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Alien interview movie

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:40 PM
i read that the original video was on a dvd when stolen from s4. but if anyone out there has ever done any video editing or coverting dvds to wmv you will loose alot of quality and to keep it down to a resonalbe fast downloading file size the quality of the video will go down by alot. if this is real and acctually recorded it would have been much higher quality possible recording using broadcast quality cameras but when this was converted down to the small video file it lost alot of quality.

i am wondering if anyone out there knows where to contact the guy who said he stole the video if hes still got the original dvd and if possible have it ripped and put up on a site.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:42 PM
When I was at the baswe on August 21st 2002, I saw a room just like this on the video and it wasn't at what they call S4.

I also heard that Victor was assasinated shortly after it's public release or should I say he died in mysterious circumstances!

Also, if you read the book 'The Day After Roswell', it explains that the aliens if you wish to call them that don't like bright lights because they have lenses over their eyes and that was how the technology was developed for Night Vision!

Does anybody know if it's true about Victor!

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:53 PM
If you can't spell base right I doubt you been into the groom lake facility.


posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 07:37 AM
Have you been at the facility in groom lake??? What did you do there? Have any proov. I am the type that doent belive before it is proved

posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 08:05 AM
You mean it's actually dark at night time??

Originally posted by SpookyVince

2. It is indeed widely believed that aliens (greys at least) are more confortable in the darkness. It is also interesting that most, if not all, of alien encounters occur during night time, when actually it is dark.

Apparently, the site on which the complete video of the interview with Victor is disabled, unless it is only temporarily unavailable.
Check anyway... This is where I found it.

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posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by Xon
This video is fake! We all know it has been proofd before. Case closed

I still have seen no proof either way, with all the posts on this topic!!

posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 09:39 AM

I saw it ........

When I was at the baswe on August 21st 2002, I saw a room just like this on the video and it wasn't at what they call S4.

According to almost EVERY source there is regarding S-4 or Groom Lake, if there is any alien activity going on there, it's involving the technology, not the beings themselves.

Just off the top of my head, we have the SOM1-01 manual (ranked as a highly credible document) designating these items go there. Next, we have a supposed insider (who can at least verify employment with DNI, and with a coding of MAJ) who also claims this.

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 05:43 PM
Can anyone tell me what happened to Victor?

I heard that he was 'bumped off'.

I need to know because I think I might know him!

More details when somebody can tell me for sure where he is ........

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 05:47 AM

I heard that he was 'bumped off'.

Does somebody have more informations or news about Victor since ? Have some new informations about this video emerged ?

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posted on May, 1 2005 @ 06:21 AM
Nothing that I know of.

Searching the web for 'Victor' just gives non related results for the most part, and searching for Victor and alien video or alien interview or stuff just gives what one expects so far...

No news good news?? Hmm...

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 08:00 AM
Reply to locked topic: my connection was very fast! it's downloading STEADY at 100+ KB/sec!

posted on May, 4 2005 @ 05:40 AM
So does anyone have any new info on Victor?

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 12:26 AM
In order to make this video, the person that was the puppeteer had to be Frank Oz good. This is an awesome video! and probably real! Please debunk if you can...

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 11:39 PM
I agree! A puppeteer would have to be REALLY good at what he does if this were a fake. Its all in the eyes though that give the impresion its real. They dont look cold and dead, but like there is a semblance of life behind those dark lenses with the eyes almost pulsing like a star almost. The subtle muscle movement around the eyes is something you have to really analyze here, thats the key!

Also, this would be a very complex puppet to make somewhere in the realm of a Jabba the Hutt, but better and more alive than Jabba. A highly trained puppeteer would be employed. Also, there would be a lot of subtle details that were used such as the glass divider between the telepath and alien (which I couldnt notice in the video). The heart monitor, the DNI stamp and timecode, the darkened room, and the fact that a puppeteer would have to rehearse this over and over again and be very cognizant to breathe a real life into his puppet. Take all of these very articulated details and then look at the bumbling doctors with the flashlights...

Dont you think that the hoaxers, trying to make this thing as real as possible with all these details, wouldnt they think to properly stage the doctors as being very competent, great at what they do, and use pen-lights instead of flashlights? Those elaborate hoaxed details that were used and then getting lazy with the doctor details using flashlights and not being very good just doesnt jive with me. Wouldnt these hoaxers study actual doctors, the way they do things, and wouldnt they remember to use pen-lights to stage this hoax?? Why mess up on that detail of the doctors on this very elaborate hoax??

Its simple...its probablly not a hoax. These were incompetent doctors that were chosen, just as Victor said, because they could keep secrets. Also, someone that was trying to stage a hoax, would NOT bring up "money" in the interview. At the very end, Victor says "Havent you had enough of me? I think Ive earned my money." Do you really think a hoaxer would say something like that? That would just blow away an elaborately detailed hoaxer's credibility, and an elaborately detail minded hoaxer would have kept that detail in mind when trying to pull a cover over our eyes, dontcha think? This type of hoaxer would make NO mention of money.

Then we have the alien totally looking alive and having an animal type behavior just like a cat or dog or something. Again, look at the eyes. Study the eyes carefully..

Also, are some of you stupid? I mean, "Why does the alien talk like its possessed??" "its cheezy with teh background muzak!!11" and "why does victor talk that?? theyre trying to scares us with him talking like a demon!" "how does Victor pre-empt what the alien does in the video??" "I thought it was "proofed" a fake on some other site!"

Man o man...c'mon

[edit on 24-10-2005 by wangho]

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 12:16 AM
I tend to go along with that reasoning, about the incompetent doctors...

A bit like the Alien Autopsy...why go to that expense and use a stupid-lookin' bloated alien?...
or a cameraman that can't stand steady 'n straight?

I'm a bit cheesed that the hi-res download still had the aliens head at
about 10 pixels wide though..LOL...any better versions around?

and as for the Bozo that criticised someone's inadvertant 'w' in the spelling of the word 'base'...
have a look, bud 'W' is right next to 'S'

Let's hope we don't have to abandon Disclosure because of these mental midgets..


[edit on 25-10-2005 by Ganesh2005]

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 04:37 PM
i have deciphered Victors voice and hightened the pitch im going to upload it as soon as possible. fyi victor is not the old man because if you brighten the tv and pause when victor "terminates the interview" he has a brown beard. take a look for yourselves.

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