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The Name of the Star is Wormwood

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 04:47 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
reply to post by In nothing we trust


Is not the flower.

You are making things up to fit your theory.

This is what the flowers look like:

As much as you don't seem to want to believe it, Chadwickus is right.

I have had some Wormwood (Artemisia) plants growing in my garden for years now.

What the OP was showing as the "flower" in the first post is really nothing but some newly budding out leaves, no different than any other plant in the daisy family (Wormwood belongs to the daisy family of plants).

Wormwood flowers actually look exact like the picture that Chadwickus just posted above...yellow, very small, very insignificant and distributed up along a tall towering stalk which the plant puts out when it's ready to flower.

I would be more inclined to believe it if you said that BP's logo resembles a sunflower, because it really doesn't look like anything even close to the Wormwood plant's flower.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 04:52 AM

Originally posted by sapient


Is not the flower.

Ok what are we looking at here then?

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 04:56 AM

Originally posted by In nothing we trust

Revelation 9:20
The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. 21 Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.

The scroll is taken at some point shortly after that.

[edit on 21-6-2010 by In nothing we trust]

That just describes 4 nukes being dropped on the enemy of 200 million and a third of the human population (which is more of the population of a city since this is the sixth city or the sixth attack).

10:1 - 10:11 just describes the ships return to a stationary base after the fact as this was indeed in the midst of the greatest war on earth. The "good guy" human is held captive as is some of his narrative.

I didn't find any mention of wormwood flowers or oil.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 04:59 AM
To the OP-

For the third trumpet to be 'sounded', or to consider the possibility that this is indeed the third trumpet, we need to be sure that the first two have passed.

The first trumpet:

Rev. 8:7- The first Angel blew his trumpet, and hail and fire, mixed with blood were hurled to the earth. So a third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

The second trumpet:

Rev. 8:8- The second Angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain ablaze with fire was hurled into the sea. So a third of the sea became blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died and a third of the ships were destroyed.

We need to verify that these events have passed before assuming that this is the third trumpet. Because what is coming next, the fourth trumpet sounds a hell of a lot like Nibiru.

The fifth trumpet that follows sounds pretty gruesome and horrendous, see Rev 9:1-12.

[edit on 21-6-2010 by Tripple_Helix]

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 04:59 AM

The Logo symbolizes the 4 layers of heirarchy in the BP organization

there are 4 concentric levels of 18 'petals' each

they could stand for the 18 members of the Board & CEO, etc (white)
they could stand for the 18 parts or divisions of operations (yellow)
these 'petals' (or geometric footballs) could mean 18 ??? (mint)
these dark green pointy things numbering 18 are ??? (forest green)

need some help interpeting the 'graphic' symbolism which relies more on geometry than symbolic of a natural plant or sunflower.

what can the 4 layers of ever increasing sizes of 18 points actually represent?

on page 1 of this thread, a poster disclosed the BP version of what their Logo represented... and it wasn't a STAR

in fact your loosey-goosey connection of the BP logo 'star' equating to the 'Wormwood Star of Revelation is totally without merit...

REV 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

11And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter

wormwood is the third event in a series of right away we have to identify just when/where did the 'mountain' fall into the Sea & kill 1/3 of all creatures in the ocean... it hasn't happened yet, ergo...
wormwood (a star) the #3 event cannot preceed the #2 event, a mountain

it is also known that the term 'star' is used to symbolize a Angel, in this case a fallen angel called 'wormwood', which permeates all the water aquifers & freshwater lakes & seas on the planet, all at once, making the formerly potable water bitter.
This has nothing to do with Gulf Waters, that is a salt water body of water which is just a part of the Atlantic ocean/Carribbean sea

no *, sorry friend

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by SupremeKnowledge

You do know that people read the bible and try to fulfill the prophecies themselves, don't you? Self-Fulfilling Prophecy could be distorted to fulfill individuals or groups plans to fulfill destiny, though do they know of samsara/ourobourous/the past repeating the future/ritual/?

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by problemsolvr
reply to post by Nogard2012

It could be that 1/3 of the British Petroleum planner's bodies diet is corruption, as they are not vegetarians themselves, (they take life of creation to try to make order (they eat flesh, this is chaotic acting of life, not order of life ). This is not order out of chaos, it is chaos out of order. Therefore breaking the original covenant that is in the scriptures and the bible that some forces do not want humans to know of. Many are deceived, many hypocrites are in power because they are used as pawns because they do not know the truth, they know distorted reality.

reply to post by problemsolvr

Here's a few verses for you to chew on...

Luke 24:41-43

41 And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he [Jesus] said unto them, Have ye here any meat?

42 And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish , and of an honeycomb.

43 And he took it, and did eat before them.


posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by Terrapop

They use the symbol to deflect what they really do(liars, (They in the "business" call it Public Relations (Disinformation), which is (witches) pollute the planet wily, while they try to gain off the angst of profits of prophets.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by FearNoEvil

Yes, and now you know the world is not perfect; There are lessons to be learned, learn from the mis-steaks.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 06:36 AM
reply to post by Y2Zgt

I'm with you on this one.
It seems to me that the bible nuts would actually be happy to see the end of humanity just to prove, to themselves more than anything else, that their rediculous beliefs were right all along.
IMO it's this sort of stuff that makes us all look like witch burning, tin foil hat wearing wirdo's.
All these prophecies are so vague so they can be shoehorned into a mutitude of events, and if it don't fit, it don't take much to make it fit.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 06:40 AM
The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. Thus is where I got my name...Bitter Sylence.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 06:51 AM
Skeptics, don't throw the baby with the bath water. The Bible clearly depicts what appears to be a massive oil pollution of the ocean. Sure the BP logo may not look like the wormwood plant, but it sure does look like a plant or flower and, arguably, a star.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:01 AM
The second angel sounded, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood,

and a third of the creatures which were in the sea and had life, died; and a third of the ships were destroyed.

These above (2ND ANGEL ACTIONS) do sound like the BP event intentional or not whatever some believe.

These below (3RD ANGEL ACTIONS) I believe are describing a incomming radioactive celestial event that will cause some form of chemical change in the environment on Earth. (2 DIFFERENT ANGELS BEGINNING TO BALANCE TO DIFFERENT EVENTS) -mabey 1 if intentional spawns another-

The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters

The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

I am happy to see many beginning to reference the great book for potential timers of where Earth may be standing as of now it shows more are comming to the reality that the book or books werent just written for fairytale reasons. Someone visited John of Patmos and somehow allowed him to envision well enough to communicate with the future wether its the current future or the near future.

S&F O.P. for sharing this thread I again do see some simularities between whats written and what is happining now and cannot blame you for bringing it forward as to warn potentially of whats to come, atleast you cared.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:17 AM
The logo: "Corporate branding

BP Amoco changed its name to BP in 2000, and introduced a new corporate slogan: “Beyond Petroleum.” It replaced its “Green Shield” logo with the helios symbol, a green and yellow sunflower pattern similar to the emblem of the Green Party of Canada." wiki.

So, The logo itself has 72 petals (all 4 layers, the white, green and yellow) 18each.

I found some interesting facts about the number 72: lB4K78gb-88CyDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBUQ6AEwADgK#v=onepage&q=72%20petals&f=false

it seems to be a sunflower or the "Kabbalistic Tree" (see diagram here:

Question 1. therefore, by 'despising this logo' because of the events., are we by proxy despising God (in all his names)?

also interesting: 72: numerical facts.

many of them interesting, especially this one. "A loud tone of 72Hz makes light objects vibrate"

in numerology: B =2 and P = 7 (The practice within Jewish tradition of assigning mystical meaning to words based on their numerical values, and on connections between words of equal value, is known as gematria.)

so we see again the 72 in the sunflower and in the letters B & P. hmm odd.

totaling 144 (a dozen dozens or a gross

so what is with the letter 72 to them? or 144 for that matter?

so I looked and found this on the number 144:

"This manifests in popular numerical slang that takes "foursquare" as representing Truth, Honesty, and Integrity.

Another significant Square is found in the Number 144, which represents the Elect of God and eternal citizens of the New Jerusalem *see diagram

This is tremendously significant, in that the pattern based on the Number 12 was established in the Hebrew Testament, yet it manifests in the intrinsic alphanumeric structure of the Greek language and the explicit message of the text of the New Testatment (Revelation 14.1)!"

so, someone help me here,

what does it mean? lets look at the sunflower itself. Based on the 'Golden Ratio) pattern it is described as: "The golden triangle can be characterised as an isosceles triangle ABC with the property that bisecting the angle C produces a new triangle CXB which is a similar triangle to the original."

to create the pentagram: "The pentagram includes ten isosceles triangles: five acute and five obtuse isosceles triangles. In all of them, the ratio of the longer side to the shorter side is φ. The acute triangles are golden triangles. The obtuse isosceles triangles are golden gnomon."

Does this mean we are to have 9 more crucially significant disasters? Two major ones and 7 lesser that cull the herd. *to create their pentagram?

On the subject of Wormwood: Scientists call the supposed cosmic event of the asteroid they call NT7:

NT7 in numerological kaballah: N = 84 T= 120, + 7 = 211. *meaning of 211 is 'cleansing water'. 211th day of the Year = July 30th.

British Petroleum decoded into numerical value: 510 + 750=1260 1260: "The Age of the Son, between the advent of Christ and 1260, represented by the New Testament, when Man became the son of God;
The Age of the Holy Spirit, impending (in 1260), when mankind was to come in direct contact with God, reaching the total freedom preached by the Christian message. The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, a new dispensation of universal love, would proceed from the Gospel of Christ, but transcend the letter of it.", the teachings of Joachim of Fiore, on Revelations 14: 6

[edit on 21-6-2010 by dianashay]

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:21 AM

Originally posted by VneZonyDostupa
"Chernobyl" does not mean "wormwood" in Ukrainian. Despite our large linguistic difference, we Russians share the majority of our language roots with Ukrainians. "Chernobyl" means "black grass", with the root "chyorni" meaning "black". Nothing in the word, it's roots, or it's declensions means "wormwood" or any variation of the name. The Ukrainian word for wormwood is almost identical to the Russian: "polin' " in Russian, "polinu" in Ukrainian.

Excellent, thanks for clearing up a misunderstanding obtained from a book, it is much appreciated.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:25 AM
Sorry to say it, but I feel we're stretching a bit on this one. The scripture you are referencing is making a direct link to a star from heaven, (not the heaven: the invisible realm where God and angels dwell or the heaven: the firmament being space and time) which is the sky above (atmoshere). I believe this may be a man made star like a nuclear missile that poisons a third of all fresh water (not salt water) like in the great lakes region. Then again I may be wrong also. We'll see soon enough.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by Tripple_Helix
Rev. 8:8- The second Angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain ablaze with fire was hurled into the sea. So a third of the sea became blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died and a third of the ships were destroyed.
[edit on 21-6-2010 by Tripple_Helix]

I don't know about the first trumpet, but after reading this, all i could think about was the sinking of deepwater horizon. Think about it, a huge rig sinking to a 2nd century man would look like a 'mountain ablaze with fire hurled into the sea'

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by sapient

Here's a link to the wormwood flower.

Edit to add: sorry Sapient, I didn't see yours before I posted this.

[edit on 21/6/2010 by SeenMyShare]

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 07:48 AM
Gosh this is unheard of, people searching for meaning in a relgious text found something that could match its passages in the real world!

Lets face it folks, the BP image could match thousands flowers and the Oil spill in the Gulf is not the first and sadly it won't be that last.

This particular "Revelation" is way to easy to fit into any oil related disaster.

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 08:03 AM
Perhaps the star already hit? remember what the Gulf is supposed to be, or what is supposed to have caused the Gulf, and what happened to most of life on the Planet.

It has already been hit by an object which is theorised to have caused mass extinction, so the revelations could be talking about passed events, then added to present events, that would be the only way for it all to fit.

If this revelation comes from a vision, then maybe they saw the impact 65 million years ago, and then saw events in the future all combined together giving them the story to tell.

I don't understand why they tell us they know what is down there, when it will be much different to anywhere else that didn't get struck by a huge Asteroid, the cracks, the voids.

The Star has already struck.

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