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The Reptilians And Insectoids Walk Among Us

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by someotherguy

I wonder if a .223 rifle would even make a dent? I'm guessing a 9mm would feel like BB's to such a beast.

I cannot say what their pain threshold might be, they seem to have a great deal of mental control and if they can still partially function physically, they might be even more dangerous injured, like some wild mammals are. I would assume that maybe a properly designed chemical grenade, a bazooka or possibly an RPG would be needed. I'll even bet there are biological agents that could instantly stamp out Reptiles but not harm mammals. I'm sure there's plenty of hardware available to get to them, and we might have been rid of them had it not been for them being seated at the top of our Secret Government pulling the puppet strings?

Originally posted by someotherguy

So, we would need some sort of a Faraday cage to block any telepathy... tinfoil hat... lol. Not making light of it. Sorry

I'm thinking that maintaining a high frequency might be a good way to ward them off. What do you think? Would it be repelled by Light?

Their psychic ability isn't just sensitivity to brainwaves, I noticed that they can project their sixth sense much in the same way as certain people are able to astral travel. They can be right there with you, or even in you. So it is very hard to keep them from discovering what you are up to. Maybe there are techniques of defensive mind control which can enable a combattant to empty their mind and memories, or firewall sensitive information in their brain from a prying invasive mind, but possibly the best attack is for combattants to be prepared in advance to many tactics, and then be programmed to forget all about it to have a surge of awareness once a surprise attack opportunity presents itself.

Regarding frequencies, I can't give an educated response. What I imagine, without any concrete grounds to support it, is that negative energies might attract them just like a mountain lion will be attracted to attack a wounded buffalo. Negativity might signal potential weakness, and also a lesser chance of being fought off by a courageous dragon slayer with a strong sense of good versus evil? Thus a reptilian clever precaution would be to go for prey that is unlikely to have such courage to take a combative stand in the face of sheer horror.

There is one thing which I have yet to understand, and this despite nobel prize winning physicists claiming that entities probably live alongside us in other dimensions. And that is the likelihood that these Reptilians are associated with or assimilated to beings in other dimensions. Many believe them to be ultra-dimensional, meaning that while they do exist physically in our dimension that they have the ability to step out of it at will, possibly using some advanced technology, and thus come and go as they please in a way which gives them a very distinct advantage over humans.


posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by Getsmart
I'll even bet there are biological agents that could instantly stamp out Reptiles but not harm mammals.

Remember the original V series from the '80's? There was a red powder w/ a virus or a bacteria that killed the Repts but nothing else. I wonder if there really is such a thing?

Negativity might signal potential weakness, and also a lesser chance of being fought off by a courageous dragon slayer with a strong sense of good versus evil? Thus a reptilian clever precaution would be to go for prey that is unlikely to have such courage to take a combative stand in the face of sheer horror.

Also, a high frequency might be indicative of an entity that is, in fact, some type of a dragon slayer... Why would they go for the sheepdogs when the sheep are available (& mostly clueless - baahh!)?

Many believe them to be ultra-dimensional, meaning that while they do exist physically in our dimension that they have the ability to step out of it at will, possibly using some advanced technology, and thus come and go as they please in a way which gives them a very distinct advantage over humans.

Remember in the movie, "They Live," the aliens had some sort of portal they could jump through? I wonder if that is based on *real* technology?

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 07:48 PM
Quite some time back, I was thinking deeply about psychopath 'people', and "reptilianss/insectoids". I am a dot connecter, and so I was wondering if they are one and the same on some level, to a certain degree, in some sense. Like, maybe a shared bloodline.

Today, I came acoss this vid. I am "Not Alone!"

Their parasitic System DEPENDS upon US PARTICIPATING --with-- it. Thats all. They are not --really-- all powerfull. "Noncompliance" is the way to slough Them off. Atlas shrugged, and the reptilians/insectoids fell off into space, back where they belong. Obama needs you to be afraid. Santorum, Romney, or Bachmann etc, need you to vote for them. Thats all. It's like you are a sheep at an animal slaughter factory farm, who doesn't know that the gate behind it is open. Just turn around and go. Or Comply with the parasite fascists who are as full of hot air and smoke-&-mirrors but as powerless as the Wizard Of Oz.
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posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

Well they go to a great deal of length to control the leaders, they've been under this lower negative Et dominion, control and do things according their plans, for some time. That is what this is all about. People say the leaders are puppets, yes but so are all the illuminati, and they're all dancing to this takeover.

But its because we've been put asleep, there is a big permission thing going on, and as we go within and do the work we came to do, and find the lessons each day and overcome self, conscious living, not autopilot, and striving to raise our frequency, and have both compassion and awareness, this shuts down their portals and access, far less access occurs, and also, they are actually afraid of dealing with humans direct, unless they can get that Fear Element On, because if you don't show fear, and reach for only high frequency, they can't stand that frequency. They are actually afraid of us.

Because we have a lot more power than we know, and need to get out of the autopilot traps.
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posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by Getsmart
Concerning the reptilian you saw with your own eyes.

I wonder where he/she/it was coming from?

And where was it going?

Are they around us all the time,just like i believe flying saucers are and when they pass into our visible spectrum,tune into our wavelength,we are able to see them?

And when they pass out of our visible spectrum,beyond our electromagnetic frequency,they become invisible to us again?

If so are they seen only when they want to be seen?

Or is it by the syncronicity of accidental circumstances in nature that cause them to become visible?

Or do only psychic people see them,those with their inner eye open?

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 11:12 PM

Laura Eisenhower on As You Wish Radio Aug 13 2011

--With things like the starvation and the famine going on in somalia and in other parts of the world, knowing that teleporation and time travel exists and that the secret government has been using it without our knowledge, using our tax dollars, its gotten to the point where we have got to get really loud....we have to get the truth movement to the White House, and if not the White House....really getting it out there, that there is no excuse for what is going on in the world when they have the ability to get food and supplies to these people in minutes.

And that there is technology that can assist them in having all their needs met.

That the criminal activity going on behind the scenes is just unbelievable!!!! the inner soul work and really promote the disclosure of these technologies, rather than just wait for the government to disclose, you know the truth that there are extraterrestrials.

That is just one step of this that they would disclose this, but the other thing is: Are They Really Going To Disclose What They've Been Doing Behind Our Backs????

What these ET races is really represented in the Government.

I mean, its one thing to disclose their presence, its another thing to really say what their presence has been and how influential their presence has been to their decision making.

--And of course keeping us from the truth of the Higher Races that are here to assist us.

And painting the races that arent benevolent as positive is a danger we have because there is a takeover, and there is that threat of these lower entities wanting to have total dominance and control.

So we have to have our attention on the higher races, and their assistance, and our connection to Source. And really focus on the soul work and our planetary body rather than looking to the government to give us information we might need.

We need to go knocking on their door and get them to answer our questions rather than sit around and wait for them to do the right thing!!!!!

--...The truth on Life on Mars, the truth of what's been happening and what technology they have been using behind our back to implement such an agenda. That is connected to Alternative Three, which was established in the Eisenhower Administration.

I do feel a responsibility. I can't say all the decisions that Eisenhower made could have been the best.

But I do know he was already dealing with a government that was in major takeover of the draco/reptilian control. And I think that his hands were tied.

I not here to speak on his behalf, but I do feel the need to dismantle the military industrial extraterrestrial complex in regards to the negative beings.

And because they don't like the light, and because they don't like the truth, what we represent, we really have nothing to be scared of.

No matter what we hear about them, and no matter how scarey it sounds, they are completely way more afraid of us, its just that they are so able to manipulate people and get into their weaknesses and manipulate through those places of weakness that we need to strengthen through integration and through understanding who we really are. What our true origins are.

--...there are easy ways to repel them, just through holding your laughter, your joy and your light....just simply holding your light, and your laughter, and your joy, and high frequency, they morph into something else and they actually don't have really any power at all.

Just some notes!

I really enjoyed this interview, and also James Gillands contributions, he is someone I really recognize the good spirit in.

As for ways to raise frequency, his meditations are very good, and he has his own preference for some terms, which I just change slightly more conservative, but he encourages you to put it in whatever terms you feel best, ie. Christ, Father/Mother God, the Holy Spirit, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, the Good Family, the Team of our Familiy watching over too.

james meditation

ECETI World Healing Meditation Dec 7 2010

posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 12:32 AM
Police Officer Herbert Schirmer Abduction,December 3,1967,Ashland,Nebraska...

The aliens wore silver-gray uniforms,gloves and helmets,which had a small antenna on the left side around their ear and at the left breast of each suit they had the emblem of a "Winged Serpent"...
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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:11 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity99,

In reply to your post about the "dimensional" aspect of the Reptilian Aliens who call themselves DRACONIANS I came across an interesting account of their infiltration of human society using people as AVATARS. This is similar to Demonic Possession except that the entities possessing people are actually Reptoid ALIENS. Here is an article giving an account of how to REMOVE Reptilians which attach to a Human.

Reptilian: "Well your spirit guides will release me you cannot in yourself but your spirit guides can but there have to be more than one or two, more than that. I'm a …, I'm a large um… I'm large and I'm hefty and I have to be forced but they have to be strong they have to be more in number than one or two Hypnotist: I;m inviting the guides here who know how to do large entities. I'm inviting them to take no action against you that will harm you. Reptilian: Ah no I must be harmed. I am a battle man, a battle man you see Harm is no harm at all to me I have to resist abit and otherwise if they do not try and harm me they cannot get rid of me."

How to remove Reptilian entities

However I must make it perfectly clear that while there is likely a number of INFILTRATING ALIENS who latch onto the Astral Body of certain humans, these Draconians are nonetheless not simply Ethereal Entities but actual physical beings which can also enter into our physical space and cause havoc. I witnessed one such being and know it to be very real indeed and not just a vaporous impression brought about by sensing some psychic presence. That they also use psychic possession is just one among their Invasion Tactics.


posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:22 AM
If the Reptilians and Insectoids are so superior to us mere Humans why are their wikipedia pages so lame?

I mean, check out our wikipedia page, it kicks their ass!

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by Razimus

Now ain't that a male chauvinist comment? I never heard of superiority being measured in page length. If you really think that size matters that much, then I guess you ought to switch to a bigger online forum where you are sure to find superior ideas due to the greater number of threads and posts. What an incredible mind you have. We'll surely regret missing out on your extremely helpful insight.

My own opinion on the intelligence of the Draconians, which might be a more accurate name for the Reptoid creature I crossed paths with, came from my personal perception of its mental activity which emanated from it in extremely powerful telepathic broadcast. I have done doctoral research on natural human intelligence and logical processes and am no slouch myself, but noted that this being was so bright that I felt like a sloth next to him. Their far greater mental ability might be part of why they seem to judge us worthy of little more attention than so many heads of cattle. Also, the being I had the close encounter with reportedly wasn't even one of the smarter ones, just a bulky soldier type like our own Marines who are hardly selected for their intellectual propensities.


posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

Of course they are real beings, in lower 4D. The infared realm if you will. There are terrans, there are some positive reptoids. But there is this parasite group of predators, the empire, that has followed humans throughout the universe. I believe, wherever there is free will, and all spirits have freedom,they are this regressive side cut off from Source and Soul energy, we're but a part of ourselves. They need toe ins.

But once they have that toe in through imperfection and some inequality or corruption, some giving your power away, then they operate through the leaders, creating religions, and formulating worlds akin to ours, ours being the extreme low gravity level based on consequence in the past, and so forth and so on, but in all the situations, they were entrapments and done against the free will of others, so I don't consider anything these beings do as resembling any form of cosmic law, its manipulation of cosmic law.

There are different reptilians though.

I see life evolving (with evolution being boosted and coded of course) from animal type intelligence. Felines. There are feline ETs. For example the moons of Sirius A and B. Reptiles. Possibly dolphins and whales. But these aren't dna goof ups and abborations like are being done now, in the underground bases, akin to the corruption done in Atlantis times. Torturous experiments that may involve spirit and soul. I see those in advanced worlds then progressing into human forms and tests along with those who choose or were placed in human forms to begin with, when they entered the schools.

So this isn't a species thing for me.

For example, I've been in the presence of an 8 foot tall Taurus/Aldeberan ET, guarding the female medical technician, built like triple H, and if it wasn't for the altered state they create, would have ran screaming. The inbalance of power, an the great height creates immediate feelings of danger. However, for me, in that situation, due to what happened, my ufology experiences, which had consisted of some negative access to our family and possibly neutral, to positives waking me up and connection to my Family, watching over.

But due to their involvement, the negative, the scoop marks that were somewhat of a regular feature, all stopped. It was due to suddenly realizing the meaninglessness, not just futility, but how I didn't wish to respond with anger, wanted to put myself in her position, doing her job and be graceful about it, kind no matter what, because I wanted that to be who was I was as a person. And thats when he showed me he was there. And all the other stuff ended, there was a frequency battle the very next night.

Just because something makes you feel like its a predator, doesnt make it a predator. Going within and seeking is always the best way.

All Terrans are not dark side, nor are all terrans good either. I've heard both sides and apparently they have their own spiritual progression and tests, so like humans can range enormously.

This is true of the Watchers and various ETs here.

And its not true they are not in tests. Even if one looks to the bible for the historical evidences, ie, links to Sumar information, pslam 82 is about one of the leader elohims telling the others (who were long lived) that they were still mortal. And that as such they should not be propping up corruption but be mindful of the needy and poor. This implies that over their heads, there is a school and the true Family and consequence for everyone.

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:28 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99

...and striving to raise our frequency, and have both compassion and awareness, this shuts down their portals and access, far less access occurs, and also, they are actually afraid of dealing with humans direct, unless they can get that Fear Element On, because if you don't show fear, and reach for only high frequency, they can't stand that frequency. They are actually afraid of us.

True. I have gotten that very high frequency music is actually *painful* to them & will drive them away.

Originally posted by Getsmart

Reptilian: "Well your spirit guides will release me you cannot in yourself but your spirit guides can but there have to be more than one or two..."

How to remove Reptilian entities

I am guessing that more than a few of us on this thread have just such resources we can call upon.

Originally posted by Unity_99

There are feline ETs. For example the moons of Sirius A and B. Reptiles. Possibly dolphins and whales.


posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 07:30 AM
Humans and army ants have a lot in common and we are very similar to eachother.We both gather forces together in vast numbers of millions and then march them outwards to destroy other living things.We both create and engage ourselves in forms of organized warfare for economic reasons and to accumulate living space,we both take slaves and we both destroy
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posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 09:09 AM
Imagine being able to traverse the void of ancient light in search of barren planets,then terraform them into habitable worlds and develope life forms upon them who eventually evolve their own intelligence...

Sounds fantastic and amazing to me and would hardly be considered boring or a waste of time from our perspectives or from the aliens points of view and they may have terraformed and colonized planets all over the galaxy and maybe even across the universe.If their intentions are ultimately of an evil nature,then even that is only our point of view taken from our perspectives,not theirs...

Members of class-2 and class-3 civilizations are probably what the aliens really are.Humanity itself is'nt even a class-1 yet...

When we talk to god its called praying,when god talks to us its called schizophrenia and if the vast majority of people started displaying signs of schizophrenia all the time,then very quickly in rapid succession,acting like what we consider now normal behaviour,would suddenly seem very abnormal and would be declared as being so...

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posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by blocula

And while some are very positive, some are more neutral and some negative and controlling. There is a steep learning curve all the way up, and tests, because by the time you exit this universal type school, your a real gift to others, they are a gift to you, everyone is equal and yet free, they would never use their freedom to harm, but only to help, but they're free, they're just grown up, and its wonderful, abundance, eutopias beyond our imagination, and still infinity ahead of learning and helping and growing.

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 10:45 AM
There is more to this. Its about frequencies and their symbolism, all their work with geometry, haarp, and gnostic type science.

Interview #2 w/ Laura Eisenhower: Mars Agenda, Illuminati Origins, Positive Timeline, Teleportation

Part of what keeps us in our bodies and makes us forget is the heart magnetism, the blood magnetics, and also, the earth magnetic field and gravity.

I just love CME's. Got my power back in the last one, but had memories flooding in during alot of solar energies noticeable since Aug 09 for me.

CME's and Flares, lighten the magnetic field and we remember.

Now science has been trying to keep a lid on things for years, but due to more and more memories that are about to come in, they're really trying to control disclosure of this.

Ie there is a thread on this scientist that has proven telepathy, and I'm going to add another post there too. But he wants to explain it all as materialism, no life after death, but psi potential, with earth's magnetic field being the library, apparently. Those he worked with, Ingo Swan for example would completely disagree, he's one that got memories, and told us in his body of works, his data base, that we're all interdimensional beings.

So they know they won't be able t hide this soon and are trying to steer it into their traps again.

Well ALL of my memories are out of earth's field, ALL are off planet. In fact, apparently I answer the call for help.

3 different planets in ruin, 2 crumpled, one in Vega, the Lyra system and human dna and even nature does have a Vegan input. Pleaides used the Lyra dna. Evacutation, and as a child went to Pleades, don't remember past that, until knowing that that planet in ruin, Sitchin talks about and gives the reptilian name, was human, outpost of lyraeans/pleiadians, and destroyed. Don't remember exodus, but we did, and went to Mars, and guess what. I remember that exodus.

3 times a disaster, seems I come in for disasters, and here I am again. That freaked me right out.

We're not here to start another religion. ET bearing religions, if they disclose that ever, are renegades. Here in tests and just a little dandelion like everyone else. Everyone is cosmic, or from heavenly beyond, some have just been in the traps longer is all. No one is special, or everyone is special, however you wish to see it, and I prefer the last.

But if I'm here, we're either trying to avert a disaster or we're trying to steer an upgrade through a disaster. But basically wake up, remember, be Love and Kindness, withdraw permissions for all the corruption and starvation and wars.

Raise frequency. Laugh, humour, joy, peace, love. In stress, reach for calm, stand still and try to choose a neutral or force a positive response. It can be really hard.

Everyone who comes in is also in tests. No one is off the hook. We need to raise awareness and frequency.

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posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 11:00 AM
This is also important. Not all of the annanuki are reptilian. There certainly is the zeta and grey element, and human and reptilian. Not all reptilian's are bad, there are natural terrans and they are mixed like humans, in their own tests so to speak as well.

There is a parasite group that comes in. That group is the old empire or legion or shadow, they have lower 4d, infared type Ets working for them. The body suits have been altered. Ie. the annanuki and ETs seemed to be red haired and blond haired, I know some are dark haired but they weren't mentioned in the bible. However the red haired group is of great interest to me and I feel there is a possiblity this is the Orion Priesthood. ie. I've read a human looking group of Pleaidians went to Orion, there are many there with red hair. They possibly were altered by the other group, to have less feelings and be more ruthless. In order to have inherited this, there must have been a shrinking of consciousness, ie they didn't stand up for equality and love and kindness, its a highly interactive school, the universe.

Up until now, had some inner searches for who the human elements in my experiences where. One couple seemed very much like the Travis Walter drawing, the man looked very similar, and they wore the blue uniforms, this couple since childhood. They are also very cool and reserved, and sometimes work with greys. Scientific. The man said humans were like insects to them. As soon as I became aware I resisted every medical checkup and busted their mind control and ways of raising my hormones, and lectured them on what truly loving higher ups would be like. Now a military, (he turned out to be that) friend online from Finland, told me that those people were altair and not pleiadian.

He was wrong. When the cme was here, I remembered, with my own memory, not only who they were, pleiadian, but the watchers, the ground crew. And even the surgeon who had removed an implant. I was in contact with not only him, but with whoever came in during the CME, and he was high frequency guide/angel/helper ET. They were more akin to brothers. But I stood in a sunbeam, in my own power, and rememberd and instead of being under this ones thumb, which is what abductions are like, terrible things. I was standing there filled with Love and beaming light at him, and just warmly said, Thank you, the work of all the ground crew here is greatly appreciated, but its been hard. Hearts have grown cold. Its time to go home now. We have to raise frequency up and Love up high, so you have to start to feel more now.

I remembered what the mission was, and that I knew his mission even. My higher or expanded soul, we're all like really dimwits, little slivers of ourselves with memories gone, and I call our consicousness lower frequency forms of ourselves. That is why I said we're dimwits, our own conscious awareness is holding us back, because its low frequency awareness, and we need to connect to Ourselves more. Like a thimbleful of consciousness, we need to replace the thimble for a cup and start dripping more of ourselves in.

There is another similar group, Sirius. I knew them right away and knew they were Sirius and it was controlling. Once I was threatened, and my son. The other time they put an implant in me. And the experience I'm about to share is from them.

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 11:11 AM
I had a similar thing but not a human agent, concerning mars. That was the Sirius group. Aside from threats and a month later, after this, being told I was claire de lune (very sophisticated way of saying heart of Mother and for equality) when they put an implant in me, after I'd had one removed by the pleiadians.

But, in August 09. Was waiting to drive a friend of my sons home, and they had our computers, so I was resting and lying down on the couch. And was pulled twice to this craft.

The first time, it was delightful energy, in the control room, teams of men and women, blond, happy, they really enjoyed each other, really good energy. But that was deceptive in terms of what I call goodness.

In the medical room, I was lying down on a slanted bed, and noticed that there were upright see through cylindars with whole families in them. I asked, what are they for, and was told they were needed for medical purposes. So I demanded they be returned, was really upset, and woke up.

Then fell back asleep and was pulled again. This time, probably same craft, in this mans bedroom. He had a kind of low rounded platform bed, shiny, with a silken type, thin but not silk, bedcover and was holding me. For a moment I melted, then suddenly I went, no. I don't know you in the least, and he started talking about Mars, and if I wanted to form a colony on mars. I said no way. And was thinking about the miners, and human slaves, and seedy operations and could only imagine what they would use women for, plus I'm middle aged, so they would only want my dna. So I said some of this and asked him to identify.

He told me they were from Sirius. I said, well you must renegades then, this is not how good people behave. And woke up yet again.

Then I drove the friend home, and the whole sky flashed over and over and over again. Was a little spooked. On the way home, same thing. Then close to home, two times in a row, the radio station played this Sirius radio add and said Sirius over and over. Though that is a radio station, I had my radio on nonstop when driving and had never heard this before.

Now the black triangles, the TR3B's, or what I call the military/black op/co-op kind, so its kind of a program with ET and humans, and the black ops are often hybrids or computerized/robotic types, some anyway. And of course special military units. In any case, this white lit craft flew over our house, silently, now we have had the TR3B's fly over very low, and shake the house. We've had the white lit ones fly over higher up.

We saw at one point what was under those white lit ones: a black triangle with 3 white lights in the corner.

So the Sirius group works with the black ops and thus the mars program.

In my case, he was trying to seduce me to go to mars with him somehow.

Now just prior to this we got threats from a Sirius man in a really sophisticated corporate uniform, who was to me, the Corporation.

And about a month later, another implant thing added, being told I was claire de lune, the divine femine energy of equality and unconditional love, and social justice, etc etc. So the Cosmic Mother, the energies of unconditional Love and Freedom and Peace, and forgiveness, not retaliation, etc etc, a just upgraded system are really really dangerous to them. So dangerous they put women in burkas, and corrupt them in the media and try create a system of pyramids and obelisks, giant penis's that symbolize war and inequality.

Was I ever surprised to find that Laura Eisenhower not only felt she was wanted for her DNA for the mars mission, but also , to stop her mission for the Divine Mother energy of equality and an end to wars and pyramid systems.

So similar but in different ways. So I really really love her. She is wonderful.
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posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 01:27 PM

Someone like this one?

Or like this one?

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by Arken

Those aren't like anything I've seen. I've seen greys, a grey one as a child, and two of my sons saw this at different times too, and a pink one, dark flushed rosy colored one with a twig like body. I've seen humans, tall, the tallest was 8 feet and touched the ceiling, strong chested. Blonds, and dark haired. Mostly blonds. Different uniforms. The 8 foot tall one identified as being from Taurus Constellation 65 light years away and Telos, that is mount shasta, and due to that checkup and due to me being kind and refusing to react with fear, just wishing to be the best person I could be in any circumstances and so trying to be considerate of the female technician, the other negative things that had invovled gynelogical and scoop marks, wounds even, were gone. In fact there was some kind of frequency battle done.

I had a cloud ship that my son saw the next day too. Though low and big they disappeared instantly when I looked away, and when he came to get me, but the other clouds were still there. And then contact with a reptilian with red eyes who wanted to talk to me, and was putting to sleep fast, but I said no, the next day.

Also, very tall 9 foot tall shadows and they had non human legs, don't know if they were feline or reptilian but, this was the summer of 09, when a friend's grandson, 16, stayed a week and the SHTF basically, it was a really eye opening and disturbing week and he was AB-, and those beings were trying to protect his DNA from being taken. They lost. I had a deep scoop mark appear instantly on my arm, and it took weeks to heal. He had 2, one healed up before our eyes in a few minutes.

He kept saying, his people were on the way, and they were not allowed to take his DNA, a window opened up in him and he remembered within a couple days, of being feline from the moons of Sirius A and B. And he wrote a eye opening letter to my friend in Finland, for he recognized him, and so I sent this to his grandmother who was a hippy, half native and had told me that she always saw or sensed lions guarding the property.

So I don't know if those bent legs were lion/feline or reptilian, I'd thought reptilian. The one that quickly strode in front of us shocked all 3 outside, for his outline popped out, my shoulders would have come to his mid thigh area.

I've never seen 4d or infared or lower dimensional type demonic type ETs, that I remember. Though a childhood memory, of the moon and the program there with Nazi's and greys, and some kind of nordic Et, there seems to be preying mantis type there as well.

That is a program that was early on, and a few others recall it, it the reason why I wanted all negative experiences to cease for even getting tiny slivers of these memories caused panic and post traumatic stress syndrome for days and days. And waking up, raising frequency, standing in our light, being positive and gaining back our power, also finding out how negatives can access a person, ie through the triggers they program, arguments or lower frequency things, is very important.

There are human ETs, very tall ones, ranging from I'd say, 7-8 feet tall men, and 6-7 feet tall females, higher frequency, though some are earth based, some are here long term, ie like watchers, some of those are kind of neutral and need to raise their own frequency, because I remembered with the CME that they have to get ready to go home now.

We come from human stock. There are human people all over the universe. Some other types that are typical for earth are, reptilian, feline, insectoid, ie mantis, and greys, which really are more ai body suits.

Lower dimensional beings more demonic, is something different. I believe the negative ETs and the bloodlines serve these parasites.

Also if you've read Don Juan, and the kind of critters in space or our atmosphere too.

Now we had contact with crafts that were chased by choppers and I was pulled to quite a few different places on a craft, on a station viewing the sun, on an asteroid, and there are positives here watching over.

They talk about non interference, but that isn't even really true.

Access by negatives or positives occurs in the testing ground, also upgrades and downgrades in dna, upgrades and downgrades in planetary system, due to consequence, or collective and individual frequency.

The more good you do, the more good accesses the planet, and vice versa.
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