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Dem Strategist: The Internet Is No Longer Going To Be Open

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:04 PM
Looks like msnbc is delivering on their bailout money.

And how in the hell was this guy involved in the internet for over 27 years? LMAO

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:14 PM
the internet is never going to be shut down. There's too much money to make, buisne$$ to do...

Money...power...information. Shut oneself from the "www" is improbable at the moment and this guy is just pissed.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:30 PM
I'm not saying that the internet is going to disappear... but to see it have restrictions would not surprise me. China among other countries already doing this to some degree so why is it such a stretch to use the WIKI info as a catalyst for "change"... If the PTB wanted a reason... they have(or have created) one now.

A month or 2 ago most people hadn't even heard of WIKI and now the MSN is making it front page news on TV and print on a daily basis.. highlighting on how potentially "dangerous" this all is..

I know it’s been stated before.. but could this all be a FF to bring in the change that the PTB want in regards to internet freedom and access?

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:33 PM
The American people are now the so-called terrorists. They have to shut down our means of communication and reconnaissance. It will be shut down. The question is not if but when.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:36 PM
Why shut it down? That makes no sense. That's absolutely rediculous.

Granted, the internet very well could be More censored than it already is. - This is much more of a possibility.

The revolution will not be youtubized.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:37 PM
Controlled? Ya sure. Shut down? No way. At least, not until civilization is all but left in ruins...

As soon as it's controlled effectively, another network will sprout up. It will use another protocol, link to all wifi/bluetooth capable devices, and developers will be porting the firmware to all the hot gizmos.

Have a little more faith in the open-source/hacker community!

We're geniuses and say FFFFFFFFF the establishment.

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:41 PM
im telling you guys, if you want to see where neofascism begins, look directly at the democratic party.

democrats, "progressives" and liberals are the ones who want to shut down free speech and private property.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:44 PM
Mark Walsh, co host of the Left-Jab radio show, basically made these statements to stir people up obviously. Notice his selection of words... but I guess that IS basically the job of a radio show host... to stir people up..
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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:59 PM
If you mix lies with milk, it tastes like chocolate. Look at Nestle as a great example.

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