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Pope Benedict to deliver 'intense' message during Fatima visit

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by JohnySeagull

What time will this be? Will it be televised? There is Nothing?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:26 AM
why has nobody on this site got any patience?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:56 AM
Whats going on? Theres nothing in ways of media coverage?
Anyone got any news?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:04 AM
I think it would be great if the Pope came out and said, "Ok everyone, it's all a sham. We manipulated religious text to form our political agenda over the last millennium as a form of religious dictatorship that enabled us to usurp the masses and exploit gold, silver and cash into our holy coffers.

We are pretty much a massive cult that has simply endured the ages using religious mind control and violence to achieve our political agenda, and it has been a good few hundred years. But we are done now, the secret is out. Our priests molest children and we have numbed the minds of the masses for long enough.

Go free my children... free your minds of our religious bondage and live the life you are now free to have. Oh by the way, keep your kids away from our priests, I don't think we can ever resolve that issue. Just to be on the safe side.

Have a nice day. The Pope."

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 01:20 PM
I just read online the main topics were abortion and same sex marriages. The prophetic message was mentioned almost in passing. Nothing new about it, just that it was still relevant.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 01:25 PM
Well, i cant understand it? Heard nothing all day apart from what was on the internet.

In future remind me about this thread before i go and make a totall a*se of myself again.
Totally baffled?

Thanks anyway for the replies.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 05:25 AM
Just ended the last homily in Porto. i don't see any shocking message as announced in the media. Only if it is the yesterday fatima homily that the pope said: the fatima secret is far from over, or something like that, and remembered us about the 100th anniversary of fatima in 2017. I don't understand why that media attention if there is nothing on the table beyond theology, fit for the everyday people who may not necessarily hold degrees. Or it is exactly that 2017 is after 2012,so 2012 is a part of fatima secrets?
We know of 2012 anyway.

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by Gliese581

like i said befor i cant understand it?
I was convinced that something would be said of significance. never mind. Just ignore all my threads in future. Im talking out of my a*se

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 09:09 PM
Please see the following post:

It concerns the pope's visit to Fatima, and probably the "extremely" important message he planned to give. I believe it ties in closely with the Malachy prophecies of the last popes.
To see the whole ATS page for this and previous posts, click here:

Based on both the Malachy prophecies AND the statement by Benedict XVI, we are coming to the end of the Catholic Church, and maybe the world as we know it.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by Silver Shadow

Unless he cleans up his own house first, he has lost all moral authority.

He's lost that quite some time ago imo. He's a stubborn hardliner with a questionable past, and whatever he says, it'll have ZERO influence on my life, or anything that could affect my life. The Catholic church is probably one of the largest corrupt scamming organizations in the world...and he's their leader. His word counts about as much as that of a Nigerian scammer...

If his "message" really concerns the end of the Catholic church, I'll be cheering him on though, because it's about time this corrupt manipulative organization forecloses

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posted on May, 22 2010 @ 03:46 PM
If his "message" really concerns the end of the Catholic church, I'll be cheering him on though, ...
by MrXYZ]

It was/is an important message, even though I doubt that he realized the significance of it. And I don't think he intentionally implied the destruction of the Catholic Church. But what he said ties in with the second to last prophecy of St. Malachy's list of popes. If you are unfamiliar with these, you can find a lot of info in this blog on ATS especially from this post on down:

The last three entries of St. Malachy's prophecies of the popes of the Holy Roman Church (S.R.E.) are:
"Gloria olivae." === "The Glory of the Olive"
"In psecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit." === "In extreme persecution of the Catholic Church, he will preside."
"Petrus Romanus ...." === "Peter of Rome ..."

On May 11th 2010, the current pope flew to Portugal for a 4-day visit. He gave a press conference on the plane. In a translation of the Pope's own words, that he made during the press conference on the plane to Portugal to visit Fatima, Pope Benedict XVI called the current sex scandal rocking the Catholic Church its "greatest persecution".
"Greatest Persecution" of the current pope's speech is nearly identical to the "Extreme Persecution" of the ancient prophecy.
Here is my post on the pope's press conference on his trip to Fatima:

The whole blog is called: "St. Malachy on the current pope"

The blog started on March 30th of this year, so it is very up-to-date.

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