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Another Understanding/Interpretation of this Universe.

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posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 09:58 PM
As a result of some asking me to establish a new thread, involving my understanding, regarding the nature of All and the Evolution of existence, I have decided to respond in establishing this thread, denying the entry of any religious material or other philosophy, and only containing material, based on technical research.

It is my opinion that both historical understanding and the understanding we have of our Universe today, is Not entirely correct.
Some scientists are also starting to realize this fact today.

Most people today, see us as individuals existing IN a 3D+ Universe and that “Life” is any given species, hence Life on Earth or the search for Life elsewhere in the Universe.


It is my opinion, we don't exist in such a Universe, but rather we are experiencing an environment, via other methods other than those taught or generally thought of today.

It is a matter of defining WHERE our experience is actually being manifested or produced, but I will get into this, later in this thread.

I am going to attempt to explain HOW I came to the knowledge I have today, obtained over the last 40+ years.

This thread also will involve many different subjects, such as the workings of the existing “Construct” which all is experienced through (Unknown to most today), which looks nothing at all, like the universe or environment we experience at present.

I will attempt to pass on knowledge regarding how such a “Construct” came into being through The Evolution of Discovery and Expression, involving Geometry in the form of “Shape”, rather than getting into the Mathematical explanation of Shape or Form.

I will also be prepared to answer questions regarding HOW I discovered the knowledge, I now wish to pass on to those who are seriously interested.
(I don't wish to debate this as it is only my version of events, and each are entitled to their own thoughts)

I will attempt to explain both sides of what I have discovered, (including errors) I made in an attempt to understand, as well as established knowledge, which can be backed up by simple experiments and demonstrations.

I can NOT explain how Existence came into being, from "Non Existence".

But I can explain how All came from a "Conceptual State", involving a pair of “Opposites”;


My first understanding is that “Nothing/Something” is the Opposite to “Non-existence”...

Please allow me to attempt to explain what I mean...

"Nothing", is Something which “Exists”.
Even if only in the Conceptual sense, but never the less still exists in the form of Concept.

We would Not have the word “Nothing” in our language, if it did not refer to “Something” (which of course is “Nothing”, darn what a brain teaser) , even if only in the form of a Concept.

Even though Concepts are non-material they still exist.

But "Nothing" can NOT exist on its own, except in the Component, "Something/Nothing".

But in saying this, both "Nothing" & "Something" (Something being hidden until now) exist as One, in what is identified as "Nothing", in a very, very strange way.

To explain further; “Nothing” can only exist, within Limits or Boundaries, even if only referred to, in the conceptual sense.

Let us consider for example a simple Circle in the “Conceptual” sense, we find that Nothing exists within the boundaries of the circle, except for a state of 2D “Space” yet we still say there is “Nothing” in the Circle itself which produces the boundaries of the Contents.

The circle has more than one component which exist in the form of “Pairs”,

a. An “Outer” in this case the circle.
b. An “Inner” in this case the contents of the Circle which is said to be “Nothing”

And of course the Contents is contained within 2D, so this “Nothing” can only exist, if some sort of boundaries, whether just concept or otherwise exist.

So this “Nothing” is just one of a pair of “Opposites” which is of Course “Something&Nothing”.

Essentially, the species is like a “Comparator”, in that the “Up” can Not exist without the “Down” neither can the “Left” exist without the “Right”.
This is because we compare things all the time, often unconsciously.

Anything that exists has an “Outer” and an “Inner”, no matter what we consider, and all is founded on “Opposites”, that is to say anything has its "Opposite", i.e. for example; matter & anti-matter.

But considering that circle again, the “Outer” i.e. the boundaries of a Disc (even if the Contents is Nothing), also has its “Inner” and “Outer” components within the Circle which provides the boundaries.

Just as in the case of a drawn Line, it also has its “Inner” and “Outer” Components, in fact more than two components.
We have its two ends (Furthest apart), the contents between these two ends, its sides and its contents between its sides etc.

So too does everything you experience, comprise of geometric components, even if it involves emotions or any other expressions, and whether material or not.
But even material things are not really material at all, rather existing in the form of communication involving laws or rules involving concepts.

What we experience is very much a “Story” i.e. this can be found in History, the trail left behind.
So what we refer to as our experience of the universe is really a very complicated form of “Communication” involving the 5+ senses, between the two ends of a "Construct" involving Awareness.

This Construct involves Conceptual “Faces” of a “Plane” (which is partitioned).

Awareness” is Non-Dimensional, hence the difficulty finding the Location of “Consciousness” within a cell or a species, yet awareness still exists.

It's a bit like trying to see the Absolute Center of a “Disc”.
It can't be detected or seen yet the absolute Center of a “Disc” still exists even though it is Non-Dimensional.

So it is with Awareness also.

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 04:55 AM
There are some base facts that we should be aware of, before we look further into this subject.

For example there are essentially only two geometric “Components” that everything is based on, which are either;

a. "Straight".
b. "Curved".
c. A Combination of these two.

This also applies to those things existing as Concepts only, as well.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

splendid. i will be reading and following your thoughts on this. like an onion, the understanding has many, many layers and quite rightly so. some secrets need to be kept and i am sure there are members who are privy to this concept. one reason being that without a good grounding, revealed information has the ability to break the mind of man. if would be far safer to be privy to mafia/government secrets than overwhelming clarity from the processor.
euclidian and non-euclidian geometry, very nice.


posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:32 PM
"Nothing", is Something which “Exists”.
Even if only in the Conceptual sense, but never the less still exists in the form of Concept.

We would Not have the word “Nothing” in our language, if it did not refer to “Something” (which of course is “Nothing”, darn what a brain teaser) , even if only in the form of a Concept.

Even though Concepts are non-material they still exist.

But "Nothing" can NOT exist on its own, except in the Component, "Something/Nothing".

But in saying this, both "Nothing" & "Something" (Something being hidden until now) exist as One, in what is identified as "Nothing", in a very, very strange way.

To explain further; “Nothing” can only exist, within Limits or Boundaries, even if only referred to, in the conceptual sense.

You know, quite frankly, this type of thinking has been done to death, and a colleague of mine on a Physics forum would have ripped you to shreds on this pseudo-physics salad. There's been many lectures on this type of thinking and ....
lets put it this way, can a partice be so small it's smaller than 'nothing' ......... you see the wordplay....many people pose these questions thinking themselves clever, but they ultimately make no physical sense.

BUT I WILL TELL YOU, an interesting and enlightening book by KC Cole "A hole in the universe" is a must read, if you are going to delve into this sort of presentation, it's a must read... I promise you will like it..............peace.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:02 PM
I too have been on "the Sojourn" since July of 1971.

Absolute non-existence is the stone too heavy to lift for the omniscient, omnipotence as It ventured to become true to Self and the definition of omnipresent, so as to exist even inside of absolute non-existence. It is the cause for a One to exist, it is the cause for the Singularity. The Singularity is the byproduct of omniscience employing all of omnipotence to "go there" which is spherical infinite geometric division and subtraction.

To bad It failed, but It did leave this very nice Singularity that once placed into infinite angular kinetics, where that Singularity IS NOT as a composite of this "flight path", generates and upholds absolute non-existence. Where the Singularity IS as a component of this same "flight path" generates and upholds the dimension of HEIGHT and the infinite expanse, out from which implodes the current (material) of time, in the state that is all the future.

During this implosion from infinite expanse, the infinite impedence is impacted. This is that generated null which is the "non-existence" Time current stops because of this resistence and converts into infinitesimal duration instances of the spatial dimension of WIDTH. It is a Planck frequency string of such instances we recognize as "the present", when in reality it is just space.

Being of infinitesimal duration, each instance of spatial "the present" collapses as an implosion to return to the default state as pure kinetic (time current) only now it is in the the state as all the past. Flooding down and inward from everywhere, toward everywhere, toward the origination which is the One infinitely kinetic, infinitesimal Singularity.

We exist in the incredibly narrow bandwidth of when space and time co-exist in transition from the present (space) toward all the past (time).

The Singularity IS the spatial dimension of DEPTH. See above in the text how HEIGHT and WIDTH are generated and upheld, as is all the future, the present, all the past.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
There are some base facts that we should be aware of, before we look further into this subject.

For example there are essentially only two geometric “Components” that everything is based on, which are either;

a. "Straight".
b. "Curved".
c. A Combination of these two.

This also applies to those things existing as Concepts only, as well.

I have to disagree on this. There is only straight lines. a curve is made up of straight lines. To give you an example of this. Imagine an large steel belt going around the Earths equator and this belt is exactly 1m thick and is exactly sea level. As you look from afar the belt is indeed curved, now lets zoom in on someone standing next to it. This person has a 1meter ruler whose edge is completly straight and he places it on the steel belt. There will be no curvature where he places the ruler. the steel belt is completly flat. That is why imo PI goes on for infinity because you can always add an extra straight line. Think of a triangle then a square then a pentagon hexagon septagon etc for each extra side u add the more rounded it becomes
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:25 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller

Let us consider for example a simple Circle in the “Conceptual” sense, we find that Nothing exists within the boundaries of the circle, except for a state of 2D “Space” yet we still say there is “Nothing” in the Circle itself which produces the boundaries of the Contents.

In Russian, grammar and logic won't allow one to "see nothing" inside a circle. One either "don't see anything" or "don't see something" inside it. So if you were to explain the stuff quoted above to a Russian speaker, how would you go about it?

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 12:27 AM
To explain further...

The Source ("Awareness") is Non-Dimensional.

There was No Explosion or Implosion, except in an interpreted “Story” (Experience) we have the ability to experience through the 5+ senses, and decoding via components within the brains Processing System.

What we experience is the result of projected information in the form of a very complex "Story" from one non-dimensional source to another being of bidirectional nature.

I will show these Concepts in the form of abstract drawings involving the Origin ("Awareness") and its projected Concepts that involved the first Concept regarding movement.

The first Conceptual movement, "To & Fro" the first Concept referred to as an Oscillation.
And the Second Conceptual movement "Rotation"

Some human-beings believe they can find the beginning, or the establishment of all, simply by studying the environment they believe they are aware of but success is highly unlikely for obvious reasons.

But what produces our experience in nothing at all, like the precepts of the human species.

What humankind is actually doing to date, is following or reading a “Story” (The Experience) which sheds no light whatsoever, on the total process of All.

What the species is really doing, is attempting to studying an interpreted presentation of Organized and Controlled "Concepts” producing an experience.
Some refer to this as our experience, but is in fact Communicative interactions involving;

a. our "body" or interactive interface.
b. the "environment" it interacts with.

This does not allow us to study, what is being “Decoded” by the brain, referring to images etc. but instead only allows us to see the end result, which is the interpreted experience and NOT what produces it, or by what process this is achieved.

Our experiences are the result of “DecodedCommunication.

Which I will fully explain in posts to come.

Let me try and explain more about what I am suggesting.

Your eyes and brain are part of a “Processing System”, experiencing a form of "Communication'.

For example what we See is a form of complex "Communication".

Remember those school days, where your teachers may have said to you,

A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Pictures are a form of "Communication".

Although we have many more senses than just five, built into the processing system, involving our experience, we could say that all senses involve, different forms of “Communication”.

The eyes are an “Interface” between Data which is presented by a given source, and the brain.

But neither does this process stop at the brain.

The Brain has processes that “Decode” the information presented from a source, which is then interpreted, as your body and environment.

So what we presume to be this Universe, is a decoded interpretation of communicated, via the eyes and Brain.

The Information or Communication, presented to the receptor (“Species”) is not necessarily identical to, or even the same as what is experienced.

In other words in the case of sight, is the decoding (via the brain) involving Data and Instructions, through an Interface (Eyes). Both these, also act like program "Filters".

A bit like a computer for example, where the Process taking place, looks nothing like what you see on screen. The picture is the result of decoded information, contained within Software, presented through a processing system.

So what I am suggesting is, what we perceive as our reality, is not necessarily identical to that being presented (Communicated) to us, before the eyes and brain become involved.

What about cameras and other recording information you may ask.
It must be realized; All including recording devices, such as Cameras and other remote devices, are also part of the "Story being presented to us which make up our experience/s we refer to as involving this universe.

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posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 08:20 PM
Let's start near the beginning of the production of experiences, and universes etc.

We need to start a a point where we have some sort of basic connection with everything.

So I have decided to try and explain a few simple things involving your own awareness and simple geometry.

Lets consider a simple plane in this case a "Disc'.

Every plane even if only "Conceptual" in form, consists of more than "Two" faces.

A Plane has;

a. a "near face,
b. a rear face.

Seen from a plan view, of such a concept.

No plane can exist, having a single face.

Drawing 001

In fact all objects whether conceptual or Not, have both a "near" side and a "rear' side.

So by this being a discovered fact, and that our conscious state, is part of the whole system, this enables us to look "Outwardly' or away from one end of out conscious state, in this case from the "Center".

If we close our eyes gently, in a well sun lit area and become relaxed, we will be able to see a "Wall", appear in our sight which has a "textured appearance" involving like Eddies in a stream, as though we are watching coloured sand in suspension.
Often rotations will also appear in this texture.

You will also be able to notice that this "Wall" containing this granular texture is a short distance from the location you are observing from. you will also be able to realize this location of observation is also Non-Dimensional.

By the shear fact, we are looking outward from this origin, would in itself, imply we are looking from one end of our "Awareness" and that in order for this to be able to take place, there has to be an "Outward" end or an end which is away from where we observe from, otherwise we would Not be able to look, or observe "Outwardly" from our source.

Although we can "Emulate" this disc of granular structure, it in no way looks exactly like that when our eyes are closed.

(( Note it is our ability to emulate this Phenomenon, and will be of great use to us in accessing this processing system of the Mind, in the future.))

This is because, while looking with our eyes closed, we are seeing the "Processing System" of the Mind (LIFE) taking place in our field of vision.

If we emulate this phenomena, by rotating a ring of 144 "Discs" in the form of a ring or oval.,we find that most of the "Granules" will to appear to be the same, or similar.

The Granule texture we see, with our eyes closed, is also produced by the rotation of 144 tiny "Disc's" and each of these coloured granules caries information in the form of a glyph or letter. These are part of the processing system, which produces your experience as though you are in a universe experience.

What you see and experience in many different forms, is produced by a very, very, complex form of "Communication' involving in partly "Glyphs" and "Letters" in "Strings" that exist in the form of “Stacks”.

So what we are looking at, in the form of a very, very complex "Communication' which looks like this in an abstract way. Please excuse my door art.,

Here are a few examples involving travelling disks.

Each granule carries a "Glyph" or "letter" used in its "0perartng System" communication process.

At first you may not be able to see these “Letters” or “Glyphs' as they are simply too small to see, but given time you will come to see enlarged versions of these. Be Patient.

If we stare at a well lit white surface, (Preferably using sun light) and blink our eyes rapidly keeping our eyes fixed firmly on a single point, while doing this frames of octagons can be seen on/in the white surface, which appear to be quite large.

Various coloured square frames also appear, one inside another, sometimes on their sides, while at other times appear on edge.

These Colours are Colour-codes and are often used in the “Processing System.

* I will show a 100 % accurate "Map" of this in a future drawing. *

But at this stage, it is important to realize we can look or view, from one end of the mind,toward yet another undefined end. (i.e outward or away from our end of the mind.) This other red also a Component of your real Self.

The mere fact we can observe this, allows us to learn more about this component of our selves, which we may or may not have been aware of in the past.

In fact what seen as described in this post, is the “Operating System” behind what produces our experience, which I hope to explain all, in the posts that follow.

So to understand correctly, (we that is LIFE), not the flesh is one end of a very, very sophisticated program, expressing itself through Geometric expressions.
In my next post I will attempt to expose the foundations behind this system of communication involving these abstract expressions.

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 05:38 AM
In these last two posts, I have attempted to show there are two different components which exist.

a. The Non-dimensional which is “Awareness” from where you observe from.
b. A projected image, which is a stand alone Image, even if only in the form of a “Disc”.

It is also possible to manifest any pictures within this granular texture, if you are willing to apply a little patience..

And Note the Space between where you are observing from, which is non-dimensional, and the Location of the Granular textured “Disc”.

In my next posts, I will attempt to explain how “Awareness” or the Mind was able to produce a “Partition Map”, to be used both in storing Images, and compiling images, to produce dynamic experiences such as this experience (Universe) or environment you enjoy today.

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posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Aletheia007

thank you for your post,

If we take a straight ,line and rotate it about one of its ends. we scribe either an arc or a circle, Depending its degree of rotation.

If we rotate the same line about its center, we also scribe an arc or circle depending on the degree of rotation.

This is certainly not made of straight lines, or am I missing something here?

Perhaps I have not understood your point ? Please clarify...

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 02:40 AM
Now that I have established the mind has two ends

a. One end we all view or experience from.
b. The other we look toward or search for.

And that which we observe from. appears to be an entirely different location allowig us to visualize both images and concepts.

Even if the eyes are closed, we are still able to produce images of very high quality, and in sharp focus
If we observe this phenomena even closer in a more relaxed state, we find we are looking into a spherical world which can either be of Light Blue or Light Green.
You may have also been aware that you have what can only be described as, having as though an "Inner" eye lid.
But more on this later.

The Parameters of this world (Environment seen while the eyes are closed) looks very similar to the world you are more familiar with, when your eyes are open.

So let's have a look at the make up of what we see. (even if the eyes are closed.) The Astrix marks the Centre of the "Plane" or "Disc".

Drawing 06

And seen here in "side elevation".

Drawing 07

Further Geometry was introduced to the disc which gave the illusion of "Depth". Seen here in "Plan Elevation".

Drawing 08.

And perceived in "Side elevation"..

Drawing 09.

It was these “Concepts” which caused you to be separated from the the Disc (Field of Vision) you are looking at.

In my next post I will show how the base Construct (without the need for Math.)was formed which would be used in the “Processing System” which produces All. And later on how the "wrap around" structure completed the illusion of a 3D Universe.

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 02:43 AM
Understanding the universe is a huge endeavor that mankind may never accomplish.
Merry Christmas everyone!
May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you.
***** **** @@@ ### $$$ +++

posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 02:43 AM
You wrote. Quote;

Understanding the universe is a huge endeavor that mankind may never accomplish.

These are words of "Discouragement", and the incitement of “Deception”, and are words of an "Anti Christ" even though you may believe otherwise.

LIFE taught quite the "Opposite" through the Carpenter or more correctly the Builder,.

LIFE said through the Carpenter “MAN KNOW THY SELF!

And "NOT Run from yourself MAN", and follow those false teachers to the graves

You also wrote, Quote;

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Birth of the Carpenter was in the Summer (Northern Hemisphere) & Not in Winter as propagated in the form or propaganda, by the Roman church today

This is just one example of why I requested in the OP. Quote;

As a result of some asking me to establish a new thread, involving my understanding, regarding the nature of All and the Evolution of existence, I have decided to respond in establishing this thread, denying the entry of any religious material or other philosophy, and only containing material, based on technical research.

Such subjects or human "Superstitious thinking", Oppresses (in Vain) the lessons, sub-partitions of LIFE receive from the “Outer” to the “Center”, denying "The living ones" the “TRUTH

In Catholicism, and all their breakaway denominations, involving “Roman Doctrine" (NOT The teachings of LIFE) are at "WAR', against LIFE.

Read "The BOOK of LIFE" referred to by The CHRIST.

Instead of the book of the Synagog of Satin propagated by the Roman church and their other breakaway denominations.

Please keep your posts on topic in the future, or communicate with the many threads involving you sincere religious beliefs,

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 11:51 PM
To understand this universe in its true context, the most important of all to realise, is that the Universe and the One experiencing the universes are two entirely different Components.

LIFE is Not a human or for that matter any other species.

The Species is a part of the experience and is certainly not the one experiencing.

a. The observer is both Non-material and Non-dimensional.
b. The environment is a constructed illusion involving Communication in the form of instructions and data.

The Illusion of course is generated in a Communication Construct, involving a partition map/s depending on what is being displayed at the time.

As explained in my last post, the one experiencing, is the non-dimensional component we call “Awareness” simply because “Awareness" is the only one Aware, hence the title given to this component is “Awareness”.

So the experience is a highly complex projected image contained within the Conceptual components of a "Face".
As I showed in my last drawings the space between that of Awareness and its experience is Produced by the introduction of geometric line work acting as instructions to give the Illusion of..

a. Width.
b. Height.
c. Depth.

In reality “Awareness" is Non-dimensional and is the origin or the centre of a "Plane" or "[b[Disc" it has projected which of course is purely Conceptual in nature at this stage of its Evolution.

By the addition of the Line work to the Disc when viewed face on by Awareness the line work as I said behaves as Instructions in that it changes the perception of the Plane or Disc.

Bur before this was able to be achieved by LIFE or “Awareness” certain discoveries were first required through the exploration of Awareness (Itself) before such a situation producing, Height , Width & Depth could be achieved.

First we had Awareness which comprised of nothing material of for that matter dimensional.

And second when Awareness or LIFE discovered the phenomena of being able to project or express its discoveries in the form of geometric expression, was based purely on a 2D projection or a "Face".
This Face represented the outward expression of Awareness, and as Awareness was Non-dimensional it was purely a conceptual expression.

No matter what the shape would be, it would still be seen as its "Outward" expression.

The most interesting of all concepts which still lays in the foundation of all which exists, was the first Conceptual building block, or the first concept of movement discovered by LIFE or Awareness.

These concepts involve Abstract expressions which are not to be compared with the world you experience today.

If to explain this in such a way that one can grasp the concept, (existing before any universe or other) we need to put aside all that you know or think you know about the universe you are experiencing at present.

In the beginning, that is before the projection of any form, the “Opposites” existed, and was often referred to this as Darkness. I don't want to get into the philosophy of this as I explained in the OP, but Darkness is NOT what it is taught or believed to be today.

Often Scientifically, darkness is described as you know, as "lacking hue", but I would have to disagree with this definition, and would suggest that Darkness lacks “Contrast”.

The reason I say this, is because in order to see anything two components are required.

a. The Colour of the object in question.
b. The background for it to be seen against

That is providing we are referring to Darkness whether containing anything material or not.

For Hue to exist alone, this does NOT allow us to see the colour, let alone any shape, if in fact present.

Fore something to be hidden in Darkness implies a lack of “Contrast” hence the Concept of “Cloaking”.

When “Contrast” exists, both entities are able to be seen. This is achieved by the function of the brain comparing these two
But on the other hand if only hue existed and involved only the one Component (NOT two) then nothing would be seen.

But at this stage of Evolution we are talking about, Colour never existed. Well Not in the way it is thought to be understood today through the human primate.

The first two “Opposites” I will use to describe what happened will be BLACK & WHITE.

Now most today, would argue that “Black” is Not a colour but once again I would have to disagree on this point.

We all know the common way of finding a colours “Complimentary colour”. Well the same applies to the Colour BLACK or it would NOT have a complimentary colour.

OK to see if I am correct or Not, apply this test to BLACK.

For those interested and don't know this simple test, then apply a BLACK Spot or line to a sheet of white paper, preferably near the centre.
Now use a second piece of WHITE paper to cover the BLACK spot quickly, after staring at the BLACK Spot for a few seconds (The Longer time staring at the black the better the result)

The result when the BLACK spot is hidden by the second piece of WHITE Paper is that a much much WHITER Spot than the white paper appears where the BLACK spot was when staring at it, before being covered by the second piece of WHITE paper.

The reason for this is that White is the “Complimentary Colour”. of BLACK i.e. its “Opposite” Colour.

But just before we go further...

Why did the WHITE spot replacing the BLACK Spot appear much, much, WHITER than the WHITE Paper?

Think about this for a while, before I go on to show how what you believe to be LIGHT today is Formed.

I will explain this in detail and show the first geometric construction, that can be found in the base of All that exists.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 03:46 PM
Thanks for taking the time to create a "new" thread. Maybe it will cut down on off topic replies and allow a more flowing thread.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 08:10 PM

Originally posted by xizd1
Thanks for taking the time to create a "new" thread. Maybe it will cut down on off topic replies and allow a more flowing thread.

Thank you for your devoted support.

I was very, very disappointed in that this thread was shifted from "Science & Technology" to “Skunk Works”.

I fear this record involving many, years of full time work may be undermined, by attracting undesirable, religious mania, superstition, fear, and trolling even the possibility of being derailed, or sabotaged by a few who will do anything to silence me.

My original Intent was to keep this thread entirely Scientific, but perhaps a few don't want me to succeed in releasing this information.

Sadly this action (the shifting of this Thread) will only affect those left behind in this world, as I have little time left in this world now, (Due to health reasons, involving spinal problems, after a motor accident inn 1989) to complete a full account of the Technology I/we have discovered, which in time could transform the technology used in this world, enabling humankind when ready to explore their Universe, in a more personal way. (Via "Transport Interfaces" (some refer to as some UFOs and in other cases USOs) But first a change in human attitude is well overdue, as many behave as primates themselves, rather than behaving as a “Partition” of LIFE, experiencing the Primate and its interactions with its real environment, believed at present to be a 3D+ Universe, when in reality is nothing more than a highly sophisticated projection within each construct, (which I will give full details on) responsible for producing this wonderful illusion, so very few understand in its true context today.

However I do promise to do my very, very best to leave behind in this world (Program) what I know.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 09:02 PM
This post is to bring to your notice some peculiar phenomenon involving the true nature of LIGHT.

When Science is trying to discover more about Light, they fail to understand there are a hole bunch of “subroutines”, attached to this base building block.

Awareness being the observer, as I have already shown and Not the Species etc. we could say the different species are more like “Interactive filters”.

LIGHT is actually the separation of the “Opposite” Components.
It so happens these two components are BLACK & WHITE.
Not because I say so, but simply that this is what was involved.
I still don't understand why these Two were the first, but all other Colours come from these two components, and was demonstrated in an early demonstration shown in the 1950s, but sadly this is still not accepted by today's Scientific theory.

Perhaps it involves Political behaviour or “Snobbery” with some involved in Science today?

It is foolishness to suggest only WHITE is involved and would explain why so little is understood today about your world or experience more correctly worded..

Some scientists still believe today that it is the Brain which sees, but this is nothing more than the desire for the Primate to reject that separate entity which is NOT of the Universe, (“Awareness”) contradictory to the very component Science wants to find.
But I guess we could not expect anything else, because of the dual nature of human species.

In this first Animation ( I must apologise for the poor streaming quality) shows a BLACK line disappearing from Left to right.
(View this from about 3 feet to 1 meter away from your screen depending on your sight.)
Drawing 010.

Keep your eyes on the Letter “A” at the right hand end of the Line, while at the same time, noticing the receding BLACK Line.
Yes..... you are NOT imagining things.... there is appearing a WHITE Line, as the BAC disappears.
The same applies in “Rotation or any other form.
(Again view this from about 3 feet to 1 meter away from your screen, depending on your sight.)
Drawing 011.

Well this is very, very, easy to explain, and certainly NO Mystery.

In this Graph I am showing Not two thresholds, but Four.
Two (The Closer Thresholds are controlled by the range your Eyes. (A Filter if you like)
While the other two thresholds involve the range of sight involving Awareness unimpeded by the filtering effects of the eyes.
It is Awareness which sees.. The Brain can't wee anything and for that matter doesn't even know it exists, or in other words “Aware”.
If the Brain were “Aware” it would NOT be called the Brain, but instead it would be called the “Awareness” LOL.
The Brain in itself is an “Electro Chemical based Processor” which is to do with the experience itself. It also has components (still not understood by science) which provide the link (Encoding/Decoding) between the “Experience” and LIFE.

Here is the abstract displayed in the form of a graph.
Drawing 012.

Now regarding the thought that Science has about Light having energy, is because they are unaware they reading or recording an attached sub-routine as the true nature of the experience, i.e. the individual Species and Environment (universe) is Not yet understood but the day shall come, when all is understood. Not because I believe it, but because our “Parent” (A computer term) is uploading this huge amount of Hardware, Firmware, and Software to the “Absolute Centre” of each “Partition” of Awareness.
There is Nothing at all religious or even strange about this, as this process is a natural function of a “Parent” (Computer term).
Now why on Earth, would the parent want to do this?
This is a very, very, simple matter to understand, that bis if you hold enough cards in your hand to allow you to both understand and know the answer... LOL.

We can all find the same answer, if we stop behaving as a primate, instead of behaving as LIFE and only experience the Primate and its environment.
(A parable is being told to “The Absolute Centre” of each “Partition” of Awareness. It is just part of the communication process keeping the primate and awareness part.)

I will explain all of this, in Posts to come but first let us see HOW the expression of Geometry evolved in the first place.

The First Geometric expression was “To & Fro”.
Now remember we are talking in “Concepts” and still nothing material at this stage.
It will take perhaps some hundreds of posts yet, before introducing to you (the so called) material Universe by the human primate, whether they be a scientist, declared by other Primates or not.
The fact that one primate is referred to as a scientist by a bunch of other primates, is absolutely no recommendation at all.
All they are doing is deceiving each other, in a vane, attempt to gain recognition or some social position in the Primate society which is a total waist of time an energy.
What few letters I have/had attached to my name are not worth the paper they are written on, but more to the point they become an embarrassment to me, now that I realise their true worth, as being ZERO.
No disrespect to the education system I passed through, its just that I was involved in an occupation which exposed me to another understanding.

The First Conceptual Movement, is perhaps the most important of all as it is the base for Communication, or the interaction between multiple Concepts, leading to the extremely Complex (or more correctly; Involvement) which underlies your experience i.e. your body and the environment it interacts with.
Yes a line is formed by this action (“To & Fro”) but so are countless other actions are based on this as well, involving absolutely NO physical nature (So called or referred to) at all.

I will go into this first, and most important building block of all, (The Concept involving “To & Fro”) in my next post, and the mechanics behind this concept.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 11:22 PM
I am glad for you that you will be released from the corpse. I am sad for me as it lessens the time to learn from you. Please do not be discouraged by others and their actions against you. I think you know that you will reach those that you were meant to no matter what obstacles are set before you. Also there will be followers that will carry the torch (light) right to the end. I feel this is something that must and will happen.
I hold you in the highest regard and appreciate the effort and time you have put forth. It shall not be in vain.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 12:24 AM
The part about existence I grasped myself, for its relating to two properties or informations. One would be the nature of Infinity itself, particular if its involving something existing within it and its not void, ie infinite energies.

And as for something existing infinitely within it, and there can be no barrier or hurdle its just infinite energies, infinite variety, in every possible, unhindered way, ALL AT ONCE, because you put a boundary or hurdle up, and infinity becomes finite. It doesnt do limits. It just keeps going.

Now, its related to the double slit experiment, when one electron interacted with itself in every conceiveable way.
So that infinite possibilities and probabilities are something, exist, and then we or something perceives and selects the realm or conceptional shared reality around us.

Now that would relate to the question does something exist, or why. It exists and doesnt and all possibilities, ie probable variations of existence, therefore alternative timelines and even reflections would as well. Void is void.

Something infinitely, in infinite variety.

Is it One, Self Aware. Well, again, it would have to be animate, and inaminate, and infinite spectrum range from Awareness Holistically and singularly, so I think this means there is a God, and also we're all infinite intellects as well.

Now, my own experiences, inner knowing already knows the existence of ourselves, and the reality, but the rest relates to pondering deeply on probability and possibility and how in quantum physics, its real.
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