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Possible Wikileaks Smear Campaign on ATS?

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 11:51 AM
Isn't this thread exactly the same as the threads linked in the OP? only difference this thread is PRO-wikileaks...

I dont know wether wikileaks is genuine or not, I do know that there are some questionable variables involved in this case.. If a consipracy site originating from Alex Jones or Sorcha Faal is questioned into the extreme, sometimes going as far as screaming HOAX before even looking at intel provided, isn't it a logical next step to also do a backgroundcheck on wikileaks?

I have seen ATS-ers writing off anything and everything wich had a Sorcha Faal label on it but if wikileaks comes with the same intel it must be true? Guess I can only ask for forgiveness for being a bit skeptic on the motivational drive behind wikileaks... Until hard evidence surfaces wich would vindicate wikileaks of any and all suspicions, I will remain vigilant and secondguess ANYTHING coming from them...

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by Copernicus

Is this the latest disinformation campaign on ATS? Could this be about attempting to turn attention away from Wikileaks and erode the trust because its getting so much attention?

If it is a disinformation campaign, it is an incredibly thoughtless effort with little or no context. IMO, it is your typical anti-post!

I have looked at each of the threads in the OP and (deliberately) quoted the key words and phrases to underpin my above point. I have ommitted the names of the posters: (my emphasis in bold)

Please note that I am only speculating here based on my recent personal experience.

Then I began to wonder, What if They couldn't have set a better trap, if that is the case. It all seems a bit too convenient to me now, Maybe this was all staged to accomplish that goal? Maybe wikileaks isn't what we think it is. There is too much we don't know, What do you think of the possibilities here?

Is WikiLeaks a TPTB front?

‘’It seemed all too bizarre, that a video could be released and then spread virally even INTO THE MSM front page within half a day’’

So I am led to believe that Wikileaks is a FRONT for the Pentagon to "leak" material for the purpose of PSYOPS.

Why do they want us to see this video?
Why do they want to rile us up?
Is this a Psychological Operation designed to elicit some sort of reaction from us?
Is WikiLeaks buying credibility so they can get away in the future with massive disinfo?
Maybe I'm totally paranoid and wrong. But it sure seems to me, that WikiLeaks is a front for TPTB.
These are just my speculations and curiosities.
Any comments or further speculations are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for listening to my hypothesis!

And get those foil hat and gloves on immediately!!

Also such a operation could be designed to gauge our reactions and find out where people's mentalities are at in respect to their feelings about war.
It could just be an experiment with all of the data being fed into a super computer to crunch.
They want to find out how we spread information, how we react to it, and by passing around a item like this, with all this hype, would be a good way to figure that out. It sure is easy to look at the situation these ways.

Adding everything up, one can clearly cast doubt on the legitimacy of this story. It looks more like an attempt to flush out Wikileak members, while trying to get the public to form a general dislike for whistle blowers. As for Manning, he may or may not be in on the plot, we cant tell since he is being held over seas. How convenient.

Well here we go folks... straight from the source. The wikileaks twitter page. looks like people are spreading disinfo about them.

There is little known on Assange

He has lied about his background continually. His degrees appear to come from diploma mills according to some sources. Are we looking at a CIA patsy (plant)?

Think about it, the documents leaked really weren't that important. As for this being some kind of surprise to the White House, well that doesn't make much sense as the New York Times indicates it ASKED if it was ok to publish the documents.

(The NYT acted as an intermediary to ask WH if it wanted to review the documents for redactions. Perfectly legit and professional journalistic standards).

It almost seems like this is perfectly timed to start pointing fingers at a new enemy at the tail end of the CFR faction saying the war in Afghanistan is a failure. Which leads to the point: Maybe Wikileaks is simply a disinfo outlet.

Could the government have seized control of wikileaks and Assange and his merry band of workers and is now in control of the mechanism which accepts these secrets that are submitted from anon whistleblowers??? Could you now go to wikileaks and submit it directly to Uncle Sam ????!!! Very scary thought indeed. There just seems to be too many oddities to chalk up to coincidence.

The Pentagon speculates that is supported by CIA.

Many of the popular social net mediums are used as data gathering and population thought seeding operations.

Many of them are startups that once acquiring enough clout are completely bought up by the major corporations and strategically run from the inside by the CIA, who has enough professionals that " infiltration" almost need not apply, cause these things are carried out with the backing of people in high places within, that they can legally be considered totally legit and " under the guise of national security" - if you only knew how many atrocities are being done to humanity under the guise of "national security" you'd really come to love humanity in this world, because what happens to them is interconnected with what will happen to you.

Anyway, Julian Assange, I don't care how sweetfaced and totally honest this guy looks, he is brainwashed up to the hilt by the group think that he is fed It's all a front. The Evidence? That some nerd can release all these documents without having a bullet in his skull. Thats the proof right there. I consider WikiLeaks a front. So do most seasoned conspiracy theorists.

Outcome? For people that are certain of their own convictions about Wikileaks, I see nothing but questions, conjecture, double speak, false interpretations, paranoia, and a possible jealousy that a charasmatic figure that has been so sought after as a 'father figure' of conspiracies / alternative media and 'leadership' is , dare I say it, not American and one which has openly critiised those for supporting 911 conspiracies!

There certainly appears to be a lack of critical analysis in the subject matter, like quoting Stephen Bayne when he said, ‘I am rather like a mosquito in a nudist camp; I know what I ought to do but I don’t know where to begin’.

Some members are so tuned into seeing a fault in an opportunistic situation that they fail to see that what they do themselves is devoid of any such reason or productive being!

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 03:23 AM

Originally posted by boondock-saint
well I feel left out cuz u didn't mention
my thread

Sorry about that, it was not intentional. I would add it now if I could, but the time frame for editing the original post has expired.

Originally posted by faceoff85
Isn't this thread exactly the same as the threads linked in the OP? only difference this thread is PRO-wikileaks...

Yes, why would my thread be any better or worse? All threads on ATS have a purpose behind their creation. With this thread, I wanted to highlight that most of the threads lately have been about suspecting wikileaks. But then again, like some posters have said, that may be because of the mindset of people here.

[edit on 1-8-2010 by Copernicus]

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by Copernicus

Or, you know, once this guy Assange makes the circuit on the MSM's Sunday wank fests you should start to question what is really going on.

Or when his organization inspires the cover of Time.

It seems that many (especially here, paradoxically) will place all of their trust into some shadowy organization of international ciphers because the MSM has defined what they do as simpatico with a generalized 'anti-establishment' MO, which of course a substantial portion of the 571st keyboard rangers identify with.

I think If I'm in the inner circles of government proximal to the group that decides the fate of the internets, I'm none too scared because "those fools will believe anything."

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 10:46 AM
Wikiwikileaks is nothing more than a "Blame America First" organization. They have been known to edit their material and like to show the troops in a bad light.

Shining light on fraud, and an agenda, and exposing truth is hardly a smear campaign. Unless, of course, you share their agenda, then it's a "foul" all day long.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 11:04 AM
Hah, just a thought:

The Iraq video leak was blamed on a 22 year old captain.

The Afghan papers are being heft upon a private.

(correct me if I'm wrong).

Again, anything wrong with this picture?

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by tetrahedron
Hah, just a thought:

The Iraq video leak was blamed on a 22 year old captain.

The Afghan papers are being heft upon a private.

(correct me if I'm wrong).

Again, anything wrong with this picture?
Unless there's something new in the media today, I believe PFC Manning is charged with the 2007 'helicopter' video and nobody has been charged for the "Afghanistan Papers."

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 05:27 PM

Originally posted by kevinunknown
This is one of the problems some ATSter have. They are so paranoid about what is going on in the world, they fail to see the “real” conspiracies. They lose the ability to differentiate between conspiracy hypothesis, theory and fact. This has led to a small minority of people on ATS who are suspicious of everything despite the most extreme and outrageous conspiracies. I would not say that this is a coordinated effort to discredit Wikileaks, rather it is the coincidental collective mind of a group of people who suspect everything.

No, the thing to do is to prioritize one's suspicions and paranoia. Only a hack would go after everything, as it is suboptimal. One must concentrate, during the waking hours, when assaults are most active, on the tools and props that the nwo are using at the moment, while setting aside free time for deeper pursuits, things of wonder. You know...the power that can toss the evil aside. Without one so much as lifting a finger. Real crazies call that God. You wouldn't understand, new one.

Perhaps one day we will be free of them, and work will be nothing more than finding the greatest glory in the day's windings. That is work that is worth doing, and with all your heart. I've heard your proposals. Don't try to stop us. You'll get hurt, without anyone so much as lifting a finger.

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