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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 08:43 AM
I have in my lifetime met many very special people. Also many not so "nice" people to, well that is where they were at that time anyway in their behavior.

To say I have had a varied life is an understatement, It has been a blessing and a curse!

In part caused by patterns set up when younger, as I never lived in the same place for more than 6 months at a time until in late 20's, and even if did before 17 yrs old would be forced to "move/leave" at minutes notice sometimes woken up to do so for a day or two a week until calm ensued, most months stayed in at least 3 different caregivers "homes", with no control or say how and when this would play out.

Whilst moving from "home" to home in the most impoverished part of my city when in school by night, or holidays, by day going to the highest result graded and expensive private school (complicated family lol) in my country.

Personal Friends with the "keeper of the Tabacco" in the UK for the Native American Council of elders.

Spend and have spent much time, sometimes on one to ones with real Rinpoche's, and close friend to a lama (buddhist teachers recognised for stepping at least on the first stage of enlightenment), who was tasked and sent to Bring Tantra and Buddhism to a part of the UK, received teachings and empowerments even from those who have taught or empowered the Dalia Lama directly themselves.

Worked in Mental Health with the most Violent clients in my country as part of a specialist behavioral change team, we were the first to do it in the UK.

Saved lives many myself in voluntary work, set up youth clubs in impoverished areas, worked with sexually abused youth and adults, and also Medical Work.

Have medically Died myself 3 times in late 2004, had a very vivid NDE, been told will never walk talk and communicate again, smiled and walked out of intensive care no meds/painkillers 10 days later, though I still had 160 odd staples (stiches in) and most of me was missing or replaced with titanium.

The event Is on file as researched and verified as an "true" event by the near death research foundation. Though as I am anon on these boards will not link it here as personally identifiable.

Why am I saying this, well I really don't mind what your view is on reading this so far if you are feeling this is an ego boost look at me, ITS Not digital ID's Ego's are worthless, even more so than the ignorance of actual ego, I know any longer term readers and members will know from my length of time on here and total CONSISTENCY in the above regards, that this is plainly not so in any way of benefit to me, I shun not embrace ego.

I know wheres the Free stuff?

Well lots in life in free, though usually with a catch and because it is of no quality, or an search to give something to get something. Why all the ramble above about my life.

Because it allows me two things one to really really be able to tell the real deal from the fake, to have a massive experience of different sectors of society from all ends, ages and groups from society.

Also to be able to measure any change or experience very un subjectively.

I am putting my full support and name as such behind this guy and his genuine abilities and true deep desire to help as many as possible.

I recently had the fortune of meeting and spending over 8 days of full time with a true, genuine and almost genius Man.

He is an living example of what he now teaches and offers. He WAS THE CHANGE he wanted to see, and now as he truly wants to help as many people as possible to be happy, healthy, wealthy and at peace and joy by offering lots and lots and growing MP'3s videos and coaching.

The Legend himself is Joseph Clough.

An internationally renowned celebrity coach.

One of the worlds leading Hypnotists and an pioneer in fast, quick, effective change oozing with genuine love and compassion.

He has been on TV in the press has clients in hollywood etc, can make thousands a day, but spends a large part of his time making resources available for free for everyone.

Of the products he sells they truly are the cheapest in the Market, compared to any others which usually are of a much lower quality.

Want to be Happier?
Make more Money?
Overcome Limitations or an Illness?
Reach your goals and potentials?
Get coached on the important bits of "the secret"?

etc etc its all here, please do take advantage of the following free things, and please please do pass them on as Joseph asks to friends and family.

I did all I have done, been into change works for years, but still I garuntee he has a massive and large effect on my life in an positive way, which only one or two other people or experiences have been akin to.

No style Warrior here he walks the walk, just a true warrior of the heart and mind.

On I tunes here many mp'3s all FREE hypnosis etc

Joseph Clough Free Hypnosis i Tunes

On his Facebook has links to more free stuff and resources, will answer any questions you have (guy can charge over £160 and hour get it and fully booked if wants!) Maybe even make a bespoke hypnosis track if your desired change would help many others too! Here: Joseph Clough FaceBook

Twitter is great for getting a response to question to, follow him if want

His Blog (mods please see below) carries pages and pages of free videos, hypnosis, demonstrations of his techniques, is updated at least monthly usually weekly, and if you get the newsletter you get free stuff straight away as an extra!
If using this link I am advising all to go to Free Self Help Videos and Just Blog all of that is free, I am not promoting the rest of the site which is of his paid interests (be real MODS please everything linked is FREE) as this would be against the terms and conditions : Josephs Free Blog & Videos

I promise if u use the hypnosis and take his coaching tips, and take the action your life will get better!

I just wish I was able to help soo many in such a positive way.

Enjoy the Positive Change, embrace your potential YOU ARE worth it and so is everyone who loves you and who you love to.

Kind Regards,


posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:09 AM
I forgot he has a very good YouTube channel with demonstrations and more free help:

The main page is here: Joseph Clough Hypnosis Coaching Channel You Tube



posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Thanks for info dude
. SnF
I like hypnosis, as I am a believer that subconscious holds huge power. I did couple of self hypnosis audio's for myself as well. This guy seems nice
. I will check him out.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by Farnhold

Thank you,

Please thank Joseph on his twitter or Facebook I tunes.

I am registered as an Hypnotherapist so have seen the change it can make, to both for others and in all ive listened to for myself Josephs are the best, really have tried many over the years.

If it never worked advertising would not be in place and its a multi billion dollar a year industry.

Enjoy and may wonderful seeds of your potential be sewn and grow sooner than you think into the flowers of your highest dreams and wishes



posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 11:45 AM
The Power of Hypnosis

And therefore ultimately the power of YOU is massive and much bigger than "modern Science" can get even close to understanding.

It is for many a vast untapped resource of answers, solutions, growth, love, joy, health, however most walk around their lives with this "diamond" within kept in a locked box, and how few even try and see if just 5 mins of their time could open that box and reveal the riches and diamonds within.

If this is possible then what also is in all areas of your and loved one lives, this IS NOT "Woo LAA Laa" stuff, or New Age. It is being used by real scientists, and traditional Western Mechanical Doctors Viewpoints are evn being awakened to the amazing abilities YOU have, the key to that diamond box and all the power is in this threads links.

Kind Regards,



posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 03:47 PM
cool, i've tried a few other hypnosis audios before, some good, some o.k and others that didn't do anything for me
. i love the ones that when you come back round you feel real energetic and happy. Anyway thanks for this, gonna go download a few and check out the links and what not.

cheers again.. reg

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 07:19 AM
This is awesome! You are helping people who might, in turn help people! I have been longing to learn hypnosis and don't have the funding to do it currently.Thank you!

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 07:38 AM

Originally posted by RainbeauBleu
This is awesome! You are helping people who might, in turn help people! I have been longing to learn hypnosis and don't have the funding to do it currently.Thank you!
You are me and i claim my 5 pounds
(I am in the exact same boat, I'd love to be a competent hypnotist, so i could help others)

Cheers for the links, as soon as I'm back up online at home (# you sky and your incopetent customer service) I shall get on the download.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:06 PM
Thank you for the replies,

I just wanted to add another FREE process mixing NLP Pattern Interrupts Hypnosis and EFT that is very very good for clearing away phobias reoccurring persistent memories negative ones etc a very very successful free quick and proven technique!


PS Tech It Works Its Quick It's Free Simple As

BE the Change!
Make the effort, as least as much as we usually spend on talking focusing on What we don't want then wonder why we still get it!

For those looking to learn Hypnosis, here is a free one year online course by the worlds leading Indirect Suggestion Hypnotherapists, mainly Ericksonian who he obsessively modeled and studied Stephen Brooks

FREE ONLINE Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis - the worlds leading expert in the subject after Erickson Died.

And again another world leading expert if it was lost in my opening post not being todays 3 sentence structures of browsing: I Tunes loads of free coaching and Hypnosis Joseph Clough Master Hypnotist

HIs Blog free stuff all the time Coaching Hypnosis "the Secret" in Action etc




posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 05:11 AM
There is another FREE by another world leading Hypnotherapists track.

Part of this was used on the end of his interview on Coast to Coast AM

This is especially effective in the things us at ATS need to make sure we are protected from, influences from the media, society etc.

RECLAIM your power become I AM (and the bible mention of that phrase does not get lost on me!) not YOU ARE

Rick uses Percussive technology so no matter who you are you go to Theta brainwave and therefore a highly suggestive and learning state.

I AM Hynpnosis Clear past negative beliefs and suggestions RECLAIM YOUR POWER.

This Works.

Its Free




posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 11:46 AM
Joseph Clough has released an FREE hypnosis track that everyone would benefit from:

I asked the other day if you would like a Hypnosis and Coaching gift on resolving grief. The response I have had from my Facebook page was immense, so it had to be created and given away to you for free.

Before you listen, lets talk about this first. On the free download I go into why we experience grief and why we keep hold of it when we are consciously ready to move on.

This process is great for anyone who has:

Lost someone and want to develop a better relationship/connection

Anyone has experiences a sense of loss, grief, heaviness, sadness, lost and in general to much negative thoughts or feelings

Also it doesn’t have to be about a person, it can be if you have lost a job, a business, a pet, a material thing.
Josephs Blog

In todays times loss of jobs can have a large impact on our self worth, especially if made redundant after an long time, blocking an ability to find new work, or have the confidence to do so.

Most people have lost an loved one, or partner... so I think this is wonderful you can play it or download


and on I Tunes Here

Be the happiness and love you deserve as you are worth it!



posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 10:28 AM
I see no reason to be hyponotized whatsoever. It's for the weak minded.

What is said in this thread should be common sense.

The trick is to balance negative thoughts with positive ones.

We are always free to choose on which thoughts we want to expand.

Just remember that positivity can become pathological if taken to an extreme when not necessary.

Negative thoughts are just as powerful of a facilitator in growth for our selves, our social structure, and our culture.

Balance is key!!

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:22 AM
Hello Unity I hope you are well, we have not passed on the boards as such for a while.

Thanks for responding but I do have to disagree:

Originally posted by unityemissions
I see no reason to be hyponotized whatsoever.

I am glad you are totally healthy, have no bad habits, no low self esteem, no phobias, no performance anxiety, no stress and also have a very clear and direct link to your subconscious mind, lucky you!

However for you not to be hypnotised or in an state of trance for at least 40% of your day as every other human being is on the planet I advise you do the following, as they will all within the day put you in an state of trance of "hypnosis" but with no control over what you accept and learn at that time.

1. Totally remove ALL things you learnt when aged 0 - 7 to include language, balance, maths, grammah, potty training etc etc all of these are done in the brainwaves of Theta or very close to it, (humans aged 0-7) which is the same brainwaves as those scientifically proven to be the ones adults go into when hypnotised or in trance.

Good luck re learning all that without the ability of your subconscious mind through either Theta, repetition or high emotional content at time of suggestion learning, you will be the worlds first.

2. NEVER ever EVER watch TV again as YOU ARE IN TRANCE when doing so.

3. Please stop listening to music asap.

4. NEVER NEVER repeat things to yourself over a susutained period of time this is trance or hypnosis to in a light way.

5. If your job involves learnt movement or repetition you need to stop work NOW as the next time you perform your task whilst listening to that radio tune in the backround, you will be in Trance carrying out the actions from the subconscious reinforcing the learning, ie self hypnosis.

6. I would seriously leave ANY Meditation (except Mahumudra or Zen) or religious practises alone, especially of any ritual or repetitive nature ie same prayer or diety every day, this is trance it is self absorbtion going within Hypnotising yourself.

7. NEVER can you again go to a big "game" where high emotions and crowds are calling for their side to win, the crowd behaviour, high emotional content and anticipation all create Hypnosis at the time you get hypnotised into the "group mentality" and would be very suprised by how long it would take you to leave the stadium if fire broke out even when thinking you are "awake" until one of the rest of the crowd did first. If of course alone and not hypnotised into an frenzy you would leave normally and safely and not wait for the "lead"

8. Please never ever again visit any large retail stores for food. Your subconscious will be hypnotised and memories elicited by the follwoing on purpose as soon as you enter the store

Smell Scents are used to include ones we are not consciously aware of that make people hungry, and take them to childhood so they tend to buy without judgement "mum I want those sweets or will stamp my feet" type of memory they are trying to link with.

It works very very well to.

Music is played as it does the same.

The fact you are a Male will mean all the products that would suit your height, likes, where you look. your values, how much you will spend are all there to bypass your conscious and get you to make an unconscious decision to purchase, you cannot shop in an modern large store without at least 3 senses being bombarded on purpose to bypass your conscious mind and hypnotise you into an state where you will accept there suggestions (never mind the posy hypnotic commands of the advertisers before hand)

I could go on and on but that is enough to ponder for now:

It's for the weak minded.

Really who ever suggested that to you?

In fact the higher the IQ and also the "will strength" of the subject usually the deeper into trance they go though very resistant at first, its funny seeing them after 2-3 minutes and they are soo deep in trance after just proclaiming "I cant be hypnotised, im too strong willed"

Its an Urban Myth, Einstein, Henry Ford, all "sports scientists" all "special forces" Tiger woods etc etc etc all use hypnosis are the Seals weak Willed, was Henry Ford?

Its an Urban Myth and often said by those who have little experience and actual knowledge of the subject, its a conscious process of making sense of the parts of the world we do not know and a way of protecting ourselves if we have an fear of something its called "confabulation"

What is said in this thread should be common sense.

Which bits actually Unity? the links to those modalities being offered for free that many worldwide Psychiatric Institutes are now using as traditional ones dont work?

If its common sense of the benefits and power of this you seem to have some cognitive dissonance there m8?

Where you talking about my NDE and detailed life history really all common sense?

Did you really really really read the thread before posting?


posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:23 AM

The trick is to balance negative thoughts with positive ones.

The trick to what?

Giving up smoking?
Stopping panic attacks?
Overcoming PTSD?
Low self esteem?

Please show me how any of the benefits of hypnosis can be achieved by balancing “negative” and “Positive” thoughts on the subject

So If I say now “I will give up smoking on the ….” Then say straight away “ I will not give up on the….”

In this philosophy of yours that would have the same effect?

We are always free to choose on which thoughts we want to expand.


Tell that to my friend who USED TO HAVE repeated images from an abuse years ago pop into their minds eye about every 4 mins for 20 years.

I can assure you they were choosing every other thought possible than this one.

Do you experience the world as an entirely conscious process with no unconscious prompts for behaviour or words that seemed to be outside of your awareness?

Do you always think everything through before saying it, in fact where do the words come from the conscious?

Tell it also to the Junkie trying NOT to think about having their fix…. In fact unity this is soo very important

Please do not under any circumstances now imagine biting into a juicy bright lemon! Just don’t do it ok lol.

Just remember that positivity can become pathological if taken to an extreme when not necessary.


Who told you that seems scientific I mean Pathology and all….

Mmm sources please to this danger as documented and recorded, and I mean for the person not affected by an Personality Disorder, Bi Polar, Manic Depression or Schizoid symptoms for anyone besides these ORGANIC issues please show some proof or sources for that statement.

There is an danger, well it can be perceived as such according to your current values and likes etc…. I suppose we could all end up like this:

Negative thoughts are just as powerful of a facilitator in growth for our selves, our social structure, and our culture.

Really again in what way, for an desired culture or just to keep the status quo going. Why is negative at all needed or wanted? And growth of fighting systems and weapons in my view is actually not wanted is negative and therefore “growth” has no value iof intrinsic nature unless you define it.

Si I will agree though Moot, maybe? “ Negative thoughts are facilitators for negative unwanted base emotion led growth…..”

Balance is key!!

It certainly is, and many many many people find such an release and freedom from at last having their Conscious and Subconscious minds working together, when cognitive dissonance is stopped, and they are “whole” again and their entire mind body and soul work together with no self sabotage or limiting beliefs.

Hypnotism is not soo much about “hypnotising” anyone, but in my own experience both with clients and myself the real work is actually “de hypnotising” people first of all to take all the years of suggestions, self and other hypnosis, negative experiences and beliefs away.

The light can shine from under the bushel as such then.

Love Regards,


posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Wow! You're entirely confused on what I'm saying.

I'll get back to you in a few once I get out this restaurant and off the iPad.

Okay first off, you're taking what I said entirely out of context and going to extremes. Be more honest!

Hypnosis as you put it in your first post, is entirely different than how you're trying to make it out to be when replying to me.

Our terms must be properly qualified and agreed upon for efficient and effective communications.

So what is hypnosis?

Are you equating it to a broad term of mind control, or social/cultural engineering?!

If so, we all play our parts, and are influenced to varying degrees based on a variety of circumstances.

That's not what you meant. You know it!

Secondly, you put up a straw man. No, I'm not perfect, but I work on my imperfections in solitude. I see NO reason to ask for someone else's help. That's a weakness in my book.

You can't be truly hypnotized by a hypnotist without giving your consent. Some have a genetic propensity to give up their consent rather easily. I don't. I choose to laugh at those who try to hypnotize me. You won't see a magician picking me as a level 5 hypnotizable fool from the crowd!!

On to the "negativity" thing. Do you know what it means?! The way people use it today in our culture is bizarre and illogical. Basically, you're "negative" if it makes someone feel bad.

The mind MUST negate, in order to posit. You must let go, in order to replace. See what I'm getting at?! To negate, is to do away with, to deny, to defy, etc... It's just being an agent of entropy. We're all agents of unity and agents of entropy. We choose which things to accept, deny, replace, continue, and on and on...

Anything taken to an extreme has a high propensity for pathology. This includes positivity as well. Positing, without negating, will lead to an unbalanced equilibrium. It means you're building up for a mega-disaster of sorts. Think: super-optimistic entrepreneurship. We all know what happened from the actions of the wall street fat cats!!

It's incredibly foolish. You seem to be describing a new spin on "new age" pathological narcissism. Not being affected by your surroundings to a marked degree is how narcissists get by with their day to day interactions. They have no clue that it stems from their inability to dig deep, and admit the imperfections in the world around them, AND in their selves. They split this part off, and become bubblized in a world of perfect, nonsense.

That's my take on this all. Short term gains. Long term destruction. Your mileage may vary!


You said it yourself. The higher the IQ, the more resistant they are to giving away their consent. After they do (" a few minutes"), of course they can go deeper than most. That's because they're ALREADY deeply imaginative, and in touch with their subconscious.

I've experienced lucid dreams, "out of body" experience, visions, and self-taught advanced meditations since I can remember. Never needed another guy to tell me what to do and what not to do. It helps to interact with society, but I know who I am!
edit on 10-10-2011 by unityemissions because: (no reason given)

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 04:54 AM
Thank you for making the suggestion about this thread. I am very glad that you brought my attention towards this. I am enjoying listening.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by BlueBanshee

An Pleasure,

Share it around, and also if you appreciate Josephs stuff vote for his free work on I Tunes then more people can access it for free.

It really is top world class stuff for free very rare, he does have a true vibe on this.

The other modalities on here also are tested & accepted to be the best in the world at rapid and lasting change!



posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 07:57 PM
A bit late lol.... however

Start 2012 in a better way?

ACTUALLY achieve your Resolutions?

Decide to spend some time on making yourself happy without having to gain from someone?

May everyone's 2012 be filled with more Love, joy, Peace, Wealth, Growth and vibrant health...

Lets have lost and lots of fun to eh?

Life is meant to be fun have a clean out of the negative stuff and it becomes natural.



posted on May, 3 2012 @ 12:23 PM
Free 8 Hour Confidence Coaching and Hypnosis Course

Let go of anxiety, stress, low self esteem, gain confidence , happiness and Deep change

From one of the best in the world

Fill your boots guys

Free Expert 8 Hour Confidence Course

Love Elf & Joseph

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