 12.80E 10.0 2.5 NORTHERN ITALY
2003/08/16 05:09:22 36.81N 91.61W 5.0 3.9 SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI
2003/08/16 03:14:27 18.17N 65.21W 0.6 3.7 PUERTO RICO REGION
2003/08/16 02:57:45 12.77N 144.11E 33.0 4.6 GUAM REGION
2003/08/16 02:53:43 34.26N 117.57W 5.0 2.8 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
2003/08/16 02:05:52 0.56N 25.10W 10.0 4.9 CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
2003/08/16 02:05:01 40.50N 124.20W 20.3 2.8 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
2003/08/16 01:26:21 42.59N 143.60E 50.1 4.6 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
2003/08/16 01:19:57 37.35S 178.48E 15.0 4.6 OFF EAST COAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND, N.Z.
2003/08/16 01:02:42 18.65N 66.87W 15.7 2.7 PUERTO RICO REGION

2003/08/15 17:02:49 21.14N 146.65E 33.0 4.7 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/15 14:27:19 21.34N 146.62E 33.0 4.6 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
2003/08/15 09:44:39 28.19N 113.21W 10.0 4.7 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
2003/08/15 09:22:13 40.98N 125.60W 3.7 5.1 OFF THE COAST OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
2003/08/15 07:51:01 41.30N 32.04E 5.0 2.8 CENTRAL TURKEY
2003/08/15 02:01:14 12.44N 88.78W 33.0 4.3 OFF THE COAST OF CENTRAL AMERICA

posted on Aug, 21 2003 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by planetlegend
I wonder if all this is because of mars getting so close to earth. I think this way because the moon affects tidal waves when there is a full moon.

Highly unlikely.

Mars is not much bigger than our moon, and is thousands of times further away. Yes, it is going to be closer than it has in thousands of years, but that is close only in relative terms... try maybe a few hundred miles closer than normal?

Yes, our moon does affect tidal forces on our planet, it tends to form a bulge of seawater correlating to the moons gravitational vector relative to the earth. However, (and there have been more than a few studies on this), there is little to any effect on seismic activity by lunar tidal forces... and that is the closest massive body to the earth... how is something thousands of times further away, and therefore thousands of times less gravitationally influential, going to cause quakes?


posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 03:35 AM
I found this in the paper today.

Yomiuri Shimbun

A group of scientists from Tokyo and Kyoto universities have set up the world's most sensitive distortion measurement device about 1,000 meters below ground inside Kamioka Mines in Kamiokacho, Gifu Prefecture.

Their aim is to understand the earth's natural vibrations and "slow earthquakes" or gradual movements of the ground that do not cause tremors.

If you could get acces to this data I'm sure it would add another piece to the puzzle.

This is the adress for Geomag Kyoto. I don't know what to look for exactly.

[Edited on 22-8-2003 by zed]

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 04:36 AM
but this stuff just all of a sudden popped up on the Seismographs, it's not that slow earthquake stuff. maybe, though.

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 08:14 AM
dragonrider wrote;

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is known to have been building strain for almost 180 years. Historically, the NMSZ is one of the most damaging and dangerous seismic zones on the planet, but since it has been inactive for so long, it has not been noticed by most of the American people. However, due to its long inactivity, it has had the chance to build up an enormous amount of seismic energy.

This weekend, the New Madrid had the first Mag 4+ quake in some time (not sure how long, but believe it to be several years since one of that mag occurred in the New Madrid). Such "settling" quakes are also known precursors to significantly larger quakes in seismic zones.

Granted, I do not have much empiracal data to back this supposition up, but it is an intuitive feeling I have, that when things kick off, we will likely first see a VERY large quake in the New Madrid, likely Mag 8+, which would be extremely disasterous for all in the area to begin with.

This could quite conceivably trigger the caldera eruption in Yellowstone, which could easily destroy an area equivalent to several states.

Essentially, most of North America is sitting on a time bomb.

Whoa thats a pretty dyer puzzle you've pieced together, my friend. However, I had not made the link between the NMSZ and Yellowstone Caldera being that an 8.0 or greater quake here would itself keep us busy for years but I could see where one could be a trigger mechanism for the other as the plates all interact at soem point.

Also, reading you recommendations for preparedness, I've decided to renew my stored water and batteries this weekend..and I'd also suggest alternate means of communication. FRS radios are great but it may be hard to get out a transmission and they only reach a couple miles. I'd recommend revisiting the 70s genre with a good old CB radio. When conditions are right, I've known people to communicate across the entire country with only a 4 watt radio.

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 11:26 AM
HAARP is going off the wall today...

And today, so far....

D a t e Time (UTC) Location Dep Magni. T AGY R e g i o n HHMM

22Aug2003 11:59:53.0 0.5S 132.4E 33 M =4.5 M NEI IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONES1521

22Aug2003 10:16:49.8 46.3N 7.4E 10 ML=3.0 A*EMS ST. LEONARD / SWITZERLAND 1337
22Aug2003 10:16:50.1 46.3N 7.4E 10 ML=2.6 A*SED St. Leonard / Switzerland 1027

22Aug2003 09:30:09.2 46.3N 7.3E 4 ML=3.4 M*SED St. Leonard / Switzerland 1332
22Aug2003 09:29:02.8 46.3N 7.3E 2 ML=1.7 M*SED St. Leonard / Switzerland 1256
22Aug2003 09:30:12.4 46.4N 7.3E 0 ML=3.9 M*LDG LENK / SWITZERLAND 0952
22Aug2003 09:30:12.4 46.4N 7.4E 0 ML=4.0 M*LDG LENK / SWITZERLAND 0945

22Aug2003 09:21:33.9 46.5N 7.5E 10 ML=4.0 A*EMS ADELBODEN / SWITZERLAND 1249
22Aug2003 09:21:31.1 46.3N 7.3E 4 ML=4.0 M*SED St. Leonard / Switzerland 1102
22Aug2003 09:21:35.6 46.5N 7.5E 10 ML=3.9 M*LED ADELBODEN / SWITZERLAND 1017
22Aug2003 09:21:34.9 46.4N 7.4E 0 ML=4.0 M*LDG LENK / SWITZERLAND 0958

22Aug2003 05:29:14.0 3.1N 77.9W 33 M =5.0 M*NEI NEAR WEST COAST OF COLOMBI1546

22Aug2003 03:29:58.1 26.2N 161.2E 10 mb=5.7 M*SED NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN 1302

22Aug2003 03:00:32.3 45.5N 26.7E100 MD=3.7 A*EMS ROMANIA 0911
22Aug2003 03:00:28.3 45.5N 26.5E156 ML=3.6 A*ROM ROMANIA 0308

22Aug2003 01:43:32.0 44.2N 128.8W 10 M =3.8 M NEI OFF COAST OF OREGON 1501

22Aug2003 01:35:10.4 48.0N 153.0E 15 mb=4.7 A*EMS KURIL ISLANDS 0534
22Aug2003 01:35:17.6 46.8N 152.2E130 mb=4.3 M*GSR KURIL ISLANDS 0459

I have a feeling that this is going to be a top shelf day for seismic activity again...

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 01:15 PM

imagine the size of the kitty, whos ball of twine that is!!!

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 03:20 PM
Well, the best way to describe what HAARP looks like today is to just say imagine what you'd get if you gave an epileptic ape a roll of toilet paper and a box of markers...and then he had a seizure.

This could possibly be explained by the fact we are YET AGAIN in another solar storm...Kp index busted 6 today.

There have been all kinds of quakes all over the globe. A couple of interesting ones to point out would be a 5.0 in Columbia and 5.7 in the North Pacific!

With all the quakes around the ring of fire...IRIS truly looks like a ring of fire today!

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 03:42 PM
Thats a lot of earthquakes in one day let alone the last week!!! 15 just in southern California alone!!!

This is the world map...

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 08:59 PM
I wonder if Mars has anything to do with this?

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 09:33 PM
....He said he has been watching these things daily for fifteen years,and 20 or 30,000 quakes per year worldwide is not at all unusual,he also stated that there is a project under way,where a team is drilling next to the san andreas fault in order to analyse deep rock formations to improve prediction ability.

About the only thing to explain this big blue ball is that it is a living moving ,changing thing,quakes are part of this 'cycle of life',so to speak.

I am not trying to discount what is being stated in these forums,or on this thread,but there are things we can worry about that we actually have control over,quakes are not one of those things.

Fear not,for life is short.

Peace to you.

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 09:41 PM
Many others on different websites have also become aware of the unusual earthquake activity happening world wide...

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 09:56 PM
The number of earthquakes per year has been steadily increasing over the last decade.
Through May 29, 2003, we were at 8,744 quakes.

But if you'll read the thread, you'll see our interest isn't only on the number of earthquaes but their relation to EM energy activity.

Thanks for posting the info,

posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by uNBaLaNCeD
....He said he has been watching these things daily for fifteen years,and 20 or 30,000 quakes per year worldwide is not at all unusual,he also stated that there is a project under way,where a team is drilling next to the san andreas fault in order to analyse deep rock formations to improve prediction ability.

About the only thing to explain this big blue ball is that it is a living moving ,changing thing,quakes are part of this 'cycle of life',so to speak.

I am not trying to discount what is being stated in these forums,or on this thread,but there are things we can worry about that we actually have control over,quakes are not one of those things.

Fear not,for life is short.

Peace to you.

I would agree, that number of quakes in itself is not that different from what is observed in nature. However, quakes in nature do NOT follow a normal, highly structured pattern... here, we are defining a very deffinite highly structured pattern, and quite frankly, once I got that pattern nailed, my quake predictions have been VERY accurate, based simply on watching the HAARP output.

The massive quake activity that was seen yesterday, I predicted 12-18 previous simply based on the HAARP broadcast profile. It is very easy to follow, and has been well explained.

Also, of particular concern is the fact that globally, the quakes seem to be increasing in overall magnitude, which is rather troubling when you include the obvious activity associated with Mt. Rainier, Yellowstone, and the New Madrid Seismic Zone. All of these have shown a marked increase in activity in the past 60-90 days, which is not normal, even though they are all associated with "live" seismic zones... you just usually dont get interrelated activity in separate seismic systems.

Now, I am a geologist by profession (and I will admit, I am NOT a seismologist), and I do know that mainstream geologists are just like any other science... they live by established paradigms and breaking such a paradigm is a major taboo. Because of this, "thinking outside the box" is heavily discouraged.

In this vein, doing slow structured research as you mention is how things usually get done (and granted, it is not a bad way to go, to generate documented data to back up your theories). However, as such, anything that is out of the ordinary (like looking at the infusion of massive amounts of scalar energy into the asthenosphere and the effects it causes in seismic activity) is looked down on as crack science, and heavily discounted, regardless of what kind of data you can generate (and we have been generating such data for the last 5 months on this thread).

I agree, in terms of natural seismic activity, there isnt a hell of a lot you can do other than simply make preparations... however, the potential victims might well like to know if it really is natural, or being done to them by design...

posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 08:27 AM
A magnitude 5.5 earthquake NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF IRIAN JAYA has occurred at:
0.89S 133.67E Depth 33km Sat Aug 23 02:46:00 2003 UTC

posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 09:28 AM
I agree about the number of quakes not being abnormal, but I do have a problem with the magnitude. I'm sure that when w figure about the 30k earthquakes a year, we're not talking about 30,000 earthquakes at OVER 3.5 magnitude. and some of them cant even be felt. But what we're seeing here is earthquakes at a consistent 3.3 or higher magnitude, which is enough for things to fall off the self. I feel that something is wrong.

posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 10:05 AM
.......on how deep the quake occurs also,say maybe the quake is 30km deep,also the areas composition comes into play,if there is a lot of a certain type of rock,or if it occurs in one type,it may not effect a different type in the same way,waves travel through different materials differently.

I am by no means an expert,but instead of taking someone elses word on what they are seeing,I choose to learn more about what they are talking about.
There were a couple of other threads in these forums which went into planet x,earthchanges etc.

After I found out about some people's concerns on planet x,I bought a telescope and started watching the skies myself,supposedly something was spotted in front of the sun,so I started viewing it indirectly,nothing there.supposedly planet x was coming from behind the sun,(after the doomsday guys date came and went),I am still watching today.

Supposedly there is a global warming problem,but this may be only an environmental"evolution" thing,the technology to monitor these things is fairly new compared to how long these "evolution cycles" are supposed to take.

We have very little control over earthquakes and global catastropies in the making,but we still need to be aware of the possibilities.

I think the coming global catastropy will be more of a manmade thing,if so,the majoriity of our species and others may pass,and the whole cycle starts again.

I am not a "debunker",I just need to find my own proof.

Life is short,fear not,but keep your eyes open.

Peace to you,may you find peace more easily than I.

posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 12:46 PM
A magnitude 4.5 earthquake IN NORTHERN ALASKA has occurred at:
68.54N 148.11W Depth 3km Sat Aug 23 00:33:37 2003 UTC

posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 11:17 PM
Something really, and I mean REALLY wierd going on with HAARP... Talkeetna has been absolutely flat line for 2.5 days, and Anchorage went offline at the same time...

Also of worry is that all the stations were showing very high activity up to about 2 days ago, then they largely went flatline.... This is very reminescent of pre 911...

At the very least, sunday/monday should be VERY active seismically...

D a t e Time (UTC) Location Dep Magni. T AGY R e g i o n HHMM

23Aug2003 15:23:28.0 29.6S 63.2W 33 mb=5.3 A*EMS SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO PROV.,1907
23Aug2003 15:24:34.8 27.0S 63.0W580 mb=5.7 M*GSR SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO PROV.,1658
23Aug2003 15:24:31.0 27.5S 63.2W577 M =4.7 M*NEI SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO PROV.,1641

23Aug2003 14:11:36.0 0.8N 125.1E 33 M =5.1 M*NEI NORTHERN MOLUCCA SEA 2116
23Aug2003 14:12:11.9 1.9N 124.7E300 mb=5.1 M*GSR MINAHASSA PENINSULA, SULAW1555

23Aug2003 12:05:16.8 41.6N 79.0E 80 mb=4.7 A*EMS KYRGYZSTAN-XINJIANG BORDER1601
23Aug2003 12:05:12.7 41.7N 79.6E 25 MS=3.5 M*GSR KYRGYZSTAN-XINJIANG BORDER1341

23Aug2003 05:55:26.6 28.1N 141.9E170 mb=4.4 M GSR BONIN ISLANDS REGION 0655

23Aug2003 04:58:25.8 32.3N 140.4E 60 mb=4.3 M GSR SOUTH OF HONSHU, JAPAN 0641

23Aug2003 04:08:24.1 28.2N 142.0E 33 mb=4.8 M GSR BONIN ISLANDS REGION 0529

23Aug2003 02:45:57.3 0.7S 133.7E 10 mb=5.4 A*EMS IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONES0553
23Aug2003 02:46:01.2 0.7S 133.5E 33 MS=4.4 M*GSR IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONES0415
23Aug2003 02:46:00.0 0.9S 133.7E 33 M =5.5 M*NEI IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONES0336
23Aug2003 02:46:00.6 0.9S 133.7E 33 M =5.5 M*NEI IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONES0331

23Aug2003 02:00:11.0 63.9N 22.0W 10 M =4.9 M*NEI ICELAND REGION 1551
23Aug2003 02:00:15.8 63.7N 22.3W 33 mb=4.6 M*EMS ICELAND REGION 0741
23Aug2003 02:00:16.1 63.7N 22.4W 33 MS=4.4 M*GSR ICELAND REGION 0411

23Aug2003 00:33:36.0 68.5N 148.1W 3 M =4.5 M*NEI NORTHERN ALASKA 1746
23Aug2003 00:33:37.0 68.5N 148.1W 3 M =4.5 M*NEI NORTHERN ALASKA 1501

23Aug2003 00:28:58.1 46.0N 2.8E 0 ML=3.6 M LDG FRANCE 0056

IRIS only showing 2 quakes today...

USGS shows it to be a quiet day across the world...

Currently in another geomagnetic storm... (I notice that HAARP is rather quiet during this storm... I guess they are not worried about a broadcast in the midst of a storm for the purpose of masking the broadcast on a weekend... but then, Federal employees seldom work on weekends...)

MAGNETIC STORM: Our planet is inside a high-speed solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. Geomagnetic activity began when Earth first encountered the stream on August 21st and it is continuing at mild levels today. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras.

posted on Aug, 24 2003 @ 04:36 AM
So, all this flatlining of seismographs...Coverup? I think it REEEKS of coverup. What's your guys' opinions?

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