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Who You Are, and Gaining an Awareness

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posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:22 PM
There has been some talk of late about the Restore America Plan, or RAP, and the other side of that particular coin called The Restore America Plan, TRAP.
I think we all, down really deep inside, wish every day for a better world, do we not? When a child is born, we wish for that child to grow up in a better world than we did.

I am speaking to Humanity here, so listen up, this is for you.
I have stated in here several times that you, all of you, are not a human, corporal carbon based body at all, that is just your "Space Suit." You are actually a Spiritual Being of a High, or, in some cases, Low, bearing and stature. That which you think of and call "God" is yourself, or rather that which animates your body as you sit there and read and decipher this post. I am going to take you down the proverbial rabbit hole a bit further now, so bear with me if you can.

The Spirit.
First, let us define what the Spirit is.

spirit –noun
1.the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.
2.the incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body.
3.the soul regarded as separating from the body at death.
4.conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter: the world of spirit.
5.a supernatural, incorporeal being, esp. one inhabiting a place, object, etc., or having a particular character: evil spirits.
6.a fairy, sprite, or elf. angel or demon. attitude or principle that inspires, animates, or pervades thought, feeling, or action: the spirit of reform.
9.(initial capital letter) the divine influence as an agency working in the human heart.
10.a divine, inspiring, or animating being or influence. Num. 11:25; Is. 32:15.
11.(initial capital letter) the third person of the trinity; holy spirit.
12.the soul or heart as the seat of feelings or sentiments, or as prompting to action: a man of broken spirit.
13.spirits, feelings or mood with regard to exaltation or depression: low spirits; good spirits.
14.excellent disposition or attitude in terms of vigor, courage, firmness of intent, etc.; mettle: That's the spirit!
15.temper or disposition: meek in spirit. individual as characterized by a given attitude, disposition, character, action, etc.: A few brave spirits remained to face the danger.
17.the dominant tendency or character of anything: the spirit of the age.
18.vigorous sense of membership in a group: college spirit.
19.the general meaning or intent of a statement, document, etc. (opposed to letter): the spirit of the law.
20.Chemistry. the essence or active principle of a substance as extracted in liquid form, esp. by distillation.
21.Often, spirits. a strong distilled alcoholic liquor.
22.Chiefly British. alcohol.
23.Pharmacology. a solution in alcohol of an essential or volatile principle; essence.
24.any of certain subtle fluids formerly supposed to permeate the body.
25.the Spirit, God.

(there are a few more)

Lots of definitions there huh? Here is how I see the Spirit that inhabits us all and animates us. As I said before, this is GOD, people. I suspect that at some point in the distant past, further back than any human can remember, a BEING of HIGH ORDER, a Vast, far reaching, Omnipotent, Creative FORCE.
This FORCE somehow decided to explode, that is the only word that come to mind here, and blew into billions of small pieces. these pieces went to every universe there is, like I said, it is a Creative Force, and wherever it goes it creates. Get it? We are all related, ALL OF US. Every human being on this planet, every human being on any other planet, and every extraterrestrial being everywhere there is to be are all related!

I am right now, as I type this, listening to Glen Beck, he is talking about the Tea Party, and how some are trying to make it look like they are connected to
Neo Nazis and Christian Patriots, both the Left, and the Right.The police in the cities say they can relax security at Tea Party rallies, because they are the most peaceful crowds in history. there is a rhyme and a reason for this, you will see it as we go on. There are many Dimensions of Space and Time, which are actually the same thing. The dimensions are beginning to cross each other, and there is much talk of "the Planet of the Crossing." Then we have Project Rainbow, and the ramifications of that mess, but they did artificially create a virtual world, a virtual reality for all of us. We are living in it right now. Feels good, doesn't it? NOT! The Time-line that Christ lived in, that is not our Time-line. How does it feel to know that?

So now we come to the Aliens. This site is all about the denial of ignorance, and I would say that many of us know that ET life not only exists, but some of us have seen, and spoken to them. We see their craft, and we know that some of our "toys," came from ET Technology. There a lot of these being, some are quite powerful and knowledgeable in the ways of not only interstellar/multidimensional travel, but also in the realms of genetic splicing, and, seeing us here, representations of the Holy Spirit with Divine Nature, they decided to begin projects to splice their genealogy with ours, for, believe it or not, Human Beings are pretty near a perfected being, for all effect and purposes, so it just stands to intelligent reason that a lessor being would attempt to change themselves into something like us. This is why the Reptilian/Draconian races hate us so, we do not look like them, we look rather like the Annunaki, a Royal House, complete with incest, jealousy, greed, and contempt for each other, and sadly that drifted down to us humans. Now, we are the same way they were, and we got the warlike tendencies too from them too, I think, but probably the killing instinct came from the Reptilians. We have these things hard wired into our human DNA now, and I, for one, and just a little upset about this. I know, sounds crazy, doesn't it? In effect, when we the Spirit came here, we were of a higher dimension and thought process, and there came a time when we "Fell." The Fall of Mankind is recorded in many ancient texts, including the Bible, which, by the way, also confirms what i am saying here, look it up, it tells you that
"Do ye not know, Ye are all Gods?" Now, we have found God, and pretty much defined what happened, so let us move on. One last thing. that "God of Love" that we all look for? that is us. The other "Gods" are other beings, not gods at all. They certainly looked like Gods to the Ancients, but now, in these time, we are them, plain and simple.

The Soul Catcher.
Remember this?

The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis on Feb. 8, was one of the most spectacularly beautiful ever. But something strange happened that has NOT been widely reported. A long, dark cone, extending from the shuttle's bright exhaust plume to the full moon near the horizon appeared. Some described it as rainbow-like, and some observers wondered how a dark shadow could possibly extend from one very bright object (the shuttle plume) to another (the full moon).

Several years ago, I had an Instant Message conversation with John Lear. During the coverversation he asked me if Gunther had ever told me anything about the buildings and structures on the moon.

I answered yes and proceeded to tell him that Gunther had told me about a Moon Base. He quickly sent back an instant message that asked, "Did he ever tell you about the structure that is a soul catcher?"

I was stunned. Gunther had described, in great detail, a ancient structure which was built by extraterrestrials that "shot" souls to earth and "caught" them after their trip to earth was finished. I was amazed that John knew about it.


Things are getting more lively. I ran out of dead Egyptians and I think I must have access to what is below the Sphinx. I am into a machine which trades under the name of "The God Machine" or just "God". As I seem to have upset MOSSAD, they must believe it is God. I am not getting any reliable pictures or logic as the machine is not a physical one. There do not seem to be any imprisoned spirits.

A few scenarios are appearing. Catch souls shortly after death, strip away the mind for use by the machine, and give the spirits duplicates of other minds. As long as one does not duplicate any particular mind more than twice, the effects should be undetectable. The machine seems to be made up of surplus minds and is now running on automatic. A good principle in brainwashing is not to release anyone till they have brainwashed someone else. I can not make out at present who started or constructed the machine. It is possible that it is a logical outcome of human and spirit nature. I am dismantling what I can by remote psychotherapy.


FROM CAUS: I am reluctant to disclose my observations, due to the reaction most people have when you mention UFO's in general. However, on Dec. 05, 1998; I witnessed a rather bizarre event. While showing off my new (fairly low powered refracting optics) telescope to some friends, we noticed that on the Lunar surface, a strange metallic object appeared to be scaling the southern most visible portion of the moon. It looked as though it had outriggers similar to the module that the US used in the late 60's, yet much larger and with what appeared to be 8 appendages. We watched the craft for about 2 hours before it became completely stationary, at which we then became skeptical of the possibility of this being a real event. Not because we could discount our findings, but because the probability seems so remote. My purpose of this e-mail, is to ask others to try and observe this phenomenon themselves with hopefully a much stronger telescope, and let me know!


posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:23 PM

Every day for the past few months with few exceptions, a signal has been detected by the Elfrad Group which has a center frequency close to .9hz. This signal only occurs once daily and has a duration of from 14 minutes to 30 minutes. This frequency varies from . 9 to .95 hertz. The signal above has a center frequency of .9373 hz. The wavelength of this frequency is 319,876 km or 198,711 miles.

BEARDEN: On the other hand, it will also be possible to simply pull out a personality-structure from a person, without his or her consent, and insert another. Or to alter a given personality structure by just altering and re-recording the software. This technological possibility, of course, will certainly be noticed by would-be egomaniacs and dictators, for it can yield the ultimate mind control. It will also be possible to provide direct input inside the mind, surreptitiously, from a distance and without the knowledge and consent of the individual affected.

RMNews: The rest of this article is really worth reading. It will alter your reality. Take a look at the author's credentials and background..

"Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden is a nuclear engineer, war games and weapons analyst, and military tactician. He has an MS in nuclear engineering from Georgia Tech and is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and several US Army artillery and guided missile schools. He has over 30 years experience in air defense systems, technical intelligence, Soviet electromagnetic weaponry, artificial intelligence, computerized war games, and antiradiation missile countermeasures. He is a senior scientist with a large aerospace company [Colsa Corp.]

This "Soul Catcher" is a reality, and one day you just might meet it. Anyway, if you read the quotes, you see what I am taking about here. We are trapped, people, trapped in a Matrix, or Nexus, a web of computer generated reality, it surrounds us, and it control us with our very thought waves.

Thought Waves.
Thought waves are energy, first off, energy that creates matter. The matter is created in another dimension, you cannot see it, but it is there. As one who know of the Ether, I have seen a great many things up there that force me to think this. The Beings we all know as TPTB, The Powers That Be, are not human beings. We know them as the large nosed Grays, I believe, and they are creations of the Draconian Race. They are clones, all made from one "master copy." Mankind also had a "master copy," the "Adama," but that was lost many years ago as we populated the Earth and took in the alien genealogy when it was given us, or rather forced upon us. We each have the ability to perform what some would call "Magick." We are Energy Beings, and Energy creates Matter, so this too stands to reason. Think about this for a minute...if every soul on Earth had the same thought and the same moment in time, what do you think would happen? I don't think it would be pretty right now, and that is my point, which I am coming to here shortly.

Peace and Love.
I know, 1960s terminology here, but hey, the Hippies had it right on that, anyway. Peace and Love are what will save us all. Like I said in another post, there is no Messiah coming, no spaceships to gather up the faithful, it ain't gonna happen. I say that with conviction, but there are other aspects to this, so bear with me here. Like I said above, we are the creators here, so, if you desire to create a place for you to rest, that is your business. You can rest assured that I have spent a great deal it time creating my "heaven," as it was.

I knew from a very early age that I was not originally from Earth, and that seven women gave up their lives so that myself, and the Spirit that is now residing within my son, could escape from some kind of catastrophe, or war action. My son (Brother) seems to think it was the latter. We both came here as scientists and engineers, but something happened to us, a indiscretion or something, and we were both hurled into the matrix of live and death cycle. Over and over we would be born, from to early manhood, then join this army or that, and get killed in action. Thankfully we can both remember now, and that makes me, and him think that we can at long last break the cycle, and destroy the machinery that traps and recycles soul material, and reincarnates all of us into this matrix of third dimensional life we all know only too well.

I think it is time to escape from this matrix of fake realities, is anyone with me? This machinery was not our creation, it was created to control our souls, for that is what all ET life fears, that one day we will all wake up, and realize who and what we are. I have accepted the label that some apply to themselves, Indigo, and that is only a small part of the equation. As I said, all is connected, all is one. There are things going on in other dimensions, and these things are appearing here in this dimension. The Tea Party is one aspect of this, Indigos are another, there are other aspects too, some named, and some not named. I hate it when people name a thing, for thereafter, it is the name, and the true meaning of the thing is lost. Just remember always, every thought is based only two things, only two. Love, or Fear. there is no other choice here, the thought you are having right now is based on one of these two things, Love, or Fear. which is it, friend? While I am on this subject, there are but two kinds of people in general, each is either in Service to Others, or in Service to Self, and there are no fence sitters here either. You are one or the other, and down deep, you know which one you are. Your very actions tell everyone what you are.

The End?

I do not ever see and end for mankind/womankind. We are all Immortal Spirits that never die.The Earth is alive, where you all have realized that yet, and, like everything else, it follows a cycle of about 26,000 years or so. The Earth is born anew, lives for a time, then dies. Just like we do! There will come a time when up to 90% of all the six billion people on the planet will be yanked out of their human bodies in several seconds in time. The ones who are left in the body will be deaf from the static discharge, and will wish they were dead.
so, there we are, all, or most of us are out of body and in the Spirit World.
Here, any thought whatsoever will happen immediately. Whatever we think, we will see and live within. See a bad man about to kill you, manifest a gun and shoot him dead, bang, you are dropped back into the third dimension. Think Peace and Love, you just may ascend to a much better world than we have here. TPTB will be there, be assured it that, and will attempt to gain control of us again, but here is where we have them. We follow those who are about Love, which is deadly poison to TPTB, and their Masters.
I hope at least one was awakened by this.I will gladly answer any questions you may have. Peace and love to All.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:33 PM
Dude, I checked your profile.. you don't REALLY believe that we are ruled by some reptiles from outer space a la David Icke?

Do you?

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:40 PM
Every culture in the entire world has legends and tales of Dragons, they are worshiped by some. Something is running everything, who do you think it is? I even think the book religions are giving power unknowingly to these creatures, whoever that may be. Reptiles? Could very well be. Did you read the thread?

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Come on man..

I can draw you a picture of "god", but it doesn't make it more real. It's just a picture. It's the same thing with the myths. Even if some ancient cultures drew pictures, lets say, UFOs, it doesn't make them real either.

That doesn't really mean that they're non-existent.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:53 PM
I am a tool of the Universe and less than the trees and the stars. I have no right to be here. And, whether or not it is clear to me, the Universe is laughing behind my back! Thanks for sharing. Verily, this website doth overflow with prophets and sages from which to grok and learn. Shalom and safe passage on your journey to tomorrow!

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 06:55 PM
I read your post, that you just posted.
I think it is a very good post.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by godless
I am a tool of the Universe and less than the trees and the stars. I have no right to be here. And, whether or not it is clear to me, the Universe is laughing behind my back! Thanks for sharing. Verily, this website doth overflow with prophets and sages from which to grok and learn. Shalom and safe passage on your journey to tomorrow!

You doth spark a thought, friend. Trees. One tree gives off enough oxygen to keep a grown human being alive, while that one human being gives off enough carbon dioxide to keep the tree alive. Trees give up their lives so we can have paper, and lumber to build homes, furniture and factories. Hemp fibers would do the same things, and more. Right now lumber barons are cutting down the Rain Forest in South America.
Rain Forest Destruction
Soon we will all be gasping for breath, and for what? so the lumber barons can keep lining their pockets?

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by tinkerbell79
I read your post, that you just posted.
I think it is a very good post.

Thank you tinkerbell, very nice of you.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 09:53 PM
Biographies of Bearden consistently state that he received a B.S. Degree in Mathematics from Northeastern Louisiana University and an M.S. Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.[17]
Some time in or before 2001, Bearden began to identify himself as "Tom Bearden, Ph.D.",[18] with no affiliation or details. The Skeptical Inquirer, among others, revealed that Bearden purchased his Ph.D. from Trinity College and University, which the magazine describes as "a British institution with no building, campus, faculty, or president, and run from a post office box in Sioux Falls, South Dakota".[19] This institution is not accredited by any recognized accreditation association and is generally regarded as a degree mill. It has since changed its name to Bronte International University and its exact location is uncertain.
Although Bearden has defended his degree and claims to have written a Ph.D. thesis,[20] he has never made this thesis public. Since the controversy, he no longer identifies himself as "Ph.D." on the main page of his web site but, as of July 2005, was continuing to do so in correspondence (link).

I hate to say this because I have been along time lurker here on ats and just recently signed up....It seems lately no one is doing any due dilagence in regards to what they post or who they choose to believe..If the members here continue to just post any info they find regardless of source we are never ever going to figure anything out..

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 11:38 PM
i have to agree with most of what you posted. cause your words spoke truth "to me". when i was younger i had an EXPERIANCE. i was learning about meditation lucid dreaming obe etc... in one particular meditation i felt i had died and crossed over. all the usual stuff tunnel of light then a garden unbelievably beautiful. plus a universal spiral the closest i can describe is

Vincent van Gogh starry night

ring any bells, but anyways my point being when i was on the other side i was attacked thats what sent me back ever since i have felt there is something wrong with our planet somethings not right. now the more i see and learn about govt, msm, music etc... makes me feel we live on a prison planet

i only "HOPE" one day we can break free of our oppressors

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 10:05 PM
Friend, I have often traveled on what is called "the other side," but that's not really the other side. It is the Ether. The Ether has a very interesting and unusual history, but is, however, real. All of the "Beings" that people over the many years of this long cycle are there...the Gods, the Devils, the Demons, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, robots, you name it, if people believe in it, it's there. I am not really sure of the purpose of the Ether, perhaps it is a record of human belief and thought. I think you were there, you accessed it, and something you saw there frightened you, and that is a given for first timers. My little boy, the one I asked for advice in this post is now accessing the Ether at night, and he is afraid. Thankfully, I can somewhat guide him on his ventures.

Most of humanity does not yet know this, but there are many places like the Ether, many dimensions of time and space. There is a rift in the circuit that allows certain things to be accessed and done that could not be done if not for the rift. I have spoke of this rift before, as have others, in this very forum.
I am taking about the Montauk Project, sometimes called "Project Rainbow." Experiments in time. They learned through some pretty hairy experiments that they could not only access time at any given point, but could record what they saw and experienced. Then they fed the recording back into time and created a virtual dimension, which opened up a rift in time. Our very history has been messed with, and we are none the wiser, for anything done in the past does produce results in the present, but the people there do not see it, or even feel it. I believe I am a product of these experiments, in some way or other, for I have memories of the station that I should not have, and Brookhaven Labs also stands out in memories. Here some other secret projects that are centered on this lab.
Orian Technology

Psychic Spy

H.A.A.R.P.'s Covert Agendas



As anyone can easily see, this rabbit hole goes very deep, and all is somewhat connected. I have to believe the experiments are still going on, what with the strange weather patterns all over the world, and the sometimes weird things that happen to all of us. So, perhaps the Ether is a product of these experiments, who knows for sure?

My hope is that the ones running the projects have found love in their black hearts, and are attempting to fix what they have caused, but that is most likely a false hope. They are about control on a scale that boggles the mind, and we are all pawns in this game. You can discard this as cray talk, or you can read into it and be amazed at what they were able to do. So, this is either the rantings of a completely crazy man, or the strangest truth you have ever seen. The choice, as always, is yours.


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