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New Member With Interesting Situation

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posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 12:20 PM
[edit on 1-11-2004 by nazgarn]

posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 12:20 PM
Hello Everlastingnoitall

Been reading your thread, very interesting. Hope you find out / nothing comes to you in harms way. Anyhoo, found a quote (possibly from an unreliable source, talking about time travel, etc). Could be interesting:

How about some interesting technology spin-offs from the Philadelphia experiment?

Well, there are a lot of them in use by the CIA and the NSA, as well as other corporate and government agencies. There is a portable unit that can render an individual invisible. The NSA is known to use those on a fairly regular basis. There is also a UFO research based covert organization that is believed to have them?

Hope this helps somehow,

- Nazgarn

posted on Nov, 2 2004 @ 10:22 AM
Do you have a microphone on your computer? Plug it in, unmute it in your sound control panel, and let some sort of recording program run on your computer when you know the "entity" is around.

posted on Nov, 2 2004 @ 02:20 PM

The trouble with this dream, besides being so real I would swear I was in my bed at home, is that I was in my truck at the time in question. I freely admit there is no possible way I could have had this encounter in 'reality' as we think of it, but it was a real encounter, to me at least, nonetheless. I could smell our house, hear the fan we always have running in the room, and sense all of the intricacies of our home and bedroom. When I dream, I typically dream in black and white and almost never dream in vivid color, or have a 'lucid' type dream. I can't really explain it, but I know it was real, on some level.

Now, I find this part interesting.....It's as if your mind is freer to 'tell' you this when you are away from home. Perhaps it is something that 'happened' ( on a unconcious mental level or psychic level ) while you were at home, but you were unable to recall it until you were away from the influence of some sort of 'mind control'. Perhaps the being has tried to explain itself, so that you would not be afraid. In a way similar to post-hypnotic suggestions. The possible 'mind control' aspect might not even be under the being's control--it's as if he might have "left a message on your answering machine."

I would not want to do anything to remove it or block it from your house if it is actually protecting you from something. It certainly seems like the lesser of two evils when compaired to the 'deep voice' being.

posted on Nov, 2 2004 @ 02:28 PM
naz.. very interesting suggestion! I'll be looking into the aftermaths of the Philly Ex. in the coming weeks.

The EVP issue has been tried, although perhaps a much better, higher quality recorder would be in order.

The post hypnotic suggestion comment is very compelling. This isn't the first time I've had dreams while away from home that reflect events that may/may not have happened at home, but this is by far the most significant.

I will keep everyone posted as things develop.

And to the one asking about studying the home, the phenomenon ios not relegated to this address. It follows us. Again, u2u and we can talk further.

posted on Nov, 2 2004 @ 11:12 PM
i have one request to you that can u take few pictures of your rooms in digital camera? so that we all can examine it .

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by arijit
i have one request to you that can u take few pictures of your rooms in digital camera? so that we all can examine it .

Might I ask what purpose that would serve exactly? He has tried to catch this thing on camera, but it's not making itself visible.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 01:55 AM
i thought perhaps digital camera can help him to figure what the thing is .

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 03:08 AM
I must say, This is quite a fantastic story but possibly quite believable as well. There is an infinite number of things in this realm that we cannot explain or understand. Hopefully you can uncover the truths behind this entire situation which you face. The history of your in-laws is interesting and If I could suggest that you begin to research the actual physical entities that may be watching you as well as investigating further your father inlaw. You never know what you may pull up. I will definately be eagerly awaiting any responses which may reveal the truth behind this unexplained event in your lives. Good Luck and DIG DIG DIG DIG......there must be some links that you have overlooked or have not uncovered yet, and this will take you to the next level of revelations!

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 04:12 AM
Isn't this just result of playing too much computergames + seeing too much movies + not enough sleep?
I am not saying you're lying, I just think the story is kind of weird from beginning to end. Sometimes we humans confuse perfectly normal things that we do not understand with the wildest scenarios.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 05:36 AM

Originally posted by JakkoI am not saying you're lying, I just think the story is kind of weird from beginning to end. Sometimes we humans confuse perfectly normal things that we do not understand with the wildest scenarios.

EXACTLY!! Oops. Sorry wrong thread...

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 06:01 PM
Remember..........Everything is part of the GAME!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 12:12 PM
There's only 12 pages!!!! Give me more!!!

Seriously tho, I came across this last night trying to sift through the political garbage and I couldn't stop reading!! I finally got a chance to finish it today.

Brave? Hmmm. Maybe a little comfortable. I would still feel uncomfortable knowing someTHING is watching everything I do.

Years ago I did a little survey of my own because I often saw things (shapes, shadows) move out of the corner of my eye. The first thing I do is look for a logical explanation. Through the process of elimination, I couldn't find a reasonable answer, so I started asking anyone I knew if they had experienced the same things. Just about everyone did, and the few who believed it was beyond their logical reasoning got quite nervous about the subject and changed the topic.

Of course its hard to explain multi or parallel dimensions; Or for that matter, even prove; But it does seem they do exist or possibly that our level of understanding (via the 5 senses) isn't able to comprehend that we are surrounded by other 'things' of which we cannot see, yet occasionally 'feel'.

Only one question about the wife - When did her social anxiety dis-order come about?

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 04:49 PM
This is an extremely interesting thread and I am really just typing this so I can subscribe to the thread. Keep up the updates everlasting!

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 06:39 PM
WoW i am so excited to know that this is happening and that there can actually be something out there that can maybe be a "CLOAKING" device... and what that guy said....... take a freaking swing at it man and seriouslly..

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 06:47 PM
I've only read half of the posts here ... but is it cold when the entity is present, or is there a chill in the house ? If so, it is probably a ghost ... have had similar experiences in a house I shared with 3 people .. we all felt, heard and saw the same evidence of it, and the cats went so nuts in that place we had to give them away after 2-3 weeks, we didn't stay there much longer after that ourselves. Have had quite a few (shared)experiences with ghosts and there is always a physical chill that comes with it.

... It could also be an angel as someone already said, especially if you feel its love and protection, cept for the food bit and if you have not seen the fridge door opening and closing, maybe someone else is eating the stuff. Have you kept vigil of the fridge all day and monitored its contents closely?

... as far as aliens ...of course they are watching us, they have been watching us forever, but thats it period, and I really don't believe they want to harm us or they would have done so already. They are secretive because they would be dissected if they were 'caught', and they would be out of their minds to mingle with us, having observed our propensity for hostility. Although they would probably like nothing better than to sit down with us for a chat and a coffee, or some other beverage...

To use an analogy, we might like to watch a pack of lions in their natural habitat for example, but we would be wise not to go and sit amongst them. Our wildlife scientists temporarily anaesthetise and capture some specimens to study them in greater detail and to collect data, with the intention of understanding them better and possibly help the survival of the species. These specimens are released back to their environment once the required data is collected. No harm is intended.

... as I said in a previous post ... i think... if a species is so technologically advanced that it can travel intergalactically (from a limited 3-d perspective and not going into parallel worlds, other dimensions, or time-space continuum theories) then they must surely be highly evolved spiritually, else they would have destroyed themselves with their own technology, as we humans will surely do some time soon if we don't 'grow up' .....surely a highly evolved being would be benevolent ....

[edit on 4-11-2004 by c_au]

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 08:08 PM
A while back you mentioned markings or symbols appearing on your bathroom mirror. I'm not sure if you found a source of ancient writing, but I just ran across this one, and thought of your thread. This is a pretty extensive site, with links to others. When you have a few hours to kill, you might see if you can find something similar to those markings.
--good luck!

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 11:47 PM

I have been a long time reader of ATS and was a member at one stage.
But having read all 12 pages of this thread all I can say is WOW!
I would love to be in your shoes just to experience something like this. I am jealous

And yeah, my general advice would be to not annoy 'Bob' or make him excessively angry. As another member said, he could push a loved one down the stairs

You have said that 'Bob' uses the toilet but you have not specifically said whether or not he flushes it. We all have assumed so as that it is a routine associated with going to the toilet

So, does he flush? If he does then this would mean he would have a fair understanding of how our "technology" (If that is the right word to use) works. What is scarier to think is that he would have to learn... And what better way to learn then by watching and doing?

This also can be an effective communication method that you might consider trying.
When you know 'Bob' is around then try and get him to mimic what you are doing. Just like scientists do with chimps and apes.

As another user suggested, get a white board and marker. When you know 'Bob' is around, and you have a fair idea that he is looking at you or watching you. Point to yourself and then write your name on the white board, then offer the marker by holding it out in front of you.

You may be surprised, he could take it from you and write his real name on the board.
The same kind of thing can be done to try and get him to eat with you.
Get one type of food and place it on a plate, make sure you have plenty of it. And make sure you like it

Then when you know 'Bob' is around, take a bite and eat some of this food and offer it up by holding it out in front of you.
He may or may not take some from you or from the plate... Seeing that it is the same food you have in your hand, he may take it from the plate as to stop any possible contact.
Through these methods, you could form some kind of bond... A bond of trust between you two.

Also, I can't remember if anyone asked you but do you reply or read this at your home? I know you have a computer at home and have tried to capture him with your webcam, but have you considered that most of your attempts have failed because he has been reading over your shoulder?
That is of course if you have been reading and writing at home.
If not, disregard this paragraph

Woah, I have rambled on a bit. I guess I best stop until your next reply


posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 12:49 AM
I just spent the past hour reading this thread and honestly it scared the living # out of me as I was reading it for a couple of reasons. Being someone that has experienced certain paranormal events personally I know how you must be feeling. Even though I've experienced certain things trough the course of my life (24yo) it still scares me to death every time "something" happens.

I couldn't even begin to tell you what you can do about it but I would suggest calling paranormal ivestigative organizations in the United States. Im pretty sure there may be some of them that may want to investigate and possibly can find some answers as to what may be going on. Other than that I don't know what to say. Jesus Christ this thread got me all paranoid and weirded out, I don't think I'll be able to sleep well tonight.

*turns on night light and gets under the covers*

posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 03:57 AM
It just occurred to me... what if it's poo is invisible too? Maybe that's why no one sees it? Unless he flushes, then in that case, I'm full of it...

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