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Billy Meier What A Joke!

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 09:39 AM
Daelume. Figures. You actually believe David Icke. And you think acidheads brainwashed.

David icke, the same former BBC sports commentator who flipped out on TV saying he was the son of god and ran off and got his assistant knocked up.

The same dude who swears up and down the Queen is a blood drinking satanaic reptile who sacrifices children.

I think i remeber you, didnt you post under a different name like 5 months ago or so, claiming you saw George Bush turn into a reptile during the state of the union address, yet refused to show proof of your claims, and told everyone who didnt believe you they were brainwashed reptile food?

And you dare acuse the rest of us of being on drugs?

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by acidhead
sorry your right , its the arse end of a flying saucer

[edit on 24-6-2004 by acidhead]

OMG! You've captured an alien Mothership! Quick, call Billy and Michael.

Our resident Troll has gone very quiet. Wonder why?

Grey Pilgrim

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 10:53 AM
I come back and see that this thread has become more fruity than a fruit salad...

There's a UFO in every bathroom apparently. That's crazy... I feel like locking this thread. Convince me not to.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 01:16 PM

Originally posted by TheBandit795
I come back and see that this thread has become more fruity than a fruit salad...

There's a UFO in every bathroom apparently. That's crazy... I feel like locking this thread. Convince me not to.

there has been "fruitier" threads left open......

I've been fascinated with this story since I started reading about it...BS or not.....

other than the annoying one liner debunking by people who would still deny it if it slammed them in the face and split their lip - this story is a great read!!! for peeps claiming hoax/joke well maybe your right but instead of believing only in what your closed minds tells you to believe....step away from your pc's and electronics and use your imagination little.......

humour me with this thread.....

BTW thanks Aurelius for all the least someone has a sense of humour around here....

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:09 PM

Originally posted by quadricle
[BTW thanks Aurelius for all the least someone has a sense of humour around here....

Likewise. I'm just sittin' back watching this thread nose-dive into what I suppose was its preprogrammed fate. After all, the title is "Billy Meier What a Joke". That should have been a tell-tale sign for me not to even attempt to inject facts into the mix (duhhh! %-P).

But I do appreciate people like acidhead troubling themselves to at least try and make a sound for comparison to Meier's and others who gave real feedback and questions. Thanks for puttin' up with my rantings. I think I've said my peace and it's pro'lly time I move on. Who knows, there might be another place where I can dissect the Meier case without all the competitive wit and sarcasm (though I'm also guilty of some of that).

Have fun guys/gals, it really was interesting... thanks!


posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:20 PM
No matter what evidence I or anyone else presents, you will clearly never accept the truth about the Billy Meier case until the Pleiadeians are an openly recognised alien race under the New World Empire's official 'exploration' expeditions.

Anything that infringes upon your current (and illogical, mind you) reality tunnel is considered impossible, no matter how mountainous the evidence.

It seems that UFOlogy has devolved into a worthless cargo cult of people who chase lights in the sky, and anything beyond that is considered 'too good to be true'. This absurd and amateuristic approach to alien life is just one of many reasons why so many people hate Billy Meier.

Primarily, anyone who comes close to the truth invariably becomes the subject of massive ridicule. Billly Meier, David Icke, Immanuel Velikovsky, Giordano Bruno, Galileo.

Keep in mind that you are playing the role of the Catholic Church in this affair, and Meier is the unfortunate Galileo being ridiculed for discovering something that mainstreamists are afraid to believe in.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf
Daelume. Figures. You actually believe David Icke.

David Icke never claimed to be Jesus, and doesn't run up and down the steets screaming anything.

He is merely a researcher who realised what is going on.

I would say that around 60-80% of his information is true. I know this from personal experience.

It would be wonderfully comfortable to live in a lazy reality where the Reptilians didn't exist, but I can't change actual reality--and they do.

Believe whatever you want. People called me insane when I said that Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks back in 2001. Now it is patently obvious that I was right, and no one can really deny it anymore.

Similarly, as we move into a New World Order, your foolish and infantile fantasies about reality will be shattered by the complete revealing of aliens to the eyes of Earth-humans.

Open your mind, fool. Clearly you have no understanding of reality. You derive your ideas from the media, and media alone.

I personally know CFR members, people who have worked in undeground bases, and ex-government psychics who all confirm the same thing--the Draco are really the ones behind the Illuminati.

So believe what you will, it won't change reality. While the CFR are laughing and snorting coc aine, you will be in shackles in a concentration camp, or drafted to guard your local grocery store from 'terrorists'.

Again, I must laugh, because people like you defend blindness so adamantly.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by zerotime

We just have to face the truth. Daelume is more enlightened that us.

If you mean that I know a hell of a lot more about the way that governments operate than you do, then yes, I'm more enlightened than you.

Just ask Stewart Swerdlow, who has precisely the same information as I do in several areas.

In terms of "personal attacks", I think that you folks need have overlooked your own treatment of Aurelius, laughing at every possibility that Meier might be correct. And your arrogant statement about 'facts' is a blatant demonstration of your completely incorrect view that you are 'enlightened'.

People like you are part of the reason why I have lately considered rejoining the Illuminati before it is too late. Your worthless race almost deserves to be enslaved. It is precisely what you are asking for--and what you will get.

So enjoy yourself, Earth-maggot. I have all the blue blood to qualify as one of your slave drivers if I want to. God help untouchables like yourself.

If you don't believe in the bloodlines, just ask Sir Laurence Gardner, who openly admits that it originates with Reptilian beings in Sumeria.

As a descendent of the House of Stewart, I, unlike you, have at least some chance of having a high-caste position when the NWO is instated.

Until then I will be shaking my head at the fact that you people are so stupid that you are actually beginning to convince me not to bother helping you.

(I've been activating my Reptilian DNA a lot lately, so it is easy to become excessively angry and have elitist tendancies. I am, after all, programmed to believe that being a descendent of Charlemagne makes one superior to other Earth-humans, even though all that it really means is a certain kind of Reptilian DNA as well as the bloodline of Solomon from the Hebrews and the bloodline of Alexander the Great. As I stated in another comment, programming has to do with what the Illuminati believe to be natural and innate genetic tendancies. They themselves are programmed to oppress and consider themselves somehow separate from Earth-humanity, when really, though we are all hybrids of some kind, we fit into the same species category, in that we are all for the most part genetically compatible with one another. Shapeshifting is the result of a larger percentage of Reptilian DNA--something we all have in varying degrees and varying different species of Reptilian. Most of us have a mixture of different Reptilian castes as a result of our various heritage. Almost universally, as well, humans have more than just Lyraen human and Draco Reptilian DNA. The Hebrews and Jews, for instance, have Sirian A DNA, the Black race has Abbennakki and simian/ape DNA (Abbennakki DNA gives them a tendancy to escape from Draco and Lyraen mind-control, and ape DNA gives the race general physical superiority), and most people also have some kind of animal DNA. There has been a lot of toying with our genetics over the years)

[edit on 24-6-2004 by Daelume]

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf
And you think acidheads brainwashed.

Actually, I know for a fact that anyone living on the planet Earth, including myself, are the victims of some kind of mind-control. It is simply the way the Draco societal structuring works. We are programmed to enhance what they consider the innate attributes of our genetics, and at the same time to serve the New World Empire (which already exists in a covert sense).

There are simply specifically programmed people as opposed to those with mainstream populous mind-control. Specifically programmed people are actually brought to programming sessions in which they are programmed. They almost universally do NOT remember these sessions, as the information is stored in back alters.

If you want to know more about mind-control, I suggest you refer to Stewart Swerdlow, who discusses this information extensively:

If you actually ever succeed at deprogramming yourself, perhaps you will be surprised by just how few of your 'ideas' actually originated in your own mind. There is so much MK floating around these days that it is literally dangerous not to protect yourself from it.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:57 PM
I'll tell you what. Since I still have some compassion for Earth-humanity (and since this entire planet will go down the toilet if there isn't some kind of a resistance to the NWO), I'll give you a few suggestions to get you on the right track in terms of information.

After all, you cannot make an accurate judgement without having examined all the evidence, i.e. actually read some of the information regarding the things you so blindly dismiss.

I suggest that anyone reading this spend the marginal amount of money to buy

Tales From the Time Loop by David Icke

Blue Blood, True Blood by Stewart Swerdlow

Light Years by Gary Kinder (you can find it at

Any video by Alex Jones (see (actually, I would suggest that you simply subscribe to, which costs barely anything to get complete access to all of the videos he has ever published. it will save you a lot of money. Don't subscribe if you don't have broadband, however. In that case, it wouldn't be worth it.)

And remember what Einstein said, "If at first an idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it."

And perhaps more importantly, your reaction to truth has not been out of ordinary for a conditioned member of the populous:

"All truth passes thorugh three stages
First it is mocked and ridiculed
Then it is violently opposed
Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."

- Arthur Schoepenhaur

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 03:19 PM
first off, I hope this thread stays open or another started regarding the Meier story.

I hope the skeptics stay on and continue doing what they do best (always need a Scully around)

and lastly in particular Aurelieus (and others) for the documented facts - please stick around.... don't quit on us now...

now for some more fun......

Originally posted by Cammo Dude
If you listen closely, there is the sound of a bird chirping. Do you think a bird would stick around something like that? Animals like that are known to flee from danger (volcanoes, hurricanes...). Plus I don't think it would chirp like that. It would at least be the sound they make when they are flying away.

Audio of an alien beam ship? (4-10-2003 )

While searching for more facts I came accross this old thread on Meier,

And the question posted was definatly a good one.

Anybody care to explain (was sort of skipped in other thread)...

just stirring the pot

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 03:39 PM

So there u go , really hard to recreate eh

do you believe me ? if i make a few pics will you believe me ?

if i throw some bird noises in will you believe me ?

anyone that says that the original and this sound is different is deaf , the only thing different is that i have better equipment than he has so mine has more bass - if you want me to recreate it nearly perfect ill have to go in the garden with a mic and a speaker and i dont want to do that


CASE CLOSED , thanks

[edit on 24-6-2004 by acidhead]

[edit on 24-6-2004 by acidhead]

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by acidhead

anyone that says that the original and this sound is different is deaf

wow, that was absurdly different from the Meier sound. I'm beginning to wonder whether you are deaf!

It reminded me more of some of the sounds from the original Wizard of Oz.

You seriously need to get over yourself and open your mind to the blatant reality that you so pride yourself in ignoring.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 06:37 PM
not its not different at all - u know it and i know it

i just have different equipment than meiers and fiddled with knobs different -

if i was to paint a person in water colours , you where to draw the person in crayons - it would still be a similar end result but because of the tools used would have differences

meiers sound is not a ufo , its feedback - accept it

try my link again - i eq'd it for u and put some delay on it

[edit on 24-6-2004 by acidhead]

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 07:10 PM

Originally posted by acidhead
not its not different at all - u know it and i know it

i just have different equipment than meiers and fiddled with knobs different -

Your sound does not sound like Meier's sound. You can fantasise about it as much as you want, but you have not yet even come close to mimicking Meier's sound.

Moreover, you mad a ridiculous argument against the beamship film from a distance where Meier zooms in. The perspective is all there. That "Mixing Bowl" is over 12 feet in diameter, at least!

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 07:34 PM

Originally posted by Daelume

Originally posted by acidhead
not its not different at all - u know it and i know it

i just have different equipment than meiers and fiddled with knobs different -

Your sound does not sound like Meier's sound. You can fantasise about it as much as you want, but you have not yet even come close to mimicking Meier's sound.

Moreover, you made a ridiculous argument against the beamship film from a distance where Meier zooms in. The perspective is all there. That "Mixing Bowl" is over 12 feet in diameter, at least!

[edit on 24-6-2004 by Daelume]

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf

I think i remeber you, didnt you post under a different name like 5 months ago or so, claiming you saw George Bush turn into a reptile during the state of the union address, yet refused to show proof of your claims, and told everyone who didnt believe you they were brainwashed reptile food?

I did not even join this forum until yesterday, actually.

I don't know who posted the information regarding GWB shapeshifting into a Reptilian during the State of the Union.

I would have to analyse the evidence to see if there is any credence to this claim.

I do know that around 2000 or so many people saw Al Gore shapeshift on national television. Unfortunately no one has yet been able to find the original videotape of this. Perhaps it was burned.

After all, that sort of thing happens a lot these days.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 08:44 PM
Sorry but I originally posted this in the wrong thread. I am moving it over here...

Taken from the Billy Meier Website point for point... I have some answers and I have some questions. Hoping I will get some answers to these questions and keep the thread on track. And actually I want to send out an apology to Aurelius. Even though I think you are wrong about your views on this case I can tell you are sincere in what you believe. Since you seem to have background in this case maybe you can answer some of my questions.

*** More than 250 contacts (face to face or telepathic)

That is what Billy Meier states. I do not have to prove this is a hoax. Billy has to prove this is the truth. More of these points will show a pattern.

*** Conversations with alien beings Several thousand pages of verbatim reports of the talks between the contact person and the extraterrestrials

Anyone can write several thousand pages. This is nothing special. Human beings have fantastic imaginations. I dont think anyone would deny that fact.

***Hundreds of photographs of the spacecraft (most of them in daylight)

I thought there were 1200+ photos? But anyway, out of hundreds of photos most of the time we only get to see the same 12 photos. Why do we only get to see a small handful of photos when there are so many? Why, easy, because those small amount of photos are the best looking ones of the bunch. The large majority of the Billy Meier UFO photographs look terrible and are obvious fakes so those photos are not shown to the public. Some of these photos are see here in this thread. But you can notice that the obvious fake photos are no where to be found on the Billy Meier propaganda websites.I wonder why? Hmmm.

*** The clearest photographs worldwide of alien spacecraft

Some photos are very clear and others are not so clear. A clear photo or a blurry is not proof of a hoax or that they are real. Tests need to be done on the photo negatives, pictures and video and see if they match up with story events.

*** More than one kind of spacecraft used

I don't really understand what this proves. Is this trying to suggest that he couldn't fake more than 1 UFO?

*** More than six trips aboard the spacecraft

Again, prove it. We don't have to.

*** 8mm film footage in color taken

Yes and UFO's in these 8mm footage have been shown to follow the same pattern as a pendulum. File presented from DR. Bruce Maccabee one of the worlds best UFO media analyst.

*** Scores of spaceship landing tracks

Tracks that cannot be made by anything else? I dont think so.

*** Sounds of the spacecraft recorded

As Acidhead has shown sounds can be duplicated. The idea that because we dont know what devices or methods Billy used to create the sounds and therefore cannot reproduce these sounds 100% so they must be alien is not logical or reasonable. If anyone mixes obscure sounds together it will be very hard for another person to duplicate the exact sound without knowing how the sound was made. The sounds do not prove anything.

*** Metal samples

Cover this further down

***More than 4 photographers of the spacecraft

Wait, now there are more people involved? What about this statement?
"I am the only human being on Earth who is able to maintain physical and telepathic contact with Pleiadians and other life forms of the same evolutionary level. Nobody on Earth is able to do this, not even those people whose spirit forms did not originate on Earth." - Billy Meier

*** More than two dozen other witnesses

"I am the only human being on Earth who is able to maintain physical and telepathic contact with Pleiadians and other life forms of the same evolutionary level. Nobody on Earth is able to do this, not even those people whose spirit forms did not originate on Earth." - Billy Meier

*** More than one alien group involved

I dont really have anything to say about this point. One alien group - more than one alien group, whatever.

*** Advanced technologies described

I do not know enough about the scientific technology of aliens to comment on this part.

*** Photogrammetric and computer analysis of photos

Photo analysis done with MUFON, NICAP and Dr. Bruce Maccabee (and others) showed that none of the pictures given to them to tests were first generation photos. The photographs were 3rd, 4th, and even some 5th generation photos (pictures of pictures). This is typically the case in fake pictures where the person has airbrushed out any signs of a hoax (wires) and then re-photographed the picture.

*** Tonal and dynamic analysis of recorded sounds

Again, where were these sounds analyzed and what techniques? And do not point to the same 3 or 4 crappy Billy Meier propaganda sites that say these tests have been done but do not give any creditable sources.

*** Metallurgical and chemical analysis of metals

What scientific lab did the tests? What were the names of the scientists involved? How were the tests conducted? Are the labs creditable or fronts for this agenda? I have been asking these questions for a long time and no one can point to a lab or name real scientists that conducted these experiments.

*** Truth testing of witnesses

Again, who preformed these alleged tests? What type of truth tests were run? Where are the transcripts? Where are the results? Who was the name of the person conducting these tests and what where his qualifications? Can these witnesses be tested again? Why are there other witnesses when Billy is the only one that can see these aliens?

Let me also make a point to scientific proof. All professional examination of sound, metal, video and pictures absolutely has to be done by creditable scientists in that field and not some guy with a home computer who thinks he is a professional. Can we at least agree with that statement?

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 08:55 PM
It was only a matter of time before a breakthrough in authenticating the existence of non-terrestrial UFOs would take place but, surely, nobody thought it would come about this way. Despite mounting evidence over the past half-century the arbiters and manipulators of public opinion in media, governmental and scientific circles, along with professional skeptics and debunkers, have marginalized serious discussion of UFOs and dismissed all evidence as inconclusive and flawed.

Defamatory Claims?
A special target, at the top of the hit list for skeptics and debunkers for more than 25 years, are the claimed contacts of a Swiss man, Billy Meier. Meier, who claimed that his contacts with extraterrestrial humans began in 1942, when he was five years old, also says that they continue to this day, more than 60 years later. But the skeptics, in labeling Meier and his evidence as fraudulent, claim that he hoaxed his 35mm photos and 8mm film segments of the UFOs during the mid-1970s using models or some unidentified form of special effects wizardry to accomplish the alleged deception. Professional skeptics, such as the international organization CFI, magician/skeptic The "Amazing" Randi and science writer/skeptic Michael Shermer, have long been in the forefront of those accusing Meier of hoaxing his physical evidence, which also includes video and sound recordings, as well as metal alloy samples.

Meier's supporters state that these claims run counter to the results of scientific examination of Meier's evidence by experts from JPL, IBM, USGS and Nippon TV, as well as special effects expert Wally Gentleman, known for his work on Stanley Kubrick's "2001", among many films. They also claim that all of Meier's physical evidence remains irreproducible even with today's technology.

The Challenge
In order to definitively resolve the matter, in early February 2001, a number of Meier's more than 1200 photos and eight film segments were presented for examination to case investigator Vaughn Rees of CFI West, the Los Angeles branch of CFI. Mr. Rees concluded that, in his expert opinion, they were all "easily duplicated hoaxes" and that the two lights seen flashing alternately from two different parts of the UFO in the film (Hasenbol, March 18, 1976 at: were accomplished simply by Meier's scratching the film with a pin.

Mr. Rees agreed to back up his claims by duplicating one of Meier's UFO photos along with the film segment, which should be the easiest to duplicate because it was the only one of Meier's that had no other objects in it to compare to the UFO. Mr. Rees stated that he already had a 35mm photo camera and knew where to acquire an 8mm movie camera. His work wasn't required to be exact to the last detail, just convincingly comparable in quality to Meier's.

Over the next two months Mr. Rees failed to submit anything to back up his claims and, in May of 2001, it was suggested that he could try using any high-tech equipment available to him, i.e. computers, special effects, Photoshop, etc., to fulfill his commitment. It was also suggested that, if he wished to be sporting about it, he should use only one hand since Meier is a one-armed man.

The Results
Two years later, at a UFO conference in February of 2003, Mr. Rees was confronted about his failure to meet the challenge. He responded that he still didn't have access to a photo-processing lab, which Meier himself never had access to, having sent all of his films off to a local shop for developing. Mr. Rees was reminded that he could, and perhaps had already tried to, use any high-tech means at his disposal instead. In a comparable two-year period Mr. Meier had, with one hand, produced hundreds of photos, while the able-bodied, technology-savvy Mr. Rees had produced none.

Now, about three years have passed and Mr. Rees has still failed to provide even one photo or film to back up his claims. In a three-year period of time Meier had taken nearly 1,000 photographs and, in about one year's time, he took at least one-half dozen of his 8mm films, and he did all of this using only one hand! A comparable number and quality of such types of films for an individual special effects person during the mid-1970s (and maybe any other time period) would be quite respectable, though an Internet search will reveal that no such cinematic accomplishments, professional or otherwise, exist.

This may be the first, and most important, time in history that skeptics have set out to disprove a presumed hoax and ended up proving its authenticity. And, in this case, what they proved is undoubtedly the factuality of the most important event in human history, the existence of, and contact with, extraterrestrials.

What Integrity Demands
The professional skeptics of the Meier case have concocted all sorts of fanciful notions and theories as to how he hoaxed the evidence. But when challenged to prove their claims they repeatedly replied that it was not their job to attempt to duplicate the evidence, although conducting themselves according to the scientific method would require it. Their time for freely, and irresponsibly, attacking Meier ran out when Mr. Rees and CFI West utterly and completely failed to meet the challenge they had finally accepted. In so doing, they effectively proved Meier's UFOs real and their own claims unsubstantiated and defamatory.

Unequivocal public retractions and apologies are now due Meier from CFI West, Vaughn Rees, Randi, Michael Shermer, etc. They have indulged in character assassination, slander and libel, and the sloppiest, least scientific thinking imaginable. It is now absolutely incumbent upon any and all of the skeptics who have offered money for proof of "paranormal" phenomenon, to offer it to Meier and his non-profit organization in Switzerland, FIGU. Specifically, the offer by Randi of $1,000,000 for proof of a paranormal ability has been more than satisfied and must be paid.

Integrity demands that they now live up to their word. There can be absolutely no argument, dispute or doubt now, especially considering the abysmal, failed attempts by the skeptical accusers themselves, with any tools at their disposal, to debunk, let alone duplicate, Meier's stunning proof. Now it's time to recognize that the most important event in human history has occurred and to discover what meaning it holds for us.

While the skeptics have offered an unexpected contribution to authenticating what have come to be known as the Meier Contacts, it's really only the tip of a very deep and solid iceberg of irrefutable proof far beyond a reasonable doubt.

Noted Astronomer Corroborates Additional Evidence
In April of 2003, Dr. Joseph Veverka, Chairman of the Astronomy Department at Cornell University, was presented with documentation of specific information on Jupiter, its rings and its moons, published by Meier in October, 1978, five months before the Voyager probe photographed and relayed the information back to Earth. When shown the evidence that Meier described the moon Io as being the most volcanically active body in the solar system, prior to the first official knowledge of it in March of 1979, Dr. Veverka was direct and candid, "If he said that 3-5 months before, then all that I can say is that he's right."

Meier also documented the fact that Jupiter has rings; described the chemical composition of the planet's surface, the coloration of it's moons, Io's smooth surface and Europa being encrusted in ice. But far more amazingly, Meier accurately described both the composition and the source of Jupiter's rings 20 years before scientists from Cornell announced their findings, in 1998!

Prophetically Accurate Information
In February of 1995, Meier published a lengthy document of enormous complexity in which he foretold the likelihood of certain specific future events. In September 2001, portions of that information were included in the book "And Yet They Fly!" written by Guido Moosbrugger, an Austrian former schoolteacher and principle acquainted with Meier for about 25 years.

The following seven items, foretold on pages 347 and 348 of "And Yet They Fly!" have recently occurred and virtually in the sequence Meier foretold:

The strike or attack by the US and its president (Iraq). Meier even used the word "stun" when he said the strike would "...stun the entire world..." "Stun" is a synonym for the term "shock" used by the US as in "shock and awe".
Meier correctly predicted the following upsurge in unrest and violence from Islamic fundamentalists.
Meier foretold the spread of AIDS, which has indeed become very widespread.
Mad Cow Disease has since spread to other animals and humans as Meier also predicted.
Meier said that a new disease and epidemic would then appear and SARS did just that.
His warning regarding a renewed threat of chemical warfare is more in the news than ever.
Meier specifically warned of the possibility of an accident, one that he said could be avoided, however, at the nuclear power plant near Lyon, France. The emergency scenario, and the timely shut down of that exact plant, occurred on August 12, 2003.
Now, in case the astronomically high odds against any kind of coincidences or lucky guesses aren't apparent, consider that Meier identified the following eight years in advance:

The exact country and leader (out of hundreds) that would launch a stunning attack and a synonym for the term actually used by that country's leader (impossible to calculate).
The exact religious group (out of thousands) that would respond with their own attacks.
The exact disease (out of thousands) that would spread widely among humans.
The exact animal disease (out of thousands) that would spread to other animals and humans.
The sudden appearance of a new disease and epidemic.
The exact kind of weapons and warfare that would cause renewed threats.
The exact location (out of 436) and type of facility (out of several) that would have a near-accident.
If this doesn't qualify as a genuine demonstration of psychic or paranormal abilities nothing does.

And it far exceeds any reasonable requirements to garner the financial award promised for such a demonstration, though that never has been the purpose of Meier's mission. It is only fitting, however, that those who have long accused him of being a hoaxer out for non-existent, and unproven, financial gain, should now have the opportunity to reward him, not only for his abilities, but also for suffering the fools and their defamation for so long.

For those who may be unaware, in addition to character assassination, Meier has survived 19 ([note by Billy: 21] documented) actual assassination attempts.

The Sound Recordings
Finally, the skeptics (and others who've actually tried) have also been unable to reproduce the sound recordings Meier made of a UFO, using only a cassette tape recorder, in an open field in front of 15 witnesses. There are 32 simultaneous frequencies occurring, 24 in the audible and eight in the inaudible range. To date, they remain irreproducible even with state-of-the-art synthesizers, let alone with cassette machines outdoors.

You can hear, and download, a three-minute sample of the sounds at: and experiment with them yourself. You will also find more documentation on the Meier Contacts at this website:

[edit on 24-6-2004 by Daelume]

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 08:57 PM
And yes, Meier does apparently have around 1200 photographs.

Many of them are not available to the general public.

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