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200 cows found dead in a field

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posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 07:56 PM
Here’s an updated timeline of the mysterious animal deaths now happening around the world.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:20 AM
My dad thinks that the big die offs are occurring because of HAARP. Unless HAARP has reached global capabilities (possible) I find this one hard to agree with.

IMHO I believe the strongest possibility is multiple instances of microbial (bacterial) infections that lead to mass deaths of different species. No one has done any macro-research on the affects on marine microbial life of the chemicals used to clean the gulf oil spill. This could explain many of the U.S. deaths, seeing as a mutation that increases or possibly creates pathogenicity in a bacterium could have gone country-wide in the 8 months since the spills onset.

If one takes these deaths and then proposes the possibility that another new bacterium (or virus) has mutated itself into genetic existence and gone on to do similar things across the globe and then takes into the account the many deaths of animals that are from known microbes such as the pneumoniae that have purportedly knocked off the bovine being discussed.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by cincycinner
My dad thinks that the big die offs are occurring because of HAARP. Unless HAARP has reached global capabilities (possible) I find this one hard to agree with.

Well I don't believe this has anything to do with HAARP
But you can show your dad this...

Every One Speaks about HAARP, but did you know

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 10:04 AM
Nanorobots on a search and destroy mission? Nanorobots as weapons of mass destruction? Imagine a nanorobot delivery system that could release nanoparticles that control the delivery of toxic substances, or self-replicating nanotechnology entities released by a sufficiently determined and destructive opponent using the broadcast architecture to direct them to their targets. Imagine all living creatures—including humans—as the primary victims of an exponentially spreading attack by stealthy pathological nanobots. There are extensive military applications for these technologies and the government is now pushing for the development of a technological immune system!

Read the following guotes: "...when it comes to self-replicating entities that are potentially lethal on a large scale, our response on all levels will be vastly more serious."

Projects now being proposed for immediate implimentation are "...a nanotechnology-based planetary immune system (nanobots embedded in the natural environment to protect against rogue self-replicating nanobots).

"A comprehensive surveillance system coupled with prepositioned resources—resources including high-capacity nonreplicating nanofactories able to churn our large numbers of nonreplicating defenders in response to specific threats..."

"...once strong AI is merged with nanotechnology, and the ecology of nanoengineered entities becomes highly varied and complex, my own expectation is that we will find that the defending nanorobots need the ability to replicate in place quickly."

"...rational fear could lead to irrational solutions, and those solutions may cause severe negative consequences."

Right now the govenment is pushing to "...streamline the regulatory process for genetic and medical technologies..." in order to create "...A global program of confidential, random serum monitoring for unknown or evolving biological pathogens."

"Diagnostic tools exist to rapidly identify the existence of unknown protein or nucleic acid sequences."

"Intelligence is key to defense" and they plan on developing "...a 'pathogen sentinel' program"

They also plan "...preemptive action to combat threats..."

They also speak of " running in our bodies and brains...", and that the "...government authorities will have a legitimate need on occasion to monitor these software streams..."

"The transbiological phase will involve nonbiological intelligence deeply integrated with biological intelligence. This will amplify our abilities, and our application of these greater intellectual powers will be governed by the values of its creators."

"The above approaches will be inadequate to deal with the danger from pathological R (strong AI)."

"Technology will remain a double-edged sword." (

Technology will lead to the destruction of humanity, not its 'evolution', period!

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:06 PM
You people think that this is just some 'random' event?

‘No Refusal’ Blood Test Checkpoint Program Continues To Expand Nationwide
Wyoming latest state to introduce legislation mandating driver compliance!' (

Why do they need to take a mandatory blood test and not a breathalyzer test if they're just concerned about drunk drivers, hmmmm?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by LanMan54

Add to the previous post this little tidbit of information. What better way to introduce the technological immune system!
Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines
Published on 01-17-2011

Source: Natural News

Bill Gates is promoting a plan to use wireless technology to register every newborn on the planet in a vaccine database.

In a keynote address to the mHealth Summit, which focuses on using mobile technology to improve health care, Gates said that improving survival rates among children under the age of 5 would benefit not just individual families, but societies and the planet as a whole.

“The key thing, the most important fact that people should know and make sure other people know: As you savechildrenunder 5, that is the thing that reducespopulationgrowth,” he said. “That sounds paradoxical. The fact is that within a decade of improving health outcomes,parentsdecide to have less children.”

The number of children who die before their fifth birthday has already dropped from 20 million in 1960 to 8.5 million today, a statistic Gates attributes mostly tovaccination.

“About one-third [of that improvement] is by increasing income,” Gates said. “The majority has been throughvaccines. Vaccines will be the key. If you could register every birth on acell phone– get fingerprints, get a location — then you could [set up] systems to make sure the immunizations happen.”

Gates suggested using cell phones to record eachbirthand send the information, including biometric identifiers, to a central database. This database would then send reminders to parents’ phones when it was time to come in for vaccines or other treatments. He said a prime location to implement such programs would be northern Nigeria or northern India, where vaccination rates are less than 50 percent.
Acknowledging that registering every single birth has never been done before, Gates called for “1,000 new ideas” to “blossom” in order to make it happen.

Such ideas could conceivably involve using the GPS devices inside phones to physically track parents who do not bring their children in for vaccines.

Gates also called for use of mobile technology to implement more continuous monitoring ofvaccinesupply chains.

Sources for this story


posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 01:14 PM

I hate to sit hear and read all this mumbo jumbo but there is a diagnosis.

That is right. The will never tell you either.

People just dont get it.

Listen if they wanted us to know they would tell us.

Yes no.

What is it?

Most all this stuff is identifyable in several hours or maybe a day tops. When it is not announced then you should really be worried.

Listen I'm sitting here looking out the window at the snow falling again. Yes it is falling again...

As I'm sitting here if all of a sudden birds started falling from the sky I would be #ting my pants.

Canary in a mine ring a bell.

I would put on a resporator and go out side and grab one and throw it in a bag. I have friends in high places who could do a tox screen and have the data in a couple of days max.

Why hasn't this been done.

How long ago did this happen? How long ago did the birds die

Why don't we have a diagnosis.

WHY because they know what is happening.

We are all going to die...


posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 01:33 PM
The rapid expansion of knowledge and covergence of all technologies will cause an exponential increase of problems. On tv right now they Chinese and American leaders are talking about this calling them 'global challenges'! Eventually, carnal humanity will not be able to cope with these 'challenges';, and there are some signs this is already occuring. Carnally minded humanity thinks they can create their own future, and create their own artificial god to solve all humanities problems, irrespective of the future foretold by the prophets of the Living God, the Almighty, specifically the future foretold in Revelation by the prophet and apostle, John. In the end, all who do not respect the Living God, who seek to do it their own way, to be 'independent' of the Authority of the Most High, will regret it, forever.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 01:41 PM
Speaking of contagious diseases: In the last eight days three family members in Ohio ended up in the hospital from a very contageous throwing up etc.. stomache flu. Five of them got it rapidly and it seemed to last two days. They live in three sperate houses, so this goes to show it was contageously contageous.
I would consider boiling drinking water if you live in areas where these animal die offs are occuring, and filter your water. Lowes sells water filter systems which are simple. They fit on the kitchen sink and can go on under the house where the water comes into the building. Targets sells a purell water filter pitcher. Last month a list of cities with hexa- velant chromium was published on the web, so water is polluted and no one seems to care about rectifying the problem. My grandfather had cows my whole life. Never did more than one die at time. These animal deaths are an alarm bell screaming at all of us.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by frugal

Death by DNA Shuffling
Geneticists can now create millions of new viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes in the laboratory. And there is no regulation to stop them from being effectively released. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports.
[A complete version of this paper with diagram and references is posted on ISIS Members’ website.]

Willem P.C. Stemmer of Affymax Research Institute in Palo Alto, California, published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy Science in 1994, describing a technique for rapidly shuffling and recombining DNA in the laboratory that appears to generate recombinant proteins with greatly improved performances.

According to Stemmer, computer simulation studies had demonstrated the importance of recombining segments of genes in evolution, rather than single base changes. To put this into practice, he devised a method for reassembling genes from random gene fragments in the test tube.

The DNA of the gene is digested with the enzyme deoxyribonuclease 1 (DNAse 1) into random 10 to 50 bp (base-pair) fragments. These fragments are heated up to separate the two strands and made to re-anneal (pair up again) in the presence of a DNA polymerase, an enzyme that synthesize DNA.

The separated strands of DNA pair up according to complementary base sequences in homologous DNA (DNA with similar base sequences from the same species or related species); and a shorter sequence paired to a longer one will ‘prime’ the synthesis of DNA using the longer sequence as a template, until the complete double stranded DNA is restored. With fragments re-annealing in a random way, the DNA polymerase can switch templates many times in the course of reassembly, and that is how different recombinants are generated. A simplified diagram of what is achieved in a typical experiment is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 DNA shuffling. Different variants of a gene or a DNA sequence, represented by the different colours are fragmented and reassembled to generate millions of recombinants all at once. See complete version

The recombinants are cloned into a vector and introduced into bacteria for rapid screening.

In this way, many variants of any gene can be rapidly recombined, even variants from different species. Larger pieces of DNA such as entire plasmids, viral and bacterial genomes can also be recombined. To increase the variety of recombinants, short pieces of synthetic DNA can be added into the mixture. Even non-homologous DNA, from totally unrelated species can be recombined.

In the very first experiment reported, Stemmer claimed to have produced a recombinant of a beta-lactamase that increased resistance to a beta-lactam antibiotic by 16 000 fold. When this recombinant is ‘backcrossed’ to the parental gene using the same DNA shuffling technique, which he later calls, ‘molecular breeding’, an enzyme that was 32 000 times as effective as the wild type enzyme was obtained.

Previously, researchers have used other methods to introduce random errors, such as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), but that gave only a 16 fold improvement at best. And ‘rational design’ based on known structure of the enzyme did no better. So the results obtained with DNA shuffling seem out of this world.

Stemmer has since set up a California-based company, Maxygen, Inc. to exploit the technology. In a series of papers between 1998 and 2002, he and his coworkers in Maxygen and other companies have used the technique to obtain greatly improved proteins, such as green fluorescent protein, fucosidase, subtilisin, thymidine kinase and interferon-alpha, as well as improved retroviral vectors and bacterial strains of Streptomyces and Lactobacillus.

In the experiment on retroviral genomes, 6 mouse leukaemia viruses (MLV) were recombined in a single round, giving a library of 5 million replicating recombinant viruses. Among them were completely new viruses that infect Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, which none of the original MLV was capable of infecting, and recombinant viruses that were 30 to 100 times more stable than the parental strains, and hence much better for gene therapy.

So far, such experiments appear to have been carried out exclusively by Maxygen Inc. or by the company in collaboration with other companies, and therefore not independently replicated as far as the remarkable successes are concerned.

There is no doubt, however, that the procedure itself is dangerous. As these researchers have amply demonstrated, recombination is the major route to generating new viruses and bacteria. Some of the recombinant viruses and bacteria could well be lethal.

What precautions have they taken with regard to the recombinants and vectors used, to prevent them from being released into the environment? Are the recombinant viruses and bacteria, or their DNA, strictly contained within the laboratory?

Current regulation on contained use of genetically engineered micro-organism is highly inadequate, and we have repeatedly pointed this out to our regulators. In Europe, ‘tolerated releases’ are allowed, and this include not only transgenic wastes consisting of dead bacteria and cells (with plenty of transgenic DNA), but also certain living bacteria deemed, by the companies concerned, not to pose a threat to health or the environment.

With unregulated experiments like these, who need bio-terrorists?

A complete version of this paper with diagram and references is posted on ISIS Members’ website. The Institute of Science in Society, PO Box 32097, London NW1 OXR
telephone: [44 20 8643 0681] [44 20 7383 3376] [44 20 7272 5636]

General Enquiries - Website/Mailing List - ISIS Director

The last paragraph in this report is scary. Just proves the insanity of humanity.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 03:53 PM
Weather warms up and ice melts. A plague comes back to life. Fish die, birds eat fish, birds poop on a field before they fall to their deaths, cows eat what the birds pooped on, and fall to their deaths with in 12 hours.

There was a group of birds that died that did not have a black beek. Theirs had turned a shade of blue signifing lack of oxygen, and also had hemoraged internal organs(from massive blows I assumed because of their first). Fish died from lack of oxygen. Cows died form a respiratory thing with in 12 hours. Sounds like a common sense connection to me.

This did happen before. The weather warmed up then got crazy with odd weather. It was transitioning from a warm period to a little ice age. Then people reported waking up to find cows dead, horses dead, sheep and other animals over time. That summer, was the begining of the Black Death.

I believe in cycles. There are just too many connections here.
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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 06:11 PM
Things are getting so weird right now, I would not be shocked if my cat walked over and started speaking spanish to me ( he usually only speaks german).
Our favorite wacky web site in Budapest updated the Beebe Ark situation and quoted one Jonathon Sleeman of the USGS who is sticking to the fireworks story. IN FACT he says there were eight (count em) bird die offs of 1000 birds or more in 2010 alone. So I wandered over to his site and here is what I found (didn't copy link, just google USGS NWHC). By the way they even made a media player "web cast" interview for those who can't read or are too drunk to focus.
1. Only Q1 and Q2 are up for review on the mortality tracking link, they're still changing/ I mean typing Q3 and Q4.
2. I could only find five events from Q1 and Q2 that met his criteria of 1000 plus birds. The rest must be in the two missing quarterly reports.
3. Two events are the same event, one in California and one in Oregon, listed seperately under each state. That actually brings the count to four.
3. Their own data shows that NONE of these 2010 events involved a single incident or location. Here are the four....
Estimated 1500 Pelicans died of STARVATION (sadly it was a slow painful process, not all died at once) from 1-15-2010 to 2-15-2010 in MULTIPLE COASTAL COUNTIES in Oregon and California.
Estimated 3000 Purple Gallinule, American Coot died of avian colera (again, not at once) from 2-1-2010 to 4-22-2010 in Louisiana.
End Q1..........
The Q2 report only lists bats ( I wouldn't call them birds since last I heard they were mammals) in the things that fly and die over 1000 category.
Estimated 3000 bats died of white nose fungus in Pennsylvania from 1-27-2010 to present.
Estimated 4500 bats died of white nose fungus in BUCKS COUNTY Pennsylvania from 12-16-2009 to 4-30-2010.
I am posting information from their own site that shows there IS NO COMPARISSON between recent events and historical data collected and posted by the USGS despite their ongoing efforts to deceive the public into believing otherwise.
They are intentionally trying to deceive the public, why?

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Trublbrwing

Current regulation on contained use of genetically engineered micro-organism is highly inadequate, and we have repeatedly pointed this out to our regulators. In Europe, ‘tolerated releases’ are allowed, and this include not only transgenic wastes consisting of dead bacteria and cells (with plenty of transgenic DNA), but also certain living bacteria deemed, by the companies concerned, not to pose a threat to health or the environment.

With unregulated experiments like these, who need bio-terrorists?

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:05 PM
Update: Deaths Of 200 Wis. Cows Attributed To Pneumonia

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by 79ymaot

So it was a deadly form of pneumonia, that worked in 12 hours, that amazingly poses no risk to humans or surrounding cattle, and they contribute the cause to a "production problem."

How does a production problem cause pneumonia? How is a bacterial infection like pneumonia not dangerous to other cattle and animals?

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:32 PM
Have they said yet how many cattle there were to begin with? I keep looking and cant find anything. Was that ALL his cattle?

Pneumonia??!!! What caused the Pneumonia?

Ehow, Pneumonia in Cattle facts.

Luckily, pneumonia isn't contagious, but it can be more than a little worrisome.

Read more: Symptoms of Pneumonia in Cattle |

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:46 PM

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:48 PM

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 07:56 PM
Not sure about animals with pneumonia but certain types of pneumonia in humans are contagious.

However I can't buy the fact that all 200 cows died from Pneumonia at once - those that were older with weaker immune systems would be the first to go - others may be able to fight it off.

Sorry - not buying the Pneumonia report unless this herd was much larger than 200.

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 08:05 PM

Originally posted by 79ymaot
Update: Deaths Of 200 Wis. Cows Attributed To Pneumonia
WHAT!!!!!THEY HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!................. I don't believe it for a second

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