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Control Matrix

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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 08:53 AM
Imagine, what if there was a control matrix, however, what if the plug was pulled, perhaps we would all go mad, our minds would take over, we would start to hallucinate and basically go crazy. Perhaps, people with mental disorders are people that have managed to "free" themselves from the system, only to confront themselves in a mirror. Do you notice how we have to be "taught" how to be "good", how we have to "learn" how to get along with each other, how we have to fight good and evil, light and dark, how we have so many problems, diseases, disorders. How we are unecessarily cruel, and how we are also pathetically fearful? How we go through so many issues growing up, so many injustices, so many contradictions. How we all feel "empty" like something is missing? Do you notice how we have to be "saved" by religion, as if there is something "wrong" with us, and it is somehow our "fault" for not being perfect, and whenever we challenge this, we are confronted with all these doctrines of "karma" and "free will" and some kind of "divine plan" or "universal game". Why, why can't we just exist, born naturally, our instincts guiding us correctly, work together, build, unify, prosper. Why do we feel like a bunch of insects thrown into a tank, or animals caught in a cage?

Perhaps, the control matrix, the mind control, perhaps it is protecting our minds, remember a while ago, most people could think negative thoughts, usually had very confused minds, accepted a variety of evils, and many people were supersitious, and "haunted" by many various demons and other such fears. My mind is open, my soul reaches to the bottom, I "remember" a time when I was just like the animals, in harmony, that part of me never forgets. However, perhaps, the things that I take for granted, perhaps, if the average person were to be "unplugged" from the system, perhaps they would fall into a state of primitive fear, become aggressive, uncontrollable, all the knowledge could be just a kind of computer matrix, a kind of emotional inhibitor.

So, in light of this, could tearing down the system be a bad thing, like pandoras box? Could those that are restricted by the system be a kind of "trade-off" - like dolphins accidentally caught in a fish net? Its hard to explain, but when I look at the real world, through my real eyes, I see darkness, I see cruelty all around me, however, the people seem to be in a trance, somehow protected, protected from themselves.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 09:44 AM
I have often thought of this, what would happen if the machines, and the computers that run our reality were suddenly turned off? For some, those who have trained their minds, and those who have gained the knowledge that we are the creators and one day whatever we think of will materialize immediately in our hand.... the transition will be quite easy. for others, especially those who believe strongly that someone will save them, and that a God somewhere created all of this and governs it everyday, and for those who are angry all the time, greedy, full of lust or hate, the change would be very hard indeed.

I have to believe that one day we will all be yanked into the Spirit World in an instant, and whatever we think of, will become reality right before our eyes. Think of an orange, one will appear in your hand, ready to peal and eat. Think of a gun to shoot what you may see, you will manifest a gun and shoot, and will then experience the Fall again, back to the third dimension that we all live in right now.

One thing is perfectly clear, an Event is coming to visit man/womankind, and nothing we do can stop it. I do not know if it will be an asteroid, it may be Planet X, or just a completely natural end of cycle and beginning of a new cycle for Planet Earth, Terra Firma. Those who study these things know that some of the ancient Cultures speak of 4 world already gone by, to me, this means we, that is, humanity, have destroyed this world 4 times over, and we are about to experience the 5th world very soon.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:10 PM
I know were in a matrix for a fact because ive seen 4 or 5th dimensional beings, now thay didnt tell me this its just the implication of seeing a being made out of pure energy that I discovered I was traped in this body, and I really wonder how thay view us, thats all I got to say on the matrix matter.. oh yea and the meaning of life is actualy escape is what I personaly think.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:28 PM
"we have to be taught how to be good"
I disagree with you.
some people are good or evil.
its in there nature.
but yes most just let them serfs get taught to be come evil or good.
they try to do this with TV.
and look at the mess we are in.
for to much crime rape and killing.
and the government is to blame.
they way we are taught and the way we live.
we lose the good we should be.
even animals do good.
I have seen a video on youtube.
a leopard kills a money.
then finds the monkeys baby.
it then trys to look after the baby?
dolphins like to save humans.
they choose to do good.
only crazy people do only evil.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by kera1337
I know were in a matrix for a fact because ive seen 4 or 5th dimensional beings, now thay didnt tell me this its just the implication of seeing a being made out of pure energy that I discovered I was traped in this body, and I really wonder how thay view us, thats all I got to say on the matrix matter.. oh yea and the meaning of life is actualy escape is what I personaly think.

Me too, kera, and I, much like you, cannot help it is others cannot see them as we do. I have been seeing dead people for all of my life, as a child I played with 6 dead Confederate soldiers who are still around, others have seen and felt them, my wife was felt up by one of them. I have seen my Grandfather, several dead friends, and my Father, who I believe is a 5th dimensional being himself. It is not my fault, nor my intention to do this, it is apart of who I am, nothing more. No supernatural powers whatsoever.

I too have come to realize that I am a Spirit, and that I am trapped inside a carbon based, oxygen breathing, easily damaged human body that keeps getting older and older, and I know that I will probably have to do this again and again until I get it right, learn all that I am supposed to learn, complete the assigned mission. I will attempt to escape this prison when the Event happens, and if I can i will tear down the machines that make up the matrix/false reality that we are all forced to live within. I hope some others will be with me in this endeavor.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 07:16 PM
You made an interesting point about "instant" manifestation - thinking about an orange, or a gun. Try to imagine this: Imagine all the impulses that we have, but the impulses that we are able to control. For example, we might literally feel and think about doing horrible things, however we have the ability to stop ourselves from doing these things, because a part of us either recognises it is "wrong" or there is some system that inhibits us. When dreaming, usually all my thoughts turn into actions in the dream world. Imagine, if someone were to pull the plug, if people lost the ability to control thier thoughts and their actions, that is, they just became what they were. When it comes to other dimensions, I often like to think that there are alternate realities, alternate timelines, and other people in other versions of the world that are kind of meshed-in together with this world. I would think that an advanced being would have the ability to transpose itself into different dimensions and different points in time within different dimensions.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Since THE MATRIX movie release in 1999, the word Matrix has come to mean a trap or web …a technological program of slavery and control. Although you may sense this is true, most people don’t know “what it is”. The reason you don’t know is because you have never been shown the Real-World matrix. For instance, the Movies are (most likely) named after a Mathematical Program created in 1958 by Wassily Leontief.
Who was Wassily Leontief?

Leontief was born in Munich, Germany in the year 1905.

He was a mathematician who used an 81x81matrix of quadratic equations to solve for every variable of input and output data in the United States economy. For this he won a Nobel Prize. Since that time…a basis software program was created and runs inside the IRS and global banking computers.
That program is called the LEONTIEF MATRIX.

This Mathematical Matrix is about an energy transfer using current-See and your Account-ability. Therefore; banking becomes the primary [accounting] business on the Planet and involves regulation by treaties and global agreements.

These agreements create the rules that control most of the details of your life…where/when you work; how you get food, water and energy to use.

Remember--Neo was told he was born a slave and most people when shown the Real Matrix; they do the same thing that Neo did….they either reject it or want to revolt.

But, THE MATRIX was not about remaining a slave and Revolution was/is not the Solution. THE MATRIX movies were about changing the agreement and then separating from THE MATRIX in peace.

Neo could “see” his condition because he saw the Matrix for exactly what it is. Agent Smith was the dark side of Neo…the egotistical-selfish side…with a massive “look at me; it’s my world” attitude. In the end, Neo had to destroy that ego. He had to destroy his own anger and the “me” attitude that threatened to tear down the World.
Neo had to accept his “Smith” and overcome himself (Smith) for the greater good of Zion.

Neo opted for peaceful co-existence so that both peoples; Zion and the Machine-World would survive and not be destroyed.

And….This is what you must do. The real-world controls come from your own agreements, and contracts/treaties, which form the rules and laws. As Morpheus told Neo, the Matrix is governed by rules, and being “plugged-in” you are bound by those rules.

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