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Alien interview movie

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posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by groingrinder
Aliens think in the language of thoughtform.

no we don't

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 04:29 PM
nice work electric! But im not sure it proves its fake, does anyone have a bob lazar sound clip so we can compare the two?

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 05:07 PM
Nice work electric, however, this does not sound like Bob Lazar.

I am trying to find a soundbyte of Bob Lazar so we can compare.

But the accent is not like his.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 05:54 AM

Originally posted by Kriz_4
Nice work electric, however, this does not sound like Bob Lazar.

I am trying to find a soundbyte of Bob Lazar so we can compare.

But the accent is not like his.

Actually, I've changed my mind and I agree with you. I did a closer analysis and the accents are different, as you said. Lazar sounds like he grew up in Florida, and has a touch of Californian influence. Whereas Victor sounds straight Californian, or some state near there.

Interview with Bob Lazar MP3 (4 meg)

That Victor character does sound alot more sincere with the voice undistorted, but there isn't many easy ways to tell if this video is faked. Maybe bringing up the brightness on the footage could give some clues.

In the original documentary they did analysis on the footage and said that Victor's story didn't add up. It had actually come from analogue tape and had been copied several times. Not from the original analogue tape backed up to digital media, as Victor's story goes.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 06:50 AM
I find it quite amusing that a lot of people just state flat 'it's fake' and give no reason at all. I'm not using this to tend to prove that it's real, but I think that it might well be real. I've seen this video several times before. I'm giving a few words on that:

1. When looking at the whole interview with Victor (sorry no link for now, will post later if I find it back), he sounds quite sincere, and one must admit he doesn't go into any contradiction. This gives him at least some credit. Plus, actually, and as shown before on this thread, Victor is not Bob Lazar. They don't talk the same exactly.

2. It is indeed widely believed that aliens (greys at least) are more confortable in the darkness. It is also interesting that most, if not all, of alien encounters occur during night time, when actually it is dark.

3. It is believed, though not proved in any way, that the aliens (at least this race) is wearing some kind of opaque black lens to cover their actual eyes. It is maybe used as a filter of some kind. It would be therefore normal that when the doctors light its eyes they don't contract. We don't see the eyes, but the lens.

4. The movements of the alien are maybe realistic. Who knows how an actual alien behaves and acts? They may well balance their head constantly in that way. Also, the appearance of its skin (qualified by some to look like cheap doll plastic) could just well be normal. The actual aliens may well look like that, we don't know...

5. The fact that we don't see the arms of the alien, and the fact that the doctors don't move it to check in the nose and around the eyes, may well be explained by the fact that this creature was likely not attending that interview willingfully. Therefore, it must have been tied to its seat.

6. The DNI/27 stamp on the video is likely added after the filming. The blank tape that's used to film does not contain the stamp before. The camera itself can add the time and frames count, as seen on the lower right on the video, but other stamp is added afterwards. This is likely why the fonts are not the same.

7. It is not necessarily impossible to go out with a piece of tape, even that kind of tape. According to Victor's interview, the tape was gotten during a moving of the installations. Security is not always efficient, even when it is at its highest level. I can give two examples: remember those journalists who decided to take a plane with a fake bomb a a few fake guns in their luggage (that was after 9/11)? They were successful. Also, (I'm working in a NATO base) I have been able to enter the base several times by foot (it so takes time to pass the gate), just using the moment that the MP is looking into a car. Easy.

So, I am not totally convinced that it is a real piece of footage of an alien interview, but it looks like it could well be. If it was definitely a fake, I have not a doubt that a debunker would have debunked it already. Instead of that, it is still discussed. And I am keen to believe it is real.

Apparently, the site on which the complete video of the interview with Victor is disabled, unless it is only temporarily unavailable.
Check anyway... This is where I found it.

[edit on 18-8-2004 by SpookyVince]

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 09:41 AM
link is down most of the time. you say it was disabled? meaning the webmaster took it down?

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 12:36 AM
No, I don't know actually... It seems to be not responding, and that's it. Maybe it's temporary, but the last few times I've been trying to connect to it were unsuccessful.

Maybe they're changing their server or... Who knows what?

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 02:16 AM
i thought they proved this tape to be fake a while ago?

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 10:21 PM

no we don't

uhh errrr wtf/.

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 07:22 PM
The film is made using a puppet. The movements the 'alien' makes are typical of all puppets, even dear old kermit, ie: the head moves first and the neck and body drags along after because the wires/hand/hydraulics that manipulate it are centered on the head.

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 08:50 PM
Every one insist on dismissing this kind of things for various reasons and thats not the way to look at it. Its more of a "What If?" deal.

Ok, aliens not speaking English. Chances are that they do not, but first- whos to say that we are not being watched or listened to and have learned all of earths languages? If they do exist, you can be 100% sure that they are more advanced and why would it be hard to believe that they can learn a language in a matter of moments?

Telepathy in other languages. Well no one here is a telepath so no one can say how it really works, But I can speak a very little bit of German and when I speak it, in my own mind, some words sound natural to me and I can not say if I am thinking German or English at the time. Anyone here to say that telepathy is not a universal form of communication?

Looks like a puppet- body and head move at same time, it does not appear to me that the beings body is following the head. The movements are much more humanoid then puppet-ish. When the "doctors" come in, you can distinctly see both of there hands move over the beings head multiple times and while that is going on, there still are a few of the same movements the being was doing before they showed up. If there were strings then the doctors would have disrupted that and would have been a noticeable jerking motion, or you'll just say that the strings where dropped but then that brings up the little movements the being does that near the same as before and a few are movements that appear to be moving away from the lights.

Dark room- There is no telling what the interview was and for all we know is that the darkened room was by a friendly request. Artificial light is much different then light from a star (aka. the Sun). It may be harmful.

Music- the clip is from a TV show and could have been very easily added by them to add the extra effect that the majority of humans have come to associate with the unexplained due to great thanks of television itself.

It could be real, it could be fake, but why not try to believe and look for reasons it is real then to look for the ones to disprove it?

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 08:55 PM
While I firmly believe it to be a fake, I will agree on this:

It is possible, especially given the disproportionate size of the brain cavity of the Grey race that they learn at a far accelerated rate then the average human. Language should be no problem. Recent studies have shown that the average human is capable of mastering over sixty distinct languages.

Not so far fetched after all

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 08:55 PM
Itz Hoax's like these that give the ufo community a bad name. I think to myself alot about the fact of other life out there, itz people like whoever made this tape that make that point of other life farther and farther away

[edit on 20-8-2004 by PanzerDiv]

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 08:59 PM

Te movement the alien makes is also the same as a cat makes when it is coughing up a fur-ball



posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 09:03 PM
But the movement looks so mechanical and forced!

Of course, if the thoery of it being held against its will proved true, it likely was in a bad health state. Supposedly the Greys cannot eat our food, something about the protein chains,,,or amino acids,,or something. So it may have been starving, perhaps previously injured (in a crash?) so who's to say? Maybe it was having trouble holding its massive head upright??

I still think it's a fake.


posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 02:50 AM
It's a hoax
How can anyone say that with 100% truth
There is no proof of it being a hoax or real.Not 10%,not 100%
You can no more say it is fake than you can say it is real.There is no proof on both ends.
Here are my thoughts.
The video is clean,I will say that.If it is real,glad we finally got a good video for once!
Some are saying that he moves like a puppet and therefore fake.How do you know what an aliens movements are like?Have you seen one?You have seen a puppet move I am sure,but to compare it's movements to something you have not seen is pretty bad on your thinking part.How do you know how an alien moves about?
Most are saying that the features and the alien in general are fake.How can you say this when you have not seen one in person?If you have seen one in person,why would you try and debunk this rather than try and support it?

I really cant say weather or not it is real or fake as I have only seen a clip and not the whole video.I play tapes over and over before debunking so as not to put my foot in my mouth.
If anyone has a link to the whole thing,I would much appreciate it.The other links dont seem to work.

posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 03:32 AM

Originally posted by everlastingnoitall
But the movement looks so mechanical and forced!

How can you say this?? There is a smooth movement with a the biological movement of slowing the body/head before changing directions! There is a reason the dance called the "robot" is called that!! With-in the last year (AT MOST) Disney was finally able to get an animatronics robot to move with a 'like' humanoid response!

I am going out to say that this is real! Anything that someone says on here can not prove other wise. I can argue every comment anyone has to make.. The choking.... Cats do the EXACT same movements! Why is it so hard to believe that another creature is not capable of that particular movement?

Are you people afraid? Are you so scared that there is other life out there that you instantly say that this is fake?

Whats odd to all this is that autopsy film/photographs are also "fake" to most people yet the being is EXACTLY the same as the one in this video!...

The are many people believe that there are other beings not of earth, and on that note, It is very apparent that the government does not want this out just yet. Is it so hard to believe that the videos are done so generically for a reason? It is not so hard to believe that it was made this way just in case it got out and the general public would just pass it off as a fake?

I ask all of you to find the reasons it could be real then what looks fake about it! TV and movies have said "this is not real" and have shown this type of images! Why because of this do these types of images are automatically fake? Think about this: Can these images be based on the real thing? and when we see the real thing, it is so closed to what we know is fake, that we just assume the real is fake?

Try to prove to yourself it is real!!!!!!!

One Word----- BELIEVE!


posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 03:58 AM
Here is the thing.
We can not say for a fact that this is an absolute fake or a real encounter.
Nothing,and I say nothing in this video proves either.
In order to go one way or the other,there needs to be more proof for either.
In order to debunk this,there needs to be seem something like an arm (puppet theory) or strings.Some sort of animatronics.Something that is out of place.

In order to say this is real footage of an actual alien encounter,we need more footage showing the alledged alien moving on it's own freely in the open.Be able to study the movement to see anything out of place around it.We dont know how these things move about.For all we know,they float.Maybe they dont move swiftly and as slowly as they do in movies.

The only thing we can do is take this as 50/50
Maybe,maybe not.But we do need to have an open mind until we have solid proof that this is either fake or real.

Im on the fence with it.
Hollywood can make some good CGI aliens,but for someone to spend the time and money on such an elaberate alien only to have a few comments for it on the interent needs to spend thier money and time doing something else constructive.

posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 04:14 AM
Oh, thank you!

I have been trying for ages to find this entire piece of footage.

you notice the DNI in the bottom left corner.

That stands for

'Department of Naval Intelligence'.

The people supposedly in control of Area 51. Spooky stuff, fake or not.

Again, thanks.


posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 02:01 PM
We are not sure that alien can breathe our air. If you see the alien and the other people breath the same air. How many other planets has we found with the same air that we have???

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