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France arrests Muslim women as full-face veil ban begins

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posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by PsykoOps

I will admit it taxes my desire to see people truly free more than any other issue.

Do I support the banning of the Burqa in the United States? Absolutely not. I support it for France (let me explain please) ONLY because they are not prepared to take the really hard steps necessary to fight this in the way that a free human HAS to fight it. Banning the Burqa is about the toughest thing I think we will see come out of France. They do not have our freedoms, they are not an armed society. Most of their citizens are prevented from owning guns and they need some way to show that they do not support slavery.

As others have pointed out, and how I have tried to show you with my Mohammed mask concept how can we assume the audacity to tell a person what a piece of clothing is supposed to represent? To say that only one group has the authority over a book or a piece of clothing and only one interpretation is to be recognized?

I do not want to see the swastika banned because the Nazis hijacked it. It is a beautiful symbol that was stolen by them. That should not mean that the Nazis get the final say on the swastika or anything resembling it. That does not mean that a person should not be allowed to wear an all black Uniform with a red piece of cloth with a white circle and a black swastika emblem on it. Who is to tell that person what that symbol means? It could be a religious symbol to them and we have absolutely NO right to tell them how we interpret it.

What I will tell you is there is no way that I will tolerate seeing the face veil in the United States and I will exercise my right to wear my Mohammed mask in as many public places as possible. If those places happen to contain an extra large number of full veil wearing Muslim females and the "equal husbands" that walk in front of them who do not allow them to speak to other males then they better start to tolerate my belief system or we are going to see some fireworks that will result in some HELLA (yes I went there hella DEAL WITH IT) lessons in freedom of interpretation and expression.

The only way to fight men of this will is with superior will. Mine is stronger than theirs and I am prepared to do everything that it takes to help them along the path of tolerance, like ANY good American Citizen should.

Kind of like in the movie "Brewster's Millions", when George burns tells his nephew the story about how he was caught smoking his fathers cigars when he was a child and his father locked him in a closet until he smoked the entire box of them. They want to see freedom of religious interpretation? I will give them so much freedom of interpretation that they will want to vomit by the time that I am done with them. They will fully comprehend and appreciate the words "Religious Tolerance" and "Religious Interpretation" by the time that I finish.

Maybe Mohammed will come to me in another vision and instruct me to spread his message of wearing a Mohammed mask far and wide? WHO KNOWS with Mohammed ANYTHING is possible! That is the beauty of religion and religious interpretation. The door swings BOTH ways, and sometimes that door is on a spring mechanism and comes back at you twice as hard.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by -W1LL

"Throw away they Key!" The law is the law! What these radicals do not understand that in the Western world there is due process and methods of appeal if you don't like a law and you wait until resolved in the proper manner! You do not keep breaking the law and not expect to be punished! It is that simple! Who hell are these radicals to keep breaking law! Jail them! If anyone in the Western world does not like that way of thinking then they are free to leave! Good Riddance!

All expression of religion needs to be banned as it only incites hatred and starts trouble!

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by idonotcollectstamps

I fail to see how much more research that I could do than to have two tours in Iraq dealing with it for 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

Uhuh, military huh, worthless.

I have seen EXACTLY where the Burqa comes from and what it stands for.

You went to Saudi-Arabia?

You can claim that the Burqa is meant to represent the statue of liberty, it still does not change the fact it is used to mark women as property and slaves.

You are really bad at this aren't you? I never claimed any of the above. Hey, I just came back from know, in the Netherlands. I walked past this place called the Red Light District. Want to know how and how many women were marked as property there? In a place without Islamic law, the same is being done on the opposite side of the spectrum. It's worse in the US.

I'm with you against the oppressing of women, right on...but have you ever voiced your opinion on the rich US business men going abroad to get it on with little boys and girls? No you say? How about your elected officials acting as drug mules...also a negative? I you aren't really good at this thing you're trying to pull off here - the lack relativizing shines through.

The GIGANTIC elephant in the room that no one appears to want to address is that only female Muslims are required to wear the Burqa.

That's not an elephant in the's religious dogma. Some are forced, some do it from their own will. How are you going to make it illegal so that those who are forced don't have to wear it(good thing) while those who want to wear it won't be able to(very bad thing)?

Personally, I don't give two craps whether a person wants to wear something that covers their entire body or nothing...their choice. Why don't you research and campaign against the physical and mental violence undergone by women under their "Christian" and "Muslim" husbands? Oh wait, you don't care, you have an agenda.

And let me add ANOTHER thing champ the people who determine the rules in the Islamic religion ARE MEN. The imams, men. The prophets, men. The Scholars, men. The fatwahs are issued by? MEN. Are we starting to catch on yet?

Catch on to what? That religion is meant to put men into the leading position? Last I checked; the only requirements needed to become pope were: A- You have to be "Catholic" and B- you have to be a MAN.

This is called evolution.

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