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Ouija boards; A story and discussion?

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by Q2IN2Y

lol yeah that would make a fun comedy horror plot

I have known people who get similiar feelings. i never had it personally, but my feelings towards it was a sort of...excitement, a rush in a lot of ways..very strange the effects they have, and they effect everyone differently which makes them more confusing lol the reports are reallly mixed

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 10:42 AM
I have used a Ouiga board a number of times. Nothing like that ever happened to me but I have heard stories.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by LordBucket

"Of course, one might keep that in mind when considering the quality of responses one receives through a board. You may be channeling bored, former ATSers.

Thats excellent lol, and I wouldnt doubt that in the slightest!
and also agreed that if ones a ghost it doesnt matter if they work at all, loads of fun could be had lol i would certainly have to abuse my powers of being incoporial"

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 11:55 AM
robbed in Albion, me and my friend at the time, i was 13, he was 12. This was around march of 1988. it was over the summer, things started to transpire. wede also get phone calls throughout the day, usually around 13 to 17 with nothing but static on the line! i think i also failed to mention, 8 months later after the exorcism in the house, all was quiet, in the basement putting the model car together. The presence i felt enter the room, i felt in my heart, alot of tense fear i guess is what it felt like that paralyzed me for a few seconds. I loked up, and in a doorway, saw this tall disembodied semi see through black human figure standing thier. Looked like it had a cloak on or something, like a druid cape n hood or something. never saw it again since all these years. i still live in the same house, for the record.
The preist, had come over as recommended by our neighbors sister, a nun. she made contacts for us. I do remember her brother, a preist, saying it would require evidence to go forward with this. but he himself told us, something dosnt seem right in here, he could feel it. so whatever evidence they got, i was at school when my om was talking with them.
Im not sure which preist recommended the warrens for us, either her brother or the preist from the catholic church. it was really awesome to meet them back then though. i do remember the preist coming over for like 3 or 4 nights, wearing a robe, and a purpleish belt wardrobe thing that went over his shoulders kinda like suspenders but without connecting to his pants. He read the bible, starting with Genisis. Other sections of the bible. Another i remember him reading out loud in the house, was the passage of when jesus casted a demon out of a pig. and that the spirits present were not welcome in our home, and must leave by the power of christ and god, mostly christ he said. mrs. warren would join in and say the same thing..
When they left like 4 or 5 days later, for 8 months all was queit, but we are inreality, rather nervous, becaue we still had no idea what happened, who or what they were, thier intentions with us. Mrs, warren had basically told u, that playing with the board, opens doors. thiers doors all around us, is the easiest way to explain it. sometimes, those spirits want in, and sometimes they can be malovent, or someone who hasnt passed on into the light yet. thiers many un-understood reasons. The ouija boar, is nothing buy a 'key' that opens the doors. and now that a spirit comes in, the others know about it somehow, or are waiting nearby tricking you via the board to get in for whatever reason or purpose. Usualy its because they do not want to go into the light and pass on..they want to 'come back to earth' to feel or be human again. thats what she tod us, moreso me because i asked so many questions to her and ed warren.
all was quiet for 8 months, and i had turned 14. The ordeal lasted from march 1988 to about mid october 1988, Not including the warens and exorcims, that only lasted the 4 days of ocotber before they left. The tall black apparition that appeared, jsut stanidng n stairing at me before i felt it pass through me in the this day i very much reflect on it. becaseu all was quiet, and outta the blue, this 'thing' shows up. so made me wonder if all these years later, was the house cleanisnig done thouroughly? They also opened windows too, easier acces during the exorcism for the spirit to leave. it was VERY important to open windowns, mrs.warren stated. and to burn sage and peaceful potpuri alot.
She also said, for us to NEVER ever play with the baord again, because those spirits kinda 'know us' and will forever. and maybe go n tell their friends on the otherside to keep thier eyes open ya know?
the thing is, when my father passed away at hospitol, the same night as i just got home after they shut him down, cryin my brains out, mrs warren called me in reply to an email i sent her 4 months earlier!!! that is effin wierd!!!
she was kinda hesitant to work with , as all these years, ive wanted to see the or those tapes the video guy had when he was filiming it here. she kept saying i should forget about it all, me thinking of it could simply re open doors...i must remian focse on forgetting about hte whole ordeal. kinda hard not too, as i have a huge interest in ghosts.
that was januaury 2007. I had contacted a woman from 2 years ago. she lives in my state, and went to school and all to become a medium and psychic/ghost hunter. we chatted a bit online, so one day she cmae over, and had mrs.warrens phone number and all, so figured maybe she was legite. she scope around the home, with a laptop, looking for things. she wanted to help me gett hose tapes from mrs.warren, but she started flirting with me and wanted to take things further and i didnt so she got turned off by that, and we lsot contact
geesh maybe is hould jsut not lok for the tapes anymor elol. as much i want too.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 12:01 PM
The reason they told us, tthe spirits were thier, outside of using the board, was because when we played the baord, we ddint move the eye to close the doors. VERY importatnt question she asked us in an important manner. "did yuo close the door" after playing with the board. we didnt, becaue we didnt know you were supposed too. we thought nothing would happen. SO! we had left the door open,a nd other spirits were coming through that door*
geesh! i dont mean to make a 24 page SA outta this all lol, but seeing this post brought back memories and events so quickly and posting it while trying to keep it organized in a timely manner.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by ziggy1706

It is fine with me Ziggy. Your posts are on topic. I would agree with Ms Warren and give up your interest in the tapes and probably even ghosts altogether. With as much as I have seen I still can't prove to this forum at large that entities exist or don't exist outside of our minds, but I can say our state of mind will make us vulnerable to experiencing them in either a real or imagined state. I did make an audio recording on old cheap Certron brand tape on one of those old fashioned tape recorders in 1978 or thereabouts of a sudden manifestation of moaning sounds that materialized behind me while I was recording a song off a transistor radio. During the event my hair stood kind of on end and I got goosebumps. I felt as well as heard the presences and I could not make myself move at all to look behind me. So I never saw anything. The recorder picked up the sounds but they were poor quality. As sson as this all stopped the paralysis ended and I ran out of the room and immediately had my parents listen but they said it could have been the song I was recording off the radio. Blondie's Heart of Glass does have a woo ooh sound chorus but I was there in the room and I know the recorder didn't just pick up the chorus.

I tried playing the tape for my fiancé ten years later but the tape was so degraded by then. I don't know where it is now. I still have it I just don't know where in all my old junk it could be. The point of this account is that at least once I did get proof to my satisfaction anyway that not all of these strange things are a quirk of the mind. So when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

A more recent thing for me is that after reading the topic on ATS about shadow people I started seeing these things around my yard again. I am pretty sure it is just the power of suggestion on my mind in this case. Still, why borrow trouble? So I'm avoiding reading that topic from now on and reclaiming my peace of mind. Real or imagined, it really doesn't matter. It doesn't pay to dwell on these things too much.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 03:28 PM
Deleted double post

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posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 10:33 AM
My grandmother played the Ouija once at her house with some neighbors and family, they asked several questions and the answers were very detailed, and caused problems between the family.

My grandmother was mad already because there was tension in the air between everybody there, she took the board and move it to the side and told everyone NO MORE PLAY WITH THIS (bad word) and just seconds later the piece that moves around without anyone touchiing it took flight and it slammed into the wall breaking it in pieces.

This happened before I was born about 30 years ago, my granmother tells me the board was all wood and the piece that moves was also wood with the shape of a water drop (pointy in one side and round in the other) not like the ones you see on the new boards.

After that happened my grandmother throw away the board in the trash and tells me that weird things happened at his house the same night and following days until stopped.

I will never play with it, there is something wrong with it.

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 01:22 PM

Those feelings you were having could be your etheric body leaving your physical. It's a detachment process.

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 01:16 PM
i have been told by a friend possibly the best advice about these Ouija boards, or any talking boards. The fact that you the person thinks something can happen, might have an effect on your mental state. Now whether this is real or not is irrelavent, if you think its real, its bad enough. Many have lost thier minds playing with these things, and if you believe they contact the other side or not doesn't matter, its if the person playing with it does.

Basically, dont do it yourself or without at least an expert there, infact, just dont do it at all is my advice

posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 07:07 PM
I highly advise people NOT to use the board! We had a friend who had a board so we took it one day and did it. It was my sister and myself using it why about 5 people watched. The thing started to move by itself as me and my sister just hovered our fingers over the pointer, I think there were times we were not even touching it and it still moved.

The thing we were talking to called its self Maz, it said it died thousands of years ago. It guest numbers in our heads and told us our ages. Ever since that happened weird stuff would happen in that room. I would bring 3-4 friends over and we would watch orbs light up my room. Heck I even brought my mom in my room and showed her.

It’s taken me years to close myself off from the other side and it’s scary stuff. I would have some evil things come in my room why I sleep and scream at my face. One time my dog was sleeping with me when I got attacked by this spirit and went crazy barking at it, she woke the whole house up.

Don’t do it! it’s not worth it. its real!

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 05:26 AM
Me and friends used to dabble with these boards back in our teens.

We all swore that we wasnt moving the piece. I know that I wasnt and I trusted my friends word.

I was always told that your subconscious moves the centerpiece /shrug

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by goobgirl

It is very possible I was just feeling myself slipping into a dream, it felt very real to me. Is it possible that because I have been concentrating so hard on lucid dreaming techniques and meditation I am now realizing and feeling myself loosing physical concesiousness.

What ever it was the feeling spooked me out of my possible dream state and right out of bed for a little while... The Ouiji board thing is at the back of my mind again though. I think I might just mess around with one just to get the idea out of my head. If nothing happens then at least I won't want to try anymore, and if something does happen than I guess I got what I deserved

sorry i can't spellcheck on my phone so corrections will be done later, or never

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posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 09:07 PM
I tried one once years ago I was drunk and It didnt do anything. I was sort of disapointed.

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by meteoritics

Oh yes it really happened!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 09:20 PM
Hello everyone, Im gonna go ahead n add a lil personal story of my own.

So, it was about a week ago today. There were 4 people in total, my sister, her 2 friends n I. The night before we tried contactinga spirit with the ouija bord but didnt get much out of it... i mean, we deffinitely picked up on something, but idk what. Like, it would talk to us n answer some of our dumb questions but wouldnt give us anything serious or would juss play games. So, the next night we try it again n at 1st, it seems like its the same entity from last night but after a few bogus questions, it turns everything n starts askin us the questions. Then asked, "Do u believe..." n we didnt really understand then it says, "Do u believe in Ouija" basically askin us if we believed in how the ouija board works...

Then it says that its one of my sister's friend's (haley) dead grandpa... 0_o

So she procedes to ask it personal questions that only her grandpa would kno, n surr enough he got ALLL of them right. He goes on to tell her that he loves n misses her n gives her some advice. Now, we start askin him questions. For instance, I ask him if he can tell me about my future n he says yes, but when haley asks, he says no because they are family... but anyways, i ask him dumb questions like if I will graduate college n what will be my occupation. I then ask what the name of my wife will be, n he says Molly.. the name has personal significance but it doesnt really make sense. N what really freaked me out is when we start askin it to guess what we're thinking.... It hit the nail on the head every single time.!!

Then, to end it, haley says she is hungry n the board said, go make some cinnomon toast n MTN dew, then the planchette moves to "GoodBye" n that was the last of it.

It most deff freaked me out.!! n lets juss say Haley is still in shock about the whole experience..!! hahaha

Love n Light

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 11:09 PM
Hello there I was reading the stories in this post and thought I would go ahead and add my own for what its worth. I'm not trying to convince those that don't believe I'm just gonna tell some of the things that my friends and myself experienced with the board.

When my group of friends and myself were in the eigth grade an older family member showed us the board one night and how to use it. We were always into the paranormal although what kid isnt in some way. So when it worked we were instantly hooked. We spent months using boards in all of our free time. It became all we did.

We even went so far as to turn the top of one of our school desks into a ouija that we would use during recess. This was back in 1991 times were different even back then so our teachers let it slide until it became to much of a distraction.

Now as you can imagine being so open with it will draw a lot of curiosity and sceptisism. We were so sure of the board we would show everyone especially the non believers that the board really worked. We would also do self checks every single time we used it to make sure it was really working and not one of us pushing the eye, we would also do this through out the conversations.

What we would do is have ourselves or watchers, non believers think of something usually a 3 digit number but it could be anything they wanted. They would then put there hand on the eye with us that were using the board and it would tell us what the person was thinking. I can tell you that the board was never wrong when we did this and this was our favorite thing so we did this constantly for us it was proof and that was amazing.

We showed teachers at our school and some people who had such a strong belief that this was fake but when we showed them they would tend to get mad and not want anything to do with it when it guessed what they were thinking, denial I guess.

Now what we discovered is my grop of friends that always used it got better at it the more we used it. What I mean is in the beginning the eye moved slowly and took longer to get started. But we were really addicted within probably a week of constant use it got to where it would respond right away and could move fast and with force.

We discovered also that this was strongest when any two from our group were using it. If it was one of us and some other person who didn/t use it it would work but it actually felt like half power. Thats why when we would show others we would generally have two from our group on the board and then the third person add a hand also when ready.

Now theres a lot I could talk about in my experiences with the board but I am going to focus on just a few things right now to keep it simple. For the first week or so it seemed we were getting different spirits but we used the board for probably 6 months solid it was our lives. We started getting the same spirit if you will at some point early on. We were young and stupid and thought nothing could hurt us so there were times we got pretty harsh with them which is what I think happened.

This spirit went by many names over the next 5 or so months and it became more of just fighting with this thing towards the end and much less fun but we were addicted and it took a lot to get us to stop but now my group of friends all swear they will never touch one again to this day, and it's been around 19 years now.

The reason I bring this up is more of a warning I guess a lot of bad has come from what we did and I don't suggest using one. In our use with the board we at one point asked how we would all die. It gave a pretty clear explenation for all of us. One friend was supposed to die of cancer. He was the first to go he died when he was 20 of cancer he went within 3 months and was living in an appertment with myself and one other from our group when he went. One was supposed to be murdered and we grew up in a small town where nothing like that ever happened. He was the next to die. It was 8 years ago now I believe, I wont get into the details of it but he was found murdered.

Thats all of us that have died so far but one other person of note from our group was supposed to be crippled, he was the most athletic of all of us at that point and we were no slouches but since about 24 I think he has been crippled not to get to into details but he has been ever since.

As for me what seemed to happen was the spirit took a special liking to me, I can think of dozens of reasons why it would have what ever the case, all those close to me can clearly see something not right. For one it followed me around house to house until just a few years back. Strange things would always happen around me to many to note but even those new to my life would see it and litterally everyone from the time when we used the board still look at this as one of the main events you could say in my life. I'm still known as the guy whos haunted but it all stopped a few years back. Strangely enough after always being in a haunted house now that its gone I am starting to miss it.

The strange luck I spoke of everyone around me sees abd it hasn't left me. I call it strange to be optamistic but what it really is, is very terrible uncanny luck. Luck that is so bad and consistent you could set your clock by it, And this I wouldn't wish on anyone It is much worse than I can explain and don't want to get to into things anyways as I try to be positive all the time. But I believe this is what brought me to add my story as a warning if it could help stop anyone from using them.

Now I also wanted to talk about a couple things with lets say the mechanics of the board. The board is really just a type of tool. If used by those that don't know how to use it it probably won't work to well. For instance when we were originally taught how to use it we were taught all the proper things to do. We we taught a safety prayer we always said before hand, We used the board certain ways, We always closed with saying goodbye and were taught to turn the board over and wipe it on something.

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 11:15 PM

Also in the concept of being a tool think of a wrench, You can use that for tightening and losening bolts. You can also use pliers or fingers or Macgyver it. The board is the same While it probably helps to get used to useing the board on a normal quija, the board itself isn't neccissary. We would make boards out of cardboar and an old casette tape all the time.

We also used the top of a washing machine. In this case and many other similar times we wouldn't draw anything on the surface we would simply start like normal and get a spirit on moving the eye. When you have iit working then designate this spot is for yes this is for no this spot is goodbye for example.

Well I've gone on much more than I planned to soI am going to go ahead and end this one. My story is easy to dismiss but for those around my town from our time they know better now. As I said we were so open with it we showed everyone we could and the board never let us down in proving it worked.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 11:54 PM
I speak german. Most people I know in the US don't. I'd like to get two non german speaking friends to put their hands on the planchette, while I ask questions in german and see if it gives me answers that make sense. That way we'd know that it wasn't the two friends doing it, subconsciously or not.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 12:33 AM

Originally posted by christianpatrick
I speak german. Most people I know in the US don't. I'd like to get two non german speaking friends to put their hands on the planchette, while I ask questions in german and see if it gives me answers that make sense. That way we'd know that it wasn't the two friends doing it, subconsciously or not.

While it is a great idea and if we could get that to work it would be great. But think about it this way you probably don't speak Zulu. If you died and someone tried to speak Zulu to you would you be able to undestand them? If you tried your experiment in germany however this would probably work. It would be nice though if when we die we can suddenly understand every form of language but I don't think this is the case maybe though.

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