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My expiriences from 10 and up

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posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 08:26 PM
My first visit to planet Earth and the great experiment!!

This was a memory I regained and my mother and several other sources have confirmed it for me.

As I have said I am an old soul and have been here for a long long time due to some events I will explain to you. One time 12 great races have gotten an order or lets call it an assignment to create life on a beautiful planet we now call Earth. Everything was prepared and so were the races I do not know all of them but I do know some these were the following. Elohim race,Nordic race, Pleoshan race, Altair did take part in this as well. A lot of things were happening and I realized that we are here to help wile tugging on my uncles lab coat when he was trying to mix all the DNA's on board of our ship. The breeding part was developed to match some of the races breeding and giving birth and the creation of the womb. I was still little back then to my mothers waste line I would presume and watched all the time what has been done. We were in the labs a lot trying to perfect the formula and understand what would be best for human and what can be done to improve it more and more. It was several months or years before it was perfect and we were all amazed at what we have done and were very proud. We have seen great potential in the human race and gave birth to a beautiful genetically enhanced beings.

We started opening trades and lend a helping hand always and it was so balanced and peaceful until it happened. The human race was gratefully happy to trade with us for a substance our race called white gold and we needed it a lot of it to produce great technology and it also helped us and our planet. So the human race proposed a deal white gold for technology and we said yes it will not be a problem and gave the big thumbs up. But there was a man that saw a different purpose for the humankind he saw how he could use them for his own ego and agenda and this man was my uncle. He turned blind to the good side and understanding of the humankind he thought it is his goal to do this. So he and several other beings from other races decided that it is a great plan and have thought about it and gave the go ahead. So the Elites were formed the controllers that took over and enslaved the human race. Neon and his followers the Greys and Annunaki took almost all control but were blind to what they were really doing. They were sinking into the darkness everyday and decided to have complete power over what the humans did.

When the news reached my people they were disgusted and ashamed of what one of our own could do. We had to do something because he was coming to destroy our family and to other races involved as well. I was sent to planet Earth straight away and was put into a human vessel and so has some of my guardians. My family and our people went into hiding and I never heard from them much. Human body was a strange thing it felt so new to us and so strange to be in one. Later wars followed in the universe Neon and his followers and the Elites were consuming anything possible and enslaving all under their rule.

I guess what I am meaning to say there is always a bad rotten fruit in the family and it turned out to be my uncle.

There is so much that has happened and took place but it is a different story and another day.
God I wish everyday that it should have turned out differently and that this was wrong to let happen. But it did and now we must work to fix this problem.

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 08:59 PM
From what I understand, the old empire was in control, of many places, and had destroyed planets, including lyra. And that they requested the work. The lyrean dna along with other races was given by the ple'o'sha'n and the elohim did the work. Quite a few cycles and humans kept getting nerfed. THe old empire is over. Systems have taken themselves back.

But the races, the master races, cannot progress and advance without righting the wrong. They contributed to our enslavement and we are children, dna wise of 22 races. They are our parents, and advancement, ascension for them, can only happen with this error corrected. Freedom for the human race, progress, evolving, escaping this slave system and the soul trap here.

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posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by Maybe...maybe not

Hmmm I might consider writing a guide that helped me with the PSI ball and creating it much better. Yeh I am gonna write up a guide for it.

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 11:21 PM

Equipment needed>>>

1. A pack of balloons but make sure they are the round ones so it is easier to hold and shape easier and helps with the balancing and shaping the ball.

2. water will be needed so just simply fill it up with tap water.

3. the most important thing you will need is the will to do this and no backing out of the training.


There are precautions to be followed during this and after.
Firstly once you are ready to do the real PSI ball do not push it or try to make it stronger. Please know your limits I did not follow this guide line one time and shattered 2 of my nerves in my left hand. It took 2-3 months to heal and it is very very painful. I went to a doctor and he asked me how in hell did I do that I did not say anything. He said that you need a lot of static electricity and energy to shatter nerves. So please keep it in mind KNOW YOUR LIMITS


First thing is first I want you to fill one of the balloons with water but not too much water just enough so the balloon is big enough to fit into the palm of your hands when held.

Ok now please sit down on a chair, floor or bed what ever makes you the most comfortable and relax for a bit. Let go of everything emotions and do 3-5 deep breaths through your nose and out you mouth. This will help you relax and stabilize your energy abit more for this exercise.

The Steps>>>

1. Sit comfortably with the back straight and the water balloon in your hands. Please do not press onto the balloon too much just hold it tight enough that it does not slip from your hands.

2. Now imagine the water being your energy a part of you in the balloon and the walls of the balloon are a protection shell or a capsule to keep your energy nice and dense and stable.

3. Now close your eyes and picture the water becoming your energy make it a color gold,pink,blue or red. Now once you pick a color picture the energy starting to spin inside a wall and being completely stable. Let it be a part of you let the energy flow and light up inside the balloon without leaving the shell which is the balloon outer layer.

4. breath steady and easy do not try too hard breath normally and keep on picturing the color of the energy. While you breathing and picturing the energy inside the balloon moving. If you feel the water or as if the balloon is trying to expand or is moving in a motion on the inside. Do not be worried it is normal just focus on containing it on the inside of the shell and being stable.

5. Do this for a while couple days and remember to breath normally and steady also containing the energy inside the balloon while it is filled with water.

This exercise is important to train focus and control over the energy and compressing energy. It will be hard work and take a lot of your energy so do not push it. If you get tired please stop and take a rest meditate or listen to some soft music. I repeat again do know your limits.

Creating the Psi ball will consist of 3 exercises.

1. control and focus and energy compressing.
2. stability and energy output.
3. the grand finally and the last exercise.

Please stay tuned for the 2nd exercise>>>>>

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 12:34 AM

After getting good at the first exercise and understanding a bit more and learning what it is all about now it is time to start with the 2nd process.

1. Fill up the balloon with air and make it a small size so it fits into your hand. Again do not hold it night just a little hold to keep it in place.

2. Sit down or stand and relax while holding the balloon between two hands in your palms. Relax and breath in and out constantly and picture your energy come from your center and flow through your body and into the balloon.

3. Now use focus to fill the balloon with your chakra, ki, chi or what ever name for your energy suits you. Fill up the balloon just enough and do not make it overfill because it will be harder to control.

4. Once your energy is filled start to picture your energy spinning in side the balloon faster faster and faster. Until it starts glowing and spinning really fast you will start feeling the balloon expanding and compressing when you breath once the energy is spun fast enough.

5. If you are starting to feel the balloon acting up and you start feeling that you can not contain the energy stop and take a rest. You will eventually get to the step of containing the energy.

This is a basic exercise it trains your focus and maintaining the energy in a form.


posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 01:01 AM

After mastering the first 2 exercise and maintaining the understanding you will now advance to the final step.

1. No balloon is needed this time. Relax and breath put one of your hands out and open your hand slightly with your palm facing up or down. What ever suits you best so please find what is most relaxing for you.

2. Once your hand is open and your fingers spread a bit now comes the hard part. Picture your energy flowing from your center and through your hand and coming out of your palm. Once you picture that try to feel a small bit of energy above your palm maybe 2-3cm above.

3. Once you feel that bit of energy above your palm start manipulating it make it spin into a ball of energy. Start off slowly and then picture spinning it faster and faster. Until it becomes a ball of energy you will feel something moving in your hand and your palm and fingers will feel tingling and a static feeling also as if something is rubbing against it a bit.

4. Now once you feel this and realize that there is actually a spinning ball of energy that you are holding in your hand. You will now try to maintain and keep it from becoming larger and keep it compressed. This part is very hard to keep it under control without the balloon skin being used as a safety shell.
What ever is happening do not panic if you panic this ball of energy could go off in your palm and damage your nerves inside your arm.

5. Keep focusing on the energy and controlling the energy and the Psi ball if you do not make a visible one you should at least be able to see small thin strips that are glowing spinning in a ball motion in your hand. To produce a visible Psi ball it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy to light it up and bring it to the right tuning.

6. Please understand it is important you know your limits because this final exercise does not have a balloon skin to protect you. So if you over do it and the psi ball becomes condense enough and explodes it will cause great damage to your nerves and might even destroy them fully. So be aware of what your limit is and if you are getting tired and feel weak please stop immediately.

Tips and Warnings>>>

Try to make the psi ball compressed enough but make sure it stays within your limit to be able to handle it and control!!!

DO NOT EVER use the Psi ball on a human being if you have perfected it and made it dense enough. Because this can send a high static shock through a person and stop their heart. Also this can pluralize a person for ever and make them go into a wheelchair for the rest of their life. The Psi ball can only be used to defend your self against Psi attacks and protect people but not for personal use to hurt people for fun or joy.

Tip: try to suit to your liking of what is best for you to make the Psi ball the more it is suited for you and the more relaxed you are the easier this process will take place.

Thank you for reading and please follow the guide lines to make it safer for you and the people around you.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you for making your own little fuzz ball of energy.
I will post new exercises and techniques from time to time.
So stay tune for that as well>>

I hope this was a helpfull guide for making a Psi ball.

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 08:37 AM
As a man of science this feels awkward to say, but the energy in this thread is simply amazing! I can feel the hair on my arms lifting, and it reminds me of some good old times in other places (other worlds?). And it certainly brought me out of the deep lurking I´ve been in for years here on ATS

First of all, thank you ShadowNinja for sharing your experiences and thoughts. The reason I am now writing is because much of what you´re experiencing reminds me of my own path, and down to a "T" it would seem. And although I am older than you we might both learn something from each other.

My adventures into these topics we are discussing here started at seventeen. I had several nights where bursts of energy would fill me up completely. I would lie still in bed, and even though this gave me strong sensations I was never afraid. After about a week it stopped, but I felt changed. At that time I didn´t know anything about ET´s or walk-ins. Although I had always felt strangely compelled to the subject, and remember at the age of nine I wrote short-stories about aliens. My father always described me a as a "different" kid, at five I used to listen to Bob Marley all the time. But this was nothing compared to what came after this experience at seventeen. Shortly after I wrote a piece for my local newspaper and below my article there was an ad filling half the page about a program on Discovery Channel on aliens. It showed an alien face. I didn´t think much about this, just found it eerily compelling. I started meditating and that easter I had a very vivid hallucination during one of my meditations. In this experience I was greeted by a group of people sitting in circle who seemed surprised to see me. Still I was offered to drink from some type of grail, which I did, and shortly after it was over. I saw this as vividly as looking at a movie, and I have never before or after experienced this during meditation. Although, before sleep I started seeing these similar kind of vivid visions, but now always of landscapes. I could picture every detail as clear as looking at it, and it always felt too life-like to be just my imagination. But I never again encountered beings or anything like that first experience.

These things made me go to a certain bording-school for new-agey people. Here I met people claiming to be star-seeds, walk-ins etc. and a lot of strange stuff followed. I remember first meeting up at the school, where I asked somebody if he was going to be my room-mate. In my language the word room-mate can be mistaken for space. And the guy thought I asked if we were alien-buddies, still makes me laugh... Nevertheless, the same guy borrowed me a book on alien topics and I remember browsing it when I came across a dedication with some strange names and my whole body started tingling. Needless to say I plowed through the book and soon came to explain my experiences as that of a walk-in. The following year I met Steven Greer (before the fall...) of the disclosure project, an old lady told me I had died during a nuclear explosion 50.000 years ago, I was told I was an old soul, and I kinda got settled on the thought that this incarnation was a one way ticket. All the time feelings of longing for something (a cosmic family?) was with me.

But, during the years it seems that these experiences have been fewer and faded from memory. And as I learnt more about science I realized that a lot of my experiences was wishful thinking and acts of imagination. For example there are a lot of "instances" during a normal day. Every time I glance at a page of a newspaper it is one instance, and this can be subdivided into hundreds of minor instances for every detail my eyes touch on a page. It goes without saying that with all these instances there is a large room for "coincidences". As for finding what you are seeking it is called confirmation bias (look it up on wikipedia), and can also explain a lot of things.

Anyway, the best of luck to you SN!

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by exo.psych

The energy is simply amazing and you are right lol. I am not sure why but all my writing makes people with energy recognition pop their eyes open and say wow!!! hahahaa.

So how do you feel when you feel my energy is it just a giant blast of it or what???

Other worlds is giving me a headache I am trying to access that memory but it seems to be blocked I wonder why??? The odd thing is I have a none interference protocol and contract so I do not get much help at times. They help me when it is most needed so it is great.

When you are talking about the group of people sitting in a circle they did not have bodies did they???? Also the room was more of a giant room with hard wooden doors and it felt like a council chamber am I right. Maybe I am wrong maybe it was an ordinary meeting but I have a feeling you had a meeting with the council of 9

I can not shake the feeling that I known you for a long long time over several lifetimes and years.

Still Thank you for your post and hope you will reply soon.

Light and Peace.

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 11:39 AM

I'm going to get the kids to practice psi balls this spring, out on the grass with those water balloons. Not in the house, not on my furniture.

But my youngest, 8, has always had energy recongition and been quite psi, and I was told I have 3 indigos, and a crystal. I know which ones, my youngest before school age, used to stand at the door and threaten the teenage gangs of bullies that circled around, it was shocking. I kept trying to get to him fast. One morning he woke up from dreams, and they're often like astral battles, and he said, "I protect this house!" When he watched a video last year on youtube, describing psychic abilities he gave a sigh of relief, and started using the word psychic. He finally had a word, and it made him feel more normal, he said, "thats what I am." So I've been encouraging meditation, before sleep. They two youngest have apraxia, neurological, and they're listening to bach to the future now, and its mellowing out their behavior just a bit.

Another variant, more beginning level, for a psi ball, is this:

You picture a wide ribbon/river, of pure white or white/gold light flooding through your body from the Creator's Universal Energy. This is the Force in Star Wars. You breathe in this and breathe out all grey and dark things. You see this flood your body and fill your head, and fill your aura and form a giant strong bubble shield.

See this and breathe, for a few minutes. Then you see your inner star, in your mid area, start to spin vibrantly, clockwise, and flood you with energy. You see it course down your limbs, warming your hands. At this point you could activate your chakras, or work on your thymus, between the fourth and fifth, and see it as a amethyst, like a little power house that you walk into and see all the engines running, and the amethyst glowing, then do this with your throat chakra (and thyroid if you have a thyroid problem like me, and see a turquoise power building, just humming and glowing, all engines going). Then move to the spot between your eyes and see a small star there glowing. Move into your head and see this higher thymus star glowing bigger and bigger till it extends past your head.

Heal your energy centers, open then, see them running full steam. The last parts are optional, it does depend on time.

But then you feel the warmth of your hands and you can practice putting two fingers close together. With your fingertips almost touching, you reach from you mid area, from the gut so to speak, from your inner star, and you see, imagine, image, the energy forming between your finger tips, whitish, or pink or blue (love and healing). And you see it grow.

I have managed to not form a solid ball, but a faint glow of color in the air.

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 11:50 AM
Hey unity, what a coincidence. Whenever I am doing standing meditation and qi exercises stimulating the energy flow throughout my chakras, I think of the force from Star Wars. It is a perfect description!

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by Reptilian Ph.D

Yes, well to me this is a fractal hollogram universe, and we're all the family of light, even the dark hats, for some reason playing out duality here, not a game I actually support much. And the Creator, the Cosmic Mother/Divine Mother, or however you wish to see God, while still conscious Intelligence, is nonetheless all of us. We're one, like cells in Her body, all vibrating at our own signature vibration. And the Energy, the Force in Star Wars, is sentient, creative. So we're awakening and plugging into the Universal Energy. We're becoming jedis.

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 02:19 PM
A very interesting read
Though your psi ball technique sounds like that of the Rasengan in your avatar


posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by ShadowNinja

I think the energy feels more mellow, as it gave me a grin that lasted several hours

It is so many years ago now that I don´t remember the room in the vision at all, just the people, some of them were old men with white beards. The cup was golden and large, almost like a bowl. In retrospect I must say the vision was very cliché

I have never heard of the council of 9, are you talking about someplace in the Himalayas (or maybe above the Gobi-desert)? I´m not saying it is a physical place, just that it has a physical seat (in the world).

On what do you base the thought that you think you know me from somewhere (a certain star-system might give you a clue)? But I´m sorry to say that I gave up on finding any kind of "cosmic family" a long time ago. Like I told you, I think most of my experiences come from me interpreting events wishfully and making sensations and perceptions fit my imagination. I do believe we have a great amount of control over how our lives are created through heuristic mechanisms (thought processes) like "confirmation bias". Also, "sleep paralysis" can give all kinds of strange effects in the mind that can easily be interpreted and contextualised within a certain system of beliefs. Apart from all these natural explanations, there might also be the extra effect of invoking archetypical structures from the collective unconscious. Which could make us able to tap into extraordinary reservoirs of energy. I know for sure I have tapped into this when I sometimes felt I had the energy and righteousness of Jeanne d'Arc. One time I was speaking in front of an audience on a certain matter, and afterwards my opponent in the discussion came over and asked if he could meet me for lunch and maybe offer me a job. I´m usually a very shy person so I´m pretty sure that I tapped into something bigger in that situation. Also, your life might feel very mundane and normal in 5-10 years if you begin to look more critical at your spiritual experiences and not just accept it as fact. At least that is the way it turned out for me - and it might even be a good thing (at least for my grounding)

I just remembered another experience, there was a psychic who is very well respected in Denmark who clearly stated that my girlfriend was pregnant, even though it had only been for one month, and nobody knew. It was not that she asked him questions about herself. She was just quietly meditating like everyone else in the group, and he pointed at her and said, "that is an old soul you are carrying inside you". Anyway, shortly after I met the guy (at his center) and he looked at me genuinely touched and told me that I was a "special case". I have no idea what he picked up, if anything. At the time I thought that he acknowledged me as a walk-in. Now I´m thinking that maybe he just thought that I seemed like a nice guy!

Your experience with the person you call your spiritual mother seems really strange though, I have no reasonable explanation for that

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by exo.psych

The coucil of 9 are basically a council of nine extremely highly developed beings. I am not sure whether they are beings in a physical body, or if they are simply pure energy. They are extremely spiritually advanced beings, and ShadowNinja will tell you they take orders from the "Divine Mother"; or just God. I don't buy completely into that as i don't believe God to be a physical being capable of giving orders. Either way, they're pretty freaking important. So to answer your question, no, they don't live in the Himalayas or anywhere on Earth.

We all come from a cosmic family, it is the very root of our soul. Earth is a mixture of souls, all seeming to be from different places in the Universe creating a sort of "pic and mix" of souls. If you work hard enough, you will eventually realise where your cosmic family reside, and you will be able to work on contacting them.

I'm a friend of ShadowNinjas, just filling in whilst he's asleep.


posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 05:05 PM
I think i'm gonna add my favourite (my only) technique for making a psi ball.

Basically, this a pretty old technique. I prefer this to the kind of new agey type techniques; mainly because its simpler and requires less effort, just strong legs.

If you are familiar with Tai Chi, or Qi Quong, then you should understand this, if not, then, i'll make you understand it.

You'll want to stand in the "Son Posture", which is a posture in Qi Quong. I can never find a picture of this, no matter how much digging i do. I have a picture in this book right next to me, but i can't find one on the net. I think ill take a pic of the book and upload it here.

Anyway, the posture is rather simple. Feet about an inch wider than shoulder width, and make sure they are parallel. This will feel uncomfortable to start with. The knees will need to be bent slightly and pushed outwards a little. Tuck your sacrum (not your scrotum, as i commonly misinterpretate on skimming) under your body and pull your chin up and look straight. This was just a complicated way of saying straighten your spine. It will feel "alien" so to speak but you will get used to it. Eventually.

Your hands need to be out in front of you, about solar plexus height. Your palms should face eachother with your fingers spread apart. Imagine there is a small (english) football in your hand and you are holding it. Make sure there is a gap under your armpits too, we don't want any trapped chi.

This posture should be held for 15 minutes, but i always found that abit harsh to start. So i would recommend you try 5 mins and build up. Hell, whatever feels comfortable for you.

Now this is the fun part. Now you have the position, you need to clear your mind. I usually empty my mind completely and try to imagine nothingness, but you can use some of the visualisations that Unity_99 described ealier on in the thread to help boost the process. Personally, i like to let my energy flow itself, rather than using the visualisations.
Your eyes can be closed or they can be open, whatever feels better. I would recommend closed.

Okay, so after a while you should feel tingling in your hands; this is because your body has been naturally aligned to allow energy to flow and be guided to your hands. Oh, i forgot to mention breathing. You should breathe deeply and slowly, out and in of your nose, and your tongue should be positioned on the roof of your mouth. Focusing on breathing helps clear the mind.

Your hands will eventually be hooked to your breathing. I (this might just be me, we are all different) begin to feel as if my body is frozen in glass and have a very calming and peaceful feeling in me. On my exhale my hands naturally compress and on my inhale they expand. This is because the energy held in my hands is connected to my breathing and will force my hands away.

Hope that helps.


posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by JacobNH

Yes, your method requires energy to begin with. Mine is for those of us who are a little less endowed or young, who need to channel that energy in to make use of. Though, many are hoping to regain their youth and this ability.

For example, I must lie down to meditate, can't get settled or comfy any other way. With one exception, on a pleasant mild day with the sun shining, outside on the grass. Both the sunlight and the earth energy, combined, allows me to reach meditational states sitting semi lotus.

To just be able to automatically tap in and reach for that energy in your core is also a direction one hopes to achieve with enough practice.

Another way of raising energy is with tapping. It actually works.

Qi Gong Video (Segment 1): 10 min

Chakra Clearing with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Energy Body Healing, Fifth Chakra Insights - The Throat

Energy Healing One - 01 - Intro

This last one is a long series that was surprisingly really has some good information about the spots on our bodies that increase our energy. And after watching it, I did some energy work spontaneously on my older son, and cleared his energy field. He was really surprised and actually felt things lift off him.

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posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by phoenix_zephyr

Hahaha yup yup sure is I learned it from that and was amazed at the results. I mean many things from there is easy to create you just got to know how to do it

I am going to be posting videos soon as well maybe depends on what subject I will raise first.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thank you so much Unity for posting this I was planing on looking for videos about tapping into your energy as well. Hahaha I guess you beat me

In any case everyone is welcome to contribute to this thread exercises, experiences and anything that can help people become Psi aware and aware of their memories and abilities.

So all are welcome to contribute and help.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 02:19 AM
Hey guys sorry for not being on so long. I have school and some other things to take care off lately. I will make this short and brief as I can make it possible. Got a load of homework to do

My vision has been odd lately and it feels as if the matrix is crumbling for me and I am braking away from it. I been lately able to see some sort of a coding on items and other things like the walls,floors and metallic items.
It is an odd state and yet amazing I do wonder what is really happening with it.

In any case please do write questions and ask things I will answer them as soon as possible when I am home from school and in the mornings before. Or one of my good fellow colleagues will answer which are Unity99 and JacobNH.So be confident to ask and I hope everyone is ok. If anyone is running into problems with the Psi ball please ask and share what you are experiencing with it.

All best to all

Light and Peace

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posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 02:13 AM
This was a memory of my guardians that came back 2-3 months ago.
The Guardians were there with me to the age of 5 as I can remember clearly. It was more of a protect and release system over the general system. After I turned 5 it faded away and I guess I was ready to cope on my own. They knock on my door when I sleep and teach me things.

I remembered this is what happened at age of 1-2 I was lying in my cradle and saw 3 females wearing black coats with hoods they were my care takers and spent a lot of time with me playing and teaching me to walk it was a general thing they did with me. The way they looked was too perfect not human and very very beautiful. They were 2m tall I think maybe a bit taller not sure fully,

The 3 males just sat around in the room just as protectors most of the time. I use to see the blond male just playing cards with the other one just to spend time doing something . The cards were not as much as paper more like a holographic tabs of sort and they gave off a glow. The males were well build and looked strong and were taller then the females but not by much.

The black haired male had a strict attitude towards everything and I mean everything!!! He most of the time was the one standing around and going around the house patrolling the area. While the other 2 were kinda a silly package lol. The females always were doing things with me and I some times got watched over and played with my toys with one of the males. He had blod short hair well built and had a black red dragon tattoo down his right hand.

I only hear from my guardians and guides from the age of 1-2 from time to time. Mostly when I need help but they watch me from the craft as well at times. My contract came in play when I was mature enough to be on my own which was at 5 years old.
They visit me on occasions and do not interfere much with me because of the contract in place.

My guardians mostly talked about what is happening and did medical scans on me and ran sort of tests. They used sort of a triangular pad item and had a holographic image show up with images off my organs and things.

This was a great and happy memory to have back but also a bit sad because I loved those 6 so much and I got attached to them.

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