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Another Understanding/Interpretation of this Universe.

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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 03:42 AM
In this post I want to show much more, regarding this first Concept which you could say is a geometric expression of Concepts.

As there are two ends to the mind, one end is represented by a “Face” which Awareness used as though a “Drawing board” to play with and explore the possibilities through the expression of Geometry (Referring to Shape rather than the Mathematical study of shape that is to say using the communication humankind use to express shape in a mathematical terms or language).

In fact what was Produced in the form of a Projection of images in the first place, never involved the human language of Math describing or calculating the components of Geometry. .

Math. is only one type of “Story” language in the experiences we enjoy, which will take you through an innumerable number of different stories, just as any other form of secondary communication will.
So the answers we yearn for, will never be found through Math.

If we take another look at drawing 010.
(View this from about 3 feet to 1 meter away from your screen depending on your sight.)

Keeping your eyes on the Letter “A” at the right hand end of the Line, while at the same time, noticing the receding BLACK Line.
Yes..... you are NOT imagining things.... there is appearing a WHITE Line, as the BLACK disappears.

Well when the Awareness discovered, there are always two “Outer” Faces to a “Plane” it used this knowledge, to “separate” out the two components, it discovered in the action shown in drawing 010.

To prevent both the BLACK & WHITE being shown together as a pair, Awareness being very insightful, separated the two components, by allocating one Face of the “Plane to contain the WHITE Component, and the other Face of the “Plane” to contain the BLACK.
This left an invisible Component separating the two Faces of the “Plane” seen or projected in front of Awareness which is non dimensional.

Drawing 013.

The reason I have drawn this in this way is because we are discussing “Concepts”.
Note; I have shown the Component between the two faces as being “Stretched Open”. But as we are dealing with Concepts we are able to achieve these things in abstract drawings, making it much earlier to understand the conceptual principles, used to produce the expressions in Geometric terms.

So at first Awareness only had this one “Plane” and its “Outer” faces to play with.

a. The Closest face to Awareness
b. The rear face of the Plane. (Furthermost from awareness)

Remembering Awareness is Non-Dimensional (Having No Shape or Size) and the Images are a projection of/from Awareness (Much like as in dreaming).

The Near Face was WHITE while the Rear Face was BLACK.
By Awareness Constructing these Concepts in this way, it was now able to draw on the disc which was projected in front of it.
In reality the Origin or Location of awareness was in the “Absolute Centre” of one of the “Discs” or faces of the “Plane”. It was only at a later stage that the Illusion of Depth was introduced and I will show in detail how this came about or was achieved.

But at this stage of evolution, Awareness was able to express its Concepts in the form of Geometry on a “Face” for the first time.

The first of these was of course the first Action (Concept) of “To & Fro”, which exposed the two components of Darkness, BLACK & WHITE.

If we add “BLACK” and “WHITE” (Colours) we get Gray.

The Shade of Gray of course is dependant on the Ratio of BLACK & WHITE.
A peculiar action takes place between the faces of the Plane which is not unlike a turbulence involving an Oscillation. (This could also explain part of what may be involved in “Capacitance” where a magnetic field is assumed to exist between supposedly Static charges of differential are applied to plates (Surfaces) separated by a dialectic media.
In the days of Faraday's findings, the Environment all was studied in, was never taken into account, nor was the understanding of the true nature of the environment he was experiencing, was taken into account, just as others have fallen into the same trap, assumed in ignorance they are in a 3D+ Universe, which I shall prove is totally false, and about as stupid as believing in living on a Flat Earth in the Horizontal axis, if in fact it was ever believed in the first place, which In seriously doubt was the belief at any time in history.

Anyway back to how Awareness expressed its Concepts through the implementation of Geometry or Shape.
The Projected Face as far as size was concerned had No value at all. But the shear fact of producing a face was the important application, and “Size” had no bearing whatsoever, regarding the expression of its concepts, at this stage of Evolution.

The First being “To & Fro” but there are a number of different ways of expressing this concept.
The most simple of all requires a small “Disc” or “Dot” obtained by the nature of the larger Disc or “Outer” I guess.
Drawing 014.

The Black disc and then the line is the result of perforating the near face or omitting a portion of the front (white) layer.
Technically; I suppose was a sort of “XOR” Instruction, but using “Geometric Processing” rather than what is used today by humankind.
I shall give Full details on how this is done also.

At this point I have decided to leave out a small section which I will return to it again at a more appropriate moment..

The next Conceptual function was “Rotation” which introduced an Oscillating disc.

Drawing 015.

This can rotate in either direction depending on the function used in the processing system which presents your experience referred to as this universe or environment.
Two or more Rotors of this type can be used together but on many different layers which I will explain all about in future posts.

The next stage of Evolution taking place involved the Oscillating line to pass through the Centre so as to produce an Oscillation from one side of the disc being scribed to the other.

It is important to realise we are still dealing with the development of the Concepts of Awareness and its ability to project these images in the form of geometric expressions.

Drawing 016.

It is obvious the difference between the two types of Rotors but closer study is required to unlock its actual behaviour.
For example;
a. The Line represents an Oscillation within its form.
b. Its ends scribe the form of a disc if the Oscillating line is used.
c. The major part of the disc being formed contains Nothing.
d. These are used to perform many many functions and are Not limited to a few thousand functions.

So with what I have written in these posts should give you a clearer impression of what I am describing, in the Evolution of Awareness and its method of expression.

Regarding Psychology, emotions etc. they are also directly controlled by Geometric Processing, I will get into this subject possibly in about another two to three thousand posts or so.
So please be patient for those interested.

In my next post I will expose the next steps in this line of Evolution involving multiple rotations and other Line-work which was used to produce the first “Geometric Algorithms”.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 01:57 PM
It appears that you could get drawing 014 by observing 015 or 016 from the edge. For 015 the rotation would then appear as a point moving back and forth. ???
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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by xizd1
It appears that you could get drawing 014 by observing 015 or 016 from the edge. For 015 the rotation would then appear as a point moving back and forth. ???
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Conceptually you are Correct...

But both would appear on the same Face and both would exist as ALL things exist as pairs.
In reality the Awareness can only view a single face but this can change by the addition of geometric Instructions yet we are still looking at the same base and single face.

I will be getting into these instructions in a few posts time.
But for now I want to present every detail in sequence before we can approach the Processing system itself otherwise none of this will be understood by anyone.

You are at an advantage, as you have read many private emails we exchanged in the past, but now is the time to tie those ends together reveling the whole story.

It is the Structuring of "pairs" which forms the "Tree". i.e. the "branches". This Conceptual structure (involving Tree/s) is what allows the illusion of Choice.

Just like in hitting a ball in a game of tennis.. How many different ways can we return the ball?

All these possibilities are written into the program... similar to ant video game... LOL.

All the possibilities already exist, as they are written in the program, chosen to be experienced.

Sometimes 10,000 choices are available, at other stages only a few hundred, and in other cases only ONE choice is available.

There are Program masks which control access to the number and choices available, at any stage of the "Story" or program.

I will also show everything regarding this control as well, in future posts.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 06:47 PM
Many I know, will be asking why I am boring you with all this... and just get to the interesting stuff.

But it is imperative I explain every step in Evolution, that lead to the first “Partition Map/s” which enabled Awareness to become organised and able to store its experiences.

When I have shown how the Processing System was established, I will then go on to show what each of its components does, as well as how they are used, and how this controls your every action in this world.

In this post we will look at what took place next in Awareness's expression of Concepts in the form of “Projected” geometric expression.

In the Second Rotation Concept, Awareness found itself locked in an inescapable “Loop”.

But as it continued to observe, it created a copy of the first “To & Fro” Concept, and rather than Rotating this copy as well, it locked it firmly, preventing it from rotating.

As the Oscillation was now so fast it appeared as a Static Line retaining its given length.

For the sake of Clarity, I have chosen to place this Static Line in the vertical orientation and left the Rotating Oscillation (Line) continuing to Rotate in a Anticlockwise direction.

Awareness was fascinated by the geometry being formed between the two “Opposites.

a. The Static Line
b. The Rotating Line

When the two Lines were at 90º to each other a + appearing in stable symmetry.

Drawing 017.

As the Rotations Centre was also located in the centre of the Static line, Awareness then copied
the Rotation and permitted the Centre of its Rotation to sink to the extremity or lower end of the static Line.

Drawing 018.

Another Copy of the Rotation was produced, which then traversed to the other extremity (Upper Limit) of the Vertical static Line.

Drawing 019.

Two different forms of Images were discovered, the first was made up of three Rotations.

a. The Centre Rotation (The first)
b. The Lower Rotation
c. The Upper Rotation (The order involving the two end Rotations doesn't matter.)

Drawing 020.

Or if a Horizontal static line is used, rather than the Vertical line.

Drawing 021

or Both

Drawing 022

The other form was the “Square”.

Drawing 023.

The Square was of fascination to Awareness, for numerous reasons.

The first was when one of the sides was rotated 45° from one end into the square area, in an attempt to bridge the corners diagonally. It obviously fell short of the mark. So when the two lengths,

a. The Rotated Line.
b. The Diagonal

were compared, this lead to the discovery of establishing what we refer to today as “Measurement”.

Measurement is “The comparing of two components”, which still on its own is meaningless, regarding absolute size.
Yes we can say, “Sure it's only seven miles (to a given place)”. This really only tells us there are seven “Subdivisions (Miles)” within the apparent distance.

So applying such a practice to measure (so called) for example the size of what you believe to be the universe is meaningless. Again we are only claiming the number of “Subdivisions” that may or may not exist within the environment (picture) you see.

But it is this Phenomena regarding the “Square' discovered by Awareness which introduced the Concept of “Distance”.

((As we know the Diagonal of any square is expressed as √2, but this only relates to the number of Subdivisions (Sides) of the Square, which it into the diagonal length of the same Square.))

But also note that the Square in my drawing is divided in two, if only the Vertical line is included. The same applies if the Horizontal line is included instead.
If both are presented then the Square is “Partitioned” into four equal squares.

Drawing 024

But the most fascinating Concept involving both the diagonals shown together in a square (Only one example) Introduces the concept of “Infinity

Drawing 025.

Reminds me of a Tunnel where it disappears in the distance.

Drawing 026.

It was from the Square and its Diagonals which introduced the concept of “Infinity
This concept exists also as a pair having the ability to be bidirectional when involving the illusion of depth and motion such as travelling in a vehicle.

A very useful tool as you will find out when we come to use this in geometric processing.

In my next post I will show the rotation of the Square (very simple but there is more to this than first realised)
There is another rotation of sorts involving the Square, but I will show the difference between these two when showing the forming of the “Partition Map” used in Processing.

I will also go through the formations of the “Six Pointed Star” which plays a major role in the Geometric Precessing system, involving millions of different functions.
There are many, many different forms of this star which all have their own functions.

This will then continue into the forming of the base “Partition Map” module which will be used to produce the “Partition Maps” used in the processing system.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 07:08 PM
I have to go to work...So I flagged , subscribed, and starred your post for latter...
Just wanted you to know ,this seems very interesting...and like alot of thought has went into it...

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 03:21 PM
Although this is like childish thinking, it still needs to be shown.
The reason will become quite clear latter on.

The rotation of a Square.

Drawing 027

This is used as just one of millions of Functions, used in your "Geometric Processing System".

Later we are going to look at processes, which are a little different than this obvious rotation, yet still involving (strange types of) rotations..

If we take another look at that "Square", we find that its four corners, are located in the intersections of the rotations also.

Drawing 028

The other geometric form, was the "Six Pointed Star", coming from the three rotations involving their Intersections and also one of the two "static" (Non Rotating) lines.
I have chosen the vertical line.

First the three “Rotations” and the vertical “To & Fro” (Line)

Here is the sequence involving the Construction of the Six Pointed Star.

(Please do NOT get “Superstitious” as many religious people do in Ignorance.)

Drawing 029

Drawing 030

Drawing 031

Then the Image is produced in its inverted (Opposite) state as well and when added (superimposed) giving us the first of the “Six Pointed Stars”.

Drawing 032

And rotated 90° displayed as in its opposite orientation.

Drawing 033

Note the Star is made up of SevenPartitions”, and it's Line Work.
i.e. having Seven empty “Holes”.

Used for What???
I will show you a little later on.

In the Centre i.e. the Seventh Location (The “Inner”) there is a True Hexagon.

Drawing 034

and the others (The “Outers”) Six Triangles.

Again I will explain what these triangular “Holes” are for, a little later on..

Drawing 035

There is another SixOuters” as well formed by the “OuterHexagon if we connect the Points of the Star with Line Work.

Drawing 036.

And if we connect the Points of the Star using Line Work, we find the “OuterHexagon but notice it is rotated 90° in orientation to that of the “InnerHexagon.

Drawing 037.

the Same also applies to the “Rotated Star”.

There is a “Five Pointed Star” and a “Four Pointed Star” also, but I will show this Later on, when explaining how the “Geometric Processing System” works, and how we use this to change either our Environment or the Species we are experiencing the environment through. That is if we desire to.

In my next Post I will show how the First “Module” was Formed, to produce The “Geometric Processing” Systems “Partition Map”, formed without the necessity of Math, as at that stage in Evolution, Math was still Not known, or had Not yet been Discovered.

Remember at this stage “Awareness” is in its early stages of “Evolution”.

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 08:28 PM
If we start with the first square discovered by Awareness and “Back Engineer” its Structure we find an interesting “Geometric Algorithm”.
(I think the appropriate word to use is “Algorithm”???
Even though it is Not a Mathematical Algorithm, if someone is able to supply the correct English word, IF this word is incorrectly used I would be grateful)
But I think you will soon realise why I refer to this as a “Geometric Algorithm”, after I have explained.

The reason for “Back Engineering”, is because it involves the FirstConcept” of movement “To & Fro”.
In other words we Construct the “Concept” then Dismantle the “Concept”and often by doing this we discover new things.

So let's start with the first “Square” and its Central Vertical Line..

Drawing 038.

The Line down the Centre, obviously represents the “First Concept” of MovementTo & Fro”.

Drawing 039.

Now the next Geometric shape, is made from a DoubleTo & Fro” one 90° to the other.
So let's Start our “To & Fro” from the Lower left and traverse upward, but on reaching its turn about point,

Drawing 040.

and instead of traversing back along the same path, the second “To & Fro” is now introduced, causing a diagonally traversal then traversing upward again completing the Glyph “N” used in Greek, still used today representing “nu” or “N” in English etc.
In Greek ΝΩ in English means “We Two” by the time you have read the rest of this post you will understand why I mention these things.

Drawing 041.

and to complete the “To & Fro” action retreats back along the same path.

Drawing 042.

And as you can plainly see, this “Glyph” is formed from the combinations of two actions involving the “First Concept” of Movement “To & Fro

Now the “Second Concept” of Movement comes into play, which was/is “Rotation
so The “N” is Rotated (in either direction it really doesn't matter which direction here) forming or changing into the “Glyph” representing Zeta in Greek and “Z” in English today. Funny thing is that ΖΑΩ and ΖΩΩ Translated into English means to Live or be Alive ???

Drawing 043.

Now the curious thing is; If we “Rotate” the same Glyph “N” about the “First Concept” of Movement “To & Fro” or Static Line (Not in rotation) We find our Glyph the “Z” again ???
Note also the pair i.e. the “N” and the “Z” remind me of that Square Tunnel I showed earlier. And the Greek word ΝΩ in English means “We Two” comes to mind ???


And if we add the “First Concept” of Movement “To & Fro” we get a stack of “Glyphs” (Geometric “Stick Drawings”) that look like this....

Drawing 045.

Now if we unload the “Stack” and place the Glyphs on Parade in the order they were established in their natural sequence, we get this.

Drawing 046.

And here; We find the understanding of that “Geometric Algorithm” I mentioned ???

Drawing 045.

Now remember in the beginning the first Concept of Movement was “To & Fro”, notice the first “Glyph” or Letter is the “I” which represents the “First Concept” of Movement “To & Fro”.
And of course the Second Letter & Third Letter (Referring to its Change via Rotation) represents the “Second Concept” of movement “Rotation”.

But even Stranger is a second meaning, as ALL things come in their pairs, Hence the forming of the Tree (Like a Directory path or Tree)

This is “Two Similar & One Different

And even more bizarre; The FirstGeometric Algorithm” reads from Left to right and the Second from Right to Left.

This is where the Building of the First “Partition Map” starts.

First I will show How the base “Module” was formed and How the Processors “Partition Map” Evolved from this in my next post.

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 09:38 PM
The establishment of the First “Partition Map” (Module) started off, because of the “Astable State” present within the observer (Awareness).

Definition of the word “Astable”; A condition usually referring to a multivibrator used in electronics.

In which the circuit is not stable in either state - It continually switches from one state to the other. It does not require an input such as a clock pulse.

But in the context I am using this word “Astable” is an attempt to describe the nature or the first Conceptual movement “To & Fro

This Structure started to “Partition” itself by trying to establish a state of “Symmetry” within the structure which would also include the “Geometric Algorithm I N Z” starting from of course the geometric Algorithm Awareness had discovered.

Drawing 047.

But notice that the Geometry which forms the Algorithm is not Symmetrically stable. To complete its Symmetry it requires a Horizontal bar or line in its geometry shown here in Red.

Drawing 048.

And in adding this line in one sense it is Symmetrically stable containing both orientations of the Geometric Algorithm (One Glyph I N Z rotated 90° over the other) in another sense the structure is no longer truly Symmetrical.
I am of course referring to the four corners. Each corner appears to be missing a diagonal line to complete the Symmetry in each of the corners..

Drawing 049.

So let's put the missing Diagonal in, shown here in Red.

Drawing 050.

Shown here in all four corners.

Drawing 051.

But now the I N ZAlgorithm” is no longer present in each of the squares, which Awareness wanted to repeat in each square.
So the vertical Line which was missing was added.

Drawing 052.

Shown here in all four corners.

Drawing 053.

But now the structure is Not entirely Symmetrically stable again.
The Horizontal line is missing again. So this was added once again shown here in Red.

Drawing 054.

And shown here in all four corners.

Drawing 055.

But once again there are diagonals missing in each of the squares.
So these were added once again, shown here in Red.

Drawing 056.

Shown here in all the squares.

Drawing 057.

And again the vertical lines are missing to complete the Algorithms Glyph.
So once again this was added shown here in Red.

Drawing 058.

And shown here in all the squares.

Drawing 059.

Well as you can see this “Scenario” could go on into Infinity never ending but this is Not such a bad thing, as this scenario is truly generational.
But Awareness wanted to establish a Symmetrically stable Base Module, realising this scenario would never end, and desired to place boundaries on this phenomena.
The Square on edge and its “Rotation” came to mind.

Drawing 060.

But this Square shown in Blue, did Not Match the Line work forming the Squares.

Drawing 061.

The square shown here in Blue separated off a Square of sub-squares, twenty eight in number or four times the number of Partitions of the “Inner” Form of that “Six pointed Star”.

This left a total of twelve in the “Inner” area of the structure, being the number of “triangles” involved in the “Outer” components of the “Six pointed Star” in its two orientations, (one Rotated 90° over the other).
The Blue square was located in another Square of sub-squares, twenty in number, being the intermediate component between the “Inner” & “Outer” sets of Squares.

Drawing 062.

Now we have Sixty Four squares in all (8 x 8) The missing Diagonal lines were added to each of Squares producing the illusion of 64 Square Holes or more to the point “Tunnels” (Which I will refer to as “Labyrinths”, and will explain why I assign this title to them a little later on) giving us access to both a controlled or restrained format and “Infinity” via each of the Squares. The best of both worlds.

Drawing 063.

So what we now have an “Outer” set, an Intermediate set and an “Inner” set of “Labyrinths”.

Drawing 064.

or a total of 64 “Labyrinths” or endless Square Tunnels.

Drawing 065.

In my next Post we will continue with constructing the FirstModule” which the Processing “Partition Map” will be constructed from..

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 11:21 PM
Sixty-four squares. Is this how chess originated. Trying to control the board through the use of different squares with different contents. Control of the middle (inner) squares is essential to success, and affects the allowed movements in the squares around it. No need to respond, this is a note for me more than anything. Please continue when ready.

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by xizd1

BINGO...... Very observant... "I Ching" or "Yì Jīng" has a set of 64 too.

and "O's & X's" is based on the 9 squares, as is "The City of 9 Gates" you know about.

So too is "Rubik's Cube" based on a 3D version of the 9 Squares....

Many Games are based on the "Processing System" I am describing....

posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 05:25 PM
Now we have a Block or “Square' of 64Square Holes” which are bottomless. These holes exist in a 2D Plane whose endless layers can exist as this strange processor, will function solely involving concepts.

For each layer identified within the “Faces” of the main “Plane” would have both another Two “Outer” Faces and Two “Inner” Faces.

Here is just one example relating to the “Outer” (and all contained within it) in other words All 64 cells.
The 64 square holes or cells are of one larger Square or hole. In other words they are the 64 Partitions of a square formed by line work.

Drawing 066.

But this only provides a single generation of storage and nothing else.
An operating system is required to service this concept.

So Awareness added an “Octagon” constructed from the two large Squares.

This Octagon would later serve many different functions.

The Octagon itself, would become a Geometric “Instruction” which would relate to Instructions (the “Inner” Instruction i.e. Contents of the Octagon) So the Octagon itself (Outer) is the register Instruction and the Glyph or Letter “Inside” the Octagon is the “Communication”.

So while the processor is working the Glyphs or Letters are often seen to be changing rapidly.

Here is an example where the “Letter” as we would call it, represents the “Upper” and “Lower” Discs, hence the shape like an “S”.
The Octagon it is in is the actual “Instruction” referring to the Communication taking place.
There are other types of Communication Instructions other than the Octagon, but again I will go into this more later on.

The Geometric Identification of “Components” is decided by the “Shape”, Note that “Shape” also includes “Size”. (i.e. Square, Octagon, Square on edge, hexagon, Disc or other)
”Position”, and “Colour”.

The Geometric “Shape' itself....... is used as an Instruction.
The “Position” (location)........ Which Storage Cell or register.
and “Colour”..... nature of the Function. I will explain more about this later on.

One example; We could use this “Octagon” to identify a given group of 64.

The 64 Squares or Cells make up in this case, One large Square on its side.

Drawing 067.

This Octagon is formed from these two Squares.

Drawing 068.

There also exists another form of Octagon which is slightly distorted. In other words Not a True Octagon.
The reason for its shape, is that unlike the Octagon I have been describing, this octagon is used in a precessing movement which I will explain more about later.

Drawing 069

And this Blue square is the Geometric “Instruction” for the “9 Gates” often used for “Loading” or “Importing”, besides involving other functions.

Drawing 070.

In fact these Squares come in many different sizes, according to the desired processing required.

Often these squares are also Offset or partially Rotated Diagonally forming “Parallelograms”. But I will explain more about these later.

Drawing 071.

Theses are the Octagons containing the “Communication” for each of the 64 Partitions which are the sub-Temporary Libraries.
Each Square can be selected instead of the Octagon in the square and a “Glyph” or Picture will be presented . A bit like the Cover of a book.

Drawing 072.

There is a Square on Edge as well.

Drawing 073.

which also contains 64 partitions. The Square on edge is the Geometric “Instruction” for the “Running Program” secondary Libraries.

Drawing 074.

In each of these Squares are Octagons. More about these later.

Drawing 075.

So now back to this forming of this Base Processing Module again.

Here are the 64 Squares and the Octagons for the “Running Program”.
The “Running Program” can refer to any program and Not just the experience you have, like this world (Earth and Universe) for example.
One example is, we can gain access to the main libraries through the “Running Program” System, as well as using it within say for example, the “9 Gates”.

Drawing 076.

Now the Large Octagon is Added.

Drawing 077.

and the other Large Octagon.

Drawing 078.

And the other Base Components.

Drawing 079.

But as we are showing HOW the Base Processing “Partition Map” is constructed we will continue with this structure, as it is the first Part of the Base “Partition Map”.
The other components (in Drawing 079) I have shown are hidden in the Map to keep things simple when accessing the Processing System in your sight.

Drawing 080.

In my next post I will go on to explain the forming of what was known as the “Ogdoad” in ancient writings.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 05:17 PM
Just as in the beginning when the FirstRotations” were formed. Shown in Drawing 020.

and Drawing 022.

and if we show All the Rotations.

Drawing 081.

As you can see there are four “Rotations” one in each corner of the “Outer” square.

Drawing 082.

Drawing 083.

So awareness constructed another generation of the same “Partition” module but this generation is half scale from the first module.
This divided the first Generation module into four “Squares” containing an exact copy of the first generation module but in half scale.

Drawing 084.

But when these four were introduced there were some small octagons missing as a result.

Drawing 085.

So these were added to the “Partition Map”.

Drawing 086

Then it was observed that the Structure was sill NOTSymmetrically” Stable, so an Octagon was added into the centre interlacing the four Large Octagons together referring to Line Work.

Drawing 087.

As you can see, what is happening is an “Inner” Generation of the first Module, is being reconstructed inside the first Base Module.
So we have these “Inners” & “Outers” appearing once again.

Since it all started with a central Rotation, an Octagon the same as the other four Yellow Octagons was installed in the centre also, giving a set or group of Five.

Drawing 088.

And in the above drawing we see in the centre location both an “Inner” & “OuterYellow Octagon.

Four small Yellow Octagons were also installed in the Centre locations of the other Large Yellow octagons, giving us a set of Five pairs of “Inners” & “Outers”.

Drawing 089.

The “Outer” Square Boarder, which was shown in the First base Module shown in drawing 080 was enabled or reappeared but in Half Scale form.

Drawing 080.

and a second Square was formed to become its “Outer” forming another pair.

This “Outer” Square contained another set of Five Yellow Octagons.
But it in this case Four small Octagons and One Large Octagon.

Drawing 090.

And on Completing the Symmetry a Structure, shown here in Black appeared.

Drawing 091.

And as this was also a Central Structure another Set of Five Modules were introduced. Shown here in this drawing as dotted lines.

Drawing 092.

So on completing the Symmetry, a Stable Structure appeared, looking something like this.

Drawing 093.

And what was referred to in ancient writings as “The Ogdoad”. I understand the Component they referred to, I have highlighted in Black in the drawing below.

Drawing 094.

I will also often refer to this component also “The Ogdoad”

The same “Outer” Squares used in the base Module but in half scale, are used here also, dividing the Ogdoad into Four Squares.

I have shown a couple of instructions in this next drawing, and will explain How they get their Shapes and WHAT they mean as “Instructions” used in the Processing System
I am about to show you, which by the way is far more simple, than what I have shown so far.

Drawing 095.

The FourSquares” represent Geometric Library registers, as I will call them, as they contain information on a temporary basis.
I refer to them as the main “Temporary” Libraries as All the contents are contained in these, that are pertinent to the program being experienced at the time.
However these programs can be added to, or even completely replaced at any stage.

In my next Post I will explain all about these four squares I refer to as registers, and WHAT is behind these two instructions “X” and “C”, and WHY the “Instructions” are these shapes Not unlike like your letters today, as well as WHAT they do.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 10:30 PM
Regarding these two instructions displayed in the drawing below.

Drawing 095.

Note; The Square on edge here is only to bring attention to the true size of the “XInstruction in this case.

But first let me Identify each of the Four registers or areas in this “Partition Map

The names given to these areas are the best I can provide to date and what I have used over the last 17 years to Identify them.

The Greater or “Outer” Square is as I said divided into Four Sectors or sub Squares.
They are the Main Temporary Libraries because the Squares are orientated on their Sides and the Geometric Instruction for the Main Temporary Library is a Square on its side shown in drawing 070.

and Drawing 071.

These Squares can also appear in this form as well as well as others I will show later.

Drawing 096.

So any Square on its Side is the Geometric Instruction indicating a Temporary Main or Primary Library.

Drawing 097.

So the “Outer” Square indicates or is the “Instruction” to gain access to these “Main” or Primary, “Temporary Libraries”.

These Libraries are used during Processing your experience you believe to be reality referring to both your body (Species) and Environment or Universe.
There are also “Permanent Libraries” but I will explain these later on.

Everything comes from a group of Libraries containing Four sub-Libraries.
So the Outer Square is divided or Partitioned into Four sub Libraries.

a. The Upper Left Partition is the Program Library (Containing Programs)
b. The Upper Right Partition is The Control Library.
c. The Lower Left Partition is the Picture Library containing static Images including Letters and glyphs.
d. The Lower Right Partition is what I call the Scratch-Pad Library.

Now to explain the two Instructions displayed in drawing 095.
I will show only the Library Partition (one of the Four sub Partitions) involved with each “Instruction”.

First is the “X” in the Program register (Upper Left)

Drawing 098.

The Lines forming the “X” extend out of “Infinity”, or the “Absolute Centre” which is Non-dimensional having No Size or Shape.
In other words this is of Conceptual nature and has come out of “Nothing” (The Absolute Centre) described involving drawing 026.

Drawing 099.

But as this relates to the “Square” on its Side (a Geometric Instruction) and the contents has been Divided or “Partitioned' into Four equal sub-Squares also on their Sides, then we would be seen as though looking into a Square tunnel of this nature (Rotated 45°).

Drawing 100.

So what this “X” implies is that the Tunnel has been as though prised open pushing out the Four “Partitions” away from each other squashing them to defined sizes ,according to the Geometry of the “X”.

Drawing 101.

And as the Greater Square has 7 (Seven) Layers indicated by the 7 9Seven) Square frames (“Geometric Instructions” referring to the different Temporary sub libraries, controlled by the proportions of the “X”, determining which layer the bars of the “X” are pointing to.

Drawing 102.

In this case the Left Upper bar of the “X” points to the 7th layer and being the smallest is furtherest away i.e. nearest to the Back Face which is Black.
It so happens that Black is at the Back, or is the Rear Outer layer where All comes from.

Drawing 103.

Now if we were to “Rotate” this Upper Left Bar Clockwise so as to point to the Upper Right Corner, which is the Control Register, of this Upper Left register the “X” is shown in, (The Program Register) we find the Square register with the “Blue Mask”, has been Rotated 90° which is also the Orientation of the Control register if the Four,

a. The Program register.
b. The Control register
c. The Picture register
d. The Scratch-pad register

Are in a “Stack” rather than on “Parade” i.e. each existing in their own respective corners.

Drawing 104.

So what this “X” Command or “Instruction” does is Select All four “Outer” Temporary libraries, and displays them on “Parade” with each of the four registers in their appropriate locations, one in each of the four Corners.

This is where the “Contents” which has been “Imported” from the Master “Permanent Libraries” can be found or Located.

The Glyph looking like a “X” is also Bidirectional in nature so the “Inside” is the Same as the “Outside that is in the forward axis.

So when loading a program before we experience it, everything is returned to the Centre which is “Non dimensional” having No Size or Shape, including the Command or “Instruction” to play the program, which we experience in the form of, for example the program you are experiencing right now, involving your body and environment it interacts with.

So the “X” selects The Program Libraries, which are the “Temporary Libraries” which contain what is either going to be played or be edited.

In my next Post I will explain the “C” in the right Upper register (The Control register) and tell you more about WHAT this register does.

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reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Awww....I hate to do this...especially since Matrix was so polite to my reply to his other topic but....a truth is a truth so here we go....sorry M.

Matrix....I read your topic post and I have to say that you unfortunatly are describing ideas and concepts....reguardless if they are good natured or not....incorrectly and you do not have enough knowledge about the physics and realities of our MULTIVERSE.

One GOOD thing that I can say is....I agree with you that people do not really understand what reality is and our science and physics has poorly represented it to this point.

Our Universal reality is one of Infinite Universes in which some are direct off shoots....thus a Divergent Universal reality of infinite possibilities one for each possibility and existing based on probability. There are Infinite numbers of you or me within the Multiverse. There is a YOU that drank coffee this morning....there is a YOU that did not. There is a me who did not reply to your post and there is a me that used the word I rather than me in this post.

The particles that make up Atoms...Protons, Neutrons and Electrons...also have sub-particles of their own or behave as both a particle and a is the case in an Electron. In Protons and Neutron...there are many different sub-particles...Leptons, Glueons....and I will pick one to use as an exaple that are part of this group...Quarks.

Inside a Proton or Neutron there exists particles called Quarks...they never exist in more than a specific quantity or less than a specific quantity but they can change in number between these absolutes and litteraly BLINK IN AND OUT OF EXISTANCE. This is most likely because they are sharing existance between the Quarks in a proton in an atom that makes up part of you in another Divergent Universal Reality.

The theory is...the Greater the Quantity of these particle close and at their maximum allowed quantity inside a proton or neutron....means that the branch and probability of action within the existance of one particular Divergent Universal reality...will occur. In plain terms...the Universe where you drive to work the same route every morning will loose Quarks inside the atoms that make you up if a nother versin of you is driving a road where an accident has happened and that version of you needs to take a different route....thus probability of action governs specific particle transphere and existance. I could go on but this is your show...sorry.
Split Infinity

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Thank you for your Post.

I am Not offended so no need to appologise.

But don't jump into the deep prematurely, until the thread is complete.

Please be Patient....

I have hardly introduced the "Partition Maps".

What is to come is beyond your wildest dreams and what has never entered the human species thinking before.

Your Atoms and Quarks and other particles, are only the END "Story" and NOT how all (The "Story") is produced.

You are right about the "Story" for that is what is meant to be presented.

But I am Not talking about that "Story" you assume me to be, but rather I am explaining HOW the "Story" is Created.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 09:23 PM
In this post I will explain WHY the Shape of the Instruction Glyph resembles a “C” as used in English today. WHAT it means and a Little more about the Control register and what it's for.

Drawing 105.

Well this is the easiest of the Instructions to understand.
When one gains understanding of the logic behind the processing system, it becomes very easy to recognize what each Glyph is used for, which makes things very easy as memory is Not relied upon, but instead “Recognition, so it is Important to be able to Recognise what is in our sight.

The “C” is a section of a Circle and in this case is the “Inner

For example look at the human eye it also has “Inner” & “Outer” circular components too.
The pupil is the “Inner” and the Iris is the “Outer”. There's much, much more for the medical world to discover about the Iris in the future.

(( If science understood how to look correctly at the Inside of the eye, but not looking at the Rods and cones etc. but instead looking toward the front of the eye and study the phenomena in real time as to say, taking particular notice of what appears on the “Inside” surface of the Iris (Inside the eye ball.) they may discover there is far more going on in the eye than they had ever imagined. To see this phenomena the Iris must be viewed through a strobe receiver.
The frequency or f/s is determined by what you are looking for.

It is believed that most of the information is being sent to the brain, providing vision, but the communication transfer in the neuro-network is Bidirectional and contains communication yet to be discovered by scientists on earth.
But that's another story. ))

So the “InnerDisc identified by the “CInstruction is to do with sight, in other words your field of vision in the experience.

If you observe carefully what is happening in your sight, with your head stationary you will find that the boundaries of your peripheral vision does Not change much, when looking from one extreme side to the other (i.e. left to right keeping your head stationary).

If your peripheral vision was controlled via the pupil, lens, and retina then your peripheral vision would change according to the amount of movement of the eye but this does NOT happen.

Let me explain...

The Rotation of the human eye from one side to the other (Extremes) is about 90° depending on the origin of the person i.e. their native origin.
So their field of vision should also rotate through the same angle, but it Doesn't...
Check this out yourself.
Your Field of vision is NOT established by your Eyes. but instead by the Position of your head.

Am I talking rubbish ???

LOL. Try it yourself and see.
Then rotate your head from one side to the other by 90° and NOTE the huge difference, regarding your so called field of vision. i.e. first by just turning your eyes from one side to the other (Extremities). Now compare this, with rotating your head from one side to the other, by the same angle (90°)

It's funny what we often take for granted without really taking notice.

Likewise if we turn our head the updating of information regarding our sight, is far less than if we keep our head stationary, and shift our eyes instead.

Go on try this out yourself, regarding what I have written about this.

Now back to this “CInstruction again.

In this particular case this “C” Instruction refers to the “Inner” component of the field of Vision (Governed by the size of this particular “C”) which I will explain more about this later on, when I come to show you the Programming side of what produces your experience, you believe to be “Reality” involving your body and its interaction with its environment. (Earth or Universe)
Others (people etc.) are part of that environment as I will explain more about this later also.

In Drawing 095 the position and size of the “C” refers to the Control regarding this field of vision in some cases, as well as to do with “Rotations” in Processing in other cases.
It just depends on how the program is written, (its order of Instructions etc.) and what you are using the program for.

These things I will explain in detail later on, as we progress through the processes, which produce what most experiencing through the human species, believe to be their Universe.


So far we have come to know there are TwoPartition Maps”.

a. The Smaller Sized “Partition Map” I will refer to as the “Eye Matrix” because the Mind or “Awareness” looks through this, involving anything to do with the mind or awareness experiences.

Drawing 106.

Don't forget there is also an “Outer” version of this whose octagons and squares etc. are full scale i.e. the same as the Base Module.

b. The “Ogdoad”, whose octagons and squares etc. are half scale

Drawing 107.

And there is also a “Partition Map” whose octagons and squares are one quarter scale.
In ancient writings, this “Partition Map”was referred to as The City.

Drawing 108.

Which is used when editing or changing anything referring to the “Environment Program” which produces your environment whether you are in a room at the time, or in say in a car, or simply standing on the earth, or in a Craft, or the Background believed to be a 3D Universe.

In my next Post I will introduce some of the “Processing Functions” explaining in detail including WHAT each of these do.

I will also explain how all of this relates to what is believed to be the universe and later on how this technology is used in controlling what many refer to as craft and others UFO.

I don't expect anyone to believe me, but I will still provide details anyway showing all the workings, for those who are able to read with an open mind.

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 09:30 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller

Drawing 023.

The first thing to point out, that drawing is #23. Coincidence?

Second thing, dew you realize that is the Source of the Flower of Life?


Ps: Be sure to LOOK closely at Da Vinci's drawings on the Flower of Life, at the link above.
You should notice the THREE primary shapes of the Universe:

1. Circle
2. Square
3. Triangle

Also, have you ever noticed Da Vinci's "Man breaking OUT of the BOX drawing? Better known as Vitruve Luc Viatour?

Law of Shapes: Everything goes to a Sphere, if possible, for even the SUM of All numbers IS a Sphere.

Nothing IS SUMthing!

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Matrix....I read your topic post and I have to say that you unfortunatly are describing ideas and concepts....reguardless if they are good natured or not....incorrectly and you do not have enough knowledge about the physics and realities of our MULTIVERSE.

Well SI, I hate to bust your bubble but there is only ONE Universe, comprised of THREE components!

You are what you EAT and what your mind has eaten is 2nd Law of Thermodynamic Crap!

The Universe IS a OPEN SYSTEM, kNot a Closed System, but your Mind is a Closed System.
The You're Always Right Paradox proves it, along with your werds.

"When WRONG is the teacher, WRONG is the student and two WRONGS don't make a right." - Old Toad Proverb


Ps: kNot even God/Source can win the fight against stupidity when Stupid is judging the Contest.

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The first thing to point out, that drawing is #23. Coincidence?

Second thing, dew you realize that is the Source of the Flower of Life?

Indeed I do....

posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 10:09 PM
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The Sphere is the "Opposite" to The "Inner" (Centre) which is Something we call "Nothing"...

The "Sphere" is formed by the second "Concept Rotation.

But only exists as a "Concept", because You and I, including everything that exists are of something which is "Non-Dimensional" and purely functions through "Communication" involving "Awareness" or LIFE.

Hence what was referred to as "The WORD" by some.

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