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Running on water ! For real !

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 02:58 AM

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by insideNSA

kyle you are in idiot for wasting your time trying to prove this is real.

ATS should have some sort of admission test... i mean c'mon, ATS is flooded with idiots and this thread proves it.

for anyone who still believes this is real go look up the word 'gravity' on wiki.

More Idiots than you will ever know...

"in order to float a body must displace a volume of water equal or more in mass than said body"

These People will not spend their time researching, they will wait until they can quote mythbusters, national geographic or start trek.

These are the exact same DNA strain which will end up on the wrong side of the FEMA camp fence with a puzzled look on their face.


posted on May, 11 2010 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by Josephus23

You have a rwal attitude to mythbusters and NASA so re direct me to your best evidence re the Moon landings I need a

also when you have tried running on water yourself remember to post the video, ITS bull cookies and FAKE its been done in films and adds over the years platform just under the surface of the water its obvious.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 04:10 AM

Originally posted by Ex_MislTechAgain, not saying they are doing it, just saying that a little more
velocity and its been done.

I can tell you've never used a shorty trick ski. I can't barefoot at any reasonable speed - I'm too heavy, even with my big feet, for my brother's ski boat to pull at the speed it'd take. Maybe if he had a Calabria or a Ski Nautique...

But even with a shorty slalom, it's a mite more than "a little more velocity". Most people have to be whipping along at 35-40 mph to barefoot.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

I'm from the UK and used to wear Hi-Tec trainers when I was in primary school (4-11), I'm 32 now.

It's a cool video though, I thought they might be being held up on a wire system or something with the way their legs were moving.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 05:24 AM
Christ is this still going on?

The usual conspiracy nuts are here arguing crap again.... "yeah you can walk on water dude ... an Indian Fakir did it straight After he faked the moonlandings!".....

I am now convinced there are quite a few trolls about here, the same people keep turning up in posts arguing complete tripe with bullsh!t stated as evidence!





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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 06:45 AM
Just for info, for an average sized Human male to be able to run on water (Yes, it IS possible) they would, however, have to be running at at least 62MPH.

Factoid i remembered from a BBC 'Life' On Earth' Programme. The particular part dealt with a tiny lizard that could run on water using the waters own surface tension.

The 62MPH figure is whatthey then extrapolated using some form of eqwuation using average foot sizes and weights etc.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 06:48 AM
reply to post by Just Wondering

You just saw a movie about doing it-u idiot

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by Myrddin Wyllt

You are nuts

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 08:03 AM

That was brilliant! I so wanna try that!

Mind over Matter to a new level.

Once this is mastered...

time for flying!

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by TheLaughingGod

I agree with you about the toes and moped thing--I can see how I could
move faster if I were using my leg muscles only for balance, instead of
balance AND motoring...I can also see that it would be easy to bust
my @ss

Originally posted by rival
Anywho, the thread does have some merit, sorta separates the flowers from the weeds. In a "The-Norway-Blue-Spiral-is-a-Rocket" kinda way.
(This was kinda mean, but honest)

Just wondering.. what do you think the spiral was? Cause I could see people from both fences claim that it's painfully obvious it's this or that and the opposite side is just crazy or brainwashed.

Good question. I don't know what it was, just what it wasn't...not a
rocket. Best guess would be, an emanation from the local EISCAT

(this would be fun)

A display of Doctor Evil's power. To send a message to Prez Obama
(who was getting the Nobel for being the first ethnic president
of the world('s most powerful military). To wire ten million cash to a secret
Swiss account, or else face...ummm...more blue lights in the night sky...

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 08:32 AM
I want to go on record and say that this is not fake and indeed this man can run on water, I am off now to pick some cash off my money tree in order to buy some food from the supermarket. Look a flying pig!

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 08:39 AM
Ooops, I forgot.

Proof of the fakery is at 0:48...exactly 0:48.

You can see the edge of the underwater platform splashing water.
It is hard to hit the exact frame, but the proof is there.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by Ex_MislTech

if you INSIST on bringing up bare foot water sking - then at least have the decenty / integrity to actually investigate what UTTER TWADDLE your claim of ` a litle more velocity ` really is

barefoot waterski require > 60kph , these idiots are running < 15 kph

that is hardly ` a little more ` its an entire nother league

further moor running generates significantly greater dynamic load with each foot fall

ever tried to run across soft mud / snow / damp sand ???????????

your footprints are deeper than if you walk - you do realiose that dont you - and understand why ?

now hopefully you understand why your ideas are laughable

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 09:06 AM
I want this on record to:

These guys are really running 9-10 steps on water. No hoax, no funny business, no stuff under the water.

When I was a kid we did this in our swimming pool. We could manage 4 maybe 5 steps.

There is probably no-one in the world that will manage to get more than 10 or 11 as these guys are doing because we as humans do not have the speed or stamina to keep going and our bodies to heavy.

Flame me, make fun of me, whatever. I have done it as a kid and know it is possible to run on water. But obviously only for a couple of meters.


EDIT: They have a FB page. (I am not implying that a FB page is proof)

[edit on 11-5-2010 by qwiksilva]

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 09:29 AM
So far 67 flags over this topic? tsc tsc tsc
No wonder people still believe that men were on the moon...

This video is more false than the "war on terror" by the US Gov.
There should be a "flag down" option too...

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 09:34 AM
Can humans walk on water? NO!
End of story, though the video is entertaining.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

if u watch the video closly the shot at the end where he actually does go pretty far on the water is a clear fake. his feet for one are under the water instead of on top of it witch would mean he is running in shallows but then there must be a dip in the lake where the water getts deep because thats the same place he getts to every time so in reality he is never running on water only running through it

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 10:12 AM
Not sure if this has been posted or not, but oh well:

In 2010 Hi-Tec did a viral ad campaign, which tries to convince people that their shoes give one an advantage of walking on water.

From wikipedia's article on Hi-Tec shoes : here

Did you really all think it was real ? ( Actually, I did HAH ! But i forced myself to do some research

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 10:36 AM

Originally posted by Just Wondering
you can't walk or run on water, ask the Mythbusters.

Does anyone really care about their conclusions?

Anyway. MB "busted" the walking/running on water, but their approach was wrong.
Some years back you could buy some funny "boat shoes" and actually walk on the water.

This video in OP shows running, and that is quite possible. When I was about 8 or 9 years old we actually did the very same thing. See how far out we could run. Being a child and thus weighing less is a definite bonus.

The "secret" is that you use the downward momentum in your steps to force yourself onto the surface of the water. Because of the inherent resistance in the water (try jumping in from 30 feet) it acts like a semi solid mass and allows you to propel your weight upwards.

Lot of fun. Give it a try. Remember to stamp downwards as you run forward. the more you can stamp with a flat foot the better you will do.

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