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Feminism: Destroying the Male and Female Relationship

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posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 09:36 PM

Originally posted by Dark Ghost
reply to post by tiger5

Of course men are to blame. Men are to blame for the Oppression of Women and the Oppression of Men AND for making the world so male-centric that the Rights of Men get ignored these days. Hmm, what else can we blame men for?

Your own hidden agenda is becoming clearer the more you post in these types of threads. I wonder how many lies you have had to concoct in your own mind to convince yourself that your echo-Feminist views carry any basis in reality?

What? I reported that Brazil has a female president. How are men to blame for that? What is the connection. If the rights of men are ignored them we must man up and change that. But how does that relate to the New Brazilian President?

Did you actually read the post you referred to?

Sorry I do not lies to myself. Feel free to continue your tiresome Ad hominens I am more than man enought to handle it!

Most feminists I have known would not call me a feminist. I have a long history of not getting on with so-called feminist men. But then again I know that movement and you don't.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by tiger5

Why don't you click on the "reply to" part to see which post I actually replied to. It was a reply to the post begfore the one about the Brazilian President.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by Dark Ghost
reply to post by ImaginaryReality1984

Unfortunately, the number of Women's Rights groups with powerful and influential backers far outnumber the very few groups concerned with addressing Men's Rights issues.

When it comes to helping women, Society can never do enough. As for Men, well they can look after themselves.


And this waqs the one that I commented on the need for a men's movement. So how does this make me an "Echo-Feminist". What is the connection between Echo-Feminism and the men's movement? In my mind there has never been a credible men's movement and one has been needed seeing that there is so much confusion.

I believe that if young men understood their masculinity a lot of the gang culture would disappear.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 03:35 AM
I'm 43 year old man, good looking and have been with many women. I have seen them cheat on their husbands, and their husbands be totally oblivious to it. I have seen them cheat on their boyfriends, I've even seen the mother trying to get in on the action with the I have seen how women act towards each other, and the things they talk about with each other, it's just sickening beyond belief. I've had girls waiting on me tell me that "I do want to come back when she's off, trust me I really do want this". Girls have told me something like this on multiple occasions. They apparently just assumed that I would want to have a sexual encounter with them, now that's what I called If only they knew how much of a slut I thought of them. I could go on and on with my experiences with women, it isn't pretty at all, it's been one big long nightmare is what's it's been. Were things better in the past? Well I don't know for certain, because I wasn't actually there, but I have seen letters written during the Civil War between a husband and wife and they way that they talked with each other were light years ahead of the way that men and women look at each now, clearly things have changed rather dramatically.

For me, as a man, what I would have wanted in this life would have been to find a girl who was kind, and gentle, and feminine, and enjoyed being a women, and who needed me, to support her, so that I felt as if I were needed by someone.

Women today, their whole approach is so that they don't need a man, they can support themselves.

And even worse, men are to be used, because they are just dumb who can be manipulated through sex, and it becomes a game of fun for them.

At 43 I no longer have anything to do with women anymore, often times I want to because of the sexual desire, which is incredibly strong and never seems to go away, but intellectually I just cannot stand the way women are, they lie, they cheat, they play games, they use, all the while looking and acting so innocent to the world.

If you listen to what women say, you hear "I want an honest man, a man that knows how to treat a lady, a man that is loyal, etc"......

Then when you go out with this women, you find all the things she said was just for show, she is nothing like this.

It's as if women use men for money by giving sex, and men need to have women for sex.....

In the past this worked since men were the ones who worked and women needed the man, so she traded sex for shelter, food, etc. And the man did whatever he had to do so that he could have this.

Since women don't need men anymore for shelter, food, etc, they no longer need to trade sex for these things, Instead they freely give it, and have turned in sluts r us in the process.....

If a women doesn't stay at home and take care of the kids, and think about and dream about when here man comes home what he's gonna do to her, she will end up dreaming about what Tom the UPS driver at work is gonna do to her, because Tom is good looking, and Tom is a horny guy who really wants to have a sexual encounter with her, and she cannot stop herself.

Women were actually given the greater need for sex, not men. The difference is that men go into a "heat" where they cannot control themselves for a brief period, and then gain control. Whereas women are in a constant state of being sexually aware at all times.....

Women should stay at home and take care of their husbands and raise the children, they should not be around men or they will cheat, they cannot help themselves, they are slaves to their emotions and women really love sex a lot, more then men do.

The good news is that this isn't going to go on much longer, it's all about to come to an end......

Thank God for that......


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by DavidLV

You must be a magnet for the wrong type of women because there are plenty of damn fine young women out there but you have to know how to treat them right.

I could say pretty much the same about men too but I know there are plenty of decent men out there too.

Women have become independant not because they wanted to be but because they were forced to be. They have been conditioned to stay at home, keep house and have the babies but now women can no longer afford to stay at home because men generally can't bring home enough bacon to feed a whole family and keep a roof over their heads. These working women come home still doing the chores while the men come home and do little to help out placing more pressure on the women hence why so many marriages fail. When the marriages fail, child support becomes an issue and quite frankly men just simply don't understand the cost of raising a child.

Women on their own know better how to survive than men do. It's that simple. Today, women work harder than men do generally and yet they still out live their male counterparts.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:13 AM

Originally posted by tiger5

And this waqs the one that I commented on the need for a men's movement. So how does this make me an "Echo-Feminist". What is the connection between Echo-Feminism and the men's movement? In my mind there has never been a credible men's movement and one has been needed seeing that there is so much confusion.

I didn't simply read that single post and come up with that term. It is after seeing your previous replies and reflecting on your position on this issue.

Well that's good to hear you think there should be a Men's Rights movement. But I advise you not to use the "echoed" arguments of Feminists (hence the term) when defending the fact that women have more rights and freedoms than men in certain areas.

I believe that if young men understood their masculinity a lot of the gang culture would disappear.

And what is masculinity according to you? Both sexes should be educated about the nature of their own sex and that of the opposite sex. Seems like an awful lot of women are lacking in this knowledge.
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posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by bluemirage5
reply to post by DavidLV

These working women come home still doing the chores while the men come home and do little to help out placing more pressure on the women hence why so many marriages fail. When the marriages fail, child support becomes an issue and quite frankly men just simply don't understand the cost of raising a child.

It's actually more to do with priorities. Women tend to prioritise keeping a clean and tidy house where they are up-to-date with the housework and worrying about everyone else. Men tend to use the time that they are not working to do stuff they find enjoyable. Housework is not a top priority for most men.

Women on their own know better how to survive than men do. It's that simple. Today, women work harder than men do generally and yet they still out live their male counterparts.

Logic, reason, statistics, history, facts and personal experience aside - yes that is true.

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posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by Dark Ghost

Women know how to survive on their own than with men? ROTFLOL, I don't know which planet you're from, but you are from a completely different planet than I am, that much is for certain.

Listen, I'm really glad that women know how to survive on their own, that's a really good thing, because us men in growing numbers aren't going to have anything to do with any women, we find them to be disgusting human beings, in every possible way. They are sluts beyond belief, having intercourse with guy after guy after guy, without end and non-stop, they get STD's like crazy, and they have mouths and minds a pig would be ashamed of. They talk about people and about men and gossip without end, talking about a guy's penis, and they go out with one guy while they flirt with a thousand other guys. I know because I'm the guy they flirt with, right in front of their boyfriends, they have no respect, they do not care one single bit, they do not see anything wrong in what they do, they just flirt and give total disrespect to the guy they are with.

And getting them to cheat on their guy is as easy as getting a mouse to eat some cheese......

Yes women can take care of themselves, and they better get used to that, because once you screw over every guy out there, they will wise up and not have anything to do with women anymore, and then women can go out and have sex with each other, and fist each other, and do all kinds of sexual things to each other, like they like it.

No thanks, this guy is taking a pass on women, I have had one too many in my life, thanks but no thanks.....


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by DavidLV

When your bitterness has declined you will find peace. In that time of peace go and get yourself a decent woman. Leave out the beer. Discuss what is acceptible to her and also to you. Put your cards on the table. Do not compromise your persepctive but do not try to change her views simply walk away if there is a clash.

I am sure you will find someone decent and when you do You will FED Ex me a bottle of decent champagne from the Champagne region of France. (lol)

Happy hunting it is 2011.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by bluemirage5

Plenty of fine women out there? Fine in what way? And you have to know how to treat them right? Tell me, how is the right way to treat them? Should I treat them like the sluts that they are? Should I pretend like the girl isn't looking at other men every chance she gets? Let me guess, women look at me all the time, everyday, without end, from 18 year old girls to 40 year old girls, am I just the lucky guy who they look at? They don't look at other guys too?

Of course they do, and in fact, that's what girls do, they look at and lust after men, and women are always looking to either step up to a better guy, or to have an affair while they are married.....

Women, like Satan, are able to fool the world, by hiding their true nature, and their true feelings, and acting one way while thinking and doing another way.

Well I'm not fooled by this, I know exactly the way women are, and I always used to laugh at guys, they would always think "my wife wouldn't do that, my wife is a great girl who makes me happy", and yet I know that his wife is cheating on him left and right....

Do you have any idea whatsoever how many married girls I've been with? How many girls who had boyfriends I've been with?

To all the guys out there with women, if you have the balls do the following:

Setup a system where you can listen in on what you're girl is saying to other people, and your mind will be boggled like there was no tomorrow, and your happy little world will come to an immediate end, 100% guaranteed.....


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by tiger5

Find someone decent? You live in a fantasy world. Do you realize that women actually think they're more intelligent than men? Women are so mind boggling dumb, this is what they think. And why do they think this? They think this because from there perspective it's true, men are complete 100% idiots beyond all belief, and they are easily manipulated and controlled.

Because women are able to control men via sex and the need for it, they look at guys as if they were stupid idiots. And they cheat on them left and right, and laugh because their man doesn't know anything about it, and they feel so empowered by having this power over men, and being free to be themselves, and be with lot's of different men, being able to experience them sexually.

So from a woman's perspective, men are idiots, they are dumber than dumb, ignorant beyond belief, easily manipulated and controlled.

But in reality, it's the woman who are idiots beyond belief, who know nothing about life in any way shape or form, who are the ultimate sheep, following and believing what society tells them to. Women do not know anything about truth, all they know is what the media tells them, and since the media is controlled by the enemy, everything a women knows is completely 100% wrong.

And here is the real kicker, if you don't believe what a woman believes, then you're an idiot to her, with no way to explain to her that it is her who is the idiot, who doesn't even know the most basic things in life like romper room information like Quantum Chaos, Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Theory, Nuero Science, World History, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Atomic Particle Theory, Cosmology, Human Physiology, General and Special Theory of Relativity, etc.....

But women can tell you about "Deep Sex" that they read in their magazines, for this is what they think about, talk about, and what their entire life is about.

Women don't care about anything important, they simply care about their little life of sex, for this is what's important to them......

I do find it funny though how woman think they're intelligent, when in reality I myself have a thousand times their intellect, and that is a conservative figure.....


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by DavidLV

Replying to you David, although most of my thoughts here are general.

I too think you have just had bad luck. And any of our bad experiences can be enhanced by what we see in the media. Its all pretty negative stuff, towards both sexes. And gays too.

Women are not ruled by their emotions. Just as men are not ruled by their genitals. Now they can *choose* to live as if that is the case, but there might be all kinds of reasons for them doing that - and probably one of the biggest ones is that they are sheep, or followers, doing what they see on TV without realizing that TV is over dramaticized because otherwise - there'd be no plot, no show.

I believe people are unhappy in life also - yet - they seek the easiest thrill to try to change it. They are unhappy, instead of 'fixing' or changing their life - they seek a sexual thrill or some 'social drama' type of thrill - because they are not sure what else to do. And options are limited also. We might like to be a NASCAR star or a Super Model - but the best we can hope for is a job at Jiffy Lube or Cheap Haircuts making minimum wage. People feel hopeless. And even if you wanted to "be different" or "go for broke" - school is expensive, and you might wind up back at the min wage job anyway, and even hobbies are expensive - a decent surfboard is a thousand bucks. Oh, and your insurance probably doesn't cover that. *If* you even have insurance.

I am interested in this overall subject and have read this thread off and on. I may have even responded to it somewhere along the line.

I sometimes feel that the "traditional" life of Male, Female, 2.5 kids is what is really wrong. Or in other words - "Traditionalism" is wrong, and Feminism is closer to correct.

Let me explain: This "Traditional" Family structure never really existed. Well it did, but for just a brief span of time.

Prior to this - people lived more communally. Extended Family lived together. And further extended relatives lived close by. The Community worked and was involved with child care, helped to come fix up your home, etc.

The Female had much work to do also. On the farm, in the fields, in the home - housework was much more time consuming and difficult - AND - the KIDS had to work too. Everyone had to work together and use their imaginations too. There were no quick fixes.

After the Industrial Revolution came the "nuclear" family. And life was made easier. And the female had less and less to do. Although she often worked as well - in a factory or office. When people's income got to the point where only the man had to work - this was just a brief blip in history. And the female had very little to do.

WHY this "lifestyle" is so pitched as ideal, and so fondly remembered, is beyond me. This was a narrow band of time and only a section of the population could afford it even. Yet many tried to emulate it and it went on for maybe 30 - 40% of the population for 2 - 3 decades at most.

And there were SO MANY dissatisfied with it! So many complaints! The wife felt isolated in Suburbia and had little to do. Dad had to work long hours and was stressed over money and job position. The kids were bored and got into trouble. Everyone seemed to want OUT of this life - while it looked great on TV - in reality it was grinding boredom coupled with financial stress.

So perhaps this "fairy tale ideal" - was actually what was wrong?

I do not know what is "right" - I suppose that must be decided by the individual.

This topic is of interest to me, I am also thinking about work, housing, I hope to create a business one day - and besides what I will produce - I am interested in different economic models for the biz - such as employee ownership, working with unions, wages, time spent at work, - there are many, many ways to structure a biz, which I am contemplating.

See what I sit and ponder? I am female BTW - and look - I'm not plotting any seductions or thinking about sex LOL.

Just for some personal info, for the curious - I am 44 years old, divorced, no kids (by choice), 2 undergrad sci degrees, MS in Physics, trying to learn more about straight biz on my own
, serial monogamist, NEVER cheated on anyone - nor partners cheated on me (men, I'm straight), wasn't out doing alot of partying - you know that thing they tell you in school - about for every hour in class you'll have 2 hours of homework or something like that? Yeah - that tip in regards to science students is - you basically triple it. I wasn't out screwing, I was *studying* LOL. And so are there plenty of people just like me.

All of my relatives are biz people or scientists as well. A female relative was recently made President and CEO of a Major US corporation. I am VERY PROUD! OUTSTANDING!!! Everyone is like this with my relatives, male and female. Perhaps not quite so high level - but several get written up in the WSJ, Crain's, various biz publications - on a regular basis. Many people here would recognize some of the names. Perhaps even my own, as well

And - that's another thing I could point out - not ALL biz people are crooked Sociopaths. Again, this isn't The Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay Variety Show. Please. Not all biz people are assholes. NONE of my relatives are crooked or unethical.

And - they all have families too. Hard driving workers, and yet the kids are all OK. One kid just got admitted to Stanford.

Well, just some meanderings here. I feel alot of society is at odds, broken, and few can even begin to guess what to do.

I don't think Feminism should be blamed. I think Feminism was an outgrowth of something else wrong.

In my opinion, alot is wrong with society in general, but pointing fingers or going back to living in caves is not the answer. I am trying to come up with some new ideas, some new models, for biz anyway. I do want to make something where all people can work together and share in the rewards. I don't need a whole lot of $, I am interested in the *doing* of this, how it could be planned and made, hey - you want a Paradigm Shift - BE ONE!

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

Typical of a woman, you understand absolutely nothing, and the things which you hold dear, the things which you think are important, like business, or going to Stanford, have no real basis on reality, you live within a world created for you, to box in your mind, to scientifically manipulate you so that you think you're coming to all your own conclusions, when in reality those conclusions were imposed upon you scientifically.

I am a real scientist, and a real philosopher, and I know more than you could possibly begin to imagine or comprehend. You saying that you are a scientist is a joke beyond belief, you don't know any science, what you know is what the Synagogue of Satan has taught you, do you know who they are? No you don't know, you think what you've been taught is correct, not realizing they have purposely brainwashed you, purposely promoted you, and your friends, because THEY want woman to take over, this is how they will collapse society, by making the idiots run the show.

You don't have the brainpower to understand this, your whole life is an illusion on a quantum level and you don't even know it.

Tell me, why do you suppose that Hollywood movies use Jesus name in place of a curse word? Why do they associate the term "Holy" with the term "#"? Why do they use God's name if vain, breaking the 3rd commandment? Why do they use the term "Hell" in every movie made? Do you have any idea Miss Scientist?

No you don't know why, and you never will know why, and do you know why? It's because you DON"T CARE why.........

Do you think that all the writers in Holly Wood just use these terms in their scripts? Do you think that is mathematically possible? That every writer in Hollywood uses all these terms in all the scripts for every movie?

All the science you think you k now, it's all 100% wrong, every single solitary thing you have learned was a lie told to you, without your knowledge of it.

I know you don't understand this, or realize this, but the beginning of the end is almost here now, I realize you don't understand this, and I have some sympathy for you in this respect, but there are things going on that frankly is beyond your ability to comprehend, for even the smartest of men have a hard time comprehending it.

So keep trying to come up with your answers, deluding yourself into thinking you're intelligent, as the Synagogue of Satan wants you to, and live in your world of fantasy for as long as you can, because the time is almost upon us now......


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

Oh and by the way, your assertion that something was wrong in the past with men and women is a joke. All you would have to do is look at the way men and women were in the past, women were treated extremely well, even strangers would open up doors for a women, help a women, be a protector of a women that they don't even know. On the Titanic it was women and children first. Women were treated with respect, the weaker sex, and were shown respect by standing up when a women would stand up to leave the table, or by not swearing around a women, etc.

Now it's just the exact opposite, women don't want this and men no longer give them this, nor do they deserve this in any way. Women are sluts, plain and simple, they cheat, lie, play endless games, get emotional about everything, see problems in everything without end, have to have drama in their lives at all times, have to gossip with their friends about everything and everyone, and walk around on this planet thinking they are both special and intelligent, when in reality the only thing special about them is their vagina, which in all reality isn't even special at all.

So your entire assertion that men and woman's relationship to each other was somehow messed up in the past is another lie told by the Synagogue of Satan, without you being able to realize it.

Women were respectful people, who dressed properly, who had morals and values, who acted properly, and who men would respect and love and cherish......

Now women have Tattoo's all over them, they dress like tramps, and they act and behave like tramps, sleeping with guy after guy after guy........


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by DavidLV

David, I have some more thoughts for you - stemming from your thought, here -

But women can tell you about "Deep Sex" that they read in their magazines, for this is what they think about, talk about, and what their entire life is about.

Women don't care about anything important, they simply care about their little life of sex, for this is what's important to them......

OK, you need to realize something. MANY men do no like intelligent women. They WANT the "silly little tart" type.

Or - at least this is what the media would have us believe. And then of course you have a great number of people who DO believe what the media tells them to believe.

And then you have - maybe someone who IS somewhat of a thinking person - but - they are not sure what to say or do - so they do what they * think * the other person may want.

Forget male/female and take this as example - Now I *am* a person who *can* discuss all the things you mentioned. I am drinking a beer right now. Suppose I had some friends in for drinks. What does the average person want to hear? - Hey - this is a great new beer - try it! Or - would they like to hear about the detailed complexities of how the can top was stamped out? The cans and tops are commonly made by 2 different companies. I won't mention the name of the 'top' producer - but they are huge and they produce most ALL tops in the US, NA, CA, as far south as Nicaragua if memory serves. And did you know? This process involves both English and Metric measure? And it'll take - shizz - all manner of CAD on three different UNIX based systems - do you know Maple, by any chance? to produce these things ......

Now which comment would you really want to hear? Most men, when confronted with a female, that they may "like" - wanna talk about sex. Or, they just want "general" chit chat. They don't want big, heavy discussion.

FEW people period, regardless of gender or sexual attraction - say friends even - really want to THINK or discuss complex things AT ALL.

Unless you are with Fellow Geeks!

You problem may be, Dave, that you are just among the WRONG people. And even people like you, or close to you in personality, do not wish to discuss "heavy" things all the time either. Hey - I'm a hardcore brainiac and I like to watch cartoons, shoot pool, go bowling, and have sex TOO you know!

In the past - and even today - if you play your cards right - you meet people, you talk to them, hang out with their friends, and "get to know them". BEFORE you hop into bed with them or develop feelings for them.

Not that there's anything WRONG with doing those things - hey - if you wanna swing - more power to you. But KNOW what you're doing. Know what you are getting into. The same could go for the "traditional" life - KNOW what you are getting into. ASSESS your own personality.

But alot of people don't take the time to do this. That's why you need to *get to know* people before you become too buddy buddy with them. Goes for friends and biz associates too.

Someone could be very smart - but is just making small talk or cocktail party conversations - so don't write them off too quickly.

Conversely - someone might come off OK from the first meeting - but the more you talk to them - you see that they are a moron.

Or worse - Psychopathic Moron!

"Don't let that fancy paint job fool you" - Stan Ridgway

Just a few more stray thoughts. Take the time to get to know people. You never know what you may find. Good or bad.

Many times - if you do take the time - you *will* find someone unexpected

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 04:01 PM
I would highly recommend googling hypergamy and reading Sexual Utopia by Roger F Devlin. The information you'll find speaks for itself.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by DavidLV

Wow. Get a grip Friend - I'm trying to give you some good, level headed advice here.

We females are not Satan and we're not out to "get" you males. If that was the case - we would've done so by now.

And I did not say things were "bad" in the past - if you read what I wrote and thought about it - you would see that I actually praised most of the past. And was comparing economic models and various living conditions.

Read these things again without immediately getting so riled up.

This is your problem: you read and operate through a filter of anger. As well as a filter of religious thought. Try to put those things aside. Just for the sake of discussion - or hopefully just to contemplate things for yourself. You don't have to change your views - just try putting them aside and contemplating other thoughts.

I was abandoned by my father. I had to get beyond hating all men for this. It was him, and him alone, and when I realized that - I felt better. And, I also came to realize that the man was severely troubled. I saw that there were many factors involved - booze and hard drugs will do strange things to a person. Who was mentally ill to begin with. Yes indeed - us Yuppies got our problem people too.

But once I understood these things - I realized there was no point in hating and distrusting men based on ONE messed up individual.

I love men! I love people! The good ones anyway. And it was worth the effort to set my anger and fear aside - to move on - and get to know more. Of course I had to stop and think about MY outlook and actions too - and what sort of people I associated with.

I did have some good other family. But again, some are OK, some not so much.

You have to listen, react, and decide who YOU will spend time with. Most of these things are largely up to you.

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posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

With respect both of you are as bad as one another at filtering through your tinted glasses.

No one on earth has seen what feminism has done more to me, and how females go out to destroy males, and i have never had any contact with them ever.

You have to admit lots of females out there are out there to destroy someones life.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

The way that men feel about you, is the same way women feel about me. Men think you're too smart, woman think I'm too smart, it works both ways.

I certainly do agree with you with respect to people in general do not want to discuss anything of any importance, they simply chit chat about meaningless things.

The way it should be is the way it was before, women should wear dresses, not pants. Woman should be feminine, not act like a man. Women should be gentle, and kind, and understanding, and she should absolutely 100% consider sex to be sacred, and special, and should only have sex within a marriage. And men and women should go through a courtship, to find out if they are right for each other, and if a women will marry a man, it's because she loves him, and can then stick with him. And the same goes for a man, if the woman will agree to marry him, then he has won himself a women, and can stay with her and the both of them can be happy together. And they can realize that life isn't about sex, life is about living and doing, sex will become unimportant for the most part, just something that needs to be done so that you don't go crazy in the head. Sex for people who have sex isn't very important, sex is only important to the people who don't have sex.

I realize this isn't all woman's fault, and it's not the fault of men either, the real problem is the Synagogue of Satan, who has purposely done this to society, to destroy the way that God created it to be. They have done this with everything, with money, with politics, with the whole entire culture, to dumb people down, make them sinful idiots without the ability to break free from the Matrix that the Synagogue of Satan has created.

People are always telling me they think I've just been unlucky, they have no idea what I've seen on this planet, I'm a scientist, I analyze everything on a very complex level, and I have studied many things, including of course woman, and what I have found from sea to shinning sea in the USA is something I don't want any part of, the pattern is very clear for all to see, relationships simply don't work anymore, and if you try them what's going to happen is you'll go out for awhile, then break up, then go out with another person, then break up, then go out with another person, then break up, then go out with another person, then break up, then go out with another person, then break up, then go out with another person, then break up, then go out with another person, then break up. And one has to wonder, at what point do you finally realize the truth? Never? The endless dream just keeps going on forever?

Not with this guy, thanks but no thanks......


posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 04:19 PM
Best solution is give females what they want and make sure mankind is androgynous in future, and i am sure it will be.

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