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Inadvertent Time Travellers

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 11:57 AM
Just joined two months ago and have only replied a couple of times, but I searched for a place to put my recent experiences. If this is not a proper thread for my reply I apologize. To preface experience I would like to state that I have had three ocular migraines in the past several years. No pain..just eyesight disturbance. Very weird. Colors rotating in my vision, like undulating out from any light source. Recently, a week ago i went to an opthamologist. Eyesight is fine except I do use reading glasses much to my dismay. Now, 2 weeks ago, my husband was walking up our front steps about ten feet ahead of me. He was in the light of the porch. All of a sudden it was like I was watching him frame by frame. A jerky kind of frame by frame. He was ten feet ahead then maybe 7 then 2. It was as if I had skipped the distance in between. It was such a peculiar feeling ( and no I am not on any illicit or legal drugs) that I said Oh my God out loud. He stopped at the front door and said what. I said nothing just had a weird feeling. And that was that. Yesterday driving in the car with my son, I had a moment where it felt like the whole car became weightless and shifted. This time i said f%^& because it scared the crap out of me. My son reprimanded me for the expletive and then said what is wrong. i asked him if he felt that. he said he didn't feel a thing. This was different but felt related to the first experience, because of something I cannot describe. Also, after the car experience, I felt physically ill for about 5 minutes. I have NO idea what this is. maybe a seizure? I do not have a history of them nor does anyone in my family. Both times though I felt as if I had literally "missed" something. Like a rock skip on a pond. I didn't blackout or anything. And it's only a second or a few of weirdness. has anyone experienced this? Maybe I need to see a neurologist- ha!

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:31 PM
I like stories in which people appear to accidentally and temporary travel to the future. This one is either one such story or it could be a case of people from the future having a timeslip back to the 1980s:

In the early 1980s, a British family was travelling on a West German autobahn. The road wasn’t busy, so naturally they noticed a lone vehicle approaching very fast on the other side of the motorway. It looked like no car they had ever seen – in fact it looked more like a UFO. No wheels were visible, and the vehicle seemed to be cylindrical in shape, with four round windows. Out of them, as this futuristic ‘car’ sped by, they saw four “very frightened faces” staring at them. If the British family saw phantoms from the future, the phantoms were equally amazed to be seeing an automobile from the distant past. Something like seeing a headless horseman on the A354 near Salisbury, perhaps.

I also remember reading one about a guy walking along a street somewhere in England when it suddenly changed and became unrecognisable. Everything seemed to be metallic. The road looked metallic and so did the houses. In fact, the road and houses all seemed to be one solid object.

And I remember another one in which a guy was walking in a city centre somewhere and again that changed and became futuristic. If I remember rightly he came out of a subway at the side of a busy road. He watched all the traffic coming past. But the "cars" didn't even have wheels and they were zooming past at a great speed like he had never scene on a normal road in a town before.

Here's a timeslip to the past which happened to an Englishman who suddenly found himself right in the middle of a 1643 English Civil War battle.....

A key event of the First English Civil War, the Battle of Hopton Heath (a small village in south Shropshire) was fought on Sunday, March 19, 1643, between Parliamentarian and Royalist forces. The battle ended at nightfall, with the actual victory and outcome still remaining matters of very much personal opinion: the Royalists, for example, had succeeded in capturing eight enemy-guns; while the Parliamentarians believed that their successful killing of the enemy commander, the Earl of Northampton, was of equal – if not even greater – significance.

More than 300 years later, one night in the winter of 1974, John ‘Davy’ Davis, aged 36, painter-and-decorator of Lichfield in Staffordshire, was driving near Hopton Heath when he began to feel unwell: a tightness developed in his chest, an odd feeling of lightheadedness overcame him, and his ‘left ear hurt and felt hot’.

Pulling over to the side of the road, Davis was amazed to see the night-sky suddenly transform into daylight, while the road in front of him no longer existed: instead, it had been replaced by a mass of fields, heath and tangled trees. Before his unbelieving eyes countless soldiers adorned in Civil War period clothing fought each other savagely. Notably, Davis said that although at one point he was ‘nearly bloody surrounded’ by the soldiers, it seemed as if they could neither see him nor his vehicle. To a degree, at least, this afforded Davis a degree of relief, as he was practically frozen to the spot, unable to drive away if he’d wanted to.

As it transpired, Davis didn’t need to go anywhere: a few seconds later, the bizarre scene suddenly vanished, and he found himself sitting at the side of the road, with his car squashed against a line of hedge. All had returned to normal.

Here's another....

Horning is an ancient village in Norfolk, situated between Wroxham and Ludham on the River Bure. The village’s Ferry Inn is typical of the many old taverns in the area and the 13th century church of St Benedict can be found half-a-mile east of the village.

On a summer’s afternoon in either 1978 or 1979, the Margoles family was enjoying a stroll around the picturesque village when they too were overcome by a feeling of uneasiness and unreality – as well as total silence, and a slight dizziness. That uneasiness became concern and then fright as the landscape became ‘fuzzy … like a big heat-haze’, the houses were replaced by ancient cottages, and the road ahead of them became little more than a muddy track. As for the cars that had been in sight: they were no more. Instead, a decrepit cart appeared, pulled by a large horse. A thin man dressed in brown walked alongside the horse; he took no notice of the family.

With equal suddenness, the modern-day sounds of cars and voices returned and the strange spectacle vanished. But it seems Mrs Margoles may have been exposed to the odd scene for slightly less time than her husband and 11-year-old son.

‘I looked at them when I came out of it,’ recalled Mrs Margoles in a 1997 interview, ‘and it was like they were in a trance: their mouths were hanging down, and their eyes looked funny. Then they looked like they woke up.’

And here's one more:

It happened in the late 1990s (can’t remember exactly when – sorry) in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England. My dad, sister and I were in the town to send my sister off on the train and we were passing time standing by a fence near the railway station from which one could see a road and roundabout ahead. It was about noon and we had no agenda at that time other than to wait before heading to the station and there was a lull in the conversation.

We were all casually looking straight ahead when suddenly the atmosphere changed. The sound of the traffic around us stopped abruptly – as if someone had literally turned the volume right down. The air seemed to change too; it became very still; spookily still and no sound could be heard. None of us spoke. Then there came the sound of horses hooves on the road and within a few seconds we saw a horse and cart, driven by a large, angry-looking man, dressed in what I estimate to be 18th century clothes. He was of very rough, dirty appearance and his cart was well-used. He drove the cart around in a circle, all the time staring around, sometimes directly at us, sometimes away but looking absolutely furious as though he was looking for someone he wanted to kill. His face was red with hatred and he was a big, rough-looking man – someone you would definitely not want to cross. Eventually, he turned the horse and cart around and drove it off down the same road from which he had appeared and we could hear the horses hooves disappearing into the distance.

Immediately the sound had gone, the atmosphere changed back again and the sound of modern traffic and the din of a modern town returned again. We all three looked at each other; shaken and almost disbelieving but once we had asked the inevitable “Did you see that?” and received the answer “yes” we were even more shaken. It was such a peculiar experience and one which I shall never forget.

Was this a time slip? We didn’t notice any other changes; the buildings and road layout seemed the same but that part of King’s Lynn had remained unchanged for many years (although I understand it is quite different now) so I don’t know but it spooked us all for sure!

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 05:14 AM
Wow... Okay so long time lurker, poster and contributor who kind of disappeared off the face of the planet (not literally lol) for a bit due to personal and work issues.

Anyway Time Travel, slips, Dimensional slips etc are all absolute passions and major research areas of mine, more prominently since my own very strange experience I wrote about here in August '11, I'll post it below and see what people think of it...

But to cut a long story short it got me wondering, if there are infinite multiples of ourselves throughout what we call 'time' moving through the Universe etc as 'time' moves on and whatnot along with multiple possibilities of ourselves on an alt' dimensional level... Does this mean that if something tragic happens to us and we live through a "near-death" experience (to us at least) there's a possibility that in 'our' time/dimension we may actually have died but our spirit/consciousness has actually slipped off, elsewhere to continue on? So, for us it would mean that we just 'had a near-death experience'?

Anyway here's the story I'd written back in August of last year...

Anyway... So about three years ago I was rushing to get home from University for Christmas (was in my final year) and I'd gotten on a train from West Drayton to London Paddington it was totally falling down (rain) and there was thunder and lightning... As we were roughly about three minutes away or so (I traveled the route regularly but didn't count it) from Paddington station I'd called my mum to tell her I'd be home within the next half-hour or so.

Whilst chatting to her on the phone, the train began to rock a little and I could hear the brakes hitting hard... I could also hear what sounded like screams coming from people in the carriages further up front - The next thing I remember was the tannoy announcement "We're now at London Paddington, where this train terminates" Everything was absolutely fine and my mum was on the other end of the phone asking me if everything was okay because I'd been 'cutting out' a lot.

since this incident a lot of things have seemed extremely strange to me, that cause other people to think I'm an idiot (to put it bluntly) - Some to do with 'major newsworthy events' and others to do with really minor things... For example at the time the TV show "Two and a half men" had allegedly been around for 5yrs yet I had no recollection of the show because I recall Charlie Sheen dying of a heart attack back in 1999...

I also don't recall Saddam Hussein being executed back in 2006, I don't recall him ever actually being captured, to put a finer mark on it. I had several arguments with friends over whether or not this had actually happened as well as the death of Princess Diana - Many friends tell me it happened at the end of this month, in 1997 when I am convinced it happened around Christmas time of 1999 (same incident though 'car crash' in Paris with Dodi Al Fayed.

There are other 'situations' that don't seem to correspond with my recollection of these events... But these are the most prominent I can remember but my big question is... WTF Happened to me, on that day??

Timeslip? Partial Slip? Did I die and move on? - It's all extremely confusing

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 05:23 AM
Sorry to DP but I also found the list I'd made when writing the above post which I'd detailed some of the 'big' things that had happened or not happened, as I remembered them here they are.

Okay... So I was asked earlier in this thread to detail out exactly what I personally knew 'historically' or whatever that may be different from what actually has happened... Some of these will be repeitions of things I mentioned earlier. I'll try and be as chronological as I can it's quite a short list for what I can recall tbh.

  • Nelson Mandela was executed in Prison in 1990.

  • In 1993 an Earthquake killed more than 300 people in California, including two well known celebrities (their names escape me, sorry)

  • In 1999 both Princess Diana & Charlie Sheen passed away. Diana's via car crash in Paris, France; Sheen died of a heart attack allegedly attributed to an O.D of sorts.

  • 9/11 did occur, however there was never a fourth plane, in PA.

  • Saddam Hussein was never captured and therefore never executed.

  • Heath Ledger [as far as I recall] did not die and in fact finished making a film which was to be released in Christmas 2008 titled "Seven steps to Heaven".

And one personal one I can think of is recalling a girl I went to school with & had a massive crush on when I was like 8-9 years old... I tried looking her up on Facebook under any name I could think of including her middle one(s) and using [nee] within the search... I then asked a guy I went to school w/ and still hang out with who I remember arguing with at the time over "whose girlfriend she was" and he doesn't remember her, at all. - In fact he asked if I was sure she wasn't my 'imaginary friend'.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:00 AM
Just something else, whilst no-one else is posting lol... I've lived in this area for my entire life, literally... (I'm 30 now) and something strange has just occurred to me... 3 things actually. The first two are 'Street-Lights'.

Photo 1

This particular one is literally outside my house... Now, I am SURE I would have remembered the council coming and changing them. Last I'd checked we had typical "Lamp Posts" dotted all throughout our Calder sack here... But upon walking out of the house now it's only just struck me we now have these.

Photo 2

This one is just around the corner from my house, as you walk out of the Calder sack and toward the shops... Where this photo is taken there has never been a 'street light', that I can ever recall! However where the phone box is, there were 2 more next to it (to my right) which would have been slightly obstructing my view...

This third photo is of an antenna or something of sorts, on top of a building opposite my Calder sack that I know matter of factly was never there before! But something I would definitely remember the council or whoever putting up as it's directly in my line of view as I walk out of the Calder sack and I always look up at the Penthouse there as I recall wanting to live there (for some reason lol) since it was built...

Photo 3

lol what's even stranger still, is that the "captcha" that come up whilst I was uploading this last photo to tinypic... Was "Forget This"...

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:13 AM
Very interesting stories. I like the one about the alien type men.

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 12:32 PM
Wanted to pick this up a bit because I'm just wondering if anyone who's been through this thread knows of any occurrences or stories from where they are, locally?

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 12:55 PM
Easily the most fascinating thread I have ever read on ATS.

Has anyone here ever read the book, "The Holographic Universe"?

In some way, I think it might help explain some of this.

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by followtheevidence

Easily the most fascinating thread I have ever read on ATS.

Followtheevidence, it's certainly up there mate -here's the new address for the 'Strange But True' episode dealing with timeslips.

There was also a video relevant to this thread about a British artist called David Mandell but it looks to have been completely removed from the internet
- here's some info about him anyway:

The Man Who Paints The Future


posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 04:49 PM
I´m a "freshman" as a member but I´ve been reading ATS for some years.

Only today I noticed this thread and I´ve already talked about this topic on another thread in this forum (this year).

To A55A551N:

I remember Ernest Borgnine death in early 1990´s (not in 2012 as this seems to be a fact!).
I also remember the death of a known politician in my country. In this case the death occurred in late 1980`s - early 1990´s and I even remember his ex-wife talking about his death on the TV news).
To my surprise, in the late 1990´s I found that he was still alive (and in 2013 he is still alive!!!)!

These are the most evident cases that I recall for the time being. There are some other "bits" that don´t quite fit in our current timeline.

So, yes, I think that timeslip can happen. I have no clue why they happen.
And for those seeking to experiment this, I must say that is quite an odd feeling and leaves you very confused.

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 11:33 AM
a reply to: [post=10399639]Jedite[/post

I have only just come across your remarkable story and hope you are still visiting ATS. I tried to send a private message but got only a note saying "private messages can only be sent to ATS staff." So I sent a message to ATS STaff asking to be put in touch with you only to be told "Private messages can only be sent to ATS Staff"... Actually I think websites are even stranger than time slips.

I have been investigating this phenomenon for nearly 2 years and your case comes closest to something I had begun to think was unobtainable -- the Holy Grail of time slip research, a time slip confirmed by witnesses in both time periods.

Do you actually know the identities of the two older witnesses, or do you still see them around? It would be great to get a written account from them to match with yours!

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