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Occupy Wall Street Activist Slams Fox News Producer In Un-Aired Interview

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 11:48 PM
I found a couple of mistakes...

1, Fox guy says..."after all if it wasn't for people like FOX wouldn't be heard." huh?

That would have been a PERFECT opportunity to explain that the people who are waking up... *tons*
are not watching shows, and that's what it is... a show... like FOX anymore. We're getting our REAL news and up2date information from alternative NEWS sources. More and More people are understanding that the MSM is Wall Street, Big Corps, Paid Government friends, etc..etc..

The guy said who cares about Birth Certificates? huh?

Who cares? So what are we now? A people that will except a couple lies, un-thruths, cons, fabricated for gain, it's ok??

It's irritating when someone is asked a question and they go off on a tyrant and don't answer the question... that's what this wall st activist did.

I won't even start on what he said about Health-care and the rest of the rambling toward the end...

He really didn't say quite simply why we're in the mess we're in.... Corrupt Corps are in the Whitehouse, along with Corrupt Wall Street and corrupt banks... and how about that BAILOUT TARP CRAP HUH???

Again... certain lies are ok and certain others aren't... let me guess which ones you think are ok!

I'm not impressed...he didn't slam anything let alone a Producer...

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 11:48 PM
Not to defend Fox News, but CNN not only did exactly what Fox was said to be doing, but pulled it off. They used their new show with Erin Burnett to discredit the movement. They interviewed some protestor asked if the US got all its money from TARP... and well long story short made the guy look like a tool while they just kept saying the US made money on the TARP loans (which I am highly skeptical of as a lot of the money was due to the banks using the money to buy US treasuries and pocketing the difference between TARP interest rate and the US treasury rate, not to mention the interest the US had to pay on taking out the loans to pay for the program).

Anyone saying this protest is partisan is themselves a partisan hack as both Fox News and CNN is attacking the protest, which lends more credibility to it in my opinion.

Youtube Link
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 11:51 PM

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 11:58 PM
We have made money on TARP actually, but who really knows. Officially, yes at least.

Great video though. This guy should be on OReilly, I'd like to hear a debate / shouting match between the two. No way in hell FoxNews puts this guy on TV unless a large portion can be edited.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by Dance4Life

Actually, we haven't, just in the hard numbers. Let me give you an example. If you lent me $100 dollars with $101 due in a year, and I turned around and lent you $100 with $105 due in a year. Sure you made a $1 off my loan, but did you really make that money? I would say no you lost $4 on the loan.

That's what the gain on TARP is calculated as the hard return on the TARP loans, and not the net cost. The interest the banks got was for free from the US bonds they invested in with the TARP money. There is no way for the US to calculate that amount either. There are plenty of economists who called them out doing just this trick, but it's too difficult to see and impossible to track the extent of it.

The real stimulus to the banks was the difference in that interest amount. Sure the difference of 1/2% interest isn't much on a small amount, but on billions that comes out to a lot of money and really fast.

There is also the amount of interest the U.S. will have to pay due taking out the loans for TARP (or conversely the inflation we all had to absorb as a result). In reality TARP wasn't as big as it looked, and I will concede that point, but it was a net loss after all interest has been calculated.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by Anon404

It isn't a net loss.

I will have to do some digging, but I believe we are making around 7%++

AIG is garabge.

The GM loan payback was a sham. But they paid back money that was in an escrow account that they never used. I believe this is factual. But don't quote me.

We ( US GOV ) I believe also received warrants for shares of many different equities. This is what puts us over the top.

When these companies pay back TARP they are either auctioned off ( private format? not sure ) or actually sold back to the company.

You should do some more research on this issue. I believe I am correct.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by Dance4Life

We'll have to agree to disagree. I've done my share of research, and I'm sure neither of us are willing to write an academic thesis trying to show both surface losses and gains of tarp as well as speculative off the sheets losses and gains to come to a total. However, I think we can both agree that the US could have hired an investor and invested that money in the market itself and got a higher rate of return on the money as the most favorable return I saw was 8.2%.

I do agree and do not dispute transparent documents do not show a loss. So I guess we will agree to disagree on the truth of that statement.

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:42 AM
That is an interesting thing developing here. What I am seeing is that liberals seem to be in the majority at these "occupy" gatherings, and some of the things they are talking about are legitimate arguments that most sane people would agree with, most Tea Party backers would agree with - things like the wealth redistribution and the people having more say in the course this country takes, but then they keep going and start spewing about free healthcare and "social justice"... whaa???? How are the two related?

People, you can NOT legislate morality, no matter how you slice it. Seems to me like they are just wanting socialism, plan and simple. But they want democracy, too?

This guy is well-spoken for sure. He articulates his thoughts very well at breakneck speed, but he still doesn't know what the hell is going on, really. He still likes the taste of kool-aid.

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by Anon404

You don't think the "USA invested" money into the market at 666?

I also think the "USA invested" right at the flash crash bottom of 10xx that day. Or at least you saw where the biggest player on the planet was sitting. Otherwise known as JP Morgan and friends ( aka US Gov ).

We might go a bit lower equities here, but lets not forget we have 0% interest rates. Plus, I think actually the US isn't doing that bad right now - Europe is the real problem.

Btw, I found this link. Maybe it will shed some light. It appears though there are warrants and dividends being paid out. It looks like we are making 10% on a lot of these deals. link Sorry to take over the thread ..

Anyway, have a good night. I hope more people get to watch this video. It is a classic.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:46 AM

Originally posted by SkurkNilsen

Jesse LaGreca lays it down for the faux news network, so good that they couldn't even air it.
When you're being censored by MSM in general and fox especially you know your on the right side.
Really funny when the reporter tries to sidetrack the interview by trying to make a cheap shot at Obama. Not that i favor Obama over any of the recent presidents, but this isn't about political bias imo. It's the people showing their will for solidarity, or as some people here on ATS calls it "communism". (visit the link for the full news article)

that man is my hero of the day.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by Maxmars
I suspect that wasn't aired because the interviewee wasn't a boneheaded loser which they could make fun of later on after the editing took place.

Kudos to him.

... and so much for the reporter's "We are giving you chance to speak freely..." Sure he did, .... they just didn't share it with anyone....

Took the words right out of my mouth.. Until the day this interview is shown on fox news, this interview is a shameless liar.

So much for fair and balanced.... If they don't like what you say, they will spin the hell out of it or just not show it... Of course, this happens with every news company....I am bad mouthing fox news right now though because this interviewer worked for fox news....

This guy, by far the best speaker I have seen at the protests.... I am thinking, make him the official spokes man.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by Dance4Life

I don't think the US would be considered a very good investor. Matter of a fact, the part of the TARP program most people talk about (The capital purchase program) is not doing so well. I haven't broken it down to figure out how much was given by everyone, and yes there is still a significant loss on the auto companies currently. The fact is that the program barely has it's head out of water. This is the part of the program that most people are concerned about and it has made a whopping $20.6 million... or a 2% return. Not the 7-8% I'm hearing which I am guessing includes the entire TARP program not just the troubled capital purchase program. The rest of money was merely money loaned cheap to banks so they can increase liquidity, and I fail to believe that portion was a good investment GM included or not. This is also not including all the other capital infusion programs that the US used prior to/after TARP, nor techniques or costs I already have mentioned. I'm sure on the most controversial portion of TARP which I quoted above that 2% can easily be counted out by additional costs.

Sorry one good program doesn't make up for one bad program even if they are part of the same bill. Looking at the link you provided looks like the majority of profits came from Asset Guarantee Program and the Targeted Investment Program. Sorry, but not going to break this down, and I personally suspect there is other losses that are recorded elsewhere (part of the conspiracist in me... hey on ATS, and I already spoke about some in my prior post). Plus I conceded already by and large the black and white numbers of the program as a whole has been successful.

Furthermore, I invest my money that I earn interest free (I don't take out loans to invest as a general matter nor margin trade either), and pretty much I still expect a return at least of 10%. To me a 10% return annually is an average return, unless you are focused on safety. Although this year I'm a bit behind, but hoping for a Santa

I'm not going to talk about specifics of investing and what returns the US should have, as honestly I don't think the Gov. should be investing in the markets, but instead should support infrastructure and safety with its capital infusions. The US is not China and is not working on investing a surplus amount for a rainy day fund.

Like I said before, we have to agree to disagree

I just wanted to add... I completely agree with you that I don't think the U.S. is doing too bad either (with our bond rates at historic lows after a partial downgrade...who can), and I do agree Europe is where most of the market turbulence is coming from which I think is a bit over blown as the markets should have by now factored in the risk of Greek default, and just like the US after Lehman's, if the EU lets Greece default they'll learn quick the costs of letting the rest default and end up bailing them out somehow.

Anyways, here is the capital purchase program from the IRS site for full disclosure IRS Capital Purchase Program
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by SkurkNilsen

We are hungry and we will eat you Faux News

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 02:34 AM
'Fox Guy" knew this was 'unairable' within the first 10 seconds of his reply.
Only got worse from there....
Another good 'Fox-Fail'!

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 03:45 AM
Does he thing he's the only one ever interviewed whos never been aired.

What an airhead... oh, sorry, I mean activist!

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:12 AM
Jesse commands attention for sure.

I just ain't down with the idea of Obama remaining in a leadership role.
That carries into the 'forget about 9-11' mentality, IMHO.

It is what it is.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:24 AM
Give this guy a nobel prize

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:35 AM
? I saw a commentary on it a day or so ago (on Fox and friends). They didn't dive into the groups basis or show any of the signage (i searched youtube and elsewhere for), but after the first few "death to capitalism" signs, I tried researching whos backing this group - and when I saw Francis Piven and Bill Ayers making comments on the group, I knew these "occupiers" where "useful idiots" and as Archie Bunker would say "Atheistic pinko meatheads, Dead from the neck up"

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:51 AM
yep got all of that reporter's ass. every bit. of course it didn't air..kills their BS narrative that the protesters are idiots. same with erin burnett's show, she just jumped on them and was quite dismissive. no surprise. she's been a wall street gatekeeper from the get-go.
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:20 AM
A little over 275 ,000 views on you tube. Fox may not have aired this; but the people 275 thousand people are spreading the word. As they say "word of mouth is better than anything else. "

lol. that guy is a fast talker, he packed so much in in under 3 minutes I'm impressed. I had to view it twice because of all the fast talk. I bet the fox reporter had seen this already on You Tube and is palm facing along with the Fox CEO.

This protest seems like is all over the place though, they need to more organized. you have people there yelling for free health care, down with capitalism too Bankers and the Fed reserve. There is no common ground in this protest or enemy for that matter. I alway thought protesters had an enemy? The protest seems to have a Marxist orver-tone to it now. When did that happen ?

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