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Marvels: Age of X... I believe it will be a must read

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 07:27 PM
I know that each company must always top each other.. I think there is a reason marvel is winning

(please note these are not my properties and I use these for research into heros/villians)

Age of X

In a strange reality where the X-Men never came to be, the war between humans and mutants has escalated to a level never before seen. What has become of our heroes and who will survive as the final war commences?

It seems they are building on AoA... Using the same formula for sucess.....

well what is this about...

I let the sneek peeks explain it...

This is just ths Avengers in this reality... From there post and releases this is what I have gottne

The X-men never where here... Mutants are a persucuted class...

Susan Storm turned in the FF after her kids where hurt? they are shown being arrested and walked off

Apparently Beast is killed by humans during a protest....

The Avengers are the mutant hunters-
This is the one I want to read

Invisible girl, ghost rider, spider girl???, an ironman, a captain america, and a hulk...

The mutants decimated- sentinals that look like robocops enemy cyborgs

The pheonix destroyed a town...

and tada- it starts it seems with rougue escaping from a Fortress X--

this seems to be one I will want to read... Ithas all the juicy things in it from the previews... Which means they might fumble..

If anyone can the site that shows all the historical logs for age of x let me know... I found it but now I cant seem to find it...

Age of X historical log- @ google search

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 07:29 PM
This totally reminds me of the "What If..." series of comics.

I enjoyed those as a kid a lot, the plots were pretty off the hook.

Thanks for the links to Age of X, looks interesting.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Your welcome I enjoyed what if a whole lot and still do...

The Exiles where cool as well

It started my love of Alternate reality type stories.... I wish my memory was better and I could remember where the site was that had all the links and pictures...

thank you

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 12:25 PM
How does this happen in the comics? It isn't another Scarlet Witch thing is it?

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by MrAndy

My understanding is that it is not another House of M or Age of Apocalypse...

It is supposed to be just a separate universe... note supposed to be

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 06:54 PM

And it shows a little bit more.. photos but I still cant find the whole list again...

ff arrested

I am didigging and found decimation

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 07:20 PM
epic fail so far... marvel epic fail...

I decided not to waste the overpriced cost for garbage...

I will look to see if other issues develop out but...

epic fail on the first part.... FAIL

I got formics war but not this... your batting 50%

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 03:32 AM
Why did they fail? Can you write a review please? What happened to Prof. X and caused the X-Men to never form (although there apparently is an X-Men now led by Magneto?)

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by MrAndy

I spoke fresh from reading it and may have over reacted, I went back and reread it today... nope still a fail to me...


Age of X: Alpha

"Drones and dogs and maggots who call yourself men. Persecutors of innocents. Murderers of children. Hear me! "

-- Magneto

follow the link to get pictures... my review

storm and namor - okay I can see having lost his kingdom siding with magneto yes....

magneto using new york to build the fortress okay...

arcade torturing cyclops

making him look like maverick

paige ( i believe) and sam gutherie mad over the death of the rest of their family...

I am sorry you deserve a better review it just lost me... I am waiting to read age of x avengers or the story it is in...

no mention I could focus on for xavier...

on marvel wikia

The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total.

* Age of X


* Age of X Universe Vol 1 1
* Age of X Universe Vol 1 2
* Age of X: Alpha Vol 1 1


* New Mutants Vol 3 22
* New Mutants Vol 3 24
* New Mutants Vol 3 23


* X-Men: Legacy Vol 1 246

X cont.

* X-Men: Legacy Vol 1 247
* X-Men: Legacy Vol 1 245

age of x link

The Avengers have been ordered to hunt down Magneto and his army of fugitive mutants. But when the team is given a license to kill, not every member is up to the task. Who will kill and who will be killed? You may just be surprised. Also featuring an untold tale from the Age of X!

this is the one I want to see and read....

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:40 PM
meet the avengers age of x

The upcoming New Mutants/X-Men Legacy cross-over ‘Age of X’ is taking shape and gaining ground.

Set in a parallel universe rife with mutant hysteria the cross-over will follow the decimation of the mutant population through government-sponsored Sentinels. This series looks like it will bring in new readers and welcome back X-Men fans who may be turned off by the continuity catch-up needed to read the Uncanny X-Men monthly series. Details have been coming through via QR Codes set into promotional images showing Hank McCoy (AKA the Beast) being beaten by a mob, Jean Grey becoming the Phoenix and causing the death of 600,000 people in Albany, NY, the carnage of the mutant decimation by the Sentinels, the arrest of the Fantastic Four and of course the Avengers acting as mutant hunters.

now slight spoilers...

Steve Rogers is Captain America

Invisible woman- child got harmed

Redback + spiderwoman ?????

Johnny blaze is ghost rider

ironman is who you expect, except tony stark is dead

hulk parallel history- note banner is important

this is from this site it was a good interview...

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 08:25 AM
I know it's heresy to Claremont/Byrne junkies but "Age of Apocalypse", for me, is the greatest X-Men story ever told. So far the Age of X has been disappointing. For original AoA fans the writer of "Uncanny X-Force" is bringing that team over to the original A0A universe in the next storyline I guess.

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by illuminotreal
I know it's heresy to Claremont/Byrne junkies but "Age of Apocalypse", for me, is the greatest X-Men story ever told. So far the Age of X has been disappointing. For original AoA fans the writer of "Uncanny X-Force" is bringing that team over to the original A0A universe in the next storyline I guess.

It was a good idea...

but sorry the best story with the X-men was a what if

Wolverine was lord of the vampires....IMHO

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by MrAndy

I am not sure but rouge seems to be the main character of the series she is on the run... She got Prof's powers temporarily... and thier appears to be an amputation...

I have no clue...

My gf read the alpha and saaid the writing was crap as was most of the art.. She agreed it was a fail...

Scott executing three people then escaping from alcatrez ....

wolverine being partially cured of his mutation....

Sam paige being the only gutherie survivors....

magneto stealing parts of manhattan...literally the buildings...

The story process was shoty and I would fire the writer and artist with a backlist... "It looked like they rushed it for a deadline..."

The next in the series...

Here is a quick set up...

in the fortress...

Magneto is the General...

Danger runs the cells with mutants to dangerous to be free...

Kitty pride is kept their but the story is she escaped...

humans attacking the whole thing...

scott is not in charge...

cannonball seems to be a leader with scott causing problems...

rouge escapes.. after talking with kitty (she absorbed her power partially)

Magneto ordered her hunted down...

Btw... the story is started with the mutants destroying human troops... killing them... A mutant Tempo I believe... dies....

these two where worth a little more ...

I am waiting for X-universe number one....

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 06:16 PM

By Ben Morse


We have entered the Age of X.

From now through April in the pages of X-MEN: LEGACY, NEW MUTANTS and beyond, a strange and exciting new reality known as the Age of X will be introduced, with mysteries unfolding and a world where the X-Men never existed coming to light. After each chapter, we’ll have the event’s writer and mastermind Mike Carey here with us to discuss the latest revelations and will also preview art from the next exciting installment!

Something’s more than amiss in the Age of X.

Legacy believes she’s stumbled across some sort of conspiracy that permeates Fortress X and beyond. Magneto does not want what she’s learned getting out and has unleashed the ruthless Moonstar Cadre. It’s time for the rest of the would-be X-Men to pick sides or get caught up in the collateral damage.

More on

for those of you interested it is a pretty good interview they posted...

it leaves out a few things but.. hey it is marvel...

I am still waiting for the parts I want....

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:11 PM
IGN Review age of x

Plenty of comparisons can be drawn between the current Age of X crossover and the iconic Age of Apocalypse event from the '90s. Now Age of X is receiving a tie-in mini-series similar to Age of Apocalypse's X-Universe. As with that book, Age of X: Universe focuses on the non-mutant superhumans of this altered reality. Just don't call them heroes.

Here is the skinney

Captain America-
soldier doing his job... just doing his job

Ironman- Tony Stark
Apparently stuck inside his armor... It is eating him alive... Mutant Sabotage...

I gave this a cool on the idea scale

Redback- Jessica Drew
With stingers... The us governments hit lady... she killed sinister apparently (among her kills)

Also a cool

invisible woman- sue storm
Turned in the FF after franklin injured... does not like hunting mutants and does try to protect

Hulk- bruce banner
Angry at mutants... Scared in both hulk and banner form... kills all mutants every chance he gets...

Ghost Rider-
not sure ...

Oh and they reported to General Castle

and separately SpiderMan-
Puts a prego mj on plane to paris ends at TSA scanner
Fights last stand against those tracking him

hope you enjoy my review

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 05:35 PM
Well for those of you who thought it would end Age of Apocalypse style...

you where right....

Turns out Legion was behind this to... another personality created this reality....

the high piont was at the end when they all returned to reality..

Emma Frost tols scott...

"Ill give your skank a five minute head start....

that was the series...

I apologize for the hope that it would be good...

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