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Man found butchering cow in Utah driveway or Stay Out of My Refrigerator, Uncle Sam.

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:10 AM
It is his cow and his land...

I wouldn't wanna see it, I don't like killing personally

I hope he killed it with sharp spoon
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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:29 AM
No, the laws regarding wild game are quite different than those dealing with farm animals.

I think he was most guilty of poor judgment, what idiot slaughters a cow in his driveway?? Seriously, did he expect that it wouldn't bother anyone? Personally I wouldn't want my family to see some piece of trash cutting the head off a cow in his driveway, I'd be on the phone with the police in about 2 seconds.
end of that guys quote because i screwed up and deleted part of it

I'll have to throw one right back at ya! I butcher my hogs for my family by hanging them fom a tree in my driveway. If you want to call the cops on me then have at it. My neighbors would probably slap some sense into you too! We all go in together to buy livestock and butcher them and divide up the meat. Anybody getting in the way of me feeding my family would have their butt handed to them promptly.
People like you PI$$ me off! I could probably assume that you eat steaks and chicken or any meat in general including fish. So whats the difference if you see the meat vs. meat with hide on it? I mean really!? NOT A BIT OF DIFFERENCE! Its all in the idea of being politically correct am i right.? Its ok if its wrapped in plastic on a styrofoam tray that is sold in a store but heaven forbid if someone cuts the middle man out of the equation and saves himself 400-500 bucks by doing it himself.
This man regardless of doing it in the driveway is doing you and everybody else in that neighborhood a favor by teaching them that its still killing regardless if the slaughterhouse or you doing it. He just isn't a P.C tard that cries everytime bambi's mom gets shot! Grow up and realize that everything dies and you will die too if you don't kill an animal or a plant to eat, That is fact brother!


People Eating Tasty Animals
good night I am going to cook me a burger and go to bed!

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:45 AM

Originally posted by fooks
reply to post by AlreadyGone

think of the children!!!!!!

yeah but, if he walked a cow to the driveway, which would have better drainage than his garage or backyard,

shot the thing and butchered it, where did he get it from? do it there! there will be flys and maggots all over the place before he is even done!

lol! at least he will be charged with some kind of fire arm violation within city limits! lol!

i need to see some pics.

i'm a chef by trade and this guy is a whack-o if this is true.

i've butchered deer in my garage, seen moose hanging, elk, bear, butchered pigs that we bought and fattened them for bbq,

and like someone said, COW? if true, this guy needs some food stamps and get his gun.

Hey Fooks I am a chef too but I still see nothing wrong with what has happened because as a chef we have to watch out for public safety... He has to watch out for his safety. I am quite sure he didn't get the meat temp below the temp danger zone but i still think he is ok but then again.... He got arrested. Therefore the meat probably sat there for too long and spoiled. There are pros and cons to everything i suppose

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 03:12 AM
Most people still think meat comes from the supermarket. When you slap them up side the face with the facts their mind goes tilt. Some of our best eating was cooking fresh sausage and steaks on pot belly stove while butcher hogs. Same with venison. Although a cow would be a lot of meat to process and freeze unless you had several families helping. We even had a large cast iron pot over a wood fire to render lard and make cracklings. I'll admit we generally used a out building and dumped the left overs in a ravine for the wild animals to dispose of. We have processed field dressed venison in the garage before.

This guy processing a cow in his drive way was a little ignorant and probably a shock to the likely supermarket consumers in his neighborhood but that's real life. He probably did shoot it in the drive way and cut it's throat so the heart would help pump the blood out of the meat.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 04:19 AM

Originally posted by SavedOne
Personally I wouldn't want my family to see some piece of trash cutting the head off a cow in his driveway, I'd be on the phone with the police in about 2 seconds.

To me this highlites the exact reason why our species is doomed.

You'll happily eat meat, hunt, etc.. but you'd call the cops on some guy for preparing his own food, on his own property, because it's a little bit af an annoyance to you.

Slaughter houses should be closed. every one who eats meat should be forced to take a live animal and prepare it.

Or we end up in the "Stupid hippy vegans, rawr, I NEED STEAK NAO!!!!11 oh but dont let me see you cutting it, might makle me feel all boo boo inside..
" boat

If you eat meat, but cannot bear to see it cut open or prepared for consumption, thats weak.

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 04:42 AM
I see what so many here see now....

It would be far better to put this man and his family on food stamps and live off welfare and my taxes than for him to be self reliant and try to provide for himself and his family.

Had he slaughtered the cow in the back yard hidden instead of in the driveway in plain sight, no one would have seen him butchering the cow and been grossed out as they drove by on the way to the theater to see simulated butcherings of human helpless victims in the latest slasher "horror" epic.

And to do so in the backyard is ore sanitary than in the front? To do so in the country is more sanitary than in the suburbs? Heck, the Chinese culture kills them in the same restuarant and cooks them while you waite...and their population has obviuosly declined over the years because of such sanitary infractions.

Yeah, right.

Frankly, as stated, most folks don't really want to be reminded of where there "safe" meat really comes from... it just grows on the shelf.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by DoubtingThomas1
just plain bloody yucky.

LOL...I like your use of ironic objection.
...guess we'll never know exactly how gruesome the scene was, as the LEOs showed up to put a stop to the action before he even got the head detached. Even if she was mooing when she arrived, a single shot dropped her & depending on the caliber used and the fatal wound's place of entry, there's a good possibility there wouldn't a gushing red river initially. Once hung, that's another story, but since he'd not gotten that far, I'm in doubt as to the quantity of blood actually spilled.

I wonder if you'd elaborate on exactly in what manner you consider public health and safety were at risk? The imagery of a wounded mad cow tearing around the neighborhood certainly inspires, but exactly what, I'm not quite sure. Yes, there's always a possibility of the unexpected occurring; a botched cow kill being one, but the potential that something could go south is inherent.

A satellite could plummet from orbit and strike one dead while asleep. Doesn't mean that satellites are going to be discontinued because of their potential to do harm to the public's health and safety. Same holds true for cars. A potential driver error or mechanical failure could cause it to swerve onto the sidewalk & run down hapless victims, yet with a national average over the past 16 years of 37,105 traffic fatalities annually, (that's 101 deaths per day), Data source
the potential harm to public health and safety has not yet & doubtfully will never tip the scales in favor of scrapping every motorized vehicle over the much safer and healthier mode of walking.

If the potential for disaster is the standard against which health & safety are to be measured, then only the bravest or the most foolhardy will venture forth from the protective cocoon of their sterile underground bunkers. Until the advent of mass production methods, the relationship between man and meat was far more personal. A hunter stalked his prey, knew its habits, respected the defensive weapons of claw, fang & tooth that nature had fairly endowed. He communed with those spirits, giving thanks for the sacrifices that sustained him another day.

The point is that someone saw a man engaged in an act of food procurement which the human species has engaged in since time untold, yet because that act occurred outside a subjective context imposed by a society of individuals so imperiled by a lack of fortitude, empathy & common sense so virulent that it is tantamount to a malignant psychosis. The compulsion to identify & neutralize any threat to both the personal & collective authoritarian delusion makes a perceived non-conformist anathema to that ilk. Offended sensabilities in this age of deliberately cultivated hyper-sensitivity reveals more about the offended than the offender. It's the newest fad, & if one wants to be a part of the in-crowd, then it's imperative for the thin-skinned souls at some time, somewhere to find something to exercise a smug sense of outrage over. Nothing sets a person so much apart as pointing out the fault of another while remaining blind to their own shortcomings.

No offense meant !!!

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 05:56 AM
BEEF! Its whats for Dinner
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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by dr_strangecraft

Yeah, you are right, all that is truth, but we don't get a lot of information on the subject, still unless you are to preserve the internal organs and the blood is a lot of precautions to take care of that.

I remember cleaning and airing the intestings of pig and cows for blood sausages and they still would stink like crap but darn the sausages were delicious once the product was finished. I help clean chickens, organs, fish you name it, yes its messy but you get used to the smell and the mess.

I know, Iike I said I grew up with this type of things.

For those that said (the children) well I was just a kid when this practices were everyday thing in my home and grandfathers homes, I am still here and was never a big deal.

Still if one day I have to do the deed (butcher an animal for survival) I know how to do it and will have no problem.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by agentblue

I think we should have the freedom to let our own meat spoil.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by SavedOnePersonally I wouldn't want my family to see some piece of trash cutting the head off a cow in his driveway, I'd be on the phone with the police in about 2 seconds.

So he's a piece of trash, for butchering a cow in his driveway? You're right, makes much more sense to butcher a cow in your living room.

If it weren't for pieces of trash like this guy, your steaks wouldn't come neatly wrapped in cellophane, 2" thick and cut on a square...

You're grasping at straws to defend the authorities, who are grasping at straws to charge him with something. Seriously? "Cows are not game, and game is ok"? So if the guy stomped through the woods, shot and killed this cow himself, dragged it back home and butchers it, and he's not a piece of trash, but because he called his local ranch and ordered a freakin' cow, he's a piece of trash?

Why don't the enlightened ones in this thread tell us all how the butchering of beef in bulk should be performed?

Poor guy just needs new neighbors... I butcher cows, pigs, tons of chickens, deer, elk, even bison in my garage and driveway. My biggest problem with the neighbors is they all want some for their freezers.

lb for lb, buying even a single side of beef is hundreds of times cheaper than buying butchered, packaged meat at the grocery store... The guy has the time, resources and wherewithal to provide food for himself and his family in a much more economical fashion than the vast majority, yet he's a "piece of trash".

Is he a piece of trash if he were having a BBQ in his front yard, and cutting large steaks into smaller steaks before he puts them on the grill? Didn't think so.

Fact: It is not illegal to cut your beef into manageable sized pieces.
Fact: He was exploiting the above FACT, in his own driveway. I bet he picks his nose in his bathroom occasionally too.

Why is it only acceptable to pay someone else to butcher your meat and sell it back to you, rather than do it yourself?

Oh, and even in Utah, residential homes on city water have3 ONE input into the home. Only after water has entered the home, is it disbursed to faucets, spiggots and sprinklers. The only way your drinking water comes from a different source than your lawn water, is if you exclusively drink bottled water.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 01:52 PM
I know here you cannot kill a chicken for food. You really aren't supposed to have them in a lot of places - it's weird, the county outlawed them no matter how much land you have, unless you are zoned agricultural. The city allows them up to so many. BUT no one can kill one, you gotta buy a really abused one from the store like everyone else.

Oh they have a few organic ones for 4x the price but I'm not even sure that those were raised humanely, they just say 'organic.'

The govt is really ticking me off getting in the way of people taking care of themselves.

And a lot of people are really, really stupid and would sit there eating steak while calling the law to a guy butchering a cow. If you aren't killing cow after cow after cow there's no health issues. The blood will fertilize your tulips if it gets washed off the driveway.

There's already nuisance laws in most places that would take care of anyone doing anything stupid like leaving a big stinking mess for flies or something. It's nothing but control freak stupidity.

People just need to get a grip - they don't KNOW what freaking being poor or providing for yourself means. My family's income is around 17k a year right now -with unemployment but no other assistance- and you know what? Someone- who's working and making 18.00 an hour, with a wife working - came to our house this morning and asked us to borrow money because THEY were broke.

I want to take a broom to a lot of people and just beat them over the head with the straw end.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by Unit541

Oh, and even in Utah, residential homes on city water have3 ONE input into the home. Only after water has entered the home, is it disbursed to faucets, spiggots and sprinklers. The only way your drinking water comes from a different source than your lawn water, is if you exclusively drink bottled water.

Have to concur with this. My husband holds masters licenses for plumbing and commercial utilities. He's been installing potable water systems, storm sewers, filtration & treatment plants for 30 years. I couldn't get him to stop laughing when I asked if he'd ever heard of any such thing as separate water supplies for drinking vs. watering the lawn...

That's why water from a city tap tastes different than water from a well. It's the bacteria killing chemicals, the clarifiers, the flouride & everything else a municiplaity must add in order to eradicate the filth that accumulates. It's not only raw wastes, but toxins like oil residue from street traffic & pesticides & fertilizers that leach into the groundwater with each rain. A bit of cow's blood wouldn't amount to the proverbial drop in the bucket in comparison to the other contaminants.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 10:23 PM
I'd LOVE to have a whole cow ! I hope this guy beats the rap. I bet most of us never had real good cow meat that was untainted from a factory farm with it's additives and things like meat glue. Ground beef in the store has over 1000 different meat per pound from 1000 different cows. We never get just the meat of One cow.

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