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Aliens have not contacted us, therefore theres nothing to disclose

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by andre18

Originally posted by KrypticCriminal

At first i considered that you may have taken what ive said on board. However after reviewing this entire thread i've realised that you are'nt interested in counter arguments and theorys.

I'm happy to argue points of view, excepted that the counter arguments presented aren't based on scientific reasoning. So by default your obviously going to be wrong if you debate against mainstream science, as if you were some religion complaining science doesn't know it all. The fact is you're defending pseudoscience, what do you expect to accomplish in a debate if that's what you're defending?

i have no choice but to assume that either your so close minded that no counter proposal will ever shift your view. Or you simply cant accept that you may be wrong.

I'll accept i'm wrong when the scientific evidence is presented. Saying i'm close minded when i'll only accept scientific evidence doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If there really are aliens visiting us then there should surely be scientific evidence of it, regardless whether i wan't to believe it.

If this is what your going to base your agruments on then i would have to point out that pseudo science is still science. It still uses the same accepted mainstream principals to measure success accept its not accepted by mainstrean science because some of the principals invovled cant be proven. Despite being based on the same pricipals that mainstream science accepts. Just look at some of the theorys as to how the universe itself came about. Science or pseudo science? Albert Einstein was a pseudo scientist untill he came up with equations that showed his working out. Yet a lot of his work is still merely theoretical.

So i would hope that as a science entuisast. You would at least entertain them because although we might not be able to list a load of equations that add up to our conclusions. The theory in itself is wholey possible. You just wont open your mind to the possiblility. Try looking outside the box of mainstream science my friend and might see a world of posibility. Einstien woul'nt have found nothing if he had of just accepted what he had in his hands at the time.
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 04:20 PM
I used to think like you... why would aliens travel thousands of light-years to abduct a couple of people... return them... and then leave again?? It didn't make any sense.

I still don't know the answer to that question. There are many theories... one being that they are in a different dimension, and not really that far away. Don't know.

What I do know is that a lot of people seen them. I know two people who personally seen ships (can't discuss it, as I did not get their permission to share). To address your point... yes, contact has been made. What is their agenda? So far, it's been nebulous. I don't seem them 'saving' us or anything. They may be preparing to abduct en-masse. See last two links for details on that theory. The following links may "prove" interesting:

abduction of woman in Manhattan w/CIA witnesses

Plane engulfed by UFO- video

UFOs close airport in China - July 2010

Ufos over Manhattan Oct 13th or 14th, 2010

Chinese village disappeared- two links, here...
and here
-Did all the people abandon their village just to play an elaborate hoax? Lol!

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by MarkJS
I don't seem them 'saving' us or anything. They may be preparing to abduct en-masse.

actually .. my theory right now is that they are preparing to land on Earth and blend in with us - at least the greys that is. from what I've read on all the abduction stuff .. it seems like they are genetically modifying themselves using our DNA to create these hybirds that can live on Earth. I have heard many stories of abductions where people's sperms/eggs were taken and they were introduced to these hybrid babies.

so I imagine they have been creating countless hybrids on their planet or dimension and when the time is right - they will mass invade and put all these hybrids down with us. however, I'm not sure if things will go smoothly (for us) as from what I know - greys have the ability to control people's minds. all abductees were paralyzed and hypnotized when greys were present. they had no control whatsoever and follow commands without their own free will.

however, from stories of abductees, I have also learned that there is not only ONE type of aliens (greys). many have seen other types of aliens. someone told me that a lot of people have seen this aquatic type alien also being experimented by the greys while they were present. but another person said that the aquatic aliens are the bosses of greys - greys are just workers for them. so it's a little confusing what's really going on. then there are also many that have met benevolent aliens. but they said that the benevolent ones do not want to interfere because they want to give us free will.

so while the greys seem a little evil and have their hybrid invasion plan .. I HOPE that when the time comes, the benevolent aliens (if they do exist) will come for our aid.
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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 10:15 PM
The way I imagine it to be is that at the centre of the universe you have the most advanced planets, and vice versa as you follow the still expanding universe. I'd imagine that they'd be made up of the same elements as us, but there's no guarantee that any potential alien ever evolved in remotely the same way we have. Who's to say there's a fixed pattern of evolution?.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by andre18

Forgive me for not having read the entire 27 pages of posts leading up to mine, so I may end up reiterating earlier points.

We need to make some assumptions first, that extra terrestrial life does exist, that it is sentient, and that it's society has existed longer than ours, and much more technologically advanced.. Also, we must assume that their motives are similar to ours.

Two things at the core of humans drive us to create and invent, one reason is simply to make our lives easier, the other is our natural curiosity as to why things are.

I'm not sure why you're only using a timeframe of 50 years, the Earth has been here for best guess estimates of around 4 billion years, more or less occupying the same orbit. And we are fortunate enough to have this planet in that so called goldilocks zone where water exists is in all three states, it's a comfortable environment to live in, for us at least.

It would be safe to assume that a society so advanced to ours that it can perform interstellar travel within relatively short time frames, would be able to identify our planet as a potential harbinger for life from a very early stage. So if at any point in the past 4 billion years any ET craft have gone by our planet I'm sure it would take note that we have the potential for life here.

Even if life is so abundant in the universe that every single star system harbours life, perhaps even some civilisation, it wouldn't make life arising here any less interesting, at least not for some. We have scientists who dedicate their entire lives to the study of a single species of plant, that noone else could seemingly care about.

I like to think that our entire reason for going into space is solely for a greater understanding of the universe, and to hopefully make contact - and I know that's the reason the scientists who put us there did it, but politically it's funding was for military dominance, or at least a penis measuring competition between the Soviets and the USA. Perhaps that's why they'd show interest in us, just to dominate,

I can't begin to comprehend how abstractly different or suprisingly similar another sentient beings mind may work to ours, sometimes I have difficulty relating to other people - but one can only assume that the reasons for reaching out into space for any society would be based on improving your quality of living and sheer curiosity.

So they're my assumptions I'm making, I'm also going to assume that they have indeed been visiting.

Would the Government cover it up and why? Well I don't want to use any specific examples, because it's not been proven, but we know the US Government has been aware that there may be things flying about that aren't of human origin for the past 60 years.

As Stanton Friedman said, no way anyone could deal with the reality of it back in the 40's - he thinks however that we're ready for it now. Long term of course it would be good to have disclosure, but short term? People would be scared, they would be angry, they would want their tech, their medicine, and everything else an advanced civilisation has that we're just not yet ready to have. Religion would be put into question, and however open minded people on ATS might believe themselves to be - the rest of the world isn't THAT open minded.

And Governments are notoriously short term, they want their time in office to run smoothly, who wants to spend a 4 year term telling everyone not to panic (I know they do that a lot anyway). And then you talk about media blackouts, or how there wouldn't be able to be. Well you're right, they don't stop it, but it's engrained in everyones head that the possibility of extra terrestrial life visiting us is somehow as absurd as Vampires and Fairies and The Loch Ness Monster (apologies to any forum members holding a candle for any of those myths, but lol imo). It's become quite a trend in the forums the past few days to post links to UFO related news via, and god knows why as it's a vile publication, and you need to read an article on there to come away thinking it's a big joke. Some of the stories may be entirely true, but the prose in which they're written, and then having every single UFO article accompanied by the proven-to-be-fake Alien Autopsy photos just knocks any semblance of creedence right out of the news item,

And to address your last point, who knows what aliens look like - we can only go off of what we know of ourselves, but to assume the ability to create technology (a stick with a stone strapped to it is technology), then ideally forward facing eyes for depth perception, opposable thumb for dexterity, bipedal would probably help too.

I don't know why you assume the creation of artificial intelligence would somehow replace us, perhaps it would but I can't see it happening - it will be used for entertainment, calculations and everything it's already being used for, but some humans will always enjoy doing things for themselves, I wouldn't enjoy a world where everything is done for me. And I'm not sure we'd ever try and assimilate ourselves into robots, yeah a bionic arm would be cool but sex wouldn't be the same when you're a machine would it? I think genetic modification would be a more likely candidate for enforced evolution rather than turning yourself into a robot.

The Universe is old and it is massive, if more technologically advanced societies exist, they will know about us. I can't lend creedence to little grey men and people being abducted, various species of aliens and galactic federations of light - I think most of the people on this site are pretty crazy (although fun to read through) and most of the stuff I hear on C2Cam is fanciful dribblings from lonely people who want attention, or to take your money.


posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by ahoote
The way I imagine it to be is that at the centre of the universe you have the most advanced planets, and vice versa as you follow the still expanding universe. I'd imagine that they'd be made up of the same elements as us, but there's no guarantee that any potential alien ever evolved in remotely the same way we have. Who's to say there's a fixed pattern of evolution?.

If you believe what this video talks about, it seems that DNA can be evolved/changed by our beliefs. Therefore, any specie that reaches the level of self-awareness should be able to alter its own DNA by will.

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:07 PM
First, FBI released some of their UFO documents onto the FBI Vault website.

Now, NSA is de-classifying their UFO documents as well. Check it out for yourself:

I don't know if you call this "public disclosure". But this sure is very close ...

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by yic17
I don't know if you have noticed or have any children, but in the last 20 years children are born so much smarter than before. They get bored to death in school because they are beyond what the teacher are trying to teach. Hence they just cut up until they can go home. So what does the government do, they give them drugs to try to dumb them down to the teachers level. Also why the suicide rate in young people have gone up. Any one on this thread, don't let them give your children meds, to calm them down. Take them to the book store, get them a Telescope, NASA has a wonderful website for children.

Back to the Topic at hand. Few people have seen the 2001 Disclosure Project News Conference [that was never in the news] They did one last Sept. just about the Aliens shutting down Nuclear Weapons, and said this could be a threat to our National Security, TPTB fear tactic.

*Here* is the video of at least 12-15 Very Very High Military Officers speaking, Example, the 40 so Marines killed by Reptilians underground in Dulce, He even shows the wound he got from their weapon.

This Proves There Is Something To Disclose.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:30 PM
TextText Greenreply to post by andre18

Look up who Dr. Steven Greer is and join the effort for disclosure of ET existence everyone.

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by MarkJS

You know that the chinese UFOs are just a big joke right?

Please don't follow blindly like a sheep next time. Especially not one persons internet forum signature.

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