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Nuclear Conspiracy: In the late 80s, Astra Holdings purchased 4 nukes, Dr Kelly and Cameron Involved

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by standback

I fully understand, this would fly over the heads of most.

I am not and never will be a Conspiracy theorist. This is FACT, the people are real, the Companies, the fraud, the Missing Nukes. Trust me, I can take the ridicule, I'm Welsh.

I hold the Ace Cards: I have forensic RSA Attorney Court prosecution and Police case Dossiers and over 400 Government Documents and Politicians letters posted by Ms Andrea Davison.

It has taken me 10 years of personal involvement through 2 major South African criminal fraud cases (2001-2006), aligned with those working directly with Sir Mark Thatcher and Simon Mann. The amount stolen by the fraud group in excess of US$ 130 Million, most laundered to LONDON and to "Virtual" Smoke & Mirrors Fronts run out of the then LONRHO HQ. They only abandoned 22 ARLINGTON STREET and delisted ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES LIMITED after I published my articles on PANDORA'S BOX.

I have made known to the Derby Police (Recorded), should they fail to Prosecute Ms Davison and her Superiors I have named in affidavit statement, I will raise a case with the IPCC of Police Corruption aligned with protection of known Politicians and Political Parties known to have been funded by and in operating International Organised Crime networks in the United Kingdom.

Now, for further reference, the RSA Police Cases. I was assisting the Police with the recovery of information and Corporate Documents associated to METOREX LIMITED, Convicted Con Artist and Bank fraudster NICO SHEFER operating with Sir Mark Thatcher, Simon Mann and "EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES" LONRHO Directors and 22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON . It was highlighted when in 2008, the Australian Investigative Programme
ABC 4 CORNERS broadcast this "bombshell."

They ran an expose on the asset stripping of 2 of the largest mining Companies. JCI and DRD Gold and assassination of Roger Brett Kebble.
Download from their Broadband site: ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY"
Basic. How to steal (in Total) US$ 1.3 Billion The RAWAS Scam, was only one of 22 Frauds involving the same Directors running Interlocked "Virtual" Mining and Oil and Gas "Exploration" Shell Companies. I had the FULL network.

Do the BNP worry you, they should, they have access to full MILITARY Weapons, Why do I say that.

Well, MS TARA ANDREA (Biggs-) DAVISON uses many guises, as most Intelligence Officers do.

So, recover from Internet:

who lists herself as AN INTELLIGENCE ADVISOR
The same Address as: MS TARA ANDREA DAVISON
LL56 4JD

So, My case to the Police (RECORDED) besides MS DAVISON and MR MILLS. How many MILITARY ARMALITE Super SASS 7.62mm Sniper Rifles and Military Hardware are being handed out and to WHOM.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 07:38 AM
I have now read what Tara Davison wrote about the Derby Police raid that stuff you published in Pandoras Box sounds to me as if she was a targeted by the Police to shut her up.

What you say about her taking the documents and giving them to the M Hoyle about the Nukes also puts her on the side of the Angels.

If she has evidence about the nukes it would be sensible to make friends with her not make her your enemy but I guess yours pissed if she is suing you I can understand that.

But we all need whistle-blowers like her
reply to post by LAARBRUCH

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by standback

Yes, your right.

So, WHY ???? did she, only blab to the World , AFTER HER ARREST.

She was arrested 13/1/2010

Her site: was only posted in June 2010
with access via the Header Bars to over 400 Gov Docs.
The Site Removed a few days after she put it on the Internet.

What you don't have in front of you (Like I do) is the full archive History of AFBIO
5 years of interlocked research.
A "Virtual" Office, Mail Drop Box, Off-Shore Company Administration She calls, a "SMALL" UNLISTED Company
Registered in VANCOUVER. CANADA and over 40 other Countries.

You have to understand, She had been holding on to these STOLEN Gov Docs for over 20 years ,she had these Secret & Classified Documents. Evidence that if made public would COLLAPSE the current Government.

Nice little Security cash earner, to keep in the bottom draw, for whenever it was needed.

I also have personal written communications with and from the CHILCOTT IRAQ INQUIRY to back my evidence regarding

She was offered a truce, she couldn't accept because she would self implicate herself in Massive £Billion International Organised Crime given the Documents I have.

When we complete our RCJ QBD Case. If it is allowed to continue, under Security of the Realm.

We are still going to insist she be arrested by the Security Services under the OSA for the theft, removal and Holding "Secret and Classified" DTI and Government Documents for 20 years.

Did you read, PANDORA's BOX.
ex Prime Minister TONY BLAIR operates out of the same offices as LONRHO PLC attached to the RITZ
a "Hidden" Director of the RITZ being MOHAMMED AL FAYED

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by LAARBRUCH

Cant find Pandora’s Box FACT Let me have that link to Pandora’s Box Fact so I can read it.

But I have read Arms to Iraq – Just who knew what would have to be the question – Part 1 and a great read it is. In that it say Tara Davison was imprisioned in the Attorney Generals office for four days. Maybe that sort of treatment put her off. Seems like she is always getting arrested that makes you wonder because she is obviously being regularly thrown to the wolves. So who offered her a truce and what was it ?

This thing about Lonrho is fascinating I am going to check some of these companies you have revealed it is all so interesting

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by standback

PANDORA's BOX is a series of 10 plus 3 special publications.
The FACT reference is only that, a general reference.

Within the series I disclose that Mr TONY BLAIR was a regular visitor to 22 ARLINGTON STREET, the HQ of LONRHO and over 300 other interlocked fraud AIM L.S.E. Penny Stock Oil and Gas and Mining "Virtual" "Exploration" fronts because he was employed at ZURICH FINANCIAL SERVICES.

I offered Ms Davison an Olive branch, to come on Board, to expose those higher within her wider Political web, funded by her International crime group, she refused and went on the attack, however, at that stage she had no concept of what evidence I had recovered or the Documents I provided and continue to provide to SO6 Met Fraud in 2005, Devon and Somerset Police, Derby Police in 2006-2012

We have already had case management meetings at the RCJ, with GOOGLE Inc Lawyers, PALTELEGRAPH, and Ms DAVISON was accompanied by her "Tag Along" Journalist PETE SAWYER.
She provided him with Stolen Government "Secret & Classified" Docs regarding Missing Nuclear Warheads, The Iraq Supergun etc,and both visited MP Peter Hain who locked One specific STOLEN Document in his safe, that makes him complicit in a very serious Crime, with the word "TREASON" in it. That carries a 25 year sentence.

Without wishing any harm to Ms Davison, one letter was handed to the Master, which gave clear evidence of a massive Political Dynamic.
The Letter, recovered from the over 400 Docs, a personal letter from LORD DOUG HOYLE on House of LORDS Crested Paper to the Chief of the Derby Police, requesting him to conduct a speedy criminal investigation and return her property seized in the Raid.

Another LORD DOUG HOYLE Letter I hold, contains the reference to Ms Tara Andrea Davison being arrested & detained by the NORTH WALES Police years ago for 4 Days for the Murder of a Neighbours mother who's body was only found months later.

Tara and Lord Doug Hoyle. They were and are on very close terms, she calls him DOUGIE

ANGEL, more like, the Dark ANGEL
The recorded BNP Member reference recovered comment that MS TARA DAVIS isn't that clever for an Intelligence Officer and Advisor, I can second that.

I have another Dossier Photo of Ms Tara Andrea Davison showing off another MILITARY Automatic Rifle with Silencer, Cocked on her Hip, taken a few years ago in a RUSSIAN "singles" dating Club located in BANGOR North Wales.
Look it up, it used to be called CLUB ODESSA (Nice name hey) Closed a couple of years ago after TARA was arrested.

Tara operated lately with a close friend, her name, MS LAUREN BOOTH, I'm sure you know CHERIE BLAIR

Ask whatever.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by LAARBRUCH

Sorry Mate from what you say sounds like she is not much of a witness. I expect she never had any documents that matter as you say she is not really much of an intelligence officer. They don't write stuff on the web and get arrested all the time. Lives in a really poor area as well, my friend goes there on holiday and he says that street is full of poor terraced properties and their is no money.

You should forget her and get on with the investigation of Blair and the Arlington Street Gang. You have a great opportunity with your expertise to find expose some real crooks. Don't waist your time on foolish little girls

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by standback

Foolish little Girl

Ex Arms to Iraq Investigator
Ex Intelligence Advisor to the Select Committee of the DTI under Sir Ken Warren and MP Peter Lilley
Ex Sister- In -Law of MP Peter Lilley
One of 4 daughters of deceased Senior Conservative Sir John Biggs-Davison
Document "runner" between the DTI and office of Prime Minister
Letters to & between
Lord Doug Hoyle
Peter Hain
Gordon Brown
Tony Blair

Forget her.


posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 09:07 AM
I realise this is a frowned upon 'one liner' but after finding this thread and reading through i was curious as to where the situation stands now with the various court cases and what the process is for publicly breaking this story?

posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by FOXGLOVE87
i was curious as to where the situation stands now with the various court cases and what the process is for publicly breaking this story?

What story? It was all just a hoax

posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 10:11 AM
hi there,

here is a link to some more background.....


posted on May, 3 2013 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by LAARBRUCH

B R Cowley 1

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by Tanzanite

B R C 2

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by Tanzanite

Gordon Bowden: with ref to your last blog post: I [‘B R Cowley’] am NOT Ex SAS but Para Reg, and for a short period of 6 yrs only. Also Dr C Cowley of SRC was not connected in any way with Astra Holdings! Most of my association with the S.A.S military has been psychological or political, and results from my colonial liaison with Kenya and RSA where I grew up. I also have interests in mining and raw resources in African and Oriental /cultural studies. I spent most of my life either reading about the S.A.S or through personal experiences in the Para’s, or promoting the military in specific to Rhodesia /Middle East /Oman. My Platoon OC, B Coy, was also S.A.S and became the Military Attaché’ for Morocco. Major Argue my old OC died recently, and so I am surprised and sorry to here that as he was very fit and a good egg.

I was also stationed in Oman in 1981 with Maj Argue and had been on the reserve list for Iraq for a short period but that just coincidental as these regiments do overlap. I assure you I am not SAS myself although it may seem so! I once supplied Argue in 1982 with Intel on Marsabit in Kenya’s NFD which sees some bandit activity from Somalia. The Kenya GSU is usually based near there and operates now with the AU in the area. I have an interest in military Aviation / military history and politics and have studied with Oxford University on military and political history. I am currently studying with Oxford online for CATS to a BA degree. My step Father is a PhD metallurgist and has connections with the S.A.S through friends and mountaineering and the Anabasis club. He knows Maj Neame S.A.S of 2 Para Goose Green from his climbing days at that club for another example.

In the course of my African childhood I was also exposed to interests in precious minerals and metals and have a keen interest today in investment potential in Africa and the Middle East. Recently a Scottish European was murdered in a mining district of Kenya called ‘Tsavo’ and was the discoverer the gem stone Tsavorite which is related to ‘green garnet’. My real father was Scottish and I also looked into that issue for the same reason.

This attracts me to Arlington Associates and Lonrho Plc and you’re [G Bowden] rather in depth exposure of their apparent fraudulent interests, which I therefore would logically find difficult to accept without evidence. I also have a company called ‘Tanzanite Associates’ which I set up when trading in the same business as you are now investigating. I often wonder therefore how coincidental this is and what connections you ‘really’ have with the Derby Police, and Tara Davison?

I hope you are accurate in your findings because if you are not you are going to look very stupid with a large yellow African banana up the tail pipe of your Range Rover :-] I also studied LLB Law for a Yr at UWE in 1990-91 but dropped out after my step - father was arrested for illegal export of arms to Iraq. It’s been a little stressful to put it mildly understanding the controversy of super-gun [project Babylon] and being draw into the shadow of these accusations which does affect me personally to some degree

I was arrested in 1994 by CID for assaulting Lord Waldegrave’s relative, a farmer in 1992 in Glastonbury while smoking Marijuana under the influences of drugs and radical left environmental politics. I was assumed to be part of some subversive culture estimated to have connections with the ‘Angry Brigade’ and other militant extreme groups including ‘Wolftone’ IRA. The police were bound by logic to assume the worst and investigated me.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by Tanzanite

I didn’t know who the Farmer was at the time, so it’s a coincidence but an ominous one as he was Lord Waldegraves Brother in law. Since then I was arrested again in 1997 for another common assault on professor Bassett of Bristol University where I now live. I am very sorry about that, and find it difficult to believe I had lost control of my temper.I was sectioned under the mental health act ‘section 47’ at my parents ‘Dr C Cowley’s’ request after he wrote to the Chief Constable personally. Dr Cowley was also being charged by me with Child abuse at the time, which he does not mention in his letter to the police.

They however preferred to assume the worst and I was arrested. I have never seen a lawyer about the matter of ‘child abuse’ but soon will do. Dr Cowley has an expensive lawyer in Sheffield called Mike Napier the senior partner of ‘Erwin Mitchell’ who was the Pro Bono Envoy to the attorney General of the Labour Party. I will need a good ‘Tory’ lawyer to tackle him I assume.

I am now recovered and am very sorry to those concerned for my behaviour. I have written to Lord Waldegrave and others to personally express my regret for the damage done. Ironically my step Father Dr. C Cowley published a book in 1993 ‘Guns Lies and Spies’ in which he implicates Lord Waldegrave in the arms to Iraq scandal, and was the first to expose Midland Banks involvement in Arms to Iraq which was an eye opener for most of their clients including me as that was my bank also.An associate of his in the arms trade ‘Mr Gerald James’ then also wrote a book ‘In the Public Interest’ which further implicated Lord Waldegrave and other MP’s in the Iraq scandal. This book also speaks about Stephan Kock [MI6] rather a lot which is also in context to the 3 missing South African nukes, and the arms to Iraq Midland Bank scandal – now the bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai. I assume there was some pressure to change the Banks name as a result of this exposure? Today I have more political interests in International Politics ‘macro economics’ from a legal perspective with fraud dangling like the sword of Damocles’’ as a constant companion that reminds me of my own tendencies to cut corners.

I suspect Gordon Bowden the RAF chap and the author of the above blog with his colleague Peter Eyre, ex Naval Intelligence, is exploiting a potential WMD vacuum in Syria of circumspect probability, associated with the 3 missing nukes from Pelindaba sold to N Korea. He and his partner Peter Eyre’s the Middle East so called expert are dangling the suspicion that these 3 NUKES are now out there somewhere, which puts Syria and Iran in the shadow of doubt along with N Korea. One nuclear 20KT warhead from Pelindaba was proved to have been detonated in N Korea and traced by the unique fissile signature left after the blast.

It is very important if not crucial to mention in the same sentence that on 6 September 2007, Israeli jet fighters carried out ‘Operation Orchard’ against Syria, and a suspected nuclear reactor under construction by North Korean technicians.

This link to N Korea is a political advantage to the Western alliance if this rumour expands into main stream BBC news. This advantage will benefit USA /UK more specifically as well as Al Qaeda the Sunni Jihadists now operating in Syria and Iraq with the FSA. If the world press and internet blogging community believe that 3 nukes were lost /stolen as the story by Michael Blatchford the engineer suggests, and then sold to N Korea, it would make sense to express the same concern that Syria or Iran may have had access to the purchase of one the 3 Nuclear warheads.

With the growing certainty that nerve gas ‘Sarin’ has been used in Syria by Al Asad’s government, the N Korean link would add to the suspicion of WMD in Syria! This would be the game changer that President Barak Obama is talking about.It is pertinent to add that Al Asad’s Father was head of the military before he died recently, and his son Bashar also has the same irrational military perspective, and was elected unopposed after his Fathers death.

edit on 3-5-2013 by Tanzanite because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by Tanzanite

I personally do not believe the story of the 3 missing /stolen nukes and think it is part of the media war against Iran /Syria and N Korea. As proof, I wonder how 3 nukes were lost /stolen and by who, and then sold to N Korea illegally, and how the engineer Michael Blatchford now living in Mendips UK, can verify his incredible story. M Blatchford is connected to the invention of the Blatchford Crane, and was employed by the M Thatcher MP’s government as an engineer to build the ISO modified containers used to transport the 3 nuclear warheads from Pelindaba by rail, and then from Durban docks to Oman. Oman is a British protectorate, and was a strategic base during the Iraq / Kuwait war in 1990. He also knows Eliza Manningham - Buller MI5 domestic security, and Lord Reec Mog and such people, so he has inside knowledge no doubt?This story of his also included the use of 55 million from the UK treasury on the basis of a UOR [Urgent Operational Requirement] used to buy the 3 nukes from Pelindaba, which is not a crime and is a regular type of financial transaction during war. Gordon Bowden now living in Derby then introduces the idea that Tara Biggs Davison the daughter of Sir Biggs Davison Tory MP, personally gave the UOR document to 10 Downing Street, just as M Thatcher PM was leaving office that same day in 1989. This might suggest there was a scam behind the PM’s back hapening which involved Tara herself.

One likely contradictory and illegal issue in Blatchfords story, is the 17.8 million discovered by Doug Hoyle and mentioned in Hansard. This might be the profit from the sale of the 3 nukes to N Korea. The original 55 million was then returned to the treasury, and there would be evidence of that. But why would N Korea want to buy these 3 Nukes when they could easily buy /shop cheaper in China :-] Perhaps they were bought for a lower price. It is also necessary to understand that the fissile material used in the Pelindaba bombs was approaching the sell by date and that the bombs were less potent. The modern newer nuclear bombs are made of a higher grade plutonium. The Pelindaba bombs were similar grade fissile material to the older type used in the Hiroshima during the ww2. This would affect the price and they were considered by the west as surplus grade 2 and not that effective. They were sold to N Korea as surplus to requirements.

Syria is now going to look much worse in the real BBC news as the theory of ‘SARIN nerve agent mixed up in this story by Michael Blatchford reaches the press. The arms industry will logically be considering the profits yet to be realized and the death rate, measured against Israeli geo – political expectations, if another war is promoted against Syria. The only way for Syria to be implicated in WMD, is for Michael Blatchford the engineer to come out of his closet and admit his story on the radio [BCFM] He can then be questioned more professionally by professionals on his knowledge of the matter.If Mr M Blatchford can prove his story it might affect the future of Syria today, who are already implicated by their involvement with N Korean nuclear technicians in 2007.Mosad can prove that point as they attacked the installation and is on record.

Even if Mr Blatchford can convince the press that he is telling the truth it is still speculative that Syria is in possession of a stolen nuclear war head, however there is a possibility they might be…however faint. It is also possible that N Korea has extracted the nuclear material from the bomb, then moved it into Syria and has re-enriched it to an operational state?

Rgds Richard

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by Tanzanite

The main point is that the 3 Atomic Bombs from pelindaba were not stolen - they were surplus old stock and sold on for as much profit as could be expected to a country that already had nuclear bombs and so not that dangerous.

The second point is that N korea could be used at a later date to implicate Iran /Syria or any other of its allies!

Rgds R

posted on May, 4 2013 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by LAARBRUCH

Pakistan buys the 3 lost Pelindaba Nukes:

Psychological warfare theory is to keep increasing media uncertainty that nuclear war heads were deliberately sold by UK / Mossad to Pakistan which might have the eventual desired affect of implicating their political opponents of N Korea, Syria or Iran.

That is on the assumption that Pakistan would willingly either loose / sell the nukes on to Iran / Syria, where the control over such issues is quite lax compared to European security with less scrutiny or accountability.

I would think that UK did sell 3 Pelindaba bombs to Pakistan, and then invented the story or theory that N Korea bought them in some black market scam after. The main motive to UK / Mossad is that they can implicate Iran and Syria at a later date in the main stream press, and stranger things have happened.

Here below is some relevant info on Pakistan and the South African Nuclear connection that will add some credibility to my theory that they were sold to Pakistan initially:

In 2004, South African investigators revealed that the Krisch Engineering Firm had provided nuclear equipment to Pakistan from 1986 to 1995, and that this firm along with Tradefin Engineering had provided equipment used in uranium centrifuge equipment to Libya's nuclear weapons program between 1999 and 2003
While the South African government adopted strict controls on nuclear trade and joined the Nuclear Suppliers Group, South African companies and individuals were important suppliers in A.Q. Khan's illicit nuclear network.
South Africa successfully prosecuted some members of the smuggling ring, while others cooperated with authorities to avoid or reduce criminal penalties.
One issue the IAEA neglects is that the nuclear weapon exploded in 2009 by North Korea had the identical mass /effect as the South African/Israeli uranium bomb.
Rgds Richard

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 01:30 PM
Has anyone dug any further into this?

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